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Gay twinks take it up the ass This is a beautiful  action filled
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Short Description: Half a year has passed since I lost my virginity to a distant aunt that is actually a year younger than me at the 4th of July. I hear she will be at our big Thanksgiving Day weekend family gathering. I hope I can find a way to get some time alone again with her.

(This is a sequel to the free story "By The Rocket's Red Glare". Reading it would be helpful, but is not required.) Tags: teen group sex, voyeurism, mistaken identity, first time sex, virginity lost, cheating girlfriend. "So are you excited to see Aunt Sonja?" Stephanie, my older sister, whispered in my ear once we were almost done with the long drive as we sat in back seats of the car while Mom was chatting Dad's ear off as he drove.

It'd been like forever since the fourth of July and I'd never had the chance to do more than an awkward goodbye handshake with the girl who had secretly taken my virginity during the grand fireworks display in some trees of the large farm field.

I never talked about it, so I played dumb, "Is that Uncle Frank's new wife?" My sister loved to be in control of everything, and my life was her constant play toy. At least she was away at college now and only home for the holidays. So when she smiled I knew it wasn't good. "You remember your cousin that you were separated at birth from, Jason Williams?" she said with sarcasm laden innocence.

"You'll never believe what his little sister Lilly told me on Facebook. I friended her after the fourth of July, and she had a lot of questions about you… and Sonja…" My mind relived the last few moments after I'd made love to Sonja and the two oval reflections of the grand fireworks display overhead. I had instantly had known were from Lilly's glasses and that she'd been watching us before she turned and disappeared into the darkness, probably looking for her brother who we had witnessed getting to third base with Stacy Johnson, a cute non-blood cousin-in-law that he's been courting all that day.

My face must have betrayed my attempt at feigned ignorance because Steph smiled and said, "So she wasn't lying, huh? Good for you squirt!" Then she lightly punched my arm, "So you're a man now, eh?" "Umm…" I didn't know if this was a trick or if she really meant it.

"Yea, I guess," I answered cautiously. "So are you excited to see her again?" she said eagerly and I guessed she really meant it. "Yea, I guess I am," I admitted with a smile.

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I couldn't believe my sister was being so cool about this. "You aren't going to tell." I pointed at our parents. "You never told anyone about me and Shawn Clayburn," she said with a wink. I thought back, but all I remembered was she'd gotten tutoring from Shawn like five years ago. He was a few years older than her and had gone to check on them in her room when I heard him yelling. Steph said she had stepped on his foot and that was why she had been on the floor and he was talking off his pants.

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She'd been looking to see if it was okay. Of course then the truth came to me. "Seriously, you bought that whole lame foot excuse?" My sister could read my face like a book. "But…" I stammered. "I was only like twelve, and you were only fourteen!" I hissed in a hushed accusation.

"Girls bloom earlier than boys," was her whispered cheeky response. "But I have to admit that I'd figured you'd have gotten there a lot sooner than just this summer. She was your first right?" I nodded a little ashamed that I was so inexperience for having almost graduated from high school and only now getting any action from a girl. Even if my sister was almost a year older than me she had over five years of experience on me. Then a dark thought came to me. She'd dated dozens of guys since Shawn.

"How many have you…" Then she punched my arm hard. "OWW!" Mom broke off her conversation, "You two!" "She hit me!" I whined like as if I was only five again.

"He asked me a lewd question!" Steph acted totally innocent. "Michael Patterson Lawrence! " Mom was mad now. I always get addressed by my full name when she blows a fuse.

"You keep your dirty mind to yourself and off your sister!" That made it sound even worse, but she wasn't done. "I know young boys have a hard time controlling themselves, but so help me, I will make you regret it if you cause any problems at Thanksgiving!" I grumbled and felt like I'd been set up.

Of course my bitchy older sister was always so innocent, while I was the degenerate. Dad didn't say anything, but Mom reamed me out a bit more before the car went to uncomfortable silence for the last half-hour of our three out drive to return once more to the giant ancestral farmhouse where a bunch of our family was meeting up for Thanksgiving.

It was only going to be a fraction of the size of the summer gathering, but still put the gathering at about fifty people counting all the kids. It was mostly a few of my closer family who lived in the nearby states, but this year Sonja's family, the Scotts, had made plans to come out.

I could only hope that this was because she begged to come to see me again. The fields were all barren now after harvest and the cold frosts had already come, but no snow yet. That was only a month away of course, as was Christmas.

Man, I'm gonna have to get her something! At least there were no gifts needed for this visit, but I should get her number so I could text her or ask her ten year old younger sister what she likes.

I tried to think about what I really knew about her, but I couldn't think of much. I'd known her intermittently for about a decade, but she used to hang out with some of the older girls, so I didn't really known her as much as a boyfriend, or even a family member really should.

Our car pulled up and there were half a dozen others. This would be the biggest Thanksgiving we'd ever had here, so getting time alone with Sonja would be almost impossible unless we wanted to go out in the ice cold rain. My sister and I were directed up to the bedrooms with our luggage.

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It was still only around noon on Thanksgiving Day and we were about the last family to arrive, but not entirely. Turns out the Williams were delayed so Jason and Lilly wouldn't be in for a few hours.

Normally this would bum me out, but as Sonja was already here with her parents, I saw it as a blessing. I was set up in a tiny bedroom with a single bed and a cot. Looked like it would be just me and Jason in here, so of course I snagged the bed first. I went to use the restroom and lingered by the closed door to the other small bedroom that my sister had entered and overheard Sonja talking with her. "So it'll just be us and Lilly when she gets here, so you can have the bed.

Lilly and I will take the cots." "You sure?" my sister asked her, "I figured you'd want a bed tonight…" I reflexively coughed as I choked on the thought of getting Sonja in bed and they must have heard it since they stopped talking. I hurried on and walked quickly to the bathroom and closed the door. When I came back they had both gone back downstairs. I also peeked into the two larger bedrooms and saw there were half a dozen sleeping bags in each, so about a dozen little kids would all be upstairs as well, but at least they would have their own rooms.

When I went downstairs I could hear the loud gaggle of kids in the living room where all the kids were watching an animated movie, so I moseyed to the den where Dad and most of my uncles were watching football. I almost went in there, but then I heard Sonja laugh in the kitchen, so went to see her instead. She was just as I remembered her, only now more beautiful. Her carrot red hair long, wavy was pinned up while she was cutting vegetables and chatting with my sister. Her cheeks were speckles with freckles, and I really didn't remember her being so beautiful before, but then I'd really never considered her as romantically until that night in the summer, and barely saw her since.

She wasn't what I normally fantasized about before I lost my virginity, but I'd found myself singling out redheads in my porn watching habits for the last few months. Before I could think of any reason to talk to her I was spotted and tasked with peeling potatoes and other busy work, much as Steph and Sonja were doing, while a few of the more of our chef-like aunts busied about the rest of cooking.


They talked a lot, mostly gossiping about celebrities, neighbors, other family members, and childhood friends all grown up now. Eventually I got done and escaped the kitchen by using the restroom.

I was considering going back to the den when Sonja snuck up behind me and grabbed my arm and put her finger to her lips. I stayed silent as she directed and quickly followed her back upstairs, with me eagerly trying to peek up her knee length skirt, and followed her lead straight into my empty room.

"Close the door," she instructed as she moved to sit on my bed. I did and never took my eyes off of her. Immediately I joined her and instantly we were making out as if the fourth of July had been only yesterday and we were a serious long-time couple. It was everything I'd been hoping for since I heard she was going to be here. Her warm tongue and lips were on mine and our hands caressing arms, necks, and chests.

Her heavy tits were held up by a tight bra under her blouse and I quickly had my hands all over them, pinching and squeezing her nipples hard. Then the door opened. I was so surprised I pulled away quickly, embarrassed like I'd been caught with my hands in a cookie jar as Jason came in, but seemed to have not seen us making out as he was still talking with his sister before he turned and saw me and Sonja both sitting on the bed.

"Hey Mike! You… Am I interrupting anything?" he asked as he started catching on. I don't know why, but I overreacted. "No! I mean… Naw, we were just talking. That's it." I knew it was the wrong thing to say because Sonja stood up and curtly said, "Yea, nice talk." Then she walked up to my cousin and said sweetly, "Hey Jason, you're looking great. Have a good trip?" He smiled back, "Well other than Lilly just got her learner's permit so Mom convinced Dad to let her drive," then he spoke loudly, "And she almost killed us." "Did not!" she yelled back from her room.

"Well, I'll leave you boys and go talk with her," Sonja excused herself and slipped away out of the room.

I wanted to stop her, to say something, but I was shamed into silence by the presence of another guy.

"So…" Jason said as he dropped his bag. "So…" I said nervous that he was going to dig me about Sonja. "Looks like Lilly got me stuck with the cot. You're lucky you have a big sister and not a younger one," he flopped down onto the fold out bed. I laughed and then we went on about crazy sister stories, and he explained how Lilly had gotten flustered at a red light and accidentally put the car in reverse so that when she hit the gas when the light turned green she backed into the car behind them.

There was only a broken headlight on the other car, but waiting for the police and writing up an incident report had taken over an hour, and that was why they had been later than everyone else, even though they lived much closer.

In no time we were so engrossed talking about music, video games, and movies I'd forgotten about anything else and the time flew by. Lilly even came in later while Sonja and Steph were elsewhere and we all just talked like long lost friends.

Lilly teased her brother about being stuck on the cot, but she got burned back as she had her own cot in the girl's room with Sonja giving Steph the bed.

She was actually a pretty fun person to talk to and liked a lot of the same music bands that I do, much to the chagrin of her brother. He bemoaned about how he cannot stand it when she plays the same songs over and over endlessly, but I defended her as I do the same thing. She grinned at me through her short blonde hair and sang, so I grinned back and joined in, making Jason moan in annoyance. Eventually Steph shouted up the stairs that dinner was ready and we joined the rest of our family for a big Thanksgiving day feast.

Just like everyone else I packed away too much food a talked and shared stories about my l life. We were spread out over three rooms, one just for food, another for the adults, and one for the kids. And again only my sister made the cut to the adults room.

But I didn't mind's as much this year as I ended up sitting at a table next to Jason with Sonja and Lilly across from us, even if we did have some of the toddlers that we helped babysit around us. There was another table nearby with all the small kids, and the few babies were with their parents of course to watch over the kids as well.

We were about halfway through eating when I suddenly felt a foot rubbing up against my leg. For only a moment I thought it was an accident, but then it moved up and down, caressing my shin and knee. I'm glad I wasn't talking at the moment since it startled me and I would have made a stuttering fool of myself.

Still I stopped eating and considered the two girls seated across from me. Lilly was just looking down quietly eating her food while Sonja was happily talking with Jason. Then with the briefest of glances as Sonja looked me in the eyes, checking to see if I was looking at her, and she smiled. I knew then that it was her and I smiled as well, but she seemed like she was purposefully ignoring me. Then the massaging foot moved away and the rest of dinner was uneventful.

Stuffed with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, potatoes, and green bean casserole I was already drowsy, but as a family tradition we all went to the living room to watch the Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving Special on TV like every year for far longer than I'd been alive.

The furniture was filled with the adults and elderly while the floor was crowded with kids. I was leaning up against the door frame to the hall looking shamelessly at Sonja's round rear end as she got on her knees with her younger sister on the floor when Steph tapped my shoulder. I turned and she indicated I follow her back to the empty hallway.

I followed to see what she wanted, and only got worried when she smiled again. "Sonja isn't staying the whole weekend. She is leaving tomorrow, but she told me she wanted to be with you again." My face lit up.

How would we get some alone time? And how did my sister figure into this? I didn't speak so Steph continued, "You better thank me because I'm gonna surprise Jason tonight and keep him busy to give you two some special time together." "You'd do that for me?" I said shocked. "Hey, I owe you for back in the car, right?" Steph said with remorse. "Besides, Jason's grown up a lot and is kinda cute now." I was a little grossed out thinking of him and my sister getting together, but if that gave me time to get with Sonja again, I could overlook it.

"Thanks!" I said with feeling. I couldn't think of anything other than sex the rest of the night. I stayed with the family, sneaking smiled glances at Sonja, but she was playing coy and ignoring me completely.

I'm sure she just didn't want to get caught. Finally the kids were sent to bed, and it only took about two hours for them to actually get to sleep while we helped herd them while everyone else retired for the night or to the den for more drinks. Jason and I went to our room around ten and to bed, but I was eying Sonja and my sister for clues.

Sonja was cool as ice and actually seemed to be giving me the cold shoulder, but Steph gave me the smallest of winks as she said goodnight. That was enough to confirm the whole thing for me so after our lights were out and we were in bed I found myself hard as a rock and masturbating gently waiting for a sexy night visit. After an hour though I must have fallen asleep because what woke me was my covers being pulled off.

"Sonja?" I whispered with a start, but my companion put her finger to my lips. Then I heard something else. Below us there was Jason still snoring, but also a wet sound.


It was a pitch black tonight since the rain was still coming down outside at three o'clock in the morning, but I could just make out Jason's cot and someone crouched over the side.

Oh my God, Steph was and sucking Jason's cock while he was still asleep! I didn't get much time to consider that though since Sonja didn't waste any time and grabbed my own manhood and lowered her own mouth around it. Oh, I had dreamed so long about this I immediately got hard again and couldn't help but give a small groan of pleasure.

Then Jason woke with a start, "What the fuck?" Steph must have stopped sucking him because I heard a rushed whispering back and forth between them before Jason laughed, "Fuck yea!" before Steph went back to sucking him. I'd had many adventurers with my cousin, but sharing a bedroom for sex was never one I expected to have. After a few more delightful minutes of having Sonja sucking devotedly on me while Steph did the same for Jason, Steph stopped and whispered again.

I heard Jason get out of the cot, a few footsteps on the hardwood floor, then both of them groaned together followed by a wet slapping sound. Holy fuck, she was on her knees and taking him doggy style right in front of me!

The other couple getting it on was enough to convince Sonja into action as well since she then stopped giving me a blowjob and moved around a bit before squatting over me, grasping my dick and slowly poking it into her tight twat as she sat down on my lap.

She must have been nervous because she went really slow, and she had her back to me so this was a new position for me as well. Reverse Cowgirl they call it in porn, but it was actually a little uncomfortable. My cock was bent way down, and sadly I couldn't caress her big boobs. So instead I rubbed my hands down her smooth, sexy back and tight round ass. Her hips were bonier than I remembered, but she hadn't been wearing revealing clothing so she must have lost some weight since she was much lighter than I remembered as well.

After a minute though none of that mattered since Sonja had found her rhythm and started riding me with gusto, hard and fast. She also started squeaking softly each time she fully impaled herself onto me.

I definitely didn't remember her doing that last time. She had grunted and moaned, but I guess that was because she was trying to be quieter now than when we were alone in those trees. Then I heard Steph moan to Jason, "Get on your back, I want to ride you." He stopped fucking her from behind and they changed positions so she too was soon riding away, moaning happily.

That was when my lover shuddered and shivered as she came. Her cunt seized up painfully tight and she curled her back as her body tried to force me out of her. She let out a chittering sound, like a chipmunk, as she bent her head down to my knees and convulsed in pleasure. I wasn't quite there yet, but enjoyed it immensely. I gave her Sonja a few moments to catch her breath before pushing her forward to the foot of the bed and getting on my knees, much as Jason had been doing, only she was still flat against the bed so I was laying on top of her ass and back as I pushed my ready cock back into her wet pussy.

We made quite a pair, two teen couples, all slightly related to each other, fucking our brains out. I was just about to cum when Steph groaned, "I'm cuming Jason, pinch my nipples!" "Me too," Jason gasped. I was feeling the bubbling in my balls hearing this exchange so started pounding Sonja's cunt for all I was worth.

She was squeaking again each time I pounded her into three mattress as my fingers dug into her waist with one hand and I held myself up with the other. Jason came first a groan which triggered my sister's orgasm, a long moaning climax, which set me off as well.

All things considered it was a miracle I'd held out that long. The mind numbing sensation of my balls pumping my sperm up my shaft and out into my lover's warm and welcoming womb was as amazing as the first time. The world was beautiful and perfect, and I was head over heels in love with Sonja.

I collapsed onto her back and kissed her sweaty shoulder. The whole thing was over now, yet I didn't want it to ever end.


My cock was still weakly throbbing the last but of my semen into that velvety womanhood when the light was suddenly turned on. I squinted add the sudden light blinded me and was never more embarrassed in my life as my dad was standing in the doorway. "Sonja, Lilly, you better get back to your own beds after you clean up." "Lilly?" I muttered confused, then shock took my face as I saw an embarrassed and naked Sonja jump up from the floor with Jason.

I felt betrayed for just a moment before I realized the girl in bed with me was Jason's little sister. She looked at me, guilty, devious, and confident, all at once.

Her frame a bit smaller than Sonja's as she scampered out on her heels, glancing back at my stunned face with a tiny smile. The truth was like a ton of bricks; Sonja had just fucked Jason right in front of me while I had sex his fifteen year old sister in front of him.

All my dad said after the girls left was, "We'll talk about this in the morning. Make sure you clean up son; wouldn't want to get blood on the sheets." It was then that I looked down at my flaccid member and saw it was streaked red with blood, and some on my inner thighs. I freaked out for just a second as I thought it was mine, but then I realized it was Lilly's. Not only had I just had sex with the wrong girl, but I'd taken her virginity! I grabbed a box of Kleenex tissues from the nightstand and quickly wiped away the blood as my dad left and went back downstairs.

"Damn that Sonja is a good lay," Jason sighed as he laid back down on his cot. I still had my orgasm induced bliss in my ears, but that still hurt like a knife to my soul. I just couldn't believe she would cheat on me. "Lights out horndogs," Steph said with an evil grin from the doorway before shutting off the light and closing our door.

This was all my sister's doing. She'd played me and probably convinced Sonja and Lilly to do this. God damn that sneaky conniving bitch! She knew I liked Sonja and she must have planned this all out somehow. My head was spinning and racing with rage when Jason asked innocently, "Why didn't you tell me you were interested in my sister?" I knew then that Jason wasn't trying to hurt me so I didn't want to take this out on him.

"Dude, it's your sister. I didn't want things to get weird between us." He laughed, "If she gets pregnant it'll be weird calling you brother!" My heart sank and my stomach almost jumped into my mouth. "She. She's not on the pill?" I nervously stammered.

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"Dude, she's fifteen! But Christmas you'll be eighteen and she'll be jail bait," he explained.

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"That's if you live that long. If my dad finds out he'll probably just shoot you." Jason said lightly. I didn't respond and just stewed in my thoughts and soon I heard the soft snoring again coming from Jason's cot, but I didn't sleep at all and saw the room lighten as the sun rose, even if the cold fall rain didn't let up.

Sonja and her parents did leave the next day as Steph had predicted, and I spent the next two days of our vacation with the rest of the family, including Jason and Lilly. My dad gave me a speech about hormones and responsibility, and I pretended to care, but just counted myself lucky he didn't tell mom or Lilly's father. Really all I thought about was getting back some kind of revenge on Steph and maybe Sonja, avoiding everyone and especially Uncle Williams, trying to come to grips with how I felt about his young daughter that I'd just deflowered, all while enduring Jason tease me about making him an uncle!

Needless to say I was almost glad to get back to school Monday morning. ******************* Author's notes: I'm a lone amateur author, out of work, with no editors or reviewers, so I apologize for any typos you may find (which I'm sure you will.) But I try to review them several times, and I think they come out fairly well. If you enjoyed this story please take time to view and download my other works at Smashwords here: There are several free short stories to give you a taste of my writing style, as well as several longer stories.

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