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Alternative Reality 4 Readers notes: If this is the first one you have reading then stop and go back to the beginning if you read the other then enjoy Darkestbooks thanks you for your time.

I stayed in the hospital for three day before I was released. In that time I was watched over at all times but they never had to restrap me as I was behaving.

The day after I was taken to the hospital a therapist came by to have a talk. His first question was so stupid. "Where you trying to kill yourself?" I looked at him and frowned. "No I just tried to give blood." My voice was hard as I stared at him but he never saw sign of displease or angry. He just nodded understanding that I was in pain. "Why would you want to end you life?" I snorted as I turned away from him, "What's the point of living." I think he caught my meaning because he took a seat next to my bed.

"Why do you feel your life not worth living?" I shrugged and he pulled out my chart. "Mr. Clearwater said that you mentioned that is was because of your injuries?" I jerk around until I was staring him into his eyes. "If that's a nice way of say I can't have children then yes that why, I am a woman it's what I was put on earth to do." I slammed back and turned away from him.

"And if I can't then why live?" He was quit for a few minutes then he tried to convince me that there was more to life than just having kids.

I listened but it really didn't change my mind. "If you are released would you try it again?" I turned back to look at him and thought for a moment. "I don't know." Then I looked away and stop taking to him.

He tried to get me to answer more question but when he seem to realize I wasn't going to answer him he left. He returned a few more time over the time I was there and when he got me talking he felt I was ready to leave. He did get me set up to see another therapist which I had to see in two days. When Mr. Clearwater walked me out to his car I stopped him. "I'm sorry." He pulled me into his arms and hugged me tightly.

At first I was tense never liking to be touch by anyone then I slowly relaxed and he let me go. "Physical pain goes away after a while, but emotion pain only builds." I nodded and he put his arm around my shoulder and walked me to his car.

It was around two when he got back and he had to work.

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"Go I won't do it again, well not today at less." He held my eyes with his and then he left. I walked up to Sherry's room and pulled out one of my pill bottles and took a few just to relax nothing major. I was sitting outside on the picnic table again toking a joint when Sherry sat down beside me. "Dad told me why you did it and I can understand that a little." As strange as it sounded to me I felt bad that she was the one that had found me. I handed her the joint and she took a few puffs before handing it back.

"Becky, can I asking you something?" I nodded and her voice got weird. "Have you ever been sexual attracted to someone before?" I looked up at her and shook my head. "I never got to know anyone enough to feel attracted to them." Then she leaned over and her lips touched mine.

I was shocked at first but then I started to feel those emotions and I returned it and soon I had my arms around her. Then when she touched my breast I jerked away.

Not in fear but because of a new sensation I had never felt before. Normally when I was touch there I hated it and never felt anything from it. "What's wrong?" I looked up at her and I pulled her into my arms. "It was just…new that all." "Being that it was a girl that touched you, you mean." I pulled back and shook my head.

"No it was just a new feeling that I never felt before, it was just overwhelming, but it was enjoyable." I left her and head inside. Later that night while we were in bed I thought about what had happened outside with her. I turned until I was looking at her sleeping form and thought how nice she looked.

With her long brown hair and hazel eyes even though I couldn't see them. Even her body was nice to look at. Her breasts were just big enough to fit in my hands and her long legs were smooth looking. And for the first time in my life I felt something I never thought I would.

Aroused, I was getting wet just by looking at her. I rolled on to my side and face her thinking about what it would be like being with another girl. I must have fall asleep because when I woke the next morning I found the two us snuggled together and her arms were around me and my head was on her chest.

Again I felt aroused and I slowly got up while she kept sleeping. I saw that it was five thirty as I got dress and head outside to get a cigarette."How did you get those and why are you up so early?" I turned and found Mr. Clearwater stand there dress in a nice suit.

"A friend I know and I always got up early. I leave early then most kids do for school or I did anyway." He nodded and put his gun holster on and grabbed his dress coat. "Can I ask you something?" I said as I turned to look away. "Sure." He walked up beside me and I lowered my eyes. "Last night for the first time ever I got aroused. The only problem was that it scared me because I never felt that. Will I always feel that way?" He took a moment to get his words right.

"At first it will be hard I believe but in time I sure you grow to understand and like when it happens." I didn't say or do anything and he left for work shortly after that. Sherry came down a quarter to seven and she smiled at me. She ate breakfast and we head to school. "Are you sure you ready to go back?" I shook my head.

"No but I need to keep busy or my thoughts may started to run amuck on me. It's better for me to focus on other things right now." She nodded and butterflies filled my stomach when she took my hand and laced my fingers with hers.

A lot of people were watching me as I walked up to my locker at school. Then I did something I had never done. I removed my hoody and put in my locker. I saw a few kids eyes raise as they first took in my bandaged wrist then up to the many bruises and scar along my arm. Sherry smiled when she saw this but I was really nervous about other seeing me. I had hidden so much for so long that I just didn't feel right without my hoody.

Sherry frown when I pulled it back out but nodded when I tied it around my waist. At least it was with me I thought as I grabbed my books. James a guy that I get most of my stuff from walked up to me as I closed my locker. "How are you today?" I noticed his eyes staring at my wrist and I felt sweat on my neck. "Okay I guess. Sherry this is James and back." They nodded before we went our spared ways.

Sherry and I had all the same classes and I was glad she was there. In my first period classed everyone was shocked to see how bruised my arms where even the teacher. Sherry set beside me and when it got to be too much she grabbed my hand and I looked up at her. When we left class I asked why she had taken my hand like that.

"I saw how badly you where trembling." I smiled and we head to our next class. It was the same all over again in my second and third period classes as it had been in my first. By lunch I just walked outside to a spot I know I could be without being spotted by anyone. Sherry was standing beside me as I lit up first a joint then a cigarette. We shared the joint and when she was taking her puffs I would take a long drag off my cigarette. "Last night I woke up and…" I turned as she paused.

"And I found you trembling. When I wrapped my arm around you, you calmed down. It why I grabbed you hand today." She seemed nervous as she talked. "Thank for both those times." I said as I dropped the butt and smashed against the ground.

She smiled and nodded and we headed to our next class.


We had half an hour left in fourth period when the class phone ringed. When the teacher answered and hung up he walked over to mine and Sherry's desk.



Miller they need you in the front office." I went to grab my things but Sherry said if I wasn't back she would take care of it. When I walked into the office I found Tori my Social Worker sitting there.

She asked if there was a room that we could speak in and the secretary led us to the teacher converses room. When we were alone she looked at my arms and my face. "I made so many visits to see you why didn't you tell me this was going on." I duck my head. "You know how bad I've had it with the other homes I was just tired of hoping anymore." I took a seat and laid my head down.

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"I just learned to survive so I won't risk moving to a worse home." She took the seat beside me and wrapped her arms around me. "I'm sorry that we haven't taken better care of you and I'm sorry that I didn't see this happening." I nodded then looked up at her. "I guess you found a new home for me and that why you're here." "Well yes I did come to let you know that we have found a new home for you but not in foster care.

A Mr. Clearwater a local detective has asked for you to be placed with him and his daughter." I looked up at her and she was smiling. "I thought that may brightened you day a little also I have so more news and I don't know how you will take this.

Your father, your real father, was killed while in prison. They just went over his will. He left all his money to you. While he was in prison he sold off everything and set up a trust that will give you three hundred a week." She handled me what looked like a credit card.

"This debut card is linked to you account at the RBC bank.

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Call this number and they will help you set it up. The account already has four thousand dollar that can be used now." I just stared at her, if I had all my dad money then I would never have to work a day in my life.

I was never sure what he did but he once told me that his money makes money and that he was done working and if I didn't want to work when I was older I wouldn't have too either. "Also I asked Mr. Clearwater to come by my office tomorrow because we have some paperwork that we need he needs to sign to give him full responsibility of you." I nodded and she left and I head back to class.

Sherry was just coming out of class when I got there and she handed me my things. "So what was that about?" I said I would tell her later and we headed to our next class. When the day finally ended we were walking home when I told her what happen with my real father.

"I'm sorry about your dad." I just shrugged not sure what to think about that. He was an asshole but deep down I think he did love me.

When we got home we found Mr. Clearwater in the kitchen making dinner. I think I surprised him when I ran up and wrapped my arms around him. "Thank you for taking me in." Sherry was looking at her father and asked what I meant by that."Well until she is eighteen I have take responsibility of her safety and well being." Sherry smiled and then we were all hugging each other, and again I felt aroused with Sherry pressing up against me.

After dinner I called the number and they help me set a pin and get my account setup for use. I was sitting in the room I shared with Sherry think about her and how I felt when she touched me. "Why are you up her alone?" Her voice scared me and she laughed which I frowned at. "I was just thinking." She took a seat next to me and asked what I was thinking about. I took a moment to get my words worked out but I just couldn't put them together. I looked up at her and then I got it.

My lips pressed against her and it took a moment before she responded. The feelings in me ramped up and soon we were lay back kissing and our hands where running up and down each other. This time when her fingers touched my breast I was able to fight the urge to pull away. Soon I got lose in her touch and I was really enjoying it.

Then her hand was under my shirt and had my bra clasp breast in her hand. I fought to remain in the moment but it was hard. Then when I felt her hand moving down my stomach I grabbed her hand and jerked away. "No." She pulled her hand away and nodded and I set up pulling my knees to my chest. "I want to but it just hard to let go with all those memories. I feel you hand and it feel so good then I would remember him doing the same and I… freak which I feel ashamed for." "It's ok we can take this as slow as you want.

It only been a few days but I can't help but feel attracted to you and I don't think that is ever going to change." I look at her and found the way she was looking at me cause my feeling to stir again. "I thought you like it with you dad, why do you want me too?" Without even a pause she touched the side of my face.

"I love when dad and I get together but I've always been into girls. You're the first I every really like more than a friend and dad knows this. It was one of the reasons he got it so you can stay here. He also likes you." When I looked down she guessed my feelings.

"Not in that way, he like you as a person and really wanted to help you, it has nothing to do with sex. Although if you want to I'm sure he wouldn't hold back." I laugh before I know it and she joined in. "Well that nice to see." We looked up and found Mr. Clearwater standing there. "That was the first time I seen you laugh and I glad I did. Well I just want to let you girls know that they called me in for a night shift.

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Oh Becky I will pick you up a twelve thirty so we can see your Social Worker." I nodded and he left us alone. We were getting ready for bed when my cell phone ringed. It was an unknown number and when I answer it I almost dropped it as his voice talked into my ear. "Just want to remind you that I'm still out here bitch." My trembling voice caught Sherry attention. "Why don't you just leave me alone?" I heard him laugh then what he said next sent shivers down my spine. "I always thought pink made you boobs look bigger and that blue on your friend is to die for.

I hope you forgot to lock up tightly." I dropped the phone and looked out the window and show his car parked out front. Sherry came up behind me and without thinking I grabbed her hand pulling her with me as I ran out of her room and down the stairs. We had just reach the bottom when the glass by the door exploded and a hand reaching through to unlock the door. I pulled Sherry in too the kitchen and I heard the door open. I grabbed her phone as I passed the bar and pulled her outside ran towards the woods behind her house.

I stopped a little ways in to them and gave Sherry her phone. "Call you dad and run. Don't stop until you get to someone house you can trust." I watched as Mike walked toward me with what looked like a pipe.

I don't think he saw us but he knew where I had run too. I pushed Sherry to get her going and she took a few steps before seeing that I was turned to go deep into the woods away from her.

I shook my head as she turned to follow and point toward the other houses. A tear slowly ran down her cheek as I turned and ran as fasted as I could away from her making a lot of noise. I know it had worked when I heard him behind me. "You can't out run me bitch." His voice was like acid and I just ran until my foot caught a root sending me to the ground. He laughed as I rolled onto my back. I was shaking as he stared at me then screamed when the bat he was holding slammed into my side.

I rolled into a ball on my side but that only gave him good shots at my back. Again and again the bat smack into me. Shot ranged from the back of my head with my hand over it down to my ass and legs.

I prayed that Sherry was safe and also that the police where on the way. It wasn't until later that I realized how much I wanted to survive this. The last thought I had was of Sherry before I passed out. "She was hit multiply time with a blunt object and she was raped. I would say she was lucky to be alive but judging by the blows only her lower back took the hardest blows while her hand protect her head. She had several fingers fractured but no major breaks.

It was as if he only wanted to hurt her." I opened my eyes and found that I was again in the hospital. The doctor was talking to Mr. Clearwater and he noticed my eyes. He walked over and smiled at me. "How are you feeling?" I was feeling great and I told him that and the doctor laughed saying it was the pain killers.

He then asked for him to leave so he could check me over again. Mr. Clearwater patted my hand before he left. He asked me if I hurt anywhere and said no. While he wrote this down in my chart I closed my eyes and took a breath. "Oh I'm sorry for that." I looked at him and asked for what. I can tell you that there is nothing worse than when your doctor frowns. I watch as he grabbed my big toe and wiggled it. "Can you feel this?" I was staring at my feet as he wiggled it and then I felt a tear roll down my cheek as I shook my head.

He touched up both of my legs then when he touched my stomach I felt it. I told him and he said that he would need to run test to see if it was permanent. I was crying when Sherry and her father came back in. I didn't know they had because my head was back and my eyes were closed. I'm not sure what she said but I did remember when I opened my eyes I found her lightly rubbing my leg and I hadn't felt it.

It was all too much and I broke down and cried harder. Sherry was there a sleep when I woke up the next morning. Once I had calmed down last night I told them and I watch as they both broke down and joined me.


Now I was watching her and found how nice it was to watch her sleep. While I watched her I tried moving my foot but it just laid there. Then I sneezed and she jump and even thought I was in the hospital after being beat again and couldn't feel anything below my waist I burst out laughing at the look on her face and once I started I couldn't stop.

The doctor and a nurse came in to see if everything was ok and found me laughing my ass off and Sherry standing there with her arms cross and her head turned away. Finally my laughing died down enough for me to talk. "Sorry about scaring you but thank for the laugh." She loosed up a little and turned back to me before she finally relaxing and smiled.

"Well I see someone is feeling better." The doctor said as he walked over to me. "Well at least half of me is feeling anything." He nodded seeing that I was hurt by this but I was still smiling. It wasn't long after that that I was taken to get a MRI then a CAT scan.

As I was taken back to my room I noticed two police officers. "They're there to make sure you safe honey." One of the nurses told me as they rolled me pass them.

I fall asleep with Sherry sitting beside me and when I woke up I found Mr. Clearwater. "Sherry went home to get some rest and will back after school tomorrow." I was disappointed a little.

"Also I want to thank you for keeping Sherry safe. She told me that you made sure Mike would follow you and I am grateful for that." I smiled and nodded "I had to keep her safe." The word shocked me a little but he smiled like he know something I didn't and he did I just didn't know it.

It was two days later when the doctor told me that I just need a small surgery to fix something in my back and I should get my feeling back in my lower body. I was scared all the way up to my surgery but he said that it had gone good and now time would tell if it worked. For a week I was a ball of stress and I would try to move my foot every chance I got but nothing every happened. The doctor was hopeful that it just needed time.

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I was watching so stupid talk show one day when Sherry came in to my room. She had my homework and was mad because I could understand it without even being in class and she was lost with it. I smiled and laid back. "You just got to take your time. You always rushing your work and…" Presser on my leg stopped my talking and I opened my eyes to find that she had laid a book down on the bed and it was leaning up against my leg. Miss understood what was happening she grabbed the book and opened her mouth but stopped as I shivered.

When she grabbed the book her fingers lightly ran over my leg and it felt great. Without a word she turned and left the room returning with the doctor in tow. He did a few tests mostly poking me to see if I felt anything and every little poke was magic as I felt each and every one of them.

It was another week before I left the hospital. While I could walk somewhat I needed crutches because the muscle wouldn't take my weigh easily.

I want to cry when after many more test my doctor and Physical Therapist told me that I won't get any better and I would always need the crutches. There was just too much damaged to my low back. When I got home I saw three police cars outside the house and Mr. Clearwater said that until Mike was caught they would always be three cars outside. After fighting to get up stair with Sherry help I made my way to our bedroom (funny after the attack I started seeing this as our house and our room).

It was getting late and I managed to get undress and dress again. We crawled into bed and I laid on my back while Sherry set with her legs cross watching my face as she ran her hand up and down my leg. I had on a pair of nylon shirt and a sport bra while she had on a tank top and short as while. I couldn't believe how good it felt to feel her hand on my knee then I felt her hand further up my leg closing in on my pussy.

I shiver and I watched as she went high until I felt her fingers slid up my short's leg and then felt as her finger nudge it way under my panties. "Ohhh" She smiled as the moan escaped my lips and I closed my eyes as she slowly moved her hand around and around.

I was trembling and before much longer I had my first orgasm ever. I must have screamed out because her father busted through the door and found me wide eyed and still caught in the afterglow of my orgasm and Sherry hand still up my short and rubbing me. It got to be a little too much for her to continue and I laid my hand over hers. "Well I think I will be heading to bed." He said and Sherry laughed and I was half in and out of it as my orgasm finally subsided. I was breathing hard and had my eyes close when I felt her lay down beside me and pulled the blanket up.

Then she kissed me and rested her head on my shoulder and we went to sleep. To Be Continued