Stunning pornstar gives head and gets butt and pussy fucked

Stunning pornstar gives head and gets butt and pussy fucked
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Before I could even open my eyes, I felt something in my anal cavity. It felt a little bit harder than a water balloon but it was being stuffed into me. My hands were tied, and it felt like I was hugging a large board. I was so confused.

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I couldn't remember where I was or what was happening and all I knew is I was uncomfortable. I tried to sit up, and I realized- I was tied onto Dirks dining room table with my hands under the table, bent over and fully naked.

All my weight was on my upper half and my legs were asleep. I could hardly open my eyes, I felt like the time I went to the dentist and he gave me laughing gas- I could see Robbie sitting in a chair stroking his cock, with a smirk on his face.

The room became clearer and clearer- and I could see my uncle sitting on the couch with his prick in Lindsey's mouth. She bobbed up and down on him and all I could hear were grunts and slurping sounds.

I figured Dirk was having his way with my ass since I had passed out. Then things started coming back to me. I remembered seeing Robbie sitting on Dirks lap or something, but I knew I was last being fucked by my Uncle, I thought about it, and then I saw Dirk come in the front door. He was carrying a bag and had a cigarette in his mouth. "YEEEAAAAHHHH Get her! That's right!" he belted out to whoever had their shaft in my asshole. I started coughing and tried to stand up as the feeling in my legs started to come back.

I felt a hand from behind me slam my face down. One of the man's hands reached to my pussy and started smacking my clit around really fast, as the other held my head down firmly. He was practically laying on top of me panting and shoving his really gummy feeling penis in my asshole. I thought a hard cock hurt but the half soft pole was hurting and tearing my anus. "Here Dad, use some of this here-" Dirk set something next to me, and smacked my ass.

DID HE SAY "DAD"? I got the urge to fight I started kicking and thrashing my ass around and the wheezing from the man on top of me got louder. Dirk hurried to the table and I felt his hands grab my ass and spread me until I felt like the skin in my crack was ripping. "FUCK HER DAD, FUCKER HER GOOD! THAT'S RIGHT…CUM IN HER IF YOU WANT TO." Dirk was coaching his elderly father to rape me like he had Robbie.

My Uncle started slamming Lindsey's face into his crotch and Robbie went from watching what Dirk's dad was doing to my asshole, back to watching his dad screw Lindsey's mouth. I could hear Lindsey gagging and my Uncle was holding her head by the cusp of her neck, bucking upwards as she began snarling and trying to come up for air. "Yeaaa this is getting good now ain't it?" I heard my uncle comment as the sight of Dirks dick flopped into my view.

Still holding me apart as his dad humped into me, I felt a glob of wetness squeeze out of the bottle Dirk had set beside me.


As the coldness hit my ass, I felt a little relief from the lubrication. Dirks father continued to pump in and out of me, his once soft prick was now fat and stiff, and reaming into by butthole like all the men in the room had at one time, by this point. Dirks dick was getting drippy and I could see it growing. "Don't just stare at it little girl, remember- no teeth" Dirk was pressing his wet dick to my lips and I was pursing my lips as not to take it in.

My asshole was still being impaled and I wasn't sure I couldn't injure Dirk at this point. Not that it mattered. "Oh you don't wanna suck it? NO?

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NO? NO?" he began wiping it across my face and had stopped holding my ass cheeks.

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"Finish in her dad, I wanna piece of this little bitch- you wanna be feisty lil' girl? Yea? You gonna learn to take Dirk's dick when he says… HURRY UP DAD FUCK HER, FUCK HER HARD… BLAST HER ASSHOLE COME ON YEAH, PUMP, PUMP, PUMP, "Dirk was yelling now, my refusal pissed him off and he was hungry to make me pay. I flipped my head up and I could see my uncle still torturing Lindsey. She was choking, gagging, and fighting to pull off my uncles shaft but he was jack hammering her throat with his dick.

He was yelling at her too, telling her to suck with her throat and take it like she's a good girl. My cousin, sat sickly enjoying the show as Dirk's dad's pumping was starting to intensify. My legs were hurting from the slamming into the wooden table and I began to fight and try and stand up again. My hands were bound tight and my wrists hurt from the bindings.

"Shit on my dick girl, shit on my dick&hellip. YOU BETTER PUSH MY DICK OUT OR IT AINT GOIN NO WHERE GIRL." Dirks dad was balls deep in me and flooding me with his cum. I started pushing him out as hard as I could and felt him fall out. Dirk slid a chair out and sort of pushed his dad down into it. He unbuttoned his pants which already had his cock hanging out the fly, and let them drop to the ground.

I began to scream. "STOP, STOP, PLEASSSEEEE STOP." He hawked a large ball of nasty spit on my sore, dripping butthole. "You ain't wanna take it in the mouth huh? HERE…" He jammed his hard thick beer can shaped dick into my asshole. "TAKE IT IN YOUR ASS INSTEAD BITCH, HERE, HERE, FUCK YOU WHORE." I screamed obscenities and cried horrible screams of pain.

He pumped into me with fury. Robbie, my Uncle Tim, and Dirk's dad all began cheering him on. Robbie was yelling, "FUCK THAT SHITTER DIRK," and Dirk's dad was yelling, "That's MY BOY, YEEEEE HAWWWW RIDE HER SON." My Uncle Tim, who was close to cumming in Lindsey's throat, began bucking up and up until Lindsey began to throw up and he kept bucking still. Tim began to yell, "make her bleed Dirk, tear her asshole BRO… Robbie, YOU'RE NEXT ON HER BOY… Fuck yes, fuck yes suck it.

readdddyyy." He started to spasm and buck wildly into Lindsey's mouth; she was still gagging and choking out vomit, and now Tim's cum.

He didn't care, at all, and in fact held her head in place until his spasms stopped. He was still chanting to Robbie about him taking me next, and Dirk was slapping his fat hairy thighs up against my ass as he impaled my now gaping asshole with his really hard shaft.

SLAP. SLAP. SLAP in and out he stroked and I was screaming the entire time. He was a lot bigger and heavier than his dad and he was able to fuck forever because he had emptied his balls about a hundred times a day.

Dirk reached up and started twirling my nipples and I was begging him to stop. "Stop?

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Ha ha STOP? I don't think so little girl, you're getting your ass fucked ALL NIGHT LONG. And when we all done fuckin you, I'mma use a baseball bat, a bottle, a fucking broom stick, I don't care. ahhh uh uh uh uh uh," he was getting so turned on by the thought of torturing me he began to get harder and go faster. I stopped screaming and just started holding my breath. Dirk pumped and pumped and pumped. Fucking me faster and harder made him cum in my shitter quick.

He held his cock inside me and bent down to whisper in my ear. "I WILL cum in that little pussy of yours NEXT." And he just laid on top of me, breathing heavy and every few seconds as I would try to push him out, he would shove back up into me… and eventually he fell out. The room erupted in cheers and high-fives. Dirk was walking to each guy with his shitty, cum covered cock still hanging out, and hi-fiving each of them like he had just won the game for the team.

I began screaming to be untied.

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I wanted to go home. They didn't listen. Instead, Robbie stood up and lined himself up for his turn. I had to pee so bad him entering me made my bladder feel like it was on fire. He ferociously started pumping my asshole and the dryness of his shaft made my anal cavity feel like it was on fire. Every time I tried to stand up or buck out Robbie drilled harder. The table was creaking and I could hear my uncle, Dirk, and his dad talking.

Robbie lunged over me and grabbed a hold of the table. My legs were hurting so bad from the slamming I gave in and lifted them up, which spread my butt cheeks further apart. Robbie took this as an invitation no go balls deep and pulsate, grind, pulsate, and grind into my anus.

I felt like my insides were being rearranged he was fucking me so hard. "Man, he's fucking her hard, YEAH GET HER BOY!" Dirk cheered. "Make sure you drop your load in there Rob, I like ass when it self-lubes" "UH-kay" Robbie panted.

"Yeah, oh yeah, your ass is still tight as hell, I love how you clench as I pull out. OH FUCK YES…" He began holding my legs up so that I was almost in a full scorpion position.

He wildly fucked into me like he was about to cum. "GET HER DEEP, GET HER DEEP, GO BOY,GOOOO WOOOWHOOO" Dirks dad yelled. "Man she looks like your sister taking my cock at that age, man Dirk I gotta say your sister sure could FUCK." Dirk agreed. "She had the same tight little virgin pussy too, Kate sure reminds me of Sheila. We'd fuck her for days like we do Lindsey here.

KATE? You wanna join that club?" Dirk's dad held his beer up like he was saying "Cheers" and Robbie continued to dig into my asshole while all the adults watched. Lindsey was on the floor watching too, and somehow the baby was back in the room sucking on her tit. "Aight girl, it's bedtime, you put that youngin' to bed." Dirk was directing Lindsey out of the room. "NOW, remember… No teeth my little fuck doll." Uncle Tim was up in my face with a fat, but very soft and floppy cock.

He grabbed my hair and shoved his gummy worm cock into my mouth. Robbie let go of the top of the table and began to pull his cock all the way out and slam it back in. I opened my mouth to cry out and was met with a throat full of cock. It was salty and instantly slimy. Lindsey had just finished this fucker off I was thinking, but apparently he was just gearing up. Robbie's thrusts were getting harder and longer in than out. "I'm close, this feels so fucking good." Dirks dad had stood to watch over Robbie's shoulder.

He hawked a lougie on my asshole and began encouraging Robbie to fuck my little girl butt harder. "HARDER, MAKE HER BLEED OR CRY BOY THAT'S HOW THEY LOVES IT" Robbie wailed out as he shoved his cock right into my shit hole.

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He pulled out and slammed it in again jiggling it inside me to get every last drop out. My mouth was filling fast with the sight my Uncle had he was getting very excited and was almost down my tonsils. "Mmm, yea … You leave her nice and wet?" My Uncle wanted to hear the answer, "Sure did, sir, just like you asked." "Good boy Robbie, good boy.

NOW KEEP DEM LEGS UP GIRL" Out of spite I dropped them and was met with a huge crack on the ass. It hurt so bad, and surprised me so much cum came dripping down my leg, out of my filled asshole." I began to push all the cum out of me, and my Uncle was getting pissed.

"You need a cork huh? You like shitting out cum? YOU MUST NEED A FUCKIN…" he was dropping his pants and getting his cock out and ready to impale me, "CORK!" he delved to the depths of my bowels and I screamed. LOUD. Dirk was back in the room with Lindsay and I could hear her being fucked. I wasn't sure how she was being fucked but her moans and his disgusting yells in ecstasy made it apparent he was using his shitty cock to fill her now, and I was positive he hadn't rinsed off either.

Tim was pounding me and I was crying. My asshole hurt so bad and felt like an overstretched rubber band by now.


I was begging for him to stop. I was yelping and screaming out in agony and he continued to pump. "SHUT HER THE FUCK UP!" Dirks dad grabbed my panties and shoved them in my mouth. They tasted like blood. Robbie was sitting on the couch, pleased with himself. Dirks dad was watching the assault my Uncle was administering on me and his flaccid cock was now stiff, and stumpy, and hanging out the fly of his pants.

"Come here boy." Dirks dad was ushering Robbie to come sit over on the other couch. Robbie looked at me and Tim. Tim kept fucking my asshole and I kept screaming. "Drop them britches." Dirks dad told Robbie, "I need you to sit on this here cock for me boy." Robbie was reluctant and moved slowly.

He sat next to Dirks dad and the old man was mad. "Did I say SIT ON THE COUCH NEXT TO ME? DID I?" Robbie answered glumly, "No." "Then Get the fuck over here, drop them drawers and sit on my dick NOW SON." Dirk was finished with Lindsey and came walking out in just a pair of boxer shorts. "Do what the man tells you BOY!

GET ON HIS COCK AND MAKE IT SPIT IN YA" Dirk grabbed a pack of smokes and went out on the porch. Dirk turned to me and my uncle, who was jackrabbit drilling my shitter, "SHUT THE FUCK UP, AIN'T NO ONE GONNA SAVE YOU BITCH." Then he shut the door.

Robbie dropped his pants and was sitting on Dirks dad's lap easing himself onto the fat stumpy thumb like cock that was waiting for him so fervently. "Here, lemme help you." Dirk's dad spit on his meat stick, then kicked Robbie's knee in so it buckled and he sat down fast, and hard. Robbie let out a screech and was shaking.

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I watched Dirks dad begin to pump into his asshole as he held Robbie's shoulders like he was a lion mounting his woman's pussy. He fucked Robbie hard and fast. Robbie would try to stand and Dirk's dad would grab Robbie dick and stroke it, then pull his hips down onto his lap, meeting his asshole with a hard shaft each time.

Robbie was shedding tears but quietly. Dirks dad was fucking up into him and laughing. "You're a man? Yeah? You a man Robbie?" "Yes, Yes I am." Robbie would reply. "Naw, men don't get cream pied bitch, you're a bitch, yeah you're MY BITCH" Dirk's dad began chanting, "Fuck me with that pussy, come on, fuck me with that pussy, come on!!" I was so enthralled watching Robbie get what he was getting, I zoned out from my uncle up my asshole.

He was cumming and as each stream of cum came out he bucked in and in and in. He dropped on me like Dirk had, and I was silent. My legs fell. I felt like a toilet and I was exhausted. I pissed and pissed and pissed right there under my motionless body, which was under my uncle.

I just laid there and watched Robbie get anally assaulted one fourth of how my ass was raped. He was crying and Dirks dad was moaning in pleasure. I looked at Robbie and said, "How does it feel, BITCH?" My Uncle was nearly limp and was still on top of me, when the phone rang. My uncle jumped up pulled up his pants and ran to the phone. He looked back at us with a cautionary glance that said, 'Talk, and you die.' Dirk pulled Robbie down on his cock as to sit him down completely on his shaft during the call.

Tim cleared his throat, " Hello?" he paused and you could hear the faint signs of someone talking. "Yea, well Dirk got Lindsey for the weekend so we figured we get them girls together you know how little girls are, so yea we came up here to the cabin, we was thinkin about takin the boat out tomorrow, yea… (Long pause) Sure. No problem. Ok, I love you too. Bye Baby." "Well, aren't you LUCKY?" Tim smiled at me.

"We got you for the next two or three days."