Busty blonde bangs on taxi backseat hardcore big tits

Busty blonde bangs on taxi backseat hardcore big tits
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Nicki Gets Her Payback on Randi ------------------------------------ It's early morning and I'm sitting at my work table. Nicki is standing next to me in a short summer dress, her left hand resting on my left shoulder. I start to caress her left leg behind her knee, then slowly snake my hand up Nicki's thigh, occasionally stopping to lightly scratch my nails on her soft skin.

My hand now snakes up further until I reach her panties. "NO!" I yell in a surprised tone, "You're not wearing any, you little devil! You know I love that." My fingers make contact with Nicki's soft lips and I let my fingers lightly dance around in her heaven.

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Every now and then my fingers flick across her clit and I feel her flinch as her fingernails dig into my shoulder, making me give out a little yelp. We look at each other and we're both lustfully smiling at each other&hellip. She leans down to me and we kiss passionately, my fingers are still playing in her now moistening pussy.

Nicki now breaks away from our kiss and she rolls her head back and whimpers, "Oh my god Randi! Don't stop, don't you ever stop&hellip." A finger now slips into her juicing pussy and is soon followed by a second and then a third as I'm slowing finger fucking her.

I want her to last and enjoy my fingers exploring her sweet juicy heaven. I can hear Nicki mewing to which I think, 'Aha! This is what I love to hear!' The more I play the more she purrs and the stronger her grip on my shoulder gets. I slowly slide my fingers out of her leaking pussy and start to tickle her hardening clit.

Nicki's fingernails are again starting to dig into my shoulder but this time I hold in my yelp and clench my teeth.

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Soon I will bring her to an orgasm and then I can call out. After some clit play I again push my fingers into her. 'Mmm,' I think, 'she's so wet!' I alternate between her pussy and clit until she starts to shudder with her oncoming orgasm.

My fingering is now more intense and rapid until Nicki's full orgasm washes over her body. She starts to buckle at her knees and I pull my fingers out of her then quickly drag her to my lap as she nearly collapses on the floor. My fingers and hand are covered in Nicki's sweet juices. I greedily lick them clean, announcing, "Mmmm… lovely!" She is now lying in my arms and purring loudly.

Again we kiss, long and hard. Nicki now starts to fidget as she feels my hard cock dig into her thigh.


I know she wants it but I'm in a mischievous mood today and I come out with, "No touching… you can do that later. I have to get on with my work. Now get off me!" Nicki looks at me with a confused look then after a soft growl she responds, "You're a rotten bugger, Randi!" We both laugh, though mine is full of mischief and hers is slightly forced.

Nicki now begrudgingly lifts herself off my lap and then lifts up her dress to show me that her cum is leaking from her drenched pussy and is now slowly dribbling down her upper thigh. As she attempts to clean it up with her fingers, I tell her, "Leave it be.

No cleaning yourself." Again I hear her growl, though this time I hear her mischievously whisper to herself, "I'll get payback for this you bugger." Nicki again stands behind me as I start on my work again.

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She leans down and kisses my neck and shoulder. This is when I give out my yelp! We both look to see where my pain is coming from. "Shit Nicki! You drew blood with those damned fingernails! That must have been a good orgasm!" Again we both laugh and Nicki reluctantly wanders off to start her day.

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As she leaves I give her an affectionate slap on her butt. As I'm trying to complete my work for the day, I hear her wandering around the house and muttering to herself. I can't quiet hear what she's saying but I know something is being hatched in her devious mind.

After a couple of hours she comes to see if I've finished working. She asks me in a whining voice, "Can we do it now pleeeassse?" "No, not yet," I respond.


I try to touch her inner thigh but she slaps my hand away and laughingly says, "Fuck you Randi! Two can play this game, you bastard!" It's nearing midday and I call out, "Nicki luv, what are we doing for lunch?" She responds, "There's nothing much in the cupboards, so I'll go down to the shops.

But first I need to clean the dried cum that's dribbled down my thigh and put on some panties." I respond, "Well my lovely, you can't do both. It's either clean the cum and no panties. or panties and leave the cum for all to see." "Shit Randi, what the fuck has got into you today?" she replies. "Okay you bad, bad man, I choose no panties. But! While I'm away there's to be no playing with yourself.

that's all mine!" "Then I best go and have a cold shower," I respond. "The ache in my balls has become too much to bare." After Nicki has cleaned herself up she comes back to me and we kiss deep and long. She then heads to the shops while the cold shower beckons me.

The cold shower does its job and my cock isn't pulsing anymore. I go into our bedroom and flop down on the edge of our bed. I know there's no point in putting on any clothes as I'm sure Nicki will be ripping them off the minute she walks in the door, so to keep my relaxed state going I click on the hi-fi that's next to our bed.

'Aha, perfect,' I think to myself, 'Wicked Beat Sound System.' We both just love how the band mixes soul, break, dub, jazz and hip-hop. Strangely, we find it both good to fall asleep to but also to have slow grinding sex to.

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I click the CD onto repeat then jump further onto the bed and lie down on my back to get more comfortable. Before I know it I've nodded off. My god what a wonderful dream I'm having. Nicki's kneeling naked beside me and licking my balls and slowly massaging my cock back into life. in my dream state I can feel her hair tickling my stomach, inner thighs and around my cock.

But as I sleepily open my eyes, I realize it isn't a dream. "My god Nicki!! What a lovely way to wake up!" I slightly lift my head up and can see she's wickedly grinning. She responds with, "Now it's my turn Randi! However, as I'm not a bastard like you, I'm gonna let you join in some… by the way, nice choice of music to grind to!" Nicki crawls further onto the bed then straddles me for a 69er.

I immediately go for her pussy but she stingingly slaps my thigh and tells me, "Kiss her arse!" I know what she means and I do it with glee! WBSS's CD Hydromajestik's soothing tunes play in the background.

I stare into Nicki's gorgeous pussy and tight butt right in my face with her having already started on my cock, now standing at attention for her. I kiss and lick around her butthole as she's licking and kissing around the sensitive head of my cock and massaging my balls.

I stop for a second and say to her, "Don't squeeze to hard my lovely… I've been hanging on since this morning." She doesn't seem to let up too much, as she's been hanging out to have my cum in her mouth since her morning orgasm. I'm licking her butt and trying to push my tongue into her tight butt to moisten her up some.

I think to myself, 'Mmm, that's not working too well,' so I dip two fingers into her wet, wet pussy and work them until her juices have covered them all over then start to play around and in her butthole with my cum covered fingers.

Nicki's starting to work her lips and mouth more vigorously over my cock then slowly she takes it further into her mouth.

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Then, as she slowly withdraws, she has so softly closed her teeth onto my sensitive cock and the raking of them up my length makes me shudder.

I let out a whimper, "Damn, I'm close!" She says nothing but responds by taking me deep into her mouth again. It doesn't take too many repeats of Nicki going down then withdrawing before my whimpers turn into guttural grunts and I cum into her mouth. Just as I explode, I forcefully thrust my cum covered fingers deep into her butt. She continues to suck and swallow until I have nothing more to give her.

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When I'm totally spent, she lets my cock flop out of her mouth and I withdraw my fingers from her butt. Then she gets off me, spins around then flops down into my arms. After a few seconds, I say, "That was a good payback my lovely!" Again that wicked grin appears on her face and she responds, "Don't think you're getting off that lightly, matey!" We lay there for a couple of minutes listening to the music and giving my cock a chance to recover.

Nicki's starts to play with my cock and her payback begins again. And not to let her think she's on her own, my fingers again begin dancing around her pussy lips and clit. She begins to work a little harder on me then starts to wank me to get the blood into my hardening cock and my juices ready for action. "Now it's my time, again," she says.

With that Nicki gets to her feet and stands over me with her pussy lined up with my hard cock. She bends over a little until I can grab hold of her hands to help her lower herself. Ever so slowly she starts to squat down until the tip of my cock is just touching her moistened lips. With a little bit of adjustment on her behalf she plunges down onto my cock until she has impaled me all the way into her welcoming pussy. Nicki starts to make herself a little more comfortable and slowly she starts to grind her wet pussy onto me.

We know after many years that when we're in this position Nicki on top she loves nothing more than to do all the work. I have no complaints about that, Nicki's enjoyment is my turn-on. Nicki alternates her movements on me with grinds, swirls and pumps, and as I have cum just recently I'm going to last a little longer this time, not that I think we'll have a problem with that.

Both our faces are awash with beaming lustful smiles. Nicki looks down at me and in a commanding voice says, "Nipples! Squeeze! Now!" I don't need to be asked twice and reach up and take her erect nipples between my thumb and first finger and start to rub them, but not too roughly, as I know how sensitive they can get and I don't want to destroy the moment.

Nicki's now working my cock faster and harder. After what seems like an eternity she asks me, "Are you close to cumming yet?" "Damn yes!" I answer. "I've been waiting for you to ask me that!" I let go of her nipples and move my hands to her hips for our last final push. As I start to feel her body go into orgasmic shudders I let go of my own juices and we cum together. At the same time we both cry out, "YESSSSS!" When we're done she collapses down onto me and my cock slips out of her and she slides into my arms again.

After a couple of minutes of resting and a chance to catch our breath, Nicki says with a funny sarcastic tone, "Not quite finished yet matey! There's some cleaning up to do. and Randi, you're not allowed to swallow as you're cleaning me!" With that she again spins around, so she can get to my cum soaked cock and I to her cum soaked pussy.

After we have totally cleaned each other up, Nicki again comes to lie in my arms and we kiss long, hard and deep. Then, after a couple of minutes of kissing and exchanging our cum, I say, "Mmmmmmm. tastes like cum. is that yours or mine&hellip." We're both nodding off, but just before we do so I ask Nicki, "How'd the pantyless shopping go?" She responds, "Good, though a little breezy.

Especially when I had to bend down to the lower shelves&hellip." With a laugh in my voice, I say, "Damn, I would have loved to have seen that&hellip." Nicki wickedly laughs and responds with, "Well strange you mentioned that. have a guess what we're doing tomorrow&hellip." (Please excuse my gratuitous promotion of Wicked Beat Sound System, a great Aussie band.

While great to have sex to, it's also just good music. Check it out for free at www.wickedbeatsoundsystem.com.)