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Cum in ihr
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I stood in the pouring rain soaked, teeth chattering, and clothes plastered to my skin. My bag next to me, I was sure that all my stuff would be ruined. Suddenly, a gust of wind sent me stumbling, tripping over my bag, I collapsed into one of the many lakes of muddy rainwater on the side of the road. Tears flowing down my cheeks, I stood up, my sodden clothes covered in mud. This wasn't what I had had in mind when I set off, on my tour of America, I had planned to take Greyhounds for most of the way, however that plan was short-lived when I realised I had nowhere near enough money.

I even doubted I'd have enough to find a place to sleep, buy food let alone use the public transport.

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Unfortunately, that left me hitchhiking most of the way, which despite carrying inherent risk, also meant relying on the kindness of strangers, of which is in very short supply these days. This meant that my progress would be painstakingly slow. I had been on the side of this road now for 5 hours, with no success, notwithstanding it had been raining for 3 of those 5 hours.


I would have left, but I had nowhere to go, I was stuck here until someone took pity on me. Suddenly, I began to hear the sound of a car in the distance. Looking up, I saw it emerging through the sheets of rain down the road, I stuck my thumb out, but the car shot past without slowing down for a second.

I sighed and slumped down to sit on my bag. I started to cry harder now. I was so immersed in my own misery that I didn't notice a second car slow to a crawl in front of me. I only registered it was there when I heard the automatic window roll down, followed by a voice "Hey.are you alright?" he asked awkwardly. I looked up to see a car with four people in it; With what little strength I had left, I stood up and approached the car window, before I could ask for a ride, the driver spoke "You look like you're having a pretty rough

is someone picking you up here?" The only word I could get out was "No" "Well.uh.I don't exactly know where you're heading, but were on a road trip, and we're on our way to the Olympic National Park.I don't know if that's close to where you're going, but if you want to get out of the rain for a while, you can join us if you'd like?" "That would be amazing, thank you, you're a life saver.

But, I'm all muddy, I don't want to ruin your seats or anything" With his hand motioning to the back seat, the driver chided "It's fine, Alice and James got a bit mucky already, we through some garbage bags over the seats at the last stop" Looking back at them now with the look of friendly scorn he added "Apparently these two aren't too old to have a mud fight" Like a child, Alice piped up "Hey we said we were sorry, lapse in judgment that's all, and he started it" A squabble erupted in the back as to whose fault it was.

I opened the door and climbed in, Alice and James still arguing like five year old children. Now that I was in the car I could see they were all around my age. James who was squished in the middle, had spiky brown hair and a face that looked like all it did was smirk mischievously. His eyes were blue and shone as if behind the young adult face, there was a 10 year old waiting to burst free and mess about, this look was amplified by the mud war paint on his face and the spatter on his shirt.

Alice, opposite of James was a very petite girl with long black hair, and a shapely body that radiated a history of gymnastics. It was only when I looked into her eyes that I saw the exact same thing I had seen in James' a moment before. After glancing back and forth between them, a quick comparison of the two strengthened my belief they were related.

Cutting in between their bickering I asked "Are you two brother and sister?" They looked at me in a mocking sort of horror, and I thought I'd guessed wrong, until James answered "How can you can tell?. We don't even look alike!" "He's right" Alice agreed "I'm much better looking" Her teasing set off another bickering match between the two. "Sorry, we should have warned you before you got in, they don't stop arguing.ever" the front passenger said.

"Hey we don't argue all the time Tim" Alice protested "We kinda do" James said "See?" Tim said turning round once again, Alice and James bickering once again. The driver then raised his voice, looking into the rear view mirror "Hey pack it in guys I'm trying to drive" "Sorry Andrew" they said together "So you guys are on a road trip? Where you from" I asked "We're from Whitman College in Washington State. The plan is to travel the whole way down the west coast to California" Andrew replied "No way!

that's where I'm heading eventually; I have an aunt down there that I'm going to stay with at the end of my trip until I go back to the UK" "Well I know this is sudden, but if you want to, you can join up with us. That is. if you join in with cost, you know chip in for gas and shit." Andrew offered "Typical cheap driver, always looking for gas money" Alice mocked My eyes lit up like Christmas lights, "That would be amazing, thank you so much, if you want I'll ride with you guys to the Park then, we'll see if we get along enough for me to take you up on that offer." I replied grinning.

The whole time thinking to myself "This could really solve my problems." "Okay, well we're staying in a little cabin that Tim's dad owns, so we'll be spending a few days together, that should be more than enough time for us to see if we like you." Suddenly, Tim spoke up "Hey in all this excitement, I don't think any of us asked what your name was?" Looking towards Tim I replied "It's Katie" I smiled.

After the introduction, we started chatting but after about 10 minutes James noticed I was still shivering "Hey Katie, are you okay? you're still shivering" "Yeah, I'm fine" I replied, but the chill from my drenching still hadn't left my bones, my clothes we still soaked and clung to my skin, sapping all heat from me.

After another 10 minutes the others were getting concerned as I started to go quiet and continue shivering. "How long did you say you were out there for?.Katie?" Andrew asked ".Katie" ".Huh." I said weakly "How long were you out there?" "5 hours or so" I said quietly "Fuck, she might be going hypothermic!

we have to get her out of those clothes" Tim said concerned. I barely heard the next few words, but I heard Tim telling James to take it seriously. Then everything went black. I was awoken by being vigorously rubbed by four hands. I opened my eyes slowly, looking down I noticed I was under a blanket in the middle of the back seat, nestled between Alice on one side and James on the other. When I came too, I realised I was naked under the blanket.

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"Huh what happened!? what, why am I naked?" I panicked slightly. "It's okay Katie, calm down, you were going into shock, we didn't want to risk things getting worse, don't worry Alice undressed you, we stood outside" Andrew answered. This was when I noticed they were all damp. I also noticed that Andrew was taking a break from driving and Tim was in the driver seat.

"You feeling better now?" Alice asked concerned "Yeah much" was all I could say "Aww. but does that mean I have to stop stroking you! I mean who doesn't enjoy rubbing a hot girl who's almost naked" James joked "JAMES!

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You don't say that to someone you just met, at least let her get to know you before you start with your pervy jokes" Alice scolded "It's okay, I don't mind, I'm used to it" I replied "Have I been out long?" "Not too long, if you had been we would have taken you to hospital" Andrew replied, turning his body back towards me.

We all chatted for a bit, but eventually most of us began to dose off. I fell asleep in the back of the car with my head on James' shoulder and Alice's head on my arm. I was shaken awake lightly a few hours later "We're here" Tim said "Come on in when you're ready." Noticing my naked body was still hidden under the blanket, I put on a set of clothes that Alice left on the seat next to me.

I got out of the car sleepily and wandered inside.

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After a quick look around the cabin, I collapsed on the sofa and fell asleep. I woke up early the next morning; none of the others were up. I opened my bag that someone had brought in, and began digging soaked clothes out of it to dry on the drying rack.

I looked outside to see the sun poking over the horizon, a clear sky with air was filled with a light mist. To the right of the house the forest towered above the cabin. I tore myself away from the view grabbed my damp towel and went to find the shower. After peeking in doors throughout the cabin, I finally found the bathroom. I stepped inside, and shut the door behind me. As fast as I could, I stripped out of the clothes Alice gave me.

My hand reached for the tap and turned the hot water on. As I stepped in, the steam rose around me as the hot water flowed over my aching body, washing away the grime of the last day. I ran my hand through my hair dislodging the chunks of dried mud.

Slowly, the water running off my body was clear rather than a muddy brown. Stepping out of the shower, I grabbed my towel and wiped the beading water off my glistening skin. Once dry, I grabbed my towel and wrapped it round myself. I wandered out into the living room where I had spent the night. When I was dry, I dropped the towel and put on my now dry underwear, cargo pants and a white t-shirt.

I walked to the door and strapped on my walking boots, I was about to step out when I heard Andrew behind me "Hey you off out for a walk?" He asked "Yeah, fancy coming?" I replied "Sure give me a moment" he came back a minute later with walking boots and followed me outside. We walked in silence for a few minutes as we entered the wood; the sun broke through the canopy sending shafts of light down into the forest.

We followed an overgrown track deeper into the forest until we came to a stream trickling gently downhill. I stopped and sat down against a tree with a sigh and listened to the sounds of nature. Andrew sat against a tree opposite me. I opened my eyes to see him staring at me, he looked away and blushed, and I smiled.

Looking back towards me he said in a very calm charming way, "You know you look much better after you've had a wash, you really are quite stunning" Now it was my turn to blush. "Thanks, I owe it to you, much longer in that rain and I'd have had it." "Don't mention it" He replied, adding in a joking but charming way "Just think of me as prince charming and the car as my white horse." "Well I'll admit that you're charming" I said with a smile We walked back to the house side by side, our hands bumping into each other, until suddenly he took my hand and held it.

I stopped and turned to look at him, he let go thinking he had done something wrong but I reached out and held it, our fingers interlocking, as I gazed up into his caring green eyes.

I pushed him against a tree and stood on tiptoes and lifted my face to his, he leaned down and our lips met. My tongue slipped between my lips tasting his before he yielded. My tongue slid in further, exploring his mouth and entwining with his. We broke apart after a few minutes and just stared into each other's eyes. "Errm. wow, that wasn't what I expected" he said "Huh?" I said looking slightly confused and raising my eyebrow.

"When I decided to hold your hand I didn't think you'd even want that let alone stop and kiss me" "Well maybe it could get even better" I teased, looking into his eyes with want and desire.

Just as I had done, he looked at me puzzled, so I made my intentions clear by gently rubbing the crotch of his pants, just teasing him a little before smiling devilishly and grabbing his hand, pulling him off the path. As we ran deeper into the forest, and trees passed us like picket fences, I found a patch that was fairly dry and covered in a nice springy moss.

With my hand still in his, I spun him round, and tripped him sending him falling to the moss. He looked up accusingly but I was no longer there. I was crouched over his crotch, my hands rubbing up the inside of his thighs. As I looked up into his eyes with lust, my hands trailed over his crotch, rubbing it briefly before fumbling with the button and zipper of his trousers. With one pull I unzipped him, my soft hands opening up his fly revealing his briefs.

Gently, yet quickly, I stroked his cock over the soft fabric of his grey briefs, finally I slid both hands to the band and pulled them down, exposing his lovely cock.

I began to straddle his legs and bent down to lick his limp dick. Even soft his penis was a wonderful sight; thick and long.

As my tongue licked the exposed underside it started to grow, quickly. Within moments, it was rock hard and pointing up his body toward his face. I grabbed firmly and aimed it towards my face instead. Licking up his shaft, I began to circle the tip with my tongue on the head of his cock, while gently rubbing the balls with my hands. I started to take the tip into my mouth, just the tip, in and out with my tongue licking the sensitive underside.

I pulled away and started flicking my tongue over the end mixing in the odd swirl. I looked up at him lustfully before sliding my mouth down the shaft of his cock, swirling my tongue round the tip then working down to the base. He was moaning hard and deep, I loved being able to do this to him, to make him feel such pleasure. I slid my mouth further and further down his hard cock, until the tip of his cock, hit the back of my mouth I planned to pull back then but could help myself taking the next inch down my neck and giving a little swallow before pulling back and sliding his dick almost fully from my mouth.

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After gasping for air, I took his cock back into my moist hot mouth, I started bobbing up and down slowly at first using the whole length that would fit comfortably in my mouth then speeding up sucking harder and faster my hair falling over my face. All he could hear were my muffled moans as I sucked his wonderful cock. Then I decided to take in the last two inches so slowed down and slid deeper onto his cock until it was nestled in the back of my mouth.

Before I slid down swallowing to help bring it further in, I was still fondling his balls. As I started to vibrate his shaft with a long loud moan of pleasure, I started to run out of air so I pull back and decide to swap my hands and mouth. As I pulled my mouth off, I had a moment's indecision about leaving his dick with my mouth, I lean back for one last lick.


Then I lean back and pull his trousers right down so I have clear access to his balls, I take them into my mouth sucking and playing with them with my tongue.

This position had the advantage of being able to look at his face as he reacted to the change, my slender fingers wrapped around his shaft and started pumping. His dick was slick with my spit and my hands shot up and down his length. I continued this until I couldn't help myself but take his cock into my mouth once again.

I fell on it like a wild animal; sucking and licking it with undisguised pleasure. I then I took it right into my mouth again and started to deep-throat him again, and again. My hands decided to explore his body, tunnelling under his top to find a wonderfully sculpted torso, this sent shivers down my spine, and shocks to my pussy.

I started to really slam my head onto his cock. I wanted his cum more than I had ever want anything, before I took him so deep that his balls were on my lips again, I had to pull away off his slick cock. I couldn't breathe but I kept the stimulation up by pumping with my hand then swirling the tip with my tongue.

When I had got my breath back, I plunged back onto his cock taking it deep down my throat repeatedly pulling away and then sliding down until eventually I heard him grunt, and growl, his cock started to spasm and pulsate and then he shot his first load of cum at the back of my mouth, the hot sticky fluid dripped down and choked my throat, gagging me a bit.

I finally swallowed his first load, and pulled away until he was just in my mouth pumping more and more cum into it, filling it up so full, some burst out the side of my mouth, running down my chin and onto my slender neck. I swallowed the remaining cum and licked his cock clean before wiping the drop that escaped up with my finger and sucking it seductively off my finger. At the sight of that he shuddered with and let out a groan. "Fuck. Katie that was amazing. I can't believe that just happened.

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I don't think. I have never came so hard in my life" "Well you don't think we're finished yet do you?" I asked softly, tracing the tip of my index finger up his semi erect cock. I stood up and pulled off my top, revealing my beautiful, large, shapely tits, covered only by my bra. I slowly dropped my white tee to the ground, then turned around. Bending over, I pulled down my cargos slowly, exposing my ass, after pulling them past my knees, they fell freely to my feet.

Standing there, my back to him, I unclasped my bra and let it fall to the floor and wiggled out of my panties. Then I turned round and showed him my naked body. He pulled off his top and motioned me over towards him. I climbed on top of him slowly, and started to rub my pussy lips against his shaft.

I leant forward to kiss him, the warm sensitive flesh of my breasts pressed into his pecks. After a few minutes of grinding I felt his cock start to grow, slowly at first but before long it was almost as ridged as before.

I positioned it at the entrance to my pussy and then slowly took the head in, letting it rest there for a second soaking in my juices before I slowly slid further down, giving little whimpers of excitement and pleasure as his thick shaft slid into me. Eventually I had him in me right up to the hilt. I paused again to let my pussy adjust to the size. Then I raised my hips my hips up, until only the tip of his cock remained in me.

Then without hesitation, I slammed my body down, I let out a gasp as I had underestimated how much he would hurt going into my tight pussy, but I also underestimated just how good it would feel. I bucked my hips again and again hammering down onto his cock. I could feel the tip of his cock pressing against the wall of my vagina, and then I felt it rub against my G-spot. I groaned in pleasure and stopped hammering up and down. Slower now, I just started to bounce causing his penis to repeatedly rub up against my g spot.

It didn't take very long, before I tensed up and slid back. His cock filled my cunt as I did this, the waves of pleasure exploded throughout my body. My pussy contracted round his cock causing him to moan and grind himself further into me.

I collapsed on his chest totally spent but Andrew flipped me over onto my back, and started to take long hard thrusts into me, slowly at first. I recovered but then he went faster and faster, I could feel a second orgasm building, my pussy tightened around his cock as I got closer and closer.

"Fuck Katie I'm going to cum soon" Andrew exclaimed in a guttural voice. "I'm.on.pill" I manage to gasp out "I want you to with your cum" "Oooh fuck." was all he managed to get out between his groans.

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I felt his dick start to pulsate inside me, increasing my pleasure and bringing me over the edge and allowing my second orgasm to rock through my body, as I came I felt a stream of his hot cum flood the inside of my pussy.

We lay still for a while, his cock slowly deflating inside my pussy, our mixed juices leaking out of my cunt onto the mossy ground. Eventually, we got up and dressed, wandering back to the cabin with our arms round each other.

I had a feeling the crew and I would get along just fine. To be continued.