Beautiful Busty Babe Playing her Tight Pussy

Beautiful Busty Babe Playing her Tight Pussy
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It was a bright morning the birds chipping and sun falling on the bed through the window. jack was a 17 year old lad studying his final year in the highschool. Jack was about 6 feet tall and weighed.150 pounds. He was looking over the window of his room when he recognised a moving van.

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it was a newly married couple. Charlie and his wife Rose Jack was really surprised by looking at rose. She was stunning sexy. She was 5"7 feet tall and has a very sexy body and out standing curves.

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She looked spectacular ti his eyes. The dress she wore was very modest and by this he can say that she is a very descent woman. He couldnt get her out of her mind and he got into his bath room and jerked off thinking of Bella the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He went to bed and next morning he went to school. and there he had a surprise he was shocked to see that Bella is his new mathematics teacher. He couldnt stop himself from staring at her .She had noticed him staring at her and her breasts.

She had a nice and perfect pair of breasts 34d. It was a hard day for him and at last the school was over. After the school the pretty school teacher was one her way when she heard some one whistling at her. She immediatly turned back to see who it is.To her surprise ther is onlyJack who had been staring at her in the morning class. "So how dare u do such a nasty thing to ur teacher u stupid.

" "Who me.!!!!!!! no i didint i swear i didnt " he replied "Stop annoying now u will be on detention for one week from today dont say a word norgo to hell" she shouted and replied and off she went. It was not jack who did it a couple of guys from that school have done it and escaped into the toilet immediatle. Poor jack went home very disappointed. She saw him going into his home next to hers. the next day she heard some one whispering about what happened last evening and also about that couple of boys.

then She came to know what is the truth and that afternoon she went to Jack's home "Hi jack im sorry that i blamed u yesterday at school but now i know every thing he added" she said "here we go teacher a small help from me and ull be on ."he stopped "ill be on what ???? what the hell ur talking ????"she growled suddenly his hand lifted her skirt around her waist and took off her panties "now do u fell better miss rose now will u agree with me" he said "nooooooooo neverrrrr everrrrrrrrplz get me out of here plzzz" she pleaded "ok then let me help u more "and he slipped the threads of her top through her shoulders down her breasts in to a belt and unclasped her bra exposing her breasts and then "here u goo now u are on ur public display miss rose do u agree noww" he said her heart pounded for a minute.

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what the hell is this she is stuck in her neighbours window who is her student and in public display to all the world. she saw some one walking their way from long.he might haven't noticed her yet but he will if he come closer "plzz leave me im marriedplzzz help me out of thisss" she cried "ill sure help u but u should agree to my termswill u ??" he said "noooooooooooo"she nodded "then stay there and carry on ur oub display miss" he said " i think ur not in a position to refuse miss rose" he continued the stranger is coming more closer she souldnt help and couldnt fight with jack "ok ill do what u sayill do any thing that u say plzzz get me out of here" she said "any thing miss" "yes ANY THING"she pleaded then he cut the remaining glass with the glass cutter and got her in quickly just in time that the starnger wouldnt see her "then to day on wards ur my slave and ill call u cunt.

or miss cunt if i had to give u any respect" "and ull call me sir or master .ur not supposed to reject any thing i say" "from today onwards ull wear no underwears and descent clothes and covering clothes" "ull be showing ur beauty how much it may be.

DO U ONDERSTAND MISSCUNT" "yes master" she replied "good ur learning quickly.ok then take off ur clothes all of them and give then to me "he said her face turned red and rluctantly she removed her clothes and handed to him.

he tought he'll fuck her now. but to her surprise he threw the clothes away and opened the door and told her to go home. "what the hell have i got to go naked out side" she tought to herself "no not like this master" she pleaded "look here slut ur not supposed to offend my words et it now lets go to ur home and get ready to school " "we both master" she asked aurprisingly "yes we both now stop that hell and walk .and remember no running" he shouted the helpless poor teacher started walking home reluctantly all naked and exposing every bit of her body to the world.then jack followed her from behind.she walked as quickly as possible to her home and got in with out getting seen by others.

jack came in and left the door open "leave the door open and lets have some bath and ull wash me clean" he said they went to the bathroom.she undressed him and they went into the bath tub and started the shower. soon he was wet and she applied some shampoo to his hair and soap to his body rubbed.

and when she got down ti his cock "rub it well and clean." he said she applied soap to her fingers and put her hands over his cockand started rubbing it and it became erect and hard in no time and after he was rinsed "i have got a hard on. now give me a blow job as good as u can "he ordered she took his cock in his hands very much hatredly and reluctantly and startedsucking it and rolling her tounge on it.

"ahhhhhhhh that feels good babyyyyyyyy. mmmmmmmmmmm. ur a good cock sucker aren't u miss cunt?"he said "yes master "she replied with her most red and reluctant face and he took her head in his hands and pushed it on to his cock so his cock burried deep in her mouth and she gaged. her poor mouth couldnt keep his thick cock and she bit his cock "aww"he shouted "u dirty bitch how dare u bit my cock" SLAP .

SLAP . SLAP he slapped on her face her ass and on her tits hard enought to hurt her water filled her eyes and he said "omg im cum im gonna cum babyyyyy ahhhhhhhhhhh" and he shhoot a huge load of cum in her mouth. she struggled as much as she can to swallow but she couldn't prevent the cum coiming from her cheeks. "now lick me clean"he ordered he licked her clean and he said "time for ur bath now. stay back and had back" he ordered. she followed his order he showed a cold metal bottle and told her to sit on it.the bottle was cold and she was freezing from it and as she sat on it it was ripping her ass so she tried to ease it by supporting with her hands.

" dont mess up with me bitch" he said and he pushed her hand off and pushed her down holding hips .she couldnt bear the pain "ahhh that hurts lot " she shouted.and the bottle went all the way and ripping her ass. she then tried to ease down and laid back on her hands and he shoot a hot piss over her face running down over her boobs and stomach. he pissed a lot. enough to wet her all obove her waist.

"ur finished bathing !! bitched"he said. what the hell she tought to her self ." i have finished my bath in just a 18 yr old's piss ". "now lets get dried and u can get that bottle out of ur ass"he said she took a towel and dried him. and then he saw her getting dried offhis piss. "lets get into ur room and ill slect a dress for u" he said they went to her room and she opened her wardrobe.

"what the hell u dont have any short skirts"he shouted "no sir"she replied "ok then get some siccors" he said. she went off to get them wondering why did he ask her to get the siccors. when she got back he haned her a top and a skirt. a top that she left it off bcoz it has now become stretch to fit.and its even see'll become almost transperent when it becomes wet.and also it shows off her belly .she used to wear it to please her husband. "i cant get out with that" she told "stop pissing and wear it" he orded she looked frightened and said "as u wish sir" and strugled hard to wear the top.

and after she wore it he cut the neck of the top to make it into a very very low cut was in a vshape and ended upabout half length down her breasts.and nipples pushind hard through her top.and it was revealing her stomachas it was see through. he gave her her favourite pink skirt to wear and thats the only thing good to her today she tought and when she wore it.he cut the skirt only 3" below her ass and she was shocked and tears started to roll over her eyes.

"it was my favourite skirt"she said to him "now it'll be my favourite"he replied impish now give me the best of ur husbands dress. he took a blue t-shirt and a lee jeans that fitted him correctly as her husband was of same size of his.

"now lets go to school" he said she went to get the car keys but he said "noo well go by bus" they went to the bus stop and they got into a bus and made her sit in the last seat right infront the way. she crosslegged but he made her legs spread so every one who hoppened into the bus could see her clean and shaved pussy.her face blushed even more red as every one watched her pussy.

finally they got out of the bus at the school. "did u like ur public display misscunt " he wisheperd in her ear and as he tried to kiss her "no not hersir plz znot here"she said but he kissed not caring her words and they entered the school luckily no one observed.

else it would have looked auckward as a student kising a teacher.


to her luck her 1st few classes were to kinder garden . then to her fate she had finished all her classes to small kids and she now had to go to her final class and that too to jack's grade. and it was the final class 4 da day. atlast the times up and she had to go to the class. jack was awaiting for her entry. she came a bit late. and when the class door opened and the teacher walked in the whole class was shocked and shouted loud with excitement.

there were big wooooo's from all over the room. bella was asamed of herself. her face turning bright pink. she wished if the land open up and swallowed her. She was blushing more than ever. She taught the lesson as fast as she could and then she sat in her chair trying to cover herself.

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I texted her and told her to get up and stretch in front of the class. Reluctantly she got up and sort of yawned in front of the class; bringing her arms up as far as possible. This lifted her shirt even higher. I texted her telling her to bring her arms behind her back so her breasts were stuck out as far as possible and hold it for until I tell you to stop.

She reluctantly did so. Her breasts looked like they were about to burst out of the t-shirt. The shirt rode up so high that it ended just below her breasts. Her nipples were hard enough to poke 2 holes through the fabric. I got out my phone, zoomed in and started filming.

The entire class was gazing at her amazing breasts. After a couple minutes, I texted her giving her the okay to stop. Next I told her to knock over a stack of papers on her desk and then bend over to pick them up.

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She did so and bent over so her ass was facing the class. The fabric sunk so far into her ass that the exact shape of her perfect ass could be seen. The class was in awe.

As the class went on I sent her texts which made her show off every part of her body. After she finished her lesson she sat down in her chair and proceeded to do some marking. I asked her a question to make her come to my desk. Once again she bent over. "Just keep your eyes down on my paper." I whispered to her Her eyes were locked on my paper.

I put my right hand under the desk and grazed her inner thigh. I slid my index finger slowly towards her vagina. She started breathing heavily but kept her eyes down on the paper, she didn't want to make a scene in front of the class. I reached her pussy; I started massaging it.

"Call me up to your desk." I whispered to her She stood up and walked over to her desk. A few minutes later she called me up to her desk to "talk to me about my grades." I walked up to her desk and pulled up a chair on her side. Her desk was one of those big old fashioned teacher's desks so nothing from the chest down was visible on the other side. I looked at her, she was looking around nervously; nobody had noticed what was going on behind the teacher's desk.

Her cheeks were red. She was embarrassed that she was getting wet from a student touching her pussy.

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"Don't worry, it is only natural for a slut to like having her pussy played with." I whispered "Slide your panties down." I rubbed the lips of her bare pussy. It was getting really wet. I slowly entered it with my index finger. I started fingering her oozing pussy. I yelled out "Oh sorry miss.rose, let me get that." So the whole class heard. I got on my knees pretending I dropped something and was going to pick it up.

I spread her legs wide and I brought my finger out of her pussy and used my hands to split her pussy lips apart. I brought my mouth to her pussy. I licked her lips before I entered her juicy pussy with my tongue.

This sent a quiver down her spine. I plunged my tongue deep into her pussy and started exploring every facet of it.

Apparently I found a sensitive part as I heard Mrs. Rose moan quietly. She covered her mouth. I spent more time on that spot. After some time she started shaking and quivering, her pussy juice started flowing more freely until finally she orgasmed. She had to squeeze her hand over her mouth to keep herself from moaning. Quite satisfied with myself, I slurped up what juices I could and then withdrew my tongue from her pussy. I wiped off her juice from my lips. I sat back on my chair.

"Well aren't you going to thank me for making you orgasm" I asked "Just get out of here pervert." She answered angrily "Well that's impolite of you, just for that I'm going to bring you something very special to wear for tomorrow." I said as I left. I sat down in her chair, took out my cell phone, and put it on video. "Now I want you to return the clothes I so graciously gave you." I smiled "I'm not wearing anything underneath though!" "Exactly." She reluctantly peeled her shirt up to her boobs.

She paused for a few seconds. "Go on" I said She took it off slowly, letting her breasts free. I was in awe. Her breasts were magnificent. They were big and round but at the same time were completely sag free. Her light nipples were medium in size but they were extremely pointy. then she removed her skirt.She finally got them off. "Give me the clothes." "What I can't my other clothes are in the teacher's lounge, I can't walk around the school naked." "Ummm alright.

I'll let you earn them back. Come over here." She walked over I grabbed her hips and pulled her down so she was sitting on my lap.

I grabbed her breast with my left hand and I started playing with her hardened nipple.


She shivered, but she knew she couldn't do anything to make me stop. " I unzipped my jeans and whipped out my 7 inch cock.


"Touch it." She reluctantly touched it with her index finger. "Good now put your fingers around it." She did.

It felt so warm and good. I was getting this all on video too. "Mmmm good now get on your knees." She did, she feared what she would hear next. "lick the tip of my head." "NO please that's gross." "Do it." She slowly brought her mouth closer to my head and she quickly touched the tip with her tongue and withdrew it; sending a jolt through my entire body.

Circle my head with your tongue now. She slowly circled the head of my cock with her tongue. It tickled, it felt so good. "Now put your lips on my cock head." She did, her lips felt like pillow for my cock. "Slowly deep throat now" She swallowed my cock slowly. It felt so wet and warm, I loved it. She started sucking slowly.

I laid back; waving my left hand through her silky hair while filming with my right hand. "Faster" She started bobbing her head faster and faster. I finally came and exploded in her mouth. "Mmm good, open your mouth wide." She did, there was a lot of cum in her mouth, I filmed it. "Now swallow it." She reluctantly did. She showed me her mouth after. I was satisfied. I zipped up my pants and stood up.

"Nice, you are quite the cock sucker " I smiled as I tossed her the clothes and left.