Wench cannot get sufficiently of sex smalltits homemade

Wench cannot get sufficiently of sex smalltits homemade
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[b]Tracey Wells walked down the halls of the local college towards the coucellors office On the way she met her friend Trish ,who told her that Mrs. Denton Had Been replaced.

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Tracey thanked her and gave her a quick kiss as Trish left the waiting area, Tracey entered trhe office of Miss Johnson and was greeted to a young lady with a big white smile. She asked the girl to sit ans said "How may I be of service." Tracey looked to the floor as she sat in her chair squirming.

As she squirnmd her already short skirt rocde farther up her hips so that thr crotch of her panties were now visible to the roving eye of Miss Johnson. Tracey said she was failing a course that as far ashe had known no girl in the history of tis college had ever failed. With a feigned look of concern Miss Johnson asked Tracey what course could be giving her so much trouble. In a small voice Tracey squeaked Sex Ed.


With a big smile Miss Johnson told Tracey that that had been her favorite subject and would do anyhting she could to help and asked waht was giving Tracey so much trouble. Tracey explained that her assignment was to find and report the differences betweeb kissing a guy and kissing a girl.

miss Johnson thought for a few a seconds and then hit upon an idea. She asked young Tracey to wait rihgt where she was and she would be right back. Miss Johnson left the office for a few seconds and reyurned with Mr.

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Deeter The male coucillor. After locking the door to her office Miss Johnson explained Tracey's situation and said that each of them would kiss Tacey for 15 seconds and she would writye down the differences.


Tracey agreed and walked oveer to the smiling Mr.Deeter. As they started to kiss Mr. Deeter put his ands on Tracey's ass lifting the hem of her skirt even more. Just beofre his kiss was to end he had slid his hand down the front of Tracey's panties. Miss Johnson called time and stepped right up and planted a sensual lip lock on the girl.

As she kissed Tracey, she proceeded to remove the girl skirt and gently run her hand across her panty covered croych.

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Miss Johnson could feel a starting wetness between Tracey's thighs. Again Mr.Deeter took a hold of Tracey and kissed her hard as he put his hands up under her blouse pushing it over the girls head. As the kiss continued Miss Johnson slid to her knees behind Tracey ,Slid the girls panties down and planted her tongue squarely on the bald pussy lips of Miss Wells.

Tracey let out a moan as the coucellor's toungue ravished her now throbbng pussy and Mr. Deeter was sucking and licking her diamond hrad nipples. Tracey was in heaven.


After the two cooucellors had given the gorl the most earth sahking orgasm she slupmed to the floor as Mr. Deeter fucked Miss Johnson From Behind. Tracey quickly went to her books and scribbled down some notes. After her orgasm Miss Jhonson Lay on the floor as Mr.

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Deeter ruturned to his office. Tracey sat down next to Miss Johnson and said that in all the excitement she had forgotten what kissing a girl felt like. Miss Johnson smiled as they started ti kiss and run their hands oveer each othes naked bodies. The session went on as the two women got into a sixty nine postion eating each other to esquisite orgasms and going back for more.

Miss Johnso loved to lick and suck on the extended clit of young Tracey as Tracey found solace in licking and sucking on the 37c breasts of Miss Johnson. Tracey felt that this would be her passing mark for this assignment as she left Miss Johnson clened her self up and sat at her desk with a smile on her face.

Saying to Tracey just before she left.To cum back if she had anymore problems she might be able to help with. Tracey agreed whole heartedly. Tracey walked to the parking lot to find Trish standing next to her car with a big smile on heer face.

As the two girls tumbled into the back of the cars grabbing at each others clothes Trish asked if Miss johnson was any help with a sarcastic smile as Tracey opened her shirt and feasted upon Trishes 32b tits. Trish and Tracey had been lovers for years and the back of Trishes Ford LTD. was well known to the rwo of them. Tracey loved sucking Tish's tits as trish has a thing on for Tracey's bald pussy.

both girls were shaved as moans came from the back of the long Ford.

after two orgasms Tracey replaced her clothes and left a spent trish to compose hersefl as Tracey headed for home. The young Tracey Wells whistled as she crested the corner to her house. She quickly walked past her parents they lounged on the porch and went quickly upstairs to her bedroom and lying down put he hend up under her skirt and brought her pussy to another orgasm as she looked around after her brother Lucas had silently slipped in to her room and witnessed the combat of her orgasm.

Lucas was Tracey's older brother who was always there for her even when she didn't want him around. They had been sexual with each other since they'rer early teens and today was to be one of those times again as Lucas dropped his jreans and boxers to release his 10 inch member to the adoring eyes of his little sister.

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Tracey well knew what she was to do as her mouth quickly closed in on her brothers monster cock. She deep throated l;ucas for all she was worth as he moaned with intense pleasure he knew he would recieve eact time from huis little sister.

Lucas spew his ejaculate dinto the warm mouth of His sister as her moan for him sounded clear. Tracey swallowed all of his jizz and clened off his cock without removing her mouth until she had her fill. As lucas became hard a second time He rmoved his cock from his sister mouth and quickly rammed it to thehilt in her bald fiery cunt.