Pretty teenie is gaping pink cunt in close up and getting off

Pretty teenie is gaping pink cunt in close up and getting off
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Please note that characters have been name differently to different people for obvious reasons, this story is a combination of both fact and fiction, I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to criticize my work as it will help improve future stories.

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Some parts of the story may seem unrealistic to certain people but if you do not like the style of writing then either leave or post some constructive criticism. Enjoy my first story. Characters: Raz (Rachel is the full name of the character), Zac ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I walked up to Raz and gazed into her eyes, peering into her mind seeing no innocence, just raw lust.

I looked down at her lips and saw a pure soft mass that any guy would fantasize about, I then looked back into her eyes, those portals of crystal into her beautiful mind and leaned forward in for a tender kiss, slowly but assuring her by putting my hands on the back and side of her head stroking her silk like hair. She jumped on me wrapping her legs around me as I stood boundless, lost in passion as her arms flew around my neck.

I continued kissing her and she then put her hand on my thigh and squeezed. She seemed to be following my lead. I broke off the kiss and sat back for a second; looking at her like I never have before.

She was beautiful, the glint of her eyes as they grew glassy from my presence made her even sexier. I told her to tell me if she wanted to stop and if I was going too far. She just told me to shut up and kissed me again. It was then her hand wandered up to my cock, it was semi at the moment, but growing at the time. I felt her squeeze it, and then her hands running around it too get a sense of its size. Sensing her eagerness I let my hand do a bit of caressing its self.

I slowly worked up her thigh under her skirt until I felt the lace of her underwear.


She moaned a little, so I took this as a sign to continue. My fingers began to brush on the fabric of her panties softly stroking. I could feel them getting a little damp too. My other hand at this point was making its way up her side to her breasts. She seemed to enjoy this too, so I rubbed them a little until I could feel the nipple through all the fabric. She stopped kissing me and looked into my eyes and said "Zach, I want to be yours tonight" This made me fully hard, and she could tell.

Her hand was rubbing the outside of my trousers faster and faster. As we continued she tightened her legs around me, I managed to lift her top exposing her bra underneath. She unclipped this and then threw it to the other side of the room. I stared at her young pert tits for a while and then went to work again on her now exposed erect nipples.

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My mouth went down and started to slowly lick and circle them, occasionally putting them between my teeth. She seemed to like this, as while I was doing it she undid my fly on my trousers and put her hand in, and fumbled around for my cock.

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She did this for a moment until she found her way through, and when she eventually grabbed it I gasped. She stayed there for a few moments just holding my cock, and then kissed me deeply. Slowly her hand began to stroke it up and down, my head was spinning. While she was doing this I decided to venture down to her pussy with my hands too.

So I slipped my hand up her soft thighs, and under her skirt. I got to the fabric again and gave it a tug. She lifted her ass and I slipped them off. I pushed her back onto the bed and lay next to her. Kissing her softly and caressing her boobs. I then moved down to her pussy perfect in every way. I kissed the insides of her legs, slowly making my way to her pussy. I could smell the sweet scent coming off of it, and see it was wet.

I eventually kissed it; she jumped a little, and then put her hands on my shoulders, almost making me go closer. I kissed it a bit more, and then began to lick the lips of her perfect little pussy. She started to breath heavily, and I could see her nipples harden again. Her hands also now moved to the back of my head and she was beginning to grind her pussy into my face.


I started to work the clit, and it became even wetter. Her legs where in the air now too, wrapping themselves around my body.

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Flicking it around and then licking her pussy lips. She then suddenly exploded in my mouth. She even squirted a little on my face. She was in heaven. Shaking a little and letting out a low moan. She pulled my face off of her sweetness and pulled me up to kiss her. My face covered in her pussy juice was pressed against hers in an incredible erotic kiss.

She slumped onto the bed, breathing heavily and sweating a bit too. She could not have looked any sexier than she did at that moment. She looked me in the eyes and said to me "This has to be our secret, I want it to continue forever" This was music to my ears.

By this time my cock was getting harder and she could see it. Her eyes became fixed on it again. She grabbed it and started rubbing. She looked at me and said she wanted me to fuck her. She turned to me crawling along the bed like a tiger then slowly kissing my neck and then licking down my chest slowly down lower while stroking my cock with her free hand feeling its soft but hard touch, she put her face next to it and played with it looking at its shape and sleekness, she then kissed the head and licked slowly making a slurping noise enjoying its taste and texture upon her tongue.

She then licked up the shaft back to the head putting my cock onto her face and feeling the head radiating off of it while playing with herself with her free hand, then slowly but ever so suddenly taking it into her mouth exploring the texture with her tongue as I moaned.

I stroked and grasped her hair softly nudging her head further onto my cock marveling at how beautiful she looked.

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Boy did she control the pace; I could feel her getting faster and faster all the time, sliding right down so her nose was touching my skin. We were in ecstasy. She was sucking me off while I played with her nipples and grabbed her tight ass. Running a finger up and down the crease of her ass, she said to me "Save that for another time" With her saying that I came right there.

I filled her mouth full of cum; some even came out of her nose. Her eyes showed pure lust as load after load was being pumped down her throat spilling out the sides of her delectable lips. She slid off me and told me she loved me. She then wiped some cum off of her face scooped it up and licked it off her fingers, while gazing into my eyes with passion.

She grabbed my cock and started rubbing. Making her hand wet from her pussy and rubbing it that way. She looked at me and said she wanted me to fuck her. I didn't have to think twice, I got into position put the tip of my cock onto her pussy and started grinding it against her skin teasing her while she begged me to stick it in her and make her feel full, so I slowly caressed her thighs and lined my cock up with her hot pussy and slowly slid in, her face retorted showing a strong amount of pleasure and lust.

As I slowly slid my entire length inside of her, her facial expression changed more as every inch of hot steel slid into her tightness.


I pulled back slowly then thrust in again putting her legs on my shoulders thrusting deeper into her making her want more. I increased my speed as I heard her soft moans turn into screams of pleasure "Fuck me harder, Oooooh stick your big cock inside me!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. I keep moving faster and faster while caressing her sweet tits slowly making out with them as if they were heavenly pillows of pleasure and want.

I continued to fuck her brains out making her scream as she had her second orgasm, I felt her body tremble and her pussy clamp down on my cock as if it were trying to milk the cum out of my dick.

I kept sliding in and out when she yelled "Fill me up, unload in me and make me feel you explode inside of me, make me yours" these words sent me over the edge of no return as I continued fucking her senseless.

I eventually just grabbed her and kissed her as the moment began, I started Cumming inside her filling her up with hot creamy cum, she basically squealed "Oooooh I can feel it inside me, I can feel the heat of it" I was so lost in passion I just kept pumping more and more cum inside of her, I then pulled out and shot the rest onto her tits and stomach covering her in white warmth, she had passed out from the pleasure and lay there in a sense of angelic harmony, I looked and saw that slight bulge on her stomach from all the cum deep inside of her and sprayed all over her body, I lay down next to her and with my cock resting on her thigh and fell asleep with her body snuggling up next to mine, enjoying the simple presence of each-other, our bodies like magnets, we were so close to each other.

yet so far. End of Part 1 Hope you enjoyed, please post your opinion below, and no email advertising thanks.

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Sincerely: The MasterofSecrets