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Pure lesbo juicy porn scenes
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"So do you think uncle Harry hid money or valuables around his house?" I ask my mom as we're driving down the interstate. "What makes you think that?" She asks, surprised at my question. "Well, he was pretty eccentric, you have to admit. He seemed like one of those guys who would stash things around the house and then forget where they are. We are going to search for hidden stuff, right?" My mom's brother died in a car accident a couple of months ago and my mom is executor of his estate.

Uncle Harry never married and as his younger sister, mom is his only living relative. Uncle Harry was 40, two years older than my mom.

They grew up together but had less contact once mom got married. My mom is one of those people who take family responsibility very seriously.

Like every Christmas she doesn't just send presents, she drives down and gives Uncle Harry his present. Last December, Mom and my sister Susan drove down just before New Years. It's spring break now and I'm out of school, which is why mom asked me to come with her this time. "Your uncle wasn't eccentric." Mom argues. "He was just very, very smart. Sometimes he didn't have patience for the mundane things that we consider normal." Uncle Harry really was smart.

He was one of the leading neurologists in the country, with huge research grants. "I'm going to go through his personal papers and put everything in order, you can look for hidden 'stuff' if you want." Mom says laughing. "Just make sure you tell me if you find anything, because I have to make a complete list of his assets." Uncle Harry's house isn't huge, but it does have a large office in the converted walkout basement.

Mom is hoping to sort through everything in 4-5 days. The first day I help her catalogue all the furniture, paintings, etc.

The second day mom asks me to make a list of all the books in his library, while she starts sorting through his office. Some of the books are valuable first editions and some are just normal books that everyone has on their bookshelves. I have to look at the title page of each book to make sure I don't overlook any of the collector's items. He has about four hundred books and it's taking a long time.

Plus, I've gotten distracted a few times looking up the price of some of the first editions on his computer. When we break for lunch I've gotten about halfway through. "How's it going?" Mom asks as we sit at the kitchen table eating sandwiches and potato chips.

"Fine. Uncle Harry sure had a wide range of interests. He's got everything from biographies to books on Wicca." I tell her. "I'm about halfway through. How's it going in the basement?" "Slow. Your uncle wasn't the most organized man in the world." Mom says, sighing.

"I'm really having to organize everything before I can start sorting through his finances. This may take longer than I thought." After lunch we resume our individual tasks. The third book I look at, one of the neurology textbooks Uncle Harry wrote, has two folded sheets of paper in it. I unfold them and read what looks like passwords or codes.

One says, NEUROSUBMITTRANS and then NST1001#HD after it and the other one looks like a combination: 47-63-95-20. I get excited thinking, here's the hidden stuff I was talking about, if I could only figure out what it means. The first looks vaguely familiar and then I remember seeing a file on Uncle Harry's computer, when I was searching for book prices.

It was called NST.doc. I go to his computer double click on NTS.doc and sure enough a pop up box asks for a password. I type NST1001#HD and an MS-Word file opens. It's some kind of research paper called Neurological Submission Transmitter. I wonder why Uncle Harry had it password protected. As far as I know he's the only one who used this computer. As I scan through the document, most of it is over my head.

I'm still on High School physics. I skip to the 'Summary of Findings' section at the end. I read through and it seems to be talking about an actual transmitter that when tuned to a person's specific neurological frequency will render them submissive.

The summary is written in plain English without all the technical jargon. It appears to be a request for more grant money, documenting the potential uses for the device including helping doctors resolve abnormal or destructive behavior. To explain the transmitter in layman's terms he uses an analogy of instant hypnosis. Wow! Uncle Harry really was a genius, if he invented an instant hypnosis device. I wonder where it is and if the other piece of paper has anything to do with it.

I spend the next hour looking for a safe in the library and the bedrooms without any luck. I finally go down to the basement office. "How's it going?" I ask mom. I've decided not to tell her about the research paper just yet. "I'm struggling through.

Are you done with the books?" Mom asks, looking up from the desk where she has a bunch of papers all around her laptop.

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"Not yet. I'm just taking a break." I answer. "Did Uncle Harry have a safe or anything like that? I'm wondering if he had other valuable books in a safe or something." I'm trying to act nonchalant about it. "Not that I've seen down here." Mom answers. "You can look around if you want." I look all over the basement and don't find anything that might have a combination lock on it. I give up for now and go back to cataloguing the books.

I'm on the last bookcase just as it's starting to get dark. When I try to pull the books off the bottom shelf, one book seems stuck, but I can't tell why. It's not oversized or wedged into the shelf or anything. I pull hard but it doesn't budge. Bending down I realize it's a fake book that when all the other books have been removed it slides to the side, opening an access panel.

Behind the access panel is a combination lock. I jump up, get the other slip of paper and after several tries of left and right combinations I open the lock. Inside is a small device that looks like an IPOD with ear buds attached to it.

It has a small LCD screen and a thumb wheel with a button in the middle of it. I am so excited that I start to run and tell mom, then stop. I decide I'm going to figure out how it works before I tell mom about it. I open the NST file again and print out the entire document. It's fifty pages long. I finish cataloging the books while it's printing. After dinner, I tell mom I'm just going to read one of Uncle Harry's books. I sit up in bed reading the entire NST document.

Most of it I don't understand, but there are sections that appear to be written specifically for a non-technical audience. There is one section on the details of the experiments.

It seems that whoever uses it has to wear the ear buds for protection against the transmitter and to tune in the correct frequency for their subject.

Rotating the thumb wheel and listening for the steady tone, tunes it to the neurological frequency of a specific subject.

Pressing the button then renders the subject submissive and responsive to suggestions. It appears that the research wasn't complete and Uncle Harry was requesting more money so he could test the duration of the affect and what he called post transmission suggestions, which I assume are like post hypnotic suggestions. I decide to test it on mom in the morning.

The next morning over breakfast I ask mom if I can use the car to go to the mall. She tells me no because she still needs my help. While she's cleaning up the kitchen, I get the transmitter, put the ear buds in my ears and turn the thumb wheel. After about ten seconds I hear a steady tone.

I press the button and watch mom for a reaction. "Mom?" I say from behind her as she's leaning over the sink. "Yes?" She says turning around. "Raise your hand high in the air." I say, wondering if she'll think I'm crazy.

"Okay, Nick." She answers, raising her hand. Wow! I decide to try a post transmission suggestion. "Mom, next time I ask to use the car to go to the mall, say yes, give me the keys and twenty dollars spending money, okay?" "Okay, Nick." She says. I press the button on the device again and the tone stops. "What was I doing?" Mom looks confused. "Oh yeah, the dishes." She says, turning around. "Mom, can I use your car to go to the mall?" I ask her. "Sure," she says getting her keys out of her purse.

"And here's some money. You have fun." She says, handing me twenty dollars. Oh my God! This is going to be fucking great! I take the money and head out to the car with the transmitter in my pocket. At the mall, I'm just walking around trying to decide how I can test the transmitter when I pass a Victoria Secret store. Perfect! I put the ear buds in my ears and, with the transmitter in my hand, it just looks like an IPOD. I go inside and start looking around by the thongs when a very attractive blonde saleswoman approaches me.

She looks to be in her mid-twenties with firm high breasts and nice legs. "Hi. Is there something special I can help you find?" I'm turning the thumb wheel. got it! "Yes, do you wear these thongs?" I ask her after I push the transmitter button. "Yes I'm wearing one now." She answers, completely submissive to me.

"Please take me to a dressing room and show me your thong." I tell her deciding to go direct rather than with a post transmission suggestion. "Right this way." She starts leading me over to the dressing rooms. "What's your name?" I ask her, as I'm watching the curves of her ass swish back and forth under her very tight skirt. "Allison." She says. "Here we are." She shows me into a dressing room and steps in after me pulling the door closed.

She immediately unzips her skirt and lets it fall to the floor revealing her black thong. My God! She is so fucking sexy and my cock jumps, creating a bulge in my pants. "Turn around Allison, let me see the back." I tell her. She turns around and I'm staring at two beautiful white globes dissected by a piece of material that disappears between them. I run my hands over her ass and cup her firm round cheeks before sliding my fingers along the thin material stretched into the crevice.

"Okay, you can take it off, now." I tell her and she bends forward stripping her thong off in one quick motion. Her neatly trimmed dark bush let's me know she's not a natural blonde. My cock is rock hard even before I tell her to remove her blouse and her bra. "How old are you, Allison?" I ask her, as she's standing there naked, her pert tits, with rose-colored areolas and puffy pink nipples, pointing right at me.

I can't resist running my fingers over her nipples, as I wait for her answer. "Twenty-four." She says matter-of-factly as I pinch her nipples and squeeze her tits. Wow! At 18, I've had a few girl friends, but none have looked like this.

I'm wondering how far I should take this. "Do you have a boyfriend, Allison?" I ask her, continuing to fondle her beautiful, firm tits. "Yes." She answers. She's just standing there, staring straight ahead answering my questions as I explore her body with my hands. "Do you have sex with your boyfriend?" "Yes." "Do you give each other head?" I ask her, thinking a blowjob is just what I need to relieve the tension building up in my cock.

"Yes." "Do you swallow your boyfriend's cum, Allison?" I've moved to her side so I can put one hand on her ass, while the other one cups her pussy, running one finger up and down her slit.

"Sometimes. I really don't like it, but sometimes I'll do it as a special treat for him." She says in the same monotone she's been answering all my questions. My finger in her slit isn't producing the desired affect; there is no moisture there.

I wonder if the submissive transmitter is blocking her natural responses. I decide to try something completely off the wall. "I want you to have an orgasm now, Allison." She clenches her legs together, pinching my finger inside her pussy lips, lets out a low moan and with a shiver that shakes her tits from side to side, starts oozing juice over my hand.

Fuck! That is amazing! My cock is rock hard in my pants and I desperately need relief. "Allison, please take my cock out of my pants, give me a blowjob and swallow my cum." Kneeling down in front of me, she unbuckles my belt, pulls my jeans down then maneuvers my jockey shorts over my stiff cock.

She takes it in her hand and rubs her tongue all over it, licking up and down the sides. When it is coated all around with her saliva, she slips her lips over the end and pumps it rapidly in and out of her mouth.

Her other hand starts gently caressing my balls as her tongue works magic on the underside of my cock. My God! This woman is an expert at blowjobs. The high school girls I've been dating are rank amateurs by comparison and, in no time at all, I'm shooting my load in her mouth. She continues sucking as she swallows my cum then slides her mouth off my cock and stands up, awaiting her next instructions. "Allison, that was amazing." I tell her, although I'm not sure it means anything.

I tell her to get dressed and give her two post transmission suggestions. First, that she will not remember taking me into the dressing room or what we did and second, that she will always swallow her boyfriend's cum.

I leave the dressing room before she's finished dressing, press the button on the transmitter and wait around the store to see how my post transmission suggestion works. A few minutes later she walks out of the dressing room, sees me and walks over, smacking her lips and running her tongue over her teeth.

"Hi. Is there something special I can help you find?" she says as if she has never approached me before. "No, I'm just browsing." I say, then turn around and leave the store. This is too fucking unreal!

I'm almost dancing as I head to the parking lot. I have a device that will make anyone do what I want! The ideas are racing through my mind as I get to my car. Just as I'm unlocking it, a car pulls in two spaces over and a beautiful black woman gets out. She's tall, with large, round tits and a slim waist. I've always fantasized about fucking a black woman. When she opens her back door and bends over to get a package, I get a solid view of her shapely ass inside her skin-tight jeans.

What the fuck, I can't resist. I hurriedly put the ear buds in my ears and start tuning, got it! "Excuse me, miss?" I call to her. "Yes?" She answers in a monotone voice. "Would you please come here a minute?" I ask her. She walks over and stands in front of me.

I look around. It's kind of secluded here, but why take a chance. "Please get in the car with me, I'd like to see your tits." I tell her holding the passenger door open. She gets in and has her blouse unbuttoned before I get in the other side. She pulls her blouse completely open, unfastens her bra, releasing her large brown tits and waits patiently for my next command. Her tits are magnificent with big two-inch areolas and thick black nipples pointing right at me.

I've just come in Allison's mouth, but my cock is rock hard again, looking at these beautiful tits. I reach over and start fondling them. "What's your name?" I ask her while I pinch her thick black nipples between my finger and thumb.

"Carolyn" She answers. "Carolyn are you married or have a boyfriend?" I ask her. I don't know why I like to know this stuff; I guess it makes it more intimate. "I'm married." She answers unemotionally. "Is your husband a good lover?" I ask her as I'm lifting and squeezing her tits in my two hands. "He's okay." She answers in the same monotone. "Who's the best lover you've ever had?" This is really getting interesting. I lean down and take one of her nipples in my mouth. "My husband's brother." She's showing no reaction to me sucking and nibbling on her tit.

"Carolyn, I want you to experience a normal sexual response to whatever I do, okay?" I tell her, wondering if that will work. "Okay." She says in the same monotone, but the nipple I'm sucking hardens instantly and her breathing becomes more labored.

"Tell me about the best fuck you ever had with your brother-in-law." I ask her. "Last Thanksgiving, during the big football game when everybody was distracted, my husband's brother went upstairs to the bathroom. I snuck up there when no one was looking, took off my panties and joined him. He bent me over the sink, raised my skirt and pounded into my pussy from behind." She tells me, as I continue to suck on her thick nipple.

"I had been thinking about his big, thick cock all day and was soaking wet before he even entered me. It felt so good and so wicked. Just as we both climaxed, we heard a big roar from downstairs and it was like they were yelling and applauding our great fuck! After he pulled out, I knelt down and sucked his cock until he got hard again. This time he sat on the toilet seat and I straddled him. He opened my blouse and sucked my tits, just like you're doing now, while I bounced up and down on that glorious cock of his.

It's a good thing there was another great play when I came, because I don't think I was very quiet. It wasn't just that it was a great fuck, which it was, but the risk of doing it right there with the whole family downstairs was such a turn on." She had said the whole thing in one long monotone dialogue, but it still made my cock hard listening to her while I sucked her luscious tits.

Having never been with a black woman before, I'm amazed at how black her nipples and areolas are against the milk chocolate color of the rest of her skin. I unfasten her jeans and slide my hand inside her panties. Just below her fur-covered mound my finger touches her moist slit.

She is responding to me sucking on her tits, just like I told her to and I run my finger up and down her slit before slipping it inside her pussy.

She lets out a low moan as I finger fuck her and continue sucking on her nipples. "Have you ever fucked a white guy, Carolyn?" I ask her. My cock is rock hard and I'm trying to decide whether I want to fuck her or get another blowjob.

"No." She answers. I decide to be her first and I reach over her to lower the back of her seat all the way until it's almost lying flat. "Take off your jeans and panties, Carolyn." I tell her, as I'm undoing my jeans and pulling them off. I position myself under her on the passenger seat, with her straddling me. "Carolyn, think of me as your brother-in-law sitting on the toilet seat last Thanksgiving and fuck my like you fucked him." Reaching down she positions the head of my rigid cock against her wet pussy lips, slides forward and pushes down, engulfing my cock in her steaming hot pussy.

She starts rocking her hips in a rolling motion while clenching her pussy muscles around my cock. My god! It feels so fucking awesome.

Having only fucked high school girls, she is doing things with her pussy that I never dreamed possible. I'm playing with her tits and pinching her hard black nipples as she rides me. Leaning forward with her hands against the seat, she bounces up and down on my hard cock making her large brown tits swing back and forth.

God! I can't believe this is actually happening! Picking up the pace, she's lifting her pussy almost all the way to the tip of my cock and then slamming it back down, enveloping me in her hot moist chasm. I'm bucking against her and she's moaning loudly as I'm getting ready to cum.

"Okay, Carolyn now cum really hard!" I yell, as I start shooting my load deep into her burning pussy. She clenches her pussy around my cock, jerks her hips and lets out a loud moan collapsing on my chest.

While we catch our breath, I try to decide what to do next. Since she loves risk and is already cheating on her husband, I give her a different post transmission suggestion than the one I gave Allison.

"Carolyn, you will remember this as the best fuck of your life. It was your idea, you saw me when you got out of your car and asked if I'd ever fucked black before, when I said no, you offered to be my first. You'll thank me and offer to meet me here tomorrow at the same time." My cock is still inside her and she's still shivering from her intense orgasm as I turn off the transmitter. "Oh fuck! Thank you! That was great!" She says enthusiastically, kissing me.

"Did you enjoy your first black fuck, baby?" She's rocking her hips a little, my cock still buried deep inside her pussy. "I know I enjoyed my first white one. Want to do it again tomorrow?" She asks, hopefully. "I'll be here at the same time, okay?" Hearing her voice, without the monotone, trancelike intonations is a real turn on. I wish I had done the whole encounter as a post transmission suggestion. I think her story would have been more erotic with her enthusiasm intact.

She sits up and I can't resist taking her hard nipples in my mouth again and sucking on them. "Oh yeah, baby. God, I've never done anything like this before. It was so impulsive, but so good!" She's rocking back and forth again, I can't believe it but my cock is recovering inside her fiery pussy. "I don't even know your name." She says as she rocks faster, leaning down so I can continue to suck and bite her nipples.

"Oh yeah! Let's do it again!" She's riding my fully recovered cock, bouncing up and down. I let go of her nipples and lean back, thrusting my ass off the seat to match her rhythm. Her hands grab at her tits, pinching and pulling her nipples as she bucks wildly on my hard cock. She's like a woman out of control. Undoubtedly the risk of fucking a perfect stranger in the mall parking lot, coupled with the fact that she's already cum real hard, is driving her passion.

The car is rocking with our frantic coupling. My cock is so fucking hard, working toward my third orgasm in less than an hour. Her drenched pussy feels as if it's inflamed, as she tightens it around my cock, let's out a scream and jerks her body up and down in the throes of ecstasy. That sets me off and I erupt deep inside of her, my shoulders coming up off the seat back, as I spasm from the intensity of my release. "Oh my God!" She says, leaning her head against my shoulder, gulping air into her lungs.

Her hard nipples are pushing into my chest as her large tits swell with each gasp of breath. "I've never experienced anything like that!" She breathes. I realize she's had a real orgasm without any prompting from the transmitter and it left her breathless.

This was amazingly better than the first fuck. I'm going to have to work on the post transmission suggestion part of this whole experience. Suddenly, she looks at her watch and says, "Oh shit! I'm late for work!" She kisses me hard. "But you were worth it, baby." She disengages herself from my cock and looks around for her clothes.

I watch her as she scrambles around getting dressed and it's my first real look at her pussy. Her velvety bush is trimmed into a neat triangle pointing down toward her dripping pussy lips. I hand her some Kleenex from a box in the backseat and she smiles as she wipes the juices from between her legs. "Next time I want to eat your pussy." I tell her. "Mmmm. That sounds wonderful!" She says, leaning down to kiss me again, her tits pushed against my chest one last time before she refastens her bra and buttons her blouse.

"Where do you work?" I ask her putting my jockey shorts back on and pulling on my jeans. "Right there." She points to the department store entrance to the mall.

"At the jewelry counter." She kisses me again. "Come in and see me anytime." She opens the door, steps out and makes final adjustments to her clothing. "Same time tomorrow, right?" She asks. "Absolutely! I hope you don't get into trouble for being late." I tell her. "I won't." She says confidently. "I'm the manager." She laughs and runs off toward the store. Wow! This thing is going to do so much for my sex life. I'm imagining a hundred different uses, as I drive back to Uncle Harry's house.

When I get there mom is still working at uncle Harry's desk, clearly frustrated. "Hi mom." I say as I enter the basement. "Still not going so well, huh?" "Hi Nick." She looks up. "No, I'm getting it sorted out, but it's just taking so long and sitting here hour after hour not moving, I'm just getting so frustrated and tense." She rolls her shoulders.

"Here, mom" I say, moving behind her and rubbing her shoulders.


"Let me help relieve some of the tension." As I massage her shoulders, I feel how tense her muscles are especially under her shoulder blades. "Mmm. That feels good, thanks." Mom says, putting down her papers and leaning back in her chair.

Then it hits me, I can just zap her with the transmitter and tell her to relax. I keep one hand on her shoulder, as I dig the ear buds out of my pocket and put them on. I dial the thumb wheel and find her frequency then hit the button. "Mom, I want you to relax all the muscles in your body." As soon as I say it she slumps in the chair and I feel the tension go out of her back muscles. This is amazing!

It is good for something besides getting me laid. I'm going to try a post transmission suggestion. "Mom, I want you to stay relaxed even when you are working at the desk." I'm not sure that's specific enough. Maybe I need to give her something specific to do. "What do you usually do to relax, mom?" "I masturbate." She says in the now familiar monotone. Holy shit!

That certainly wasn't what I was expecting. "You masturbate to relax?" I ask to make sure I understand. "Yes, ever since your dad left with that bimbo with the fake tits, that's been my only option." This is a lot more information than I need. Dad left us five years ago. He still provides financial support but hasn't attempted to contact Susan or I since he left. "Mom, do you need to masturbate now, to relieve the built up tension?" I ask, not sure what I'll do with the answer.

"Yes, that would help a lot." She says. Wait, she doesn't have to masturbate at all. It's the orgasm that relaxes her and I already know that can be triggered.

"Mom, you are now going to have an orgasm as powerful as any you've had while masturbating." As soon as I say it, she tenses up, squeezes her knees together, starts squirming around on the chair, her hands fly up to her tits, mauling them as she throws her head back, moaning.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Fuck! Oh my god! Ohhhh!" Mom's doubled over, rocking in the chair, moaning and rubbing her knees together. Suddenly, her whole body convulses, she slumps in the chair with her legs wide apart, her arms hanging to her sides and her chest heaving, as she catches her breath. "Mom, you won't remember this orgasm." But I will. Damn!

I can't believe I just watched my own mother have an intense orgasm. "You will just feel very relaxed from me rubbing your shoulders. You will go upstairs and take a nap for the rest of the afternoon, awakening for dinner, refreshed and relaxed." I push the button to stop the transmitter. "Wow! You really know your back rubs, mister." Mom says sitting up, yawning. "I'm going to leave this for a while and take a nap. As she gets up, her legs are wobbly. "That's odd." She says, struggling to stay standing.

As soon as she takes a step, she looks down at her shorts. There is a wet circle in the crotch of her white shorts. Shit! How stupid of me. Next time I'll just give her a post transmission suggestion to go upstairs and masturbate to a powerful climax. Mom looks at me and hurries out of the basement. I figure there has got to be more information about this device in uncle Harry's computer and I spend the afternoon searching through files and documents without finding it. At four o'clock the doorbell rings.

When I answer it, I'm facing a very attractive girl about my age. She's wearing sweat pants that hang so low on her hips that she's almost showing pubic hair and a cropped top that hangs just below her pert little tits. She has short brown hair that hangs over her forehead and she's very fidgety. "Is Harry here? Of course, he's not here. I know he can't be here because he died. But I still can't help coming over here every afternoon at four o'clock to see Harry.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! What is wrong with me?" The whole time she's talking, she's bouncing around on the balls of her feet, slapping her legs with her fists and turning her head from side to side. I think I know what's going on and I invite her in to find out. She comes in and goes directly to Harry's library. As I follow her I can't help but notice what a great ass she has. The sweat pants are pulled tight and have ridden up in the crack of her ass, outlining her perfectly round cheeks that kind of ripple against each other as she walks.

"I'm Nick." I tell her. "Harry was my uncle." She's standing in the middle of the library, still fidgeting. "Oh." She says. "I'm sorry for your loss. I'm Nicole. I live two doors down. I wonder what I'm doing here." She's staring at me. I put in my ear buds. "Just a minute and I might be able to help you." I say spinning the thumb wheel. There she is. "Sit down, Nicole." I say and she immediately sits on the couch. "Relax and tell me everything that you and uncle Harry did, even the stuff that he told you not to remember." With this last command I'm taking a shot in the dark, but it's worth a try.

"And Nicole, just tell me in your regular voice with all the intonation, not in a monotone." "I started coming over here to do my homework after school because no one was home at my house and Harry has every book I'd ever need. He's also really smart and can help with any homework I have. One day he puts those ear things in just like you did and starts asking me all sorts of questions. I'm trying to remember what we did, but he told me not to remember." She's clearly trying, but it's not coming.

"Just relax Nicole and let it come. Don't try too hard to remember." I'm about to prompt her, but I'd rather she remember on her own. "He took pictures of me.

I remember that!" She sounds pleased with herself. "What kind of pictures? How were you dressed?" I ask. I'm getting a different picture of uncle Harry than the mild mannered eccentric I thought he was.

"I don't think I was wearing anything. That's odd. Yes, I was definitely naked. Oh, and I was masturbating, that's it! He also took movies!" She's getting excited about remembering, but what she's saying isn't really registering. "You said he asked you questions." I prompt her. "Yeah, he asked me all about my boyfriends, what we did, if I was a virgin, that kind of thing. I told him everything." She answers matter-of-factly.

"How old are you Nicole?" I ask, worried about the answer. "I'm eighteen, my birthday was last summer." Thank God! "When did you start coming over to Uncle Harry's house to do homework?" I ask. "Since right after school started in September." She was already eighteen, that's good!

"And I remember he told me to come over here everyday after school. Everyday, Monday through Friday at four o'clock and not to wear anything under my sweats." "So you're not wearing anything under your sweats, now?" I ask, excitedly.

I'm about to tell her to show me, when suddenly I flash on how fidgety Nicole was when she came to the door. That could be Carolyn, from the mall parking lot if I don't show up tomorrow.

A sense of guilt is starting to creep into my fun. "No. I'm not." She says. I don't ask her to show me. Not yet anyway. "Did you and Harry do anything else or did he just take pictures, Nicole?" Those pictures have to be here somewhere and I know they're not on his computer.

I need to find his camera and video equipment. "I'm not sure. I mainly remember posing for pictures, especially masturbating. He had me use a vibrator I think. It was really exciting." She sounds like she's reciting something rather than showing genuine excitement. She seems like a nice girl and I'm thinking she's been taken advantage of enough. I'm going to wait until I find uncle Harry's pictures to decide what to do about Nicole. For now I'm just going to reset her commands.

"Okay, Nicole. From now on you don't have to come over to Harry's anymore unless you want to, okay?" "Okay." "You will not remember what you told me. You will just know that you won't feel like you have to come here everyday after school and you'll thank me for my help." I decide to just leave it at that for now and turn off the transmitter. "Hey! You fixed it, didn't you?" She's genuinely excited. "Thank you so, much Nick!" She stands up and gives me a big hug, pushing her firm, braless tits against my chest.

My cock immediately responds and I shift my legs sideways to keep from poking her. "Your welcome. My mom and I will be here all week, I hope you won't be a stranger, just because you're not compelled to come over." "I won't. I'll come back and see you real soon.

Thanks again." She says and she runs out the door. Damn! Uncle Harry, you sure picked a great looking girl to experiment on, now where are those pictures. I've pretty much exhausted the library while I was looking for the safe and mom has gone through the entire office, so I head for Harry's bedroom. I start searching the logical places, under the bed, between the mattresses, inside, under and behind dresser drawers and even behind paintings.

I'm just about to give up when I find a CD holder on the shelf in the closet. It's got 4 CDs in it. No, wait. These aren't CDs they're DVD-ROMs. Bingo! I run back to the library to uncle Harry's computer. The first one I insert in the DVD drive is labeled NST01. There is also an NST02, NST03 and NST04. The computer is in auto-play mode and it mounts the DVD.

There is an MS-Word file, an mpeg video file and a folder full of jpeg files. I open the jpegs first because I want to see if they are pictures of Nicole. They aren't. They are pictures of an older woman about my mom's age.

The pictures show her in various stages of undress, then various nude poses; bent over, legs spread, masturbating and some close ups of her erect nipples and wet pussy lips. She's a very attractive woman and my cock is responding, especially to the one with her legs spread and her fingers buried in her pussy.

She's got big tits with large rose-colored areolas and thick nipples. She's sitting on the couch in Uncle Harry's library with her head back, eyes closed and her legs spread wide apart. The thick black hair that surrounds her puffy wet pussy lips appears to be completely natural and untrimmed.

I open the video file next and find a twenty-minute video of the same woman. The beginning of the video uncle Harry is interviewing her. She's completely naked and is answering his questions in a monotone, which means he probably has the transmitter on. After asking her about sex with her husband, which she admits isn't very good, uncle Harry zooms the camera in on her breasts, until the entire screen is filled with just her tits.

He tells her to harden her nipples and without any stimulation, other than uncle Harry's command, I watch her nipples grow fully erect. The video jumps to a close up of her pussy. Her legs are spread wide apart and her pussy lips almost fill the screen.

Harry tells her to lubricate her pussy without having an orgasm. Unbelievable! Her lips puff out, quiver slightly apart and the glistening moisture of pussy juice produces a visible coating over her puffy lips. They continue to open a little bit more and I watch her juice ooze out. The next command is for her to orgasm without pulling her legs together. I guess uncle Harry wants to make sure he gets the shot. This time I hear the woman moaning, her legs start to tremble, her pussy lips appear to flutter open of their own accord and her clit is visibly erect.

Her pussy lips are twitching and her body is shaking when suddenly her pussy opens wide and juice gushes out in a steady flow, running down the crack of her ass. My cock is rock hard watching this sexy woman's body respond to uncle Harry's commands. The rest of the video appears to have been shot on different days and uncle Harry has the woman masturbate with a variety of items including her fingers, a dildo and a vibrator.

On some days he commands her to masturbate but not orgasm. On other days, he commands her to masturbate to orgasm. These appear to be almost clinical experiments. I fast forward through most of it because I want to see the one with Nicole. I close the mpeg file and open the word document. These are uncle Harry's notes about the various experiments he ran.

It reads like a lab report. Subject was instructed to. and results are. etc. He never mentions the woman by name, simply refers to her as NST01, which means she was probably the first subject. He even cross-references the still pictures and video with the experiments in the document. I eject the disc and put in NST02.

This one is Nicole. I flip through the stills and my cock starts throbbing looking at the close up of her creamy white mounds with their puffy pink nipples.

The close ups of her wet pussy are amazing and makes me wish I'd had her undress today when I had the chance. Her puffy lips, streaked with moisture, are encircled by fuzzy brown hair that opens into a full triangular bush over her pubic mound. I'm more interested in the video and this one I want to watch from start to finish.

It starts with Nicole completely naked on uncle Harry's bed. She's leaning against the headboard with her legs spread apart and uncle Harry is interviewing her, but is not visible in the video. "How old are you?" He asks. "Eighteen, last month." She answers in that same monotone, I've gotten used to hearing.

"Are you a virgin?" He asks her next. "Yes." "Do you have a boyfriend?" Uncle Harry voice comes from behind the camera. "Yes." "What sexual experiences have you and your boyfriend had?" Uncle Harry seems to be having problems keeping a professional tone to his voice. "He's sucked my nipples, put his fingers in me and we've had oral sex." Nicole answers matter-of-factly. "Have you sucked his cock?" Uncle Harry asks. "Yes, many times." "Do you swallow his cum?" Uncle Harry's voice is sounding more breathless with each question.

"Yes." "Do you like the taste of it?" I think the questions are beyond his experiments now, but I'm stroking my cock watching this sexy, naked girl talk about sucking cock. "It's okay. I don't do it for the taste; I just really enjoy getting him off. This is where the camera zooms in on her tits and I hear uncle Harry tell her to harden her nipples. Her puffy nipples on the tips of her firm, round tits pucker noticeably and the tips of her nipples protrude a little farther than they did.

This is absolutely amazing and I'm really stroking my cock frantically while staring at Nicole's erect nipples. The switch to the close up of her pussy has me shooting my load into a napkin. Her teenage pussy lips are already a little puffy when uncle Harry tells her to lubricate them.

At first nothing happens, then I see juice oozing out of her slit and her lips part slightly allowing more of her syrup to run out. When uncle Harry commands her to orgasm her puffy lips start to spasm and her legs shudder. Her lips are too puffy for me to see if her clit is erect, but a moment later juices start gushing out from between her lips and her whole body is quivering. God Damn, she's hot! She also goes through the various masturbation experiments except there's a new one.

This time uncle Harry has a vibrator inside her pussy, turned up to high, and commands her not to orgasm. My cock is stirring again as I watch her pussy shake and tremble and produce a steady flow of lubricating juices without any relief.

There is over five minutes of this and instead of commanding her to finally orgasm, uncle Harry just shuts off the vibrator and removes it from her sopping wet pussy.

"How do you feel?" He asks her. "Fine." Nicole answers in a steady monotone. "Do you feel any urges to touch yourself or masturbate?" "Not really." That is fucking amazing.

She's sitting there dripping pussy juice and it doesn't even affect her. What he's doing is almost sadomasochistic, but I'm intrigued.

The video cuts off and I just sit there with my semi-hard cock trying to make sense of all of this. I open the MS-Word file and print the document. I plan to go back and print the first one too. I think if I study his notes I may be able to understand these experiments. I put the next disc in the computer, just as I hear mom getting up from her nap. She goes into the bathroom and I decide to just take a peek at the pictures before she comes downstairs.

What a fucking shock when I open the first picture and I'm staring at a naked picture of my mom. She's sitting on uncle Harry's bed in the exact same position as Nicole. Shit, I can't believe uncle Harry would do this to my mom. She has a nice body and I can't help but stare at her, as my cock gets harder. Her medium sized tits are about halfway between the size of Nicole's teen tits and the woman on the first disc's large ones. A tan line cuts them in half as they lay against her chest, her nipples pointing slightly to the sides.

She has large areolas for the size of her tits and they are darker than I would have expected or just look that way against the white part of her breasts. My eyes roam across her flat stomach to her patch of brown pubic hair, trimmed into a neat triangular patch above her protruding pussy lips. I don't have time to look at anymore right now because I hear mom coming down the stairs. I close the file, eject the disc and hide all four discs in the safe behind the books where I originally found the transmitter.

"Ready for some dinner, sweetie?" Mom calls from the hallway. "Sure, what can I do to help?" I ask walking out to meet her. When I see her, I can't help but think of how she looked naked and I'm trying to hide the bulge in my pants.

Mom is wearing a t-shirt without a bra and shorts that fit her ass nicely. I'm following her toward the kitchen, watching the sway of her ass and the way her shorts stretch across her round ass cheeks. I never thought of my mom sexually before but after seeing that video, I can't wait to go watch the rest of it. "Why don't you set the table?" Mom asks when we get to the kitchen. "We're just having soup and sandwiches if that's alright." She says getting the cans of soup out of the cupboard.

When she bends over to get the soup pan out, I'm again staring at her luscious ass. Mom keeps herself in shape and her ass is round and firm. I'm setting the table and trying to catch a glimpse of my mom's nipples through her t-shirt but the material is too thick and her nipples are not aroused.

I can't believe that I'm suddenly obsessed with seeing my mom's body. What the fuck, I'm just going to get her to strip. I pull out the transmitter, put in the ear buds and tune in her frequency. "Mom, please turn the stove off and come over here." I tell her, sitting down at the kitchen table. I know this is wrong but I'm just going to look and besides I've already seen naked pictures of her. Mom does as she's told and is standing in front of me. "Take." I have to clear my throat. "Um. take off your clothes." I almost can't say it, even though I know I can make it so she doesn't remember.

Mom pulls her t-shirt over her head and I get a close up view of her beautiful tits. They are so much more exciting in real life than on the video and I'm stroking my cock through my shorts. Mom bends forward almost putting her tits in my face and pulls her shorts and panties down. As I stare at her neatly trimmed pussy, she's standing there awaiting further instructions. "Mom, have you had sex since dad left?" I ask her, while running my fingers through her pussy hair and bending my face down to stare at her pussy lips.

"Yes." Whoa! I never knew she even dated anyone. "Who with?" I ask. "Uncle Harry." She answers. Wow! Mom fucked her own brother! I wonder if she was under his control, or they had done it before. "When did you have sex with Uncle Harry?" I ask.

"Last December when Susan and I visited. Uncle Harry took some pictures and then he gave me several orgasms, I gave him a blowjob and we fucked." She says in that trancelike monotone. I've got my face in front of her pussy and I'm breathing in her scent. My cock is rock hard, but I have to know one more thing. "Had you and Uncle Harry ever had sex before?" I ask her, while having second thoughts about whether I want to hear the answer.

"No." Okay, I know I said I was just going to look. But I didn't know that my sexy mother standing here naked was going to make my cock so fucking hard! Besides, she's already sucked and fucked her brother so it's not like incest would be anything new to her.

Christ, I can rationalize when I'm thinking with my dick! I take off my shorts and stretch my legs out on either side of mom's body. It's just going to be this once. That's all. "Mom, I want you to give me a blowjob." There I've said it. It's just a blowjob.

It's not even sex if you believe our 42nd President. Mom drops to her knees in front of my chair, takes my rigid cock in her hand and slides it into her warm mouth.

She slowly glides it in and out of her mouth while coating my cock with her saliva. Then, cupping my balls with her other hand, she starts pumping me in and out of her mouth, bobbing her head up and down with a steady rhythm.

Oh Fuck! I can't believe my own mother is such a great cocksucker! She is pumping my cock in and out of her mouth while flicking her tongue all around it and gently massaging my balls. I know I'm not going to last very long and I don't even try. Her tits are slapping against my thighs and as her head bobs up I can see her nipples. I tell her to harden them and they are instantly erect, sticking out over half an inch from her beautiful tits. That puts me over the top and I shoot a huge load of cum in my mom's mouth.

She continues pumping, sucking and swallowing, until I am completely drained. When she's finished she just stands up and waits. I tell her to go brush her teeth and come back. I'm trying to decide if I want to give her any post transmission suggestions, as I get dressed. "Mom, you won't remember getting undressed or giving me a blowjob." I tell her when she returns and stands in front of me.

"From now on, whenever we're alone, here or at home, you will feel very affectionate toward me with a lot of touching and hugging. You will feel no modesty around me and be completely comfortable with us being naked around each other; you'll act as if it's the most natural thing in the world." That's as far as I'm going to take it for now.

My mom has a great body and I know I want to see more of it. A pounding on the door interrupts me. "Okay mom, get dressed and finish making dinner." I tell her taking the ear buds out.

I wait until she's dressed to turn off the transmitter. Opening the door, Nicole is standing there out of breath. "Nick, please help me!" She's tugging at my arm. "My dad's drunk and he's beating my mom, you have to help me!" I run with her to her house and I can hear her dad ranting before we even go inside. He's calling her mom a slut and telling her she's getting what's coming. "Wait here!" I tell her, leaving her on the porch while I pull the transmitter out of my pocket.

I put the ear buds in and start turning the thumb wheel as I walk into the living room. Nicole's mom is sitting on the floor against the couch covering her head with her arms while her dad flails away at her, yelling, "Slut! Bitch! Whore!" I find a frequency but it looks like its Nicole's mom's because she drops her arms. I freeze for a second because she's the woman from the first video! Holy shit! Uncle Harry did mother and daughter!

I keep tuning and get another steady tone just as Nicole's dad is getting ready to kick her mom. "Stop!" I yell and he freezes; I've got the right frequency. I walk up to him and whisper in his ear.

"Walk into the kitchen, sit down and wait for me." I sit down beside Nicole's mom, her blouse is torn, and her bra is askew leaving her large tits completely uncovered. I put my arm around her and hold her to me. "It's going to be all right." I whisper in her ear.

"I'm going to fix everything, you won't have any more incidents like this." She's shaking and I can feel her tits heave while she catches her breath. "What do you want here?" I ask her as she starts to calm down. "Do you want a divorce?

Do you want him to stop drinking? If anything you wished for could happen, what do you want?" She leans her head back and looks in my eyes. "Who are you?" She asks. "I'm Nick, Harry's nephew. I answer. "Nick." She says, nodding her head. "He spoke of you." She sighs and says. "Anything? Then what I want is for him to be the way he was when we got married. Before he started staying out all the time, drinking and coming home mean like this. He's a good man when he isn't like that." She's crying and I hold her, stroking her hair.

I see Nicole standing in the doorway. "Take care of your mom, Nicole." I tell her. "I'm going to have a talk with your dad." I stand up and Nicole takes my place comforting her mom. I go into the kitchen and sit down next to her dad. "What's your name?" I seem to always start there. "Frank." He answers in the now familiar monotone. "Well, Frank. Have you ever cheated on your wife?" I ask him. "No" "Good." That takes one problem out of the mix.

"Frank, you are going to make some changes." I tell him. "First you are never going to hit anyone again unless it is to defend yourself or your family. Second, you will stop drinking alcohol of any kind and stop going out with your buddies.

You will be an attentive, loving husband who enjoys being with his wife and doing everything she suggests. You will take her places, do whatever she wants and buy her nice things." What else? Thinking about what she said about her husband on the video, I add. "You will devote yourself to her complete sexual satisfaction.

You will do whatever it takes to meet her sexual needs before satisfying your own." I'm trying to think if there is anything else I want to tell him. "Now you will go in the living room, apologize to your wife, beg forgiveness and commit to it never happening again." I turn off the transmitter and take out the ear buds as he's going into the living room.

Not wanting to interrupt what's going on with Nicole and her parents, I just give her a little wave as I head home for dinner. "Where have you been?" Mom asks, hugging me. Her tits push hard against my chest as she kisses my cheek. "I was afraid your soup was going to get cold." She says, smiling. "I was at the neighbors for a minute. Do you know them, mom? They live two houses down, have a daughter my age named Nicole." I ask her. "Yes, Frank and Maggie.

They were friends of your uncle Harry's." She says. "I see why you're interested." She teases. "Nicole is a very attractive girl, isn't she?" Mom is grinning from ear to ear. "Yes, mom she is." I answer, but I'm staring at my mom's tits, remembering how she looks naked and the fantastic blowjob she gave me this afternoon.

My cock is getting hard and I finish dinner in a hurry so I can get back to the computer. After we clean up the dishes, mom gives me another generous hug, pressing her whole body against mine, before going back to the basement to continue working. I head for the library. I get the discs out of the safe, put NST03 in the computer and go right to the video file.

It starts the same as all the others with Mom sitting naked on uncle Harry's bed with her legs spread wide apart and uncle Harry interviewing her about her sex life. My cock springs to life at the sight of my mom with her pussy exposed like that. "How many times have you had sex since Daryl left, Elaine?" Uncle Harry asks mom. "None." She answers in that flat, dull tone caused by the transmitter. "Why not?" he asks. "I just haven't found anyone I want to have sex with and I've been busy with the kids." She answers.

"Have you ever had sexual feelings towards me?" This is different than the other interviews. "Yes, when we were in high school I used to fantasize that you'd be my first lover and take my virginity." Mom's monotone answers seem so weird because she's sitting there naked with her tits and her pussy exposed.

"I wish I'd known that." Uncle Harry says, almost under his breath. Then he takes mom through the familiar exercises. My cock gets rock hard watching the close up of mom's nipples and pussy. When he tells her to lubricate her pussy, the close up is incredible! Her neatly trimmed pussy hair leaves her lips totally exposed and I watch them part slightly and start to shine with moisture with barely any movement.

Soon they are coated with juice and it's running down her ass. When he commands her to orgasm, I watch mom throw her head back and spread her legs wider apart, her pussy lips quivering and oozing juice. I watch her clit emerge from its hooded covering and with a shudder, her lips are wide open and thick cream is pouring out of her pussy. I'm so fucking hard; I'm rubbing my cock through my shorts. Unlike the other videos, uncle Harry doesn't have mom masturbate. Instead he sets up the camera for an angle shot of the bed and gets into the picture himself, sliding his head up between mom's legs.

He's naked and I watch as he laps up the juices flowing out of mom's pussy. He stops because she's not responding. Harry's facing the same problem that I had with Carolyn at the mall. I'm anxious to see how he resolves it. "Elaine." Harry says, kneeling between her legs.

"When I turn off the transmitter, you will be sexually aroused and anxious for me to eat your pussy. You will see this as your long lost fantasy finally coming true and eagerly engage in uninhibited sex with me all afternoon. When I say the words 'cum now' it will trigger a very powerful orgasm for you. When I say, 'Thank you for a lovely afternoon.' You will forget everything that happened and believe that we spent the afternoon playing chess.

Do you understand?" "Yes." Mom answers. Goddamn! I can't believe what I'm about to watch. Uncle Harry leaves the view of the camera and I watch mom blink her eyes and look off to the left of the camera. "Oh, Harry!" She says, seductively while sliding down on the bed, pulling her knees up and spreading her legs.

"Come eat my pussy, Harry!" Wow! I've never heard mom talk like that before. Uncle Harry is back on the bed with his head between mom's legs.

I can only see his head moving around and hear mom moaning and encouraging him. "Oh Harry, Yes! That's what I need! Oh, Fuck! That's great! Ohhhh!" She yells and I lower the volume on the computer speakers so mom won't hear this. It's obvious he doesn't have to tell her to cum. "I'm. cumming. Harry. keep. doing. that. Ohhh." She gasps out the words one at a time as her whole body shakes. I watch mom lift her head and shoulders off the bed, twist her hips to the side and hold uncle Harry's head against her pussy with her hand.

She jerks wildly against his head, her tits bounce on her chest and then she collapses back on the bed, squeezing his head between her legs. I've got my cock out of my shorts now and I'm stroking it viciously as I watch my mom climax. Uncle Harry slides his body up over hers and they start kissing passionately. I watch him maneuver his ass around until he must have his cock positioned against mom's pussy. "Oh yes, Harry! Fuck me! Fuck my burning pussy, Harry!" Mom moans. I watch Harry's ass clench and his hips thrust forward while mom raises her knees higher and wider apart.

Uncle Harry starts pumping into her with a steady rhythm while mom pushes her ass off the bed to meet each plunge of his cock. I pick up their rhythm and I'm jacking my hard cock along with them. I have never seen my mother look so sexy; she is ten times better than any porn star. She fucks with a wild abandon that I have never seen anywhere. I wonder if she is always like that or if uncle Harry's command about uninhibited sex is driving her. Meanwhile, she's got her legs wrapped around his ass and is pulling him deeper inside her, as she bucks wildly against his thrusts.

"Ohhh my God! Harry! I'm cumming again!" Mom is completely out of control, shaking her head from side to side, digging her nails into uncle Harry's back and bouncing around on the bed like it's a trampoline. Her legs are still around uncle Harry's ass or she'd probably bounce him right out of her.

Slamming her head back into the pillow, she stops moving and her whole body shudders as she holds uncle Harry tightly against her. "Oh my God, Harry! That was wonderful!" Mom is saying, while trying to catch her breath. "I needed that! It's been so long. Thank you, Harry." Mom says, kissing him and gently rocking her body against his. After kissing and rocking for a few minutes, uncle Harry rolls over and lies on his back beside her.

His cock is still hard and pointing right to the ceiling. "I haven't cum yet, sis." Uncle Harry says, turning his head toward mom. "How about if you finish me off?" He's smiling at her and nodding at his cock. "My pleasure." Mom purrs, kisses him on the lips and then kneels between his legs. The camera angle shows mom's side and part of her shapely ass as she takes uncle Harry's pussy-soaked cock in her hand and slides her lips down over the head.

I can see her tits hanging over him and her hard nipples brushing against uncle Harry's legs as her head bobs up and down, on his cock.

"I always knew you'd be a great cocksucker, sis." Uncle Harry says as he raises his ass off the bed and shoves his cock deeper into mom's mouth. "What you're doing with your tongue is absolutely amazing, Elaine! Oh Fuck! Keep doing that! I'm about to fill up your mouth!" Uncle Harry shouts.

Mom picks up the pace and is furiously jacking uncle Harry's cock in and out of her mouth with her hand. Uncle Harry is responding by pushing his ass higher off the bed, trying to get more of his cock into her mouth. With a single tremor, uncle Harry shoves his ass up way up off the bed and holds it there, his tense body jerking spastically against mom's mouth.

Watching my mom sucking and swallowing uncle Harry's cum, is the last straw for me and jerking my hand wildly I shoot my load into a tissue, as mom finishes swallowing uncle Harry's cum.

On the computer monitor, mom is cleaning up uncle Harry's cock with her tongue then lies down on top of him with her head on his shoulder. "I've waited a lot of years for that, Harry." Mom says. "What took you so long?" "I never knew." He says, stroking her hair. "Come on, let's take a shower, shall we?" They get up and the video ends.

Uncle Harry must have turned off the camera. Whew! I wonder how much of that mom remembers. I asked her about it while the transmitter was on and she remembered the fucking and the blowjob. I'm about to change to disc number four when I hear mom climbing up the basement stairs. I stash the discs back in the safe and switch to a computer game before she enters the library.

"What're you playing?" Mom asks, as she starts massaging my shoulders. "Nothing good!" I say. "Uncle Harry doesn't have any really good games, I'm done here." I tell her, shutting down the computer.

When I turn the desk chair around, I am again struck by how sexy my mom looks. It could be that I've just been jerking off to a video of her fucking uncle Harry, but my cock is stirring again. How many times can a person cum in one day?

This is some kind of record for me! Mom surprises me by sitting on my lap, putting her arms around my neck and her legs over the arm of the chair. "I love you, Nick." Mom says, kissing my cheek and running her hands through my hair.

"Have I told you lately how lucky I am to have a wonderful son like you?" I wonder if I overdid the post transmission suggestion. I also wonder if mom can feel my cock under her ass. "I love you too, mom." I answer. "You're the most beautiful, loving mom in the entire world!" "I was just going up to take a shower." Mom says. "Would you be a sweetheart and wash my back for me? I can feel my shirt sticking to my back and I didn't bring my back scrubber with me." Oh my god!

Fuckin'-a right, I will! "Sure mom." I answer as she stands up and I follow her upstairs to the bathroom. My face is level with her ass, as she climbs the stairs, and I love the way her form fitting shorts wrinkle in an arc around her firm, round ass cheeks.

I watch the see-sawing action of her cheeks, as they alternate making perfect bubbles in her shorts with each step she climbs. My cock hardens in anticipation of soaping her naked body in the shower. Mom goes into the master bathroom, which has a large glass enclosed shower with tile seats on two sides. She reaches in and turns the water on adjusting the spray.

As the water heats up, she pulls off her t-shirt and drops her shorts. My mother is standing in front of me in a pair of blue bikini panties! I can't take my eyes off her tits and my cock is straining inside my shorts. As she reaches into the shower, adjusting the temperature of the water, her tits swaying gently under her arm. Stepping back she strips off her panties and once again I've got a birds-eye view of her magnificent pussy.

I'm trying to remember the exact words I said to mom that makes this possible. I know I told her to forget her modesty and to be affectionate and touching, I guess that would include taking a shower together.

I wonder what will happen when she sees how hard my cock is. I'm not sure my post transmission suggestion covered that. I wonder if she can take a shower with me and keep it completely asexual. "Come on, Nick." Mom says, stepping into the shower. "I'll wash your back, too if you want." She turns around under the spray getting her entire body wet and then applies body wash to her arms and stomach.

I take my clothes off, follow her into the shower and stand behind her with my rigid cock inches from her ass. She turns around, smiling at me as she soaps her tits. "Here mom." I say, putting my hands on her tits and rubbing them all around. "I'll do that." "Mmm. Thanks." Mom says, closing her eyes as I rub my hands over her soapy tits, pressing my palms against her nipples, squeezing and kneading her fleshy mounds.

I can't fucking believe this! I'm actually massaging my mom's tits in the shower! My cock is so fucking hard! I move my fingers until I'm just touching her nipples, pinching them slightly to see if they get hard. "That feels nice, Nick." Mom says as I feel her nipples harden between my fingers. Yes! I pinch and tease her nipples for a while, then soap my way down her stomach until I'm washing her neatly trimmed bush.

I stop short of her pussy, waiting to see if mom invites me to go farther by spreading her legs. When she doesn't, I slide my hands around and begin soaping her ass cheeks. Cupping her cheeks in my hands I pull her against me, her tits sliding around on my chest as my cock glides across her slippery, hair covered mound. I kiss her on the forehead. "My, you've really become a man, haven't you?" Mom says as she runs her hands up and down my back, cupping my ass cheeks and grinding her mound against my cock.

"I hadn't noticed before." She says moving her hands between us and soaping my cock and balls. "Is this because of Frank and Maggie's daughter?" Mom asks, smiling knowingly. "No, mom." I say, almost breathless from her expert handling of my cock. "It's because I'm naked with you I the shower!" "Yeah, right!" Mom says with a wink. "Nice try at flattery, but no one gets hard like this over his mother." She laughs. "Since your father isn't here, I guess it's up to me to have the father-son talk with you." Mom gets serious, while all the while stroking my cock up and down and running her fingers across my balls.

I'm humping my cock into her hand and getting ready to cum again! "All I have to say is, you better be careful where you put this. And, of course, always practice safe sex." I can't hold back and I shoot a thick string of cum all over mom's arm.

She looks down and frowns. "That was awfully quick, wasn't it?" She says. "You're going to have to work on that if you want to satisfy any of your girl friends. Just some motherly advice." She says winking, letting go of my cock and turning around. "Now wash my back, like you said you would." What the fuck? I just shot a load of cum on my mom's arm and all she does is tell me I came too quickly.

I feel like I'm in some kind of alternate reality created by that damn transmitter. "I'm really tired." Mom yawns after we've dried each other off.

She gives me another big hug, pressing her naked body against mine and says. "I'm going to bed now." We walk naked into uncle Harry's bedroom and I can't believe it when she says sleepily, "You can sleep in here, too, if you'd like, Nick." She turns on her side away from me as I slip under the covers and spoon my body against hers.

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I lay my arm across her side and rest my hand just under her breasts. I'm thinking seriously about getting the transmitter and changing mom's post transmission suggestion. This is too much and not enough at the same time. I'm not sure whether I should cancel her suggestions altogether or give her more like the one that made her suck and fuck uncle Harry.

I'm still trying to decide when I fall asleep. I wake up as mom's coming out of the bathroom. She yawns and stretches and says, "Good morning, how did you sleep?" I watch her tits flatten against her chest as she reaches her arms over her head and arches her back to the left and the right. This pushes her pussy toward me and I feel my cock start to move the sheet around.

"Great, mom!" I say, raising my knees up so my morning erection won't show. "How about you?" "Of course you slept great." She says.

"You're a man. You cum once in the shower and fall into the sleep of the dead." She laughs.

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I can't believe I'm having this conversation with my mom. "What's on your agenda today?" She asks, bending over the bed and kissing me on the cheek, her perfect tits hanging down over my chest.

This is torture, I decide. One way or another I'm going to change her suggestions. "I don't know. I thought I'd go to the mall again." I answer, thinking about Carolyn. "Well I hope to finish going through uncle Harry's papers today, then tomorrow I can see the lawyer." She's slipping on a tank top without a bra and pulling on a pair of panties, as I walk past her into the bathroom to brush my teeth. That's all she's wearing when I go into the kitchen to join her for breakfast.

I can't believe how firm mom's tits are for her age. She looks amazing in the tank top, no sag at all. The material, stretching across her chest, gives no definition to her individual tits except for the firm round sides and the outline of her nipples, pushing against the thin material. We've finished eating and I'm just watching her clear the dishes when there is a knock at the door. "You better put some more clothes on mom." I tell her as I go to answer it.

It's Nicole. "Hi." She says, "I just came over to thank you." "Come on in." I open the door all the way. "Let's go in the library." I tell her as I stick my head in the kitchen and tell mom.

"Mom, it's Nicole. We'll be in the library." "Okay, dear." She says, winking at me. My god! What have I created? I'll deal with that later. "Is your mom alright?" I ask Nicole as I follow her into the library. She's wearing another sexy pair of sweatpants and a thin top that stops well above her navel. The pants are stretched tightly across her shapely ass and riding up between her cheeks and my cock responds accordingly. When she turns around and I again see the front of her tank top, it appears that she's not wearing anything underneath it.

Damn this girl is sexy! I remember how she looked in uncle Harry's video and I'm just staring at her when she breaks the silence. "What was that thing?" She asks quizzically. "What did you do to my dad?" When I just stare at her, she adds, "It's great! You were wonderful, I just want to know what it is." "How has he been?" I ask, knowing that I haven't answered her question.

"Unbelievable. He's been so nice and he's been so concerned about mom, I just want to know how you did it." She says. When I hesitate, she adds, "Look, you saved my mom from getting really hurt and I think you've changed her life forever.

I'm not going to do anything stupid or talk about this to anyone. I just want to know. It has something to do with those headphones and why I kept coming over here everyday doesn't it?" I've been dying to tell someone about the transmitter and the power it provides. I look at Nicole and intuitively decide she might be a good choice. I sit next to her on the couch and tell her the whole story about finding uncle Harry's Neurological Submission Transmitter and how I tested it on mom to get the car.

Taking a chance, I even tell her about Allison and Carolyn at the mall and then how I was able to reset her post submissive suggestions. I omit the part about finding the pictures and videos and that her mom and my mom are on them. I also don't tell her the suggestions I gave to mom or how they played out. She listens attentively, asking a question now and then. When I'm finished, she's smiling. "I want to see it work." She says.

"And I know just the person, come on." She's standing up and moving towards the door. "Wait." I yell.

"Where are we going?" I open the safe and take out the transmitter, not letting Nicole see the discs. "There's this asshole who lives behind us who is always making lewd comments to me. I think we can fix him." She's all excited when she says it.

"What kind of lewd comments?" I ask. "Oh, like when I'm in our backyard sunbathing, he tells me graphically how he'll make a woman out of me or when he sees me on his street he grabs his crotch and says I've got a big lollipop for you.

I haven't told my dad because this guy looks like a big biker and I'm afraid of what would happen. But you can change him!" She says confidently. With the transmitter in my pocket, we work out a game plan, as we walk around the block to the front of his house. I walk up to the house, while Nicole stands off to the side. When he opens the door, I glance at Nicole, she nods that it's him and I start turning the thumb wheel.

Got him! "What the fuck do you want?" He asks just before the frequency hits him and he stares trancelike at me. "What's your name?" I ask him. "Fred." He says, in the standard monotone reply. "Are you married, Fred?" I ask.

"Yeah." He answers. "Fred, the next time you see Nicole your dick will go completely limp and shrivel to it's smallest size. After that, you will never make lewd comments to anyone again and you will be unable to achieve an erection with anyone except your wife. You will treat your wife with respect, satisfy her every desire and cater to her every whim.

Do you understand?" "Yeah." He says. "Okay, your turn." I say, motioning to Nicole and turning off the transmitter.

She prances up to the door and shakes her tits in his face. "What do you want?" He asks, grabbing his crotch. "You come over for some of this man-size meat?" "Yeah." Nicole says, smiling. "I finally decided that the only way to shut you up was to go ahead and give you what you want. So come on, lets see this man-sized meat you've been bragging about." Nicole is dancing around on his porch taunting him.

"Here it is." He undoes his jeans and reaches in to free his cock. There's obviously nothing man-sized down there and he's fumbling around and looking confused. "What's the matter, Fred?" Nicole continues to mock him. "Can't get it up? You big pussy! How about I help you along. Will looking at these help you?" Nicole asks, pulling her shirt up and showing him her tits.

I can't believe she just did that. My cock jumps inside my shorts. "Come on fuckhead! You don't know what you're missing." She says, pulling her sweat pants down to show him her pubic hair. "You've been bragging about that man-sized meat for weeks, so where is it?" "Just. Just leave me alone." He says and closes the door. Nicole and I run around the corner of the house and fall down laughing. We sit up on the grass and lean against the side of his house.

"That was so fucking great!" She says, kissing me on the cheek. "Thank you! I love how you told him to respect his wife and stuff, that was pretty cool." "I can't believe you exposed yourself to him!" I say. "That had to drive him absolutely nuts!" "Was that too much?" She asks, laughing. "I kinda got carried away." "No! That was great." I say, then softer. "At least, I thought it was great." "Nick." She says, more quietly. "When you turned that thing on me yesterday, did you have me do anything?

You know, like you did with the girls at the mall?" She asks, looking at me intently. "No, Nicole!" I tell her. "Honestly, I only did what I told you." "It's because of my tits, isn't it?

You're not interested because I'm so flat chested, right?" Nicole says, quietly, her head hanging down, her eyes on the ground. "No! You've got amazing tits!" I tell her. I turn toward her and make her look me in the eye, as I try to convince her. "I love your tits! I love the way they jiggle and how puffy your nipples are and how they pucker up when they get hard." She's looking at me curiously.

"How do you know.?" She stops. "You've got the pictures, don't you?" She says excitedly. "I want to see them!" Then more quietly, she says.

"But you're just being nice about my tits. They really are too small." How the fuck can I convince her. "Nicole, I'll show you the pictures and you'll see how totally sexy you are. What if I tell you I jacked off to your pictures yesterday, they were that sexy?

Then would you believe me about your tits?" I can't believe I have to defend the fact that I didn't take advantage of her when I had the transmitter on.

"Then why did you have those other girls strip and stuff, but not me?" She asks quietly. "I don't know. When I saw your pictures, I asked myself the same question. I think you just seemed so vulnerable yesterday and were so upset, it just didn't seem right." "Oh, but it's alright to pick girls at random at the mall to give you head and fuck your brains out?" She laughs.

"You have a weird code of ethics, you know that, Nick? When can we see the pictures?" She asks. I look at my watch. "I have to go somewhere first." I tell her. "We can look at them when I get back." "You're going to the mall to meet that black woman, aren't you?" She asks, excitedly. "I want to go with you!" "You can't go with me!

How would I explain that to her?" I say, astounded by her request. "You don't have to explain anything anymore, remember? You've got the transmitter." She's right, but I'm still not convinced.

"I just want to see it work.


It sounds so hot! Please, Nick!" "Okay." I'm trying to figure out how this is going to work, as we go back to my house and get my mom's car. "What do you want to do?" I ask Nicole on the way to the mall. "Do you just want to meet her? Do you want to watch me fuck her? What?" "I don't know." She says quietly. "It's just so erotic what you're doing, Nick. I want to be a part of it. " She turns to me. "This is the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me. I want to see it work and I can't do it alone.

Even if you let me borrow the transmitter, which you wouldn't, what would I use it for? You think girls need a transmitter to get a guy to fuck them? How would we tell if it worked?" She laughs.

"So yeah, I want to watch you fuck her. I want to see how you use the transmitter to get her to let me watch." We pull into the mall parking lot and Carolyn is already there, sitting in her car. I pull up next to her and put the ear buds in as she walks over. "Hi Carolyn." I say as I tune her frequency. "Hi" She says, very flatly.

"Carolyn, this is Nicole. She's going to join us today. You will not pay any attention to her presence. She will just be watching us. Her and I will be talking to each other, but you will act as if she isn't even here. If she decides to join our activities, you will treat her as an equal partner.

When I turn off the transmitter you will invite us to join you somewhere private where we can spend an hour satisfying our sexual urges, okay?" "Okay." She says and I turn off the transmitter. "Hey." She says, hugging me and rubbing her hand up and down my hard cock as she starts kissing me in the parking lot. "I've got just the place for us to have some privacy." She whispers. "Come on." We follow her into the store and up the elevator to the executive offices. In the elevator, Carolyn again wraps herself around me, pushing her tongue in my mouth and grinding her pussy against my hard cock.

"Are you going to make good on your promise to eat my pussy?" She whispers breathlessly. "Oh fuck!" Nicole says. "I can't wait." She is clearly excited about the voyeuristic aspects of all this.

"You bet I am!" I tell Carolyn. "I'm going to eat you and suck on you until you explode." I whisper. "Mmmm. Yeah!" Carolyn says dreamily. She disengages from me as the elevator stops and she leads us down the hall to an office. "I'm going use Bob's office for a meeting.

We'll be about an hour, please see that we're not disturbed." She tells the secretary, as we walk right by into a big office with a desk, a couch and two side chairs. Carolyn closes and locks the door. "The store manager is gone today and his office is the only one with a lock." She smiles as she starts unbuttoning her blouse.

"Wow!" Nicole says, sitting in one of the side chairs, watching as Carolyn takes off her bra and is unzipping her skirt. I strip my clothes off and in no time our naked bodies are crushed against each other in a passionate embrace in the middle of the office. I'm a little self-conscious about Nicole watching, but Carolyn is completely oblivious to an audience and I get caught up in her fevered intensity.

We sit on the couch and I'm fondling her big brown tits, as I kiss my way down her neck. She leans her head back with a sigh when I put my lips around her nipple, nibbling on her thick black nub. I alternate between her nipples, sucking and biting, as my hand slides down through her thick, curly patch to her pussy lips.

She spreads her legs, as I start running my finger up and down her aroused slit. "Oh god, baby!" Carolyn moans. "I've been wet all morning thinking about you. I can't believe what you did to me yesterday!" She's pushing her pussy against my finger, trying to get it to slip inside. I keep teasing her by running my moist finger up and down her lips, but not penetrating. "That was just a taste of what I'm going to do to you today." I tell her as I trail kisses down her stomach and kneel on the floor between her legs.

I glance at Nicole and she is staring wide-eyed at the live porn show playing out a few feet away. This is my first good look at Carolyn's sexy body. Her chocolate brown stomach darkens to almost black around her naval and then gradually turns brown again just before it reaches her thick pillow of black hair. The triangular patch is neatly trimmed and encircles her thick black pussy lips.

Bending forward, I breathe in her scent, before planting kisses on her thighs and around her pussy. Her lips are glistening with her juices and almost begging to be licked but I ignore them to tease her a bit longer. She's squirming around and sliding her ass forward on the couch, trying to push her lips against my tongue.

Spreading her knees, I flatten my tongue to its full width and take one long, slow lick from her ass all the way to her clit. This is the first black pussy I've seen up close and I'm fascinated by the two-toned look of her pussy lips with their dark black outside and shiny pink inside. "Oh yes! Baby!" She says. "Eat my pussy!" I push my tongue between her thick pussy lips and begin lapping at her hot juices.

Her taste is arousing and my cock is rock hard as I tongue fuck her and eat her delicious cream. She is responding to my tongue, humping her pussy against my mouth and spreading her legs wider apart. "Oh! So good, baby!" She breathes, massaging her tits and pulling at her own nipples while I continue to eat her pussy. I slide my tongue up to her clit and lick gently around it several times before sucking it into my mouth.

I slip two fingers inside her steaming pussy and finger fuck her as I continue to suck her clit. She's bucking wildly now, thrusting her hips up while grinding her clit against my tongue. I suck her clit completely inside my mouth and flick my tongue across the tip of it while continuing to twist and turn my fingers inside her slippery, hot pussy.

I see movement out of the corner of my eye and then feel a hand wrap cautiously around my hard cock. Nicole has apparently decided to get in on the action. She doesn't say anything just starts stroking her hand up and down my rigid shaft. I attack Carolyn's pussy with renewed vigor pumping my fingers furiously while sucking and nibbling her clit.

"I'm cumming!" Carolyn yells, "Oh baby! Just like that! Oh fuck!" She clenches her pussy around my fingers, jerking wildly, her whole body shaking. I brace her from sliding off the couch, as her orgasm overtakes her and she gushes creamy juice all over my fingers and down her ass cheeks.

I shift my mouth back to her pussy and hungrily lap up her delicious flow of syrup, while pumping my cock against Nicole's hand. Carolyn is leaning back gasping for breath, her magnificent brown tits swelling with each breath she takes. I keep lapping up more and more of her thick, tasty cream as I cover Nicole's hand with mine to stop her stroking. I don't really want to shoot cum all over the office floor. I turn and smile at Nicole. She's breathing hard, kneeling next to me on the floor.

Her sweat pants are partially off her hips giving the impression she's been getting herself off. "That was nice." I tell her. "What do you want to do now?" I ask. "What do you mean?" she asks. "Well, I was going to fuck Carolyn, but you look like you want to get in on some of this. Do you?" I'm not sure what I'm even suggesting. I am really anxious to get up on the couch and have Carolyn ride me home. "No." She says quickly. "I'll just keep watching." I look back at Carolyn. She has her head back and her eyes closed while her breathing seems to have returned to normal.

I lick a little more of her juice from around her pussy before working my way back up her body. I stop briefly to suckle her rigid, black nipples then kiss my way up her neck to her awaiting lips.

I lick across her lips before pushing my tongue between them and she eagerly sucks it into her mouth, tasting her own juices. "Ride me again, Carolyn. Like you did yesterday." I tell her as I break off the kiss and move to sit next to her on the couch. She doesn't hesitate. She slings her leg over mine and, in what seems like one fluid motion, impales herself on my very rigid cock. With her knees buried in the cushions on either side of me, she sits up straight and starts a rolling motion with her hips.

As I massage her tits with my hands, she starts massaging my cock with her pussy. Oh fuck! What she's doing with her pussy muscles is incredible. I lean my head forward and suck her hard nipple into my mouth and suckle like a baby while she rolls her hips forward, sliding my cock in and out of her burning hole. Just when I think it can't get any better she starts clenching and unclenching her pussy muscles around my cock and, with her hands on my shoulders, starts frantically bouncing up and down on me.

"Oh fuck! Carolyn! Yeah!" I moan as I feel her juices running down my, ass as she continues rolling her hips in a rippling motion over my cock, milking me with her pussy muscles. I'm pushing my ass up off the couch, matching her rhythm and shoving my cock deeper into her enflamed pussy. I see Nicole, sitting on the floor behind Carolyn, her shirt pulled up over her perfect white tits and her pants halfway down her hips.

She has one hand between her legs and the other one pulling on her nipples. I love looking back and forth between Carolyn's big brown tits with their thick black nipples and Nicole's pale white teen tits with her puffy pink nipples; what a contrast!

From where Nicole's sitting she has a perfect view of my cock slamming up into Carolyn's wet pussy. Carolyn is picking up her speed, riding me harder and faster. I'm bucking wildly, watching Nicole play with herself while Carolyn bounces up and down, my hands still mauling her tits. She rides us into a deeply intense orgasm that has us both climaxing in a heated frenzy.

"Oh baby! Oh fuck!" She yells, riding out wave after wave of pleasure, as I shoot my load inside her pulsating pussy. I hug her to me, crushing her hard nipples against my chest, and look at Nicole collapsed on the floor behind us, shivering from the intensity of her own orgasm. Carolyn pushes her tongue in my mouth and we kiss passionately while our breathing returns to normal.

"Baby, I don't even know your name." She says, planting kisses all over my face and gently rocking her hips against my cock still buried in her pussy. "Isn't that part of the excitement, Carolyn? Isn't fucking a complete stranger a turn on?" I ask her. "Oh baby, you'd be a turn on even if I knew you. But yeah, you're right it is part of it." She smiles, lifts herself off of me and says. "Sorry baby, but I've got to get to work. When can we do this again?" "I'm not sure.

Give me your cell number and I'll call you." I tell her. "I guess you enjoyed that." I say to Nicole as we're riding down in the elevator, having left Carolyn in the office. "I've never seen anything like it!" She says, hugging me and I can feel her hard nipples pushing against my chest. "Thank you for letting me watch.

That was amazing!" She's rubbing her body against mine and kissing me. "Oh my God! I can taste her juice in your mouth!" She says as I run my hands down her back, cupping her firm ass cheeks and pulling her tighter against me.

"I want you to do that to me." She says. "I want you to eat my pussy like that!" We're still wrapped around each other when the elevator reaches the ground floor. "I saw how much you liked her big tits." Nicole says, as we're driving back to uncle Harry's house. "Are you still going on about the size of your tits?" I ask her, jokingly.

"Shit, Nick, her nipple is bigger than my whole tit!" She says. I laugh at her exaggeration and slide my hand up under her top, cupping her left tit.

Squeezing her firm, fleshy mound and rotating my hand in little circles, I lightly rub her nipple against my palm. "These tits?" I ask.

"Are these the ones that you think I don't like?" "Yes." She says sheepishly. I play with her tits for a few minutes before sliding my hand down her stomach and inside her sweat pants. I brush my hand through her silky patch of hair and run a finger down her slit. She's very wet and lets out a low moan as she spreads her legs apart. "Is this what I'm suppose to eat?" I ask, pushing my finger inside her pussy and sliding it all around. "Oh yeah!" she says. "Well, let's see." I say, pulling my finger out of her pussy and sucking her juices off of it.

"Mmmm, yeah. I think you've got a pretty good idea there." She's laughing and hitting me. "You're gross!" she says. I slip my finger back inside her pussy and start finger fucking her while trying to keep my eyes on the road. "Oh Fuck!" She says, spreading her legs wider, giving me better access to her pussy. With my finger in her pussy, my palm is rubbing against her mound. She's bucking against my hand, as I slip my fingers out of her hole and start rubbing her cream all over her clit.

"Oh my god!" She yells, raising her ass off the seat and pushing hard against my hand. I catch her clit, hood and all, between the knuckles of my middle and ring fingers, lightly pinching it as I roll my hand in a small circular motion. "Oh fuck! That feels amazing." Nicole says, writhing around on the seat, pushing up against my fingers, twisting her body and raising herself up off the seat with her hand.

Keeping her clit between my knuckles, I dip my fingertips in her juicy pussy, stroking her slit. We stop at a red light and the guy in the pickup truck next to us is smiling, as he watches Nicole thrashing around on the seat with my hand inside her sweatpants. I decide not to tell her. "Ohhhh! Fuck, Nick! I'm cumming!" Nicole yells, her body is arched so high her pussy is level with the window and she starts jerking wildly against my hand as the light changes.

"Ohhhh! Yes!. Fuck!. Ohhhh!" She slams her pussy up against my hand, grabs my hand with hers to stop me from moving, and then collapses back on the seat, my hand still inside her sweatpants. I slide my fingers from around her clit and bury them in her sopping pussy, just holding them there, while she gulps air into her lungs. She's leaning back, her legs stretched out straight, her chest heaving as we pull into uncle Harry's driveway. "Wow!" She finally says.

"I needed that!" "I thought you got yourself off in Carolyn's office." I say, slowly rocking my fingers inside her pussy. "I did. But it's so much better when you do it!" She breathes. "Come on." I say. "Let's continue this in bed!" I figure I better check on mom to make sure we're not interrupted. I show Nicole where my bedroom is and tell her I'll be right there, before I head to the basement.

Mom has her back to me and is bent over uncle Harry's desk, still in just her tank top and panties. What a sight! Mom's panty-clad ass looks so hot! Bent over like this, the thin material is tucked up around her cheeks, defining her perfectly round globes.

Christ! I can't believe the life I'm suddenly leading. I just fucked a beautiful black woman, while being watched by a sexy white teenage girl, who is now waiting upstairs for me to eat her pussy and my mom is running around half naked, probably waiting to jack me off in the shower again.

Un-fucking-believable! Nicole is waiting, so I turn the transmitter on and tell mom to stay in the basement until I call her. I haven't had time to even think about what I'm going to do about her post transmission suggestions. Oh well, later. When I get back upstairs to my bedroom, Nicole has made herself very comfortable. What a sight!

She's laying on her back on my bed, completely naked, her head on my pillow and her eyes closed. I stop at the doorway, her sexy innocence taking my breath away.

She has very shapely legs and her thighs curve perfectly into her round hips, that narrow at her waist, before leading up to her tits, that she's so self-conscious about. Her two perfectly round tits sit firmly on her chest a couple of inches apart from each other.

Her puffy nipples appear to be one with her areolas, until sufficiently aroused that they extricate themselves from their surroundings and assert their own identity. Her flat stomach unfurls into a triangular patch of silky brown fuzz that serves as the gateway to her chaste pleasure center. With her legs slightly apart, I can see the slit formed by her pussy lips as they puff up against each other, still glistening with the moisture of her recent orgasm. I silently remove my clothes and join her on the bed.

She opens her eyes, smiles and holds her arms out for an embrace. I come into her arms, her nipples against my chest, my hard cock pressing against her fur-covered mound. Our mouths join in a passionate merger of tongues and lips, kissing, sucking and biting each other, which ignites a fiery urgency for more exploration.

Kissing my way down her neck, I suck her left nipple into my mouth while caressing her tit with my hand. She responds to my sucking and squeezing with a soft moan and I gently bite and nibble on her now rigid nipple. I do the same with her other breast, enjoying the hardness of her nipples between my lips. "Nicole." I whisper as I kiss my way down her stomach. "I love your tits. They are so perfect and so responsive.

You should never complain about them." I'm now rubbing my cheek against her pubic hair and licking her upper thigh. I lick all around her puffy lips, tasting her juices that have collected there after her orgasms. She has her legs wide apart and I slip my arms under her knees and rock her back, exposing her virgin pussy. Her moist slit is slightly open and I run the tip of my tongue up and down it. "Oh!

Yeah!" She breathes. "Eat me, Nick. Eat me like you did Carolyn!" I push my tongue all the way inside her wet cavern and lick around the inside, pulling out a tongue full of juice. The taste and aroma of her juices are intoxicating and I devour her succulent pussy and her delicious hot cream.

"Mmmm." She says, squirming on the bed and pushing her pussy against my tongue. I move my tongue in and out of her hot pussy, tongue fucking her as she humps my face. Her juices are flowing and my face is soaked when I shift my focus to her clit. Licking from inside her pussy up to her exposed clit, I cover it with saliva and pussy juice while sucking it into my mouth. Using my lips in a gentle sucking action, I flick my tongue against her clit several times before licking it feverishly.

"Oh fuck! That's it! Keep doing that! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Eat. me. Nick. just. like. that!" She gasps out the last words while thrusting her hips off the bed, slamming her clit against my tongue. Grabbing a handful of my hair, she pushes my face hard against her gyrating pussy, yelling. "I'm cumming! Ohhhh! So fucking good!" She squeezes her legs together, pulls my face off of her clit and falls back on the bed, panting.

I shake my head loose from her hand and begin lapping up the thick cream, still oozing from her quivering pussy. "That was the best." She says as I continue to lick all around her pussy. "Fuck me now, Nick. Please fuck me!" She pleads. I reluctantly stop slurping her sweet nectar and slide my body up over hers, stopping briefly to suck her hard nipples on the way. "Nicole, on the video with uncle Harry, you told him you were a virgin." I say quietly while lying on top of her with my cock head resting against her smoldering pussy lips.

"Are you still?" I ask. "Yes." She says, barely audible. "But I don't want to be, Nick. Please, I need to be fucked right now more than anything in the world!" She's almost crying. I slide my cock head little farther until I feel her lips part around it. I am nervous as hell! She's trusting me with an awful lot! "I'll go slowly." I whisper. "But it still may hurt, Nicole." Trying to sound more confident than I am.

"I'm ready, Nick." She says, spreading her legs even wider than before and pulling her knees up. "I'm really ready!" I inch my cock forward, sliding into her tight, virgin chasm. When the head is inside, her pussy lips wrap around my cock and I'm glad I already came with Carolyn so I don't shoot too soon.

I rock back and forth giving her a chance to get use to my cock moving in and out between her pussy lips. She's already pushing back against me trying to get more of my cock inside her anxious, narrow pussy. The heat from her tight pussy, wrapped snuggly around my hard cock is making it excruciatingly difficult to go slow. I'm not even sure if slow is a good way to do this, I've never fucked a virgin before. "Go ahead, Nick. Push it all the way in." She says, reassuring me.

"I really want to feel your cock deep inside of me." I pull my cock back until just the head is inside her pussy then thrust my hips forward, burying about three-quarters of it inside her extremely tight snatch.

Her hot pussy, clenched tightly around my throbbing cock is so sensually stimulating that I just lay there absorbing the sensations. "Ohhh!" She yells. "Keep going. I'm okay!" She's not very convincing, with her eyes shut tight and her jaw clenched. Rather than just push, I again pull out nearly all the way and then lunge forward.

This time crushing my pelvic bone against her clit as my cock disappears all the way inside her burning pussy. I give her a minute to get used to it before I start slowly rocking my body on top of hers, sliding my cock in and out of her tight, but well-lubricated hole. She opens her eyes, smiles and starts kissing me while, she moves her hips in rhythm with mine. We're really fucking now. Our tongues are entwined in a hungry, passionate kiss while our bodies thrust, hump and grind against each other.

Her virgin pussy emanates pleasure from every pore, as it envelops my cock in a tight, heated embrace. Gliding in and out of her snug, slick hole I feel the tension building in my balls and my rigid cock is begging for release.

"Oh my god! It feels so good! I didn't know. Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh! Fuck me!" She yells as we pick up our speed and I'm slamming my hard cock into her welcoming young pussy. "I'm cumming again! Ohhh! Fuck! I. can't. believe. I'm. cumming. again!" She's panting and bucking wildly against my cock, as I ram it into her.

All gentleness is gone now, as we reach a frenzied pace and I pound my cock into her, while she thrusts her hips up to match every stroke. She digs her nails into my back and clenches her pussy around my cock, as her body spasms through the first wave of her orgasm. This triggers my release and I shoot load after load of cum deep inside her virgin pussy.

We're locked in a tight embrace, our bodies, tense and shaking, as we ride our rapturous release to its blissful peak. We lay there gasping for breath, her hard nipples piercing my chest from the heaving of her breasts. I kiss her cheeks, her eyes, her chin and when I reach her lips she pushes her tongue deeply inside my mouth, crushing our lips together.

The urgency of her kiss, coupled with a rocking of her hips and her hands groping my ass cheeks, keeps me securely inside her hot, syrupy pussy. Surprisingly, her urgency is contagious and my cock is already responding. I don't think I've ever recovered this quickly before. She continues rocking, sliding my semi-stiff cock in and out of her insatiable pussy. "Can we really do it again?" She asks, rocking a little harder, increasing the length of my involuntary strokes.

"Oh god! I really want to do it again." She says, excitedly, hugging me tighter. "Yeah, Nicole." I whisper as my cock hardens even more. "I really think we can do it again. You've made me hard again in record time. Your incredibly tight pussy is making my cock as hard as a rock!" I say, pushing my tongue back in her mouth and increasing the speed of my strokes.

Reaching back, I slide my arms under her knees and pull her legs up, nearly bending her in half. With her legs nearly pushed against her shoulders, my cock slides deeper inside her burning cunt and I start pounding her like a jackhammer. "Oh, fuck! Oh Nick!" She moans. "That feels so fucking good! You're fucking me so hard. I love it!" I'm really hammering her and my balls are slapping against her ass as I bury my hard cock deeper and deeper into her tight, juicy pussy.

"Oh god! Ohh. Ohh. Fuck. me. hard. Fuck. me. ohh!" Nicole is gasping out each word on the down stroke of my cock as I pound into her slick, torrid cunt. I grab her ankles, already dangling above her shoulders, and push them wider apart, stretching her opening even more to my hammering onslaught. "I'm cumming! Fuck! I'm cumming!" Nicole yells as I slam into her with a renewed ferocity. I can feel her already snug pussy clench more tightly around my throbbing cock, igniting my own eruption.

Letting go of her ankles and tensing my legs, I thrust one last time inside her pulsating pussy, spewing my cum deep inside her. Pulling my arms out from under her legs, I collapse on top of her heaving chest. Our hearts are pounding inside our sweat soaked bodies, as we gulp air into our lungs. We just lay there basking in the afterglow of our frenzied lovemaking.

I'm stroking her hair, brushing her matted bangs from her eyes and kissing all over her face. "Holy shit!" She smiles. "That was so fucking amazing! When you pushed my legs up all I could do was lay there and get fucked. I loved it! Then, when you pushed my legs open wider and were fucking me so hard it was like you were fucking my whole body, not just my pussy!

I just came and came and came!" She says, kissing me. "I can't believe I got hard again so fast, Nicole." I tell her, between kisses. "Your pussy is so tight and so hot and so wet! I've never felt anything like it. You are amazing!" "Nick." Nicole says quietly. "You didn't do anything to me with your transmitter, did you? I mean when you zapped me the other day, you didn't give me any messages about giving up my virginity or anything like that did you?" "No!

Absolutely not!" I tell her emphatically. "Nicole, this was all real! If I had done that, do you think I'd have told you about the transmitter?

Do you think you'd be questioning me about it?" "No, I just wanted to make sure." She says sheepishly. "Hey! When do I get to see the pictures? How many are there? Is it just me or are there others?" As she says this, she's shifting her body around and my spent cock slips from her drenched pussy. I lay beside her running my hands over her body. "There are a lot of pictures, a twenty minute video and a MS-Word file documenting the session.

They are pretty graphic pictures, Nicole. Are you sure you want to see them?" "Yes!" She says emphatically. "You promised!" "You can see them. I just want to make sure you understand what they are. I mean, there are shots of your pussy that fill the entire computer screen. I think maybe you should look at them in private. How about if I copy them for you and you can look at them at home?" "Okay, that sounds like a good idea." She says.

"But you've already seen them right?" "Yes, I told you that I actually got off looking at your lovely tits, remember?" I tease, sucking her right nipple into my mouth, and then switching and sucking her left nipple, they're both still hard. "There are other people on different discs, Nicole." I tell her. "I'm not sure it's a good idea to show them to you. You wouldn't want me showing yours to them, right?" "Yeah, you're right.

That makes sense." She says. "Is my mom on there?" She asks. "Yes." I answer quietly. "How did you know?" "I know she confided in Harry about things. You know, like the way my dad was before." She says. "My mom's pretty good looking and I just figured he might have used it on her. Did you watch it?" "Actually I scanned through it. I didn't know who it was and I was really looking for your pictures." I admit.

"Really?" She smiles. "You really wanted to see naked pictures of me, huh?" "Yes. I'm already calculating what they'll be worth on the Internet!" I tell her playfully. "Yeah if they have a 'tiny & natural' site, maybe." She laughs. "Oh shit!" I say, looking at my watch. "I told my mom not to come out of the basement until I call her. We'd better get dressed. I'll copy that disc for you before I call her." "I hope we get another chance to get together before you leave, Nick." Nicole says, pushing her body against mine and cupping my ass cheeks in her hands.

"What am I going to do when you leave? Now that you've gotten me so horny?" "We're not leaving yet!" I tell her. "I can't wait to taste that delicious pussy of yours again and have it wrapped snuggly around my cock once more." "I wish I could spend the night here!" She pleads. "You could use the transmitter to make it okay with your mom." She says excitedly, taking my cock in her hand and gently squeezing it.

"I'd love to, Nicole, but you want to look at those pictures and I have to be careful how much I zap my mom with that transmitter. I don't know all of its effects yet. Why don't you come back first thing in the morning and we can spend the day together?" I say kissing her again. I can't believe my cock is getting hard again in response to her squeezing.

"Are you sure?" She says smiling and stroking her hand up and down my cock. "I'm sure." I laugh, moving her hand from my cock. I slap her playfully on the ass. "Come on. Let's get dressed and I'll copy that disc for you." After Nicole leaves with the disc, I take the transmitter and go down to the basement. It's dinnertime and I've left mom in the basement all afternoon.

I find her sitting at uncle Harry's desk still sorting papers and making notes. "Hey mom." I call to her as I enter the office. "How's it going?" "Fine." She says, sitting up and stretching her arms over her head. The thin material of her tank top is pulled taut across her perfect breasts and I feel my cock stir at the sight. "What have you been up to?" She asks. "Oh, just hanging out with Nicole." I answer honestly.

"Ahh, I see." Mom smiles. "Come here and give your mother a hug." She says, standing up and holding her arms out towards me. I move into her embrace, enjoying the feeling of her tits crushed against my chest as I run my hands over her panty-clad ass. My hardening cock is pushing against the front of her panties and she steps back. "Nicole left you like that I suppose." She says, looking down at the bulge in my pants. "Yeah. Not to mention my sexy mom holding her half naked body against me." I answer honestly.

"Yeah, right." Mom says sarcastically. Looking at her watch, she adds, "Look at the time. I have to make dinner." Mom breaks the embrace and I follow her up the stairs. Once again, my face is level with my mom's ass as she climbs the stairs only this time she's only wearing panties. Her firm, round ass is clearly on display beneath the thin material and my cock responds to the swishing action taking place a few inches from my eyes.

My cock stays hard all through dinner, watching mom move around the kitchen, her perfect tits moving around under her tank top like they have a life of their own and her pussy lips pushing against the thin material of her panties. I still can't figure out what to do about it. It seems wrong to take advantage of my own mother, although you could argue that I already have with my other commands. I just can't seem to bring myself to take it to the next level.

Do I really want to fuck my own mother? Right now with my cock trying to bust out of my zipper, the answer is a resounding yes! But how will I feel about it afterwards? Should I reverse my previous suggestion, leave things as they are or. "So what did you and Nicole do all day?" Mom interrupts my thoughts. "Oh not much.

We hung out at the mall and then came back here for awhile." I answer, again telling the truth or at least part of it. "She's a very lovely girl, isn't she?" Mom asks. "Yeah. I like her a lot." I answer. "How far did you get with uncle Harry's stuff?" I ask, changing the subject. "Well, I have a few more things to do after dinner and then it looks like I can get together with the lawyer tomorrow.

We could be ready to go home tomorrow night or maybe Friday morning. How does that sound?" She asks. "Great." I say, although I'm not sure I want to leave Nicole that quickly. Mom picks up on my lack of enthusiasm and puts her hand on mine. "It's only a couple of hours drive, honey." Mom says reassuringly.

"You can still see Nicole. Maybe you can get your own car when this is all settled. Uncle Harry left a considerable amount of money for us. He sold some patents and things that were worth quite a bit." "Really?" I ask, excitedly. "You think I could get my own car?" This is great news. I can't wait to tell Nicole. "Sure. Now let's get this cleaned up, then I have to finish going through the last few papers." Mom says getting up and putting the dishes in the sink.

I come up behind her, put my dishes in the sink then hug her from behind. "You're the best, mom!" I say, wrapping my arms around her, forgetting about my hard cock until it stabs her in the ass. Mom turns around, ignoring my hard-on, kisses me on the cheek and hugs me tightly against her.

Her breasts against my chest, and her panty-covered mound against my cock, do nothing to diminish its rigidity. "You're the best, too!" She smiles. "I love you very much, Nick." "I love you, too, mom!" I answer, hugging her back. "When I'm done downstairs, would you be a dear and wash my back again?" She says, stepping back and glancing down at the tent in my pants, with a knowing smile. "You bet!" I answer, anxious to feel her naked body against mine again.

"Why don't you go ahead and I'll finish the dishes." "Okay." She laughs, heading down to the basement. I finish the dishes and go to the library to watch the video of mom and uncle Harry again.

Maybe it will help me decide what to do about my relationship with mom. When I open the safe to get the discs I remember there's a fourth DVD-Rom that I haven't even looked at yet. I put that one in the computer first and open the picture file. Holy shit! Sitting in the same position on uncle Harry's bed is my sister Susan! Susan is two years older than I am and is currently attending college out of state.

When Susan was in high school, I used to jack off fantasizing about her sexy body. She was the sexiest girl I knew and I tried everything to catch a glimpse of her naked body but never could. The last time she was home from college, I remember her walking around with no bra, and I beat off fantasizing about how she'd look naked.

Now, here are pictures of her on uncle Harry's computer. I click to the close-up of her tits and my cock, already hard from Nicole and mom, jumps up and starts clamoring for release. Susan's tits are better than I ever fantasized. They are round and full and large, almost touching each other as they hang proudly from her chest. Her nipples, clearly erect in this picture are as thick as my pinky finger and stick out about a half-inch from her large, dark pink areolas.

I'm stroking my cock through my pants with one hand and clicking the mouse with the other. When I get to the close shot of her pussy, I almost cum in my pants. Her pussy is completely bald. Oh fuck! She shaves her pussy! I never imagined my sister would have a shaved pussy. Her puffy lips are bright pink, spread slightly apart and glistening from her moisture.

I've got to see the video. I close the picture viewer and open the video file. Susan is spread eagle with her back up against uncle Harry's headboard. I release my cock from my pants and continue stroking it as uncle Harry is interviewing her.

"Susan, are you a virgin?" Uncle Harry asks. "No." She answers in the all too familiar monotone. "When did you lose your virginity?" "Prom night, my senior year in high school." Susan answers. I knew she let that Phil guy fuck her. "Tell me how that happened." Uncle Harry seems to really get off on this type of thing. "There were three couples and we rented a suite at the local hotel.

Two of us girls were virgins and we'd already decided we wouldn't be after prom night. Each couple took turns using the bedroom for about an hour each, while the rest of us made out in the living room. When Phil and I got our turn, he ate my pussy to get me ready and then we fucked." "Did you enjoy your first time?" Man, uncle Harry wants the details. "Not really. Phil came pretty fast. I didn't orgasm until I got home and made myself cum by masturbating." "How long have you been shaving your pussy, Susan?

Was it shaved that night?" "No. I shaved it about a year ago. A couple of my sorority sisters and I did it on a dare. I really liked it and I've kept it that way ever since." Susan answers flatly. "Does your boyfriend like it?" Uncle Harry asks. "I don't have a boyfriend right now, but my past boyfriend really liked it. He would eat me and eat me. He said he could eat my smooth pussy forever." "When's the last time you had sex?" Uncle Harry sounds like he's breathing harder than before, I wonder if he's jacking off while all this is going on.

"You mean sex, as in fucked a guy?" Susan asks. I wonder what other sex he could have meant. "Have you had sex other than fucking a guy?" I guess uncle Harry wonders too. "Well my roommate and I sometimes eat each other's pussies when we get horny between boyfriends and I masturbate quite frequently." Susan says matter-of-factly. "What do you think about when you masturbate?" Uncle Harry really can get into it.

"Oh different things. Right now I fantasize about fucking my history professor. Sometimes I fantasize about movie stars. Last time I was home, I fantasized that Nick was watching me masturbate." What the fuck! I can't believe she just said that.

"Nick, your brother?" Uncle Harry sounds as surprised as I am. "Yes. Nick has always been infatuated with me, checking out my body, peeking down my top, trying to look up my skirt.

The last few times I've been home I've noticed the bulge in his pants whenever he's with me, so I've made a game out of it. I wear skimpy clothing around him and see how long it takes for him to go into his bedroom or the bathroom to jack off. One day I even pinched my nipples until they were really hard, sat next to him in a thin t-shirt and watched how uncomfortable he got trying to adjust his cock so the bulge wouldn't show.

It makes me so wet to watch him get hard like that and I always masturbate, imagining him jacking off." That fucking prick-tease! Wait until I get my transmitter on her. I can't believe she's been teasing me like this on purpose.

Uncle Harry zooms the camera in on her tits and tells her to harden her nipples. It almost looks like time-lapse photography the way her nipples just expand until they're fully erect. I can't wait until the next time I see my sister so I can suck on those incredible tits. The view changes to a close up of her bald pussy and I hear uncle Harry tell her to lubricate her pussy without having an orgasm. Susan's pussy lips are thinner than they looked in the still picture but then as I watch, they just puff out, turn a brighter shade of pink, flutter open and start seeping juice.

Her lips, glistening with moisture, now look just like the photograph as her cream continues oozing out of her pussy. Uncle Harry continues with the same commands he used on the others, telling Susan to keep her legs spread wide apart as she orgasms.

Her legs immediately stiffen as her pussy lips start trembling and I watch her clit puff up and out toward the camera. I hear her moan and her whole body starts shaking.

Her pussy lips swing wide-open and thick cream gushes out in a steady stream down her ass cheeks. I'm frantically stroking my cock while staring at my sister's bald, drenched pussy when I hear mom coming up the stairs. Fuck! I shut down the video, close all the files and tuck my cock back in my pants just as mom reaches the doorway to the library. "I'm done!" She announces as she walks up behind me. "I'm ready for that shower, now. How about you, handsome?" She bends over and hugs me from behind.

God! Am I ready! "Let's go." I tell her standing up, not even bothering to hide the tent my cock has made in the front of my pants. "My, you are ready." Mom says stripping off her tank top on the way to the bathroom.

I watch her walking ahead of me in just her bikini panties and almost cum in my pants. Mom turns the water on, adjusts the temperature and then bends down and takes off her panties.

I strip off my clothes and stand there next to her, my rigid cock almost poking her in the hip. "Come on, Nick." Mom says, grabbing hold of my cock and pulling me into the shower. "A little soap and water will do you good." She says laughing. When we're in the shower, mom pulls me against her in a tight embrace, crushing her tits against my chest and rubbing her pussy against my hard cock.

Soaping her hands, she runs them over my back and down my ass, pulling me tighter against her mound. I take the soap and do the same for her, kneading her ass checks as I grind my cock harder against her. "Mmmmm." Mom says, stepping back so she can soap my chest, running her hands down over my stomach.

I begin soaping her tits just, as she reaches my cock and closes one hand around it, soaping up and down the length. Her other hand is soaping my balls, as I start rubbing the palm of my hands in a circular motion over her hard nipples. "Nick." Mom says as she massages my cock and balls. "Make sure you always treat girls with respect.

I know it can be frustrating, but take it slow and when you're both ready, you'll know." I'm mauling her tits now and humping my hard cock through her hand. She's stroking faster and I'm just about to burst.

FirstTimer Fucking Her Casting Boss In The BackRoom

"Just don't try to force Nicole to do anything she doesn't want to do, okay?" She's looking right in my eyes, as I shoot a huge load of cum all over her arm and her hand. She keeps stroking my cock until she's milked me dry and then slides her hands around to my ass and pulls me tightly against her.

"Okay?" She repeats. "Don't worry, mom." I answer, between pants. "I promise I won't force Nicole to do anything before she's ready." "Good boy." She says, kissing me on the cheek. "I think we need to wash again." She says laughing, as she washes her hands and arm, then starts soaping my spent cock.

This time we just wash. We again sleep in uncle Harry's bed; our naked bodies spooned together with my cock resting against my mother's ass. I fall asleep my hand cupping my mother's tit and dreaming about Susan's bald pussy. I awake the next morning to the most amazing sensation I have ever felt. At first I think I'm dreaming, but then I swear I can feel a warm, wet mouth enveloping my cock. There is no way that my mother suddenly decided to wake me up with a blowjob and it doesn't feel like the blowjob she gave me the other day.

Maybe it is just a vivid wet dream, and then I hear the unmistakable slurping sound that lips make, sliding up and down a hard cock. Blinking my eyes open and trying to focus I see Nicole kneeling between my legs with my cock in her mouth. I smile and she winks at me as she grabs the base of my cock with her hand and starts pumping my morning hard-on in and out of her sultry mouth. She's not the blowjob expert that mom or the saleswoman from Victoria Secret is, but what she lacks in experience she makes up for with enthusiasm.

She's stroking my balls and vigorously pumping my cock, while her tongue licks in rhythm against the underside of my rigid shaft. In no time, I'm thrusting my hips off the bed trying to shove more of my cock inside her tantalizing mouth. "Oh fuck! I'm cumming, Nicole!" I warn her as I feel my balls tighten. My legs tense and I raise my ass off the bed, my body jerking as I start shooting loads of cum into her loving mouth. She continues sucking and swallowing until I collapse back on the bed, my chest heaving.

Keeping my depleted cock inside her mouth, she's stroking my balls with one hand as her other hand manipulates my cock around in her mouth. Slowly, she slides her lips off the end of my cock, laying it gently down on the bed of soft hair, before licking her way down to my balls.

Nicole licks, nibbles and sucks my balls, while continuing to lightly caress my cock with her hand. I take back everything I said about her expertise because my cock is responding to her in record time again.

Returning to stroking my balls with her hand, she slides her tongue up my semi-erect shaft, licking the sides like a lollipop. As my cock continues to respond, she slips her lips over the head, swirling her tongue all around it.

Letting my fully recovered cock slip from her lips, she kisses her way up my stomach and across my chest, brushing her hard nipples against my skin as she positions her body over mine. "Good morning." She says, seductively. "I watched your mom drive away and decided to come over and play." She says, rising up on her knees and rubbing the head of my cock against her juicy slit.

"The door was open, so I came in to find you." She's pushing herself down, stretching her tight pussy around my steel pole. "Mmmmm." She moans, sliding my cock farther up inside her juicy hole. "You weren't in your bedroom and I thought maybe you'd gone with your mother." She says, setting all the way down, burying my rigid cock completely inside her sweltering, tight pussy.

"Then I looked in here, saw you sleeping naked and I couldn't resist getting naked and joining you." She's starting to rock up and back, sliding my cock in and out of her torrid pussy. "I realized I've never had your cock in my mouth and figured it was a good way to wake you up." "The best, Nicole." I say, picking up her rhythm and pumping my cock up into her fiery chasm.

"What an incredible way to wake up!" We're rocking steadily now and I reach up to massage her tits, running my thumbs across her taut, pink nipples.

"What were you doing in here, anyway?" She asks, rocking faster and panting for breath. "Wait a minute! You were sleeping with your mother, weren't you?" She abruptly stops moving, staring at me in shock. "You used the transmitter so you could fuck your own mother! That is so fucking perverted!" She yells, lifting herself off of me. "Wait!" I yell, grabbing her hips and holding her down. "I didn't fuck my mother!

We both slept in here, but that's all; I didn't fuck her!" She's trying to wiggle loose and I keep holding her hips. "You are so full of shit!" She yells. "Are you forgetting that I know about the Victoria Secret chick and fucking Carolyn in the parking lot? There is no way you would sleep naked with your mother and not fuck her! That's why you didn't want me to stay last night, so you could fuck your own mother. Now let me go, you fucking pervert!" "Think, Nicole!" I shout at her.

"You just sucked me awake, did you taste anything on my cock. If I had fucked my mother, wouldn't there be some residual taste on my cock? Does the bed smell like sex?

Do you see a wet spot or any indication that we had sex?" I'm not sure how I'll explain the rest, but I want her to know I drew the line somewhere. She stops struggling and looks at me. "Okay, but you could have taken a shower." She says, not very convincingly. "When?" I respond. "You woke me up. Do you think I fucked my mother, and then jumped up and took a shower before going to sleep?" She's starting to listen so I decide to tell her the whole story.

well most of it. "You know there are four discs, right?" I ask her. "Yes, what does that have to do with anything?" She's still angry. "Well the third disc was my mother." She gasps, putting her hand to her mouth and looking at me wide-eyed, not knowing what to say.

"And it went farther than your disc, the video showed uncle Harry eating my mother's pussy, the two of them fucking and then her sucking him off and swallowing his cum." She has stopped moving around and my cock is still deep inside her tight, motionless pussy. Leaning down, her hands on either side of me on the bed, she's staring into my eyes, her nipples pointing at my chest. "I swear I had never thought of my mother sexually before," I continue. "But that video really turned me on.

My cock was so hard and I was jacking off watching uncle Harry and my mother. I know that's perverted, but I couldn't help it. Then before I could finish, my mother called me to lunch. I was watching her move around the kitchen, my cock was still hard and I kept imagining her naked like on the video. So, yes, I used the transmitter and gave her a post transmission suggestion that she would lose all modesty around me and be completely comfortable being naked in my presence.

I just wanted to see in person what I'd already seen on the video." I'm trying to read Nicole's eyes, but I don't know what she's thinking. "That's what led to us sleeping together naked, but all we did was cuddle against each other and sleep. I swear to god, Nicole, I did not fuck my mother!" "It's still pretty weird, don't you think?" She asks still staring into my eyes. "Yes, it has been very weird and I've already made up my mind to reverse the suggestion. I will do that as soon as she gets home." I'm glad I left out the parts about the blowjob and jacking me off in the shower.

"Wow!" She says, sitting back up on my cock. "You're pretty dangerous with that transmitter." She's just sitting there not moving, but I can feel her pussy muscles pulsing around my throbbing cock.

"Your mom was really fucking her brother?" She finally says, while starting to rock a little bit. "Yeah, but I don't think she remembers it." I answer, moving my hips to her minimal rhythm. "Uncle Harry gave her a post transmission suggestion on the video that made her want to fuck him. She was under the spell of the transmitter." We just lay there silently grinding our hips together.

She breaks the silence. "I'm sorry I called you a fucking pervert." She says, picking up her pace and rocking her hips back and forth.

"But I still think it's kind of perverted to sleep naked with your own mother." "You're right!" I say. "It's also kind of perverted to get yourself off watching me fuck a black woman we don't even know." I smile, hoping she'll get into the mood of what we're doing.

"Well, yeah." She laughs. "I guess we make a great couple!" She's really rocking faster now, moving my cock in and out of her tight, wet pussy. "Just promise me. you'll stop. this shit. with your mom. okay?" She's gasping for breath and bouncing wildly on my rigid shaft. "I promise!" Thrusting my hips off the bed, picking up her rhythm and jamming my cock into her fiery gorge. Her juices keep my cock lubricated, but her inexperienced pussy is so tight that every time I slide out I have to push like hell to slide back inside.

Placing my hands on her hips and matching the rhythm of her bounces, I start pulling her down hard around my cock on each down stroke. The intense friction is taking its toll on my cock and I don't know how much longer I can last.

"Ohhh! Fuck! What are you doing?" She moans. "That feels so fucking good! Fuck!" Keeping one hand on her hip and slamming her down against my cock, I move my other hand across her thigh, rubbing my thumb in circles over her clit. In minutes, she's on the verge of an orgasm. "Oh my god! I'm cumming!" She yells. "Keep doing that! Oh Fuck!

Nick! I'm cumming!" She throws her head back, sits down hard on me, clamping her pussy walls around my throbbing cock and pulls my thumb away from her clit. Feeling her pussy vibrating around my cock triggers my release and I start spewing thick streams of cum deep inside her contracted, pulsating pussy. I close my hands around her firm tits, pressing my palms against her stiff nipples and feel the beads of sweat that have formed on her chest.

Nicole opens her eyes, smiles at me and then moves my hands around behind her as she flops down on my chest. "You fuck pretty good for a pervert." She says, kissing me. When we've caught our breath, I ask Nicole if she watched the video.

She's lying with her head on my shoulder, my spent cock clamped inside her drenched pussy. She nods her head. "Yeah." She says quietly. "It was pretty intense. I'm glad you made me take it with me. I can't believe he made me do those things." She sounds like she's going to cry.

"I also read the entire file about the so called 'experiment'. It seems like this is just an erotic offshoot of the real experiments where he's getting people to control pain. I got the impression he was experimenting on soldiers.

I'm glad he didn't try pain stuff on your mom or me. I think uncle Harry just got carried away with the eroticism of the power he could exert over women." She lifts her head up and looks in my eyes. "Kind of like you." She smiles, but with a sad honesty to it. "Be careful with that thing, okay?" She pleads. "You're right. I already got carried away, especially with my mom." I concede.

"By the way, we're leaving tonight or tomorrow." She jerks her head up before I can finish. "What! You said." She's almost crying. "Wait! My mom says that with the inheritance from uncle Harry, I can get my own car and then I can drive down here whenever I want." I'm trying to put a silver lining on the black cloud, but it's not working that well.

"Why don't you and your mom move into Harry's house?" She looks at me like she just solved all of our problems. "That way we could be together all the time." She says, smiling and flexing her pussy muscles around my cock for emphasis.

"I'll talk to my mom about it." I tell her. "She said uncle Harry left us a lot of money, so maybe she won't have to work. I don't mind changing schools if I can go to school with you." This may actually be possible. "Come on." I say. "Let's take a shower before my mom gets home." We use the same shower that mom and I have been using.

Pouring some body wash on her hand she soaps my chest then lathers her way down my stomach, soaping my cock and balls. My cock responds to her lathering and she slides her slippery hand up and down my shaft.

Releasing my cock, she leans into me, rubbing her hard nipples against my soapy chest as she runs her hands down across my lower back. Her tits feel great, slipping back and forth across my chest, as she cups my ass cheeks and grinds her pussy hard against my cock.

"Wouldn't you like to do this all the time?" She asks, rubbing her slick, sudsy body up and down against me as she squeezes my ass cheeks. "You know I do, Nicole. I've never had another girl who made me feel this good." I lean my face down and our lips meet in a long, passionate kiss. I begin soaping Nicole's back, shoulders and ass. I slide my hands up and down her back pulling her tighter against me. Her slippery tits are crushed against my chest and my cock is sliding all over her pussy mound as we grind our soapy bodies together.

I grab her ass checks, massaging them as we rub up and down against each other. I turn her around and press my soapy hands against her tits from behind, kneading her small mounds as I pull her back against me. My cock glides up and down between her ass cheeks, slick with soap. I tease her nipples, pinching and pulling them as I continue to slide my cock up and down against her ass. "God, I love your tits, Nicole." I tell her, squeezing them harder while I press my cock more firmly between her ass cheeks.

"That feels so good, Nick," she says, leaning forward and thrusting her ass up against my cock. I push on her back, bending her at the waist and she puts her hands against the tile wall for support. I slide my hand over her ass and position my cock between her wet pussy lips. "Oh fuck yes!" Nicole yells, pushing against the wall and slamming her ass back against me, impaling herself completely on my hard cock.

Her pussy lips are touching my balls and I can feel her firm round ass cheeks rubbing against me as I begin pumping in and out of her snug cocoon. I grab her hips with both hands and start slamming my cock into her slippery, wet pussy like a battering ram. She braces herself against the wall as I keep pounding and pounding in long, hard strokes deep into her tight, burning snatch.

Our breathing is coming in gasps as I continue to hammer into her and I can feel my climax building quickly. I hold back as long as I can, hoping Nicole is getting close, but the furious pace and the agonizing friction of her narrow channel is working against me.

When I can't hold back any longer, I slam into her as hard as I can, pulling her hips against me and shoot my load deep into her snug, wet pussy. Nicole grinds her ass against me and I feel her tight pussy quivering around my cock as her orgasm hits. I hold her against me, as she rides out multiple waves of pulsating pleasure.

When she finally stops shaking, I ease my cock out of her, turn her around and crush her body to mine in an impassioned embrace. I plant kisses all over her face before sliding my tongue between her teeth in a strong, lustful kiss.

"Whew!" Nicole says, finally catching her breath. "That was. I don't know what that was, but I loved it!" She laughs. "I can't think of a word. I was going to say amazing but that doesn't even begin to cover it." She's kissing me again and our wet bodies are enfolded together while the shower spray beats down on us. Nicole and I are dressed and in the library when mom gets home. When she sees Nicole and I on the couch she glances at my crotch and smiles, apparently due to the lack of a bulge there.

"How are you two doing?" she asks, smiling at us. "Great!" We answer in unison. "How did it go at the lawyers?" I ask, getting up off the couch and hugging her. I see Nicole over her shoulder giving me a hard look. "Fine. Everything is set." She says, releasing me. "Oh and your sister left a message on my cell. She's coming home this weekend, so we're going to have to leave tonight, okay?" she asks looking between Nicole and I.

"Sure, mom." I say quietly. Nicole smiles demurely at both of us. "You should do it right now!" Nicole says when mom leaves the room. "I want to see you reverse the suggestion, okay?" She's looking in my eyes, her hands gripping my arms. "I trust you'll do it, I just want to see it." "Okay." I say, taking the ear buds out of my pocket and tuning in mom's frequency.

We walk into the kitchen and I tell mom to forget all the post transmission suggestions she's ever had and return to her natural state with no submissive suggestions.

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Then I turn off the transmitter and see what happens. Nothing. "We'll see what she's like later." I tell Nicole. "I told her only to be affectionate and immodest when we were home alone." "Okay." She says, shifting from foot to foot. "Will I see you before you go?" She asks. "I'll come over before we go." I say, taking her in my arms and kissing her. "We'll text message and call each other." I reassure her. "And before you know it, I'll be back for a visit." "Promise you'll talk to your mom about moving here?" She pleads.

"I promise, Nicole." I tell her as she leaves. Okay, I made a promise about mom that I intend to keep, but my prick-teasing sister is coming home this weekend and I intend to try out her bald pussy. I'm thinking about how to handle her when mom interrupts my thoughts. "Nick, I've got to file some papers downstairs, then we should pack our things so we can leave right after dinner." She says.

"Okay, mom." I answer. "How much money did uncle Harry leave us?" I ask. "Quite a lot, it seems. It's hard to tell because it isn't all liquid and the value of some of his investments fluctuate considerably, but at lease several hundred thousand dollars." She smiles. "Enough to get a car so you can visit Nicole." She says. "I've been thinking about that." I tell her. "Did he leave us this house? Is it paid for?" I ask her. "Yes and yes." She answers, looking at me quizzically.

"Why?" "Well, it's a lot nicer than our house and I was thinking maybe we should consider selling our house and moving here." I tell her. "Nick, I know you think you're in love, but we can't move just because you've met a girl." She tells me seriously. "Honey, it doesn't work like that." She puts her hand on my shoulder in a consoling manner.

"If this thing with Nicole is serious, it'll survive a separation." "But what are we going to do with uncle Harry's house?" I ask, thinking that I could stay here when I come to visit Nicole. "I don't know yet. Since it's paid for, we don't have to decide right away." She says. "Okay, time to get to work." She starts for the basement stairs.

I go to uncle Harry's computer to watch the rest of the video of Susan. I put in the disc, open Windows Media Player and fast-forward to where she just had her orgasm. My cock springs to life at the sight of my sisters shaved pussy oozing cream from her wide-open puffy pink lips. The scene jumps to a shot of Susan with a vibrator in her pussy and I see a replay of the scene with Nicole where he doesn't let her climax.

The vibrator appears to be on the highest setting and I watch my sister's bald pussy shake and quiver while her juice gushes out and pools around her ass. This time instead of feeling sorry for her, I think it might be just what the prick tease deserves and it gives me an idea, as I start to formulate a plan for my sister. The rest is like an instant replay of Nicole's video, only staring bald pussy Susan instead of virgin Nicole.

Well, former virgin, now. I seal the discs away in the secret safe behind the books, pack my things and tell mom I'm going to say goodbye to Nicole. Her mom greets me at the door with a big hug and welcomes me into their house. She fusses over me with something to drink and some cookies before Nicole and I can break away and go to her room.

We kiss passionately, rub our bodies together, but we really can't risk any more than that. "If you zap my parents to stay in the living room and mind their own business, I'll give you another blowjob." She teases. As much as I'd like it, I decline and tell her this is the new, responsible me, and I'm not going to go around zapping people so much.

"Fine. Be that way." She says playfully, squeezing my cock through my pants. "I'll really miss you, Nick." "Me, too." I tell her. "I'll text message you when I get home. The drive home is uneventful. Mom is her old self, which is a mixed blessing.

I really liked seeing her naked, and feeling her body against mine, but it was kind of weird. I know the transmitter did its job, when we get home and she tells me she's going to take a shower and go to bed. No invitation or intimation that I should wash her back or that we're going to sleep together. "Your sister will be here tomorrow morning." Mom tells me. "So don't stay up too late. I want you to go to the airport with me." "Okay." I answer kissing her on the cheek.

"Good night, mom. Thanks for taking me with you to uncle Harry's." "I'm glad we got some time together." She says, with no indication that she remembers what kind of time we had. "Me too!" I say sincerely. I text message Nicole and tell her how much I miss her and then go to bed, again dreaming of Susan's hairless pussy. Susan's plane is late and mom and I sit in the Starbucks at the airport, waiting for her.

"I want you to try and get along with your sister for just one weekend, okay?" Mom says while she sips her latte. "I don't want a repeat of her visit in February." Mom says, referring to the fight my sister and I got into the last time she was home. Mom doesn't know what it was about but we hardly spoke to each other after I yelled at her to go put some clothes on and she said I should not be such a pervert to stare at my sister's tits.

"I promise you, mom, you'll think you've got the wrong kids, we'll get along so well." Yeah, we'll get along so well it'll be like we're lovers, I think to myself. Finally, her flight is announced and when she comes off the plane she looks so fucking hot, my cock bulges out in my pants.

From the look on her face and the glance at my crotch, this is just the reaction she's expecting. She's wearing a white lace, camisole top under a green button up sweater that is open to the waist. Her tits are bulging over the camisole, displaying a lot of tanned cleavage. Her jeans are tight and so low cut, that when she bends over to pick up her overnight bag she's showing almost as much cleavage in the back as in the front. She smiles at me triumphantly, as we walk to the car, her firm, round ass cheeks swinging against each other inside her skin tight jeans.

"Nick and I just got back from settling uncle Harry's affairs." Mom says over her shoulder to Susan. Mom insisted we sit in the back seat together so we could visit. "Nick met a nice girl and wants to move there." Mom says, teasingly.

"That's great." Susan says. "Nick met a girl." Then she whispers to me, "Now you won't have to sit around jacking off twice a day, dreaming of your sister's tits, like a pervert." "Yeah, she's really nice." I say keeping up my end of the conversation. "That's only because I don't have a bi-sexual roommate who'll lick my bald pussy for me." I whisper.

"What!" She yells, turning red in the face and staring at me. "Now, kids." Mom says, "We agreed you two are going to be on your best behavior and try to get along." "We will, mom." I say, smiling at my sister who is fuming, but not sure what to say. "Where did that come from?" She whispers, once she finally calms down. "Your vivid high school imagination." "We'll see." I tell her. "We'll see." We ride the rest of the way home in silence, me being very obvious about checking out her tits and staring at the tight crotch of her jeans.

She doesn't seem so smug about her affect on me anymore. After we get home and settled, I use the transmitter to give mom a post transmission suggestion that no matter what she hears, Susan and I are getting along fine and she's not to bother us. After seeing my sister naked on the video with her large tits and shaved pussy, I know I want to fuck her, but first I want to fuck with her because she's been such a prick tease. On the way to my bedroom, I stick my head in Susan's room and say, "I wasn't dreaming of your tits when I jacked off, sis, I was dreaming of your shaved pussy." Then, I run into my room, put the ear buds in my ears, sit on my bed, leaning my back against the headboard and wait.

It doesn't take long for her to come in fuming. "Hey, you little bastard." She yells. "I don't know what you think you know about my roommate and me or how you know that I shave my." Tuning, tuning, got it. "Susan." I say calmly. "Yes." She answers robotically. "You are going to remember exactly how you're standing.

You are going to go back in your room, remove all of your clothing and fold it or hang it up or whatever you would normally do with it. Then, you will come back here, get in exactly the same position and when I say go, you will pick up the conversation exactly where you left off without realizing any time has passed.

Is that clear?" "Yes." She leaves and I can't wait to see her naked body. She's back in a few minutes and I'm not disappointed. The video didn't do her justice. Her tits are like two beautiful round globes with large reddish-brown areolas that are centered perfectly causing her nipples to point straight out in front of her. Below her tits, her torso curves in to her slim waistline surrounding her flat stomach and then curves out forming her curvaceous hips. I ask her to step closer to me so I can admire her barren slope and I can't stop myself from running my hand over it enjoying the smooth texture of her silky, hairless mound.

I stop short of touching her pussy lips as they protrude down like two pink half-moon pinchers ready to snap closed on anything that gets within their reach. My cock responds and makes a tent in my shorts as I tell her to get into the same position she was in before and say the word, "Go!" ".pubic hair!

But you better watch yourself!" She fumes. "I'd rather watch you." I say calmly. "And what do you expect when you come running in here naked showing me your bald pussy and your bouncy tits?" "What?" She asks as she looks down and realizes she's naked.

"What the fuck?" She's frantically trying to cover herself, placing one hand over her slit and the other one across her tits, she runs from the room. "Nice ass." I say as she's leaving.

It really is. Her sexy, round ass cheeks that I admired in her tight jeans, bounce firmly, as she runs from the room. A few minutes later she's back in my room, once again dressed in her jeans and camisole top. "I don't know how the fuck you did that, but I swear to god, Nick." "Did what?" I ask, interrupting her.

"Suddenly made me naked in front of you!" She yells. She's right by my bed, practically leaning over me. I hit the transmitter button again and give her the same instructions. God, I'm a bastard, but I think she deserves this. When she comes back in, I take a minute to run my hands over her luscious ass, cupping her cheeks and squeezing her compact flesh.

My cock is rock hard and I'm thinking about moving this along faster, but I'm having too much fun with her. She gets back in position and I say, "Go!" "I didn't make you do anything." I'm just as calm as before.

"You're the one who keeps coming in her naked and you're blaming me for it! I don't blame you for wanting to show off your sexy body and you can't blame me for looking at it." Again she looks down at herself and realizes she's naked.

"Oh my god! What the fuck is going on?" She yells, again trying to cover herself. Before she can run out of the room I press the transmitter button and tell her to relax. She drops her hands to her sides and I give her a post transmission suggestion to masturbate in front of me. "Susan, when I press the transmitter again you will conclude that you have been unconsciously coming into my room naked because you want to show off your body to me. You apologize for accusing me of manipulating you.

The idea of me seeing you naked gets you so hot that you have a sudden, overwhelming need to masturbate. You realize that you won't be able to achieve the orgasm you want unless you let me watch you. You will make yourself comfortable wherever you want and masturbate for me. You will encourage me to masturbate as well, fulfilling your fantasy of us masturbating together.

You will bring yourself to your peak arousal level very quickly and stay there with your juices flowing, but you will not be able to orgasm until I say the words, 'you can orgasm' and then you will have the most explosive orgasm you have ever had.

Do you understand?" "Yes." She says flatly. I press the button. "Nick, I'm sorry." She says contritely. "I guess I never realized how much I wanted to show off my body to you. So much, in fact, that I wasn't even aware I was doing it." She's running her hands down her hips and over her mound as she's speaking. "It's okay, Susan." I tell her reassuringly. "You have the sexiest body I have ever seen and I'm glad you want me to see it." "I want you to see me masturbate!" She almost shouts, sitting on the foot of my bed just below my feet and spreading her legs.

Licking her fingers and running them up and down her slit, she spreads her pink lips, stroking her finger along the inside of them. In no time, her juices lubricate her hole and she's got two, then three fingers inside, frantically fucking herself. "Come on, Nick." She says.

"Don't you want to masturbate, too? Doesn't seeing my tits and my pussy get your cock hard? Masturbate with me, Nick!" She pleads. My cock is rock hard but I decide to tease her some more. "That's okay, Susan." I tell her. "I think I'll just enjoy the show for a while." My cock is so fucking hard from watching my sister finger fuck herself that I'll have to take it out shortly and give it some relief. Susan's pussy is soaking wet and her fingers are sloshing around in her juice as she savagely shoves them in and out trying to attain that elusive orgasm.

She's been pinching and pulling at her nipples and they are now bright pink and pointing straight out about half an inch long. She moves her hand down from her tits and starts vigorously rubbing her fingers in a circle over her erect clit. "Ohhh! I'm so close!" She shouts. "Come on, Nick, let me see you jack yourself off! Please!" She's thrusting her hips off the bed, slamming her pussy against her fingers and pinching and pulling at her clit.

It's not working so she stops pulling on it and starts slapping her clit rapidly with her fingers, while continuing to roughly finger fuck herself. She's lying sideways across the foot of my bed, with her knees pulled up and her legs spread apart, jamming three fingers violently into her slushy, wet pussy.

"Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh! Any. second. now. I'm. going. to cum!" She pants while mauling her clit and forcing her fingers as far up her pussy as she can get them. "Susan." I say very quietly. "I can help you cum." It seems she might not have heard me, because she keeps up her frenetic onslaught on her pussy. "Susan!" I say louder. "Do you want to cum? I can help!" I yell to her. "What can you do?

I just need a little bit more and I'm there!" She pants. "Let me try." I tell her. "If I don't make you cum in two minutes, you can go back to what you're doing, okay." She looks at me.

I still haven't taken my rigid cock out of my pants and it's throbbing like crazy, straining to bust through my zipper. "Okay." She sighs. "I just need to cum so fucking badly." I get off the bed and kneel on the floor positioning my face even with her pussy and run my hand over her hairless mound; it feels as smooth as porcelain.

I gently pinch her clit between my thumb and index finger and roll it back and forth. Goddamn! I'm touching my sister's pussy! I savor the look of her bald, saturated pussy and then, breathing in her intoxicating aroma, I flatten my tongue and start lapping up her creamy nectar. I lick and suck on her pussy lips, push my tongue inside her sopping hole and roll her clit between my thumb and finger.

I can't believe I'm eating my sister's pussy! She is so fucking delicious that I never want to stop, but I've tortured her enough. I move my mouth to her engorged clit and suck it in, flicking my tongue over the tip of it. "Ohhh! Fuck! Nick! That feels so fucking good! I'm going to cum!" Except she's not, until I tell her she is. "I'm going to lick your clit again." I tell her, raising my head from her delectable pussy. "So you can orgasm." I quickly suck her clit back into my mouth as her body shudders and her legs tense, squeezing my head between her thighs.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ohhhhhh Fuuuuuuck!" She's jerking wildly and I'm having trouble keeping her clit in my mouth. Her whole body quakes and trembles as she gushes a steady stream of creamy nectar out through her lips, down my chin and all over her ass. I let go of her clit to lap up her thick, hot syrup. She's shaking and her pussy lips are quivering as I lick her juices inside and out.

Her body is jerking spastically and she's trying to catch her breath while I continue to eat her smooth, bald pussy.

I'm enthralled by her rigid nipples bursting upward as her chest heaves and her bountiful tits swell with each breath of air she gulps into her lungs. I still can't believe this is happening! My cock is so fucking hard! I undo my pants and pull them and my underwear off in one quick motion, kicking them aside. My cock springs out, finally free, it points straight at its target. I pull off my shirt and turn my sister's body so she's lying lengthwise on the bed. She's still panting and oozing thick cream from her wide-open lips as I plunge my steel-like rod deep into her in one hard thrust.

Her eyes pop open and she looks at me with disbelief as I start pounding into her hot, wet snatch. "What the fuck are you doing?" She yells, but her hips are already keeping rhythm with the impact of my cock, bouncing her ass off the bed and returning my strokes.

"You're my brother! You can't fuck me!" "I'm going to make you cum again." I say, slamming into her like a jackhammer. Her pussy is so inflamed and thick with her juices that my cock feels like it's gliding through hot gelatin. There is no gentleness or loving kisses, just animal-like ferocity, as my balls slap against her ass and I maul her heavy tits with both hands. Her hands are on my hips, her fingers digging into my ass cheeks, as I pommel her bare pussy, losing myself in the growing intensity of my long awaited release.

"Oh fuck! It's building! I'm so close! I'm so fucking close!" All concern over the incestuous nature of our coupling is gone as Susan's arousal achieves its highest peak and stays there until I give her the command.

I've never fucked anyone who is so completely out of control and I want to experience it to the fullest. I slip my arms under her and hold her against me as I roll us over, placing her on top of me.

She pushes herself up, sitting her ass on my thighs, pulling her knees up against my hips and starts riding my hard cock like a wild woman.

She's like a fucking bronco rider, jouncing up and down and slamming her pussy down around my cock, like she's trying to pulverize it with the force of her attack. Her hands are pulling at her nipples, twisting them and stretching them out from her bouncing tits. My cock is throbbing from her ferocious onslaught and I tense my legs, as my balls constrict, ready for the eruption that is seconds away.

"Susan, I'm cumming! See if you can orgasm with me!" The magic words push her past her peak and I can actually feel the pressure of her juices against my cock as waves of pent up pleasure flow from her body.

Her pussy grips my cock and she pushes down hard against me as I shoot my long overdue load deep inside her quivering tunnel. Her whole body is trembling as she collapses on my chest, her ample tits cushioning her fall, while her pussy is pulsating like a vibrator, milking the last bit of cum from my cock. We're both breathing hard, but Susan is gasping for breath. Her head is on my shoulder and her light brown hair is wet and matted from her intense exertion.

I stroke her hair and kiss her gently on her sweat-soaked forehead while rubbing her back with my other hand. "What the fuck just happened?" She asks quietly without lifting her head off my chest.

"I don't know." I answer. "You're the psychology major, I'm just the math whiz, remember? "Right." She laughs. "Well." She's seems to be concentrating on it. "I must have some latent sexual feelings for you that suddenly surfaced from my unconscious. I have no idea what could have triggered it." She sounds so confused, but I like her theory. "Oh my god! What must you think of me?" She gasps, raising her head up and looking at my face. "You must think I'm some kind of nympho-slut, barely home two hours and I come in here naked, masturbate in front of you, then.

shit!" She says, pushing herself up so that her tits are hanging down and her hard nipples are brushing my chest. The sight of her perfect tits hanging like that over my chest makes my cock stir inside her soggy pussy. Looking down at us still joined together and then looking at my face, she asks, "Did you come inside of me?" "Yes. You are on the pill aren't you?" I ask, very concerned now. Fuck! What have I done?

"Of course, that's not the point!" She yells. "You're my brother. Oh fuck! Not just a nympho-slut, a perverted, nympho-slut!" She says collapsing back on my chest. "Oh my god. I just fucked my own brother." She's almost sobbing into my chest. "Sis." I say, stroking her hair.

"You are not perverted. Do you know how long I've wanted to do this? I have been fantasizing about you for years. I just never knew you felt the same way. I'm only upset that I never had the nerve to tell you. You were great! Better than my wildest fantasy." "Yes, I agree! It was wonderful! I've never cum like that before, ever!

I think I blacked out for a minute." She says, somewhat embarrassed. "But you're still my brother and this is incest!" She is crying now and I just hold her, thinking about what to do next. "Hey! How did you know about Sherrie and I or that I shave my pubes?" She asks suddenly. "That must have been the trigger!" Time to go to plan B.

While stroking her damp hair with one hand, I put the ear buds into my ears with the other. The transmitter is still tuned to Susan's frequency so I just push the button. "Susan." I say quietly, her naked body resting comfortably on mine, my cock recovering inside her smooth pussy.

"Yes." She says clearly, yet unemotionally. "You will believe your theory about your latent sexual feelings surfacing to cause your behavior. You will remember the amazing orgasms you had with me and want to have more.

You will have no anxiety or guilt about the incestuous nature of our relationship except your concern that we keep the relationship a secret." What else, I wonder, as I take a breath. "You will accept the fact that I know about you and Sherrie and not concern yourself with how I know. In fact, you will figure out a way to involve Sherrie in our relationship." I've met Sherrie and she is almost as sexy as my sister.

Since Sherrie and Susan are lovers and Susan and I will be, this could be interesting? "You will return to your natural sexual responsiveness and no longer need commands from me to have orgasms." I'm hoping that she will be much like Carolyn and not need the post submission suggestion to have a great climax.

I turn off the transmitter and wait. I'm rubbing my hands up and down her bare back, caressing her ass cheeks, while she continues to lay her head on my shoulder. "Nick?" She says, her words almost lost against my chest. "Yes, Susan." I answer. "Would you think it weird to kiss your sister?" She asks, tipping her head back so our lips are inches apart.

Instead of answering I lean into her and push my lips against hers. After a short, closed-mouth kiss, I lick across her lips with my tongue, she hesitates a moment, then parts her lips, sucking my tongue inside. With increasing intensity, our kiss evolves into a full-blown, passion filled tongue-fest. The fervor of our kiss and the feel of her soft breasts crushed against my chest, ignite my cock inside her hot, slippery pussy. With my hands still on her ass, I start a gentle rocking motion, gliding my cock in and out of her slick channel.

"Mmmmm." She moans into my mouth as she rocks her body in time with my rhythm, sliding her pussy back around my fully recovered cock. Pushing her tongue farther into my mouth, she rocks her body harder and faster, dragging her hard nipples up and down my chest with each stroke. Finally, she breaks the kiss, sits up and once again is riding my cock with her head back and her eyes closed. Watching her flawless tits bob up and down against her chest, I catch one with each hand, kneading her soft flesh and running my thumbs over her thick, taut nipples.

"Oh fuck! Nick, that feels so good!" She cries, while riding me harder and harder. I'm bouncing my ass off the bed, matching her fervent pace, driving my cock as far into her enflamed pussy as it will go. Sliding my right hand down her side, I nestle it at the junction of her thigh and torso, positioning my thumb over her clit. I flick her clit a couple of times with my thumb, and then roll it around in a tight circular, massaging motion. "Ohhhhhh! Yes! Fuck, Nick! That's so fucking right!

Ohhh!" Susan yells. She's bouncing so hard, my cock nearly pulls all the way out of her pussy, releasing a flow of hot juice that runs down my ass. Then she slams back down with a loud smack, pushing my rigid cock deep inside her steamy canal.

"Oh Fuck! Yes, Susan! You. are. the. fucking. best!" I moan as I feel my balls constrict and I try to hold back my impending release. Susan throws her head back, arches her body and clamps her pussy muscles around my cock, as she rides me in a wild frenzy toward our mutual fulfillment. "Oh Nick! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Keep rubbing my clit! I'm cumming!" She yells, riding out several bursts of orgasmic pleasure, as I shoot my load inside her hot, pulsating pussy.

I move my hands to her ass, as she flings her body forward again, falling on her cushy tits. She finds my lips, pushes her tongue in my mouth and we kiss passionately, while our chests heave against each other in an attempt to restore our normal breathing.

Breaking the kiss and rolling off of me, Susan lies on her back with her chest still heaving. I roll on my side and run my hand over her swelling breasts, damp with sweat from our heated lovemaking. I play with her nipples a while before sliding my hand down her stomach and again feel the porcelain smoothness of her hairless mound. "How do you get it so smooth?" I ask, running my fingers back and forth where her pubic hair would have been. "I don't feel a stubble anywhere!" "Waxing, silly." She answers.

"You don't just shave it, you wax it." She states. "Mmmmm." She moans, clearly enjoying my fingers roaming her bald pussy mound. "Do you do it yourself or have it done, like at a salon?" I ask, really curious. "Neither." She says shyly. "Sherrie and I wax each others. That's how we. um. got started with. um. you know." My cock stirs thinking about her and Sherrie, their heads buried in each other's hairless pussies.

I casually run my finger up and down her slushy pussy lips. She spreads her legs to give me better access. "How long are you staying?" I ask, sucking one of her nipples into my mouth and flicking my tongue over it. "Until Monday. Sherrie is visiting her Grandma. She's going to get someone to drop her off here tomorrow, spend the night and then we'll fly back together. "You're kidding." I say, lifting my mouth from her rigid nipple.

"Sherrie is coming here?" Oh my god! A sexy threesome image jumps in my brain, making my cock twitch. "Nick." She says. "I have a confession to make." She's looking in my eyes, my fingers still stroking her soaked pussy lips. "You were right when you accused me of teasing you on purpose, wearing skimpy clothing, flaunting my hard nipples at you.

I never realized how my own sexual feelings were driving me to do it. It was such a turn on for me to watch you get uncomfortable. In. um. fact." She stammers. "I told Sherrie how hot I get watching you get hard, staring at my half naked body and she wants to be a part of it. That's why she's coming over. We plan to sit around in our babydoll nighties watching you get hard, and then get each other off knowing you're in your room masturbating." She looks at me shamefaced and adds, "I'm sorry, Nick." She's starting to rock her hips up, as I unconsciously smear her gooey cream all around her pussy lips.

"I'll call her and cancel it!" She says quickly. "Don't cancel!" I tell her. "Let Sherrie come over. We can just change the plan a little and all three of us can get off. What do you think?" I ask, glad I gave her that post transmission suggestion about Sherrie.

I suck her other nipple in my mouth and slide two fingers into her saturated pussy. "Oh God! Both of you together?" She asks, humping her squishy pussy against my fingers while reaching her hand down to stroke my hard cock.

The image is obviously as exciting for her as it is for me. "I wonder if she'll do it." She says, as she turns my head from her tit and kisses me hungrily, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth.

I have no doubts about Sherrie's willingness to participate. I just need to a few minutes alone with her and the transmitter. "Susan?" An exciting thought occurs to me. "Have you ever done it in your ass?" I ask her. "Yeah." She answers, looking at me hesitantly.

"A few times." She says. "Back in high school, when I was still a virgin, I let a couple of guys I really liked put it in my ass. Why? Do you want to now?" She asks. "I've never done it." I answer honestly. "I'd love to try it, but only if you do." I tell her, knowing I could do it with the transmitter, but hoping I won't need it. "Well, now would be a good time. I remember liking it better after I've cum a few times. Just stand up next to the bed." She's says, getting up on all fours and turning her ass towards me.

I can't believe I'm actually going to fuck my sister's ass, without using the transmitter! She has her knees on the edge of the bed and her ass pushed back level with my hard cock. Her ass is a breathtaking sight of creamy, round cheeks that come together almost hiding her small puckered hole. I place my palms flat on her firm ass cheeks, squeeze them and then pull them apart with my thumbs to reveal my newest target.

"You'll need to lubricate me." She says, looking over her shoulder. "Use your finger to get as much of my juice as you can and then slide it inside my ass. You need to do it until your finger slides in and out easily." I do what she says and smear her juices around her tight, puckered, asshole and then slip my finger inside.

Meeting a lot of resistance, I pull it out and go back for more juice. This time my finger slides all the way in and I start moving it in and out of her asshole. "See if you can get two fingers inside." Susan says, her voice a little strained. "You need to stretch it out a little." I coat two fingers with her thick pussy juice and try to slide them inside her ass.

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I have to twist and turn to get them all the way in and I immediately feel her sphincter clamp around them. "Now finger fuck my ass to get it ready." Susan says, relaxing her sphincter muscles and pushing her ass back against my fingers.

I do as she says, pumping my fingers in and out of her tight asshole. "Okay, Nick, this is it." She says, panting. "Take it slowly, please! Just put your cock in my pussy to get it all wet, then slowly push it into my ass." I take my fingers out of her ass and push my cock into her pussy.

It feels so wet and steamy that I'm tempted to just fuck her pussy. I stroke in and out a few times and she's starting to pick up the rhythm when I pull out and position my cock head against her asshole and push. "Slow! Take it slow!" She says as I push the head in, feeling the tightness of her moist ass around my cock.

I push a little farther and Susan yells, "Stop!" I hold my cock where it is and I can feel her ass muscles relax as she says, "Okay, now pull back just a bit and push a little harder." I do what she says and watch my cock disappear all the way up her ass.

It is so fucking tight my cock is throbbing. It feels incredible to have her ass cheeks pushed against me as she lowers her head onto the bed. "Okay, now fuck my ass, Nick!" She says and I can see her arm stretched under her so her hand can reach her pussy. She must be playing with her clit while I fuck her ass. Holding her hips with my hands, I start pumping my cock in and out of my sister's tight ass.

It is unlike anything I have ever felt. It is so tight and without the natural lubricants of her pussy I have no choice but to pound into her really hard to keep the rhythm going, against the overwhelming friction. It's an incredible feeling. "Ohhh! Nick!" She says. "It feels so much better than I remembered!" Her arm is moving frantically and her ass is pushing back against my cock with an urgent fervor.

I feel her asshole clenching my cock causing me to slam into her harder and harder to keep it going. "I'm going to cum, Nick!" She yells, "Cum with me!

Cum in my ass, Nick!" She is slamming her ass back against my cock while I'm hammering her as hard as I can. "Oh god, I'm cumming!" Susan yells and stops moving just as I drive my cock deep inside her ass and shoot my load.

My cock jerks violently inside her asshole as I feel her shudder, her own wave of pleasure rolling through her body. She falls forward on the bed, disengaging my spent cock from her tight ass and curls up in the fetal position facing away from me. I lay down behind her spooning my body to hers. Both of us exhausted; we doze off. I wake up to the sound of my cell phone, the ring tone telling me it's Nicole. "Hi." I say, still a little sleepy. "Hi." She says. "What are you doing?" "Um.

nothing." I say as Susan turns over and starts drawing circles on my chest with her finger. I swat her hand away. "Um. just hanging out with my sister, Susan." Susan thinks this is a fun game and she starts dragging her fingernails up and down the inside of my thighs.

"Is that your girlfriend?" She whispers, smiling at me. I nod and swat her hand away from my thighs. "You're with your sister?" Nicole asks through the phone. "Oh Jesus, Nick! You're fucking your sister aren't you?" My silence convinces her. "You've been gone two fucking days and you've zapped your sister, haven't you?" "Yeah." I say quietly. "She's got big tits doesn't she?" Nicole asks, just as Susan is kneeling over me and dangling them in my face and brushing her nipples against my cheeks.

"Nicole, will you stop it about that! That's not why." I push Susan's tits away, but not before I gently squeeze them and pull her nipples. "Are you two fighting?" Susan whispers, smiling like a Cheshire cat, licking my stomach. "But she does, doesn't she?" Nicole yells.

"You are so fucking immature, Nick! I'm down here saving my horny ass for you, waiting for you to come visit me and you're up there fucking your whole god damn family!" "Nicole! I am not!" I retort. Susan has licked her way down my stomach and is pushing my soft cock around with her tongue. "You're just like you're uncle Harry, you know that?" Nicole says quietly. "Are you taking pictures and making her cum for the camera?" She asks sarcastically.

"He already did that!" I tell her. "I'm not like him." But as I say it, I wonder if she's right as I realize how much my questions of Alison and Carolyn mirror my uncle Harry's interviews. "Oh shit!" Nicole says. "She was the fourth disc?" She's quiet for a minute and then says, "Well, it's nice to see you following in your uncle's footsteps. He used the transmitter to fuck his sister, too!" She says, hanging up the phone.

Shit! My cock isn't responding, so Susan crawls back up my body, dragging her nipples lightly against my stomach and chest. Kissing me, she says, "Girlfriend trouble?" "Yeah." I say. "But we're not going to let it spoil our fun!

Come on, let's get dressed and see what mom wants to do about dinner." She kisses me hard on the mouth and heads to her room to get dressed. As we're eating dinner, mom comments on how well Susan and I are getting along.

"Yeah, maybe we've outgrown our sibling rivalry." Susan says, smiling at me. Afterwards, Susan and I takeover the kitchen, doing dishes, sneaking kisses and copping feels of each other.

The three of us watch a movie, eat popcorn and visit until mom says she's tired and goes to bed. Susan and I stay up, sitting next to each other on the couch, talking. "So, what are we going to do about mom tomorrow night when Sherrie's here?" Susan asks.

She's leaning toward me giving me a great view of her bountiful tits. During the movie she had changed into her babydoll nightie with a cotton robe over it. Now the top of the robe is open and I can see the transparent silk of her babydoll top struggling to contain her opulent breasts. "I'll think of something." I tell her, my hand caressing her breast through the silk material.

"I think mom may have left something at uncle Harry's that she'll have to go back for." Rubbing the silk against her nipple is making it hard and I pinch it between my thumb and finger. "Maybe she'll have to spend the night." I whisper, leaning closer and pushing my tongue in her mouth. She responds by putting one hand behind my head, pulling my mouth tighter against hers while squeezing my cock with her other hand.

I'm still dressed and my cock is getting anxious to be out of my shorts. "I want to taste your cock." Susan says, as she nibbles on my ear.

"So far, I've had it in my pussy and my ass but not my mouth." She laughs and trails kisses down my chest, dropping her robe as she goes. The silk babydoll is black with thin straps holding up two lace-lined, transparent triangles covering her bountiful tits.

The triangles fasten together just below her breasts with more see through material flowing down to her hips. Her hard nipples and pink areolas are visible through the sheer material and she's wearing matching thong panties stretched tightly across her bald pussy.

My cock jumps at this erotic vision of my sister. "What do you think?" She stands up, nearly naked in her babydoll pajamas staring at the obvious bulge in my pants and smiling seductively. "Would Sherrie and I have gotten your attention or not?" She asks.

"Wow! I don't know where to look first." I say, returning her smile. She slowly turns around and gives me a look at her luscious ass, naked except for the thin strip of material disappearing between her firm, round cheeks. She turns back and kneels between my legs, letting the silk material brush against my skin.

She unfastens my shorts and pulls them down leaving me sitting in my jockey shorts and shirt. I pull my shirt over my head and then raise my ass off the couch as she pulls the elastic of my jockey shorts up over the end of my hard cock, sliding them down my legs.

My cock springs up, pointing at the ceiling and she smiles. "My turn for wow!" She says. "This is my first look at your hard cock and it makes me sorry I waited so long, Nick." She leans forward and blows her breath against my cock, sending shivers up my spine. She wraps her fingers around my rigid shaft and pulls the head toward her lips, licking it like the top of an ice cream cone.

"Oh fuck!" I moan. "That feels so good!" She smiles again and we lock eyes as she slips just the head of my cock into her warm, wet mouth and starts sucking on it. I push forward trying to get more of my cock in her mouth, but she's wrapped her other hand around it just below the head, preventing any forward motion.

She teases me like this, pumping my cock with her hands and sucking on the head until I'm pushing so hard, she releases my cock and sucks half the length into her mouth. I gasp at the suddenness of this unexpected sensation as her electrifying tongue starts dancing all around the sides of my cock.

"God, Susan. You are amazing!" I tell her, being careful not to speak too loudly. "Ohhh! Yes!" I moan as she starts caressing my balls, rolling them around in her hand.

Susan pumps my cock in and out of her mouth, sucking and licking as she continues massaging my balls. I lean back against the couch with my eyes closed. This must be a fucking dream! How else do I explain sitting naked in my living room while my sister gives me the most intense blowjob of my life?

Susan must feel my balls constricting, because she pulls her mouth back until just the head is inside, readying herself for my release. She's pumping rapidly, stroking my balls and sucking on the head of my cock. Making eye contact, she nods that she's ready. I'm bucking wildly on the couch feeling my balls tighten. I tense my legs, pushing them out straight, jerk my cock forward and start shooting streams of cum down her throat.

Susan keeps sucking and pumping, swallowing every bit of it, until I relax back on the couch, depleted. Susan cleans up my cock with her tongue and then crawls up on my lap, puts her arms around my neck and kisses me lightly on the lips. "I wish we could sleep together tonight." She whispers in my ear. "I just can't stop hugging you, touching you or tasting you." She says licking my ear and my neck. "If we both close our doors, mom won't know who's in what room and I doubt if she'll come in to wake us in the morning." I answer, thinking I can guarantee that with the transmitter.

"Really?" Susan asks, excitedly. "Are you sure it'll be okay?" She says, looking at me lustfully. "I'm sure. Besides, you can't sleep alone in an outfit like that. It isn't right!" I answer, kissing her passionately and holding her silk covered breasts against my naked chest. "Come on, get your robe." We go into my bedroom and I tell her I'm going to the bathroom, which I am. I also go into mom's room with the transmitter. Putting the ear buds in my ears and tuning into mom's frequency, I wake her up as I push the button.

"Mom." I whisper. "Yes." She sounds completely awake, with that monotone voice. "Susan and I stayed up late tonight and want to sleep in tomorrow.

Don't come into our rooms in the morning until we come out. Okay?" I ask, knowing the answer already. "Okay, Nick." Mom says. "Go back to sleep." I say, turning off the transmitter. She's asleep before I get to her door. Back in my bedroom, I snuggle up to Susan, kissing her neck and rubbing the silk of her thong against her smooth, hairless pussy.

She, meanwhile, is flicking her thumb across the head of my cock while squeezing her fingers around it, reviving me for our final fuck of the day. It's a slow, leisurely fuck, our bodies melding together and every point of contact exciting and arousing our passion.

My cock gliding in and out of her saturated pussy is only the centerpiece of an ensemble of entwined tongues and heaving chests that builds to a hypnotic, sweat-soaked crescendo. No hammering or pounding, just two bodies pushing and grinding against each other trying to become one, with a climax more powerful than either of us expected.

As we catch our breath, we agree to carry out the plans she made with Sherrie for tomorrow night. I'll let them tease me and then surprise them when they're together in her room. By that time Sherrie should be so hot, we can easily get a threesome going.

Of course, I don't tell Susan that I'll use the transmitter to ensure her receptivity. We fall asleep with our bodies intertwined and me still inside of her. We sleep late and can't resist a quick morning fuck, with me bending Susan's legs up toward her shoulders and pounding my cock into her like a pile driver, slapping my balls against her ass and bringing us both to a quick climax.

Susan gathers up her discarded baby doll and sneaks out of my room. While she's showering, I give mom a post transmission suggestion that she needs to go back to uncle Harry's house and make sure she has everything for the lawyer. Even though she'll be spending the night, she wants Susan and I to stay here and continue our visit. "I'm sorry, kids." Mom says, over breakfast.

"But I have to go back to Harry's house. I think I left some things there that I'm going to need." Susan looks at me, incredulously while mom continues. "I don't want to spoil your weekend, Susan, so you just stay here, visit with Nick and Sherrie and I'll be back tomorrow afternoon." By the time Sherrie arrives, mom is on her way to uncle Harry's house. Sherrie is just as sexy as I remembered her. She arrives wearing a black t-shirt, with a Beatles logo curving over her medium sized breasts, tucked into skintight jeans.

She's shorter than Susan, maybe 5' 5", with light brown hair that's parted in the middle and flows halfway down her back. I watch the succulent curves of her ass cheeks, as she and Susan disappear down the hall into Susan's room. While they're plotting out the evenings adventure, I try to call Nicole and get her voice mail. I try text messaging her, but she doesn't respond to that either. I call back and leave her a voice message trying to explain how things just happened between Susan and I, but it comes out all wrong and I wish there was a way to erase it.

I finish by telling her that I love her and I can't wait to see her. I sit on the couch, flipping channels on the TV, not really watching anything, thinking about what Nicole said about me being like uncle Harry. I'm wondering if I've permanently fucked things up with her, when Susan and Sherrie come out of the bedroom.

They're both still in their regular clothes, but their faces are flush and I wonder what they've been doing in there.

My cock stirs at the image of them getting each other off and in anticipation of tonight's activities. "We're going to order a pizza and watch a movie." Susan tells me.

"You're welcome to join us if you promise not to be obnoxious." She laughs, looking at Sherrie. "Yeah, well if you guys don't talk through the whole movie." I retort.

"What kind of pizza are you getting?" We order the pizza and Susan and Sherrie go out to rent a movie. They come back with a romantic comedy that I've already seen, but I don't plan on watching much of the movie anyway. The pizza arrives while they're changing and when I go down the hall to tell them, I hear them giggling through the door. "Come on." Sherrie says.

"They don't have to be very hard to see them through this sheer material." "Mmmmm. What if I'm just enjoying sucking on them?" Susan answers.

She must be sucking on Sherrie's nipples to get them hard. God, this is going to be some night. "Here, let me do you." Sherrie says.

"I can't believe we're going to let your brother see us like this! I'm wet just thinking about it. This thong isn't going to cover much when it's soaking wet." She laughs.

"It doesn't cover much anyway!" Susan laughs. "Nick is going to be cumming in his pants when he sees you like this! Mmmmm that feels nice." "What about you? You aren't leaving much to the imagination either." Sherrie says. "More than you are!" Susan answers. Shit! I can't believe that Susan's babydoll covers more than Sherrie's outfit. "Ready?" Susan asks. I scurry back down the hall and yell, "Pizza's here!" Then take a slice of pizza and a diet coke into the living room and sit in the recliner.

That leaves the couch for the girls and I'll have a great view of them sitting together in their skimpy outfits. When they come out of the bedroom, they have to walk past the living room to get to the pizza in the kitchen. Susan walks out first, smiling and winking at me, looking hot in the same see through babydoll nightie from last night. I almost drop my pizza though, when I see Sherrie appear behind her, wearing a strapless, transparent top held up by only a lacy white elastic band stretched across her breasts.

Below the two-inch elastic band her hard nipples are pushing against the sheerest white material you can imagine and her breasts are completely visible through it. Her top hangs down just below her matching thong and I can see her bare ass cheeks as she turns toward the kitchen. I adjust my hardening cock, but I can't hide the bulge in my shorts. I guess that's what they want anyway so I don't really try.

They come into the living room and sit on the couch holding their pizza and drinks. My eyes are glued to Sherrie's tits. She might as well be naked as visible as they are through her flimsy top. She meets my eye, and then glances at my crotch, smiling at the obvious bulge. "Put your eyes back in your head and start the movie." Susan says. "We just want to be comfortable." "I'm glad." I say as I get up to put in the DVD and my cock makes a tent on the front of my shorts.

"I can tell." Laughs Sherrie. I put in the DVD and when I turn back around I see Sherrie pulling her hand from between her legs and shifting her position on the couch.

She's sitting with her legs slightly apart holding her plate in front of her. I hit the remote to start the DVD and recline my chair back. From this position I can see the crotch of Sherrie's thong, pulled tightly against her pussy lips and my cock starts throbbing inside my shorts.

I just sit there shifting my gaze between Sherrie and my sister. Either of these women would make my dick hard if they were dressed, but both of them sitting here practically naked, is really taking its toll.

Just when I wonder how long we're going to keep this up, Sherrie gets up and walks over to my chair. "Do you want another piece?" She says, taking my plate. I'm staring right at her thong-covered pussy and the moist material is stretched around her puffy pussy lips. My eyes travel up her flat stomach, with a butterfly tattoo just below her naval, to her pert breasts with rigid, pink nipples. As I make contact with her eyes she just smiles. "Sure." I finally answer, handing her my plate.

"Thanks." My mouth is dry and I can hardly speak. When she turns to go, her bare ass is inches from my face. Fuck! Her cheeks are firm and round and I want to just grab a handful and squeeze. My eyes follow her tantalizing ass cheeks all the way out of the room then turn to look at Susan.

She's laughing at my reaction and pointing at the tent in the front of my shorts. "How long are you going to last?" She whispers.

"What do you think of Sherrie's outfit?" "Fucking incredible!" I whisper back. "I can't wait to get my hands on her!" "Shhh!" Susan says as Sherrie walks back into the room and brings me my pizza. She bends over to set the plate on my lap and her breasts, hanging loose inside her transparent top, captivate my attention.

The plate won't sit right, since my lap has a tent pole in the middle of it and the pizza slides off onto my shorts. "Oops! Sorry!" Sherrie says as she starts brushing the crumbs from the front of my shorts, in effect running her fingers up and down my cock.

"I'm so clumsy." She laughs and her breasts jiggle, skimming her hard nipples against the sheer material, as she continues to brush away the crumbs. "That's okay." I tell her, enjoying the sensation of her fingers brushing up and down my cock. "Take your time and make sure you get them all off." I say, smiling. She hands me the plate with the pizza slice on it and turns to sit down, once again displaying her lovely ass for me.

This goes on for over an hour, with none of us really watching the movie. About midway through the movie, Susan gets up and goes into the bathroom, leaving me alone with Sherrie. I pull the transmitter out of my pocket, put in the ear buds and tune to her frequency. "Sherrie." I say, waiting for the monotone answer. "Yes." "How horny are you right now?" I ask. "Very horny." She answers. "Soaking wet horny." "How would you like me to fuck you tonight?" I ask.

"I'd love it, but I'm not sure Susan would approve. She has other plans for tonight." "What if the three of us have sex together?" I suggest.

"I've never done that and Susan is your sister, so it wouldn't be right." She says. "Well tonight you're not going to worry about that. You are going to be so horny you'll be ready and willing for a threesome with Susan and I. In fact you'll remember it as the best sex of your life." When Susan comes back, I excuse myself and tell them I'm going to bed.

"Aren't you going to finish?" My sister asks. "Watching the movie, I mean." "Nah." I answer. "I've seen it before." I answer, staring at her body. As I enter my bedroom, I glance back at the two of them on the couch giggling and reaching for each other. I close my door and it isn't long before I hear them go into Susan's room. Susan and I agreed I would wait ten minutes before I sneak into her room. I strip off my clothes and silently enter Susan's room, my hard cock leading the way.

The bedside lamp lights up the room and I follow the trail of nighties and thongs from the door to the bed. Susan is lying on her back, with her knees pulled up, pinching and pulling her own nipples, while Sherrie is kneeling between Susan's legs, with her ass in the air and her tongue in Susan's pussy. I walk quietly up behind Sherrie and watch her pumping two fingers frantically in and out of her own pussy, while she eats my sister.

I put my finger to my lips when Susan sees me standing behind Sherrie. She smiles and nods her agreement. With my face inches from Sherrie's hairless pussy, I watch her thick juices run down her fingers, as they piston in and out between her puffy, wet lips. I savor the view for a minute, just looking at her firm, round ass cheeks and then focus on her puckered asshole staring back at me like a little eye. My cock is literally jumping at the chance to replace her fingers and I gently squeeze her cheeks to let her know I'm there.

Pulling her fingers from her sopping, wet pussy, I rub my cock head up and down her lips a couple of times before plunging in. Holding her hips with my hands, I bury the entire length in one long stroke and hold it deep inside her steamy hole. Like a velvet glove tightening around my cock, her fiery pussy walls pulsate their welcome to my rigid shaft. "Mmph!" I hear Sherrie's muffled moan from between my sister's legs.

"Oh yes!" She yells, lifting her head momentarily before resuming her tongue fucking. She's rocking her firm ass cheeks against me, willing my cock to start moving in and out of her anxious pussy. "Fuck me, Nick. Fuck me hard!" She yells, rocking back against my hard cock. Instead, I very slowly back my cock out, dragging it against the plush walls of her snug pussy until the head is barely between her lips, and then still holding her hips with both hands, I slam my cock back into her slick, fiery hole like a battering ram.

After a couple of slow, dragging exits and hard slamming poundings, I start picking up speed, hammering her relentlessly and shoving her face into Susan's pussy. The three of us pick up a rhythm with Susan humping her ass off the bed when I'm pulling back, then crashing back down when I shove forward, driving Sherrie's face against her crotch. "Ohhhh. God. eat me. Sherrie. I'm going to cum!" Susan shouts each word on every down stroke of my cock.

Her voice is shaky and she's panting as Sherrie eats her to climax and I continue to hammer my cock deep inside her roommate's pussy. Watching my sister cum, as she pulls and twists her own nipples, ignites my release and I know I'm not going to last much longer. I keep up the furious pace trying to get Sherrie to join me in a mutual climax, but I can't hold it. I slam into her as hard as I can, pulling her hips against me and shooting my load deep into her tight, hot pussy.

Sherrie grinds her ass against me and is thrusting her pussy against her hand. I didn't notice that she had kept her hand between her legs and was frantically rubbing her clit, while I was jamming my cock into her. "Ohhh, Fuck! I'm cumming, too!" Sherrie pushes her ass back harder against me and I can feel her pussy quivering around my cock as her orgasm hits. I hold her against me as she rides out multiple waves of pulsating pleasure. When she stops moving, I let go of her hips and she falls forward, pulling my depleted cock from her dripping pussy.

She lies across Susan's body, resting her head on Susan's full breasts, catching her breath. I climb on the bed beside them, pulling Susan's mouth to mine, kissing her deeply and passionately.

"Oh my God!" Sherrie says. "That was so fucking hot! Having you fuck me while I ate Susan's pussy! I've never cum so hard in my life!" I run my hand over Sherrie's ass, squeezing her cheeks, while continuing my tongue-fest with Susan.

Sherrie turns her head, sees Susan and I kissing and slides down the bed until her face is next to my pussy-coated cock. Leaning her head closer, she starts licking her juices off my cock and my balls. When my cock starts responding, she wraps her hand around it and gently pumps it while sucking the head into her mouth. When I start rocking my hips against her mouth, Susan breaks off the kiss to see what's going on.

"You two look like you're ready to go again." Susan exclaims excitedly. "Well if you're going to suck his cock, swing your legs around here so I can get at your pussy." Susan tells Sherrie. As Sherrie turns around to give Susan access to her drenched pussy, it gives me an idea.

"Hey, sis, why don't you slide sideways on the bed and stretch your legs out so I can reach your pussy at the same time?" Susan smiles and jumps at the idea. We end up looking like a crooked triangle with Sherrie's lips around my cock, Susan's head between Sherrie's legs lapping up our combined juices and my tongue inside my sister's sopping, bald pussy.

Sherrie is obviously an experienced cocksucker and I can't keep my hips still, as she hand pumps my cock in and out of her mouth, flicking her tongue all around it and caressing my balls with her other hand.

I fervently attack my sister's succulent pussy, lapping up her juices while I run my hand over her smooth mound and gently pinch her engorged clit between my finger and thumb. Susan must be doing all right with Sherrie's pussy judging by the way she's moving around. Muffled moans can be heard from all three corners of the triangle. I shift my focus to Susan's clit and suck it inside my mouth, flicking my tongue over the tip until I feel her shiver and she pushes her pussy harder against my mouth.

"Oh fuck yes!" She yells, while taking a breath from her own machinations of Sherrie's pussy. The three of us are rocking the bed something fierce when I feel my balls tighten in anticipation of their impending release. Sherrie recognizes the sign and increases the intensity of her pumping and sucking action while pulling her lips back closer to the head of my cock.

Susan is jerking wildly against my mouth and I keep sucking and licking her clit until she clamps her legs together, grabbing the back of my head to keep me from moving, while her orgasm quivers through her body.

Prying her legs apart I savor the taste of her thick, syrupy, nectar as it flows freely from her wide open pussy lips and runs down her leg. This puts me over the top and I push my cock deeper into Sherrie's mouth, my hips jerking wildly, while I spew several streams of cum into her mouth and down her throat. She keeps sucking and swallowing while she starts bucking her hips wildly against Susan's mouth. Raising her hips off the bed, she jerks several times then collapses back down, her legs shaking, letting my cock fall from her mouth while she catches her breath.

We're all panting and gasping for air, while we shift our sweat-soaked bodies around so we're all laying the same direction. I'm on my back in the middle of the bed with Susan on one side and Sherrie on the other; my arms around their shoulders, their heads on my chest, tits crushed against my sides and legs draped over mine. Smiling at each other their lips meet across my chest in a gentle kiss.

"This is way better than just teasing him." Sherrie says. "Are you going to fuck your brother?" She asks. "Yeah." Susan says dreamily. "As soon as I recover from him eating my pussy." She lies her head back down on my chest and closes her eyes. We all rest for a while before we start up again.

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Before we fall asleep for the night, Susan rides my cock while Sherrie sits on my face. Then the two girls opt for a joint blowjob, one sucking my balls while the other sucks my cock, alternating pumping me in and out of each other's mouth.

The sight of these two sexy coeds, one of them my sister, kneeling between my legs, their tits swinging back and forth as they fight over my cock, gives me the biggest orgasm of the night. The next morning I wake up, glad to know it wasn't just a dream. I really slept with my sister and her roommate, their naked bodies still wrapped around mine. My morning hard-on doesn't go unnoticed and Sherrie argues successfully that she should be the one to ride it because she won't see me as often as my sister.

Susan watches for a while then runs one hand over Sherrie's ass and down to my balls and uses her other hand to stimulate Sherrie's clit, while Sherrie bounces up and down on my rigid pole.

I've got my hands on her tits, squeezing them and palming her hard nipples, as they bob up and down. Susan's hand caressing my balls drives me to the edge and I buck my hips up, pushing my cock deeper into Sherrie's cunt, just as she slams down against me and clenches her pussy around my cock.

I'm still shooting cum deep into Sherrie's pulsating pussy when Susan pushes her tongue in my mouth, kissing me passionately. Sherrie collapses on my chest and her tongue joins ours, alternating between my mouth and Susan's.

God! Fucking my sister was a fantasy come true, but her and her roommate together is off the fucking charts! We take a leisurely shower and enjoy lathering each other and sliding our soapy bodies together. Watching Susan and Sherrie slither their tits together, sparks my cock to life and I'm soon rubbing it between Susan's ass cheeks.

Reaching around her to cup Sherrie's ass, I sandwich Susan between us and the girls kiss passionately, while I shoot what little cum I have left onto my sister's back. Reluctantly, we finish our shower, get dressed and are watching TV when mom gets home from uncle Harry's house. We drive Susan and Sherrie to the airport, with me sitting between them in the back seat talking and touching and plotting when we can get back together. When we get home I call Nicole again and she picks up on the second ring.

"Hey." She says. "What are you doing? Or should I say, 'Who are you doing?'" She adds sarcastically. "Did you fuck anyone else this weekend besides your sister?" "Yeah. Her roommate." I answer honestly. "And don't ask about her tits!" "Jesus Christ, Nick! What is wrong with you?" She yells. "You fucked your sister and her roommate. You can't just keep zapping everybody you want to fuck!" "It wasn't like that, Nicole.

"I tell her about the DVD of Susan admitting how she intentionally teases me and what her and Sherrie had planned for this weekend. "Okay, so they weren't innocent bystanders, but that doesn't make it right for you to fuck them.

How did you pull off fucking them both anyway?" She wonders. "It was a threesome." I tell her and then quickly add, "Susan and Sherrie were already doing each other at school so I didn't corrupt them, if that's what you're thinking." "Jesus, Nick you're going to wear that thing out, and I don't mean the transmitter." She laughs. "Couldn't you have gotten back at them without fucking them? And a threesome! Come on!" "Don't go there, Nicole." I warn her.

"I seem to remember you stroking my cock while I ate Carolyn's pussy, and then getting yourself off while you watched us fuck. Wasn't that a threesome?" "Yeah." She says sheepishly.

"I'm probably just jealous and selfish. I want to be the one fucking you, Nick. You awakened something in me and now I don't want to share you. You're up there fucking everything that moves and what am I suppose to do? I don't even have a brother!" She says laughing and I laugh with her. "Nick, I'm just worried about you and that transmitter." She says sincerely.

"You are way too impulsive with it. How long do you think it'll be before you have a neighbor girl showing up everyday at 4 o'clock without any underwear?" She's struck a nerve and I respond sharply. "That's not fair, Nicole!" I yell at her. "What about what I did for your Dad and your asshole neighbor? And I didn't hear you complain when I undid your post transmission suggestion." "I know and I appreciate all you've done, Nick." She says. "But for every good thing you've done, how many innocent people have you zapped just because you wanted to fuck them?

This thing gives you tremendous power, Nick, and you have to be careful with it. You know what they say about power corrupting. I don't want that to happen to you! You saw the video, Nick. How would you feel if it was you being told to make your dick hard and shoot cum across the room?" "Okay, Nicole." I concede. "You make a good point and you're right, I have been pretty impulsive with it.

How about from now on I only use it to change bad behavior, like I did with your dad?" As I say this, I'm not sure if I have that much self-control, but she is making good sense.

"And who decides what's good and bad, Nick? You?" She asks. "Are you the judge and jury over inappropriate behavior? What if you're wrong?

Aren't you concerned that one day you could think you're doing good but really fuck up someone's life?" I stay silent, thinking about what she's saying.

She takes the hint and changes the subject. "Sorry. I really don't mean to lecture you, Nick. I just care about you so much. Speaking of how much I care, why don't you come see me next weekend?" "I'd love to!" I answer excitedly.

"I really miss you. I'll check with my mom and let you know, okay." "You know you can get anything you want! Please! I really need to see you." She pleads. "I'll make it worth your while." She adds seductively. "Oh. So it's okay to use the transmitter if it's something you want, huh?" I tease.

"Yeah. I didn't say to never use it, did I?" She answers with a chuckle. "Okay. It's a date. I'll drive down Saturday morning. I'll call you when I'm close and you can meet me at uncle Harry's. We'll spend the weekend together. How's that?" I ask. I really am excited about seeing her. We talk everyday for the next week and I let her know that Mom agreed to let me take the car and spend the weekend without me having to use the transmitter. The anticipation is growing for our visit and the week drags by.

I take the transmitter to school with me but only use it a couple of times. I'm very tempted to use it on my sexy English teacher. She is in her mid twenties and so fucking hot that every guy in class has wet dreams about her. Thinking about what Nicole said about me being impulsive, I decide that I'm not going to let the power of this thing corrupt me. I do use it to stop the star quarterback of our football team from bullying one of my friends and then again the next day to make his cheerleader girlfriend forget to put anything on under her skirt during Friday night's big game.

She was really being a bitch to some girls I know and putting down how they looked, so I decided if she was so hot, she could flaunt it for everyone to see during her high-kicks. She thought everyone was whooping and hollering because her routine was so good until my sexy English teacher dragged her off the field. No one saw her the rest of the night. Saturday morning, I'm on the road early, eagerly anticipating my weekend with Nicole.

I call her when I'm a few miles away and she's waiting for me at uncle Harry's when I arrive. Wearing a tank top with no bra and tight shorts, she runs and jumps in my arms as I get out of the car. Wrapping her legs and arms around me, she presses her lips against mine kissing me passionately. "I missed you so much!" She says, kissing all over my face. "I can't believe you're really here!" She's lowered her feet back to the ground and hugging me around the waist, pressing her body against mine.

Her breasts feel good against my chest and my cock responds. "Mmmm. You are glad to see me." She teases, grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the house. Once inside we are all over each other, tearing at each other's clothes and breaking off our kisses only long enough to remove more clothing. Her tank top comes off first and I squeeze her firm mounds and pinch her nipples as our lips come back together. Then she pulls my shirt over my head and presses her hard nipples against my chest while fumbling with my shorts.

She gets me naked first and drops to her knees hungrily devouring my cock. We're still in the entryway and I'm humping my cock into Nicole's warm mouth while she runs her nails up the inside of my thighs and across my balls. I haven't fucked anyone for a week and I feel the tension building up quickly.

She looks up at me as she pumps my cock in and out of her mouth. Dropping her hand to her side, she slides her lips all the way down to the base of my cock and I feel the head enter her throat. She holds me there for a second then slowly drags her lips back along my shaft while flicking the sides with her tongue. "Oh god! Nicole!" I moan. "That feels so fucking good!" I'm thrusting my hips forward trying to drive my cock back into her throat. She moves with my thrusts, deep throating my cock while continuing to cup my balls and squeezing my ass with her other hand.

"Oh Fuck! Nicole! I'm cumming already!" I yell, as my balls constrict and she again grabs my cock with her hand, pumping it in and out of her mouth. Her tongue is licking the underside of my cock, as I start erupting in jerky spasms, shooting load after load of cum into her welcoming mouth. Nicole swallows as fast as she can but my balls have built up so much that some spills out and runs down her chin.

I lean against the wall for support, as Nicole sucks me clean then runs her tongue around her mouth to get the overflow. Standing up she says, "God I missed you, Nick!" Wrapping her arms around my neck and shoving her cum flavored tongue into my mouth, we kiss savagely, grinding our bodies together.

We get as far as the living room before I get her shorts off. Her panties are soaking wet as I pull them down her legs and toss them aside. We sit on the couch and I'm fondling her pert, teen-sized tits as I kiss my way down her neck.

She leans back against the couch and I suck her nipple into my mouth, flicking the tip of it with my tongue.

I trade-off between her nipples, sucking and biting each one, as I slide my hand down her stomach to her soft patch of brown hair. She spreads her legs, anxious for me to touch her hot, wet pleasure center. I slowly run my finger up and down her aroused slit, evoking moans from her, as she raises her ass up and pushes against my finger. "Oh god, Nick!" Nicole moans. "I've missed you so fucking much!" She's pushing her pussy against my finger, trying to get it to slide inside.

I keep teasing her by running my wet finger up and down her lips, but not penetrating. Letting her nipple slip from my lips, I trail kisses down her stomach and kneel on the floor between her legs. Bending forward, I breathe in her familiar scent while rubbing my cheeks back and forth across her soft pubic hair. I lick along her inner thighs and all around her pussy, momentarily avoiding her aching pussy lips. She's squirming around and sliding her ass forward on the couch, trying to push her soaking lips against my tongue.

Spreading her knees farther apart, I lower my head and take one long, slow lick from her puckered ass all the way to her engorged clit. "Oh Fuck!" Nicole yells. "Eat my pussy, Nick.

I really need you to eat me now!" I push my tongue between her puffy, pink lips and lick her delicious, hot juices. Her taste is intoxicating and my cock is already recovered, as I tongue fuck her and eat her creamy nectar.

She is responding to my tongue, humping her pussy against my mouth and spreading her legs even wider. I replace my tongue with my middle finger and start to gently lick around her clit, as I slide my finger in and out of her steamy pussy.

Sucking her clit completely into my mouth, I lightly run my tongue back and forth across the tip of it, while continuing to finger fuck her. She's bucking wildly now, thrusting her hips up, while grinding her clit against my tongue. I quicken my pace, pumping my finger in and out of her sopping pussy while sucking and nibbling on her clit. "I'm cumming!" Nicole yells, "I'm fucking cumming, Nick! Oh fuck!" She clamps her pussy tightly around my finger, jerking wildly, her whole body shaking. She trembles as her orgasm hits, and hot cream gushes over my hand and down her ass cheeks.

I shift my mouth back to her pussy and hungrily lap up her delectable flow of syrup. Nicole's chest is heaving and she's gasping for breath as I lap up more and more of her thick, tasty cream. "Oh god, Nick." Nicole breathes, running her fingers through my hair. "I need your hard cock inside me so badly. Let's find a bed!" We finally make it to one of the bedrooms, kissing and fondling all the way down the hallway.

Nicole falls on the bed, pulls her knees up and spreads her legs all in one motion. I'm right behind her lining my rigid shaft up with her glistening hole and plunge into her tight, hot chasm. Her pussy stretches and conforms to the intrusion of my hard cock, wrapping her juice soaked walls tightly against me. "Oh God! Nicole, you are so tight! So hot! You feel so fucking good!" I breathe.

Then, leaning my mouth right next to her ear while pumping my cock in and out of her tight hole, I add, "I love you, Nicole." "Ohh! I love you, too, Nick!" Nicole whispers, wrapping her legs around my ass and matching my thrusts with hers. With an urgency built from anticipation and our mutual declarations of love, we pick up a rapidly pounding rhythm that drives us into a frenzied, sweat-soaked crescendo, with each of us moaning the other's name.

Relaxed and depleted we slip into a restful sleep, still coupled together. "Nick." I awaken to Nicole's voice from the other side of the room. "What?" I ask turning over and rubbing my eyes.

They pop open at the shock of seeing Nicole with the ear buds in her ears and her finger on the transmitter button. "Wait, Nicole, don't mess with my transmitter!" I say sitting up. "I'm doing it for us! Because I love you, Nick!" She says. Then with a smile, she adds, "Don't worry, you won't even remember you found it."