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Dick sucking sex bus amateur hoe slurps hot cum
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Melissa grabbed Jack by the hands and pulled him to his feet. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him to her. Standing on her tiptoes she reached up and planted another kiss on his willing lips.

They kissed passionately, tongues snaking over each other, pushing hers into his mouth and then sucking on his as their beautiful semi naked mother brushed past Jack. While dad held mom's hand and the two kids kissed mom stroked Jack's arm slowly up from his wrist, tracing her fingers along his skin, slowly up, until they reached his shoulder.

She stroked the top of his back before moving her hand to his face, then slowly insinuating her finger between the siblings lips as they kissed. Mom slid her index finger into her daughter's mouth and Melissa sucked it greedily. The two children kept their lips locked together as their mom snaked her finger in and out.

Then she did the same to Jack. His movements were instinctive and he sucked his mother's finger hungrily. Finally, she pulled her finger out and sucked it into her own mouth. Jack and Melissa stopped their kissing, resting cheek to cheek as they watched their mother take her finger into her own mouth and suck their combined saliva into her own mouth. "Come on!" she whispered. Dad led the way up the stairs and soon all four had entered the bedroom where once only Cal and his beautiful wife Jen had been intimate.

Mom turned to Jack. "Get on the bed darling," her voice was husky with lust. "Melissa and I are going to show you how much we love each other." As his mom was speaking Cal was rummaging around in the wardrobe to the side of the king sized silk sheeted bed. Jack nervously but excitedly climbed onto the bed and sat with his back against the headboard. His cock was rock hard and the bulge in his pants told everybody all they needed to know. His mom and sister stared unabashedly at his throbbing package and licked their lips as one.

"Hold on you two!" exclaimed Cal. "Let me get this thing set up first." Cal emerged backwards from the wardrobe carrying the video camera set up on a tripod. Jack had seen the camera before, of course, but only when it was used to film family outings and birthdays and such like. He figured this time the images seen by the lens would be for strictly limited viewing.

As Jack watched his dad, he didn't realise his mom and twelve year old sister had begun kissing and he turned to watch open mouthed as his sister squeezed her mom's full firm tits and pinched her nipples. Jen moaned under her daughter's finger's ministrations and gasped as Melissa tugged hard on them, stretching them. Cal had started filming his wife and daughter and with a cry of "OK you two.we're rolling!" He sat in the wicker chair near the bed and started to undress.


"Come on Jackie boy!" said his dad. "Don't be shy. We are all here to have a little fun. Or rather a lot of fun" he corrected himself, laughing as he took off his pants and sat back in the chair stroking his cock which had grown to full hardness. Jack couldn't help but stare at his dad's cock, veiny, hard, throbbing.

He was uncut like Jack and his foreskin slid over his bulbous cockhead smoothly as the precum lubricated the end of his swollen rod. Jack's mouth was dry as he turned his attention back to his mom and sister. His sister had fallen to her knees and was slowly sliding Jen's pants down around her ass, over her thighs and to the floor. Jack was momentarily disappointed he had missed seeing his sister actually dropping to her knees, and that he had missed either Melissa or Jen actually unbuttoning and unzipping his mom's pants.

But then Jack noticed that his mom was naked. And for the second time that day he gazed upon the beauty that was his mother's cunt. But this time he was an invited participant. No sneaking around any more for Jack. Oh no!


He started to undress as soon as he saw his sister's pink tongue lick out to her mother's slit. Jen reached down and pulled Melissa's hair back from her face so that her son could see his little sister tonguing his mother's naked, smooth wet pussy.

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He had undressed quickly and was soon naked and sat back against the headboard. He couldn't help but grab his cock and start stroking it at the erotic sight before him. Jen noticed through half-closed eyes and implored her daughter to look upon her brother's hard cock. "Look at your brother darling" she cooed. She took hold of Jen's hair and twisted it so that her face turned to Jack. Melissa moaned.

Jack couldn't be sure if it was from the pressure applied to her hair or the fact that she was seeing her brother's cock for the first time.

Whatever the reason, it seemed to Jack like a moan of pleasure.

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A gasp of delight. Although in his frame of mind, he couldn't be sure of his own name, let alone what thoughts were in his sister's head. "Oh mommy!" she squealed, "It's almost as big as daddy's.

And it's so smooth. Take your hand off Jack. Let me see it properly. Jack pulled his hand away and proudly showed off his throbbing cock to his little sister. The angle wasn't great for her to see, so he held it at the base and held it straight up, hard as steel, precum oozing from the tip. "Oh mommy, daddy. I wan't that. I wan't it in my." "All in good time" interrupted dad. "Now my beautiful little sluts.

You two owe me a good show after I filled your pussies with my hot cum earlier this afternoon. Show me how you plan to revive me" "Oh dad!" moaned Melissa in mock exasperation, "You don't NEED reviving. If anything you need a cold shower." Everyone laughed and Cal threw a sock at his young daughter.

Melissa squealed and buried her face in her mother's pubic mound as the sock bounced off her head. Cal grinned and sat back. Come on you two. Show Jackie here how much you love each other." Jen winked at Jack, who didn't think he had blinked since he walked in to the bedroom. She turned round so her back was to him and he could see her perfect heart shaped ass.

She bent forward at the waist and placed her hands on the dresser opposite the foot of the bed. She parted her feet so that her naked swollen pussy lips were visible between her delectable ass cheeks and with one hand she reached back and dug her nails into her ass cheek and dragged them up towards her lower back, leaving red traces across her buttock. Melissa watched her mother from her knees close by and as Jen asked her daughter to lick her, Melissa moved in.

She got right under her mother, looking up at her delicious pussy and licked slowly between her juicy lips. She was turned towards Jack, her naked chest exposed to him and so she had to crane her neck right back in order to tongue her mommy's cunt, but she did this with remarkable aplomb. She wrapped her hands round the back of her mother's thighs and lapped at the wetness above her. From here she could lick from Jen's clit to her asshole and she did, slowly at first, but building up speed and licking and sucking harder and faster.

Jen was moaning all the time, getting louder and more frenzied as her daughters tongue licked more furiously on her swollen clit and cunt. "Oh God baby, YESSSSS!

Tongue your mommy's wet pussy.lick me baby." Jack stroked his cock in time with his sister's tongue speed, imagining his cock were the recipient of such a gorgeous lathering.

As he watched, Mel pushed two fingers into her mom's pussy. They slid in easily and she fucked them in and out while sucking Jen's swollen clit into her mouth.

"OH GOD! Baby, I'm gonna fucking drown you with my cum baby. Lick all of mother's fuck juices out of my creamy wet hole!" Jen's torrent of filth excited Jack so much that he started to cum involuntarily.

He tried to stop but his balls had begun spewing forth his seed and the more he tried to stop it the more pressure built up inside his thick cock. Almost immediately, the damn burst and his cum shot out of his cock like a volcano. Hot thick ropes of cum flew out of his pisshole and flew up in the air.

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In his agony and ecstacy he pushed his cock forward, aiming at his mom and sister. The next rope of cum shot out and hit his sister on her chest. She kept licking and fingering as Jack groaned and bellowed. "FUCKKKKKK" shouted Jack as his body was wracked with the throes of his most powerful orgasm.

"FUCCCCKKKKKKKKKK" screamed his mom as her cum juices spilled out over her daughter's face, her neck, her fingers as Melissa fingered and sucked her mommy to yet another intense orgasm.

Jack fell back on the bed and watched as his mom's knees buckled slightly under her. Melissa moved out of the way and Jen dropped to her knees, panting and gasping, holding on to the dresser for dear life.

Jack's sister looked down at her cum splattered chest and scooped it up with her finger. Looking directly at Jack, and with a wicked smile, she licked her finger clean. She didn't suck it into her mouth. She just licked the cum off for Jack to see.

Over and over she licked her finger. Then when the cum was gone she scooped up some more and licked that off too. "Mmmmmmm, Jackie.

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Your cum tastes delicious. What HAVE you been eating?" Jack gulped. "Do you have any more for me?" She looked at his semi deflated cock and licked her lips. She crawled onto the bed, not waiting for Jack's reply and buried her face in his crotch. She licked all around his thighs and balls, licking up any traces of cum she could find. Jack's cock hardened again instantly and soon his sister had her tongue licking up and down Jack's swollen turgid length.

Cal, turned the camera onto the two children naked on the bed. Melissa smiled at the camera and sliding her hair behind her ear so that the film would capture it all for posterity, she slowly took Jack's cock into her mouth. She went down as far as she could and when she reached her limit, she pushed some more. Jack sat up, captivated, as he heard and felt his sister gag on his cock. They heard Cal say "Suck it all you dirty fucking slut!" Melissa moaned around Jack's cock and pulled back for air, then sunk down again, gagging again on her brother's hard cock.

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She ground her throat down on his cock until she could take no more then pulled back, saliva dripping from her mouth, stringing between her lips and Jack's meat. She looked up at her brother and cried "Oh Jackie, I fucking love your cock. I will do anything for you and your cock." and immediately plunged her mouth back around him. She started sucking hard and fast, her head bobbing up and down, looking up at her older brother, worshipping him and his cock.

Jack noticed movement out of the corner of his eye and saw his mom moving towards them. She had recovered and was crawling onto the bed, a look of wanton lust and desire etched on her face.

"I told you how good his cock was didn't I honey," she crooned as she watched her daughter suck her Jack's young cock.