Sexy Busty Japanese Girl Sex Doll Cosplay Dress

Sexy Busty Japanese Girl Sex Doll Cosplay Dress
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<i> Recurring Cast Dennis, 41 years old, 5' 11", 175 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, Cindy's husband. Cindy, 41 years old, 5' 4", 105 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes, Dennis' wife. Diane, 41 years old, 5' 7", 140 lbs, auburn hair, green eyes, recently divorced friend of Cindy's. Becky, 38 years old, 5' 9", 155 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, Cindy's friend, widow.

Jack, 42 years old, 6', 185 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, Louise's husband. Louise, 38 years old, 5' 4", 130 lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes, Jack's wife. Jackie, 19 years old, 5'6", 125 pounds, dark brown hair, blue eyes, neighbor girl.

From the last story Even in the darkness I could feel Cindy's smile. She got close to me so that we were face to face. "It was actually pretty thrilling and quite a turn on. It hurt a little to get spanked, but I liked it.

That doesn't mean that I want a painful flogging or anything, but a little spanking now and then might work for me." I smiled back.

"Be careful what you wish for!" We went to sleep and I was hoping Thanksgiving was going to be better than ever.</i> Thanksgiving Day Four The next morning, I made the ladies stay naked while I wore just a robe, but I didn't play with them too much. I did some stroking and teasing every once in a while, but not too much.

Working around the oven, stove, and hot food made that a little dangerous. Finally, about 1pm we sat down and had an absolutely scrumptious meal. Cindy had definitely created another culinary feast and Louise had helped keep things on a strict timeline. We had just finished and were going to take a break and watch some TV before partaking of dessert and 'other' games that I had in mind when the doorbell rang.

I looked at the ladies and them at me. Who the hell would be ringing the doorbell on Thanksgiving Day? I told the ladies to stay put, thinking that maybe some nosy neighbors might have seen some nudity and called the police. When I answered the door, there stood the neighbor's 19-year-old daughter, Jackie.

She was holding what looked like a plate of cookies. "Happy Thanksgiving, Jackie. What do you have there?" She smiled at me. "Just some homemade cookies that I made yesterday. I was making some with my mother and I told her how nice you guys were when I delivered pizzas yesterday, so I told her I was going to bring some down." I was hoping that she meant the big tip, not the nude women's show.

"Well, come in. Cindy and Louise will be thrilled with these." She stepped into the foyer and handed me the cookies. "Let's go give these to them." I led her back to the den where the two ladies were cuddled under blankets to stay warm.

I checked her out closely. She was about 5'6", 125 pounds, in pretty good shape. She was wearing those ridiculously low cut jeans, which showed off skin around the middle since the shirts never seemed to reach the waistband of the jeans, and her ass looked delectable and her tits were bouncy.

When we got into the den, I could see Jackie looking at Cindy closely, probably remembering her naked from her last visit. "Ladies, Jackie was nice enough to make us some cookies. Please come over here and give her a hug and thank her." They stood up and I could see Jackie's eyes go wide for a moment before she got a dirty grin on her face. "I was hoping to come back for this. They both lost a bet to have to do this, right?" As they approached her I told her a little.

"Cindy lost a bet and has to be my slave for the week and Louise is a friend who is also playing along." I didn't want to go into Louise's situation too much.

"Why, what do you know about making bets?" She smiled. "My friends and I do this all the time. Last week, my friend Katy lost and had to run naked from a gas station ladies' room to the car, in the middle of the day! It was so cool! So is this!" By now they were in front of her and Louise gave her a quick hug and it was one of those 'we don't want to touch bodies' hugs.

She stepped back and Cindy moved forward to hug Jackie. However, when Cindy gave her a hug, Jackie hugged her close. She wrapped her arms around Cindy and squeezed her ass.

I was shocked by this young lady's brashness at 19 and evidently so was Cindy. She gave a little 'oh' and backed away quickly. I think we were all a little shocked by this 19-year-old's behavior. Jackie turned to me. "Your wife has a nice ass." I chuckled. "I've always thought so." I turned to her as the ladies sat back down.

"What about you? Lost any bets that you care to tell us about?" She smiled and looked down briefly, but she didn't hesitate long. "Yeah, I did. When I lost I had to wait until three of my other girlfriends and their boyfriends were in Katy's house sitting in the den. I had to strip naked in the next room and then stroll slowly thru the middle of the room where they were all facing.

I couldn't even breathe for a while, but after it was over, I was fucking psyched about having done it!" She was looking me right in the eye and I stared back. "Wanna make a bet with us?" She grinned. "Oh, yeah! That would be way cool! How do you guys make bets?" I grinned and turned the question back to her. "What kinds of things do you girls do for betting?" "Poker, Texas Hold 'Em!" I tried not to smile at that.

"Are you going to bet with all of us together and play just you against us all, or do you want us to all play individually?" She grinned. Maybe she had been thinking about this. "All four of us play. The way we do it in my group is that we each get together in groups and decide the punishment for the other person.

We write it down and hand it to them. Then, before we start playing, everyone reads their deed out loud so that we all know what they are playing for. Then we play with four chips each. Each time you lose a hand you lose a chip until you are done.

Do you want to do that?" "That sounds good to me. This is pretty involved. How long have you guys been doing this?" She grinned. "For a couple of years. Ever since we stared senior year we've been playing like this, so that's almost a year and a half. It's been pretty interesting for some folks." I turned to Cindy and Louise. "Okay, my slaves, let's play poker!" I went and got the cards, some chips, and some paper and a pen.

When I got back, they were all sitting together and giggling. "What?" Jackie stood and walked over to hand me a folded piece of paper. "We already made up your deed if you lose." We then huddled as separate groups and made up the deeds for the other folks. We all sat down at the kitchen table and cut for high card. Jackie won the deal. She then announced that everyone, starting with her as the dealer, had to read their deed out loud.

Jackie picked up and unfolded her paper. She looked at it and actually grinned. I was a little surprised. "You will join the other slaves for one day of your choosing this weekend as Master Dennis' slave." Cindy was to her left and read her paper next. "You will describe how you masturbate and show the CD of you doing it to Jackie and her friends." Cindy blanched and turned to Jackie, who was smiling evilly.

"Are you all over 18?" "Yes." "Are you talking about male and female friends?" "Of course. We have a standard group who all participate in these little dares and bets." "Oh, god. I'd better not lose." I was sitting across from Jackie and read mine next. "You will fuck Jackie in any location she desires in front of her girlfriends." I looked up and she had another evil smile. "With an audience, huh?

What makes you think I wouldn't lose this on purpose? It doesn't sound that bad to me." She kept grinning. "Then go ahead and lose. You will notice that it says wherever I want to have it done. It would be interesting to say the least." I stared at her, trying to think what that meant. We all looked at Louise who was waiting for us to finish discussing mine before she read hers.

She picked it up, looked at it and grinned. "You will fuck Jackie in any location she desires in front of her girlfriends. Hmmm; sounds familiar." We then got down to playing cards. Since there was no betting, everyone stayed in and you just hoped for the best.

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Everyone lost one hand in the first four. Then, Jackie lost her second and third back-to-back. The banter was picking up, each of us teasing the other. Cindy lost her second and then Louise her second. Jackie's competitiveness was coming out. She didn't want to lose just because she didn't want to lose at anything. Cindy lost her third and she groaned and looked at Jackie with a nasty look. Jackie smiled and stuck her tongue out at her.

Then I lost my second. We were now down to Jackie and Cindy with one and me and Louise with two chips each. The next hand was going to be important and Jackie was dealing. Somebody was going to lose or a third person was going to join the other two with one chip. The hand was a strange one and I had a 9 and Queen of hearts. There was nothing on the board matching up and I didn't want to get to one chip, even though I wanted to fuck Jackie in the worst way now. I would rather her be a slave to me than me have to fuck her in front of her girlfriends.

We all watched closely as the flop contained a 7 of hearts, a 10 of clubs and an ace of spades. Things were looking poorly for me. I needed to get something going. The turn yielded an 8 of hearts. Now I was one card from nothing, or one card from a straight, needing a 6 or a Jack.

We all were staring at each other and Jackie was dragging it out. Finally she flipped a Jack of diamonds and I at least had a straight to the Queen. I was not going to be the loser.

Cindy flipped first and had 7 and a 9, giving her straight to the Jack. Jackie and Louise were both staring at their cards and each other. Finally, Louise flipped over and she had a 2 and a 9. Shit! Another straight! We had three straights and it came down to Louise.

She was looking around in shock. We had her! She flipped over and she had two 10s. Three 10s and she lost! She looked dejected and tossed her last chip into the pile. For a second nobody said anything. We were all in shock at the outcome. Finally, I looked up at Jackie and she looked at me. I smiled. I didn't want to be too hard on the young lady, so I waited for her to say something. Finally she did. "Damn! I so wanted my girlfriends to see us together." She gave a grim smile. "Why did you want that so bad?" "Because we see you out bike-riding in those spandex bike pants and we wanted to… you know… see you using that ass for fucking.

Plus some of us have that 'older man' thing. Young guys just don't know enough about a woman's body, you know?" This woman was very, very forthright for 19. No way would I have said something like this to somebody old enough to be my parents when I was that age.

But she seemed to think nothing of it except for a little stammering there near the end. I grinned. "Yes, I know. That can be arranged, you know. Now tell me what day you will be my slave this weekend, my cute little fuck toy." I think the realization of what just happened was starting to sink in and she stared at me as I said that.

"Uh… Let me call Katy, my friend. I'll use her as an excuse. Is Saturday okay?" "Saturday is fine, but I get you starting at 12:01am Friday night. That's officially Saturday." I smiled. Jackie groaned at that and left the room with her cell phone, but we could hear her a little.

Suddenly, we heard her voice go up. "No way! I can't do it… you can't ask me to do that… this was my bet and I'll pay it off, but no way am I going to do that… no, I'm not going to ask him… you'd better not call him… don't do it, Kate&hellip." The conversation finally lowered enough to be too low for use again.

I looked at Cindy and Louise. "Now what do you suppose that was all about?" Cindy shrugged. "Not sure, but it sounded like Katy was pushing her about something to do with her and you." Just then Jackie came back in. She smiled a little sheepishly and hung her head.

"Okay, I'm good for Saturday. What time do I have to be here?" I smiled. "Like I said, it starts at 12:01 am. I want you for 24 hours." She shuffled her feet a little. "Okay, a bet's a bet." "So do you want to tell us what you and Katy were discussing on the phone?" She looked up quickly and stared at us.

"Uh… no. It was nothing." "It didn't sound like nothing." She then seemed to assume that air of indifference that is particular to teenagers. "Oh, she was just going on about having to cover for me and that she was going to make me do her a favor later.

Nothing in particular." "Okay." I gave it to her with the attitude of 'whatever you say, smartass'. "I guess you'd better go before your family wonders if we kept you. We'll see you on Saturday… all of you." She blushed at that, but grinned.

"Yeah, I guess you will." She turned and headed for the front door as I followed. When we got to the front door, I leaned around and put my hand on the doorknob before she could open it. I was leaning in close to her as she had expected to open it and leave. I took my other hand and pulled her to me, turning her to me and kissing her. She immediately opened her mouth and we battled with our tongues. Just before I was going to back off, I felt her reach into my robe and grab my quickly hardening dick.

I groaned and we broke the kiss. She looked down to where my robe was now hanging open and my dick was poking out, almost completely erect in her hand. "Yum! I think I'm going to like being here on Saturday." I smiled and reached up and squeezed a boob. "Me, too. But Saturday, you will be mine!" She giggled and left. I turned to Cindy and Louise. "What the fuck is the deal with 19 year old women today? Are they forward or what?" They both laughed. Cindy walked over and hugged me.

"Well, Master, I believe that you will have your hands full with that one." I smiled at Cindy. "It looked to me like she wanted to get her hands full of your ass!" Cindy blushed a little. "Yeah, it surprised me when she grabbed my ass." I reached over and grabbed her ass. "I wasn't surprised. I'm only surprised that not everyone wants to grab this gorgeous hunk of flesh, still so tight and firm." Cindy smiled and hugged me. "Mmmmm. Thank you.

I'm sure there are plenty who do, but just manage to restrain themselves." She punched me in the arm. "Unlike somebody else I know!" I turned her so I could see Louise, too. "It's still early ladies and your next task is going to be interesting. Let's go back into the den." We all back into the den and I told them to sit down. They sat and covered up; probably feeling chilled again from being naked. I then went and got the laptop and put it on the coffee table.

I opened it, logged in, pointed it towards the ladies, and put the small webcam on the table next to it. I went and got the video camera and set it up also pointing at the couch. I also retrieved my work laptop and set it on the coffee table facing me. I started it up as well. I finally went and got a bag from my closet and brought it back out.

I pulled out a couple of masks that would cover all but the mouth of their face and handed them to the ladies, the red mask to Louise and the blue one to Cindy. I think they were starting to get a clue about what was happening, but I explained it to them. "Okay, here's the deal. I have opened an account for us on a webcam site and you two are going to put on the masks and do what I say while the webcam broadcasts it to whoever wants to see it.

I am also going to film it. Oh, and by the way Louise. Jack knows about this and will be watching on the other end.

Any questions?" They looked at each other and then Cindy turned to me. "What do you want us to do?" "Don't worry, my little webcam sluts. I'll direct your action for the camera. Our time period starts in about 20 minutes so you'd better go to the bathroom now or anything else you want to do before then. Once the show starts, we have one hour and I'm going to keep you busy for that hour." They both hurried into the bathroom and then came back and crawled under the covers.

I had everything logged in now. My work laptop was logged in to the web site as well. That way I could see and read the viewers comments to them. Finally, I set the video camera to take in the entire couch. They both looked a little scared when they came back. "How many people will see this?" "I have no idea.

It's a free webcam broadcast on one of these sites that host lots of them. Most of the women give free shows, but make their money if a viewer or viewers want to go into a private chat where they can direct the woman to do what they want.

We are not going to do that. We are going to give a completely free show. It just depends on how many people out there are looking for this on a Thanksgiving evening." They looked at each other. "What if we are recognized?" I had thought about this. "I don't think there is any way to recognize your bodies on the webcam from something they've seen at a pool in a bikini or anything.

Neither of you have definitive scars and both of you are tattoo free. I think you are safe. And remember that it would have to be someone close to us or from around here that would know what you look like." When the allotted time came, I had Cindy lean over and log into the site. I logged in on my computer and the show started. At first, the number was low. I had them lower the blanket and display their tits. I finally saw Jack log in as 'MasterJack', our agreed upon surname for him.

I told them that Jack was on and Louise smiled. I was logged in on my laptop as well and sent an email to Jack to tell him to take control as he typed what he wanted them to do. "Okay, girls, MasterJack is in charge and will direct the action for a while. I'll read out his commands." MasterJack: Red Stand up and show us your body, turn around and bend over to show us your ass and pussy.

Louise complied and the number of users kept climbing. We were at 78 already. MasterJack: Blue your turn. Cindy did it. The users were at 120.


MasterJack: Blue sit, spread legs, show pussy. Red stand in front, bend over from waist, and show us how you eat pussy while you spread your legs and display yours. The ladies giggled and Cindy sat back and spread her legs wide. On screen I could see how beautiful and sexy she looked. Louise then stood in front of the laptop, spread her legs in front of the camera, and bent over from the waist to lick Cindy's pussy.

The webcam on the coffee table was low enough that it provided a view of Louise's ass and pussy in the upper portion of the window and a view of her tongue appearing and licking Cindy's pussy in the lower. She kept this up for a while and I read the hot comments from some of the other users to them. This spurred them on and Louise reached back and spread her cheeks more to accommodate one user's request to see her little brown eye. Then she decided to push a finger into her ass and that prompted more comments.

We were approaching 10 minutes into the show and the number of users was at 368! Wow! Cindy was now approaching orgasm, so Louise pulled her finger out of her ass and concentrated on Cindy. She licked and sucked and then shoved two fingers into Cindy's cunt. The users were ecstatic and said so. I continued to narrate their comments and Cindy came hard, bucking all over Louise's hand and face. When she calmed down, Louise stood up and moved to the side. Cindy relaxed and then Louise sat next to her, crossing her right leg over Cindy's left.

You could just see her pussy in the frame with Cindy. She leaned over and put her face into the screen and you could see how wet it was. She slowly raised the fingers that had been buried in Cindy's pussy and made a show of licking them clean. The user number went over 400. MasterJack: Red get on all fours showing ass to camera.

Blue fuck her ass with a dildo. I smiled and read the words to the ladies. While Louise got into position I handed a small white vibrator to Cindy and some lube. She took it and made a show of preparing the vibrator. She first licked it sensually and then slowly put some lube on it and jacked it off. She looked at the screen and winked, although it wasn't easy to see thru the mask.

She turned Louise's ass a little more toward the screen and ran the vibrator slowly up and around her asshole. The users loved it and the comments were really wild now. Cindy then slowly placed the vibrator at Louise's hole and started pushing. It entered easily and Cindy picked up a rhythm with it. She was fucking Louise with it and then turned on the vibration. That caused Louise, who was unaware that it also vibrated, to moan and twitch.

She started moving her hips in time with the fucking and as she approached orgasm, Cindy teased her. She suddenly yanked it from Louise's ass and held it there. Louise looked back over her shoulder and made a show of pointing to her ass and wiggling it, asking for the vibrator to be put back into her ass. Cindy turned and smiled for the camera, before finally turning to Louise and running the vibrator over her ass again.

She finally reinserted it and then reached up with her other hand and started rubbing Louise's clit. It only took a minute of this for Louise to reach orgasm. She put her head down and thrust her hips at Cindy's actions and came hard. Her jerking spasms were impossible to miss and everyone knew she was coming.

I looked at the clock 25 minutes gone and up to 520 users. They were definitely getting an audience. It was then that Jack provided his planned finale. MasterJack: Okay, time for some ass-fucking.

Blue lay on back on couch, head off the cushions and legs over the back. Red - kneel over her. MasterD - feed your cock to Blue to get it ready and then fuck Red's ass… hard! The forum went wild with comments and Cindy lay down, putting her legs over the back of the couch, her head hanging off the front of the cushions.

Louise smiled at me, knowing that with what had gone on so far, not much "preparation" was needed for my dick. It was standing at attention, awaiting this final command. Louise crawled over Cindy and kneeled on the cushions. She bent over and put her head on the top of the couch. The camera now had a view of the two of them and the number of users was holding steady at around 550. I repositioned the video camera and then approached the gorgeous site before me.

Cindy was smiling up at me from under her mask as she ran her hands over the very voluptuous thighs and ass of Louise. Louise was looking over her shoulder at me. I swung my right leg over the coffee table, laptop, camera and the ladies and got into position.

I lowered my cock to Cindy's mouth and she sucked on it greedily. I looked over my shoulder at the computer and could see that everything was being captured. I pulled out of Cindy's mouth and moved up to Louise. I was using her as a support because of my position, so she reached back and pulled her cheeks apart. Cindy guided my dick into her already lubricated ass.

I knew that she had just recently starting having anal sex, but she was easy to penetrate. As soon as I pushed, my cock slipped in past the head. It popped in and I was able to easily start ass-fucking her. Louise groaned, arched her back, and buried her head against the back of the couch. I could also see that she reached down and put a hand into Cindy's cunt. Cindy, meanwhile, was feeling my balls and running her hands over me and Louise's pussy.

I was slowly pumping in and out and I could tell whenever Cindy found Louise's clit because she would moan and jerk slightly at the contact. I looked back over my shoulder again and the view was great on the camera set on the table. It was looking up at the action, just catching some of Cindy's face and had Louise and I on screen up to my lower back. I put my left foot up on the couch, spreading my legs further apart and allowing more of a view of me fucking her. I smiled down at Cindy and she blew me a kiss.

This was wonderful and I was not going to last as long as I thought. I could tell that this was going to be a big orgasm.

My body was starting to react by pulling my balls up tight, my breathing increasing, and my sensitivity becoming acute. Cindy kept running her hands over the copulating genitalia over her head and suddenly I felt Louise seize up, cumming strongly, her body jerking while Cindy finished her off by burying two fingers in her cunt and rubbing her clit.

She moaned and groaned throughout. I looked down at Cindy and she smiled at me again and pulled her fingers to her mouth that had just been in Louise and licked them. I knew she was prodding me mentally… and then she did it physically.

I was getting close and she knew it, so she took one of those fingers and starting running it around my asshole. All my nerve endings were firing and I could feel every movement of her fingertip. She then took that finger and started pushing against my anus as I continued to fuck Louise in the ass. I was starting to shake and the orgasm was coming.

I picked up my pace and Louise groaned loudly. Cindy waited and waited until she knew I was going to cum. She pushed on her finger and shoved it in to the first knuckle just as I was getting there and it felt like I came buckets.

I grabbed tightly onto Louise to keep from falling over as I thrust and spurted several times in her. I thought I was putting a gallon of cum in her, but with all the fucking I had been doing I'm sure that was just an illusion.

Cindy pulled her finger out and I relaxed against Louise's ass. My dick was shrinking up rapidly and I was in a taxing position with one leg on the floor and another on the couch, so I pulled out and backed away. I looked down at the computer and the comments were confirming that that was an extremely hot scene. I then watched as some of my cum started running out of Louise's ass. Cindy stared at it and then looked at the camera.

She pointed up at it and smiled. She then lifted her head and started licking and slurping on Louise's ass. Once again Louise groaned and submitted to Cindy's ministrations. Finally, all three of us spent, Cindy put her head back down and Louise clambered off and sat down on the couch. Cindy crawled out of her position and sat up straight again. They both waved to the camera and even though there were 5 minutes left, I typed a good-bye message and we closed down our broadcast.

As soon as we did, the phone rang. "Hello?" I thought I might know who it was and I was correct. It was Jack. "Out-fucking-standing show, Dennis! I can't believe how fucking hot that was! Put Louise on the phone." "Here, Louise, it's Jack." I handed her the handset. "Hello, honey… uh, Master." Pause. "Yes, I did really enjoy it." Pause. "Thank you, Master. I am at your command." Pause.

"Yes, sir, I loved being fucked in the ass." Pause. "Yes, sir, I loved that you commanded me to have Dennis fuck me in the ass. I will always do as you say." Pause. "I love you, too, Master Jack." She handed the phone back to me.

"He wants to talk to you." "Yes, Jack." "I want you to make sure to get her some strange dick tomorrow.

Make her suck somebody off, take a pic with your phone, and then send it to me." "You sure, Jack?" "Oh, yeah. I'm pushing the limits with Louise and finding that she has none as long as I have commanded it.

She is so into being my slave that I am shocked that it took so long to come out." "Okay, Jack. We'll do that." I looked Louise in the eyes. "I really loved butt-fucking your little whore." Jack chuckled. "I loved it, too. Never thought I'd say that, but then, here we are. Listen, I gotta run. I'm meeting some new sales dweebs and offering my guidance on how to be good at it. Talk more later." "Okay, Jack. Bye." I turned to my slaves. "Okay, ladies. We'll keep it nice on Thanksgiving.

We have some work to do tomorrow, so let's get some rest." We all traipsed upstairs, prepared for bed, and were asleep in no time. Large Thanksgiving dinners and unbridled sex are great for inducing sleep. Black Friday Day Five Friday morning I was awakened by the sounds of slurping and sucking. I rolled over and the two ladies were in a 69, making as much noise as possible, purposefully waking me up.

I stared at them for a second, Louise was on top. I waited until they knew I was awake before taking action. When Louise raised her face from Cindy's pussy and smiled at me, I let them have it.

"Stop!" The both looked up at me. "You slaves are not allowed to play without my permission. Now stop immediately and both of you lay face down on the bed." I crawled out and let them do so. I had the beginnings of an erection, but tried to ignore it. They both lay down and stared at each other.

I had the feeling the way they looked at each other that this was what they wanted and expected. It was a little strange to me, but Cindy had voiced her desire for more spankings and I knew Louise liked them, too, so I decided to give them what they wanted.

Of course, I didn't mind one little bit, either! I had never had a chance to explore this side of myself and I was beginning to enjoy it! I walked over to my closet and pulled out a belt. I knew that this would get their attention. I waved it around and felt its flexibility all a show for them, of course. It worked, too. They stared at it, looking unsure now that they saw what implement I was going to use on them.

I smiled. "Not what you had in mind, eh, my little sluts?" They just stared at me. "I think five swats each should do it for this minor transgression." They continued to stare and when I got into position to spank them with it I could feel the tension in the air.

"Now listen up, you horny cunts. I am going to take turns swatting each of you and when you are hit, you will respond with the count of your swat and thank me for disciplining you, understand?" "Yes, Master." They both murmured it very tentatively. Smack! I hit Louise first with a decent swat, but not real hard. It was still enough to leave a nice red mark and the surprise was probably as shocking as the hit.

"One, Master, thank you!" Smack! Cindy's ass was next. "One, Master, thank you!" Cindy's voice wavered a little. I gave the second and third strokes to each and they were holding up well. When I gave the fourth, I used a little more force and their reaction to it was noticeable.

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They both jerked and moaned and then thanked me for it. I could see the red marks from each smack on their asses. It was glorious and I found that I liked it more than I expected.

I was now sporting an extremely hard dick and I knew that this was not the last time I was going to want to do this. I looked closely at them and they both had tears forming in their eyes, but they held on. I gave them each their final blow and they thanked me. They both seemed to visibly relax after the last one and they both released a smothered sob. I looked at the beautiful red-striped asses in front of me and wanted to fuck them both.

Instead, I went into the bathroom and retrieved some hand lotion and sat next to them. They looked up when they felt the bed depress and I showed them the lotion. "Just lay still and let Master take care of those red asses." They both put their heads back down. I squirted some on Louise's ass and she jerked at the coolness of the lotion on the sore welts, but as I rubbed it around she almost purred.

I ran my hand down onto her pussy to find that she was soaked. I guess she liked it. I then did the same to Cindy and her ass felt wonderful. I love the tight athletic ass of my wife, it was beautiful with the red stripes on it, and I loved rubbing the lotion in. I then ran my fingers down onto her pussy and she was soaked, too.

"I think that spanking turned on my little sluts." There was recognition in their eyes, but they didn't respond. "Since you were bad little girls, I want the two of you to go stand in the far corners of the room, facing the walls, and think about what you did." They stood up and went to the two corners.

They both faced the walls and I stared at the nice bodies with the reddened asses. I ran downstairs and retrieved the camera. I came back up and they had not moved. I took some pictures of them, making sure to get full bodied shots and some close-ups of their asses. I ran downstairs and fired up my computer.

I pulled the SD card out, copied the pictures over and sent a couple of the good ones to Jack. I told him that they required disciplining and I had seen to it. I couldn't wait to see what he had to say about it. I went back upstairs and they were still there. I told them to stay put and took a shower. When I came out, they were still standing there, but I could see that they were getting tired of the standing and were shifting from foot to foot to try to relax.

I left them there a little longer and then told them to sit side by side on the bed. I stood in front of them, my dick not quite hard. "Did you ladies learn your lesson?" They both just nodded and looked at the floor. "You are not allowed to play with my pussies unless I tell you to, got it?" I got murmured responses indicating that they did.

"Today, we are going to have nothing to do with sex until much later. You slaves cannot touch yourselves or me until I say so, except to take a shower and get dressed.

I want you two to dress like ladies, nothing slutty, but it should show off your best assets. Cindy, for you that's your ass, and for Louise, that's your tits." I stepped over and ran my hands over Louise's big tits, pinching the nipples and watching them stand up.

"Yes, they are definitely a great asset." I looked over at the clock. It was approaching 10am. "Now you two get dressed and then we'll have some brunch." When they came down dressed, I took them to the nearby mall and we went to a small café.

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Cindy was wearing a very tight pair of low cut jeans, lower than I even knew she had, and a loose blouse that only came to her waist. This left a couple of inches of skin showing and let her strut along, wiggling that hot fucking ass.

Louise was wearing a knee length dress that was low cut in front. It showed just enough cleavage to be acceptable for a lady, but let everyone know that she had some nice tits. We ate and enjoyed the meal and nothing was said of the week so far or the activities during that time. When we left we went home and I told them to relax for a while. They watched TV while I called an acquaintance, Roger, that I knew had been to a couple of the local adult bookstores and shops.

I found out what I wanted to know and looked up the location. I then checked my email and Jack was ecstatic about the shots of the two red-striped asses that I had sent. Finally, I returned to the den and found that they were watching an old movie. It was approaching 2pm, so I told them we were leaving and to stay in their current dress.

It was about 30 miles to the adult store that I wanted to go to and it took a while to get there. The Black Friday traffic was definitely in full swing at this point. The really, really early risers who went to the stores that were selling items in the latest craze were probably just going home and the other shoppers just starting. In any case, it took us almost an hour to get there. When I pulled up in front, they both looked at me and tried not to smile. I could tell that all the activity of the last few weeks was turning all three of us into perpetually horny and very open individuals.

We entered the store and there were very few people in there. There was one couple browsing the adult films and a guy in one corner looking at something I couldn't see. The person behind the desk was a younger woman, probably in her early twenties, who had enough tattoos and piercings for any three other people.

I started toward the back right where my buddy Roger had told me the viewing booths were. He had told me that there was a glory hole back there, but that it was well covered. It was not used much, but could sometimes be found to be open.

I didn't wonder how he found out.

He was single, 35, and completely immersed in porn. There were four booths back there and I told the ladies to wait. I went up to the front desk and looked again at the cashier. She was kind of hot, but all those piercings were not really my style. In any case, I asked her if the booths were in operation and she said they were. I looked around and leaned a little closer.

"Is there a glory hole in there?" She looked at me for a second and then over at Cindy and Louise. She smiled. "Of course. It's in the last booth on the right and the hole is under a poster on the left hand side. Just lift it off its hanger and the hole will be there. Are you going to put one of your sluts in there?" She said it like she was talking about the latest entertainment news. "Both." She smiled.

"Do you want me to make it known to the customers?" I looked around. "How many are there? "There's the couple over in the movie section, that one gentleman over by the bondage toys and there's a guy in the first booth.

That enough?" I smiled at her. "Yes, it's our first time." She smiled again. "Okay. Good luck. I'll pass the word." She stood up as she finished that and I returned to Cindy and Louise. I led them into the last booth and we removed the poster.

They immediately knew that it was a glory hole. I'm not sure how Cindy knew since we had never discussed this between us, but she knew. We waited for a couple of minutes. I told them the rules. "Okay, there is one glory hole.

Louise, you will be first. I want you to suck the first dick that comes thru that hole. No cum swallowing. When they get ready to shoot, back off and let them cum all over your tits. Make sure you pull your top down before you start." I stuck my head out of the booth and saw the cashier telling the guy who had been in the first booth about the glory hole.

He looked down at me and I gave him the thumbs up. He immediately came to the booth next to ours and entered. He already had a hard on and was probably jacking off to a movie. Icky, but we couldn't be choosy. I pulled back into the booth in time to see a hard dick come thru the hole. Louise and Cindy both looked at it and smiled.

They were both topless already, Cindy having removed her blouse and bra and Louise having dropped the straps on her dress where she had been braless. Louise reached up and jacked it a few times and then leaned forward. As soon as her tongue met the crown the guy groaned and I snapped a pic with my phone. She put her mouth over it and started sucking. I could see her tongue working it over and the guy started thrusting. I took another pic.

I could tell that he had worked himself up so much that Louise's cock-sucking ability was going to make him finish quickly. It was only about two minutes into sucking that we could hear him say that he was going to cum. Louise quickly pulled it out of her mouth and jacked it up against her tits. He came in about three good spurts, but there was not much distance on them and it just dribbled down Louise's tits. I took one last pic of her covered with his cum.

Louise looked up at me as he pulled his dick back and murmured a thank-you. "That was pretty fast!" I nodded and opened the door to see what was going on.

That guy was just leaving and the next single guy, the one who had been reviewing the movies, was entering. The couple was standing behind him waiting and the woman looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and she walked over to me confidently. "You have two women in there ready to suck cock?" "Yep." "I know this is supposed to be a faceless thing, but can I watch?" "Uh. Sure. Do you want to watch your partner get sucked?" "Yeah. I would love that." "Go to booth 2 and wait there.

I'll come down with my wife." Her eyes widened and she grinned. "One of them is your wife?" I grinned. "Yeah. We'll meet you down there." They both turned and headed to the booth. Fortunately, these booths had plenty of room. I stuck my head back into the booth and could see that Cindy was taking position on the floor as the guy prepared to stick his dick thru the hole.

"Louise, take care of the next guy, too. Cindy, come with me." I held out my hand. She took my hand and I started to lead her out. She pulled back. "My top&hellip." I looked at her nice little B-cup tits. "Leave them out, slut." She smiled and looked down. "Yes, sir." I led her down to booth 2 and we entered. The couple was making out and feeling each other up. "Hi." I looked at them more closely.

The guy was about 5'11", maybe 180 pounds and appeared to be in his 30s. He was in good shape. The woman was about 5'9", tall and willowy with small breasts like Cindy, strawberry blonde hair, and was wearing a short skirt and tank top.

She had a great smile and nice lips. I suddenly wanted them wrapped around my dick. I noticed that both of them were staring at Cindy's tits while we said hello.

The woman was named Jenny and the man was Dick. Cindy and I laughed at that. I decided to play a wild card. "Here's the deal. Since you want to see it in person, Cindy will suck Dick and let you watch all the way to him cumming on her tits only if Jenny does the same to me afterwards." They looked to each other and Dick started to say something, but Jenny put her finger to his lips.


"Not a word, Dick. Just drop your pants and get your blowjob.

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Then you can watch me suck this man's dick." She smiled evilly and I could hear Dick murmur "Yes, ma'am." Now this was interesting. Dick dropped his pants and was wearing a pair of pink women's panties. His hard dick was bulging in them and creating a wet spot with his pre-cum.

We hadn't even started yet and he was leaking. Cindy dropped to her knees, yanked down his panties, and grabbed it immediately. Dick moaned. I looked up at Jenny and she smiled. "Dick has not cum in a week. I have forbidden it, so there may be a lot of cum." I smiled. "That's okay. Cindy loves cum on her tits. Right, my little slave?" I reached down and pulled her head up by her hair.

Cindy knew the correct response I was looking for. "Yes, Master." Jenny snickered. "I see you two have a similar arrangement to ours. Dick is my little panty slave.

He loves wearing panties, being dominated by me, and even cleaning out my dirty cunt after I go out and get fucked. Right, baby?" "Yes, Mistress." Dick managed to answer even though Cindy had started licking his cock. Jenny looked back over at me. "Watch this." As soon as Cindy started sucking good, she ran her fingers over his ass. He looked at her; appearing to know what was coming.

Jenny ran her hand down his ass crack and he spread his legs obediently. I could tell that she was probably searching for his asshole and after a few seconds, he jerked and moaned as she found it. She looked at me and winked then started working on his ass. He moaned. Jenny leaned over and whispered in his ear. "You'd better tell us when you are ready to cum." Dick groaned and Cindy kept sucking and Jenny kept thrusting into his ass.

It wasn't long before he murmured that he was going to cum. "Take it out of her mouth and cum on her tits!" Jenny commanded and Dick yanked his dick out of Cindy's mouth. She leaned back as he started jerking on his dick. When it erupted, it was easy to see what Jenny meant. He groaned and would have fallen over if she hadn't held onto him. He must have really been teased all week because he came in hard spurts. The first two overshot Cindy and fell onto the floor. The rest met their mark and covered Cindy's tits pretty well in cum.

"Good boy!" Jenny purred to Dick as she pulled out her finger let him collapse onto the chair. She looked at Cindy. "He covered your little cum slut pretty well. He has been trained to clean up his messes, so if you will allow it, he will lick all his cum off her." While she was talking she was feeding him a finger.

It was obviously the one she had buried in his ass. He was licking it greedily. Wow! She really had this one trained. "Yes, that would be great." I looked at Cindy and I could tell that she would enjoy this as well. Dick dropped to his knees and started licking and cleaning up Cindy's tits and stomach. I could see she was enjoying it and he spent a lot of time ensuring her nipples were especially clean.

It gave me an erection and I was looking forward to Jenny's mouth. Jenny looked at me and smiled. "Okay, bitch, enough. She's clean enough for a cum slut anyway." She turned to me and grinned. "Now about the rest of the deal." She dropped to her knees and started undoing my belt. She pulled out my already hard dick and held it. "Yum! Look, Dick. Now this is a real dick!" She licked my cock and I knew she was just rubbing it in. I have 7" and normal girth. It's nothing to write home about and probably only an inch larger than Dick.

She was definitely into humiliating him. Jenny stopped sucking and looked up at me. "Maybe you're in the mood for something else?" She grinned up at me and I raised my eyebrows. "How about you fuck my ass while Cindy eats my pussy, then when you are ready to cum, you cover my ass with it for Dick and Cindy to clean up?" I laughed and smirked at her. "You are a dangerous one, I can tell. That sounds wonderful." She got up and directed Cindy to lie on the floor. It was a little messy, so she made Dick take off his shirt and lay it down first.

Then she crawled over Cindy and lowered her pussy onto Cindy's face. Cindy had become accomplished at cunnilingus in the last few weeks and Jenny moaned.

Jenny then reached down and yanked up Cindy's dress, baring her shaved pussy. "Oh, no panties, I like that." "Jenny." I interrupted her.

"Please don't let her cum. She's not allowed." "Hmmm. I like you more already." She then told Dick to hand me a condom and I ripped open the package and put it on.

Dick was also ready to hand me some lubricant that he retrieved from Jenny's purse. Interesting couple and I wondered what else was hidden in that purse. I positioned myself at her ass and she leaned over, putting her head on Cindy's crotch.

She reached back and pulled open her cheeks. "C'mon, baby. Make mama scream!" I pushed and easily entered her ass.

It was obvious that she was into anal. I started thrusting and she kept moaning and asking for it harder. I was thrusting strongly and the slap of my thighs on her ass was echoing in the room.

I looked over at Dick and he was watching intently. I looked down at how my dick was so easily sawing in and out of this stranger's ass and I knew I wouldn't last long. I could feel Cindy's tongue passing over her pussy and sucking on her clit as I rode her.

Suddenly she was cumming! She jerked around, cumming strongly and I managed to hold on without coming out of her ass and without succumbing to her anal spasms. I started fucking her again and she turned her head to look at me. "You are doing well, my ass-fucking friend. I may have to party with you again." I thrust against her really hard at that. "Oh, fuck! I love being ass-fucked!" I decided I wanted to cum now.

I started thrusting hard and knew I was close. I pulled out and ripped off the condom. I jerked my cock several times and Jenny turned to look at me. "Aim for my asshole! Cover it with cum!" I could feel the cum boiling and I aimed it for her asshole. I came in several large spurts, all of them covering the area of her ass around her asshole and pussy. It started sliding down and Cindy was licking at her pussy and my dripping cum. Jenny wanted Dick involved, too.

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"Move out of the way for Dick." She turned to Dick. "C'mon, baby. Lick Mistress' ass and make me cum again." Dick dropped behind her as I stood up out of the way and deposited the condom in a trash can in the corner. Dick started lapping at her ass, trying to tongue-fuck her asshole as he cleaned up the cum.

He was also swapping tongues with Cindy as they met in the middle, making Jenny moan with their efforts. "Stick it in my ass, you cum slut!" Jenny yelled at Dick and he did, his face plastered to her ass cheeks as he tried to get his tongue as far in there as possible. Cindy immediately latched onto Jenny's clit, sensing that she was close to another orgasm. She was and she did cum. Her body went thru amazing spasms as she reached her orgasm and it appeared that she really did love anal attention.

She finally collapsed on top of Cindy, gasping for breath. "Oh, shit, that was good." She rested for a second and then stood up. She smoothed out her skirt and looked at Dick. "Get dressed, bitch!" Dick scampered to get his shirt out from under Cindy and I helped her to her feet. She rearranged herself as best she could and Jenny was standing there, waiting for Dick to finish.

She reached into her purse and pulled out a card. It just had her first name and a phone number on there. "Call me if you want to play again and we'll see what we can work out." "I will definitely do so.

You have an amazing ass!" She looked at me for a second. "Yes, I do. Later!" And with that she was out of the booth. Dick followed closely behind and I looked at Cindy.

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"Wow! What was interesting." Cindy smiled. "Yes, it was, but I'm not sure I liked her very much." I thought about it. "Yeah, she was probably a bit much for our tastes." Then I remembered Louise. "Oh, shit! Louise!" We left the booth and headed down to the last one. There were no men in the third booth and the door was open and empty. When we tried to enter the last one the door was locked.

I knocked and called out for Louise. The door opened and Louise was leaning up against it, groaning, barely able to back up to let us in. When we got around her, we could see why. The cashier was on her knees behind Louise, noisily eating her pussy and shoving a finger in her ass. She looked up as we came around Louise. "Just a second, I want to make this bitch cum." She gave Louise another slurp, then pulled back and buried two fingers from the other hand in Louise's cunt while she left one finger from the other hand in her ass.

"Cum for me, you slut. You are a fucking orgasm whore, aren't you? You just love pussy, too, huh? I want you to cum big for me, bitch. C'mon now. You can do it, you little cum slut. Cum for me." The pierced and tattooed cashier kept berating Louise until she loudly came all over the cashier's face. I had wanted her to not cum today, but I was so caught up in this scene that I forgot about it. When she did cum, she did so loudly and her knees shook and finally gave out.

She collapsed to the floor and the cashier smiled up at us. "This one is fun." She gave Louise a little smack on the ass, stood up, and looked down at Louise. "Thanks, slut." She turned to us and we could see her face covered in Louise's juices. She leaned over and kissed Cindy. "I bet you like to eat pussy, too, huh?" Cindy nodded her head. The cashier moved around us to the door.

"Let me know if you want to come back. Ciao!" And then she was gone. Cindy and I helped Louise back up and got her dressed. She was still in a fog. Finally, we were presentable and we left the booth. We headed for the door and the cashier came over and handed me a card with her phone number on it. I took it, thanked her, and we left. I was not sure we would ever call either of these women.

We returned home and I told the ladies to take a nap. I wanted them rested for the evening. I had big plans for that night and it was already almost 7pm. I wanted to play late into the night, especially with Jackie coming over.