My male doctor sucked my dick gay first time James came back after

My male doctor sucked my dick gay first time James came back after
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Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author.

Part 2 Harry woke the next morning with his head pounding. He could feel the mixture of last nights drinks resting in his stomach and it made him feel sick. Although he had been drinking a lot recently he'd never really experienced a hangover before and he became worried that something was wrong with him.

Not as worried as when he opened his eyes however. 'What the fuck!' he thought to himself as he realised a half naked Hermione was pressed against him.

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Not only that but his hand was still in her pants, a finger still inserted into her pussy. He panicked and tried to remove his finger from her, and as he pulled out she let out a small moan in her sleep. 'Ohh that's it Ron' Hermione whimpered as she rolled over. Holy shit Ron. What had he done?!

His memories of the night before were blurred and he couldn't remember how far he'd gone with Hermione, or how this had even happened. Guilt instantly pulsed through him as he realised that he had betrayed his friendship with Ron as well as cheating on his girlfriend whilst she slept upstairs. What was he going to do? He loved Ginny and if she found out about this it would break her heart, and he couldn't do that to her. But could he carry on with her pretending that this never happened?

And Ron. His best friend for 7 years, and he'd done this behind his back, with the girl that he'd been chasing for the last few years. The guilt sunk in and Harry could feel himself about to throw up so he rushed to the back door. The sound of Harry being sick had woken Hermione up and she was shocked as she realised her top had been pulled up so that her boobs were out. There was also a lot of dried cum all over them.

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Memories of what she had happened with Harry last night came flooding back to her, and she panicked hoping that no one had come down from bed early and seen them lying together.

It seem like they hadn't. They must all be enjoying a lie in, nursing hangovers of their own. She needed to decide what she was going to do next. She was aware that she'd betrayed Ron and least of all with Harry.


If Ron ever found out about this it would ruin him, and she was going to make sure that he never did. She thought to herself 'could she really live happily with Ron knowing that she had done this with Harry?'. But then a plan formulated in her mind. A plan which would allow the three of them, and Ginny, to go on without ever knowing this had happened.


'Harry could you come in here please?' she called through to the front door where Harry had finally stopped being sick, and was just sat down with his head hung in shame. Harry looked up and realised Hermione was awake. He hoped that she knew exactly what happened last night because he really feared about how far he had gone with her. Harry wasn't ashamed at the fact he was 18 and a virgin.

He would be ashamed however if he had lost it last night. Not that there was anything wrong with Hermione, she just wasn't Ginny. Ever since Harry had discovered relationships and sex he'd always wanted Ginny to be his first and hopefully only.

'Come on Harry sit down, we need to talk' said Hermione as Harry walked over and sat down next to her. 'Look about last night.' 'Hermione' Harry cut across her 'I need to know what happened! How far did we go?' 'Oh we didn't have sex if that's what you mean. We just played about with each other and you came on my tits' She replied pulling down her loose top to show him the dried cum on her chest. Harry couldn't believe she was being so open about it and at the sight of her large, round tits felt a twinge in his cock, only adding to the guilt.

'Okay, but what are we going to do about Ginny and Ron? I feel so guilty' asked Harry. 'Look I've got a plan' said Hermione.

'I feel sick even considering it but it would save both our relationships'.

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'What's the plan?' 'Okay' Hermione explained 'we tidy up these beds and ourselves and make it look like I slept on the sofa and you slept on the floor alone. Then I'll wipe both our memories. If we can't remember what happened then we're not going to feel guilty.' Harry considered this idea for a minute. Could he really wipe away the memory and pretend that it never happened? 'Would that work? How would it save the relationships?' He asked. 'Well at the moment I think everyone's still in bed, so we're the only ones who know.

So if we forget the memories then no one would know, and no one would get hurt.' said Hermione. 'Lets do it.' So they got to work making themselves more presentable and cleaning up the living room floor until finally they were ready and were sat on the sofa. 'Okay Harry are you ready?' Hermione asked as Harry nodded his head.

'Three. Two. One. Obliviate.' ***** Ginny rolled over and cuddled her pillow as she woke up. Looking down at the camp bed she realised her cousins must have already got up and left the bedroom. Then again she could hear the rumblings of all the family moving about down stairs.

She'd be glad when the distant relatives left and the house could resume its normal layout. She always enjoyed sharing her room with Hermione because they got on so well and would spend most nights gossiping about the boys or talking about girly stuff like clothes and shoes. But for the last two nights she been sharing her room with her two twin cousins Beth and Nicole, and she couldn't stand them.

They were both now 11 and would be starting Hogwarts in a few weeks where no doubt Ginny would have to put up with them talking to her. Thankful of the privacy Ginny rolled over onto her back. She was desperately horny and Harry didn't seem to want to do anything about it. Although she was annoyed that Harry kept turning down her advances she didn't mind much as she knew one day he'd be ready to make love to her.

For the mean time she'd just have to take matters into her own hands, literally. Ginny had started masturbating last year at Hogwarts. She had heard the girls in her dormitory talking about it and sometimes doing it when they thought that everyone was asleep, but she had always thought that the act itself was dirty. That was until last year whilst she longed for Harry whilst he was away she found herself begin to touch herself and enjoy the pleasure that came with it.

Since the battle had finished a few weeks earlier she had expected that she would no longer have to pleasure herself and that Harry would be eager to do it himself.

She knew what teenage boys were like. When she had dated Dean Thomas in her 5th year where she always had to put up with his attempts to persuade her to have sex with him, but she had always said no, saving herself for Harry in case his feelings ever changed for her. So with thoughts of Harry she unclipped her bra and and threw it onto the floor, lying back and getting relaxed.

She pushed her tits together, squeezing the gently. She loved playing with her boobs and had always wondered what it would feel like if Harry was doing it. So she pretended that they were Harry's hands and not hers as she began to pinch her hard nipples, moaning quietly to herself. After a few minutes of changing between squeezing her boobs and rubbing her nipples, her arousal increased and she reached down into her panties.

She was already so wet and had left a wet patch on her pants. She had experimented with different ways of masturbating and found that she liked it best when she started by rubbing her most sensitive area.

So she began to rub her clit in small circles as the pleasure shot through her body. She knew it wouldn't be long until she got off if she carried on like this so she inserted two fingers into her tight virgin pussy. Whilst she pumped 2 fingers into herself she brought her other hand up and continued with rubber her nipples.

'Holy shit that feels good' she moaned, biting her lip to stop herself crying out loud in pleasure. She could feel herself getting close, so as she turned and buried her head in her pillow as she reached her end. Arching her back up of off the bed so let out a muffled cry into her pillow as her orgasm ran through her. All the time she continued to pump 2 fingers into her wet pussy, prolonging her orgasm, until finally she lay panting, sweat all over her body and her pussy juice leaking on to her hand.

***** Harry was downstairs enjoying Mrs Weasleys fabulous cooking when Ginny walked down and gave him a quick kiss, taking the seat next to him at the table. 'Good morning beautiful' he said, lowing his hand under the table and holding hers as he continued to eat his breakfast.

'Ahhh you're finally up Ginny, your cousins will be leaving soon and I want you to help pack their stuff away' said Mrs Weasley as she walked in from the back yard where she'd been feeding the chickens. Ginny looked at Harry and rolled her eyes. She'd told him days before about how annoying she found her cousins, but it only amused him greatly that she'd had to spend the last two nights listening to them asking complicated and far fetched questions about Hogwarts.

'Oh and Harry dear uncle Billis has left now so once you've finished your breakfast could you kindly move your bedding back into Ron's bedroom please' continued Mrs Weasley. 'Sure thing Mrs Weasley' responded Harry as he finished his last piece of bacon and excused himself from the table. As Harry entered Ron's room he dropped everything he was holding and turned away in disgust as he caught Ron lying on his bed, boxers round his ankles, stroking his erect cock.

'Shit sorry Harry' Ron said whilst covering himself up. 'Its just me and Hermione haven't been able to do anything with all this family around and a man has his needs after all.' 'Yeah well I should hope not with your great uncle stopping in your room, he'd probably have a heart attack if he woke up to you and Hermione going at it.' laughed Harry. 'Yeah well I'm glad he's gone, his snoring was a nightmare' Ron muttered, still looking a bit embarrassed as his cheeks had turned the same colour as his hair.

'Anyway fancy a game of Quidditch later? With Bill and Charlie still here, and a few of my cousins still around somewhere we could have a decent sized game.' 'Yeah sure thing' said Harry getting flask backs off Ginny wrapped around his broom, he turned away so that Ron wouldn't see his growing erection.

***** The quidditch match had lasted hours and everyone had returned just in time for dinner completely exhausted.

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So as they all settled down to eat, small conversations broke out around the table. 'You know what Harry I cant wait for the first Chudley Cannons game' said Ron as he started shovelling food onto his plate. At this point George leaned over to Harry and Ron and said 'Ohh yeah I forgot to tell you guys that Alice Spinnet and Katie Bell have been signed up for the Cannons first team on a four year deal.' 'Where the hell have you heard that from?' demanded Ron.

'They're not releasing a statement about new signings until next week!' 'I heard it off of Angelina, she is best mates with them after all' responded George. George had informed them all around a week ago that he had started dating his old quidditch mate Angelina Johnson.

In the days after the war she had come to comfort George as he fell into a deep depression after the death of his twin brother Fred.

Once she had helped him through his grieving they had bonded and were making a go of a relationship, with Angelina even moving into the flat above the shop with him. Now that she was away training for pre season with the Hollyhead Harpies however George had moved back into The Burrow temporarily. 'Wow, that's got me even more excited for the season! If we can get a better seeker we might even have a shot at the title.' said Ron.

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At this Harry felt a bit guilty. After the war Harry had become more famous than ever. Kingsley Shacklebolt had taken over as Minister for Magic and had offered Harry a role as a Auror. It had been his dream job but only because he had felt it would assist him in his aim of destroying Voldemort.

So after he had publicly refused a role at the ministry lucrative offers had come in for him from every quidditch team in Britain. There had even been a offer of 5 million galleons a year to play in America.


But Harry had turned them all down as he just wanted to spend some time with the people he loves. Ron was still a bit upset and jealous of the fact that Harry had turned down an offer to get straight into the Chudley Cannons first team when he had worked hard through the trials for their under 20's team.

He still hadn't heard from them as to whether he had made the squad yet but hoped that he should receive an owl in the next few days. ***** Harry was sitting in Ron's room alone on the camp bed. Everyone else was still downstairs enjoying a chat after they had finished their dinner.

But Harry had felt tired so had come upstairs for a bit of rest. Just when he was thinking of getting into bed and getting an early night Ron had walked into the room, looking like he was about to be sick and was disgruntled about something. 'Harry, this is going to be awkward for the both of us but I need to talk to you!' said Ron. Huh? Harry didn't have any idea where this was going so he just looked blankly at Ron until he continued. 'I know about yesterday!' To Be Continued.

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