Huge ride on a big toy

Huge ride on a big toy
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I stood leaning against the wall as she came in. She had vibrant purple and pink hair, streaking almost white in places. She was wearing a black leather skirt, it tickled her just above her knee as she walked, loose and flowy, teasing the world with her sexy, thick thighs. Her skin was an indescribable color of pink and pale white. A white shirt with black sleeves simply clung to her curves across her chest, her ample breast screaming to get out, stretching the material for all it was worth.

I looked at her face, and just knew what was about to happen. She was beautiful, her easy smile and a twinkle in her eyes, as though she could instantly understand everything, a kind of hyper intelligence that just made her eyes sparkle.

A cute nose stud stuck out, blending in and complimenting her face perfectly. A woman that beautiful would never love me, I could never have that, if I didnt take it. And I had to have it. She laughed out loud to something on her phone as her chubby little fingers slid across the touch screen, and I needed it that much more.

I wanted her, I needed her, and I would have her. She didnt even look up at me, of coarse she didnt. Why would she, a girl that cute would never notice me.

I would think she was mocking me, but to mock me she would have to have seen me, would have to acknowledge my existance. She would remember me for the rest of her life after today, I would guarantee that. For better or for worse. I fell in stride behind her, watching her shapely hips sway and the skirt dance on her thighs as she walked through the store.

I listened to her talk to herself as she read her facebook or her texts, whatever was going on on that phone that was so much more important than me. Doesnt she know I love her, I would appreciate her body and her laugh and smile? What asshole made her laugh so easy who is undoubtably going to use and hurt her?

Why can she not love me? I followed her, watching her body move like leaves in the wind, with a grace that cant be described. She finally decided it was time to leave the store, and still never noticed me in her footsteps. She walked with almost a skip, still laughing and dancing as she walked, she spun around twice even, and still never gave me a second glance. She turned and started up the sidewalk, just as I hoped. I glanced each way, checking for traffic.

The street was empty. I quickly closed the gap between us, and reached a hand under her arm and grabbing her throat from behind, pulling her body against mine and silencing her as her air was cut off. She started to struggle, a hand instinctively came up to my wrist on her neck, but I put that thought to rest with a firm squeeze and soft whisper. She winced in pain and tears appeared in the corner of her beautiful eyes.

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I bit her ear as I told her, "You will be quiet, or I will hurt you much worse than I need to, if you know whats good for you, you will be silent, and come with me, and I will let you go when I am finished." She nodded, and I loosened my grip, seeing the red and purple contusions on her skin, I felt bad, I had blemished her perfection.

But it was not so bad, it would heal in a few hours or days, and she would be perfect again. I drug her off the sidewalk to a shed outside an abandoned house.

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I knew there were piles of blankets in there from the teenagers that used it to get to know each other. I opened the door and threw her onto the floor, seeing up her skirt, her blue panties tight over her fat little pussy.

I shut the door and heard her struggle to her feet. I turned around in time to see her charging me, or the door, I dont know which, but I caught her by the throat again and brought my other hand across her face, open palmed. It stung my hand, I reached back up and brushed her hair from her face, feeling the burning skin, seeing the red and swollen cheek.

Why would she make me hurt her?

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Why would she make me mark her? Why would she make me risk damaging her perfection? I pushed her down by her throat, whispering in her ear as I pulled myself on top of her.

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She had her knees up and her feet tight under her butt, clenched together as tightly as she could manage. I put my knee on top of hers and started pushing downward, and ordered her to open her legs.

I tightened my fingers and dug them into the sides of her neck just to inflict a little pain, to send a message. She seemed to resign for a minute, she slipped just an inch, but it was all I needed to force my knee between hers and thrust my thigh into her crotch. She pushed and started slapping at me and trying to say no through labored breaths, but I only had to use my leverage from being on top to hold her down, she had nowhere to squirm to.

I wanted her to want me, I wanted her to enjoy what I was going to do to her, even if her mind hated it, I wanted her body to like it, so I pressed my thigh against her mound, rubbing it back and forth. The friction was working, or perhaps she was excited from before I grabbed her, but it was warm and moist between her legs.


I kissed her on the cheek, I told her she was beautiful, and I looked into her eyes, through the tears, and the redness, and there was confusion, and it looked as though she were hurt. I whispered in her ear not to look hurt, I didnt want to hurt her, I loved her, and I would be good to her, if she would let me.

Her thighs stopped squeezing mine a little at that, was she resigning? No, that could not be, she was fierce and strong and willfull, I could see it in her face, she had something up her sleeve. I reached up and grabbed the rope covered with electric tape tied to the corner.

Apparently the teenagers hanging out here had some kinks in them, good for them. I climbed on top of the Goddess I had found, and grabbed her hands and quickly applied the first loop to her wrist, her eyes widened as it occured to her what was happening, and her other hand shot out at my face, her fingernails finding their mark on my cheek, and a closed fist following it.

I smiled at the strength of the girl, even as I simply leaned in too close for the blow to have any power behind it, and caught it as it hit my face.

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I pulled it up and used both my hands to secure it, tightening the bonds. I was glad they were covered and would not burn her, and hurt her further.

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I climbed off of her, and pulled out my pocket knife, her eyes widened in fear as she saw the blade. I shook my head and said it was not for her body, that I did not want to hurt her. I told her to lay still as I got back on my knees between her legs. I slit the bottom of her tight shirt, and cut it up to the neck, showing her beautiful body.

She winced, even at everything happening to her, she was embarassed of her body. She was beautiful, even if her stomach was not flat, her body was perfect, I kissed her just above the belly button. I could hear her suck in a breath, but I am not sure if it was in fear or what it was, but I took note.


I reached my hands under her skirt, and grabbed her panties and pulled them off, surprised to find so little resistance. Maybe she believed I would not hurt her if she did as she was told. Good, I would not hurt her, but I would not let my life be lived another moment without having her. I cut her bra off, and her tits fell free. They did not move far, especially for mounds of that size.

The nipples were small, and I took them in my mouth one at a time, I could feel her try to squirm away, but I pressed my body weight down on her, and used my hands to keep her in place.

I put one on her shoulder and the other on her hip, and could not help but feel how perfectly the space between my forefinger and thumb cupped into her hip.

Why did she not see how perfect we could be if she only gave me a chance? I kissed down here stomach, kissing her belly, I stuck my tongue in her belly button for reason I dont know, I just watned to try it. She didnt react. I lifted her skirt, and found her neatly shaved pussy waiting for me. She was wet, her legs were not open for me, they were not closed either, they were stretched straight out.

Her thighs closed her up, but I could work around that. I started kissing the top of her slit, slipping my tongue down as far as it could go.

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Her hips finally moved a little, her legs slipped open slightly, before I heard a 'nuh-uhh' escape her lips as she closed them back. I put a hand under each of her knees and pulled him up, opening her to me. Her clit was swollen and her pussy was wet, even if she didnt want it to be, even if she didnt know it. I stuck out my tongue, and licked her from bottom to top, teasing her hole for a brief second before taking her clit into my mouth and teasing it with my lips, massaging it with my tongue.

I could feel her body start to shutter, she was cumming.


I had just started, and she was cumming already, I could feel the orgasm building in her. I knew I could be good to her, I knew I could please her. Her hips began to grind up into my lips, she squirmed, but not away, but deeper into me, she pushed so hard against me it hurt my nose, but that was okay, she could hurt me a little, a small price to pay for the chance to please a Goddess. I sat up, wiping the cum from my face as I looked down on her, seeing her eyes glazed over in post orgasmic pleasure, her chest and breast rising and falling with her heavy breaths.

I took off my pants while she was afterglowing, I took off my shirt, I got completely naked so I could be as close to her body as possible. I lifted her legs again and she did resist. Perhaps she thought I was going to go back down on her. She thought wrong. I leaned over her, I said I loved her as I pushed into her. Her face instantly changed as she felt me penetrate her, the afterglow disappearing, and anger crossed her beautiful features.

She started to kick and forced me out, she pushed me off with her knees and even managed to roll over. Her perfectly shaped ass stuck out to me as she found her arms crossed up and her weight on her knees.

I grabbed her by her hips, which fit so perfectly into my hands and pulled her back onto me, she squeeled in pain as I missed and my manhood poked her somewhere down there where she was most sensitive. I reached a hand down and found where I needed to be and thrust home, forcing myself all the way into her.

She tried to move, but I held her with my hands, and her arms being crossed and bound held her off balance, she was stuck, taking what I was going to give her. I began thrusting hard into her, pushing hard and deep into her, I grabbed her purple hair and wrenched it back as she let out a scream, making her turn her head and looked into her eyes, made her look into mine as I began to fuck her like she belonged to me.

I could feel myself start to cum already, but idid not want to, not yet, I wanted to enjoy this perfect body for a bit longer, So I tried to pull out, but as I did so, she thrust her hips back onto me, forcing me back in.

I lost it, I began squirting inside her, filling her with all the love and appreciation I had for her body. I pulled her face back and made her look at me as she felt my stuff fill her up.

I came, I pumped into her until I felt like I could no longer even breath out, that everything ounce of anything inside me had been deposited into her. I had taken her, I had loved her, and she would remember what I did to her for the rest of her life. She might not love me, she might not even like me, but she would remember me. And I would never forget her, my goddess,