Katie Fallon crash test dummy rough sex

Katie Fallon crash test dummy rough sex
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This is a continuation of right after the last story.

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Dylan followed his younger sister's bouncing bubble butt into the bathroom and into the shower. From all the fucking they had done, they both had been holding in quite a bit of pee. Dylan closed the gap between them, and let if flow from his cock, sighing as he did. The hot liquid splashed her stomach and chin, a little getting in her hair. She returned the favor, and he knelt down lapping at her as piss trickled from her cunt. They soaped each other clean, and now they were ready for the true event.

"I love you so much sis" he said. She blushed and smiled back. He grabbed her butt and they kissed fierce for a few moments. Meanwhile, Bailey had her pretty little face buried in Sage's pussy. Sage had her head back and was moaning in total pleasure.


Women were better at this, because they knew just how to pleasure, having a vagina themselves. She cleverly flicked her tongue in all the right places, almost sending her over the edge, but backing off enough to keep her mad with anticipation. She tried to push her head closer, but the handcuffs had her hog tied, and she could move neither her arms nor legs.

She began whimpering pitifully. "PLEASE do it Bailey, finish me off" but Bailey smiled. She loved this torture, and continued. After 10 minutes of listening to her moan and suffer. She pulled out, gave Sage a wink with those beautiful Bambi eyes of hers. And plunged back in once more, hard. Sage squealed as juice flowed out of her, into Bailey's waiting maw. Her body started to convulse as this was the most extreme orgasm she'd ever had. Dylan was good, But holy fuck what this angel from heaven could do.


Her convulsions subsided to small spasms, and her legs and feet were unlocked. When she turned around, Bailey was holding a vibrator, licking it sensually. "Your turn Sagey" she crooned.

Back in the shower, Dylan picked Jade up by her thighs, and she wrapped then around him. This equalled out their height, giving them perfect positioning. He slid his now excited cock into her, and she used her legs to lush away and pull back into him. Over the running water she could hear their skin slapping together, and she began to breathe fast and hard. Dylan interrupted her by kissing her hard, pushing his tongue past her teeth. He felt around his little sisters mouth, exploring. She returned this favor, and they continued like this, fucking and kissing, until they came in unison.

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He could feel her pretty little nails dig into his back, and her legs tightened around him like a boa constrictor. She milked his cock with the contractions of her pussy, and he filled his younger sister with the most taboo of love brothers shouldn't give.

Her body started to shiver, and he held her close, but not before using one hand to turn on the cold water, and suckling on her already hard nipples. He continued until she returned to earth, and they stood smiling at each other, the water still running, covering her perfect body, and running over his strong features.

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They both blushed over the love they had shared, both with the strongest love siblings could offer. On the way to the room, Bailey had told Sage about her deepest desire, which was to be totally submissive, and to taken like a bitch.

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Sage only grinned. Now that she was in front of her, holding this device. She took no time in grabbing it from her, and shoving her down. "Get your pretty little fucking ass ready girl, you are about to know pain an pleasure, and when I'm through (whispering this part) you will know the two as one".

Bailey's breath quickened and she got goosebumps all over as Sage, this blonde devil, used a pillowcase to blindfold her, and locked her legs to the bed, and her hands behind her. She felt a wet sensation, Sage's tongue. It ran across her face, her neck, her large breasts and pert nipples, her belly, and finally her slit.

She worked her there, using two fingers to squeeze and twist her left nipple. She felt the fiery burn as she twisted, and loved it. Each time she brushed over her clit or tweaked her nipple, she cried out. Sage continued like this until she grew tired. She removed the blindfold for this part, wanting this pleased and terrified victim to see what was happening to her. She turned on the vibrator, and touched her breasts softly with it. This caused her to inhale softly.

She moved down further, and just as she was getting used to this softer treatment, shoved it hard into her pussy, and held her hand over it.


She could feel Bailey's strong muscles trying to push the object out, put Sage held her hand over her entrance, keeping it in. only when she heard her scream, and felt cum gushing outwards, did she let go.

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But she quickly replaced it with two fingers and hooked upwards, using a technique Dylan had used on her many a time. She stayed toward the top of her pussy, back towards the G spot, and used a "come here" motion at an amazing speed. This sent her into revolving squirting orgasms, much different from a clitoral orgasm. It revolved around 6 times, wave after wave.

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She kicked and resisted. Screaming out each time, tears streaming down her face. Her voice stopped working, all she could do was quiver as Sage pulled out, unlocked her, and planted a soft kiss on her sweating forehead. "How was that, did I take you hard enough, bitch?" She whispered.

Bailey was still recovering, and only managed a weak "hmmmm". Sage smiled and took this as a yes. She left her wet panties behind, which Bailey used later that night to sniff and lick while she rubbed her clit, cumming once more.

Jade heard her moaning, and walked in, cleaning up the mess her hot older sister had created, giving her a lick on the cheek before going to her own room, where Dylan was waiting. They fucked again, this time more slowly and passionately, and as he cummed onto her ass, and she onto his face, they slept happily.

What an amazing weekend.

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