Morning nut bbc had to cum hard

Morning nut bbc had to cum hard
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As I stood in the kitchen looking out the window I watched Kevin come out of the barn. In all my life I have never seem a human being react to a good round of SEX as Kevin did.

He looked weak and stager a little as if he had been drinking, the blank look on his face was as if he had just smoked a pound of good weed. When he reached the porch I though he was going to fall over. As he came into the kitchen I told him to sit down before he fell down.

I asked him if he was hungry? He said; yes. I grabbed a riding crop off the wall and slapped it hard in front of him and said YES MASTER you little BITCH.

In that sweet girly voice he made the proper response. I would have force my sex slave make our late lunch, but he was pretty wiped out and my mode had changed. I didn't want him to fall asleep before I had the time and fun of humiliating my new cock sucking, cun swallowing, fagot sex slave.

Kevin was coming out of his daze as I took a couple of burgers to the table. I looked down at him and said, now kiss master cock and say thank you. I felt my dick twist as he did what was told. After eating I placed a dog caller around Kevin neck hooked on a chain leash and lead him to the bathroom. As we stood by the shower I turned took Kevin head in hand pulled out lips together and drove my tough down his throat. As I gave him a long wet sloppy kiss I could feel Kevin quiver.

I then looked him straight in the eyes and said. Are you my cock sucking cum swallowing boy toy? Yes Master. As I spoke I unhooked the chain leash and reached down to undo his leggings and let then fall to the floor. As my sex slave you do want to please me? Yes Master. I told him to get out of his legging and Moccasins, then get on his keens and take mine of while kissing my dick.

Kevin was a very good and obedience slave. After removing his Moccasins he went to his keens. Not only did he kiss my cock but he took it in his mouth and sucked as well. He reached down to unzip one of my Moccasins and gently removed it.

My dick was swelling in his mouth as he removed the other Moccasins. By the time he was lowering my legging, my dick was rock hard and I was now slowly humping his lips.

I place my hands in his hair as Kevin continue to suck, lap and kiss my hard on. I looked down at him and said, you bad, bad little fagot, how dare you get a hard on. You know your going to have to please me before I allow you the come.

With big sweet puppy eyes he looked up and said Yes Master it is my sole purpose to please my Master. Then you have my permission to jerk yourself of but not come while you finish sucking my rod.


Thank you Master was his reply. I was ready to blow my wade in his mouth; I started to hump his lips harder and faster. I could feel my Jizz building in my balls want to firer out and fill his mouth. Kevin must have been close to coming as well, because I noticed that he had stopped jacking off. In a loud voice I snapped out, You Fucking Bitch, keep jerking of but don't you dear blow your load.

I didn't give him a chance to answer as I humped his head harder and faster.

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Hitting the back of his throat till load after load of hot steaming Jizz filled him up. He swallowed every drop and licked my cock clean. With sad eyes he looked up and said Master my I please come now Please Master?

NO! But you can stop pulling your pud and get into the shower. Yes Master is all he said. Once we were in the shower with water running I order him to wash my body and to take his time with my dick and feet. He took the soap and started to lather my chest down to my belly, slowly worked the soap over both my arms them around to my back.

My Boy Toy was doing a great job; it felt so good and relaxing. Kevin slide the bar of soap between my ass cheeks, cause my dick to twitch as he slide one soapy finger inside me.

He moved to his keens to lather the back of both my legs. Wrapping his hand around my right ankle he lifted my foot up and slide the bar of soap over the sole, in between my toes and over the top of my foot. He then worked up a thick lather all over my foot and pulled my toes between his legs. Slowly he slide the head of his hard dick up and down my sole. OH YES! I sad, that feel so good, My Sissy Boy is working hard to please me.

You must really want to blow your wade. In a soft voice he said I want my Master to be happy with his cock-sucking Sissy.

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He treated the same way, by the time he finished I had yet another boner. I turned so he could work the front of my legs and my rock hard cock. As he soaped up the rest of my legs Kevin tough was licking pools of per Jizz from the tip of my cock. I spread my legs so he could lather up my balls and dick. I was in heaven has he used both hands to do so. After a few minutes of enjoying his wonderful soft gentle hand giving me a great massager I grab his hair and pulled him to his feet. Taking the soap I lather Kevin whole body.

I part using the soap and my own lathered up body. I saved his ass for last. Placing his hand high on the shower wall back to me I spread his feet apart. Once his ass was well lather I slowly pushed a finger in side his tight sweet bun hole. At the same time I was finger fucking my Toy I reached around and started beating Kevin still hard cock.

The faster I went the more his keens would shake and his body would quiver.

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I wanted to torment him, make him cry and beg to come. I kept calling him names like cock sucking fagot, sissy boy, bitch and whore. Telling him he wasn't allow to come yet.

Finally he started to beg for relief, Please Master, Please may I let go of my wade. NO! You fucking whore hole it back. Tears were now flowing down his cheeks and in a whiney girlish weak voice begged for relief. This only made me hotter then hot, I stepped behind him and rammed my dick into his sweet tight ass. I was so fucking honey, I was ready to blow my load before my dick head had even made it in side him. I was humping Kevin like a wild man. With each thrust fallow my balls slapped his ass and the heels of his feet came off the floor forcing him to his tiptoes.

I gave him permission to come; together we both shot our wades. His splashing against the wall mine was filling his tight but. When we were done and I stepped back my Jizz was oozing out I had filled it up so. Kevin had that weak daze look on his face again. But he did manage to remember to thank his Master for another great screwing. I took up a razor and told him to turn around and bend over.

Like the good slave he was he did as told. I stared to shave the hair off his ass. Just the parts he couldn't reach.

I pasted him the razor and told him to finish and to do his legs as well. I want my Sissy Boy legs clean, shaved and smooth. I rinsed of the soap and got out while Kevin while to work. By the time Kevin had finished I had trowel off, put on my Moccasins, bathrobe and folded our legging. The second he got out of the shower I put the leash back on him.

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Once dried of I old him to pick up the legging and his Moccasins. Naked and barefoot I lead him to the kitchen to get the rest of the Leather outfits we had worn early.

I then lead him to the bedroom where I took the leash off and told him to put away the leather, then go bend over the bed.

I kind of figure it out, but Kevin told me later how much he loved being humiliated and treated like Sissy boy toy. As he bent on the bed I took up a tube of K-Y jell and a vibrating but plug.

With the steady hum of the vibrate inserted up his ass I sat him in a chair in front of a vanity. And said you want to be a Sissy, I will make you a real Sissy Boy. Over the years old girl friend had left behind a lot of shit. I open the drawl and pulled out some bright pink nail plush. Told him to do both toe and finger nails. As he painted his nails I was coming and pinning his hair back, then put a hair net on him.


As the nails dried I went to work on his face. Aim no make up arties but I must say Kevin didn't come out half bad. Smooth tanned skin tone, rose cheeks, long eye leashes and sexy looking to boot and pink lipstick to match his nails.

I then made him put on a garter belt and bra. Some white nylon stocking and the white silk blouse he had on the night before.

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I then made him put on a light brown shirt that stopped just above his keens and had a wide black belt. Kevin was getting turn on because his boner had made a tent in the shirt.

I past him a pair of off white soft sole Thunderbirds Moccasins that matched his blouse. The last then was to stuff his bra to give him perky breasts and the long blonde wig. As I walked around him to admirer our work my dick stood out through my robe. I said my god you make a sexier woman then to do a man and that black dog caller really makes the outfit. I got dressed; put on my Moccasins grabbed the riding crop. As the but plug was still humming away I put the leash on him again.

Pulling on the leash I said lets go. Kevin asked Master where are we going? To Town I want to show off my new Sissy boy on Main Street. He pulled back saying No! No! Master please don't make me do that. Please Master. I crack the crop across his leg with an angry look on my face I said I aim going to humiliate the shit out of you, AND you do not get to put the vibrate out your ass till you get out of the truck and no under wear ether.

I lead him to the truck and drove off to Town. On the way he kept trying to wedge his hard on between his belly and the wide belt. But every time he moved, it would pop out. I kept laughing at him and calling him my fagot bitch, my cock sucking Sissy boy toy.

He sure was flushed by the time we hit Town. I pulled over at the beginning of Main Street. His cock was glisten form the precum that had ooze out.

I look right at him and said. I want you to walk down through Town on the right hand side. Half way down is a grocery store on the other side.

Hear is a list of some thing we need for Dinner. You don't shop. You don't eat or come. I will be waiting for you at the other end of the Street. Please your Master and Master will take good care of you. I took off his leash; now get on your keens, ass to me. Just before I pulled the vibrate out I reached between his legs and milked his dick a bit. Now get out girly boy.

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He stood by the open door and finally got his hard on behind the belt. I past him my cowboy hat and drove off, looking real humiliated. Ether Kevin was being a good sport or he was really getting into this. All I knew was I was wicket turn on watching walk the Street dressed like a sexy baby. I parked at the other end of Main Street so I could watch Kevin walking towards me.

Knowing I would want yet another blow job on the way home, I undid my jeans and pushed them down a little. I took Kevin over an hour to walk and shop.

I though my rod was going to pop as he walked up to the truck. He put the grocery in the back, as he climbed in I notice that he was breathing really heavy.

Before he sat down he pulled his dick form behind the belt. I told him to lift his shirt so I could see it. It was a bright red and swallowing rock hard.

I reached over and barely touch it went Jizz blow out hitting the windshield and dashboard. I didn't have to stroke it at all.

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Load after load kept shooting out. I have never seen so much Jizz come out of a cock as Kevin was now blowing all over my truck. After a minute or so each wade became smaller with least force to it finally came to a stop.

Kevin dick remained hard but he had all but pasted out. My blowjob would have to wait until he recovered. I drove off thinking I wish I had cot all the cum in his Moccasins and made him wear them full of sperm.

Half way home Kevin had recovered enough to dive down on my dick with out being told to. He was giving me the best head so far. I had to pull of the road some I could enjoy it. His head was bobbing up and down like a machine. He was sucking like a vacuum, One hand was gently messaging my balls as I stared to blow my load he brought his lips to my cock head and sucked the cum right out of me.

When finished I had a blood hard on and Kevin wouldn't quit. His head just kept bobbing and sucking, Bobbing and sucking. I was loving every second of it. Even when I was back on the road he kept working cock.

Once back at the ranch it still took another ten minutes for him to milk the last of my cum from my dick. Through out the summer Kevin spent many a weekend being my Soft Sole Sissy Boy Toy.

In the end he became quite the drag queen and was always will to please his master. But all good things do come to an end. Kevin's job took him to England. I wonder who he is pleasing now.