Black Seed on White Ass

Black Seed on White Ass
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I'm sitting here, on my boss couch with the only thing left to do on my long day of errands is to pick something up from her. I'm tired and the only thing I can think about while waiting on this chair is my freaking bed. I put my head down for a second, since I'm the only one in the room and decide to doze off for a sec.I start to and see a picture of my bed, but looking better, bigger, fluffier.

when that bubble is popped by steps. I'm thinking I'm out of here, I'm going to grab the item, give my goodbyes to the nice lady and be on my way. I prepare myself to get up when I see a younger, more attractive version of my boss. I'm a lil frozen, a lil dissapointed but staring hard because damn she is easy on the eyes.


I sit back down and she does the same.across from me, wearing a freaking skirt. Hi. I blurt out finally. She gives me a sideways stare and replies while turning the tv on.She pulls out a lolly pop and looks as if she enjoying it.


I'm looking and starting to feel uncomfortable, sweating.forgetting about my errand. She, on the other hand gets confortable and starts opening her legs a little. I catch a glimpse of underwear and my bloodflow starts racing. I get careless and forget to stop staring. When I come to my senses, I go back to her face and she's giving me a sideways look, slightly smiling. I turn to the tv, trying to play it off. "So my moms got u waiting uh?" She says finally.

"I guess so, what is she doing?" I reply. "Oh she's coming, don't get impatient u perv! I thought u were being entertained." She had figured me out for sure. I thought and smiled for a second. "Well you know what you were doing, opening ur legs like that." She turns to tv while crossing her legs."shut up" she says.

with the lolly pop still in her mouth. I decide to watch tv and pay her no mind. I couldn't stop thinking about her although she was here to play games and that was the last thing I wanted to deal with at the moment.

I caught a few glimpses of her and next thing I know her legs were open again but this time much wider. I couldn't stop staring and she said "up here cutie" surprised, I slowly look up and she is grabbing her perfect shaped boobs and squeezing them together. She has a shirt on but from the distinctive look of her nipples I could tell she wasn't wearing anything underneath.

I was surprised and at the same time content with what I was seeing, with my mouth wide open all I could do was watch what was happening across the room from me.

She started moaning and making panting noises as she kept doing her thing. I started getting comfortable and enjoying my front row sit show. "What was going on?" I thought, an answer my dick knew because it was up and pushing on my jeans.

I agreed with him. Although I was enjoying the show, I kept my cool if even makes any sense right now. Doing so I was careful enough to think about the consequences of the "moms" walking in. I said, with hesitation: "Aren't you scared that she can walk in here at any minute?" To that, she got up and took off her shirt.

My jaw dropped even lower when I witnessed the best looking tits I had ever seen in my life. As if an answer from my unsaid prayers she started walking towards me and those things started to move, bounce and do everything boobs do but with amazing grace and glamour. I was petrified, what was she thinking?

What was I thinking? She was only about 4 feet away but it seemed as if she took forever to get me. She stopped between my legs and was looking at my crotch, smiling. "'re going to keep those on? My dick flinched but I kept a strong head on my shoulders. "You don't even know me, why are you doing this?

What about getting caught?" she sighed and started spreading her legs as if sitting on a chair but I was the lucky furniture. "You're stiffer than your own dick man, now relax and I'll make you forget about getting caught and all those questions that don't matter right now." She leaned over and "they" were in my face.

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It was as if she knew that I was worshipping her tits at that point. A nipple got very close to my lips and I shyly opened them to welcome it. I lightly sucked on it for 2 seconds but she pulled it away on purpose. Leaned back and smiled, then grabbed my cheeks with both hands and gave me a light kiss with a little tongue tease.

She pulled away and got up from her "hard" chair to get on her knees. Starting from my knee her hand slid all the way up my leg and stopped at the bulge. She grabbed and squeezed it with a smile of satisfaction on her face.

Excited, she reached for my zippers, opened them and started digging for treasure. Her eyes in mine the whole time she found it and started rubbing it inside my jeans. "Wow, this is gonna be funner than I expected, you got another arm in your underwear." After saying that she started pulling it out. When she succeeded, she leaned back a little, as if contemplating it with a cute frown on her face. The expression "Damn " could be read all over her face.

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When she got back to her senses, she reached for it with both hands and squeezed it. Being playful, I made it flinch and it jerked in her hands.

"Ooo it does tricks too?" she said right before she made the head dissapear behind her sexy lips. I frowned positively because I could feel everything she was doing there. Even though she had only the head in her mouth she was already making me see black spots. I could feel her tongue all over it, licking all around it and some crazy suction sensation. I grabbed the couch fabric with both hands and held firm. She was good, fantastic, if I didn't know better I would have busted a nut only a minute after she started, but I was enjoying it too much to ruin this experience.

At one moment, I felt she stopped. Her eyes went back into mine and I couldn't say a word.what was there to say anyway? She then pulled it away from her mouth only to go right back at it, this time engulfing about half of it in.

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I faintly moaned. As if taking that reaction as a signal, she started going back and forth on it. I was being fucked by her mouth and was losing control of my senses. She had a way of sucking the whole thing everytime she pulled out from it. That drove me crazy and I felt an orgasm coming violently. That girl is a pro, she read my body language and stopped, also squeezing the tip of my dick so that I don't go off. Panting, I looked at her confused. She said "Mom said only a blowjob but I think I can do extra for you, that's why I still want you hard and ready.

I'm sure she won't mind. Consider it a personal favor from me to you." I remained silent and had a perplexed look on my face. I muttered out: "what?" she smiled and said "Well if we told you, it wouldn't be a surprise reward for your hard work, would it?" I didn't know what to say.I was still confused as to what she was talking about.

I was about to say something else when I heard the mom yell from afar: "Al!! Are you done yet? Remember he's been up all day, he needs to go home and catch on some sleep" I turned back to her with a raised eyebrow as she was getting up. What's going on? I asked. "She said: Well my mom appreciates all you've been doing so far.

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She thought of a way to reward you, which I helped her come up with. I've been watching you." While talking she reached under her skirt and had removed the underwear I was trying so hard to get acquainted with. "So that's what it was, I never expected you and your mom to reward me." I said. "To what she replied: "You're back to being a stiff but not down there.what happened? My shaft had gone down from the lack of action so she climbed on top of me.

At that moment my cock remembered everything and almost instantly shot back up. Being "approved" in the eyes of the moms I got confortable and pulled my pants down. She settled down on top of me and I could feel her soft, moist pussy pressing against my crotch. I laid back down in my sit, contemplating this beautiful goddess on top of me. I had forgotten about any lethargy by now, I was amped and ready to run miles on end. Only right now all what I wanted to do was to push my dick and all its length inside of her.

Those thoughts grew stronger as she started to dance on me like a personal stripper. Her body almost hypnotized me because of its grace and perfect shape. She was dancing slowly to an silent melody that quickly became my favorite. Those tities made the scene even more enjoyable, as they were following her movements with uncanny loyalty, bouncing and swaying around.

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I reached for her hips and we soon started to dance to the same beat. She grabbed my hands and leaned over for us to engage in a long passionate kiss. I reached for her breasts and started caressing those great assets with the best of my abilities. Meanwhile, my cock had found a confortable place between her round asscrack and was rockhard from all the kissing and rubbing action. She reached for the table behind us and I heard something rip open. She threw something colorful away and had something else in her hands which I caught a glimpse of.

When I did, I understood and my heart started pounding fast again. She reached out to my penis which was in its full glory and slid the condom down on it with no difficulty, she was a pro indeed.

She rubbed it, sliding her hands up and down on it a few times. She then looked at me and smiled. "Enjoy this cutie, a reward for all your hard work" she declared, as she leaned over, grabbed and directed it to her hot dripping wet cunt. She laid back down slowly and I felt her surrounding me and taking me far inside of her. She reached and grabbed my shoulders and started riding me straight to heaven. Her hips movements were well timed and I kept going inside of her with ease.

Her tits were bouncing close to my face so I grabbed them, squeezed the base and started sucking on her delicious nipples. She liked it, started moaning and going faster on me. A squishy noise came from our sexual motion.

I was handling it but she did that thing with her hips that made me jerk back.

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She stopped, then slowly went up and down on me. "Enjoying yourself?" she said, I responded by nodding. She stopped, got off of me, then crawled up to the couch.

She got on all four with her big booty facing me up in the air. Behind her round, inviting shape was her face, looking at me with an inviting smile.

" I really like it doggystyle" she said, "so do I" I replied while getting on my knees. I reached under the loose skirt and played with her pussy with my fingers. It was nicely wet, dripping, warm and ready for some more action so I decided to fill it. I grabbed my stiff, throbbing cock and rubbed it against her pussy lips to tease her a little.

I pushed it in slowly and she let out a faint moan. Still pushing, I tried to make my shaft totally dissapear beneath this perfectly shaped booty. Upon succeeding, I grabbed her hips and started making it dissapear over and over.

The sporadic motion increased with her moans, hence I also had to keep up, I kept going faster and faster until her moans turned to screams. I felt a vein forming on my forehead, as I increased speed it was harder to retain all this backed up juice inside of me. I slowed down because I didn't want it to end yet, but decided that it had to at some point. I went quicker and quicker until she screamed "I'm cuming!!" while grabbing the cushions on the couch.

I had an orgasm just as she said it and released a rubber load of sperm inside her. I pulled out slowly and crashed right next to her collapsed body on the couch. Both sweating and panting, we tried to catch our breath just laying there. She reached over to my half harded tool and caressed it for a few seconds. "That was great" she muttered out."I want another session when you feel like repeating this"."Sure thing" I replied, "Whatever you want goddess"