Ass Training For The Naughty Babe

Ass Training For The Naughty Babe
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This story is about a guy who has the ability to stop time. If you don't like the concept, don't read it. I suggest you read prior parts before reading this. For those of you that read and enjoy this, if you have ideas about where the story should go or things that should happen, send me a message (Again, I read comments, but I don't take them too seriously, I find PMs to be a better form of communication).

Thanks goes out to the several people who already wrote me with ideas. Most of this installment was reader influenced there were a lot of ideas for what he does in school, with more coming though I did work in a couple of my ideas in and changed a few in ways that I thought fit better.

I apologize to those whose ideas I still haven't fit in I promise I'll keep trying to work them into future installments. Day 6 Monday Warren woke up to his alarm going off. His eyes jerked open, but he laid there for a few moments just staring at the ceiling. Then he shook his head and smiled, imagining the day before him. After spending several moments planning out his day, Warren finally reached over, slapped his alarm clock off and headed straight for the shower.

Rushing though the shower, Warren ignored his morning wood, not jerking off. When he was done in the bathroom, he walked out towards his room.

His sister was waiting for the bathroom just outside it leaning against the wall in her robe. She said nothing, with her head facing the floor. However, walking by her, Warren noticed that the top of her robe was open much more than usual, giving him a view of the inside edges of her tits, almost to each nipple, but not quite. He guessed she must have been still out of it when she woke up, still thinking about what had went on with her over the weekend and just didn't tie her robe properly.

The view of her tits didn't even phase Warren though. He had seen her naked more often than not recently, so he just walked by her to his room. A little while later, he heard the bathroom door slam. Warren rushed through the rest of his morning, quickly getting dressed and eating breakfast.

His mother made some comment in the kitchen about him seeming awfully awake for a Monday morning, but Warren just ignored it. He finally slowed down as he made it to the bus stop.

Warren knew he had close to fifteen minutes before the bus would come, so he thought about his day and all the fun he could have over the course of it, spending plenty of time wondering what Sandy had in store for him after school. But before that, even before he got to school, Warren knew he wanted to get off and decided, of all people, Margaret was going to be the one to help relieve him. Just as Warren was thinking about how though, the bus showed up.

As he got on the bus, Warren saw the guy who usually tripped him chuck a ball of paper over the seats at Margaret. The guy turned and looked at Warren as he passed by, but didn't stick his leg out.

Warren had been kind of hoping he would so that he could kick him again for picking on Margaret. But as he got towards the back of the bus, another idea hit him.

There was no empty seat so Warren stopped at Margaret's seat. She started to move her books so he could sit down, but instead of sitting down, Warren asked, "Do you mind if I sit next to the window?

I'm dead tired and want to take a quick nap against it before getting to school." Warren saw a look of confusion on Margaret's face, which he had expected as he had never asked that before. They had barely spoken at all before, the most having been Friday when he had kicked the paper-thrower. But she quickly shook off her confusion and responded, "Uhhh, sure." Her tone made it sound more like a question than an answer.

Saying that, Margaret put her books back where they were and edged out of the seat to stand in the aisle behind Warren, letting him into the seat. He started to move into the seat, but before he could get into the seat fully, he felt a ball of paper hit off his side. It was a little sooner than he had planned, but Warren focused anger on the inside of his forehead, setting off the sting that he was so familiar with and stopping time.

Turning around, Warren saw the same guy turned and staring down the aisle towards him and Margaret, smiling and obviously happy with his latest paper ball throw.

Glancing around the rest of the bus in front of them, Warren saw no one else looking back at them, save the old bus driver watching them in the mirror. Looking behind them, he saw that no one was looking directly at them either, though there were at least a few who would be able to see out of the corner of their eyes what he had planned. Warren wondered for a bit whether the added eyes of the bus driver and the possibility of others catching glimpses should be enough to stop his plan.

He didn't think about it too long though, coming to the conclusion he was still going to follow through. Deciding this, Warren turned towards Margaret and pulled her arms straight up, then unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it up over her head revealing her tits spilling out of her bra and her thinner-than-expected stomach.

He then reached around her wide frame and, after some effort, unhooked her bra, which he also pulled up and off her arms. Feeling his dick rise to a full erection, Warren couldn't help but stare for several moments at Margaret's huge tits. Though he had seen them before on Friday, his memory didn't serve them justice, as they somehow seemed even bigger with her standing up.

His eyes went back and forth from checking out her full tits to zooming in on just her large light-colored nipples. Gaining some control, Warren pulled his eyes away and finished his project, pulling Margaret's skirt and panties down around her ankles revealing her large blond bush.

He then lowered Margaret's arms back to where they had been. Stepping back to where he was when time had stopped, just inside the seat, allowing the paper-thrower a full view of Margaret's naked body, Warren started time. Instead of stopping time immediately upon starting it, Warren let a couple seconds go by before stopping it again. When he did stop time again, Warren looked around. The paper-thrower was staring back at Margaret with eyes wide and mouth hanging open, obviously liking what he saw.

The bus driver was also wide-eyed in the mirror. No one else from the front of the bus had noticed. Behind them, four people two guys and two girls had turned to look at Margaret's ass. All were just looking though, as if confused, not staring in shock like the bus-driver and the paper-thrower. It was at this point, seeing the people staring at Margaret's backside, that Warren realized he had never seen her ass.

To fix that, Warren climbed over the seat, nearly stepping on the people in the seat behind him, and stood in the aisle behind Margaret, looking at her ass. It wasn't a huge ass, but easily the biggest he had seen since he discovered he could stop time. That of course was partially due to the fact that he didn't try to look at any fat chicks' asses though. Besides being wide, which he had expected given Margaret's frame and hips, her ass also stuck out a noticeable amount.

As Warren continued to stare though, he decided her ass didn't look fat, just big. Her ass cheeks were like two large globes with a deep cleft between them. An idea sprang to his mind as he stared at that cleft.

Warren moved forward until he was just behind Margaret and dropped his pants and boxers to his ankles. Already sporting hard wood, he inched forward and pushed it between her ass cheeks. He didn't penetrate her. Rather, he buried his dick between her ass cheeks, then squeezed them together, making the shaft of his dick disappear between them, only his dick head was visible popping out above her ass crack.

Slowly, Warren bent his knees, dragging his dick down through her ass crack while holding her cheeks tightly together until the head disappeared between her cheeks. Then he lightly thrust up again. Warren was surprised at how good humping her ass cheeks felt. To him, it felt even better than when he had sex while time was stopped. He figured this was because he was continuously holding her ass cheeks tight over his dick, providing constant pressure on his dick, whereas if he fucked a girl, once her pussy spread to accommodate his dick, it would stay spread as long as time was stopped, not tightening around him.

The speed of Warren's dick steadily increased between Margaret's ass cheeks for several minutes. Then, with no warning, he abruptly stopped. A new idea, what he thought was a much better idea, crossed his mind. Warren stepped out of his pants and boxers, kicking them to the side, and then took a few steps back. Reaching forward, he grabbed Margaret's sides at about breast level and gently pulled her back.

As he pulled her, he stepped back making room for her until he had Margaret lying naked face-up in the aisle of the bus. Her enormous tits, instead of drifting to the side like they normally would in a lying position, were hung down towards the bottom of her ribcage, the way they had been when she had been standing up.

Warren was only distracted for a few moments though as he quickly climbed down her body, turned around, and straddled her just below her chest. With one hand he pushed his dick down between her tits while the other pressed each tit against his dick, her tits of course staying where he had placed them. Then, moving quickly so as to not let his dick pop up from between her tits, Warren shifted the hand from his dick to the side of her tit and squeezed both of them together.

He then began thrusting his dick forward and backward, fucking Margaret's huge tits. The feeling was even better than her ass.

Her tits were larger and softer and felt better as his dick rubbed against the sides of them. They were also so big that even when the base of his dick was pressed against the bottom of her tits he could only just barely see the top of the head popping out the top. As Warren continued thrusting into her tits and squeezed them together, he let his thumbs roam over the girl's large nipples, feeling the slight roughness of the areola and pressing the tips of her currently soft nipples.

It wasn't long before Warren felt himself build towards an orgasm, which didn't surprise him as he again hadn't jerked off in his morning shower. However, the pressure on his dick was too much to let go of. Losing all cares for what happened, Warren sped up, thrusting harder and harder into Margaret's tits while squeezing them continuously harder to increase the pressure.

"Oh fuck," he moaned as his first shot went off. The first shot went up the few inches to Margaret's face, but Warren didn't stop thrusting.

His next few went off between her tits, lubing them up before another shot went off while his dickhead was popping out the top, shooting cum onto her neck and upper chest. He continued thrusting, slowing down as his orgasm subsided. Most of the remainder of his cum came out between her tits, with very little more getting onto her neck and chest and just a few drops freezing in the air above her face. Warren simply collapsed over Margaret's head when he finished, his energy completely spent by the unexpectedly powerful orgasm he had just had.

When he finally got up, Warren looked at the mess he had made, and suddenly realized the problem he was in. He had no tissues to clean Margaret up with. Starting to worry, Warren quickly got up and put his boxers and pants back on, then started looking for some way to clean her up.

At first he grabbed the paper ball that had been thrown at him, but realized that wasn't going to work at all. He walked up and down the bus, looking in people's seats hoping to find something. At the front of the bus, Warren saw a roll of paper towels on the side of the bus driver's seat.

Letting out a sigh of relief, he headed back to Margaret. Now that he had a way to clean her up, Warren paused and admired Margaret's body covered in his cum. The inside of her tits were absolutely smothered, the cum having been spread around by his repeated thrusting. Then there were the few small streaks up her upper chest and neck and that one longer streak going from the bottom of her chin over the side of her mouth and up to her cheek, as well as the few floating drops above her face.

It was looking at that long streak that Warren realized that some of his cum was in her dental gear and there was no way in hell he was going to be able to get it out. He tried to ignore that and went about wiping off his cum from her tits, neck, and face. Deciding to not even attempt to get the cum out of her dental gear, Warren returned the roll of paper towels to where it had been while throwing out those he used in the garbage back in the front, hoping no one would notice them.

He then returned to Margaret and pulled her back up into a standing position where she had been when he had stopped time but raised her arms to get her clothes back on her. He pulled her panties and skirt up, then grabbed her bra. Since Margaret's tits were still frozen displaced from him squeezing them, fucking them, and cleaning them, Warren had to mold them until they looked normal before even attempting to get her bra back on and her too-big tits tucked into the cups.

It took quite some time until he felt he got it on as good as he could, the fact that the bra was too small definitely not helping. When he was satisfied it was as good as it would get, he pulled her shirt back down her arms, lowered her arms to where they had been, and buttoned her shirt. Then returning to where he had been standing when he stopped time, he set off the sting in his forehead to start it up again.

Warren continued to move towards his seat, trying to act normal. There was no immediate reaction when time had started. As he moved, he noticed Margaret's face turn a deep red. Everyone behind them continued on like nothing had happened. Even those that had turned to see Margaret's naked ass for a second had gone back to what they had been doing before, not giving it a second thought.

However, taking his time to turn and sit down, Warren noticed the paper-thrower still staring slack-jawed and wide-eyed at Margaret. He also looked at the old bus driver just in time to see him shake his head and return his eyes to the front window. Feeling he couldn't drag it out any longer and still look normal, Warren sat down.

It was when he did that that Margaret finally moved, quickly pushing herself into the seat and sitting down. She ended up accidentally sitting on her books before getting up and lifting them up before sitting down and placing them on her lap. She was still beet red and he saw her quickly adjust the cups of her bra, though she tried to be sneaky about it.

He could also see her tongue running over her teeth inside her mouth where his cum was. He waited for a bit before deciding to talk to her. "You don't look very well. Are you okay?" Margaret jerked her head over to look at him, as if the sound had surprised her. Then appearing to calm down, she replied, "I just had a really weird feeling. And I suddenly got a strange taste in my mouth." Hoping not to sound too obvious, Warren curiously asked, "Are you okay?

Is it bad? Are you going to throw up?" Margaret's face became pensive as she replied, "No, I'm not going to throw up. It's not bad, it's just, well, I don't know. It's not like anything I've tasted before. But I think I'll be okay. I must've just stood up too fast and gotten a little sick." Warren smiled, realizing Margaret had never tasted cum before. "Alright, well, I'm gonna go to sleep." Margaret smiled back at him, allowing him to still see a small trace of his cum in her dental gear.

She just replied, "Okay," then turned back to face forward. Warren leaned his head against the window. Although he had used the idea of a nap as an excuse just to get her out of the seat so he could show her body to the paper-thrower, after the intense orgasm he had just been through, he felt like he really needed one. Soon enough, he was out cold. Warren jerked awake to the feeling of Margaret poking his shoulder. "We're here." In a complete daze, Warren looked around, then remembered he was on the bus still.

"Oh, thanks." Margaret got up to walk off the bus. Warren followed and made his way into the school to his locker. At his locker, Warren found Sandy waiting for him.

Getting to his locker, he smiled and said, "Hey!" Sandy leaned in and gave Warren a quick peck on the lips. Not used to such public displays of affection, Warren blushed. She then leaned up to his ear and whispered, "I can't wait til after school!" Warren couldn't help but turn an even deeper shade of red at that comment.

She then pulled back and added, "I just wanted to say hi and tell you that before I headed off to class." Warren was about to respond when another girl interrupted him. "So this is Warren." Sandy jumped, then laughed when she saw who it was. "Yes Barb, this is Warren." She then turned to Warren and introduced the two. "Warren meet Barbara. Barbara, Warren." "I've heard a lot about you," Barbara said, looking at Warren.

Her tone led Warren to wonder how much exactly she had heard. "You guys seem to have hit it off pretty quick." Before Warren could respond, Sandy replied, "Sometimes you just know when you meet the right person.

But we gotta get to class, let's go Barb!" Pulling Barbara with her, Sandy started walking away, saying over her shoulder, "Bye, Warren!" "It was nice meeting you, Warren," Barbara added. "Nice meeting you too. See you later Sandy." Warren stood for a second at his locker, contemplating the awkward way in which he had just met Barbara, barely even getting to speak to her.

But as the hallway started to clear out, he remembered he hadn't even opened his locker yet. He quickly opened it, shoved what he didn't need inside while grabbing what he did need, then slammed it shut and walked fast to class on the other side of the school, hoping to beat the bell. He didn't. "You're late," Ms. Burkhart announced as he walked into class. Even though she was smiling, obviously not caring that much, Warren couldn't help but blush in embarrassment as she singled him out.

Most the class wasn't even paying attention yet, though a few did laugh as he turned colors. "Sorry," Warren uttered in response, quickly heading to his seat towards the back of the classroom. Halfway there though, a smile crossed Warren's face. As soon as he sat down, he cringed, focusing anger on the inside of his forehead until he felt the sting that stopped time. "Let's see who gets singled out now," Warren announced, getting out of his seat and walking towards the front of the classroom.

Ms. Burkhart had just shut the door and had turned back towards her desk. He had stopped time with her in mid-step. Warren wasted no time getting to what he wanted. He walked straight up to her and began unbuttoning her blouse. Once it was unbuttoned down to her stomach, he stopped and pulled the sides apart and looked in at her bra-covered tits. "Damn," Warren muttered. He had forgotten that when he had fucked her the Friday before that she had worn a padded bra.

Sure enough, she was wearing another, ruining Warren's plan. He had wanted to get her nipples hard enough to stick through her shirt so that she would have to teach in front of the class while everyone could see her hard nipples. After his initial disappointment though, Warren shrugged and smiled, announcing to no one, "Oh well. No harm in trying!" With that, he pulled Ms. Burkhart's bra cups down, exposing her small tits.

Warren was slightly disappointed to see her nipples already hard, like they had been the day he fucked her. That meant they probably weren't going to get much harder and most likely not poke out through her shirt. After a brief frown while this ran through his mind, Warren smiled again, repeating to himself, "Oh well.

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No harm in trying!" His hands immediately reached out for Ms. Burkhart's nipples. He began rubbing, pinching,and twisting them, doing anything his mind could think of. His favorite was pulling the nipples out and stretching them as far as they could go, which had the effect of stretching her small tits into small cones that froze in place when he let go, rather than returning to a normal position.

After staring for a bit, Warren pushed her boobs back in, making them look normal before resuming his play with her nipples. It didn't take long before Warren lowered his head to suck on a nipple while his fingers continued fondling the other.

He gently ran his tongue over the nipple, then pressed his tongue against it and flicked it before lightly nibbling on it. When he was satisfied, he moved his mouth to her other nipple, bringing his hand back to the one he just finished. When Warren was finally done, he stepped back and admired his handiwork.

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Ms. Burkhart's boobs looked slightly distorted, frozen in weird positions from his groping and sucking. Warren just smiled and decided not to do anything about it. He simply pulled her bra cups back up over her small boobs and re-buttoned her shirt. Warren turned around and headed back to his seat. But he stopped short at the seat in front of him. The girl at the seat in front of him he was pretty sure her name was Collette had her head turned slightly in her desk, talking to the girl in the seat diagonal behind her over the arm rest part of the desk.

In that position, her ample chest was pushed out more than normal. Warren had never really thought Collette was much of a looker her face left much to be desired and she was a bit on the chubby side but there was no denying that she had quite the rack.

Looking at her rack on display as it was, he decided he needed a closer look. Stepping closer to her, Warren reached down and pulled up Collette's shirt. He took a moment to soak in the view of her tits in her bra cups, which were covered in some kind of design, avoiding looking at the slight roll in her stomach.

While her boobs weren't overflowing out like Margaret's did, they did easily fill her bra. Of course, while large, her tits were not nearly the size of Margaret's either. Done checking out her bra, Warren pulled the bra cups down and to the side, exposing Collette's big tits. He immediately noticed how white the girl's tits were, definitely featuring the least color of any tits he had yet seen.

Her nipples would probably have been considered a light color on a girl with more color, but even that light color stood out dramatically on Collette's white skin.

The areola were very wide Warren estimated close to four inches in diameter, maybe more with her completely soft nipples barely visible in the center of each.

Warren had to admit to himself that, while big, Collette's tits weren't very hot. He had seen smaller tits that he found much more attractive. But that didn't stop him from playing with them. Having just done his best to get Ms. Burkhart's nipples as hard as they could get, Warren decided to do the same to Collette.

First he tried to extend her soft nipples out a little, as if her nipples were hard. Despite his efforts though, he could not make that work to a point that it looked normal. Giving up on that, he simply played with her pseudo-extended nipples. After some rubbing, pinching, and twisting, he tried pulling her nipples as far out from her body as he could, just like he had done with Ms. Burkhart. Letting go and allowing her boobs to freeze pulled out like that, Warren observed how Collette's larger tits reacted slightly differently than Ms.

Burkhart's. Whereas Ms. Burkhart's nipples had pulled out into a smooth cone that continued to the base of her small tits, Collette's nipples created a slightly wider cone shape, but seemed separate from her tits, which remained slightly rounded despite being pulled out as much as was possible.

Warren quickly got bored just looking though, and molded her boobs back into a roughly normal shape, then leaned down to suck on and lick her nipples. Warren soon decided he was done and pulled Collette's bra cups back up over her tits and her shirt back down. He stood up, but before moving, he looked over at the girl Collette was talking to.

"What the hell," he stated aloud for no particular reason, then headed over to that girl, pulled up her shirt and fondled and sucked on her nipples. Then he went to the girl next to her.

Then the one in front of her. By the time Warren finally got back to his seat, he had checked out the tits of all eleven girls in his class twelve if you count Ms. Burkhart. He saw big tits, small tits, fat tits, flat tits, braless tits, padded tits, uneven tits, soft tits, hard tits, a couple of black girls' tits, and one Japanese girl's tits.

He saw just as wide a variety of different nipples. He had fondled and sucked on all but two. One had medical tape in the shape of an X over her nipples. Not sure why it was there, or even if the tape would stick again while time was stopped if he pulled it off, Warren played with her full breasts for a short bit, but did nothing with her nipples. The other girl he didn't suck on was a girl who had nipple rings.

He was shocked to find the girl had them, as she looked totally straight edge, kind of on the preppy side if anything. Out of curiosity, he had touched the nipple rings, pulled lightly and twisted them, but quickly found that they freaked him out and moved onto the next girl. In his seat, Warren sat for a few moments to let his mouth recover, which had gone somewhat dry from sucking on so many nipples.

His arms and hands were slightly exhausted as well, so he let those rest on top of his desk. When he finally felt good enough, Warren returned to sitting how he had been when he had stopped time and started it back up again. He couldn't help but smile at the reaction. When he had stopped time, Ms. Burkhart had been in the process of walking to her desk and several of the students in the class, girls and guys, had been talking. When time started up again, Ms. Burkhart finished the step she was on and stopped walking, halfway to her desk.

There had been a very brief sound of chatter when time started up, but all the girl's voices quickly faded out, leaving only the guys talking. Warren had looked around almost immediately when time had started to see how many nipples got hard. He was disappointed to see none. However, some ten to fifteen seconds later, he noticed out of the corner of his eye that the girl next to him the one Collette had been talking to was displaying two fully hard, unconcealable hard nipples.

This spurred Warren to take another look around the classroom, though as inconspicuously as he could. Sure enough, all the girls he could see now had hard nipples. He laughed to himself as he realized he hadn't seen any on his first look around because it took several seconds for their nipples to get hard, that it didn't just happen instantaneously.

It soon bothered Warren that he could only see the back half of the room, as everyone in front of him was facing forward. Wanting to see the full show he created, Warren raised his hand to ask to go to the bathroom.

He had been so focused on the girls' nipples that he hadn't noticed Ms. Burkhart started teaching. Ms. Burkhart responded to his request, "You come into the class late and now you have to go to the bathroom?" While she sounded like she had been joking when she scolded him for being late, she sounded slightly annoyed now. "Uh, yeah," Warren responded, trying to think of an excuse. He had forgotten that to her, and the rest of the class, he had just walked in the classroom, while to him that seemed like over an hour ago.

Unable to come up with an excuse, he simply added, "Sorry." "Fine. Go." Ms. Burkhart raised her arm towards the door to wave Warren out. As she did, her shirt tightened slightly across her chest. When it did, Warren, and probably several others he guessed, clearly saw her hard nipples pushed against her shirt.

Just as quickly they disappeared as she lowered her arm again. He tried not to smile as he got up from his seat. He tried to look around, but couldn't very well without being obvious, which he didn't want to be. Slightly disappointed, he walked out of the classroom, went to the water fountain for a much needed drink to wet his mouth, and quickly went to the bathroom. Walking back into the classroom, Warren had a full display of all the girls in the class.

Wanting to take more time to check out the scene, Warren stopped time.


Then he slapped his hand against his head, wondering why he hadn't thought about doing that earlier. Looking back at the girls in the class, Warren was impressed by the wide range of reactions the girls seemed to have. Every girl, except for the girl with the tape over her nipples and Ms.

Burkhart, whose loose shirt was hiding hers, still had hard nipples even the girl with nipple rings who he had barely fondled. She was slightly hunched over, clearly trying to hide her chest, but unable to fully do so. With her nipples hard, he could see her nipple rings poking through her shirt, which made it look like the girl had slightly wide, deformed-looking nipples.

He wondered if he would have recognized them as nipple rings if he didn't already know she had them. Some other girls, including Collete, were slightly red, obviously embarrassed by their hard nipples, but with no clear way to hide them without being obvious about it and drawing more attention to their tits.

Other girls, including Ms. Burkhart, seemingly didn't know their nipples were hard and looked completely normal. And just a couple girls had their backs slightly arched, seemingly pushing their chest out and proudly displaying their hard nipples. One of the black girls was doing that, and the other was Tammy, sitting in the front row, who Warren had been rough with when he had fondled and sucked on her nipples.

Tammy actually appeared to have the third hardest nipples or at least the third most obvious. The girl who had not been wearing a bra in the back corner of the classroom had the most obvious nipples, even with her trying to hunch her back and hide them. The Japanese girl's nipples were the most obvious ones covered by a bra, sticking out wide and far through her shirt. She was one of the ones who seemed like she had no idea her nipples were hard. After taking a final once over of the crowd with time stopped, Warren returned to the door, where he had been when he stopped time and started it up.

As he continued walking into the classroom. Warren couldn't help but glance at the girls. He enjoyed these reactions even more than those he had noticed while time was stopped. While not every girl caught him looking, several did. Some that had been trying to hide their chests curled up even more in their desks to hide more. Others gave him a glare clearly showing they knew what he was looking at and trying to tell him with their eyes not to look.

Tammy just smirked at him, not hiding hers in the least, as if to tell him he could look but would never get to touch her body. Warren couldn't help but chuckle to himself, not only because he had already touched her body, but also because he envisioned her at Jake's party Saturday night drunkenly dragging two of his friends into a bedroom to both fuck her at the same time.

The rest of the class passed mostly smoothly after Jake got back to his seat. Other guys had obviously noticed the nipples on display in the class and asked to go to the bathroom to get a better look, much like he had.

Seeming to catch on to what was going on though, Ms. Burkhart stopped letting anyone get up for any reason after the third guy asked. Every now and then, Ms. Burkhart moved her arms while teaching in just the right way to stretch her shirt across her chest, allowing Warren to see that she still had hard nipples.

The last time he saw it was a couple minutes before the morning announcements came on at the end of the first period.

As the announcements came on, Warren tried to look around inconspicuously to see which girls still had hard nipples. He was surprised to see that only a few girls seemed to have gone soft over the course of the period. He saw Tammy turned around in the front row talking to a group of guys behind her, her back still arched forcing her tits and nipples farther out than they already were.

He saw a couple girls clearly whispering over on the side of the room, obviously not wanting to be overheard. He couldn't help but wonder if they were talking about their hard nipples. Probably not, he guessed, but he liked to think they were.

Warren suddenly froze as he heard one of the announcements over the loudspeaker. "As a reminder to all ninth graders, physicals are this week. The district nurse will be conducting physicals for all students who have not brought in a note from their family doctor by tomorrow. Passes for physicals will be handed out during first period tomorrow." Warren had dreaded physicals ever since that sixth grade incident when he had gotten an erection during his.

It didn't help that it was still the same nurse, Sarah's mom, that would be doing it. He hated that his mom wouldn't take him to their family doctor for a physical. She thought there was no reason to when the school offered them for free.

And Warren wasn't about to explain to his mother why he didn't want to get his physical at school. "Enjoy your physical, Warren." Shaken out of his thoughts by the comment, Warren felt himself turn a bright shade of red as he saw Tammy looking back at him laughing.

She then went back to talking to her group of guys. Warren could tell she was explaining to them the meaning behind her comment. Warren watched as the guy listened for a bit, then started laughing. Then one said a little too loudly, "Shit man, I'd do Mrs. Jennings!" "Gavin!" The exclamation came from Ms. Burkhart, who had obviously overheard the comment. At the same time she had said it, Tammy had smacked Gavin on the shoulder.

"Sorry," Gavin replied, looking down sheepishly. Warren guessed he was embarrassed from being overheard, and couldn't have cared less that Tammy heard him say he'd do the district nurse, who happened to be one of Tammy's best friends' moms. Warren froze as Gavin's quote replayed in his mind. His mind suddenly went racing as the bell rang.

While the other students got up to leave, Warren remained seated, a smile growing on his face.


When there were no other students around, he whispered aloud to himself, "Maybe I will enjoy my physical, Tammy," before getting up and leaving the class himself. Nothing much happened until lunch. Warren realized that by stopping time for so long in first period, he now had to wait that much longer until he got to go home with Sandy.

Even though he thought it had probably been worth it, he didn't stop time again. He did, however, make a side trip to walk by the school nurse's office, but he found the regular school nurse there, not Sarah's mom, so he just ignored it.

He ran into Sandy a few times throughout the day, but they didn't talk about much, Sandy just continuing to mention how excited she was for after school. Jake caught up with him again on the way to lunch, wanting to know how Warren enjoyed the party. Warren told him about Sandy and that he went on a date with her the next day, but didn't mention his friends' losing their virginities that night. Jake congratulated Warren on the girlfriend, then told him a story about how he had slept with two girls towards the end of his party.

Warren wondered whether the story was true, but played along like it was before they headed to their separate lunch tables. Warren had briefly thought about going over to Sandy's lunch table, but he felt he couldn't ditch his friends. Sandy waved to him, and the rest of her table turned to smile and giggle at him. Warren waved back, then headed over to his friends. This was the first time Warren had to really talk to Frank, Pat, and Bob.

They had seen each other a few times throughout the day and talked a little, but this was the first time they were together as a group. Warren barely got to sit down before Pat said, "I don't think Tammy remembers." Not really thinking about it, Warren just said, "Huh?" "Saturday night," Pat said quietly, obviously scared of being overheard, "I don't think she remembers any of it." Not sure where Pat was going with this, Warren looked over at Frank, who was eating and just shrugged back at him, obviously not caring.

Getting no answer there, Warren simply responded, "She was pretty drunk. Why don't you think she remembers it?" "I saw her in the hall earlier and started to walk towards her. She looked totally confused. Not angry or anything, just wondering why I was walking towards her. So I just walked past her." Warren started laughing. "So let me get this straight Tammy, one of the most popular girls in our grade, fucked two of the biggest nerds in the grade you and Frank at the same time, and you walked up to her expecting.

what? Her to be your best friend suddenly?" Frank and Bob started laughing too. Pat look embarrassed at first, but soon started laughing as well, though it looked like an uncomfortable laugh. While laughing, Warren looked across the lunch table to where Tammy was sitting. Not surprisingly, she was at a table with Sarah, Val, another girl, and several of the jocks from their grade.

She was leaned back in her chair laughing, looking nothing like she had fucked a guy while sucking off another one less than forty eight hours earlier. There was no more talk about Tammy. Pat changed the conversation to Sandy, asking how Warren's date went. He told them about the movie and that she was coming over to his house after school. He didn't mention anything about the handjob, as they didn't ask, apparently the thought never crossing their mind that he was going to do anything sexual in a movie theater.

"Wait," Bob interrupted after Warren told them about Sandy coming over to his house, "isn't your house empty except you after school usually?" "Well, yeah, but" "You, come on!" Warren had been interrupted by Alasia, who he had seen walking from her table over towards them. He had thought she was just walking by them, but she stopped next to Bob and grabbed his arm when she made the comment. "Okay," Bob replied somewhat sheepishly. He quickly grabbed his stuff and stood up.

He then followed Alasia back to her table. Warren, along with Frank and Pat, stared as Bob sat down at the table. Besides Alasia, there were four other black chicks and two black guys. Bob's whiteness stood out like a sore thumb.

As they watched, Bob sat down, looking a little scared at first. Alasia was happily talking to the others at the table, occasionally pointing to Bob or slapping him on the back or shoulder. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the two black guys leaned over the table and did some hand slap and grab thing to Bob, huge smiles on their faces.

The girls at the table looked mock-angry about that. Warren, Frank, and Pat couldn't hear what was going on, but Bob was soon smiling and talking with the rest of the table, despite his initial fear. "What do you think that's all about?" Warren turned around to see Frank and Pat still staring. Frank had asked the question. "Apparently Alasia does remember Saturday night," Warren replied with a smile on his face.

"Damn," Frank muttered in response, saying nothing more. Pat just stared, saying nothing at all. After another minute or so of watching Bob, Warren decided to get them to leave Bob alone and started a conversation about video games. Soon it seemed as if Frank and Pat had forgotten about Bob, though they obviously hadn't as their eyes drifted back over to him every now and then.

Warren's eyes kept drifting over to Sandy, and almost every time he looked at her, she was smiling back at him while talking to her friends. He would just smile back. When the bell rang, the three got up to leave. Bob caught up with them on the way out. "What was that all about?" Bob turned to Pat. "Nothing. Alasia just wanted me to sit with her and her friends, introduce me, you know, that shit." Frank immediately asked, "So she your girlfriend now?" Bob laughed, "Uh, no.

Nothing like that. Just. just a good friend." They all laughed as they approached the door leaving the cafeteria. As soon as they were out though, a small Japanese chick grabbed Frank and Pat by the wrists and dragged them back towards the cafeteria, saying nothing. Warren and Bob turned around and were about to follow them when they both got grabbed from behind. They turned around to find a group of four more Japanese girls, all taller than the first but still shorter than both Warren and Bob.

They all had angry looks on their faces. One of the two that had grabbed them, simply said, "Keep walking." "Okay," Bob replied, and he started walking away. Warren followed close behind.

When they got out of hearing distance, Warren asked, "What do you think that was about?" Bob laughed. "Who knows? Maybe that chick wants them to double team her." They both laughed at that. Warren tried to envision the tiny Japanese girl being able to take a single cock, let alone two. She was definitely petite barely five feet tall, if that, skinny, probably just over a hundred pounds, with no visible ass and tiny tits. If her face, combined with the way she acted, didn't make her seem like she was older, she would look like a twelve or thirteen year old.

Bob split up from Warren to go to his class. Now on his own, Warren started thinking again about the Japanese chicks that had stopped him and Bob from following Frank and Pat. There was a small group of Asians at his school, all of which he was pretty sure were Japanese, at least all the one's he had talked to were. There were maybe twenty to twenty five of them in his 250-person class. Now, some of the guys mixed in with other social groups, though there was definitely a group of Japanese guys that were all friends.

However, none of the Japanese girls ever seemed to hang out with anyone besides other Japanese girls, or sometimes the Japanese guys. This made the girl pulling aside Frank and Pat seem even more strange.

Warren let it go as he got to his class, figuring he would ask Frank and Pat about it later. But he never got the chance. The rest of the day seemed to take forever, despite the fact that Warren never stopped time again. The classes seemed slow and boring, and even the time in between classes seemed to drag on, making it longer until Warren met up with Sandy after school.

He saw Frank and Pat each a couple times, but neither would stop to tell him what had happened with the Japanese chick. They were definitely acting weird, which could either be a good or bad thing, he wasn't sure which.

Warren decided to ignore it though. He could just call them later that night, after Sandy had gone home. He decided to shift his focus on just getting through the day. When the final bell rang, Warren practically ran to his locker. Yet despite how fast he got there, Sandy was already there. She leaned up and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. "So, you ready to go?" "I just need to grab my stuff," Warren replied, suddenly feeling slightly scared, albeit excited, about getting home.

He also realized he had a raging hard-on. "I also need to go to the bathroom." "Alright," Sandy said back happily, "But hurry up!" Warren quickly put everything he needed into his bag and went into the guys' bathroom. He entered the first stall and stopped time. When he had realized how hard he was, Warren knew he had to get off. Getting more control of his sexual urges, now that he was using them to do more than just jack off every morning, he knew that if he didn't, he would cum way too soon when he got back to his house with Sandy.

Not that he knew she was going to get him off, but after the movie the night before and her excitement about no one being at his house, he was hoping for at least a handjob, and he wanted to make it last.

So Warren walked out of the bathroom, saw Sandy leaning against the wall across the hall waiting for him, frozen in place, and continued walking into the girls' bathroom.

Warren didn't want to waste a lot of time, so he ignored the girls in front of the mirrors and went straight to looking into the stalls. The first stall was empty.

The second stall had Nina again, leaning forward, veins bulging slightly from her neck with her eyes pressed close and her mouth in an O-shape, obviously having trouble pushing out a shit again.

The third stall was empty. The fourth stall had a fat chick peeing. The fifth stall had a girl who had just pulled her pants back up. The sixth stall had a decent looking girl sitting on the toilet with her legs pressed together. The seventh stall was empty. Disappointed that nothing easy stood out to him, Warren tried of thinking what would be easiest and fastest way of getting off.

The thought of simply jerking off never crossed his mind. He didn't want to deal with pulling off and putting back on clothes, nor did he want to deal with moving a person, especially one that was peeing. He thought maybe he could stand in front of the decent looking girl in the sixth stall and fuck her mouth, but when he looked over again, her mouth was closed. Then an idea came to Warren. He went back over to the second stall, looked over, and smiled. Nina was facing forward, her mouth in the perfect shape for his dick.

Deciding to just ignore what she was doing and fuck her mouth, Warren went into the stall next to her and climbed over. While climbing down though, he found, much to his dismay, that there was enough room between her ass and the back of the toilet seat that he could see the thick tube of shit hanging beneath her that she was pushing out. He flinched his head away, causing him to almost fall on top of her.

Catching himself, Warren climbed onto the floor and slid in front of Nina. There was barely enough room for him to stand pressed against the stall door in front of her because she was leaned so far forward.

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However, her mouth was at the perfect level for his dick. Warren pulled his dick out of his fly and actually had to step aside to angle his dick into her open mouth, moving back in front of her and straightening his dick out. Wasting no time, he grabbed Nina's head and began thrusting into it. Warren felt Nina's teeth lightly dragging along his shaft, her tongue rubbing against the underside of his shaft as he thrust, and was surprised at how easily his dickhead popped into her throat.

The feeling was incredible. It wasn't quite as good as titty-fucking Margaret, but it was the next best thing he had experienced while time was stopped. It was better than when he fucked Diane's mouth the prior Friday, but not quite as good as when his sister had actually blown him. It didn't take long for Warren to feel he was close to cumming, continuing to thrust into Nina's mouth.

He looked down at the popular senior in her cheerleading outfit with her skirt pulled up and her panties around her ankles, leaned forward with his dick pumping in and out of her mouth.

Yet he couldn't quite get off. Warren was right on the edge, but while thrusting into the mouth of a girl that tons of guys in his school would kill to do the same to, he couldn't reach his climax.

Closing his eyes, Warren forced the image of Nina out of his mind, instead imagining it was Sandy's mouth he was thrusting into. He immediately felt the change. His balls started churning and Warren started moaning Sandy's name. After just a few more thrusts, he forced his dick into Nina's mouth until her lips were pressed against his jeans, his dickhead and just the top of his shaft entering her throat.

He began shooting his cum straight down Nina's throat as he held his dick there, his eyes still closed and still imagining it was Sandy. Though he lasted for awhile, it wasn't nearly one of Warren's longest or most intense orgasms. When he finished, he wasted no time stepping sideways to pop his dick out of her mouth and tuck it back into his pants. He then climbed over the side of the stall, this time careful not to look down, and returned to his stall in the guys' bathroom. Starting up time, he heard a sudden loud coughing fit through the wall, followed by a sudden slamming sound.

He waited a few moments, then flushed the toilet, washed his hands, and walked out to meet up with Sandy. "Did you hear that? It sounded like someone fell off the toilet in the girls' room." Warren smiled at Sandy's comment. "Yeah, I heard it. Who knows what happened." They then walked towards the buses. Sandy didn't mention anything about Warren's house on the way to the bus, instead simply talking about school.

She told him he could join her at her lunch table, but Warren said it would seem weird being the only guy there, plus he couldn't ditch his friends. Sandy said she understood. On the bus, they found an empty seat and sat together. Sandy pulled out some homework she said she was having trouble with, and Warren, having the same homework, pulled it out to and did it on the bus, helping Sandy as he went. By the time they got to Warren's stop, they had finished the first assignment and were working on a second.

As they walked to Warren's house, Sandy said, "Let's finish our homework before we do anything else." Warren agreed, but still offered her a tour of the house as they walked through the door. She declined as they both took their shoes and socks off, telling him to just bring her somewhere where they could sit down and finish their homework. So he brought her to the living room and they both sat down on the couch and pulled out the homework they had to finish, Warren talking Sandy through most of it.

After finally finishing, Sandy put her books back in her bag while saying, "That would've taken me hours on my own. You're really smart, huh?" "Not" Sandy cut off Warren's response. "Don't say you're not smart, because you're far smarter than I am and I don't want to think about what I am if you're not smart." She smiled while saying this, obviously joking a bit. "Fine then," Warren responded, giving her a similar sly smile back, "I guess I'm smart." Sandy shoved Warren down against the arm of the chair.

She slowly climbed up over him while saying, "Good, just how I like my men!" Then she lowered her head and started kissing him. Though they had a few quick kisses before, this was the first intense kiss they had had. Warren felt her tongue brush out along his lips, the first time he had felt her or any tongue against his lips. And he didn't know what to do. At first he just let her tongue run over his lips, but her tongue kept pressing harder on his lips. Eventually Warren let his lips part, allowing Sandy's tongue to dive into his mouth.

Even less sure of what to do with her tongue in his mouth, Warren sort of stuck his tongue out while closing his mouth around both of their tongues and sucking. Sandy pulled quickly back and announced, "Whoa" Before she could get any farther though, Warren started apologizing. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I've never done this before." Sandy looked at him a bit confused. "You've never kissed a girl before?" Warren just shook his head.

"Really?" A smile crept across her face. Warren nodded, his eyes unable to meet Sandy's and his face blushing from embarrassment. Sandy brought her hand up to run her fingers down his cheek. "That's nothing to be embarrassed about, it's actually kind of sweet." Warren's eyes turned back to look at her.

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He saw a big grin on her face. "I guess that just means we'll have to practice. a lot." Warren smiled and leaned up towards her but Sandy put a finger over his lips to stop him. "Hold up a second. Let's go over the basics. Start gentle. Brush your tongue over my lips, slowly. Then as my tongue brushes lightly into your mouth, you do the same to me. But don't suck on my tongue, and don't stick yours down my throat." "Okay," was Warren's simple reply, not at all embarrassed by being given instructions.

Rather, he was grateful for them. "Okay then, let's try again." Sandy smiled as she lowered her mouth to Warren's, both closing their eyes. This time Warren was ready, keeping Sandy's instructions fresh in his mind. As he felt her tongue brush over his lips, he let out his tongue to gently brush over hers. This went on for awhile, their tongues running over the other's lips and brushing against each other, their mouths lightly opening and closing as they kissed.

"Mmmmm, better," Sandy moaned into Warren's mouth. Shortly after her comment, she pushed her tongue a little farther into his mouth, flicking it against his teeth. Warren repeated the same to her. They continued kissing for several minutes, the intensity of the kiss growing along with their sexual desires. As the intensity grew, the kiss got faster, harder, and more involved.

Sandy began lightly tugging on Warren's lips, and he did the same with her. Sandy's hands ran down over Warren's chest. His hands ran in circles over her back, brushing down to the top of her ass. It wasn't long before both wanted more. Sandy started the removal of clothes. She pulled the bottom of Warren's shirt up.

Warren leaned up and forward, raising his arms, allowing her to pull it off over him. Sandy then pulled her own shirt over her head, revealing her average sized breasts covered in an aqua-green-ish colored lace and sheer bra. Warren barely had a chance to look before they were kissing again.

Sandy's hands ran down to Warren's pants, working on his belt as they kissed. Warren likewise brought his hands to Sandy's pants, who had no belt, unbuttoned and unzipped them and tried to pull them down. Soon they were both working on pulling the other's pants down while still kissing. After some interesting maneuvering, and a bit of laughter mixed into their kiss, they were both pantless and thrusting their underwear covered crotches against each other.

They stayed like this for awhile, humping each other in their undergarments and kissing. Warren was not sure how much farther Sandy wanted to go, and didn't want to make a move without her making one first. He soon found out she did want to go farther.

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As they began moaning while humping each other, Sandy reached down and began pulling Warren's boxers down. Warren reciprocated, reaching down and pulling her panties down. It took some more creative maneuvering as they tried not to break up the kiss, but soon the only article of clothing between them was Sandy's bra.

Warren quickly tried to fix that, reaching around and attempting to unhook the bra while he thrust his naked dick against Sandy's naked pussy, his dick running up and through the patch of hair above her shaved slit. Sandy likewise continued kissing and humping Warren right back. It took some time and effort, but Warren finally unhooked her bra.

Almost immediately, Sandy broke off the kiss, sitting atop Warren straddling his crotch with her arms out slightly in front of her, allowing him to pull her bra off. Warren stared up past Sandy's naked tits to her face. Her eyes were closed, as slowly lifted her hips a bit and reached down between them and lined his dick up with her pussy. Just as the head of his dick breached her pussy lips, Warren, for the first time or perhaps just for the first time caring realized something was missing.

"I don't have a condom." Sandy didn't even open her eyes. "Don't worry. I'm on the pill. Just don't move, let me do this." Following directions, Warren didn't move. He just lowered his eyes to watch as Sandy slowly lowered herself onto him. It wasn't the tightness that Warren noticed first. Nor was it the wetness. It was the heat.

The extreme heat slowly consuming his entire dick. He had never felt the heat having sex while time was stopped, and it was something he simply had not expected, which is probably why it stood out most to him. Yes, Sandy's pussy in real time was tighter than any pussy, ass, or mouth he had fucked while time was stopped.

But he had expected it to be tighter. And he hadexpected it to be wet, which he knew he was missing out on while time was stopped though he had felt to a limited amount when he had gotten blowjobs from his sister. The heat, however, he had never thought about and that made the feeling better than anything he had ever imagined.

Warren moaned and closed his eyes as Sandy finished lowering herself onto him, her hands resting on his chest, holding her up. Then they didn't move. For a couple minutes, they just stayed like that, Sandy sitting atop Warren, his dick sunk fully into her pussy. Both had their eyes closed and heads tilted back. The only movement were a few small tremors that occasionally ran through one or the other, always accompanied by a moan.

Then Sandy started moving. She slowly lifted her body and lowered it. Just a little bit at first. Then a little more. And a little more. It wasn't long until she was lifting until just his dickhead was inside her, then lowering herself back down to the base. At first he just rested his hands on Sandy's hips as she did this. But as she sped up, and as he watched her tits bounce more and more as she did so something Warren never got to see when he fucked while time was frozen he couldn't help but bring his hands up to hold and squeeze her bouncing tits.

Sandy began moaning "Oh god!," "Yes!," "Fuck!," "So good!" as Warren played with her tits. The feeling of holding her tits while her hot, tight pussy worked on his dick led Warren to similar moans. Soon, holding her tits wasn't good enough, and he began rubbing, pinching, twisting, and pulling on her nipples.

This caused Sandy's breathing to quicken, as well as her pace. The speed was working wonders on Warren's dick, but he did his best to hold back from cumming. Warren pulled his hands off Sandy's tits briefly, wanting to see them bouncing at the speed she was now moving. However, he only got a quick glimpse as she practically screamed, "No!" She then grabbed his hands in hers and pulled them back to her chest her hands cupping his hands cupping her tits.

As he began rubbing her tits again though, Warren felt his climax quickly approaching. He warned Sandy, "I'm almost there!" Sandy, her head still back, shouted out in gasped breaths, "No! Wait! I'm close!" Warren was then shocked as Sandy sped up even more, faster than he thought a human could move.

However, her going faster only brought him closer to the edge. Sandy was obviously getting closer too, as she began to moan out, "Almost, almost, almost." repeatedly.

Then Warren knew he was going to break.

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He knew he was going to get off before she did. In a last ditch effort, he ripped one of his hands out from under hers, away from her tit, and pressed his palm sideways over the pubic hair above Sandy's slit, rubbing his thumb over her clit. Immediately, Sandy slammed her hips down, arched her back, squeezed one tit tightly while squeezing Warren's hand that was covering her other, and screamed up towards the ceiling. Warren continued rubbing his thumb over her clit as he felt a wetness pour out around the base of his dick and her cunt muscles tighten around him.

He closed his eyes and sucked in breath as he felt every muscle in his body tighten up while his dick shot spurt after spurt deep into Sandy. He tried to keep his thumb moving, trying to keep pleasuring Sandy, but soon his arm simply dropped to his side exhausted, his other hand still held tightly in Sandy's grasp. Sandy may have hit her orgasm first, but she was definitely the last to finish, her body still having short shakes long after Warren had completely come down from his.

After some time though, she finally leaned forward and collapsed on top of Warren. They lay there for quite some time. Both exhausted, but neither coming close to falling asleep, both wanting to enjoy the naked closeness of the other.

Warren continuously replayed the sex in his mind, comparing it to that which he had had while time was stopped. He couldn't believe how much better it had been! The tightness, the wetness, the incredible heat!

And something that he had not thought about until after it was done he didn't have to do any work. He never even thrust into Sandy rather she thrust herself onto him. It blew his mind how nice it was to have sex without having to do anything. Rather than fucking someone else, someone else had fucked him. It just seemed incredible to him. Sandy was the one that eventually broke the silence.

"I never thought it would be that good," she let out in a happily exhausted voice. "Me neither," Warren replied in a similar voice. Then they lay there again. Warren's mind kept running over Sandy's comment.

Obviously he had done something good if he was better than anyone else she had. But her comment didn't sound to him quite like she had that much experience.

Almost like she had none. But he knew she had no hymen, he had felt for it when he fucked her while time was stopped the week before. She couldn't have been a virgin. But her comment, if she had experience, should have been, "I never knew it could be so good," the "knew" and "could" being the key differences.

The use of "thought" and "would" definitely implied a complete lack of experience. Shocked at the thought, Warren pulled his head back and looked at Sandy, announcing, "Wait, were you a virgin?" Sandy pulled up and looked at him, a smirk on her face. "Of course I was! Didn't you think so?" Warren simply replied, "No." She put on a mock insulted face, "What, did you think I was a slut?" Warren suddenly panicked.

"No, it's not that, it's just " Sandy saw Warren's panic and interrupted him. "Calm down, I'm kidding!" Warren breathed a sigh of relief. "Is it that big of a deal? I mean, you were a virgin too at least I'm guessing so if I was your first kiss!" Warren paused for a second. Not wanting to lie, he told her, "I did lose my virginity to you." Sandy smiled back at him.

Then he rambled on, "And no, it's not a big deal. I just thought that girls bled their first time" Sandy interrupted his rambling with laughter. "Oh, that! I broke my hymen during a bike accident when I was a kid. If that's what you consider virginity, then I lost it when I was seven. But you were the first guy to be inside me." "And you were the first girl I was inside," Warren responded, telling the truth again.

Sandy smiled and gave him a quick peck on the cheek before laying back on top of him and resting her head on his shoulder. Warren, though, was left with several thoughts running through his head.

He had assumed Sandy wasn't a virgin. That seemed to make what went on between them okay. She gave him a handjob in a movie theater less than twenty four hours after really meeting him and had lost her virginity to him after less than forty eight hours after meeting him. Yes, they kind of knew each other in middle school, but not enough that they were on this close of terms. It completely confused Warren. He couldn't make sense of it. Yet he felt he needed to make sense of it. So, after a few minutes passed, he risked asking.

"Why me?" Sandy didn't respond immediately. She pulled herself up and looked down at him. Her head was cocked a tiny bit to the side, a look of confusion on her face as she responded, "Huh?" Warren lifted himself up a bit to look more directly at her. "Why me? Why'd you lose your virginity to me? I mean, you barely know me. You only really met me two days ago, and that was enough to want to lose your virginity to me?" Sandy's confused expression faded to a blank expression.

In an equally blank tone, she said, "I could ask you the same question. Why'd you decide to lose your virginity to me?" Warren couldn't help but laugh as he quickly responded, "That's easy. I've had a crush on you since middle school. I always thought you were pretty, always liked you, and when I saw the opportunity to finally talk to you at the party, I couldn't pass it up.

To me, it's like I've known you for years, so it doesn't seem too quick to make love to you." Warren watched Sandy blush and look away from him. "Shit," he heard her mutter. Warren suddenly freaked out. "I'm sorry, did I say something wrong?" Sandy didn't move for awhile, doing nothing to allay Warren's fears.

Finally, she turned to him, a smile on her face, but her eyes slightly wet. "No. You didn't say anything wrong. You just had a much better answer than I was expecting, and a much better answer than I have." She stopped and just looked at Warren, who said nothing. She shook her head and looked away again as she started talking again.

"I wish I could say I had known you for years. I remember you from a few of my classes in middle school, but I never had a crush on you or anything like that. You were just another classmate." She paused. "Damn, I wish you would've asked me out back then." Pause. "No, I didn't really know you until you came up to me at that party.

And" Pause. "This is hard to explain." Pause. Deep breath. "I was looking to have sex at that party. I know, the first thing I said to you was that I wasn't going to have sex with you, and that was nothing against you, I'd stopped wanting sex by that point in the evening.

But when I initially went to that party, I had gone with the goal of having sex. I think that's why my friends left me there. But then every guy that came up to me just seemed like an asshole that just wanted sex." Pause. "Then you came.

And you didn't want sex. You actually wanted to talk to me. You were nice to me. You were great. You didn't want anything and still wanted to see me the next day. And then at the movies." Pause. "You weren't the first guy I've jacked off in a movie theater." Pause.

"But the others" Pause. "The others were only in it for them. I thought they were good guys, we went out on a date, but then they started feeling me up, and then put my hand in their pants, and, well, you know what happens.

But after I jerked them off that was it. Game over. They got off and went back to watching the movie. Some of them I went out with multiple times, but always to the same results. Then you, I thought on the date you were going to be the same, when you put arm around me and hit my boob, but then you moved away, and I realized it really was an accident. And then you didn't make another move. So I made the move, putting your hand on my boob. And you didn't abuse it like it was your toy, like the other guys did, you were actually gentle, as if you wanted me to feel good.

So I wanted you to feel good. So I jerked you off. Then you shocked me by putting your hand in my pants and getting me off. That was the first time anyone had ever given me an orgasm besides myself." Warren raised his eyebrows here. Sandy gave him a harsh look and responded, "Don't look at me like that! Everyone masturbates. Tell me you don't masturbate." Warren just shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

Sandy gave him a playful slap on the chest. "So yeah. You wanted to please me. You seemed like a great guy. And I just wanted to lose my virginity so bad that after that, in the movie theater, it just seemed like you were the right one." Pause. "I know it was quick, and I swear I'm not lying, I really have never done it before, I just really needed to have sex." Finished, Sandy stared at Warren, waiting for a response.

There was a short silence before he finally did. "Well, you definitely made the right choice." Sandy jokingly smacked Warren's chest again as they both laughed. "I do believe you," he continued, drawing a wide smile from Sandy. "Is it okay if I ask a question though?" "Of course!" "Why did you want to have sex so bad?" Sandy smiled. "Besides because of how good it was?" Warren laughed.

"Well, yeah, besides that." Sandy's smile faded. She looked away for a bit, then looked back at Warren. "Alright, I'm going to tell you the truth, but it's going to sound kind of weird. Don't laugh at me." "I won't," Warren promised. "I never really was in a rush to before," Sandy began, "I mean, not that I was saving myself or anything, I would've had sex if the right guy came a long, but he didn't, so I just didn't have sex.

But last week, on Thursday, after school, I was going to the bathroom, when it suddenly hit me a need for sex." Warren's smile faded, but Sandy's eyes had lost focus and were kind of staring through his head as she relayed the story. "One second I was pulling my pants down to pee, the next second, I direly wanted to have sex.

I don't know why. It came out of nowhere. And it hasn't faded since then. I sat down, I peed, and all I could think about was sex. I came out of the bathroom and." There was a long pause. Sandy's eyes drew back to focus back on Warren. Warren tried to keep a calm appearance while his mind freaked out. "I saw you." Long pause. "I saw you outside of the bathroom. I looked at you. You were looking at me, like you expected to see me." Pause.

A questioning, though not accusing, look covered Sandy's face. "Why were you there?" Warren's mind raced. He couldn't deny it. He remembered it clear as day. He quickly decided it play it into his earlier story. "I saw you walk in. I still liked you. I spent my time at my locker, using it as an excuse to see you again when you came out." A look of acceptance crossed Sandy's face, clearly buying his story.

Warren decided to take it further. "When you came out, you saw me, then turned red and almost ran in the opposite direction. What was that about?" "I." Pause.

Sandy's face froze for a few seconds. Then she started laughing. "I guess there's no harm in telling you now. Like I said, in the bathroom, this wave of horniness came over me, and I suddenly wanted to have sex. Well, when I came out, you were the first guy I saw, and I." Pause. Laugh. "I imagined you fucking me. Then I realized what I had imagined, got embarrassed, and, like you said, practically ran away." Sandy started laughing harder.

Through her laughter, she said, "Who'd've thought that you, the first guy I saw after I got that feeling, the one I first imagined having sex with, would end up being the guy I lost my virginity to? That's just really weird. I don't know how I didn't remember that until now." Warren joined in in laughter, his fear passing. "Well, you're right. That is a weird story. But I guess I was in the right spot at the right time. I'm glad it wasn't some other guy standing there." Sandy stopped laughing, but still smiled down at Warren.

"Me too," she whispered before leaning in to kiss him. Warren kissed her back for a few seconds before pulling back. With a smile on his face, he told her, "As long as we're being honest here, you were wrong about one thing in your story." The confused look returned to Sandy's face. "What's that?" "I did go up to you in that party hoping you would have sex with me." Sandy smiled and smacked his chest again jokingly, this time a little harder than the last two.

"But," he continued, "when you made it clear that you weren't going to have sex with me, I did still want to talk to you, to finally get to know you, maybe have an actual relationship with you.

But let's be clear: I definitely did and still do want to have sex with you." Sandy chuckled and shook her head before leaning down to kiss Warren. The kiss was very brief, as she pulled up to say, "To be honest, I would be kind of insulted if you didn't." Then she leaned back to kiss him some more. This kiss lasted much longer, before she pulled back and asked, "So, do you think there's time for one more?" Warren rolled his head over to look at the clock. Then he jumped.

"Shit!" Sandy pulled up to a sitting position on top of Warren. It was as she did this that Warren realized that not only was he still inside her, but that he had gotten hard again. The feeling of his dick getting pulled up inside her as she sat up made him shake in pleasure. Looking down at Warren with a worried look on her face though still smiling, Sandy asked, "So how much time do we have?" "Well," Warren began, calming down a bit and looking up at her, "my mom usually gets home anytime between ten minutes ago and ten minutes from now." "Ohhhh," Sandy replied, dragging it out.

"So you're saying we probably don't have time for another go?" Warren looked at her and with a slight cock of the head replied, "Unfortunately not." "So we should probably get dressed then, huh?" "Probably," Warren replied. Then, with no warning and in drastic contrast to the casualness of the conversation they had just been having, both rushed off the couch to put their clothes back on, Warren's dick making a sloppy popping sound as it broke free of Sandy's pussy.

Neither reacted to the sound though, instead racing to get dressed. When they were fully dressed, Sandy stood close in front of Warren and grabbed his still hard dick. "I'm sorry leaving you like this. I promise I'll take care of him next time." Warren laughed, pulling her into a hug, responding, "And I'm sure he'll take care of you too!" Both laughed before their mouths met, kissing for a minute before pulling apart.

They sat down on the couch, Warren's arm around Sandy, Sandy leaning in on his shoulder, and turned on the TV. As it turned out, the two didn't have to rush so much. Warren's mom was running late. In fact, it was Julie who got home first.

Thinking it was his mom, Warren got up, along with Sandy when they heard the door close. As they walked into the hallway though, Warren quickly realized the mistake. After taking her shoes off, Julie turned around and saw both Warren and Sandy standing down the hall.

For a few seconds, no one talked. Then Julie just started laughing. Anger rose inside of Warren, an anger that had been fading over the past couple days. He tried to push it down, to seem calm in front of Sandy.

"Julie, this is Sandy. Sandy, my sister Julie." Julie stopped laughing for a second, but said nothing. "Nice to meet you, Julie," Sandy said. Julie just started laughing again. Walking towards them, she said, "You know mom's going to kill you for having a girl over when she's not around, right?" Before he could respond though, Julie just started laughing again and walked by them and up the stairs towards her room.

"She's." Julie couldn't finish her thought. "A bitch," Warren finished several seconds later. "Is she always like that?" Warren laughed. "She used to be.

But, you know, recently actually she'd been getting better. Maybe she's just having a bad day." Thoughts raced through Warren's mind as he said this. Like apparently the calm way she had been acting over the weekend had totally disappeared once she'd gone back to school and met up with her friends again.

And that he was going to have fun that night torturing her. After a few seconds, Sandy worriedly asked, "Is your mom really going to kill you? I thought you said she'd be cool with it and drive me home." Warren laughed again. His thoughts turning from his sister to how his mom had been acting recently.

"I'm pretty sure she'll be cool about it. She wanted to know all about you yesterday after the movie." Not convinced, Sandy asked, "Pretty sure?" Warren laughed. "Trust me. She'll be fine." The two started walking back to the living room. Just as they sat down though, the front door opened again. They both got up and went back to the hall.

"Warren, I" Warren's mother stopped short. She had been closing the door as she had started talking, and turned around to see Warren and Sandy in the hallway. An awkward silence came over the three of them though when she had turned around. The shirt she was wearing, one he had seen several times before a loose fitting business shirt that to a small extent hid the swell of her breasts was unbuttoned halfway down her chest, exposing quite a bit of cleavage and even a hint of her matching bra.

It was definitely not how she normally wore her shirt. Warren was staring at the exposed cleavage, as was Sandy beside him. Warren's mom simply stood in silence for a few moments looking at them.

A smile suddenly crossed her face as she stepped forward and happily announced, "You must be Sandy, I've heard so much about you!" "And you must be Warren's mom," Sandy replied, extending her hand to Warren's mom. Much to her surprise though, Warren's mom reached forward and pulled Sandy into a quick hug.

Warren simply stared as his mother with her nearly half-unbuttoned shirt leaned in to hug Sandy. He would have been embarrassed if he hadn't been so shocked.

"Oh please, call me Eileen," Warren's mom replied happily, pulling out of the hug. "Okay. Eileen." Warren saw Sandy's eyes lock onto his mom's exposed cleavage before darting up to her face.

He wondered if his mom had caught it too. "Warren," his mom said, turning to him, "You didn't say you were going to have company over today!" "Oh," he replied simply, forcing himself to stare at his mother's face and not her half-exposed tits.

"Sandy just came over to work on some homework together. We were actually wondering if you could maybe drive her home." "Oh, of course I can," she replied. There was a brief pause. Then a sudden look of understanding crossed her face. "You mean right now?" "Yeah, Eileen," Sandy responded before Warren could, "If you don't mind." "Of course I don't mind, Sandy. Just let me go to the bathroom and we can head out." Warren and Sandy turned as his mom walked by and towards the bathroom.

Once the door was closed, they both kept staring. Sandy leaned over and whispered in his ear, "Does she always dress like" "No," Warren whispered back before she could finish his question. Then after a second added, "I've never seen her like that." There was a short pause before Sandy whispered again. "Your mom's got quite the rack." "Yeah," Warren agreed quietly. Sandy laughed and lightly jabbed her elbow into Warren's side. Warren then realized that his comment must have sounded like he had been checking out his own mother.

He felt himself blush in embarrassment, but tried to cover it by laughing and saying they should get their shoes on. By the time Warren's mom came out, both Warren and Sandy were standing by the door, shoes on and Warren carrying Sandy's bag, despite her pleas to let her hold it. Both noticed that his mother had done up a couple buttons on her shirt. She still was exposing some cleavage, but not nearly as much. As they walked to the car, Warren's mom asked where she lived, then quizzed Sandy the whole ride over, asking motherly questions of a girlfriend.

Warren didn't get to say a word until they got to Sandy's house and said a quick goodbye before a quick kiss. As she walked away, Warren's mom called out, "Come over any time Sandy! You're always welcome! Maybe you can stay for dinner!" "Thanks Eileen," Sandy said back, smiling, before heading to her house. Then Warren's mom drove off. "You know Warren, you could have given me a heads up your girlfriend was coming over," she said, sounding slightly annoyed, but not angry.

"Well," Warren began, then stopped. He thought about the comment he was about to make about his mother's chest, and then decided not to. "Sorry," he finally finished. "It's fine," his mom replied, sounding happy again.

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"Just give me a call at work next time she's over. Ask her if she wants to stay for dinner." The rest of the car ride back consisted of questions about Sandy again. When they got back, Julie was waiting in the hall, obviously having heard the car pull in. She immediately went off on an angry rant to her mother about how Warren should be getting in trouble for bringing a girl over when no one else was in the house.

Warren said nothing as his mother defended both him and herself, even bring up the fact that Julie had brought Joe over. Warren sat and listened for awhile as they argued, his sister clearly losing, but soon enough he lost interest and just went up to his room.

After changing into gym shorts and a loose T-shirt, he laid back on his bed, thoroughly satisfied, and thinking about his day. Soon after, he heard his sister stomp angrily up the stairs. Less than half an hour later, his mother called up that dinner was ready. They ate silently, his sister obviously still angry with his mother, his mother clearly still angry with his sister. After dinner, Warren went to watch TV, laying on the couch.

His sister went straight up to her room, not saying a word to either of them. When she finished the dishes, Warren's mother joined him in the living room to watch TV, sitting in the recliner. Warren noticed that she was still wearing the same outfit she had come home from work in and that the two buttons she had done up in the bathroom before driving Sandy home were undone again, her cleavage clearly on display, as was one cup of her bra from the angle he was sitting at.

Warren felt his dick harden. He told himself it was from just thinking about Sandy again, as even just her name reminded him of the incredible sex they had had. He refused to believe he was getting hard from looking at his mother's tits. Then it hit him.

He didn't know why it hadn't hit him before, as it now seemed plainly obvious, but his mother had her shirt undone for him. She was showing off for him. Teasing him. Warren smiled, thinking two can play at that game. Warren focused anger on the inside of his forehead, which happened really easily after his sister had laughed at his girlfriend earlier, and stopped time.

He pulled off all his clothes, pushed them under the couch, and started time lying naked on the couch with his hard dick exposed. His mother said nothing. She glanced over a few times, but said nothing and acted like nothing was wrong.

After several minutes passed, Warren rolled slightly onto his back with his head still facing the TV, allowing one leg to lean against the back of the couch while the other was still on the cushion, putting his hard dick and balls lewdly on display for his mother.

She still said nothing, still acted like nothing was wrong, but still kept glancing over, her eyes clearly looking at his exposed crotch. They watched TV for just over an hour, Warren naked the whole time, his hard-on never going down.

He rolled into several different positions, trying to expose as much as possible to his mother. He also noticed that his mother moved around slightly in her seat, her shirt getting pulled apart a little more and exposing more of her bra-covered tits. She was definitely trying to show off for him.

Finally though, she said, "I think it's about time for me to hit the sack. Good night, Warren." Warren noticed that as she got up, she leaned obscenely forward, giving him a view straight down her tits. Barely looking at her, and still naked, Warren replied, "Good night mom." After standing up, she looked up and down his naked body, then walked out. Warren wondered what she thought. She must be thinking that she was simply envisioning him naked, not that he actually was, but it seemed to not bother her at all.

He thought it was weird. Ignoring it, Warren rolled onto his back and stared up at the ceiling. Now alone in the room, he closed his eyes and thought about sex with Sandy, how incredible it was, how tight it was, how wet it was, how hot it was. He began gently rubbing his hard dick as he thought about it. A couple minutes later, he stopped.

Warren decided he didn't want to cum, that he wanted to save it for that night, when his cell phone would wake him up at two in the morning. He turned to watch TV until his dick went soft. It took nearly half an hour, but Warren's dick finally went down. He turned off the TV, put his clothes back on, and went upstairs. He headed to the bathroom to wash his face, brush his teeth, and finally take a piss. It was during his piss that the door slammed open.

"What the fu" That was as far as he got. His sister had taken a couple steps in the bathroom before she seemed to notice he was there. In his surprise, Warren had turned around and accidentally pissed on the floor, and then on one of his sister's feet as she had walked into it. "What the fuck, Warren?" Julie yelled the question as she hopped on one foot the few steps over to the tub while Warren quickly adjusted his stream back to the toilet. Warren yelled back, "What the fuck are you doing in here?" "How was I supposed to know you were in here?" Julie had turned on the water in the tub, and apparently was checking to see if it was warm enough to clean her foot.

"Uh, the door was closed?" Warren was still pissing, but had his head turned to look at his sister who had her pissed-on foot in the tub. She didn't respond. After several seconds, Warren announced, "Ummm, still pissing." Julie finally turned around. She lifted her foot and pointed at it slightly as she announced, "Yeah. on my foot, dick. And I'm still cleaning it, so quit you're bitching." She turned back towards the tub, but not before Warren clearly saw her check out his dick while he pissed.

Warren shook his head and turned his head back towards the toilet. He finished pissing, got the last couple shakes out, then tucked his dick into his boxers and flushed. He started to leave, avoiding his piss puddle on the floor, when his sister finally turned the tub off. She saw him starting to leave and announced, "You better clean up your fucking piss!" Warren turned to her in anger as she grabbed a towel and dried her foot.

"Maybe you should, as it's your fucking fault it's there for barging in on me while I'm fucking pissing!" "Well, when there's a huge piss stain on the floor tomorrow and I tell mom, whose fault is she going to think it is? I don't think she's going to think that I missed the fucking toilet." Warren thought for a second. Even with his mother being as much on his side recently as she was, he didn't think he would win that argument. "Fuck," he muttered to himself.

Then his eyes focused on his sister. "Bitch," he muttered, loud enough for her to hear him. Then he went into the cabinet under the sink and got the paper towels.

"That's right," his sister replied bitchily, quite satisfied with herself. She began brushing her teeth as Warren got on his hands and knees facing sideways in front of the toilet to clean up his piss. On the floor and closer to it, Warren realized it was bigger than he had thought it was.

He had to go through several paper towels just to soak up the piss before he could actually wipe it clean. By the time he had gotten to wiping it, his sister had finished brushing her teeth. She walked behind Warren, kicked his feet, and ordered, "Move." Warren looked back at her and shot back, "No, I'm almost fucking done." Julie kicked him again, harder this time, he flinched to the side away from the toilet. "I've got to fucking piss," she announced.

Warren stopped cleaning and turned towards her. "Well wait for me to" He shut up as his sister jerked her shorts and panties to her knees while sitting on the toilet. The way she did it, he didn't get a peek at anything besides her naked hip now flat against the toilet seat. He heard his sister's piss start hitting the toilet water as he kept staring at her, her panties and shorts around her knees.

It must have been close to twenty seconds before his sister announced, "Are you going to keep staring or you gonna finish cleaning your mess, you pervert?" Her tone may have held anger, but as Warren looked up at her face, he saw no anger whatsoever.

Rather, she looked happy. Which pissed him off. Warren turned and took a quick long swipe of the floor, decided it was good enough, threw the dirty paper towels in the garbage, and left the bathroom, slamming the door behind him.

He slammed the door to his room, took off his shorts and shirt, set his alarm, put his cell phone next to his alarm, and laid on his bed in his boxers. And smiled. He couldn't wait for two o'clock to come. Perhaps it was the anticipation for that time. Or maybe it was his confusion at the situation with his sister in the bathroom. Or maybe he was just exhausted from his long day and hot sex with Sandy. Whatever the reason, Warren was out in minutes.

The cell phone alarm went off waking Warren up. He grabbed it and quickly shut it off. He ignored how cold he was, realizing he had never made it under his sheets. Instead, he thought about his sister, which made it really easy to bring that anger to the center of his forehead as he cringed, setting off the sting that stopped time.

Standing up, Warren dropped his boxers to the floor, exposing an already rock hard dick, and headed over to his sister's room. Julie was face down in her bed. On her bedside table, Warren saw both his sister's big pink dildo and the small silver one his mom had given her.

This pissed him off at first, wondering if she had managed to finally get herself off without him. However, upon closer inspection, he noticed that neither looked used.

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They were both clean and dry. So either she got them out and didn't use them, or she used them and then cleaned them off really well and dried them.

He honestly wasn't sure which was more likely. He thought that if she had taken the time to clean and dry them, then she probably would've taken the time to put them away. But then again he couldn't think of why she would take them out and not use them either.

Moving on, Warren turned to the bed and pulled the sheets down to the foot of the bed. His sister was naked again. She hadn't slept with clothes on since the first day he shot his load on her face in the middle of the night.

Happy he didn't have to deal with clothes, he then rolled his sister over so she was face up. His eyes were drawn to what looked like a very recent wet spot where Julie's cunt had been. Looking over, Warren saw that her cunt was soaked as well. So either she had just recently masturbated and fallen asleep, or she was having a very erotic dream that was making her very wet.

Again, he didn't know which was more likely. Warren tried to brush all the questions out of his mind. Instead, he smacked Julie's foot so that she would wake up when he started time, then climbed on top of her.

Careful to make sure that no part of him touched her, he spread Julie's cunt open, lined his dick up with her hole, but held it less than an inch away from her.

He thought about pounding into her first then starting time, but decided instead he wanted her to feel the penetration. Having made up his mind, Warren started time.

He immediately thrust forward, pulling his hand back as his dick entered his sister, and didn't stop pushing until his dick was fully inside her. Julie had opened her eyes as soon as time had started, but her eyes appeared rolled up in her head. The only sound that escaped her was a sharp intake of breath. The incredible warmth of his dick in a pussy caused Warren to stop after his first thrust, reveling in the wet, tight, warmth of his sister's cunt. In his mind, he couldn't help but compare it to Sandy's.

His sister definitely seemed wetter, at least compared to when he first entered Sandy, and more warm, but not nearly as tight. Despite the extra warmth and wetness, he decided he liked Sandy's pussy better. Soon Warren pulled back and began repeatedly thrusting into his sister. The first change in his sister was a series of light moans, clearly in pleasure. Then, slowly, her eyes came into focus on Warren's face.

His eyes had been open the whole time staring down at his sister. Then, with no warning, Julie lifted her head up to kiss her brother. Warren was in shock at first. He had not expected the kiss, but the shock had left his mouth open and his sister's tongue was already roaming around the inside of his mouth.

As the shock wore off, a smile crossed Warren's face while Julie kissed him. He replayed in his mind everything that Sandy had told him about how to kiss well. And did just the opposite. He pushed his face down against his sister's until her head was back on the pillow, then locked his open mouth over hers, shoving his tongue as deep as he could in her mouth and swirling it around.

Julie didn't seem to mind though, simply running her tongue around his in circles inside her mouth. Pulling his tongue out, Julie stuck hers in her brother's mouth. Warren clamped down on it and began sucking hard and nibbling on her tongue. Julie seemed to enjoy it. Annoyed, Warren simply pulled his head up and away from his sister. It was about this time that Warren noticed his sister was thrusting her hips up into him as he thrust down into her.

He didn't know when she had started it, but she was doing it in a steady rhythm, leading him to believe she had been at it for a bit. Having pulled away from her head, Julie tilted her head up and was moaning again, this time louder.

For several minutes, they just fucked. Then Warren sped up. As soon as he did, his sister brought a hand down to rub her clit. This bothered Warren. He didn't want her to get off, he just wanted to get off while messing with her mind, torturing her in return for being a bitch. So he pushed her hand away. It came right back. He pushed it away again. It came back again. This went on a few times more before Warren grabbed her hand and placed it behind him on his ass.

Julie's hand squeezed the second it touched his ass, pulling it towards her as she thrust up, then letting go, then pulling towards her again as she thrust up, and continuing to repeat this cycle.

Warren was totally surprised by this, and surprisingly turned on by it. He was quickly approaching his orgasm and sped up his own motions, which in turn sped up his sister's.


Julie responded by bringing her other hand down to rub her clit. Warren ignored it this time, continuing to thrust as fast as he could as he approached his climax.

Julie started quietly moaning out, "Yes, yes, yes, yes," repeatedly. Then all the sudden she shouted, "No!" The suddenness of it caused Warren to stop. Julie hadn't moved, still with her head twisted up towards the headboard, her hips still thrusting on Warren's dick and pulling his ass down into her, but her hand rubbing her clit had pulled away. Her arm remained across her stomach, it was just her hand that pulled back.

After a few seconds though, her hand returned to rubbing her clit and she began moaning "yes" over and over again. Warren just shook his head and started thrusting harder again, the short break delaying the onset of his orgasm. Then Julie again shouted, "No!" The suddenness again caused Warren to stop. Again he noticed her hand had stopped on her clit, though her hips kept thrusting into him.

Again he just shook his head and began thrusting back into her. Soon enough, her hand started up again and she was moaning "yes" repeatedly again. The next time she shouted, "No," Warren didn't even respond. Or the time after that. Or any of the times after that. He just kept thrusting down into her, she kept thrusting up into him, and her hand went back and forth between rubbing her clit and pulling away.

It didn't take too long for Warren to build back up to his orgasm. This time he didn't let anything distract him as he thrust faster and harder down into his sister.

And then it hit. Warren slammed his hips down hard into his sister as he began shooting his cum deep into her. As soon as he did, Julie changed from moaning, "Yes, yes, yes, yes," to, "No, no, no, no!" She slammed her arms against the bed at her sides with each hand grabbing a tight handful of her mattress.

She started pushing down hard into the bed with her hips then thrusting back up, trying to fuck Warren's orgasming dick. Warren couldn't help but laugh as his sister tried desperately to fuck him as he finished off inside of her. Even after he finished, he just laid there for awhile laughing as his sister continued to thrust up into him, trying to fuck his deflating dick.

It wasn't until he saw her hand start to move back towards his ass that he quickly pulled out and stopped time before she actually grabbed his ass. Warren slid off of his sister to the side of the bed. He then stood up and looked at her. She still had her head turned up toward the headboard, mouth open in the middle of saying, "No," one hand digging into her bed, her other looking like it was about to rub her cunt, her hips thrusting up against a cock that wasn't there.

Looking at her, an idea ran through Warren's mind. He wasn't sure if it was a merciful idea, or whether it would simply be more torture, but either way he decided to go through with it. Grabbing the pink dildo off of her bedside table, Warren stuffed it deep into his sister's cunt. Then he took the hand that was moving towards her cunt and brought it to the other end of the dildo, wrapping her fingers tightly around it. After looking her over and deciding he was satisfied with what he saw, Warren headed to Julie's closet to watch the show.

Once inside with the door slightly open, he started up time. Julie's hand immediately thrust the dildo deeper into herself as her hips thrust up into it. She jumped right into a steady motion of shoving the dildo into herself while fucking it with her hips, the whole time still moaning, "No, no, no, no." After several minutes, Warren saw his sister's body tighten a bit, as if she was about to hit her orgasm.

But then she stopped moving completely. After nearly a minute, she started up again, but soon enough got to the point where her body tightened and simply stopped, clearly not hitting her orgasm. She did this four more times before she finally stopped altogether. When she finally stopped for good, Julie took her hand off the dildo, leaving it inside of her, and tilted her head down a bit so she was looking at the ceiling. "That was crazy," he heard her say, staring at the ceiling. Then, about a minute later during which she didn't move at all, she muttered, "Damn." After saying that, she pulled the dildo out of her and in one smooth motion brought it straight to her mouth and started licking it.

She stopped after the first lick though and sat up a bit. Warren could see a confused look on her face. She licked it again, then made a few smacking sounds with her mouth as if she was tasting it. "No way," she whispered. She took a long lick up the entire length of the dildo that had been inside her. Warren was totally confused as to what was going, but Julie looked convinced of something after that last lick. She put the dildo down on her bedside table, still dripping with her cunt juices, then took a long look around the room, as if she felt she was being watched little did she know.

Warren wasn't too worried, figuring if she got up and approached the closet he could just stop time and go back to his room. But she didn't. She never got out of the bed. Seeming convinced that she was alone in her room, Julie took a couple fingers and jammed them up inside her cunt.

But she wasn't fucking herself. She had a look of concentration on her face as she moved her fingers around, as if she was looking for something. It wasn't until her fingers were back out and in her mouth that Warren understood. She had tasted his cum on the dildo which shouldn't have been there if she had just been masturbating. And now, apparently, she tasted his cum on her fingers that she had just fished around in her cunt with, as she pulled those fingers out of her mouth and whispered, "It can't be." And then suddenly Julie was up and racing across her room.

By the time Warren cringed to stop time, she had already opened the door halfway. Somewhat freaking out, Warren got out of the closet and closed it behind him. As he walked up to his sister, he could see his cum dripping down her leg already. Though he knew there would be no way his sister could prove it was him, he was still worried that she was going to accuse him of fucking her. Squeezing by his sister and the half open door, Warren ran to the bathroom to get tissues.

Coming back, he wiped his cum off his sister's leg, then put his fingers in her cunt trying to scoop out any that was left. After a lot of effort, he still only pulled out a little. He hoped that was it, wiped it off on the tissues, then went back to the bathroom and hid the tissues in the garbage beneath the paper towels he had cleaned his piss off the floor with.

Turning around, he suddenly remembered the dildo. He grabbed another tissue and squeezed back through the door by his sister, wiped off the dildo to the best of his ability, and squeezed out again, burying that tissue with the others. Then, guessing where his sister was headed, he went back to his room, closed his door, pulled his boxers on, then laid face down on his bed, pulling the sheets only halfway over him and messing them up to look used. He twisted his head toward the door, hoping that would be more convincing.

He quickly cringed to start time, then let his mouth hang open and his eyes lightly close, as if he was asleep. It was mere seconds before Warren heard his door slowly open. Hearing that, it took all of his effort to not open his eyes, but also not squeeze them shut. He heard a few footsteps as his sister approached his bed. Not sure what she was doing, he tried to inhale and exhale lightly, as if asleep. He had to stay like that for what seemed like an hour, though it was probably only a couple minutes.

Finally, he heard footsteps go back towards the door, and then his door shut. Warren stopped time soon after he heard the door shut. He got out of bed and opened his door to go back to his sister's room, wanting to hear what she was going to say.

However, after walking out his door, he found his sister leaning naked with her back against the wall just next to his door, her eyes closed. Head tilted up towards the ceiling. Curious, he went back in his room, closed his door, but stood just inside the door in hopes of hearing his sister. He then started time. At first Warren heard nothing. He heard an occasional deep breath, but that was it.

Then he heard what he thought was mumbling, but couldn't make it out. Then he heard quite clearly, "You're losing it, Julie." There was a short silence before he then heard her say, quieter, "Just go to sleep." Then he heard her say it again, sounding farther away.

And again, still farther away. Then he couldn't hear it. Then he heard her door close. Warren smiled. He laughed to himself, telling himself that Julie got what she deserved for being a bitch. Then he climbed into bed, still smiling. It took him awhile to get to sleep. The fear of getting caught had thoroughly jolted him awake. He kept wondering whether Julie had gotten to sleep yet or not, but refused to go check, knowing he'd be pissed if he found her asleep while he was still awake.

In time though, he did finally get to sleep.