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Big tit blonde fucks her pussy and ass with a dildo
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I got ready for school that morning and wore my 'fuck me MrC' clothes. My favorite red bra, no panties, a pleated tan skirt and a white blouse that my red bra showed through a little.

I called Cynthia and begged her and her mom to give me a ride to school today. I ran out to their car when they came. I saw Tommy just leaving his house as we passed, his dad was watching from a window.

Probably looking for me to be walking with Tommy. Don't think he saw me or recognized the car either. Cynthia was wearing a cute skirt too. Her top looked nice too, it was buttoned up all the way. She hadn't worn a shirt buttoned up all the way in a long time, oh right her mom was in the car. We chatted about practice and class and how hard one teacher was. Once we got to school she said she had to go to the library for some book she needed for her English class. "Ok, see you later" I said hugging her.

I walked to our usual hang out. Some of my other friends were there. I talked with them until Tommy got there. "We need to talk," he said to me. "Yeah, you're right." I thought his dad had talked about us, shown him the pictures of me sucking his dad's dick.

I felt so embarrassed, I was just glad he walked us away from our friends. We walked around campus a bit. I had no defense for my actions, what had I been thinking?

I let him start talking because I didn't know how to start. I found out, He was sad his parents were getting a divorce. His mom found evidence of another woman.

"Oh no, I'm sorry!" I told him and hugged him. He hugged back hard. He didn't let go. "Uh Tommy?" I could feel his erection pushing up against my belly. He moved his arms down my back slowly. "Tommy!" I said pushing away. "Jeanette, I'm sorry. I just. I'm really stressed and thought." He stammered. "I just thought maybe you could help me forget about my parents." "Really?

Your going to use that for sex?" I asked shocked. "Well it doesn't have to be. It could be like before. Jeanette, please?" He conceded. "No! You're one of my best friends, I'd do almost anything for you." I resisted. Oh no, now I was feeling guilty.

I was the cause of his parents' divorce I could at least jack him off. Shouldn't i? Damn for that matter I should have been blowing his dick instead of his dad's. I could feel the guilt building up, I ruined my best friend's life by fooling around with his dad. He must have seen my resolve dwindling. "Come on, please. You don't even have to take your clothes off. You should have heard the yelling last night." I tried to breath deep and stay strong for myself.

I would not give in. He couldn't use guilt to get in my pants. I wouldn't do anything to make myself dirty. I was a person and deserved to be treated better than some proposition. Yelling? Oh crap, this is my fault. "He came home late and she started yelling at him about being with a 'little whore' and he was shouting he was not with anyone yesterday." He recounted the scene, apparently he had some story of working late and alone then went out with some clients.

Tommy said "my dad had been shouting at my mom to look at the receipt for three meals. She yelled about some pictures of him with her! My mom darted crying then and my dad was silent for a long time." "Did you see the pictures?" I asked quietly.

"No! My mom kept them and after they started arguing all night again she finally said she would take them to a lawyer!" He said animated. He looked about to cry himself. Great! Tommy, his dad, his mom and MrC, now some lawyers all seeing me naked.

Or near enough at least. The pictures of me were in my bra and panties but for a wife I'm sure that's enough. Not to mention my mouth around his cock! "I think I'm going to be moving with my mom. My dad refused to give my mom the house!" He continued. "He said it would be a cold day in hell before she took the house from him." "I can't take this please, I don't want to hear any more." I told him.

This was shity, his mom had never done anything wrong to me. Now I ruined her marriage. She was like my parents always out. Probably didn't even know that was me in the pictures. She was gone more then my parents, I could even really remember what she looked like either. What if she did? Shit I'd never be able to hang out with Tommy again. Even if she didn't recognize me before, seeing me now would definitely trigger something. I felt so bad, my heart sank as I realized I was going to lose my best friend.

"If you help me relax I'll stop talking about it I swear." He said. "I still haven't told anyone about the first time.

"Fine!" I yelled giving in to him. I would have enough trouble facing him now after what I had already done. What did it matter, we couldn't be best friends anymore now. Especially if he ever finds out what had really caused his parents to divorce.

"Come on." It was still early so the stadium stands were empty. We went into the hall that led up to the seats. "Ok take it out." I instructed coldly. He fumbled with his pants, "do we have to do it here?" He looked down the passage each way.

"Do you have a hotel room ready nearby?" I remarked. "Come on, why are you so shy? Your hung like a horse Tommy!" He grinned but still hesitated. "Move." I demanded as I pulled his hands away. I reached into his pants and pulled his manhood out of his pants. It was still soft so I began stroking it with both hands. It was awkward working his cock while I was standing so I got down on my knees In front of him.

As I pumped his shaft toward my face he got really hard really fast. I used one hand to jerk on his long pipe and the other to massage his bulbous tip.

I realized I had learned to handle dick from his dad. The two were almost identical, and he seemed to like it the way I was pumping it. Weird, I thought to myself. Was it genetic or was it a guy thing? Did all guys like short fast strokes jerking just up by their tip? As I worked his dick I realized I was about to put it in my mouth.

It was almost habit, me kneeling and pulling on a big cock then sucking it into my mouth. I stopped myself but this felt awkward some how. Like I was doing something wrong by not sucking it. I could heard other kids talking in the main passage under the stadium.


They probably were just hanging out on one side. "Come on big boy," I encouraged. No one better catch us, the rumor would spread so fast I'd never live it down. I looked up at Tommy he was watching me intently. The voices sounded close! I opened my mouth and moved closer to his huge penis. "Tommy, cum in my mouth," I pleaded. "I want to taste it Tommy!" Did I say that for him or because I wanted to taste his seed? The voices were getting closer.

They would walk around the corner any minute. My tongue came out on its own, I stopped it just short of his mushroom top. "Cum in my mouth!" I felt the shaft stiffen a little more. Here it comes, Tommy's about to bust his nuts in my mouth.

With that thought I moved to one side and aimed his weapon the other way. Just in time as he fired to my right. I worked out another blast from him then stood up. "You're welcome!" I said and ran away up the ramp. When I turned the corner I heard the voices change, they saw him now. They were joking that he was pissing out there. Must have seen him fixing his pants.

He's lucky they didn't see his cum on the ground. I heard him yelling at them, complaining they interrupted a blowjob for him and scared off the girl. I didn't stay to hear anymore. Idiot would have them looking for me in a minute. Any girl even close by would be in a hundred rumors by the time the tardy bell rang. I went as quickly as I could. I was almost running through the school. Once again not paying attention to where I was going. Before long I was in the math building. Guess I'll stop to tease MrC before classes start, I thought.

Only a few minutes left anyway. I opened the door and walked in, Cynthia was standing next to MrC. He looked over at me then at her. "Hey Cynthia!

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You finish that English work?" I asked trying to be casual about why I was there. "Yeah, it was easy" she said. "I didn't know you had math first period?" "I don't. I was going to ask MrC if I could get an extension on yesterday's homework, I didn't have time to finish it." I said, half to her half for him. We both looked at him, then. He coughed, "uh we can discuss that during class Ms Jeanette.

Now ladies if you don't mind I need to get ready for first period." We were walking out together. He was still sitting in his desk watching us.

Maybe he wanted a signal from me.


I thought, as we stepped in the hall. The first bell rang. "see you at lunch," Cynthia said. "Ok yeah, see you," I replied as she went left down the hall.

I turned back into MrC's classroom. "Maybe you can make me stay after school?" I suggested to him as I peaked in. "Uh.ah oh yeah. For sure." He stammered.

I didn't have time to talk. A few other kids were walking into his class. I turned and headed to my own class. All day Something was bothering me. He didn't stand up the whole time. Well that's not that strange. He seemed very uncomfortable while me and Cynthia were there talking.

Well maybe it's because he's sleeping with me and she was there. If anyone caught us he'd lose his job. Still something bothering me, it was right there but I couldn't think what it was. Luckily Tommy was mad at me for leaving him this morning with his pants down. Literally. He avoided our group at lunch. Which made it easier for me, after giving him another hand job, I wasn't sure how I'd face him. We had several classes together but he didn't even make eye contact with me.

Normally he'd wait for me after MrC's class so we could walk home. Today he didn't talk to me at all. After class he just left. Ungrateful bastard, I jacked him off and he ignores me?

Fine! I waited for the other kids to leave then got up and walked over to MrC. I started kissing him and put his hand up my skirt on my bare ass. He squeezed my ass and I unzipped his pants, MrC's dick popped out. "I've wanted you all day!" I told him. "You made my pussy so wet in class!" "Oh yeah?" He sat in his chair and pulled me on his lap. I mounted his stiff rod. "Oh MrC, I want you inside me all the time!" I said as I stuffed my pussy with his hard penis.

He put his face against my breasts. His hands were pushing me up and down oh his pole. "I wanted you this morning too! But Cynthia was here." I pouted. "Uh.

Who?" He moaned against my chest. "Ugh it feels so good MrC!" I had already forgotten what we were talking about. I lifted myself up and looked between us to see his shaft. I couldn't take my eyes off it as I slipped it back inside me. He felt so big in my tight hole. I thought of his size and compared it to Tommy's, oh damn Tommy wouldn't fit I me for sure.

My pussy tightened around MrC just thinking of Tommy's huge cucumber dick. "Oh fuck Jeanette!" He called out as he blew a load inside me. I drove his cock deep in my teen pussy so every drop of his sperm would be inside me.

I sat on his lap for a minute, leaning on his chest as we breathed heavily trying to catch our breath. We both heard a click sound and the door slowly opened. I jumped up off his lap. He quickly pulled himself under the desk since his penis was still hanging out his pants. Cynthia walked in and stopped when she saw me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw MrC look at me then Cynthia. "I just came to see if I could get a little tutoring from MrC." She said to me.

It hit me! "Oh my god!" I looked at him, "you fucking asshole! Your fucking my best friend-" "Uh. Now wait." He tried to say. "Uh, well." Cynthia started at the same time. That's what was bothering me about this morning. He never stood up and when I turned back in the room he was fixing his pants.

She was wearing a skirt too. I bet money she didn't have panties on either. "Lift your skirt!" I demanded. Her face turned bright red.

"No," she said quietly. She had tears in her eyes. "Jeanette that's enough, she did no such thing and for you to accuse me, your teacher, is just-" he was trying to sound like an authority figure, but I knew he didn't have a leg to stand on.

After all he was just fucking me, one of his students why couldn't he be fucking her too? I grabbed Cynthia's arm and pulled her over to my side of the desk pointing at MrC's exposed cock. "Why are your pants open?" Cynthia naively asked. "We were just fucking! Like you planned on and like you two did this morning!" I yelled angrily. "Oh my god! You fucking jerk!" She was Finally on board.

"You said I was the only one!" So my guess was right, I realized how risky it was for me to assume that they were. What if they hadn't been? "How long have you been screwing my best friend?" I demanded, reassured by my friend's anger. "I." His head sank and he fixed his pants now that we had exposed him for the cheating ass he was.

"Wait! You said you fucked him?" Cynthia asked waiting for my nod before continuing. "Why is it ok to fuck her? You said we couldn't fuck because you didn't want to get caught!" "You weren't fucking this morning?" I asked shocked. Then I guessed right but on the wrong clues? Oh crap, that was lucky.

"He said we could only do oral sex and he promised several times to return the favors I've done so far! We haven't done anything else!" She said angrily.

"How long have you two been fucking?" She asked heatedly. "We just started last night. At my house," I admitted. "I thought I was the only person he was seeing." "We need talk and decide what will happen to now." Cynthia suggested. "Yes, let's go to my house.

My parents are out of town still." I said, they would be back in the morning. "Let's go asshole! You're driving!" Cynthia told him. He looked stunned. As we walked I asked, "if we have to turn him in do you think they will swab my pussy for his cum?" "He came inside you? What an idiot!" She said back. "I mean really Jeanette, what were you thinking?

What if you get pregnant from this douche bag?" "Well I didn't know when he filled me with his cum that he was screwing around with someone else." I told her. "Besides our kids would be cute, don't you think?" He looked back at me then, "I thought you said you were on the pill?" "I never said that!" I told him. "You told me to cum inside you." He pointed out.

"No you said you were going to cum and I was excited and encouraged you to cum. I didn't say inside me, until this morning and by then you had already filled me with your sperm anyway!" I defended myself. "Oh shit," he said to himself. "I'm not going anywhere with you two." "Then I'm going to the principal." Cynthia said. He looked at her for a long time.

Thinking it seemed. "And I'll go to the police." I told him. He looked at me then too. "Oh, fine let's just get this over with." Surely he knew I wasn't serious, I wouldn't turn him in. Never. I looked at Cynthia, she didn't look serious either, surely he knew we were torturing him because he was a cheater. We let him lead us to his car.

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He kept looking around making sure no one saw him with two students. Cynthia and I stayed together behind him a few feet. Almost to his car Cynthia grabbed my hand and squeezed it. I looked at her, she looked nervous. MrC was walking around the long way to the faculty parking lot. I didn't understand why I was about to ask when we turned the last corner to the lot. We were on the opposite side of the lot from the football field.

Just on the other side of all the teachers' cars were fifty boys practicing with like six coaches shouting instructions not to mention about twenty girls in the bleachers watching their boyfriends or crushes.

At this distance none of them would likely notice us. Cynthia pulled me back a little more so we weren't too close to MrC. We even walked around the cars on a different path so as not to be seen following right behind him. My heart was racing. Oh my god, we could get caught right here and it would be all over for all of us. "Your boyfriend is on the football team." I said quietly without thinking. Cynthia nodded but kept walking. I couldn't stop my mouth from dropping, she was cheating on her hunky football boyfriend?

That's crazy, if I was having sex with him I'd never cheat.

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Cynthia's boyfriend was really cute and he was actually nice not like most the boys on the football team. I had meet him several times over the years. Of course I haven't been over to Aida's house too much in the past year.

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We're still friends but we had a little argument last year and she has never invited me over since. I've changed a lot this last year. I got taller and developed breasts and hips. I even changed my hair style since then. Joe probably wouldn't even recognize me now. He was a hunk, how could Cynthia cheat on him with. I looked up a ways. MrC was tall and had a nice build for an older man. He wasn't really that old. I think he was forty something or was it thirty? He had a nice butt, and since I've seen it, I knew his package was a good size too.

Damn he knew how to use it on me too. Just thinking about him made me hot. I wanted to have him inside me again. Why did he park so far? Then I saw it. His little grey car. I lead Cynthia directly to it on the passenger side. I looked at her, she looked surprised that I knew which car.

I just smiled and opened the door. We climbed in the back. MrC had walked around a few other cars taking a very indirect route. Finally, he came to his car and jumped in.

Started it and pulled out without saying a word to us. Cynthia and I slumped down so as not to be seen in the back seats. "What do we do when we get to your house?" Cynthia whispered. "Whatever we want," I said emphasizing 'we'. She smiled. "I am glad it was you he was cheating on me with. I'm not sure I'd be ok sharing a guy with anyone else." "Yeah, well maybe with Aida-" she started. "Not really, she's pretty possessive.

Last year I told her I like a boy and she liked him too." I admitted. "Is that what happen? She never really talked about it but I could tell something had come between you two." Cynthia said. So, Aida never told her, that seemed hard to believe. "Well whatever happened to the boy?" "Eh, he started fooling around with some slut cheerleader, a few weeks later." That had really upset me.

He knew two girls liked him and were fighting over him. Still didn't stop him, neither of us wanted to believe the rumors. Then one day he got caught with his pants down in the make out bushes at school. Aida and I started talking again but things weren't the same after that. "I want to have sex with him," Cynthia said nodding to MrC.

"Me too," I admitted. "But you first, we'll take turns on him." "Uh, so you're just going to sit outside while I get with him?" She asked, she sounded a little surprised. "Well, not outside. I don't know I thought I'd watch." I really hadn't thought of how this would happen. "Have you ever had a threesome?" Cynthia asked me quietly.

Our whole conversation was quiet but this was even lower. I almost didn't hear her. "No," I admitted. "Is that what you want to do?" "I think so." She said slowly. "I mean I don't want you to feel left out and I really don't want to imagine what the two of you are doing either." She finished in a rush. "Ok," I felt relieved. She wasn't like Aida, she would share him. "I want to control him." "Me too," Cynthia giggled.

"Should we tie him up?" "Hmm. Maybe, if he misbehaves." I couldn't stop a laugh then. MrC was watching us in the mirror. He looked a little nervous. Good. Our girl talk stopped because we were at my house. He pulled up right next to the door. My driveway circled around so you didn't have to back out. The house was at the end of the street.

Sometimes people used one side of the driveway to turn around. It upset my parents when they were home.

They always closed the gates to keep people from doing that. "Close the gates," I instructed.

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Cynthia and I held hands as we walked up the short way to the door. I unlocked it and we went in. "Leave it open for him." I ran down the halls, Cynthia following me to my parents' room. I scrambled to my mom's dresser and dug through her bottom drawer. I pulled out two pieces of clothes.

Her night gowns. One was a silky red, that's the one I wanted. I handed the black lace one to Cynthia. Without a word I stripped out of all my clothes right there.

"Wow," Cynthia said. "You're so pretty naked." I looked at her, she was still dressed and just staring openly at my naked body. I nervously pulled the night gown over me. Why was I nervous? I was going to have a threesome with her. Maybe that's why. My mom's gown was a little big on me. Her top was bigger than mine so it fit loose over my breasts. Hanging lower than it would have on her breasts. I felt like I was still naked. My nipples were poking through the thin smooth material.

I lifted it up in front to cover my breasts better, becoming keenly away of how short it was in front. I had short skirts, but my dad made sure they were never anywhere close to this short. If I bent over even a little, I'd be showing all my goodies. My thoughts about my nightgown stopped suddenly as I became aware of Cynthia. She had taken off her clothes now too. I couldn't help staring at her breasts.

They were bigger than mine. Cynthia and Aida were both b-cups. I had always been jealous of how fast their breasts had developed. Her nipples were hard too, and a light brown.

My own were a light pink. She was so pretty. I wanted to touch her bigger breasts. Then my eyes caught a glimpse of her lower treat. She had a landing strip of hair just a above her slit and nothing else. Seeing her fluff of private hairs made me feel like a child with my bare slit. She looked like a woman with her mature pussy sculpting. She pulled my mom's black nightgown over her head and let it fall down her ample breasts. All too soon the fabric slid down and covered her fine pale private parts.

It fit her better, her breasts were almost as big as my mom's so the top wrapped snugly over her breasts. Through the lace I could still make out the silhouette of her brown nipples. She looked down at herself smiling slightly. "Wow, this feels nice." She said. Suddenly her smile slipped a little as she pulled at the material around her sides. "Wish I had your hips and butt, this is so baggy around my flat ass and child like hips." She pouted.

"What? You're so hot right now I don't think we even need MrC." I admitted, she was hot. I had never thought of girls the way I was thinking of Cynthia right now. I wanted to touch her body. I couldn't stop myself, I reached out and brushed her breasts lightly with the palm of my hand.

I could feel her hard nipple as my hand brushed over it. "I wish I had tits like yours," I said admiringly. She smiled at me then, and put her hands on my waist, "I like the way you shaved, everything." I heard a noise down the hall and remembered our target. "Let go teach our teacher." She smiled and followed me out. In the hall we walked side by side. He was looking in my bedroom door.

As we approached him he turned and saw us. His mouth dropped. He looked from her to me and back again and again. He couldn't decide who to watch. His eyes were about to fall out his head.

Cynthia put a hand on his chest. I did the same. Together we pushed him back into my room. Just in front of my bed we both stopped pushing. "Take it all off!" I demanded. Cynthia walked around him and sat on my bed behind him. I couldn't help looking at her. She sat with her legs crossed and I realized I wanted her to open them. I wanted to see her adult-like pussy. Why hadn't I thought of the hairs as being grown up before. I could trim mine like that, maybe.

Oh but I hated hair on my body. My eyes went back as MrC pulled down his underwear. His penis was hard already. So, he liked us like this.

I wanted him in me so bad but I wanted Cynthia to be happy too. I turned him around to face her. "You've been bad," she said to him.

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She pointed down to the floor. Slowly he lowered himself. "It's time to serve detention MrC." With that she opened her legs and grabbed the back of his head, yanking his face between her legs. After only a few seconds, her hands loosened and she threw herself back onto the bed. I envied MrC, my friend's little muffin looked delicious. I could hear his mouth and tongue working her slit. I watched for a little bit touching myself. Imagining him eating me too.

I looked at his body, I wanted his dick in me so bad. I found a way too. I crawled on the floor under him. Lifting his waist to give me more room. I grabbed his dick and worked it into my mouth.

"Oh yeah," I heard him mumble into Cynthia's pie. She moaned a reply of pleasure back. I sucked him in and out, his cock popped out of my mouth a few times. I licked his shaft and top then sucked him back in. Soon his waist started thrusting. I let him fuck my mouth while he ate out my friend's pussy.

She was moaning louder and breathing hard. "Oh my god! Fuck me MrC!" She called out. He kept pumping his dick in my mouth and sucking at her clit. "Oh! Please put it in me!" She was begging for it. I pulled myself away from his thrusts and slid back out from under him.

He stopped eating her pussy and looked at me. "Well, fuck her you cheating asshole." I demanded. He stood up, she looked at me and smiled thankfully at me. He stepped between her legs lifting them up high.

I watched her wet slit closely as he prepared to penetrate her. He rubbed his cock up and down the length of her slit. I leaned on his side, whispering in his ear, "you want to cum inside my friend? She IS on the pill, so load her with your seed." That seemed to be all he was waiting for.

With that, he pressed down on his dick and it slipped between her sweet lips. I watched as he thrust into my friend. She moaned with delight. I looked at her face and she was looking into my eyes.

I smiled jealous of her. Jealous of her pussy, jealous of her fucking my teacher, jealous of her breasts. Just thinking of her tits made me want to see them. I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled down one side of the black lace nightgown. Her beautiful melon shook as MrC pounded her pussy. I lightly grabbed at her big boob and squeezed it. I brushed my hand over her little blown nipple. I leaned closer and rubbed my face against her breast. Instinctively, I licked her nipple. It was hard and popped right into my mouth.

I kissed it and sucked it. I wanted the other one too. I took it out to play with it too. I took turns licking one then the other. MrC put his hand in my hair. He was watching us. Suddenly, I felt uncomfortable.

I'm not a lesbian, did he think I was? I stopped licking Cynthia's nipples. I felt a small hand on my face, I looked up and saw Cynthia smiling at me. Her hands guided me up. Our faces next to each other. She lifted her face up to mine and our lips met. I was stunned.

She kissed me more. Pulling my head down to hers. I felt her mouth open around mine. I opened my own mouth to keep our lips touching. Her tongue touched the inside of my lips.

The slipped further into my mouth to meet my own tongue. Our tongues twisted and explored each other. Her tongue slipped back into her own mouth and I sent my tongue to chase it.

Down into her mouth. Her mouth was cool and wet. Her tongue flicked over mine. Her tongue stopped for a moment as she moaned for MrC's cock. I broke off our kiss to look down my friend's body. I watched as his dick pumped into her pretty hole. My eyes locked as their pubic hairs met when he thrust particularly deep into her. I was watching him fuck her so I didn't even notice her hand had moved. Until I felt it sliding up my leg to my bare slit. Her hand was delicate and soft. She rubbed my pale lips with her fingers.

I felt her slowly slip one finger between the doors to my wet home. "Oh yes!" I whispered. I wanted my pussy filled it was an empty hole. It needed something in it. I wanted MrC's cock but found Cynthia's fingers just as enjoyable. She knew where to touch me and how lightly or hard to go. She used her free hand to pull at me. Moving me around, closer to her. "I want to taste you, Jeanette," she said softly. I leaned down and kissed her again. Putting my tongue in her mouth like before.

She kissed back for awhile. Then she pushed my face away gently. Again she said, "let me taste you, Jeanette" her hands holding my mouth away from hers. "Please." It was the please that made me realize what she wanted. Her hand slowly slid down to my small breasts. She rubbed first one then the other. Then continued on its journey down to my wetlands. Cynthia's fingers brushed my vulva and tickled my lips. As she slipped a thin finger into my hungry hole I moaned out, "oh yes." She slowly withdrew her finger and the rest of her hand.

I looked down at her face, she was shaking with MrC's thrusts still. I looked at him. He had his eyes closed and head tilted up. I wanted her fingers but it was clear she wanted more. I needed something and she would give me some of her mouth. Curiosity got the best of me. I moved over, watching MrC. He didn't open his eyes and I felt like it wasn't wrong as long as he didn't see.

I had to watch MrC, his eyes still closed, as I put my knees around my friend's head. I slowly lowered myself to her face and was immediately rewarded by her mouth on my tender waiting lips. She kissed me slowly then opened her mouth to run her tongue on the length of my slit. The feeling was out of this world. Her mouth worked around my velvet curtains. I looked down at her, "oh yeah, ahhhh, Cynthia," I purred her name.

I watched her between my legs. She licked and kissed my pussy faster and more enthusiastically. He mouth made me tremble. She was moaning into my slot as MrC began pounding her harder. I looked up to see his dick going in and out. I could just see the tip coming out then he'd drive it deep into her hole, their pubic hairs flattened between them. As he pulled back again I could see her juices on his shaft. She was dripping wet and her moaning told me she couldn't take much more.

I looked at his face and saw him watching her eat my pussy. I felt embarrassed, I'm not a lesbian I don't like girls. "Ahhhh, yes!" I cried as Cynthia's tongue licked my clit in a small circle. MrC grunted and began pumping faster and shallower. I watched as his dick closely. He twitched and groaned, he was cumming inside her! "Fill her teen pussy," I said enviously. He did. Finally giving one last twitch he pulled his sperm covered cock out of Cynthia's cunt.

His dick lay on her pretty patch, leaving some of his spunk in her hairs. I leaned down and tilted my head awkwardly to lick his dripping cock. I grabbed it with one hand and sucked the cream off it. It tasted salty and bitter. I remembered the salty flavor from Tommy's dad. The bitter part must be Cynthia's juices.

Only one way to be sure. Popping his dick out of my mouth I leaned down a little more, tilting my head down and licking at my friends' slit. She stopped eating my pussy for just a minute then moaned softly as my tongue explored her slit. I tried to imitate her mouth and tongue sensations on my slot. I found her clit and performed the same circle lick that she did to me.

I was rewarded by a happy cry and shake from Cynthia. I continued licking and sucking it to her continued cries of pleasure.

Suddenly, I felt my own clit being tantalizingly licked. "Oh god!" I cried into her pussy. I kept up my mouth work on her little button. She tried to do the same for me but she had to stop more and more to moan and call out as she started to cum. I watched as her hips wiggled beneath my face.

I could see some of MrC's cum oozing out of her slot as she came. I leaned down more to suck up his doing and play with it in my mouth. I spit it back into her pussy and licked it up again. She twitched all over and called out my name, muffled my my muffin. All his cum was gone, and her twitching had subsided. I sat up some but her hands grabbed my legs and she lifted her head back up to my happy heaven.

She licked and sucked me again and again. MrC climbed up on her hips and lifted my nightgown up over my small breasts. He leaned in and kissed my hard pink nipples. The double attention was sending me over board. I could feel something building up and nothing could stop what was going to happen. My legs started to shake first then my arms trembled around MrC's head as he sucked my nipples. The room suddenly got dark and I felt like I was falling. "Oh fuck!" I called out as I felt my body convulse from the double onslaught.

"My pussy! Ahhhh!" I cried out. "My nipples! Oooo!" It seemed to last an eternity for me. Time had stopped while I came on my friend's face. The time with Tommy was nothing like this. This was infinitely better. When it finally stopped overwhelming me and the room stopped spinning I half rolled half fell away from Cynthia. She climbed up the bed next to me and put her arm around me. MrC got dressed, we hardly noticed him.

She whispered how amazing it felt when I was licking her. I agreed, "your mouth was fantastic. Have you done that before? With Aida?" MrC froze solid, every muscle on him stiffened up. Why? Was he curious about Cynthia, or was it something else? "No, never. Not even with her," Cynthia replied unaware of MrC's reaction. Her words caught me off guard. "Really?" I said as MrC yanked on his socks. "But, it felt so good! Your like a pro." She laughed, "oh thanks!

In that case, you owe me $50 for my services." We both laughed. MrC was cramming his feet into his shoes not bothering to re-tie them. "Oh I guess my services were free them?" I asked her jokingly. "Are you saying you can't pay? Perhaps we can work out another method of payment?" She said to me giggling.

Now I was getting mixed messages here. Was she suggesting we do this again? Or was she really just joking still. After the way I felt with that orgasm I knew I would be willing to do it again. We sat looking at each other for a few seconds. Neither really ready to be the first to say this wasn't a joke.

"Listen, this stays just between us! We are even, no telling anyone! It's like none of this ever happened." MrC said very seriously looking directly at us. He looked ready to do harm.

"Ok," Cynthia said taken by surprise. "Are you breaking up with us?" I asked. His face softened a little bit, "listen you girls are great and I really enjoyed each of you.

And today, this," he said gesturing to the whole room. "Was unforgettable and once in a lifetime experience. But I can't keep doing this. I was lucky Cynthia was the one that caught us." He explained.

"We can be more careful," I suggested. "Maybe one of us can keep a lookout while you're with the other," Cynthia offered. He looked at us each in turn. "I would like that. No, no girls this has to end.


You were right I could lose my job and that's the best case scenario, I could also go to jail for a very long time." He shook his head, "no I need to do the right thing. The right thing is for me to end these relationships and patch things up with my wife." My mouth dropped.

Wife?! I never knew he was married. Holy crap he really was a cheating bastard. "You're married?!" Cynthia shrieked. She grabbed the blanket from my bed and wrapped it over her as if he hadn't just banged the shit out of her for the better part of an hour. "We have been separated for six months now and before that we had rocky times. It's not like we still live together." He said excusing his actions. "Listen let just leave this on a happy note. We all had fun and we will always remember each other for the good times." Without another word he walked out of my room.

We sat there watching the door. Listening to his departing foot steps down the hall. The front door closed behind him, his car starting in the drive way. The slow soft rumble as his motor pulled the car slowly out of the driveway.

We lay there a little longer. Finally, she got up and looked at me. "You think I can spend the night. I don't want to go home now." "Let me ask my parents." I stared at her a moment. "They say it's ok." We laughed. "Stop it you're so mean," she laughed. She called her parents and they didn't want to let her. I grabbed the phone and begged for her. "Please, my parents are out of town and I hear weird noises at night when I'm alone." "Well Jeanette it a school night and you didn't ask us before." Her mom said.

"Well, could I stay the night at your house then?" I conceded.

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Cynthia looked upset that I had said that. "Well now that should be ok." Her mom said happily. "I can just leave a note, my parents will be home early in the morning and I don't want them to worry if I'm not here," I added. "I'm going to pack my stuff right now!" I said dropping the phone but not moving. Cynthia picked it up. "What? No mom, it's me, Jeanette is getting her things." I winked at her.

Good job, we had her mom now I was sure of it. "Really? Uh ok thanks mom." "Yes!" I whispered excitedly. A sleep over with Cynthia! Her mom caved.