Young boys jerk each other cumshot gay He sells his taut bootie for

Young boys jerk each other cumshot gay He sells his taut bootie for
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Jake drove home, played some video games, and then noticed that it was getting close to 7. He showered, shaved his pubic hair and balls for good measure, and got dressed. Jake threw on a pair of boxer briefs that accentuated his package, stepped into a pair of jeans and threw a t-shirt.

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He let his parents he was going to go work on a school project as he left the house. He knocked on the Ms Dyers door at 6:59. She opened the door, wearing a hot pink robe and heels, her hair done in a ponytail, and lightly applied makeup. She walked him through to the spare bedroom. Instructed him to take his clothes off, leaving only his underwear on, and come out when he was ready. He walked out in his boxers. She eyed him up and down, clapping her hands "marvelous" she announced to herself.

She then led him to the kitchen, where he noticed a rope, and a blindfold. She pulled out a chair and instructed Jake to sit. Her heels clicked as she walked across the hardwood floor to the kitchen table, "You, Mr Stevens, don't have to do any work" Ms Dyers informed Jake. Picking up the rope, she proceeded to tie his hands behind the chair, blindfolded him. "Relax," she whispered into his ear. "You're about to have the best sex you've ever had." He could hear her heels clicking, circling around him, before stopping in front of him.

He felt her put her hands on his knees, as she knelt down between them. Her hands moved up his thigh, resting on his thinly covered genitals. He felt the movement of fabric, her fingers fished his flaccid cock out of his underwear.

"No no no, this will not suffice." He felt a warm wetness surround his cock, lips tightened around the shaft. Trying to suck start his cock to life, it worked.

His cock started to swell enough that he could feel her bobbing her head up and down, her mouth swallowing the length of his rapidly hardening shaft. Catching her breath, Ms Dyers removed her mouth from around his member. The cool air hit his cock, causing it to jump. Jake felt hands pushing on his knees. Mrs dyers stood up, he heard her heels click on either side of him, her inner thighs made contact with his legs, a hand grabbed the base of his cock, he felt a the heat from her pussy as she slowly lowered herself onto him.

Jake could hear her moan out in ecstasy as his cock filled her up. He felt a set of lips on his, he opened his mouth, accepting her tongue, they kissed passionately as she rode his cock, slowly working her hips up and down. He could feel her juices running down his shaft, pooling on his balls. The kissing stopped, Jake sighed, licking his lips, he felt the pillowy flesh of a breast being pushed against his face, he opened his mouth, kissing around, finding the erect nipple he was aiming for.

He latched on and suckled, drawing a moan of pleasure from his lover. A hand had moved to the back of his head, pulling him in closer. The pace on his cock quickened. His balls soaked with the pussy juices of his teacher. His breathing quickened, he was close. He felt a hand carress his balls, kneading them gently.

"Cum for me" his teachers voice said, "fill me up" his balls recieved a playful squeeze. As if on cue, his balls emptied their seed inside the waiting depths of his English teacher riding him.

Her hips rocked on him, enjoying his cock. They sat there for a few moments, both breathing heavily. He felt a light kiss on his forehead as the warmth that surrounded his cock rose up, stopping at the very tip of his dick. He could feel his cum dripping onto his cock head, dripping down the shaft. A clicking of heels, hands on his knees, and he felt the suction of ms dyers mouth along his shaft, cleaning his juices off the tip of his cock.

She continued licking his shaft, then suckled his scrotum, cleaning up the last of his seed off. He felt her stand up, walk out of and back into the room.

She untied the ropes, her heels clicking as she left the kitchen again. He rubbed his wrists, where the ropes had been tightest, before removing his blindfold. Jake scanned the room, his eyes adjusting to the light. He found his clothes on the kitchen table, on top was a note, "you're dismissed" it read simply.

Jake dressed himself, scrawling "thanks" on the back side of the note and drove home. Falling asleep seconds after his head touched the pillow. The next three weeks flew by. Alexis had demanded more money to go shopping with, now they were even.

Jake and Katie hadn't had a lot of time to spend together, both being extremely busy with schoolwork and sports. They hadn't been able to have sex again, but Katie had sucked him off a few times during lunch, but that was about it. Fortunately, Jake had been summoned to Ms Dyers house multiple times the last few weeks, sometimes on school nights, sometimes the middle of the day on a weekend.

Each time she answered the door in a bathrobe, she always kept him blindfolded and his hands bound, sometimes with rope, sometimes with cuffs. The positions changed however, first it was the couch where she finished him with her mouth, then the foyer, where she took him as soon as he walked in, she jerked him off that time, he had wondered where his jizz had fallen, maybe her tits?

Or maybe it was her face? Jake thought to himself when he had driven home that night. They did it in her bed, the floor, the kitchen counter, wherever Ms Dyers wanted. Every time was the same, she would free his hands and leave the room before he could remove the blindfold. He had come to enjoy it, being at her mercy, the sensations on his cock seemed amplified. The bell had just rung, ending his English class, Ms Dyers stopped him on the way out. "My house 7pm, park down the street, and walk up" she instructed.

Jake nodded and went to his next class. He met with Katie at lunch, they ate and as they were walking back to school from the parking lot, she was grinning ear to ear "guess what I'm doing tonight" she asked rhetorically.

Before Jake had a chance to answer, she chimed, "Prom is coming up in a month, I'm dress shopping tonight." Jake had completely forgotten that prom was coming up so soon.

"I'll let you know what color tie to get" Kate said, kissing him on the cheek before taking off to her class "oh and check your email when you get home!" The rest of the day was pretty easy. Practice was cancelled that day, so Jake got home earlier than expected. He logged on and checked his email. Katie had edited and sent him the video of her "punishment" he sat down and watched it, his cock growing stiff in his constricting jeans. It had been a couple of days since he had cum.

So he shucked his jeans off and slowly jerked his cock as he watched him fuck his girlfriend.

She did a good job editing the video, she had rotated through each of the angles in a tasteful manner. He shot his load watching his girlfriend cum on his cock. "At least ill last a bit longer tonight" Jake thought to himself. Jake cleaned up his mess, started a load of load of laundry. Throwing a towel around his waist he went to the bathroom intent on taking a shower. His sister was in front of the mirror, applying makeup to herself.

Jake stared at her quizzically "Makeup? Since when have you worn makeup?" "Since I'm a grown woman and I make my own decisions perv, I still haven't forgotten that you molested me while I slept" she retorted, "besides, I have a date tonight" "wow," Jake replied in a mix of genuine surprise and sarcasm "Alexis has a date? I'm impressed. What's his name?" Jake asked, arms folded leaning against the doorframe "It's a blind date, a friend of mine is introducing us" she countered finishing applying her makeup, Alexis walked out of the bathroom, Jake watched as she walked past him, her curly hair bounced on gently on her shoulders.

Jake's gaze fell to her ass which filled out her jeans nicely, Jake continued to stare in disbelief at his sister walked to her room. "At least she's getting out of the house" Jake muttered to himself, walking into the bathroom, and stepped in the shower. Shaving his cock and balls, ensuring they were as smooth as they could be for Ms Dyers enjoyment tonight. He made himself a sandwich and grabbed some chips and ate, trying to concentrate on his homework.

Time creeped by, he looked at his phone, it was time. He walked downstairs and jumped in his jeep, taking off towards Ms Dyers house. He parked down the street, and walked the remaining distance to her house.


Jake knocked on the door, "Just a minute" he heard from behind the door. Ms dyers opened the door, instead of her normal bathrobe and heels, she stood there barefoot, in jeans and a tank top, showing off her enticing cleavage.


"You look nice," Jake opened "where's the robe?" Jake continued. "Take a seat," Ms Dyers said, pointing at the couch. She sat down next to him, curling one of her legs under her, leaning into him. She placed a hand on his chest and looked into his eyes. "I told a friend about you" she stated "She wants to meet you" "OK?" Jake replied quizzically. "Is she coming over I take it?" "Oh, she's already here, waiting for you. But here's the thing, she wants this to remain anonymous.

Here, put this on" as Ms Dyers handed Jake a leather mask, he put it on. He felt like a Mexican wrestler, it covered his entire face, with a cutout for his eyes, nose, mouth and chin, it zippered at the back. He had a hard time hearing, since the mask covered his ears. He undressed, standing in the living room, flaccid cock dangling between his legs "How do I look?" Jake asked, Ms Dyers licked her lips, as she eyed his muscular physique. "Very nice" she said. She took his hand and led him to the bedroom.

She cracked the door open standing behind him she stood on her toes, whispered "give her the best night of her life, and I will give you some of the best nights of your life" she slapped him on the butt as he walked through the door, closing the door behind him.

He could hear soft R&B music playing in the room, it was muffled slightly due to the mask, but it created a romantic atmosphere, the dimly lit room added to the ambiance.

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Jakes eyes had to adjust, he noticed a lithe body laying on the bed he could tell she was wearing a mask as well, her hair spread about the pillow, one arm resting over her head, her perky breasts contained in a bra.

His eyes moved down her body, her stomach was nicely toned, her second arm draped along her side, her hand covering her mound, he could detect a slight amount of movement between her legs. His cock twitched "She's playing with herself, waiting for me" he thought. He stepped forward, and moved his way up the bed. As he reached her face, a set of pink eyes stared at him from behind a feminine white and pink mask. "I've been waiting for this for a long time" Jake managed to hear over the music.

Jake smiled, leaned down and kissed the masked maiden below him. Her hand, previously resting above her head, had moved behind his head pulling him in closer as their tongues danced. She had removed her hand from her scantily clad pussy, her fingers, slick with her juices traced down his back, her nails gently dug into his back. He broke the kiss, Using one arm to prop himself up, his other roamed across the lithe body laying beneath him, starting at her shoulder, he worked his way down, softly caressing her skin, his fingers trailed in between her contained breasts, he gently cupped each of her breasts, a thin lacy fabric was all that separated his fingers from her perky breast.

He kissed her gently on the lips, then the cheek, neck and slowly moved his way down her body. As he neared her navel, he gave it a soft kiss, ticklish, she giggled slightly. She raised her legs, her feet resting next to her ass, her knees in the air. His head lowered, he kissed over the thin lace covering her pubic mound, his face reaching the warmth between her thighs, teased her. Dragging the length of his tongue, over the fabric covering her loins, he could barely taste her through the fabric.

He continued his tease, kissing the inside of one thigh, then the same location on the other, he worked his way in, returning to her covered loins, he licked his way up and down either side of the fabric of her panties. Jake placed his arms under and around her thighs, his hands resting on her hips, he took one of his hands, and pulled the fabric of her panties to one side exposing her bald cunt, Jake inhaled this mystery woman's scent, he was in heaven.

His mouth latched onto her dripping pussy, his tongue licking around her depths, starting at her labia, working in smaller and smaller circles until his tongue was licking her slit. Jake continued his gentle assault on her frothing loins, before his mouth moved north, keying in on her clit. He intensified his assault, his tongue working its magic on her clit. He could hear her muffled moans through the mask he was wearing, the woman raised her leg, her heel came down on his upper back, digging into his shoulder blades.

Jake brought a hand around to her cunt, he ran a finger along the slit, coating it with her juices. He stopped licking her cunt to raise head making eye contact before plunging his finger into her depths. She was tight, really tight. He continued working on her clit, slowly working another finger into her tight pussy, both fingers curled, massaging the soft tissue a few inches above the clit. He could see her breasts rise and fall as her breathing increased. She placed her hands on his head, running her fingers through Jake's hair, pulling his head in closer.

A shriek of pleasure echoed through the room, clearly audible over the music. "I'm cumming" the mystery woman's voice squealed. Jake slowed down his licking, savoring the flavor of this delicious cunt, allowing her to slowly come down from her orgasm. Jake raised himself slowly, kissing his way up the body before him, reaching the woman's lips, he kissed her, her lips opened, her tongue forcefully met his, she was eager to taste herself on his talented tongue.

Their tongues swirled until the woman broke the kiss, took a moment to catch her breath. "Sit on the bed" she managed to tell Jake. Jake rolled to the edge of the bed, letting his legs fall over the edge, he sat up. This woman stood in front of the window. Her body silhouetted against the Moonlight. She swayed her hips gracefully to the music, she allowed her hands to roam over her body, cupping her breasts, running through her hair, playfully slapping her ass.

This tease really got to Jake, his cock, still semi flaccid, swelled to full hardness. As the current song slowed this angel of a woman had stepped towards him, and knelt between his legs.

Her hands ran along the inside of Jakes thighs, fingers running through his thin thigh hair, sending chills through his body.

Her hands reached their target, cradling his testicles with her left while her right held the base of his hard cock. Her lips gently placed kisses at his head, following with licking his shaft. She placed her face on the underside of his cock, his balls resting on her chin and his shaft running along the middle of her face. His cock surged at the sight. He grabbed the sides of her head and guided her to his erect penis.

Jake could feel her mouth open, her teeth lightly grazed the underside of his cock as she struggled to compensate for his girth stretching the inside of her mouth.

Once she adjusted to his cock, her mouth felt like heaven. Her lips expertly sucked his head, it took every ounce of his concentration to not unload his seed into her mouth. He started to think about baseball, homework, anything to delay the tingling feeling that started to appear in his balls. The assault on his cock slowed, the expert mouth pulled itself off, catching it's breath, her hot breath felt good along his shaft.

The mystery woman suckled on each of his testicles, before she stood up and walked towards the door. "Where is she going?" Jake thought to himself, he was left alone on the bed, cock raging, for what felt like forever, but was only a few minutes, he looked at the door, two figures stood in the doorway. One was Ms Dyers, the taller of the two, in front was his mystery woman, her hair rested perfectly on her shoulders, framing her masked face.

The masked figure walked in first and stood between his legs, Ms Dyers walked in and took a seat in a chair in the corner. His masked angel leaned over, one knee on the bed, her lips next to his ear "I want her to watch," she whispered to him. Jake smelled her hair, it was a faint mix of strawberries and watermelon. The woman leaned forward, raising her other knee to the bed.

She was on all fours, her knees at the edge of the bed, her feet dangling off the edge. Jake leaned over, noticing her ass in a set of booty shorts, admiring the near perfect ass that was a foot from his face. He kneeled on the floor, his face nearly level with her covered pussy. He beamed over at Ms Dyers, her silhouetted head nodding in approval. He gently dug his teeth into the fleshy ass cheek that was before him. His hands moved to her hips, his fingers hooking into the sides of her panties, pulling them down to her knees.

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She raised each of her knees, allowing Jake to pull the lacy fabric off of this woman's legs. He tossed the panties to ms dyers, who caught them, and Jake could see her raise them to her nose, undoubtedly smelling the potent scent. Jake grabbed his erect cock with one hand, and the hip in front of him with the other.

The masked head looked over her shoulder and over the music said softly "go slow, it's been a while" Jake nodded, tapping her hip, acknowledging her statement. He guided the tip of his cock towards her entrance, slowly inserting his manhood. As tight as she was with one finger, she felt even tighter around his cock. She slid her hips back slowly, swallowing his shaft into her depths.

She stopped when her butt rested against his hips, his balls resting against her clit. "Fuck" she managed to moan, "I'm so full" Jake placed both hands on her hips, and slid out a few inches, and drove his cock back home. He was rewarded with a squeal of delight. He grasped at her hair, pulling her head back. He picked up his pace pounding away at this warm, velvety perfection of a pussy.

Soon her toes curled, and her feet rose up, her heels grazing the back of his thighs. She came, His cock dripping with her juices, coating his balls.

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She pulled herself forward, spinning herself around, lying on her chest. Her masked eyes looked at him with earnest, mouth open. Jake knew what to do. He took her hands and spun them around her back, pinning her wrists with one hand, his free hand grabbed the back of the woman's head, his fingers ran through her hair.

He thrust his hips forward, the tip of his cock finding its target.

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He fucked her face for a few thrusts, saliva dripping from her lower lip, and then allowed her to clean her juices off of him with her tongue. He toyed with her for a while, alternating thrusts and letting her tongue his cock. When he was satisfied, he removed his cock from her mouth. "Balls!" Jake grunted authoritatively, taking his hand off the back of her hair, lifted the tip of his cock, allowing her to thrust her tongue out, licking her juices off of his shaved scrotum.

He released his cock, which slapped her across the face of her mask. His hand returned behind her head, pulling her forward, closer to his balls, his cock sliding up the soft velvet, tickling the underside of his cock. A bit of precum dribbled out, falling in the roots of her hair, as she lapped at his balls as a kitten would with milk.

Jake released her hands, the masked woman's arm came up her hand gripping his cock, jerking it ferociously as she continued lapping at Jake's balls, no doubt giving Ms Dyers and excellent visual.

His balls tingled, he thrust his hips against her hand, his balls forcing themselves against her tongue. His balls lurched and his cock twitched. His opening salvos of cum shot straight up. Detecting his orgasm, she removed her mouth from his balls and aimed his cock to her mouth, locking her lips onto his head, she sucked him dry, wanting to taste his delicious milk straight from the source.

Jake looked down as this amazing woman sucked his cock for all it was worth. He noticed his first ejaculate landed in her hair while the second on the brow of her mask, staining the velvet fabric.

He emptied what was left in his balls into her mouth. Her eyes locked onto his, those pink eyes stared at him. She swallowed as much as she could but a little bit of Cum dripped out from the corner of her mouth, resting on her chin. His balls now empty, the woman beneath him stood up, a good six inches shorter than him, and got on her toes and kissed him on the lips, the cum on her chin transferred to his.

"Thank you" she simply said, before turning to the chair. "Can I use your shower?" she asked "Of course darling" Ms Dyers said, gingerly rubbing her clit before standing up. Jake sat on the bed, catching his breath, his deflating cock gently resting on his scrotum. Ms Dyers grabbed his clothes and sat them on the bed next to him.

"As much as I would like a turn with him you should probably go" she said. He grudgingly got dressed, left his mask on the coffee table, looked towards the bathroom, where heard the shower still running.

He walked towards the door as Ms Dyers let him out, she was now wearing her signature bathrobe. Jake walked down the front steps, turned around and asked "Who is she?" Shaking her head "She'll tell you when she is ready. I'll text you when it's time for your next extra credit" she said, before closing the door as Jake walked to his jeep and drove home. He walked in, lights were out, that meant his parents were asleep.

He sat down in the kitchen and helped himself to a bowl of ice cream. He needed the energy after tonight, Alexis walked in a few bites into his late night snack. She grabbed a bowl, and joined him. "How was your date he asked?" "I had a blast, we had so much fun" she said, seeming much more relaxed than she was earlier "How was your group project?" Alexis inquired, "Oh you know how it goes, we were sucking at first, but eventually we pushed through, and everyone came out happy with the result" he said softly laughing, technically he wasn't lying.

"Yeah that sounds like my night too!" she said licking ice cream off her spoon. "You got something on your chin," she pointed. He reached up, it was gooey. He played with it in his fingers, realizing it was his cum. "Must have been ice cream" Jake stammered, wiping his fingers on his jeans.

The continued making small talk as they finished their dessert. As she went to wash her bowl, "What happened to your hair?" Jake asked, noticing her hair was wet.

Alexis, puzzled, touched her hair, realizing it was damp, "Oh yeah, it rained on us in the park" she stated matter of factly before heading upstairs. "I don't remember it raining tonight" Jake thought to himself, before he finished his bowl of ice cream, and headed upstairs himself.