Perfect ass blonde floggen and anal fucked

Perfect ass blonde floggen and anal fucked
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Harson woke up in the morning spooning Sofia, his erect cock and balls rubbing against her bottom cheeks. The prince opened his eyes, and memories came flooding back to him of the previous night's events. He'd released some sort of powerful being, a "genie", she'd called herself, who had sworn to fulfil his every desire. He'd lost his virginity to her, before taking the virginity of his young sister. Harson pulled away from his sister, and looked down on her. Large amounts of his cum remained on her skin, as the remnants of a good night's work.

Harson sat on the edge of the bed, and looked down at his erection. He concentrated, and he felt relief as it softened.

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His wish was working perfectly. Harson picked up Lexia's lamp from Sofia's bedside table, and rubbed it. Clouds of yellow smoke poured out, and Lexia formed on her knees, with her head bowed. "Oh good, you're learning," Harson grinned.

"Oh wonderful and glorious Master, what do you desire of me?" Lexia asked, hating herself for it. "First of all, I want Sofia to not wake up for another hour." "Yes Master." "Secondly, it's time for some physical changes, I think." Harson got up, and stood in front of the mirror.

"What do you desire me to do you, Master?" Lexia asked. "Give me a big cock and balls." "Your wish is my command, Master." Lexia snapped her fingers, and Harson's cock grew to a soft 10-inches, and his balls quadrupled in size.

"Now tone me up some more, and make it so I'll stay like that no matter how much I eat, or how little I work out." "It is done, Master." "Finally, I want my voice to make any girl that hears it horny, and attracted to me. The more they hear it, the stronger the effect." "Yes Master." "But I think we'll skip to the end for Sofia.

I wish for all the devotion she feels towards the Gods to be redirected at me. I am her God now. She will do anything I ask with 100 times the joy she got from following the Gods. Is that understood?" "Yes Master." "Good.

Now then, I wish for her boobs to grow, to be even bigger than your own. Her bottom too. Take away all her pubic hair, mine too, and make her 10 times as sensitive to pleasure." "Yes Master. Your wish is my command." Lexia snapped her fingers, and Harson watched his sister change into the sexpot he'd requested. "Excellent," Harson grinned. "Now then, dress me." Harson was instantly dressed for the day.

"I'm off to go and have some fun." Harson left, leaving Lexia alone with Sofia. She sat down on the bed, and stroked her skin. "You poor thing…" She said. "You're basically his slave now. I wish I could help you…" ------------------------------- Harson walked through the palace the embodiment of confidence. He passed some of the cleaning ladies, and said good morning to them.

He never normally did that, but he enjoyed seeing them shudder as they heard his voice. Harson then encountered a young servant girl, about Sofia's age, who was carrying an empty tray which had once contained the Queen's breakfast. "Good morning, your highness," she said. "Why hello there," Harson said confidently. The girl gasped, and dropped the tray, feeling a wave of lust wash over her. "Stupid girl," Harson said in mock disapproval.

"I…I'm sorry your highness," she said, scrambling to pick up the tray. "Oh, it's quite alright," Harson grinned, and she shuddered some more, before managing to stand up. "If…if you'll excuse me, your highness," she said. "I must be somewhere…" Harson was about to object, before his mother came up to him.

"Harson, you're up," she said. "I didn't think you would be. You seemed very ill last night." "What? Oh, yes," Harson said, remembering. He then remembered his voice, upon hearing the gasp his mother let out when he spoke.

He smiled, and kept on talking. "In fact, I feel amazing. Wonderful." "Oh good," said the Queen, feeling her pussy begin to wetten.

"I was worried that the artefact had possessed you." "Not at all. I'm entirely myself, and I'm doing whatever I want," Harson said. His mother tried to interject, but Harson just continued talking about increasingly uninteresting things, as he watched his mother try and resist the effect his voice was having on her.

Lascinda's body was awash with hormones, with every fibre of her being telling her to jump Harson and fuck him until his body ran dry. It was only by the arrival of the guard captain Razef reminding her that she was late for a meeting which got her out of there fast enough to avoid making sweet love to her son in the middle of the hallway.

------------------------------- Lexia sat on Sofia's bed, stroking the young princess' skin. "Poor thing," she said. "Look at what your mean brother's made me do to you. Mind you, you did have fun, didn't you? I can't work out why he was able to release me though.


He's not human. He doesn't taste human. He doesn't smell human. We genies are only supposed to serve humans. So why have I been bound to this alien prince?" Lexia rested her hand on Sofia's head, and concentrated. "Interesting…" she said, retrieving information from Sofia's mind. "The planet Janosia…No idea where it is though.

This girl knows nothing about the great space empires. This planet and its many kingdoms are all she knows. Born as the 2nd child to Queen Lascinda III and King Sargo V, who had died not long after her conception. Very religious, worshipping the God Mathulevius and his wife, the Goddess Sorreliftia, who had created their people, and given them rules for living. Of course, now all that loyalty has been re-directed to Prince Harson." Lexia probed further into Sofia's mind, looking for more information.

"Oh, now that's interesting. Her grandfather came to them in a fallen star, from a realm called "Earth", which has since been written into their holy books. That would explain things. This "King Reylos the Heavenly" was human, knocked up a local girl, which means that Prince Harson, and presumably his sister and cousins, have enough of their grandfather in them for the lamps to recognise them as human." Lexia got up, and walked into Sofia's bathroom to have a look around.

Wow, this girl had some swanky digs. Her lamp wasn't this nice! Maybe she'd have to steal a few of these items for her own bathroom. Just then, she heard the sounds of the princess stirring. Lexia quickl conjured up a servant girl's uniform for herself, and pretended to try and sneak out through the princess' bedroom. "Who are you?" The princess asked sleepily. "Lexia, your highness," the genie replied. "I am a new servant here in the palace. I was just changing your towels. I am sorry for waking you." "No no, it's quite alright," Sofia sat up in bed, before screaming and covering her boobs.

"Why am I nude!?" "I…I'm sure I don't know, your highness," Lexia said. "Oh…wait, I remember now. I was paying sexual tribute to my brother," Sofia smiled. "Oh I do hope he enjoyed it. I would hate to have displeased him." "Your highness, if I may ask…what do you think of your brother?" "He is a God.

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The only one truly fit to walk the ground of Janosia. I bask in his glory, and I wish others would do the same, instead of worshipping the false Gods." "I see…well, I suppose I should go back to his service." "You too follow our God?" "Well…I guess you could say I've been assigned to be his personal servant." "I wish I were you.

To be able to spend so much time around his holy glory. I have my own duties to perform which keep me away from him." "Yes…well, may I be dismissed? I wouldn't want to keep him waiting." "Yes, of course.

Go and serve his glory." Lexia left the princess' bedroom. "Man, that girl's fucked up," she said. "I'm sorry Sofia, I'll try to make it up to you somehow." ------------------------------- Lascinda followed Captain Razef towards the meeting room. As soon as they were out of sight however, Lascinda forced Razef against the wall, and made out with him passionately, trying to pull off his armour.

"Your majesty, what are you doing!?" Razef asked. Her pushed her off of him, but she went straight back. "Fuck me!" She shouted. "Your majesty, someone may see!" "I don't care!

I need a cock in me!" "Your majesty, please compose yourself. I love fucking you, but we can't do it here. You have a meeting to go to." "But I need it! My pussy cries out for pleasure!" "Your majesty, you need to go to this meeting. I promise once it's over I will give you everything you desire." "The instant we're alone again I want you inside me, is that clear, captain?" "Of course, your majesty. I wouldn't have it any other way." Lascinda and walked into the meeting room, where the ambassador from Devrican was waiting for them.

"You're late," he said. "It's my kingdom, I come when I want to," Lascinda said, sitting down at the table. "I trust my guards have been good to you." "They keep their distance. My own guards see to that. I wouldn't want to end up like my predecessor." "Yes, I am sorry for your loss." "Stabbed repeatedly. They never found the killer." "I'm well aware." "And the seal of your personal Guard was found nearby, apparently dropped by the killer." "Yes, it was." "You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?" "The seal?

Oh yes, that design came into use in the 3rd year of the reign of King-" "You know what I mean, Lascinda. We all know you had Andreas killed." "First of all, you are to address me properly. Like I said, this is my kingdom." "I am no subject of yours." "While you are here, you are." "I am here on behalf of King Dreth.

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I serve only him." "How nice for him." "And I'm very interested in the fact that most of Andreas' papers seemed to have been stolen, with one sloppily left behind by the killer. One which was a letter from a high-ranking army official, reporting on soldier movements in the border regions." "Yes." "Said army official also turning up dead on that very same night." "It's amazing what coincidences can come about, isn't it?" "My King wishes you to know that he is not pleased at how one of his people has been treated." "Treated how?

My staff didn't put too much milk in your tea, did they?" "I've not consumed anything your staff have given me. I'd like to survive long enough to return to Devrican." "Oh, my chefs' cooking isn't that bad." "Look, 'your majesty', King Dreth does not take kindly to the murder of his people." "Really?

Well, perhaps King Dreth would be interested to know that I don't take kindly to foreign dignitaries coming here as spies, to steal military information." "He's also rather disappointed by the fact you were planning an invasion to take our entire Eastern half for Farfalla." "Was he now?

Quite right too." "So now he has bade me to present to you an ultimatum. Surrender to us your entire Western half, or we will declare war on you, and take the whole of Farfalla to become the Greater Devrican Empire." "I notice your great King hasn't come in person to give me this ultimatum." "I fully expect to be shot dead by a conveniently-place "broken" crossbow as soon as I leave the palace. I am expendable. My King is not." "Oh no, I can assure you that won't happen.

I need you alive to go back to your King and tell him that if he wants our lands, he'll have to come and get them." "You are declaring war, then?" "Wow, you catch on fast. Now go on, before I change my mind." "You will live to regret this day, Lascinda! The armies of Devrican will crush you!

You and your entire family will be burned before your people's eyes, as proof of Devricane might!" "How nice. Bye now." Once everyone was out of the room, Razef turned to Lascinda. "Ma'am, was that wise?" He asked. "First of all, don't call me Ma'am. It makes me feel old," Lascinda replied. "Secondly, our armies can easily defeat them. And thirdly, are you going to drag me to my bedroom now, or am I going to have to mount you on the table?" "I think the bedroom would be best." Lascinda stood up, and the two of them went as fast as they could towards her bedroom.

Razef's wife had died a few years ago, and ever since then, the two of them had been having a secret affair, re-igniting the sexual fire which had died in Lascinda along with her husband. They got to Lascinda's bedroom, and she jumped onto the bed, getting naked as fast as possible. Razef tried to get his armour off, but he couldn't do it fast enough. "Oh just eat me out!" Cried the naked Queen.

Not one to disobey his Queen, Razef got onto the bed, leaned down, and got to work on licking her royal pussy. It was a flavour he'd sampled many times before, but he still never got tired of it.

And based on her reactions, Lascinda didn't seem to be minding it too much either. She was screaming at the top of her voice as Razef lapped away at her vagina. Lascinda came within 20 seconds, but when Razef tried to pull away, he felt the Queen's hands holding him down. "Don't you fucking dare," she shouted, and Razef continued licking her. His cock was pressing against his armour, and he couldn't wait for it to be free, but right now, he needed to pleasure his Queen. He slid inside, and began tongue fucking her pussy as fast as he possibly could.

She tasted great, and every orgasm she had was a boost to his masculine pride. Eventually Lascinda pushed Razef away from her. "Enough," she panted. "Get that armour off and FUCK ME!" Razef stood up, and pulled his armour off as fast as he possibly could.

As soon as he was naked, Lascinda pulled him into a deep kiss, and grabbed hold of his cock, attempting to force it inside her.

Razef got the message quickly, and thrust forwards, ramming into the Queen, as he'd done so many times previously. When they'd first started doing this, Razef had felt a certain amount of guilt, that he was betraying both his own late wife, and the late King, to whom he'd sworn his undying loyalty, but he'd soon grown out of that when he realised the feeling of loyalty to his King wasn't nearly as satisfying as the feeling of the Queen's pussy.

Razef grabbed hold of the Queen's tits, and picked up the pace of his thrusts. He'd fucked his fair share of pussies over the years, and so he'd worked up a fair bit of staying power. The Queen didn't seem to possess this though, as she was exploding every minute or so, what with all the magically-induced horniness she still had to burn off. Eventually Razef reached his own climax, and fired one of the biggest loads of his life deep into Lascinda's pussy.

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As the two of them cuddled afterwards, Lascinda fought an internal battle. Although her horniness had been burned off, she still felt a deep feeling of lust. She tried desperately to think about her affection for Razef, but her thoughts were dominated by Harson. About how she wished it'd been him fucking her. About how she wanted nothing more than to make love to him forever and ever. She found herself imagining that it was her son cuddling up to her, instead of her Guard Captain.

"That was wonderful, Your Majesty," Razef said, knocking Lascinda out of her daze. "What? Oh yes, quite so," Lascinda said, obviously distracted. "Are you alright, Your Majesty?" "Yes yes, I'm in wonderful condition.

And don't call me that. When we're alone, we're not Queen and Guard, we are merely too lovers." "I apologise, Lascinda. And while I hate to interrupt our cuddles, do you not think we should perhaps go and back the announcement that we're now at war?" "I suppose so. But I am rather comfortable where I am." ------------------------------- Lexia wandered around the palace, everyone seeing her clothes and assuming she was a servant girl. Well, in a way, she was.

This place reminded her of the mansion Brian had made her conjure up for him. Only with less magical concubines. Although granted, she'd granted plenty of pretty similar wishes over the years.

It's just that this Prince Harson already had money and power. In fact, he could probably get sex without too much trouble, so really, his need for a genie was pretty limited. All the exhibits from Reylos' ship were still out, so Lexia spent some time looking around them. It took all her effort to not laugh at the horribly inaccurate labels.

Everything was some sort of holy relic, despite it simply being from parcels that people were having shipped. She particularly enjoyed reading about the "Orb of the Gods", which was actually just a common Orgasmatron, available from any good sex shop. Good thing they'd never worked out how to use it. Lexia eventually came to where her lamp had been placed.

Or rather, the facsimile of her lamp she'd made to hide the fact that the real one was now in Harson's possession. She looked at it, and was shocked however. Next to it, she saw yet another lamp. "Wait…these people have another genie lamp?" Lexia's mind was racing.

She needed to get this other genie free.

She needed to release her sibling, before Harson realised it was here, and hid it forever. Lexia reached out for the lamp, but was torn away from it, as suddenly, she was stood next to Harson, who had just rubbed her lamp. Lexia immediately got down on her knees, but she was able to see that they were in the palace kitchen. Harson was fucking the servant girl he'd aroused earlier, her legs spread as she sat on one of the counters. Two other girls were next to them, kissing and fondling them.

"Slave, I wish to have 3 bodies, so I can fuck these girls all together," Harson ordered. "And I wish that for every thrust, we will all experience a breath-taking climax." "Your wish is my command, Master," she said.

Lexia snapped her fingers, and there were instantly 3 Harsons, each fucking a different girl, and filling them up with cum as the 4/6 of them climaxed powerfully with every thrust." "Is that everything, Master?" "Oh no, I want you to stay here so in case I want anything else," Harson said, obviously struggling to speak through his multiple orgasms.

"As you wish, Master." ------------------------------- Sofia got dressed in a casual dress. Unfortunately, she found that none of her underwear would fit her enlarged body, so she had no choice but to go without.

That would be fine though. It would mean she was more on show for her one true God. Sofia said good morning to the guards outside her room, and then walked towards the kitchen to get herself some breakfast.

She was most famished after the previous night's activities. She'd lost her virginity to the most wonderful being in the universe, feeling honoured that he'd deemed her worthy of such an experience. She only hoped her meagre body had been enough to satisfy him.

Sofia walked into the kitchen, where she saw Harson. No, scratch that. She saw three Harsons, fucking three of the palace's servant girls, while a naked Lexia looked on. "My Lord!" Sofia instantly got down on her knees, and bowed her head to her brother. "Wow, you really went all out on this worshipping thing, Slave," Harson said to Lexia.

"I live to please you, Master," Lexia lied. "Yes. But now, I want you to please my sister. Slave, I wish for you and Sofia to have hot, passionate sex." "Your wish is my command, Master." "Yes Lord!" Lexia was about to snap her fingers to make Sofia lust after her, but she didn't get a chance, because Sofia ran at her and started making out with her.

Lexia removed Sofia's clothes, and the two girls rolled around on the floor, making out passionately. Being a genie did have its perks, after all. Lexia soon noticed that Harson and the other girls had passed out from pleasure. She broke her kiss with Sofia, and snapped her fingers. Instantly, several royal guards walked in. "You boys are to carry your Princes and his lovers to his bedroom. Lay them down in bed, and make sure they look comfy," Lexia ordered.

The guards nodded, and carried the 6 sleeping bodies off. Lexia then turned back to Sofia. "Come on, I still have a wish to grant," Lexia grinned. She snapped her fingers, teleporting the two of them onto Sofia's bed. Lexia laid the princess down, and spread her legs. "Let me show you my magical touch…" Sofia screamed when she felt Lexia begin lapping away at her pussy. This new servant girl was quite skilled, she decided. She'd have to recommend to her mother that she get a pay rise.

Lexia was licking hotspots that Sofia didn't even know she had, though to be fair, she never touched her vagina any more than necessary. She'd been saving herself for marriage, and only the will of her Godly brother had allowed her to break that pledge.

Of course, even without magic, Lexia had had thousands of years to perfect her cunnilingus technique, so she was quite skilled. She was also rather enjoying the flavour of Janosian pussy. So different to all the other species she'd sampled over the years. She'd have to make sure she returned to this planet at some point in the future.

When they were finally done, Sofia had to leave to prepare for a session with her tutor, but the kind princess had thanked Lexia for the pleasure, and told her she was welcome to stay in her bed and sleep for as long as she wanted. Lexia had long ago decided that the human was race a bunch of selfish dicks, so it was nice to find a good person, even if she wasn't fully human. Lexia wished she could free Sofia from Harson's control.

He'd not wished up any sort of protection for himself, so the idea of stabbing him in his sleep did cross her mind. But Lexia had never murdered anyone before.

Well, not of her own free will anyway. She couldn't bring herself to kill someone in cold blood. Plus her magical bond to Harson made her feel a strong urge to keep him safe, so she'd have that compulsion to try and fight.

No, the only way for Lexia to help was to give Sofia the other lamp. Once she rubbed it, all the mind control Lexia had performed on Sofia would be undone, as her magic would no longer affect her. Her body would remain as it was, but she'd be free to wish otherwise. ------------------------------- After her tuition and dinner, Sofia went for her evening bath, not noticing the item that had been left for her on her desk.

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Sofia got out of the bath, and dressed in her now very-snuggly fitting pyjamas, before brushing her teeth. Sofia was just about to go to bed, when she noticed what was on her desk. There was an old oil lamp, with a handwritten note which simply said "Rub me".


Sofia picked up the lamp, and looked at it. It had a rather odd design, which thanks to a little bit of magic Lexia had cast on her, she didn't recognise as one of the holy relics. Sofia walked out onto her balcony, admiring the lamp's appearance as she looked out on the palace gardens. Sofia thought the lamp looked a little bit dusty, so, following the note's advice, she rubbed the lamp. Satisfied that it was clean, Sofia set the lamp down on the sill of the balcony.

She yawned, and went back inside to go to bed. ------------------------------- Author's message: So yeah. Sorry about how long this took. The reason for that being that I unwrapped a genie lamp on Christmas morning, and I've been a bit busy having my every desire fulfilled to write this chapter.

She's a lovely girl, my genie. The sort of cutie you just want to cuddle and protect, even though she's one of the most powerful beings in the universe. We went to America for a bit, where we found two genies called Lumiosa and Alexis, who were spending their first Masterless Christmas going around granting Christmas wishes for people, as Sophie had gotten Alexis to do every year. Except not really. I was actually hoping to get this chapter out on Christmas Eve but then I just got distracted.

And since then it's been a mixture of Christmas and New Year stuff, with a little bit of Assassin's Creed Syndicate thrown in for good measure.

I promise to resume normal service soon. When I was working on this chapter last night, I was worried it'd be really short, but it's actually come out as over 4000 words, so that's quite good. Adding more sex in is always a great way to pad. I should warn you this probably won't be as long as my other stories. Realistically there's no way I can get 15 chapters of content out of this, but who knows? Anyway, I'm writing this on New Year's Day (David knows when it'll get approved for posting though.), so Happy New Year!

I hope you all got a New Year's kiss/blowjob/fuck/all of the above. I'm single and a virgin so I had to settle for writing this chapter. Hopefully all your wishes will come true! Remember, if you see a lamp, rub it!

You never know who might be inside.