Blindfolded russian babe cheats on her bf

Blindfolded russian babe cheats on her bf
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Chapter One Layaway Vito lay across the bed, his pants peeking below his bright blue boxer briefs. His mind drifting into the fantasy. He caressed his briefs gently.

Placing his hand over his hot member. In his mind, a woman stood up. Only her back was visible. She slowly bent down, slipping her black panties off, kicking them off with her foot. Her bottom was pear-shaped but, voluptuous. Her skin was tan blended with peach. She had blondish brown hair that went to the end of her back.

The silk shirt seemed to float off and reveal her black lace bra, matching her underwear. She turned to undo the front strap. Just before she took the garment off, a loud knock came to the door. Vito quickly turned over, hiding his bulge, and pulled the pillow to his chin.

His mother peered through, asking if he was asleep. To fool his mother, Vito did not respond.


His mother closed the door and let him be. Vito turned over, repositioned, and pulled his member out of his briefs and began to massage the head in a circular motion.

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He scratched the thin coarse pubic hairs, feeling the curls. His fantasy continued. The woman stood, with only a black lace bra, hands her wide hips, connected to her thick, smooth legs, and looked him dead centre. Come here, she said motioning for Vito to approach. She put his hands on her wide hips and guided them across her soft, smooth belly.

Her built was wide and chubby, which was exactly how Vito liked his women. Her shoulders slouched slightly. Vito nervously unstrapped her bra. Once the click was heard, the cups popped out of place and she slowly revealed her large plump breasts. The nipple was pink and stood out, poking.

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The woman guided his hand across her chest, while Vito felt the soft areola. While his fantasy ran through his mind, he began to stroke his throbbing cock. Vito slowly raising his foreskin over the head. Pre cum leaked out and lubricated his strokes. Gradually, Vito's hand jerked faster and faster. The woman began to stroke Vito's shaft with her small hand. Her nails were long and had white tips. She looked him in the eye and said, cum on my face She stroked faster and faster.

Vito began to twitch as he became more violent in his pleasure. He could feel the sensation, the semen ready to erupt. All at once, his orgasm surged through his body. The sperm squirted from his head and splashed all over his bare stomach. More and more dripped down his shaft. He slowly stopped, breathing heavily. His eyes closed, and fingers dipped into the gooey semen. He rubbed it around his body.

Vito drifted off into a peaceful slumber. Chapter Two My Valkyrie The next day, Vito rode his bicycle to his best friend, Tyler's house.

Tyler's mother greeted him at the door, Oh, hi Vito. "Hello, Mrs. Jones. He replied. "Oh, Vito, I have told you, you can call Melissa, she said. "Um, okay. You can call me Vito too. How have you been? Vito entered into the home and slipped his shoes off. "Oh, well, John hasn't been home as much as he said he would. So, it's been pretty lonely lately. Tyler's in his room. Go ahead, he's just playing games, I think." Vito walked by her, grinning.

He knew that Tyler's mother was the woman in his fantasy from the night before. Melissa walked in, do you boys want lunch? "Um, sure, Tyler announced while diverting all his attention to the screen. "Alright, what would my two sons want? She said, jokingly. "How's about pizza rolls? Tyler asked. "Okay, honey. She closed the door. "Oh and mom?! Tyler shouted. "Yes? Melissa said, peering through the door "Do you mind if Vito spends the night?

"Oh, sure. As long as it's okay with his parents. "Alright!" Vito walked to the kitchen and stepped inside and peered to the left where Tyler's mother was doing laundry. She took a clump of clothes out of the dryer and shoved them into the basket. As she bent down, Vito took a look at her plump behind that had a neon striped pattern. Wow now, that is an ass I could smack.

Vito thought. His hand began to tremble, longing to just touch her body. She quickly turned around, seeing him nervously staring. "Hey, what's the matter Vito? Melissa asked. Oh, uh, nothing, Vito hesitated. Are you sure? We have food if you want something, she suggested. Oh, no I'm fine." Are you sure? Just tell me if you need anything." Vito gulped and started to brainstorm the answer he would have liked to say.

Oh, no I'm fine." Later that night, the two sat on the couch next to Melissa. Vito sat up to peek at her breasts. He looked down she had a silky white bra on under her bright orange collared shirt. He got up quickly to switch couches. Vito's heart pounded away and he became nervous.

His pants became slightly tighter. Melissa picked out a cigarette from her Marlboro pack and slipped it into her mouth. Hey, can you hand me my lighter? she asked. Sure. Vito replied. He grabbed the pink lighter on the glass table beside the couch. He flicked it to spark a small flame. Vito held the flame to the end of the cigarette and lit it up.

Melissa inhaled the first puff and blew it ever-so gently. She thanked Vito and shot him a giddy smile. Her deep blue eyes grew. She puffed the cigarette and shot the smoke into the air in an alluring way. Vito repositioned himself to hide his bulge. After the movie, Melissa announced that she was going to get ready for bed.

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Vito knew she slept nude and decided to try to peep on her. Do you want another pop? Vito asked Tyler. Yeah, sure. Tyler handed his near empty can to Vito. He then rushed to the master bedroom down the hall.

The door was cracked open with light pouring out. His hand creaked the door open. Melissa had only a white bra with hot red panties on. She was changing for bed. Vito's heart pounded against his chest and his throat closed up. The door slightly moved and a splintering creak reverberated throughout the room.

Vito disappeared to the bathroom down the hall. Melissa peered through the door, Tyler, did you need something? she bellowed. No mom. Tyler replied. Vito's heart was pulsing throughout his veins. He could see a damp circle on his pants following with an outline of his throbbing member. He took a deep breath and sat on the toilet top, catching his breath. Vito returned to the couch next to Tyler. Hey, where's my pop? Tyler asked. Oh, sorry.

Vito fetche d Tyler a can of root beer. Dude, I'm going to go to bed soon, Tyler explained. Just make sure you shut the T.V. off. There's blankets and pillows by the couch. A few minutes later, Tyler went to his room and closed the door. Vito lay back on the couch thinking about Tyler's mother. His body began to shiver from the thought of her plump behind covered by tight, bright, red panties.

His penis began to enlarge and felt it against his tan shorts. The room was illuminated by the moonlight. Vito sat up and decided to spy on Melissa. He crept across the hall, silently tip-toeing. His hand on the knob, slowly, trying not to make any noise. He peaked through the inch wide crack. He saw the bright light flashing from the television. Melissa lay under the covers with her head peeking out. Vito opened the door up more to peer his head all the way trough.

Vito Vito's heart skipped a beat and his whole body shivered. Vito, I can see you staring at me. Melissa sat up a little and pulled her arms over the covers. I want you to come over here." Um, what?

Vito replied nervously. I've noticed you looking at me, She said, And I'm flattered, and I need to know if you would like to act on your feelings." Uh- I don't- Vito hesitated. Come over here. She patted the bed and turned on the lamp beside the bed which made a soft light around the bed.

Um, alright. Vito approached the bed very cautiously. Come on, sit. Melissa patted the bed again. I'm fine, Vito hesitated. Chapter Three Danger Close Alright, alright. I saw you look down my shirt during the movie, trying to look at my girls, and I know you looked at me bending over earlier doing laundry, she smiled, "Now, I think your handsome young man, and want you to feel as comfortable as possible.

Vito's throat closed and his legs felt like jelly. Melissa's hands slid up the outside of Vito's shorts. Her fingers peeked over the waistline, rimming the top of the pants. Are you nervous? She asked, looking up at him. Vito nodded. Well, that's understandable. I think you were very attractive ever since I saw you play foot ball with your shirt off. One of her hands reached up his shirt and felt his abdominals. Oooh, very muscular.

She complimented. She ran her hands down his soft hair down his belly button. Her warm hands hugged his thigh. She squeezed his cheeks together. Wow! Nice butt! She exclaimed. Her fingers rimmed the waistline once again, stopping at the button.

Melissa carefully unbuttoned Vito's shorts. With a trying look in her eyes, she unzipped his shorts very slowly. Vito's eyes widened and mouth dropped. Saliva dripped down, moistening his plump lips.

Vito's pants fell to the floor. And his blue, striped boxers poked out. With the tip of her tongue hanging from her lips, she rubbed her palm against Vito's hard cock.

A wet stain formed near the head. Oooh, Melissa exclaimed, Cumming already? Well, I should hurry up and fuck you then. Vito's heart pounded, and his whole body pulsed with anxiety.

She slowly stood up, blankets slipping off her body. Her breasts plumped up. Vito looked all the way down to see her stomach, which slightly bulged out. Her belly button was deep and attractive. Melissa leaned in and puckered her pink lips. Vito's lips were touched gently by Melissa's. She smooched the top of his lip, moistening his mouth. After a moment of shared bliss, she continued to kiss down Vito's long neck. Her hand wrapping around his soft brown hair.

Her teeth dug slightly into his skin. Melissa placed her hands on Vito's ribs and ran her soft hands up his arms, while he reach to the sky. She grasp the end of the navy blue shirt, quickly pulling it over his head. His hair quaffed back into place and his moderately defined arms came down.

She stared, in amazement, at Vito's young semi-toned torso.


His skin was slightly fuzzed and cocoa tan. They're joined lips once again, making loud smacks. Melissa placed Vito's hand on her breast. Are they as good as you thought? she asked. Yeah, Vito stuttered. Better, I think." Mm. Well, Vito, your body is the best I've seen since I was in high school." Uh, yeah, Vito's cheeks swelled to a bright pink colour, I try to stay fit." Melissa pushed him to the bed, hopping on top of him.

Her fingers slid his boxers off and threw them to the wall. Vito's stick stood straight up, erect. Her fingers ran down his belly, teasing, wrapping around the pulsing cock.

She rubbed her hand up and down and massaged the head. His pubic hair was short and trimmed, making his cock seem even more gargantuan. Melissa jerked the skin, causing the sticky pre cum to ooze from the tip. Vito's face took a humorous pleasured shape. He felt her hot lips bind around the girth. Melissa's tongue pleased the bottom of the head. Licking from the base, up, she tasted a sweet, salty flavour on her tongue.

She continued lubricating, pleasing Vito's entire anatomy. Melissa grabbed a lustrous violet square package and unwrapped it. She slipped the condom on the hard shaft, unrolling it to the base. It had an orange tint and was ribbed at the base.

The package said, Her Pleasure: Ecstasy. She climbed up to his chest and mounted him like a steed. She slid his rock hard sausage into her moist vagina. Lowering her body, she sat up and began to rock her hips back and forth. Vito placed his hands on her flabby side, running his hands down her smooth legs. Her hole was slightly stretched but, fit near perfectly around his bulging cock. Light brown hair curled out from the slit of her pussy.

Vito began to thrust his pelvis into Melissa, grunting and pulling her body down to his waist. Melissa lost balance and leaned over Vito's perspiring chest, straining her arms to hold her weightless body. Vito slowed and looked at her mouth which was breathing heavily. Don't stop, Melissa panted, You're doing amazing They continued, thrusting violently. Causing slapping noises between their legs. Her plump breasts bounced as her body moved.

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Vito's face looked fierce as he moved his shaft into her wet, juicy pussy. He stopped in exhaust. Melissa panted heavily, feeling his chest. She glided her thumb down to his nipples and began to caress them.

She leaned over and stuck her hot tongue out, spreading her wet saliva all over Vito's body. She kissed up his neck. Are you close? Melissa muttered. Close? Vito responded, To Cumming?" Yes, She rolled on her side, letting her hand drift down to the base of his penis. She placed her thumb and two fingers on the rod, feeling his soft pubic hair. His hard dick was shaped with a light yellow over-skin.

She snuck her nail under the ring of the condom and lifted it slightly. Melissa stretched the tip out and saw the ring inch to the top of the helmet. Finally it popped off and was thrown on the ground. She stroked him gently. The skin peeked over the head and retreated. She continued, tightening her grip and going faster and faster. Pre cum began oozing from tip. She paused the motion, rubbing her fingers in circular motion at the tip, spreading the liquid around.

Vito's body twitched with excitement. Melissa leaned down to kiss him on the lips. Her mouth moved down, pecking his torso down to his waist. Her lips widened, wrapping around Vito's cock. He could feel her tongue flick his nerves. She bobbed her head slowly up and down, slurping the taste into her hot mouth.

Vito felt a soaking sensation pulsing through his body. He couldn't stand the tease any longer. It felt instantly unbelievable. His mouth was useless in trying to stop her. His hands clutched the bed sheets. Melissa stopped. A string of saliva hang from her lip. She grasped his cock and jerked it violently. Vito's mouth opened and eyes closed. A white cream squirted from the head like a fountain. Wave after wave of cum splashed onto Melissa's hand and Vito's cock. It dripped down, forming a puddle of cream on his stomach.

Melissa smiled and slowed her motion. Feel good? she asked gently. Vito nodded slowly. Melissa slipped her thumb in her mouth, slurping the salty liquid.

Mmm. It's pretty sweet. She dipped her fingers into the puddle, returning them to her mouth. Vito was stricken with a sharp nerve. His toes spread and heart jumped. Melissa licked down the shaft. Cupping her lips over the semen, sucking every drop from his stomach. Melissa glided her hands across his sculpted abdomen. Running down his hairy legs.

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She rubbed his thighs, tickling Vito's nerves. He giggled slightly. She turned over on her back side, laying next to Vito. Tell me what you want. she ordered. What do you mean? Vito replied confused. Do you want me? She asked Yes, Vito stuttered, I do." You know what I want? Vito stared, nearly dropping his jaw. I want you to stick your nose right here into this sweet spot. Melissa rubbed two fingers between the lips of her vagina.

It had soft skin peeking through the hair. Mahogany curls twirled out in a triangle formation to her waistline. Melissa grasped Vito's hand and placed it on her snatch. He began to caress the hair.

It was coarse but soft. He guided his middle finger to the lips. Digging in, it was moist and soft. He could compare it to a wet, deflated balloon that had could be as soft as skin.

He streamed his finger up the crack. Repeating this motion, Vito felt Melissa's clitoris enlarge and appear. You popped my cherry, hun. Melissa gasped. I what? Stick your nose in and lick it with that big tongue of yours." Without hesitation, Vito positioned himself and lowered his head to her vagina. She spread her legs to let Vito in. He could smell the sweet juice arominating from the genitalia. He opened her lips with his fingers and took a nice big lick along her clit.

He tasted a sweet, salty juice. Using short abrupt technique, he stimulated her clit until her heart started to pound. She felt sensation through her body. Keep going, she muttered. Vito went faster and reached up to feel the breast. Soft pitches came from Melissa's mouth.

Near moans reverberated through the room. Vito felt liquid leak into his mouth. It was distinct and salty. Melissa quickly moved to her clitoris and twirled it around. Vito saw her body twitch and move. Clear cum squirt from the hole.

The liquid stained the bed sheets. It came in waves for almost half a minute. She let out a long squeal followed by a deep breath.

Her hand slowed to a pause. She slowly ran her hand up the crack of the pussy, pointing it at Vito. He wrapped his plump lips around her wet, cum covered finger. He sucked the sweet, dry liquid from her hand, slowly moving his encircled lips from it. Melissa stroked down his sweaty body, pulling him near. Vito lay her back again and began to kiss Melissa's lips with passion. His large hand was arching the small of her back. The opposite hand was feeling her soft stomach.

His body was equally parallel to hers. Their tongues intertwined, filling each other's cheeks. He kissed down her neck, biting.

Vito sucked the peach skin up, and grind the layers together. Melissa moaned loudly. She gasped at the pain. Her body throbbed at the ache but, her mind found it pleasurable. She giggled at the mark. I haven't had a hickey since high school! Melissa pushed Vito to the top of the bed and laid him on his back.

She threw her patterned comforter over themselves and put her head on Vito's broad shoulder. Her hand twiddled with his nipple a little while she heard the sound of his pounding heart slow down while they drifted into a slumber.

And as he woke up Vito lay across the bed, his pants peeking below his bright blue boxer briefs. His mind drifting into the fantasy.

My dream was out lived by a mortar explosion not too far from me, the sound was devastating and loud making it difficult for me to hear, My hearing was amplified, my mind a blur, my vision slowly fading into the darkness.SNAP OUT OF IT. PROVE YOU'RE WORTH A DAMM.