Pelayan Sangek Dikentot Majikannya Dikamar

Pelayan Sangek Dikentot Majikannya Dikamar
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Cindy was a 17-year-old girl. She went to high school, she had nice grades, a lot of her male classmates jacked off thinking about her because she was really pretty, she was average height, with nice feminine body, big boobs, a little bit larger but not fat thights, long blonde hair.

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You know, the girl every guy wants and every chick wants to be. She was still a virgin though. She wasn't the kind of girl who gets drunk and sleeps with everyone, she was the kind of girl who waits for 'the right one'. She dated quite a few guys already, but she never had sex, she tought she wasn't ready yet so she always said no. One day, Cindy came to my party. My name's Jake, I'm her classmate, and I always though Cindy was really hot. She didn't drink a lot of alcohol but she wasn't used to drinking, so after a few glasses, she was pretty drunk.

I knew this was a great chance to steal her virgnity, and I already had a plan. "Cindy, are you alright?" I acted nice at some point. "Umm.

Jake, I feel a bit dizzy, you know," she answered. She had the most beautiful voice, kind of high pithced but not childish or anything, I even loved hearing her talk, she was amazing. "Come with me, I'll show you the way to the bedroom, and you can lie down there if you want, there's a nice cozy bed," I said. I wasn't sure if she was gonna fall for that one, but she did.

She followed me to my parents' room. There was a big king sized bed. After entering, I locked the door, I didn't want her to leave.

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"Umm, Jake, why did you lock the door? I mean, that's kind of weird and all." she started, but at this point, I leaned over and snogged her. I gave her a long french kiss, even though she tried to fight me off, obviously she didn't have the same feelings towards me as I had towards her. "Cindy, stop it! You're in my apartment, do whatever I say!" I shouted at her.

She just giggled like any drunk girl would. I look around. I noticed my dad's leather belt, I picked it up and hit her with it over her nice long legs. She screamed in pain, I didn't care though. "Now, you see, I'm serious? Will you do whatever I say, Cindy?" I said with serious voice. "Y-y-yes, Jake. I will." I hard fear in her voice as she said it. "No, don't call me Jake.

Call me sir." "Y-y-yes, sir," she said in her sexy voice. It really turned me on even more.


"Now, Cindy, take off your clothes for me," I said. She looked at me, tears coming in her eyes. I knew she didn't want to do that. But I though, if I wanna bring it to the end, I need to behave dominant. "Cindy, do it, or I'll need to use that belt again!" I said at her loudly. She was trembling, but she started to unbutton her black blouse. As she undid first few buttons, her breasts, still covered in her bra, popped out nicely.

Then, she took off the top. Her breasts were amazing! She was wearing a pink bra underneath, though, which still bothered me. But I tought, before I see her breasts, I should see at least all of her undies. I made her take off her mini skirt too, she was crying while doing it but she unbottened it and made it fall down to her ankles.

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That revealed her pink panties, matching her bra. "Now, Cindy, lie on the bed," I said. She obeyed me, I think she already learned what to do to not get hit.

She cried softly as I undid her bra, to see her perky, quite big but not too big boobs. Her nipples were hard and quite dark. I leaned over and sucked on one of them, and touched the other with my hand. "No, Jake, please, no." she cried while I did it.

"Shut up, slut," I said. "Or you want me to use the belt again?" She stopped talking now, but her eyes were still filled with tears. I now started sucking the other one, and touching the one I used to suck before.

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She cried now, altough not only with diagreement but there was also a bit of pleasure now. I looked around the room. i saw some alligator clips on the cupboard in the corner. I picked them up, and put them on Cindy's nipples. She let out a cry, I knew it must have heard her a lot, but it was sooo sexy. I slapped her so she wouldn't cry so much, I didn't want to spoil our fun.

Then, I pulled down her panties. She looked really desparate about it all, I knew it was unfair to do that to her but I enjoyed it so much. When I removed her pink hotpants, I saw a nice, shaved pussy.

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It was really sexy. I leaned to it and licked it.

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As I licked it, she screaed with pleasure and saddness at the same time. I wouldn't stop, though. She cummed soon, I loved seeing her orgasm. Then, I picked up a vibrator I got for this special ocassion. i placed it on her clit. Her muscles were tense, she was screaming at the same time: "No, no, Jake, stop, please! Please stop, please!" I didn't care about her pleads at all. I left the vibrator on her clitoris and licked the insides of her tight little pussy.

Her whole body was shaking, I loved it. Then, I said: "Spread your legs, slut." She looked at me desparetly. I looked at the belt again and then she knew I was serious.

She did spread her legs. I unbuttoned my pants. And then slid off my boxers.That revealed to her my erected 11 inch cock. She cried as she saw the big monster coming from my pants. "Please, Jake, I've been saving myself for someone special for 17 years, don't ruin it, please." she begged. "Shut the fuck up, slut, and do as I say," I said, reaching for the leather belt again and hitting her with it. She screamed as the belt touched her nice, white skin. I told her: "Spread your legs even more, spread your legs for me, hoe!" She did so.and I entered her.

She screamed with pain as I did so, but I knew she enjoyed it too. "Damn, you've got some nice tight pussy, slut," I said. The tears were bursting out of her eyes, but I fucked her even deeper and even harder, I got my whole 11 inches inside of her, I could see the pain on her face while doing it. I fucked her for quite some time, then I couldn't hold it no more and I cummed. I took my cock out of her and my cum was comming out of her sweet little pussy.

I touched my own cum on her labia, getting it over my finger. Then, I put it to her mouth and said: "Lick it, cunt. Lick it now or I'll use that belt again." She knew I wasn't kidding, so she licked my finger clean. Then, I said to her: "Get on your knees now, slut, and spread that ass!" She cried but did what I said. She had nice tight little ass, waiting for me to enter it.

I putted my cock inside of her tight ass, while reaching for her tits at thr same time. The moment I entered her, she screamed so much, and everytime I moved my hips, she let out a cry.


I fucked her ass for few minutes, it felt sooo good. Then, I went out of her, and put my dick to her mouth. "Lick off your shit slut, lick it clean, lick the cum, lick the shit, lick it all!" I said to her. I don't think she ever done it before, but hell, I loved her licking. She licked me like ice cream, her blow job was amazing. After that, I cummed for the third time. i didn't even know I could cum 3 times in a row before that event.

After that, I let Cindy lie there on the bad for some hours. Her nipples almost went blue from alligator clips, and she was crying, loosing her virnigity she had been so careful about to me, a random schoolmate. Well, I guess she'll get used to being a slut now.