Video cogiendo a mi vecina

Video cogiendo a mi vecina
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"She is a fine girl, this one should do well," the man in the chair, wearing a thick robe said softly. The large room was basked in the soft light of candles and a lamp on the far wall, covered in a red silk drape. The girl in front of him stood, camisole and jeans, with her head down and her mouth trembling.

The woman next to her was wearing thigh high boots and leather straps, covering and exposing large swaths of bare, white skin the color of porcelain.

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she smiled, the thick red lipstick exposing bright white teeth. In her gloved hand was a small chain that led up to the young girl's neck, around a small leather collar and a chrome ring. "has she been introduced properly?" the man in the chair asked. He stroked his chin, the small stubble of two days' growth scraped against his fingertips.

"No master, I have left her mostly untouched, for you." The red haired woman responded. She shifted her weight, the chain swayed in her grasp, but the girl didn't make a sound, only her heavy silent breathing. "Becca, bring her closer." He beckoned to her. She moved forward, tugging on the chain and the girl in the shirt and jeans followed. When the woman came near to the man in the chair he grabbed the chain with one hand and with the other wrapped around the red-haired womans buttocks.

His hand slipped around her garter belt and on the bare skin of her ass. "Very good girl," he said.

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She moved into his hand as he slipped his fingers along her panties and towards her vagina. "Anything for you, Master," was her reply. She obediently kneeled next to his chair, and the man leaned forward to look up at the girl with her head bent forward.

She had dirty blonde hair, streaks of light browns and darker shades. Her skin, he noticed was white and fair. She wore a purple shirt, two slender straps holding it up.

Her breasts were round, perky. She was young. Becca had done good finding her. The Master pulled the chain down gently and the girl followed it, down to her knees.

He reached forward and pulled her chin up to look into her eyes. "Are you scared?" he asked her. She shook her head. The flash of uncertainty in her eyes told him what he knew already. She had lied.


"I want you to be comfortable. Are you comfortable on your knees?" he asked. Becca had begun to rub on her breasts, attracting a flicker of the girls eyes. The master noticed. "Does my slave interest you, girl?" He asked, his voice becoming cold. The girl lowered her eyes back down again, and shook her head. The Master leaned back, stroking the head of his pet besides him.

She was young, her skin was unmarked and smooth, white and creamy.


Her youth was still intact. "You were brought here to please me. Do you understand?" The girl hesitated, and then nodded her head. "And you came, willingly?" Again she nodded. "Look up at me." He said in a stern voice. He lifted his robe, exposing his naked lap, and opened his legs for her to see. "Come do what you were brought here to do" The girl moved forward, on her knees until she reached the chair.

She moved her hands up over his thighs and to his cock, which began to stiffen in her small hands. The Master made a sound as his pet Becca moved his hands down to her large breasts. His hands slipped beneath her bra and fondled her nipple. The girl's eyes shrifted for a moment again. "Does my pet distract you?" he asked her. She shook her head again, this time focusing on his hardened cock. He took his hand, stroking her hair and brought her head closer down to his lap.

"Open your mouth." He said. She opened her mouth as he moved her head farther down to take his cock in her mouth. Her eyes wandered for a moment and the Master realized an important thing. "This is your first time with a dick in your mouth?" he asked. She nodded, still holding the tip of his penis in her mouth. Her tongue moved around nervously. He laughed. "Pet, we will have to teach her proper, this one." She continued to play with his dick in her mouth, moving her tongue around him and sucking on him gently.

The Master filled her mouth with his massive cock, moving her hand down on him more forcibly. Becca moved from around the side of the chair and next to the girl, placing her hands on her shirt, and moving her hands across the young girls' body. "She has great tits, Master," She said, as she pulled her shirt up and exposed them. Her nipples were large and rosy pink, stiffening at the touch she moaned as she began to suck the hardened dick with more force.

The Master smiled.

"Shes' beginning to learn how to suck dick." He said with a smile. Becca moved and fondled her soft breasts, her nipples hardened to the touch of her hands, and she flicked her nipples with her fingers.

"What a young delight," Becca said. She began to kiss the neck of the girl as she moved her head up and down more rapidly, moving one hand and stroking the Master's cock while her other was focused on the young girl's breasts.

He cleared his throat and Becca immediately snatched a large handful of the young girl's hair and vicously pulled her head back, holding the chain in the other. The girl cried out in pain, her eyes swelled with tears, but she said nothing else.

Her mouth was covered in the siliva of the blowjob she was performing. "Messy girl," Becca snorted, and began to lick the spittle off her chin and throat. The girl closed her eyes in ecstasy and softly moaned. The Master was pleased by her performance so far. "On the bed," he commanded.

Becca rose, with chain in hand and led her to the large bed in the corner of the room. Becca sat on the edge of the bed and then worked on unbuttoning the jeans of the young girl and pulled them down. "pretty pink panties" Becca called out to the Master.

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He nodded, gently stroking himself as he watched Becca's eyes stare back at him. "Show her, " he said. Becca nodded, and crawled backwards on the bed, pulling the girl by her leash. Becca laid against the headboard and spread her legs far apart. She pulled the chain and the girl in her panties and her rosy pink nipples crawled on all fours before her.

"lick me." Becca said. The girl lowered her head, and Becca pulled the fabric of her thong to the side, giving the young girl access to her pussy. She licked, delicately at first, then with more and more passion. "She enjoys it," Becca called as the young girl moved her tongue around her own wetness. The Master nodded and silently rose from his chair.

"Eat it bitch," Becca said as she wrapped her legs around the girl's head and shoved her harder into her face, grinding her hips against her mouth. Becca could feel her clit begin to throb and the heavy sensation crawl into her stomach.

She needed to be pleased. The Master positioned himself behind the girl, and gently placed a hand on her smooth buttock.


He traced his fingers over her frilly panties and over the hot wetness that it contained. The girl moaned in response, moving her hips back against his hands. She was throbbing with wetness and wanted to be pleased. The Master moved her panties out of the way and gently massaged the girl's wet pussy.

She was tight, one finger and then two but she moaned and backed off when he tried to plunge into her. "young, tight and dripping wet," he snickered. He spread her asscheeks and massaged her asshole with the tip of his thumb in circular motions before plunging it into her. She moved back and forth again.

This time The master brought up his cock and rubbed it on the girl's wet lips. He moved into her, and the girl's body froze as he began to penetrate her. She stopped eating Becca and patiently waited, like a good girll as the Master slipped insider her, forcing his way into her tight body. She ached and moaned, but dared not speak a word against it.

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His cock had filled her and was stretching her out in a painful but exciting way. When he pulled back out again, she felt the throbbing emptiness he left behind in her.

He moved forward again, easing into her tight wetness. "unbelievable," he muttered, as he continued to massage her asshole and slowly move in and out of her. She continued to eat Becca's pussy, moaning into her as she slipped her tongue in and out of her, snaking a hand up and fondling the slave's breast with her free hand as she was being penetrated from behind. The Master filled her body with a force she had not known before, he was larger than the first boy she had allowed to enter her the first time, and through the pain there was a severe pleasure.

She felt him plunge in as deep as he could go and she felt him shoot up into her body, sending waves of pleasure shooting through her and she knew he had made her cum hard. He pulled out of her and she groaned at the lack of his girth stretching her out. Becca laughed and tugged at the leash. "Does pet like that?" She asked, rubbing her own pussy.

The Master maneuvered around to where the both of them were, and Becca shifted to his waist. He held them both by the back of the head, and moved them to suck him. The girl placed her mouth on his tip while Becca moved beneath and began to suck on his balls. The girl moaned and her hands searched out Becca's body, finding her pussy and she began to rub it, sliding a finger into it. Becca laughed and moaned at the young girl's touch. "Have you spent nights wondering how it felt to have a dick thrust into you, darling?

To have someone fondle your body?" his hand moved to cup her soft breasts, her bright pink nipples rolled between his fingers. "I own your body. Your pleasure is my own to give." He spoke. She nodded, looking up at him as she forced herself to take him into his mouth and down her throat.

She gagged, coughed but didn't move until he nodded. She coughed more, but spit on his cock and continued to suck him hard. The Master was pleased. He backed away from them, and then motioned for the girl to lay down. She spread her legs for Becca and she ran her fingers down towards her mound.

The girl's pussy was smooth and bare, Becca spread her lips with her fingers and gently licked the girl as she began to play with her nipples. Becca slipped her finger into her body, while the Master positioned himself behind her and began to pound her from behind. She came again, this time in Becca's mouth and harder than before. She could feel the rising wetness of her pussy until she released and the pleasure rippled through her body.

She moved her hips against Becca's mouth, until she came harder again, and let out a squeal of delight.

The Master pulled out of BEcca's throbbing pussy and walked over to the girl, leaned down and shoved his still glistening dick into her mouth. The Girl took him on fully, and he began to fuck her face. He could feel the intensity of her mouth suck on him but he slapped her with his dick, then grabbed her head with his hands and brought her mouth down onto him. He shoved himself deep down her throat, gagging her, causing her to cough, but she continued on, when he paused she reached up and shoved his cock into her mouth and held it there, tears streaming from her face as she came again, Becca's hands moving and sliding in and out of her as she filled her mouth with the Master's cock.

When she felt him begin to swell and he moaned, she knew he was close and she sloppily continued, slurping and twisting her head until he finally exploded into her mouth.

His cum filled her mouth but she continued to force him into her mouth, until he couldn't stand it any more and pulled away from her.

With a full mouth, she kept her eyes on his and moved down to Becca, lowering her gaze and lifting her head, the girl kissed her in the mouth, sharing the Master's cum with her.

He sat back in the chair, watching them kiss and fondle each other with his cum in their mouths. She was a special one indeed.

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