Blowjob wrestling gay first time Desperate boy does anything for money

Blowjob wrestling gay first time Desperate boy does anything for money
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This is a work of fiction and is a sexual fantasy. A fantasy is something we construct within our own minds. I am trying to avoid giving specific ages here as this could create a legal objection. Normally thought crimes are only found within dictatorships and religious teachings but our society can still create a few of its own. You just create what age you would like here, where you would like it My name is Samantha, I gave birth to my son Daniel when I was 16, I know what that makes you think of me, it's not true, at all.

I was a horribly shy girl, still am. My son has been a bright light in my life but that is getting ahead of myself.

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This just explains how I ended up sexting with my son. I was an extremely shy introverted girl in school, my parents were very strict and overly religious. They did not make me shy, but they didn't help much either. My looks didn't help me much either. My hair is snow white and very fine, I am almost albino I am so white. Even my hair "down there" is white. I got looks from girls in the locker room at school that made me uncomfortable.

One time in high school I tried to act normal, there was a party and I went. I took one or two sips of something and woke up pregnant.

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My parents blamed me, to hear my mother talk every single girl that ever goes to a party gets drugged and wakes up pregnant. They both acted like I should have expected something like that to happen then they treated me like I was some kind of slut ever since.

Been on the pill since I had Daniel, never been with a guy yet. At least not when I was awake, the first and only penis I ever saw was my sons when I started changing his diapers. The kids at school assumed I was a slut, I couldn't bring myself to talk to anyone. I know I am not entirely without blame. I did go to community college, did get a job, I just never got past my shyness enough to meet up with anyone.

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None of this added up on me until my son was getting to be the age I was when all this happened. Daniel has always been a fantastic child who inherited no sign of my shyness. Daniels positive outgoing nature has both made him popular at school as well as a frustration for me at home. He is everything that I never was, I found myself imagining him fondling some girls breasts, and her liking it. All these "normal" things associated with growing up were only highlighting my own personal frustrations with myself.

I was sick of the way I was living my life, yet felt powerless to change anything. Well my frustrations must have been apparent because Daniel confronted me on this. My only reaction was to tell him that it really wasn't his fault at all, but that I would have to get pretty drunk to tell him the truth. He started pouring me glasses of wine. God help me, I told him the truth. I told him how shy I've always been, he came from my rape.

The only penis I've ever seen was his, as a baby.

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I confessed my biggest fear in life is of anything sexual. That the things he is learning right now in life are where I dropped off the face of civilization. Also that I've been in counseling for 12 years. He offered to talk to me about everything he is doing, or learning. I laughed, there really is no way for me to talk like that. Then he hit me with an idea, he said we could text to each other.

That we would make a promise that no matter what we said in text, we would never repeat or refer to, or take any action from those texts in real life. I said NO, he asked me if someone goes on a diet for 6 months and never loses a pound, was it a good diet? I blurted NO. He responded with 12 years? Then he said there's a girl at school who's dad was in an accident. Now she helps her mom change her dads diapers every day because he is too big for just her mom.

If she can do that, he can help his mom to talk about sex. I asked him what he would say to me, he said anything, girls at school, guys, stuff in the locker room, you, me anything. Then he just walked away. My phone buzzed with a text. Daniel. This is going to be awesomely fun you know, there are guys that take phone shots of other guys junk just to piss them off.

I never have, but now I will. And I'm sending them to you Me. Why would I want pictures of some boys junk?

Daniel. You do know that means a picture of their cock, right? Me. NO, oh my god, I mean, are you serious we never talk about this in person? Daniel. Absolutely Me. What else would you do, if we do this.

Daniel. We are doing this, because I know you are too shy to yell at me about it, because that would involve talking about it. Oh and my friend Kyle thinks you are hot. Me. I would to yell, he does not. Daniel. Your blond hair totally gets him, he wants to see the rest of it, but he won't say that part to my face cause I'd beat him.

Me. O god, you would do that, he does? I never could confront Daniel about the texts and he grew bolder and bolder each day this went on. The very first day while at work, I got a picture message of a real penis, it was soft and the picture was probably illegal.

I deleted it, then I got a group photo of about 10 naked cocks then one of one cock with light colored hair where the boy was being held down by a group of other boys. Then I got this text. Daniel. Sorry mom, when that kid realized I had actually sent his picture out they all tackled me and checked to see who I sent it to. I had to tell them that you were a really cool mom and I was messing with you.

They took a group shot, then they sent one of me, could you delete that one?

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Oh my god, my lifetime memory of seeing real cocks just went way up. I hid my phone in my purse. I got home after Daniel did, he was waiting at the door and asked me if I deleted the pictures. I turned scarlet and his jaw dropped. He ran to his room and texted me Daniel.

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Sorry mom, I broke the rule about no talking, did you delete the pictures? Me. Not yet, I WAS AT WORK, I have never seen anything like this in my life, and stop calling me mom in these messages.

Daniel. WHOO! We're good then, but I gotta get my picture off there, you can keep the other ones though. The guys thought it was cool that they went to a hot mom. Me. I am not a hot mom. Daniel. Smokin hot, real blond hair, very nice sized breasts and a nice firm behind.

I bet you could of bounced quarters off your ass when you were my age. Me. OMG, I am not those things, you are making me blush.

Daniel. That's a start, now what do I need to do to make you horny? Me. Stop it, you're doing that too. Daniel. TFA, I didn't know that. Me. What is TFA? Daniel. Totally fucking awesome I hid in my room and looked at the pictures one last time, I really didn't understand my fascination with looking at the picture of my sons cock. I had seen him when he was young, this I guessed is what he looks like more grown up. I deleted it and regretted it immediately.


I don't know why, I just wished I still had it to look at it "just one more time" When came out of my room Daniel wanted to look at my phone, so I demanded his as well. He seemed shocked, he didn't want to give up his phone so I kept mine, that little shit, he had pictures there that he didn't want me to see. I should have kept his picture. He started up with the texts again. Daniel. What's it like when a woman gets horny?

Me. Is this natural curiosity? There is so little that I understand about men. Daniel. Well actually I think it is, there is little that I understand about women, maybe we'll be helping each other with this texting. Me.


Well what's it like when boys get horny? Daniel. We're always horny, when we get turned on then our cocks get hard, mine will stick up out of my underwear unless I'm wearing pants with a belt. And you?

Me. Oh god, I cant say these things. Daniel. You have to, to get better, besides we can never speak of this out loud to each other. Me. Not a word? Daniel. Right, not a word. Me. When we get turned on we get wet "down there", our nipples get hard and stick out. Daniel. We? Or you? Me. Ok me, when I get turned on that happens to me. Daniel. TFA. How can I be reacting this way? My son just got me to admit that I can get wet and my nipples will stick out, and that is exactly what is happening to me by talking about this with him.

Me. What does it take to get a boy like you turned on? Daniel. This is doing it, totally. Me. OMG I'm sorry, not trying to do that. Daniel. Ok, totally ok.

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You are doing great by the way, did your therapist ever get you this far? Me. Never Daniel. Then I'm not letting up, besides this is way way better than dirty diapers. Me. Yea I guess so. That was the end of my first day of sexting with my son.

What he pointed out there really floored me. 12 years of therapy was trounced with one afternoon of sexting with my son. He promised to never talk about it in person, I was starting to realize that this was probably helping, and it really was better than changing dirty diapers.