Guy solo gay sex movie outdoors and twinks nude free movietures Muff

Guy solo gay sex movie outdoors and twinks nude free movietures Muff
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Eva enters her house around noon as the sun is shining relentlessly behind her, flooding the open foyer with its light. Her exposed skin soaking up the heat that burns through the glass doors as she took off her sunglasses.

She stood there for a moment, feeling unsure about where she needed to go. She feels nervous and lost. Eva knew I was watching her, I had seen her face before, but she has yet to see mine.

I sat watching her in a chair from across the room, pretending to read the paper and rather successfully fitting in with the room. Eva realizes that I had literally held my breath when I saw her walk in, not expecting to see what is standing before me. The picture she had sent didn't at all do her justice, and this became more apparent to me as my eyes lingered over her body. I thought she is beautiful: a latin goddess. The sunlight selfishly consumes the space around her and made her appear to be some unearthly creature I had never seen.

Her dark hair is pulled back at the base of her neck, not preened and pampered neatly, but instead, pinned loosely and provocatively, allowing certain pieces to hang free. Her face is attractive. Her dark eyes are big with a fiery gleam as they search for me. I watch as two men pass her and assume that they had smiled because she smiled back. Her cheeks a little flustered and I smile when I notice the men looking back at her as they walked out.

I thought of how lucky I am; I'm going to have her tonight, and they are not. I smile again. My eyes move down her body taking in how her white dress hugs all of the right curves, finally cutting off high on her thighs. Her tanned legs seem to glow against the white cloth, and they are not long, they are pleasantly toned. I watch as she moves her hand up to smooth out her dress and adjust her stance, obviously trying to release her nervous energy while she stood waiting for me.

I take in one last look, worshipping her with her clothes on, knowing that later there will be no such opportunity. Plus I'm enjoying of being in control; watching her, making her wait, admiring the fact that she looks like Little Red Firecracker, waiting to explode, and I'm, feeling like The Big Bad Wolf ready to make her mine. My teasing is finally over as I slowly stood up and start walking towards her. Her eyes met mine for a second and she smiles before she turns her head to look somewhere else.

I proceed to walk closer and once again she looks at me and notices me smiling at her with a devilish grin. Her eyes question whether it is me, but as I got closer, she became certain. " Oh my god! Hi!" Eva can't believe it is really me and went to embrace me with a warm hug.

She hears me chuckle in her ear in a gruff way as I hold her close against my chest. Her petite stature is swallowed by my body and she feel like a little girl in my arms.

" Hi there!" I move to step back and look into her eyes, smiling like a kid in the candy store. " Ugh! How long have you been here?! Eva asks, teasingly shoving my shoulder to flirt with me. " Long enough for you to take my breath away." I smile, and again laugh as she lowers her head to blush.

" Whatever!" She chuckles. " I feel too dressed up. I didn't know what to wear!" She moves her hand to touch her cheek as if trying to hide the growing redness that is becoming more apparent. " Well, what does it matter what you wear if it's not going to be on later?" I laugh. Eva moves her hand to cover her mouth laughing a little too, surprised and pleased by this, but also embarrassed.

" Wow, you look better than I was expecting." She said. " I was so nervous not knowing what you looked like. But I have to say I'm rather pleased with what I see." She bites down on her lower lip smiling at me shyly, and I'm staring at her gesture, feeling my cock starting to stir in my pants.

I ask if we should go up to the room to relax a little before going out to get something to eat. Eva agrees and we head toward the elevator. As we walk she feels me slowly moving closer beside her.


Every now and then she feels my hand brush against her thigh taking in sharp breaths that only she hears, feeling her passion starting to move within her. I push the button and we calmly wait until the elevator doors open before us, and out steps a couple of nicely dressed people hurriedly passing us by. I move my hand to rest on her back as she steps inside and I follow behind her, staring at her ass.

We are finally alone together and the feeling is somewhat unnerving to her. As the doors close she starts to realize that she is here with me and there is no turning back.

I step closer to her as the elevator starts moving placing both hands on her sides facing her like I'm going to kiss her. Eva breathes deep and sighs when she inhales my masculine scent. " Ever done it in an elevator?" I smirk, then sweep my lips pass her own teasing them, then down her chin and slowly to her neck. Eva froze. She did not know what to say and can't move. " Umm…no." She hears me breathing in her scent, feels my lips hover over her flesh like an animal examining its chosen prey, waiting and knowing that soon she will feel my lips.

Eva tries to speak up. " I, uh. Umm.maybe we should wait until we get into the room?" She feels me smile against her flesh and then stick my tongue out to taste her neck. It sent shivers down her body and starts to make her legs go weak. Eva watches as the floor numbers flash beside her head noticing that our floor is coming up when she hears a loud noise and feels the elevator jerk.

I had pushed the stop button. You son-of-a-bitch, I had stopped us from moving. " You know, I think it'd be a great adventure to have sex right here in this elevator. I mean, that is what you came here to do with me right?" I grab her left tit squeezing it in my hand as I continue to tease the skin on her neck, taking my other hand and roughly pressing into her thigh, sliding it up the inside of her dress." You said you wanted to be fucked, teased, treated like the fucking cock-loving cunt you are," I continue, smugly.

I find the outlining of her pussy through her wet panties, and are just about to slide my finger inside when&hellip.slap! " You fucking bastard!" Eva smacked me hard across the face before getting lose enough to hit the button, making the elevator start to move again. " Cunt!" I grab the side of her face pushing her back against the cold metal wall of the elevator, looking at her like the Devil himself, licking off some blood that has appeared on the side of my mouth.

We stare at each other for a long time.

Her eyes showing fear, but her pussy is feeling otherwise. Our loud frenzied breaths echoing within the metal chamber starting to become in sync without our meaning to. Ding! The doors open and she turns her head to notice the mauve colored walls and a picture of flowers hanging before her. I grab her arm pushing her forward over the darkened crack and then pulling her like a slave-whore to the room.

No one is in the hallway, and she suspects that no one is going to appear to help her. Eva tries to break free from my hard grip but I quickly grab her waist, fling her over my shoulder, and carry her kicking and screaming into the room. " You fucking Bitch!" I scream as I finally got the door open racing inside, flinging her on the bed. I let out a little laugh as I see her spread out on the bed, feeling my hard cock grow, yearning for her as she sat there panting.

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" What are you going to do to me?" Eva manages to push the question through her lips between the panting and giving me an evil grin as she lifts her foot to touch my cock. Play along I thought, just play along.

" Mmm," I lick my lips looking her over then yanking her up by the arm, pulling her against my chest. I stared into her eyes, smiling coyly, moving my hand up her leg until it found her tiny thong then tugging it. " Well, first I'm going to rip this damn dress off of you." With that I grab the thong painfully ripping the elastic, letting them fall to the floor while starting to pull on her dress.

" Then I'm going to tease you like the whore you are," I continue, moving my lips closer to her own, almost making my statement into a whisper while I grab her ass.

" Then finally I'm going to fuck you until your brain hurts and you're begging for me to stop!" With that I move my lips to hers violating her mouth, forcing my tongue inside as I hold the back of her head with one hand. Eva tries not to enjoy this as her tongue is violently being mixed with mine, somehow a moan starts to form inside her chest and she feels her pussy getting wetter by the second.

Eva quickly snaps out of it and her knee successfully finds my cock as she jabs it into me and runs for the door. Eva hears me screaming with pain, she had not gotten me hard, so the scream is followed by a sinister laugh. Eva made it to the door and tries to flip the lock.

Eva thought that she had it undone when suddenly she feels the hard tug on her hair and feels her body being dragged and pushed up against the wall.

She is facing the wall, her hands held tightly above her head by my own, while my hips thrust against her, allowing her to feel my long thick cock straining against my pants. " You know, you're only making this harder on yourself," I said with a little chuckle, moving my free hand down the side of her body. I move my lips toward her right ear and stood quietly. She feels my breathe soaking in her over-heated skin and panting, demanding for air to fill my lungs again. " You're being a very bad girl.

What do you want me to do, hurt you? I start to rip her dress off as she whimpers loudly as she feels her skin, being exposed to the air in the room, she did not answer back." You want me to tease you? Huh, Eva?" I said, flicking out my tongue, grabbing her ear with my teeth, nibbling it lightly.

She still did not answer. " Or, maybe you want me to rape you, is that it?" I said smiling, finally ripping the rest of the dress off of her, stroking her ass cheeks when they are finally in full view.

Eva starts to cry to herself, whimpering like a little girl, her cries being muffled by the wall. She still said nothing.

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I'm trying to break her. Make her one of my personal whores. I know this is what she wants and I'm going to give it to her. She just had to let go. I had to push her to the point where she would do that." Mmm, Jesus that's a nice ass. Has anyone ever told you what a nice ass you have?" I move my hand around her cheeks and she starts to whimper more when she hears me pulling down my zipper and my pants falling to the floor. Eva suddenly feels my warm thick cock spring out resting against her lower back and ass.

I move to push my hips into her and again placing my mouth beside her lips, my free hand holding my cock in place. " I bet you you've never been fucked in the ass, huh?" I said, whispering softly into her ear, letting her lobe feel the heat of my breathe. " I bet, that hole is tighter than any virgin pussy I've had the pleasure of sticking my dick into, hmm?" With this I start moving my cock in little circles around her asshole.

That is it! Eva can't take it anymore. She has given up. " No! No! Please," Eva cries. " I don't want to play anymore. I don't want to play anymore." Her voice trails off into silence, until all I hear is the sobbing that accompanies her act of submission. I smile proudly to myself as I lean down to taste her shoulder, sucking and biting her skin.

Eva lets out a little yelp as she feels my teeth dig into her sensitive flesh. " See, now that wasn't so hard was it? I think you actually liked it too didn't you?" I move my hand slowly down her back, letting it slip teasingly down her ass crack until it finds her swollen pussy lips.

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I'm surprised to find her wet, juicy, smiling to myself as I start to trace around the outside of her. My cock is growing harder and moving around on its own against her back, as I slip a finger between her folds. Eva moans softly and bites her lower lip as she feels my finger enter her. Mmm, Jesus she can tell how much I love younger women: their pussies so tight and wet, getting turned on so easily and flooding anything that touches them with their juices, their smell fresh and intoxicating, their skin soft and warm, turning red at the lightest touch of violence.

" Turn around!" I yell, waiting impassively for her to turn and face me. Eva moves like she is in slow motion, her head lowered, unable to look at me. " Look at me!" She won't look." I said look at me, Eva!" I grab her face pulling her chin up to make her face me. "Jesus Christ you're gorgeous." I smile, staring at her, as if to examine my damage. Tears flowing down her cheeks and her face had turned a beautiful red from all of her crying. Her eyes stare back into mine and I notice that they had changed to a color of blue green, strikingly standing out against the redness in her eyes.

" Get on your knees," I bark. " What? I, uhm." " I said get the fuck on your knees!" and I grab her shoulders and push her to the floor. Eva lowers her eyes, unable to look at my big dick, knowing that she is going to be made to suck it. I push my dick forward teasing her lips with it, stroking it back and forth across her soft wet flesh. She holds her lips tightly together trying not to breathe my smell in, trying not to taste the saltiness of my skin.

But as she kneels there, she finds that she wants to taste it, she wants to feel it filling her mouth and taking it over. " Hey baby, you see this? This is my fucking cock and you're going to suck it right now and love it!" I push it further into her lips, but she said nothing, did nothing.

" I said suck it!" With that, she finally hesitantly moves her lips forward sticking out her tongue to taste the head of my dick. I moan and love watching as she opens her mouth wider and sliding my head inside her mouth. " That's it baby, keep going. I'll teach you." I smile moving my hips forward letting her suckle slowly on my head before pushing it further into her mouth.

Eva starts to taste me with more longing, moving me around in her mouth and loving the feeling. Soon she has slid all of me into her mouth, sucking, licking, and tasting. She is now in a good rhythm against my hips, but she has a surprise. There I am, looking at her, moaning quietly to myself and smiling at how well she is doing. I'm just about to close my eyes when I see her smile at me, then suddenly I feel the forceful nip of her teeth on my cock.

" You fucking cunt!" Slap. Eva falls down on the floor by the force of my hand. " You bitch! I'm going to fuck you so hard now you're going to scream in pain and not pleasure!" With that I fall on top of her holding her down grabbing her arms hard enough to rip them out of their sockets and slamming them above her head. " Jesus Christ I'm going to fuck you so hard!" I start biting on her tit and sucking hard, molding her breast in my mouth and forcing her legs apart with mine.

Eva screams trying to keep her legs together but I push them apart with ease. " You fucking bastard! You fucking old man!" She screams struggling with me, but it is useless. Eva fucked up big time and now she had to pay. I hover over her like a wolf, Powerful and Strong. Eva is even more turned on than before. She can tell how much I want her, it makes her that much more wet. Finally, for the first time tonight, she is mine.

I move above her, as my hand guides my cock finding her pussy as I look at her.


I hold her hands firmly on the floor as I ready myself to take her. Our eyes met as I ferociously plunge into her wet cunt and I let out a growl, unable to hide the lust. I find her lips and we kiss like animals, wanting, needing, grinding ourselves into each other. " Oh fuck!" I pull out then thrust back into her hard, her ass solidly hitting the carpet.

My chest moving against her breasts as sweat is mixing between us. Eva flicks out her tongue licking my lip smiling, " Is that all you got fucker!" " You fucking bitch! You cunt! You whore! I'm going to fucking split you in half!" I manage to scream as my breathe is becoming heavy. She tries to release her hands but I grab them slamming them back into the carpet.

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Eva pulls her legs back wrapping them around my waist, tilting her hips up pulling me inside her deeper as I thrust my thick cock into her. My lips are all over, caught up in the moment trying to take all of her with my warm tongue. Her flesh is starting to taste salty as our sweat mixes, making me that much more intent on eating her like an animal. I bite, lick, suck, and kiss. Our bodies are tangled up together and I'm loving every minute of it, and so is Eva. Eva is moaning and screaming as she feels my cock plunging in and out of her hitting every right spot, bringing on her orgasm.

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I'm getting close myself feeling it start to tingle in my balls as they slap against her ass with each thrust. " You fucking whore, I'm going to make you cum!" She is so lost in pleasure, she can't reply with words.

" Mmm." " Are you going to cum for me?" I bite her breast, picking up speed and fucking her harder. " Yes. Mmm!" " I'm going to make you cum like the fucking slut you are!" Faster. Harder. Slap, slap, my balls pounding against her ass as sweat drips down my forehead onto her.

" You like that bitch?! Huh?! Is your pussy getting wet?! You going to fucking explode on my cock?!" " Mmm. Yes. I want it! Fucking fuck me, bastard! Shoot your load inside me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Our breathing is loud, heavy, and out of control. All that is heard are sounds of pleasure, rough sex, fucking, and my balls slapping against her ass, my chest rubbing against her.

" Oh Fuck! Jesus Christ! You fucking whore?! Is this what you want?! You want me to explode inside you!?" I feel my seed rising, my orgasm coming on. " Yes! Fucking give it to me you horny fucker!" Eva is getting close and so am I. Her pussy tightening like a vise gripping my cock with strangling hold, sealing me inside her. Eva feels it coming welcoming it. I feel the wetness of her pussy, smell our rough sex in the air, I can't take it anymore.

I'm on the verge of coming thrusting myself harder into her for one last time. " Uhhh, fuck! Mmm!" " Fuck! Oh God!" We grab each other holding on tight, digging our fingers into our slick skin. " Oh, Fuuuuckkkk!" I came inside her hard biting her, trying to breathe as my orgasm took me away.

" Oh, Oh. Fuuuckkkk. Mmmmmm!" Her pussy exploding and her body shaking violently beneath me, her mind losing touch with the reality but not giving a damn.

We lay gasping for air, our hearts beating fast. Then we look at each other smiling and laughing. " Mmm. Jesus that was nice. I knew you were a cock loving whore." I look at her with a sly smile kissing her lips, flirting with her.

Eva giggles." Don't you know it?!" She responds smiling, turning her head and pushing me away so I would't notice her blushing.