A big black cock for a brunette

A big black cock for a brunette
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Louise and her mother, Rose, moved into the house next door in January. Rose was elderly and bedridden, and they had moved from the country to be nearer to doctors and the hospital. Louise was about 45 years old, with brownish hair that was beginning to gray. She was about 5'8" tall and weighed about 140 pounds, with a pretty good figure, but was a plain-looking woman in the face.

There was no man in the household, Mom found soon after they moved in that Louise had never been married as they had always taken care of her mother. My household consisted of my mother, Angela, my father Sal, my sister Grace who was about 18 months younger than I, and me.

I was still in high school and was about 5'11" tall, athletic build, weighed 170 pounds, had dark brown hair and brown eyes. I considered myself average looking.

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Grace was about 5'3" tall, 100 pounds, nice figure with a good set of boobs that my friends liked to ogle. Her hair was long and brown, and her eyes were big and brown.

She was a pretty girl, but not yet dating. As far as I knew she was still a virgin. She was sort of shy, unlike her best friend Tammy, who was thin as a rail, 5'7" tall and 95 pounds soaking wet. She had blond hair and blue eyes, small boobs and a tight little ass.

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She, like Grace, did not date, as her parents would not permit it until she reached a certain age. Two months after Louise and Rose moved in Rose died. Mom would visit with Louise every few days to keep her company as would Janet, another neighbor. Janet lived in the house on the other side of Louise and I rarely saw them. I knew she had a husband who look to be older than her and that they had no children.


Janet did not look like a movie star, but she had a nice butt, good rack, and a pretty face. One evening I overhead Mom talking to Dad about Louise.

"Sal, that woman does not wear panties. She said her daddy said it was a waste of money.

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She also told me she has never been with a man. Can you imagine a 47 year-old virgin? She is nice, though, but sort of backward. Don't you get any ideas about popping her cherry Sal Rizzo!!" A week after school was out for the summer, Louise sprained her ankle and Mom volunteered Grace and me to help her out. Usually it was Grace, and Tammy, mostly getting Louise into the shower and dressed. I heard them giggling about how Louise did not wear panties. One evening Grace called me from Louise's house and said she had just finished her shower and that she in the bed, but Grace wanted to go see a movie and would I come and sit with Louise until she went to sleep.

Also I would need to rub her ankle and leg some as it was hurting. I told her I would be right over.


Grace opened the door and led me to Louise's bedroom, where she was propped up with a sheet pulled up over her legs. We exchanged pleasantries and then Grace left. "Well, Louise, let me see that foot and leg. I have experience with sprains from my ball playing." She told me to move the sheet and she spread her legs out and damn, I could plainly see her pussy.

"It is hurting from the ankle up to the knee, sometimes up higher," Louise said.

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"I'll try to help you" and I began to lightly rub her lower leg." "oh, that feels good." I leaned over and kissed her foot and said, "let Billy kiss boo-boo away." Louise laughed, and I began to kiss upward on her leg. I kissed up to her knee and moved her house coat to go higher. "How does that feel, Louise?" "It feels good" she said in a shaky voce. I continued higher till I got to her labia and kissed it.

Louise jumped and said, "Billy, what are you…" And she stopped as my tongue hit her clitoris. She began to moan. I now surrounded her clit with my lips and began to such. Louise was moaning "don't, don't , oh god, oh god, what are you doing to me." and then she orgasmed. Finally, she said, "Billy, what did you do to me—that was the most wonderful thing. I know it was bad, but it felt so good." "Louise, if you trust me there will be more good things to come.

O.K?" With that I took my shorts off and climbed on the bed with her and began kiss her. She told she had never been kissed. We kissed a while, then began to French—she was a quick learner, but my cock was aching. I told her I would like to fuck her and asked when her last period was. She said it was three days ago. So I was good to go bareback. I explained to her it would probably hurt a little, but then feel so good.

She agreed to try. I mounted her missionary style and aimed my cock at her soaking wet vagina. As it entered it soon met resistance, and I told her to let my cock rest there a minute, and for her to get on top. We rolled over and I took one hand and rubbed her pussy, got it wet and began to finger her anus.

This excited her and now she was beginning to push on my cock—then there it went, she squealed in pain, but I was in. Her cunt was so tight. I told her to move slowly up and down on my rod. I stuck one finger in her ass and was finger fucking it when she began to cum—now she was humping up and down and the bed was almost bouncing off the floor. I felt my cum shooting through my cock and into her vagina. All the time she was moaning, how great it was, and she came again when she felt my cum enter her.

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We kissed and messed around and once again my cock was had. I asked Louise if she was ready for another go at it. She pulled me on top of her, took her hand and guided my cock to her vagina like a pro. Once again, we began to fuck like crazy. I lasted longer and now we both were sweating. Louise was cuming, but I was not yet ready. I pulled her over on top of me and now she went wild again—I guess she liked being in charge.

She was sitting up driving my 6 in cock into her as far as it would go—then I began to squirt into her again. I glanced at the door and saw Tammy hiding. She had apparently been watching. The sneaking little bitch. We relaxed on the bed a while, then I went to bathroom to get wash clothes and towels to clean up. Louise told me she could not believe what she had been missing all this time, and asked if I could come back.

I told her it would have to be a secret and not tell my Mom. She agreed. She cleaned up, and then went to sleep. I went to the living room and saw Tammy sitting there. "Tammy, what the hell are you doing here" I shouted.

She told she thought Grace was here. "Imagine my surprise when I see your face in that woman's pussy and then you let her ride your cock. It's a wonder the bed did not break.

Wait till I tell your sister.

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She is going to be pissed." I told her that she is not going to tell anybody. She said, "what are you going to do to stop me?" I just looked at her and said, "you just better not." Then she told me we could make a deal. "I am a virgin, but I want to get fucked, and I want my pussy eaten. My parents will not let out of the house except to visit Grace and a couple of other girls. We all talk about getting fucked. " "Even Grace?" "Yes, even Grace, and guess whose cock she sneaked a peak at while he was sleeping?

"Whose?" "yours." "you're kidding." "Nope, she wants to fuck you in a bad way, big boy." "Not going to happen," I said, "she's my sister.

All the time Tammy was removing her clothes and moving towards me. She grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom where Rose had stayed. Then she removed my clothes and pulled me on the bed and told me to start by kissing her toes, then move up to her pussy.

Then she wanted me to French kiss her, then kiss her tits and move down kissing her stomach. Finally I reached her pussy mound, covered with just a few hairs. I spread the lips apart, found the clit and began sucking. Tammy was hot, and within seconds she was cuming.


She was sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow and then I came in her mouth. She swallowed all my cum. I then rammed my tongue in her opening and swirled it around, she was moaning and grunting, and telling me to fuck her now.

I then moved up on her, rubbed my cock all around her cunt. She wanted to get on top, we rolled over, and again I moistened my hand with her pussy juices and put it on her tight little ass. I rubbed my finger all around her rosebud, then as my cock was resting against her hymen, I pushed my finger in her ass.

Tammy groaned and pushed hard on my cock and drove it against her hymen, busting her cherry as I entered her extremely tight little pussy. She began to cry but continued to move up and down. I asked about her period and she told me it was due to start in three days. I had already cum multiple times today, so it was going to take me a while with Tammy. She was a trooper, though. She was bouncing up and down and I was kissing her little tits, and the sweat was pouring off her.

She was soaking wet and then she had another orgasm. She finally told me she was tired and wanted to get on the bottom, so we rolled over and I pulled her to the edge of the bed, I stood up and rammed my cock back into her bloody and cum soaked cunt.

I looked out the window and I saw Janet standing on porch looking in, with her hand on her crotch and smiling. She gave me a thumbs up and then finally I shot my wad deep into Tammy's soaking wet cunt. To be continued.