DETROIT Slimthick chick riding dick backwards

DETROIT Slimthick chick riding dick backwards
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My names Tom ,and I work for a fairly small software company as manager. I have a large office at the end of this dull leased floor in a office complex that I share with myself and my constantly coming and going assistants. Usually young teenage girls looking for an easy job with good pay they can use on the cvs. One boring day in the office I sat paging through my fav mens magazine, when I got to a 3 page spread on pleasing women.

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I sat and read through most of It, my cock slightly stirring in my pants. By the end of the article I was already growing increasingly horny, I read over an article that said how much women loved their toes and feet getting kissed and sucked and how horny it could get them.

I had never to that day thought of a women's feet being sexual at all but the article and the picture of a ladies gorgeous foot in black heels got me strangely begging for it, to feel a soft women's foot on my cock. At that moment I glanced across my office to the desk in the other corner were Anna sat, to see if she had noticed my growing excitement. She hadn't. She had her head down working on some papers.

Anna was a young 19 year old girlstill studying working for me part time doing odd jobs. She was a short, slender gorgeous girl, with blonde hair and yellowish eyes, with crafted lips. Although she was slender she had very shapely thighs and legs.


As I looked her up and down I ended up at her feet. Looking at her foot, now swaying back and forward with her shoe hanging slightly off the edge.


My cock jumped up In my pants and sent shivers through me, for some reason I couldn't stop staring and the more I looked the more I understood why people would find a foot so sexy. She had tiny feet, maybe size 4, with a tiny heels and large arch that flowed down to such beautiful short rounded toes, colored a slight pink today.

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I glanced at how her legs followed down over such smooth skin to the top of her feet, what looked like such soft inviting skin. She continued to dangle her shoe off the edge of her foot till it finally fell off to the floor, leaving the sexy foot hanging in the airthe other on the ground. I couldn't stand the urge. I wanted to grab hold of it and rub my aching cock against it and fuck her smooth sexy feet till I came.

I looked up to get away from the growing increasing urge to fuck her feet and saw she had been looking up the whole time at me, I quickly snapped back at my mag n started to read again. But every lil move she made with her feet made me feel she was teasing me on purpose.

Every time she would stand up and lean for something she would stand up on her toes showing off the shape of her foot. the sight of it drove me crazy!!

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I wanted to kiss n suck on the rounded toes and kiss and bite the arch of her foot and feel it on me! The more I looked during that day I found that she had a habit of standing up her toes when she had kicked her shoes off. The end of the day was approaching and she came and at on the edge of my table next to me as I finalized a few things and tried to look busy.

She started some idle chatter about my home life and hers. All this time her feet hanging right next to my thigh just where I could catch them in the corner of my eye. Dressed in red high heel shoes, with a simple thin base and curve that formed the heel that her feet perfectly followed, with two thin straps coming from between her big toe to the back of that shoe.

I pushed my seat out and relaxed as all my work was now down. Because of the space id made, she shuffled along the desk in front of me right after kicking off her shoes! She was killing me, she now sat there, swaying her feet only inches above my cock, as we talked.

She separated her legs a little, leaving tiny gap that lead her up thighs, too dark to see up. Now and then she would kick my knee gently. she looked about my desk and saw my magazine, open to the same page, and stared at it for some time…conversation went silent, as she looked back me.

I was in a trance, too mesmerized to talk staring at her feet right there I was too immersed to even notice she would know. it had now been silent for some time, she also watched her feet now and then, then, she said " Do you like that ?

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" and nodded again towards my magazine, now my heart pounding thinking of something to say, and before I could answer, as she swung her foot up again on he way down stretched her foot down and pressed against the head of cock, easy visible thought my trousers, I shook with pleasureI felt like bursting inside. No words were said, jus staring her with a sexual slightly dangerous look in her eye.

She started rubbing downwards along my cock, with her barefoot and up again. Now I was thrusting myself into her foot as it rubbed up and down, too dazed to think straight. I got my belt undone, and pulled my pants down to my knees and let her continue, I jerked again as her soft immaculate foot rubbed my cock, the idea and feeling of all this drove me crazy, her foot only as long as my hardened cockshe pressed against its entire length, with her toes pressing down on my head, moving up and down.

My thrusts got hard and fasterI took hold of her by the ankle n drove her into me more, her other foot lingering around my balls massaging them. She now had a coy naughty smile, she seemed to love what she was doingwatching me squirm as she bit hers lips I grabbed her other foot while thrusting away in all my lust at the other and brought it to my mouth, I loved the musky smell of her feet and began sucking on her short toes as she shook now and moaned and giggled.

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I let her go and laid back enjoying the immense lustful feelings. She put both her tiny feet on my cockdriving up and down. She pulled her knees apart, and yanked up her skirt, and started rubbing through her silky thong, already heavily dark from her juices.

She through her head back, and savored the feelings she gave her cunt, she pulled her thong to the side and rubbed her shaven wet cunt as I fucked her feet, they now lay side ways either side of my cock, and made a small hole in the middle for me. I grabbed both her ankles and began fucking her feet looking at her finger her wet cunt, trying to stay silent, The closer to orgasm she got the faster she would move up and down, I held on n rubbed her feet as I fucked them watching her go at herself, getting hotter and hotter about to burst, still twitching at the idea of this fantasy.

The went faster and faster, her cunt now dripping on my desk as she started twitching and jerking with orgasm, the sight and feeling of every thing made me explode!

I grabbed her feet tight and thrust as hard as I could as I came, spraying into the air and landing on methe floor and her feet. She now lay back, on my desk slowly rubbing at her wet cunt, her feet still on my cock covered in cum. Which she rubbed in like lotion, I lay there panting in disbelief, how amazing it had been. The end for now