Mamading Girls Gone Wild in Spain Magaluf

Mamading Girls Gone Wild in Spain Magaluf
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Authors note: Okay, this is my first post here! I wrote this story in 30 minutes.

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I got carried away and really wanted to post something on here quick! Sorry if its not to your liking, but I'll try harder and editing next time. Thank you! I noticed I have alot of stuff repeating like words and stuff! I'll try to edit that in the future! Thank you again and please enjoy!

WARNING: This story involves a relationship involving an adult male with an underaged boy. Please do not read if you find this theme offensive. Thank you. "E-excuse m-me, sir? W-would you l-like to b-b-buy a match f-for just a n-nickle? Just a n-nickle.!" I needed to sell a match to atleast complete a dollar to afford a piece of bread.

"Bloody punk.SCRAM! You're dirtin' my precious coat!" The middle age man shoved me to the side making me stumble on a stone while he quicken his pace so I wouldn't be able to catch up to him.

"I just need a nickle." tears flooded my eyes while I clutched my basket full of matches againts my chest.

Silently, I made way into the alley where I had made my discovery of a huge box filled with lots of single matches! There was no use in trying to sell them because not a single person had an interest in wasting a cent on a stick that was completly useless.

No one tried to claim them either just like no one bothered to claim me. I've been abandon since birth and the man who found me in a box full of new born puppies recently took his life.

A needle was buried in his arm the morning I discovered Mr. Garbisch not breathing. Devestation polluted my heart and I fell ill from the touch of his cold skin, so I left him on his death bed to wither. Ofcourse I never tried to visit the place where he took his life for I was afraid I'd end up sick again. I decided to try and erase him from my memory, but thoughts of our laughing days swam around my head making my face blotchy at times.

How was I going to stay alive without Mr. Garbisch? That night was a bit chilly and the snow fell slighty unnoticed. My house, which was just made up of a box and old newspapers, quickly damped and began to fall apart. I needed to find a new place to stay that was much warmer and solid.

I roamed inside many alleys but most of the dry areas were occupied by the homeless. The women made no eye contact and the men, who were usually drunk, gawked at my presence. "Say there lil' lad, what you hidin' under that big coat?" a man with a paperbagged can asked while another man grabbed a hold of my jacket, which actually belong to Mr. Garbisch, and fondled with the buttons to open, or tried.

"Hey Dro, it's Garbisch's boy. Ah, he really is a beauty, with fine 'bout you play with us kid?" The second man tugged my coat and ripped the buttons giving him a clear view of my body. I struggled out of my coat and darted out of the alley towards.towards. I don't know! I just ran, ran, and RAN away from those creeps who stole the only possession I owned of Mr.

Garbisch. Ugh, this was not my night! I wobbled to a stop near some trash cans, in an alley ofcourse, to catch my breath. The cold wind attacked my arms and legs which were highly exposed.

I only owned a pair of very short shorts and a small shirt. The thing that kept me warm most of the nights and days was Mr. Garbisch super warm coat! It was so comfy and the inside was so. "Ahhh, suck it babehh.

You dirty whore! Say slut, you're gonna have to suck my cock better than that if you're planning for me to slip this huge bill in your panties!!" I was witnessing something very odd. It was difficult to understand what was actually happening. A woman was on her knees bobbing her head up and down on a mans pee pee!

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It.was weird, but that lady did it for money so maybe I could. "Ahhh, Ima 'bought to explode in your mouth s-s-slut!

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AH! Ah.ah." At this point I was really interested. Why was I interested? It was weird but something was dripping out the lady's mouth and it did not look like saliva either! It was very.odd. A pain sizzled below my tummy and a small tent began to grow in my shorts. Wait.whaaaa? My pee pee cried to be set free, but I didn't have to pee. I panicked and bumped into the trash can that was hiding me from their view.

Sadly it tilted and fell and the man directed his attention to me. Oh no! "Hey!? You squirt!" I fled once again! I even forgot it was cold! The whole time I was watching those two people do whatever it was they were doing I kept.warm. Anyway, back to my running.well I just ran and ran.

I mean, I've been running my whole life! Something lean and hard blocked my path which made me meet the floor pretty fast. Oh no! I had collided with a man! What.what was I to do now? "Please, please.can you buy a match for a nickle?!" I spoke between sobs.Did I just ask him to to buy my match? "No "I'm sorry" Shane!

You've bumped into an important looking man and now he could probably kill you with one glare!" I thought. "Hahahahaha, oh, hahaha, kid, I'll give you a quarter if you stop your cryin,! Hahaha.silly!" Phewww, he didn't devour me, as Mr. Garbisch would say, though I never understood the meaning, but yeah. Atleast this man didn't devour me! "Hey sport, I don't think selling matches is going to make you a millionaire.

Where's your parents?" "I have no in the streets.sniff.whaaa." I needed to work on my crying when people asked questions. I dove my hand into my pocket only to find it empty. Oh no! Those creeps also got a hold of my match and 95 cents! My stomach growled.oh. "Oh? Well, this place isn't suited for children.

If you'd come with me I'll warm you up and feed that crying tummy of yours. Wha'cha say sport?" I had no choice now! This stranger had lured me into a trap and.FOOD. "That smile must indicate a yes, huh? Here, this will keep you warm." The man drapped his coat over my shoulders and helped me get well tucked in it.

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It smelled spicy and different from perfume.We both conversed to close the awkuard gap between us. "Ah, we're here, sorry it's kind of small. Heh." the man chuckled and led me inside a huge building complex into an elevator. After the man pressed a button on the wall he had asked what I would like to eat. "B-bread is.fine" The lady who shared the same elevator as us giggled and stepped out onto a floor when the doors flew open.

"Bread? That's it? No stake or chicken? Oh, this is our floor" My chest felt warm when I heard him say "our". I felt.claimed. Anyways we stopped infront of a door and the man slid a card inside a lock that was attached right above the doors handle.

A bulb lit green and the door clicked opened. The second I stepped in I knew I was in a dream. The inside was painted white and the lighting was of a bright yellow. A big television sat on top of a huge dresser and one bed, I mean, huge bed sat in the middle of the room, I mean, house, no, MANSION!

I scurried inside the bathroom and there layed a super big tub and on the side was a toilet, clear stall with a shower head, and a sink with a huge mirror!

I just had to slap myself, but I just happen to pinch. "Sorry sport. It's kind of small. I could get a bigger ro-" "Small? THIS IS A MANSION! I've never seen so much whiiiite!" "Silly. Whatever floats your boat, kid. Oh, I'm Blake by the way.Sorry for not introducing myself. You have a name sport?" Bliss grew deep withing my chest and my eyes could not keep my tears locked up, so I bawled like the little kid I am.

"Hey, you still want your quarter? What I say about your tears.?" Blake tossled his thick hair back awkuardly. "No, I'm happy.I never been inside a mansion and seen a bed and tub and tv so big. I never had any of thisss!" "Hah, well you're in it now, Sport!

So, I guess your nameless." "No! I'm.sniff.I'm S-Shane." "You cutie! Let me call for some food and then we'll get to really know eachother, okay," "OKAY!" The food came in super late, well for me atleast. Blake said it took 15 minutes for the food to get here, but that sounded super loooong! Ohhhh, but the food was great! I never had a stake!


It was delicious and the bread was warm and buttery! The food was so well prepared and.good. I thanked Mr. Blake for his kindness and bid my farewell. I possibly couldn't stay here long. Mr. Blake seemed like a busy man, so I didn't want to intrude. I made my way to the door and. "Where do you think you're going, Shane?

You're not allowed to leave." My heart began to pang and I sensed trouble."Mr. Blake, I don't want to be a burden." "BURDEN? Where you learn that word, Spo- errr- Shane? Haha, I'm noy gonna let you go so easily withought a clean up. You look like in need of a bath." "Ummm, really? I can stay longer.? THANK YOU!" "No problem, Sport! Shane, I mean!" The tub slowly began to fill and Mr.

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Blake added an extra thick liquid which created a bubbly mess. I took of my shoes and socks off and began to remove my shirt when I came to a stop and notice Mr. Blake behind me. "Um, Mr. Blake, are you going to leave? I mean-" "Nah, how about we bathe together? You know, we need to save the water for the trees and animals to feed upon. It's okay.we're both big boys! Haha" I didn't mind at all, so I continued taking off my clothes.

When I was completly naked I turned to face Mr. Blake only to make eye contact with his pee pee! It was.BIG! I don't know how big, but BIG!

I couldn't stop looking at it. It was just right there! In the open! FREE! Maybe I was so intrigued with it since I don't see that everyday, but still his pee pee was a different shape than mine.

His had a curvy top at the tip while mine was just one shape.his pee pee twitched! Or was I imagining things. Still. "Ah, let's get in Shane. Don't want the water to get cold. Let me rub your back, okay?" Mr. Blake was very tender to the touch.

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He washed me most of the time and I enjoyed his firm fingers scrapping my scalp. It felt.nice. Is this how it felt to have a daddy? The washing soon led lower to my tummy. The tingly sensation I got when he probed with my belly button made my pee pee spark a bit. Ooooh, more. That's it.oh, he's getting lower! My thighs were on fire and my toes curled. These new feelings? What were they? They all felt so good!

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"Uhhh." did that come out of my mouth? I never made such an embarrasing sound! "You okay Shane? What's the matter?" My back arched when Mr. Blake would wash the creases in my thighs. "Mr.Mr. B-Blake. I feel funny down here" I pointed down at the water. "Cut the formalities, Shane. What are you tal.ohhh. Hmmm.? You've never played with your "buddy" here before?" "Whaa.?" Before I could finish, Mr.

Blake gripped my "buddy" and began to slide his fingers on it. It felt.odd, no, goood. "Uhh.ahh, thisss.ahhh!" "What a beautiful reaction Shane. Your checks are flustered and bright pink.ohhh" Mr. Blake became a bit agressive.

He wrapped his hand on my pee pee and used an upward/downward motion on it. My pee pee felt.amazing, and I didn't want this strange but good feeling to wither. Just below my tummy, I felt that same sizzle when I saw the alley lady with the alley man.My pee pee was bigger in size then before and I felt like I was gonna. "Uhh, uhhhh. I have to peeeee!" "Oh, no, that's not urine that's gonna come out of your cock. Come on, let it out little boy, yessss." My pee came out!

I couldn't hold it. The feeling was too strong and I just couldn't keep it in. "Awh, look at that.little boy cum! See, it's white and not yellow." Wow, something white was floating in the water! It was pretty clear too since the bubbles all faded away. "What's cum?" "Wow, you have a lot to learn.

Okay, you see that white strip there, that's cum and that came from your cock. Umm.its a healthy thing too. No need to panic. You know that feeling you get in the pit of your tummy? Well that indicates your about to shoot a good load of cum. It's kind of a relaxing thing.ehhh, I don't know how else to explain.hmmm" Well, I wanted to feel that odd but good feeling again, so I stood and placed my pee pee or "cock" right infront of Mr.

Blake's face. I placed both my hands on my cock and began to search for that good feeling again.ohhh. " if, uhhhh.I do this, uhh, with my, ahhhh.cock, I'll "cum" again.ehhh, like you said?" "Mmmm, I'm liking the view Shane. and yes. If you're not sucked off dry. When you learn to be so lewd.? Let me help?" "No!

I, uhhh.waaaaaanna show you.uhh, I can cum. Just, ahhh, watch meeee.ehhh!" "Suit yourself. Tell me when your about to "cum" Shane." I played with my cock a lot more. Mr. Blake rested his left arm on the side of the tub while his right hand went under the water to mimic the same actions I was playing. He was touching his own cock! My knees buckled and became soft when I yelled out to Mr. Blake! "I'm cum, I'm uhhhh cum.!" "You mean "cumming"?" Mr.

Blake chuckled while opening his mouth revealing his tongue. "Direct your cock to my mouth when you cum." Thinking back, I thought of the alley lady who had the alley mans cock in her mouth. Maybe I could earn many quarters if I. "Shane! Mmmffff." My cock was in Mr. Blake's mouth! The sensation of his tongue stimulated my cock and made it explode inside his mouth. Oh, but the feeling felt so goooood.

Mr. Blake kept sucking my cock as if it were a lollipop and grabbed a hold of butt seperating the cheecks. Oh, so goood! More.please. The tingling sensation returned when he kept poking my hole in my butt with his middle fingers. Mr. Blake's mouth came off my cock when all of a sudden I had a spasm and cummed all over his chin and left cheek. "Dirty Shane.I guess I have to penatrate you for disobeying me." Gasping for air I, "I'm kept poking my.butt and it felt.funny.

I'm sorry." "You poor child, come." Mr. Blake picked me up while he carried me off to the bed. The pillows and covers felt so great on my back I just had to let out an embarrasing sound again. This night kept getting better and better. "Want to feel the burning sensation again Shane?" "Please.uhhh." "I'm not even touching you and you're already moaning like puppy.dirty Shane.let me spark a fire inside you" "Huh?" Those same fingers in the tub poked at my butt again.

My legs, which were sprawled to each side of me, began to tighten up and my toes curled painfully. Mr. Blake lubbed his fingers in his mouth and put pressure in my butt with his index. Pop! A knuckle went in. Pop! The second followed, and from there I floated. The way Mr.

Blake inserted his finger in and out of my butt made my head light and my cock twitch. Oh.moreeee. "Uh, uh, uh, ahhhh" "Enjoying this, ehhh? How about I add an extra finger?" There went his middle finger. The fingers fought and went seperate ways in my butt then a third finger slipped in!

"Ahhhh! Huurtssss! Ahhuhhhh!" "Shhh, it's okay Shane. Try to get use to it. It will feel good soon again." Tears damped my face and I tried to get use to it but my butt was burning up, until that good feeling crept in my butt once again. Mr. Blake continued to work with my butt for a couple of minutes untill he said, "Sorry, I can't control myself anymore.

I need.!" That monstrous cock of Mr. Blake's almost seemed like it lunged at my face but it was just the huge size that made it appear that way.then I saw him spit on his cock lubricating it with a nice coat of saliva. I should've been pleasing him. My selfish needs began to feel guilt. "Mr. I suck you. I think it's only butt, ahhhh!" His cock rested at the entranced of my butt, then he'd slowly poke the hole to easily try and slip inside.

Oh.and I thought the pain had finally gone away! "Too late, I'm already like this.bare with me Shane, ahh!" There went his cock! Finally inside me and my yelps deafning both of us.


His lips contacted mine and our tongues danced while he slowly tried to move, carefully! "It hurts, it hurts, it hurts! Take it out! PLEASE! Ahhh, uhhh!" Then pleasure grew inside my body. The slow thrusts that Mr. Blake planted were just amazing and out of this world! My hips had a mind of their own and ravaged his cock pretty deep!

While Mr. Blake slammed his himself into me, my hand found their way to my cock and began to massively jerk it. The feeling. If only you could feel! "I'm cumming, cumming! Mr.Mr.Blake! Fuck me! FUCKKK ME! HARDER! Make me.uhhhhh, uhhh, ahhhh, make me your.uhhh, your dirty SLUT!" That shook Mr. Blake off guard and his grunts became more aggressive.

Then his soft voice echoed repeatively in my ear as he finished liquifing my butt with his "cum". I didn't even feel my release but my messy evidence was all over my face, unless it was sweat, but since when is sweat white?

"Where did you pick up such vocabulary Shane? Thats quite impressive.for your age I mean. I don't think you should be actually using such words.I mean how old are you?" Between my gasp I manage to reply, " I live on the streets! What's there not to see and age? I don't former guardian said about 11.hahaha" "11?

Sheeeesh, anyways I don't want the streets corrupting your pure mind anymore. I'll drive my cock so far inside you I'd make you swallow and forget every dirty image you encountered! December 25 will be your new birth night, so staring now you are 12, okay!" How could I accept that from a stranger I just met today. Mr. Blake grabbed a box of matches and strucked a match while lighting a candle which sat alone on the nightstand on the side of the bed.

The fire danced towards Mr. Blake and I while I propped myself on all fours and blew the fire out.