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Hot outdoor Knall
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I can't remember the exact age that we started because we were so young, but we must have been around 4 or 5. Me and Jess would touch each other, she'd fondle my cock and balls and I'd stroke her pussy. We didn't really know what we were doing at the time, it was just unusual and different to us. 'Our game' we called it. Although we must have found it arousing as we'd do it whenever we were together. It was always in private, whether it be in either of our bedrooms, under a blanket etc.

We didn't want our parents finding out. A favourite time to do it would be when we'd be playing hide-and-seek with my sister. Me and Jess would be one team, and my younger sister would be on her own. We'd hide somewhere really good because that meant we'd have more time alone, somewhere in my garden (usually the shed), to 'play our game'. As we got older we understood more what we were doing. I distinctly remember we were both at some summer school in a sports hall when we were about 8 or 9, the sort of thing your mother sends you to because she doesn't want you being stuck at home all day during the summer break.

We would both say we needed to use the toilet, and we'd go into the same changing room and 'play' with each other some more. Around this time was the first time I watched a porn video and saw a blowjob (my parents tape, I was a curious boy!). I soon after told her to "Put it in your mouth", and the image of Jessica on her knees in a toilet cubicle with my hard, young cock in her mouth will stay with me forever.

Later in the day I did the same to her and licked her pussy in a toilet cubicle too. It kinda stopped for a few years, then started again when we were about 13. The first instance of this 'second phase', we were in my room laid on my bed watching a film one afternoon while she was at my house.

We were both going through puberty, so Jess was developing a nice pair of boobs, and we had both grown pubic hair. We started talking about our 'game' when she asked if I wanted to suck her nipples. I hesitated, as this was new ground to me, I hadn't done this before to her. I told her I would touch them instead, and playfully squeezed them. I then asked if I could just stroke her pussy, like we used to.


Now Jess was hesitating due to growing pubes in the few years hiatus. After some persuasion, she pulled her trousers and panties down a little, allowing me to stroke her clit and moist pussy lips.

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It was a bit of a shock to me as well when I slid my hand over her pussy, as until that point I had only felt her young, pube-less cunt. I then pulled mine down a little to allow her to stroke my hard cock and fondle my balls, and we laid there watching TV fondling each other.

After about 10mins though, I felt like I really needed to pee, so I told her I had to go. When I got to the bathroom I noticed white stuff coming from the end of my cock. I knew from watching porn that this was cum, but I hadn't personally experienced it before.

I panicked slightly and returned to my room. She wanted me to stroke her pussy again but I was too embarrassed at this point, so we continued to watch the film separately.


(Note: this wasn't my first orgasm, just first time I had pre-cum leaking from my cock. My first orgasm/ejaculation came a few weeks later while masturbating in the shower) One summer when I was 14 my parents installed a swimming pool in our garden. Not a huge one, but a fairly big round tank that was above ground, probably 3-4ft deep.

Again, when Jess was at our house she would bring her swimming costume and we'd go in the pool. Our shenanigans continued in there.

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We'd swim between each other's legs and stroke each other as we went through, or simply go under the water and look at each other. I'd pull her costume aside and stare at her pussy for as long as I could hold my breath, or she'd pull my trunks down and watch my hard cock.

We'd even kneel close against the side and chat with our parents, all the while fondling each other below the surface. One time we were simply knelt in the water across from one another, my hand stroking her pussy through her costume while she had pulled my cock out of my trunks and was wanking it under the water.

After a while I began to feel the familiar build of an orgasm, but as I didn't want to cum in my pool and leave my spunk floating around, I told her we should stop and got out. One time, when we were 15, myself and Jessica had visited our grandparents for the day. We were relaxing at their house, and our parents would collect us later. My grandparents and I were sat watching TV in the living room, while Jess was playing on her Nintendo DS, laid on the floor next to the sofa I was sitting in.

I had let my arm droop off the side on the sofa, almost flirtingly to remind her that I was there, when she stroked the palm of my hand. I looked down at her, and she asked me lay with her and watch her play her DS. So I got up and she shuffled up behind the sofa to allow me to lay on my stomach next to her. Their view of us obstructed by the sofa which we were laid behind, combined with the TV and the fact that they were nearly falling asleep gave us privacy, so Jess leant over to me and whispered in my ear "Do you want to play with my boobs?".

Of course I wasn't going to say no, so I playfully began to squeeze and massage her right boob through her black bra and white vest.

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After a few minutes, I pulled her bra and vest down, releasing her boob so that I could tweak her nipple. I then began to suck on her nipple, which she really liked, occasionally running her hand through my hair.

So there we lay, me sucking my cousins boobs like a puppy suckling milk from its mother, for almost an hour. I eventually lifted my head to her and whispered "Well what do you want me to do to you now?" to which she replied with "You can do anything you want to me." I then told Jess I wanted to touch her pussy, so she shuffled up into a position where her waist area was now obstructed from view of our grandparents.

I undid her jeans and shuffled them down her hips a little, and slid my hand inside her panties.


I rubbed her clit and could feel the warmth of her pussy. I tickled her pussy lips with my fingers, and parted them slightly before inserting my middle finger inside my cousin.

I slid my finger inside her and begin to finger-fuck her. After a minute or so, she removed my hand from down her jeans and told me she didn't want to cum because our grandparents might spot us. So I made my excuses and went to the bathroom to wash my hand of her juices, after I had masturbated while remembering what her warm pussy felt like.

When we were teenagers (14/15), I would occasionally invite Jess back to my house after school. There was about an hour of opportunity before my sister would arrive home from school, during which we would sit on the sofa or at the computer and watch TV or browse the internet, during which we would simply fondle and grope each other.

I used to love to love reaching up inside her jumper and releasing a boob from her bra and tweaking her nipple, while she would caress my balls and slowly stroke my cock.

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Then, when we heard the familiar sound of the door opening, signalling that my sister was home, we'd scramble to free ourselves from each other and fasten any open clothes. Jess would then make her excuses and leave. Jessica left school at 16 and got a job, while I continued studying. This was when we started to drift apart. We used to text a little; however the topic of our incestuous history never came up. Now, we only really see each other at big family occasions. Nothing happens between us, and she has recently given birth (at 19yrs old).

Ahh, the regrets I have, having not taken it any further! Still, who knows what the future may bring.!