My girl washing her pussy

My girl washing her pussy
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I am a japanese woman and I have been doing as my husband pleases since before we were married. He began by fondling me in front of his friends, both men and women. It escalated 2 nights before our wedding.

We were sitting around at his brothers house watching videos. His brother put in a porn movie by accident, or so I thought.

My future husband made him stop when he started to take the tape out, he wanted to see it. It was the first time I had ever seen a movie like that. We had all been drinking most of the night and I was already turned on by Stevens constant fondling.


He had made no attempt to hide what he was doing, even from his own brother. While we sat there watching a woman getting fucked by 3 men, Steven slid his hand up under my t shirt, pinching my nipples. I was so amazed watching the woman on the tv that i didn't even realize that he had lifted my shirt, exposing 1 of my 34b breasts.

I just happened to notice that his brother was watching me instead of the tv. When I tried to push the shirt down he grabbed my small hands in his large hand and held them tight, twisting my nipple while his brother watched him.

I was blushing, but he knew that I like having my nipples pulled. His brother turned on the lamp next to the sofa as Steven pushed me until i was laying back on the sofa.

He pushed my hands obove my head and told his little brother to hold them. Then he asked him if he wanted to see more, I tried to struggle, but he was sitting on my legs by that time.


I was helpless as he pushed my shirt up to my neck, exposing my tits to his brother. Steven was squeezing my naked tits, pinching and twisting my sensative nipples.

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his brother reached out, joining his hand in my humiliation, running his strange hand up and down my belly, and over my tiny tits. They were both grinning and laughing having fun at my expense. I begged them to stop but Steven said I was their toy for the night. I was so shocked that he would share me like that, especially with his own brother!

He yanked my button fly jeans open, forcing them down to my knees, his brother instantly jammed his fingers between my legs, cupping and squeezing my pussy mound. I just couldn't help it, I started getting wet and he knew it.


He told Steven that he had found himself a real whore to marry. I closed my eyes, not knowing what to do.

I am 5 ft 2 inches tall, and only weighed about 95 lbs. I was helpless between the 2 of them. And I was strangly excited at the same time.

Stevens brother put my arms up and under his legs as he sat on my hands.

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He reached down with both hands, pulling my white satin panties up tight into my pussy. Steven finished yanking my jeans off, and then he forced my legs open.

Letting his brother get a good look at the girl he had been fucking for the last year.

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My pussy has been smooth since I came to the US, the guys seemed to like my pussy better that way. And Stevens brother commented on how sweet my cameltoe looked. Steven asked him what he wanted me to do for him, and he stated.Make the whore suck my cock.

I was shocked when Steven grabbed my arms, forcing them under and behind my back, and he was sitting on my legs again. His brother took his sweatpants off and he showed me his huge cock, about the same size as Stevens.

My future husband asked me how I liked his little brothers big dick, but I refused to answer, trying to keep my mouth closed. He got on the sofa with his knees on both sides of my head, his cock laid on my face, stretching over my chin. He began rubbing it all over my face, I was helpless to stop him.

When I refused to open my mouth, he slapped my face with it violently. Steven ordered me to open my mouth and suck that cock like a good jap whore. I had never heard him speak like that before!.

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He slapped my tits so had it actually hurt. He reached up and grabbed my jaw and nose, cutting off my breathing while pulling my mouth open. Then he just sat there playing with my tiny titties while his brother raped my mouth, forcing it deep on the first thrust. I began to gag and choke on the monster that violating my little mouth, but he just kept ramming it in and out, stretching my lips around it until I thought they would rip open.

It was so painful that I didn't notice that Steven had gotton off me, undressing until he was naked. He ripped my panties off, forcing my legs open and shoving his cock into my wet cunt.

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I was being pushed onto my own arms, keeping them pinned behind me while they raped my tiny body with their huge fat hard cocks. I was just trying to keep breathing with the cock in my throat, and I didn't mind Stevens cock, He had used that in my pussy many times. I was just trying to survive the attack his brother was doing in my mouth.

Steven suddenly pulled my arms out, holdint them next to my hips, pulling my deeper onto his cock, which lifted me up, arching my chest, giving his brother better access to mu mouth and throat.

He started ramming his cock deeper and harder into my tightly stretched mouth until he tensed his entire body, filling my throat with his heated cum. He was so forceful that I didn't even have a chance to swallow, it just went into my belly. Without even knowing what I was doing, I began sucking the head of his cock as he started to pull it out, tasting his sperm, sucking the last of it out of his spent cock.

Steven pumped my pussy for all he had. Bouncing me against the arm of the sofa, me legs wrapped around his muscular hips, his brother watching his cock jam in and out of my cunt. My slit was soaking in my own juices, running down over my ass.

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Steven yanked his cock out, commanding me to suck the cum out, grabbing my hair and forcing it in my mouth. after a few strokes of his hand, he emptied his balls load into my mouth, showing his brother how much I love cum. I swallowed every drop, sucking the hole like a straw. I was naked for the rest of the night as they took turns with me, making me do everything they could think of. Steven and I were married 2 days later, and his little brother was his best man. I have seviced his brother many times since that night, and we have been married for 16 years now.