Assim eu posso gostar de futibol

Assim eu posso gostar de futibol
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I wrote this story a while ago, before I discovered this site. I hope you guys like it. Oh, this is my first story here, so constructive criticism would be appreciated.

I sure hope u like it. ************************************************* He walked into the room like a conquering hero, standing over the threshold like Adonis in his glory days. He looked so sexy, so wondrous, that he looked almost good enough to eat. Fisayo couldn't stop looking at him, couldn't tear her eyes away from the glistening sweat that gave him an ethereal sheen in the dim candle lit room. 'Oh James', she whispered under her breath. Just the mere sight of him sent tingling sensations up her spine, she wanted him so badly, and she was beginning to ache.

She reached for him, and a slow smile crept across his face, it was obvious he liked her state of yearn. 'O baby, come here please', she begged. His slow smile slowly turned into a lazy grin, he had her wrapped carefully around his little finger and they both knew that.

She was slowly becoming a slave to her desires, desires that he and he alone could stir from the depths of her soul and it only served to make him more desirable. He walked over to the young and nubile beauty that laid spread-eagle before him; silk scarves bind her hands to the bed post.

'What are you going to do to me?' she asks, but she already knows, she already knows that before the session would be over, she would have achieved orgasmic bliss over six times. She shivered in half fear, half anticipation as he reached over her to place the night mask over her eyes. He loved making her squirm; she loved the way he made her squirm. 'Baby', she moaned into his ear as she felt his hot breath pass over her lips, she tried to reach for him but she didn't think he would appreciate her forwardness, so she stayed still.

Feather light kisses trail her cheeks, neck, and shoulder. She stifled her moans as well as she could, he didn't like her moaning loudly, at least not until he was deep inside her. 'Baby', the endearment barely made it past her lips before he sealed her lips with a firm kiss.

A firm kiss that slowly got more passionate and more forceful. Not that she was resisting, he just wanted to bruise her tender lips, to leave her worn just after a kiss and he was getting the desired effect. She pulled against her binds to no avail, she wanted to wrap herself around his body, wanted to feel every contour on his well chiselled torso but she couldn't so she returned his kiss with as much vigour as she could hoping to draw a moan out of him.

She failed.

The kiss ended almost as abruptly as it began. She could feel the bed shift under his weight, she knew what was to happen next and she knew she would love every second of it. His tongue set a fiery trail upon her swollen nipple, somehow the sweet heat of his tongue was able to coax her nipple to swell some more, and it swelled till it hurt and when it seemed it couldn't swell anymore, he took most of her smallish mammary mound in his mouth and he sucked on it.

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Her moan was testament to the pleasure that he was precariously meting out, he really knew his way around the female anatomy. He took her other breast in his hand and kneaded it, carefully avoiding her nipple till it begged; nay; screamed for his touch.

And touch it he did. He flicked the yearning nipple deftly with his heated tongue, feeling her squirm endlessly under his weight. He loved making her squirm, he thought with a smile. She started grinding her hips against his crotch, hoping to urge the nerves that were coiling slowly in the pits of her stomach to coil faster.

He understood the message and he offered a little help. Her nipples that, hitherto, had all his attention were now left to the devices of the cool air that emanated from the air condition system.


His attentions were slowly moving elsewhere. Her moans were a long sigh of molten air as his tongue painted an indelible track of heated passion from her breasts to her love mound. His tongue, impossibly fast, flicked over her love button, drawing a guttural squeal from his young lover. He was going to enjoy tormenting her, he thought to himself as he passed his tongue over her canal. She shook with pleasure. She could feel herself slowly making it to the cliff from which the only escape was orgasmic bliss.

She was close, he could feel it. He could feel it in the way she arched her back into his face, in the way she shook in tandem with the rhythm of his tongue.

He kissed and licked and flicked over her love button, he kept at it until she was at the precipice of gratification and then he stopped. 'OH!' she screamed her frustration. Time and time again, he brought her within reach of the bliss that she most craved and then he stopped, leaving her hungrier for the bliss that he most skilfully denied her.


'Baby please, stop teasing. You're killing me'. She could almost hear him smile, she knew he would keep frustrating her until she begged, and even then, he would draw it out till he felt she'd suffered enough. He kept her orgasm at bay so skilfully, he was good at it. She was getting desperate.

She tried pressing her thighs together, tried flexing her PC muscles, her goal: to end her torment sooner than her task master wished to drag it.

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He, on the other hand, was having none of that. A tight slap to the inner thigh broke the concentration that was needed to bring her the sexual gratification she longed for. 'Oh James', she begged, 'please James let me cum'. Her love juices were a continuous flow of demented pleasure.

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She soaked the sheets under her and he was sure that the mattress was soaked as well, it only spurred him on. 'PLEEEEEEAAASE! James, you're killing me' she cried in pleasurable frustration, 'I. I can't take any. anymore'. Tears were soaking the night mask that rendered her blind, she was sobbing continually.

She had suffered enough. He snaked a finger into her overly lubricated love canal, a canal that was craving to be filled with something much bigger but his finger would have to do, for now.

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He pushed it in till it reached her favoured spot, and then he massaged against her soft walls, eliciting yet more lubrication. He covered her love button with his lips and sucked on it like a babe against its mother's breast. She wanted sexual release, and he was duty and honour bound to give it to her.

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Having been on the edge of a cliff that is the climax of his ministrations, her release was not the soft tumble into a slow and satisfying orgasm. No, it was a violent eruption of orgasmic juices that proved to be nerve wracking, stroke inducing and to plainly put it, out of this world.

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Her moan was one long silent scream that filled the room even in its silence. The only other indication of her orgasm was the nigh epileptic seizures that took over her pubescent body, leaving her as breathless as she was speechless.


She loved him, with all her heart and she wanted to show him just how much. 'I love you', she whispered her appreciation as he took off her night mask.

She noticed that he was covered in a sweet mixture of sweat and her juices, 'I love you baby'. 'I know baby', he said as he dipped his head to kiss her lips. She loved the taste of her on his lips, she just loved to kiss him, and he knew that. 'Make love to me James', she pleaded, he agreed. Her arms, finally loose of their binds, went around him, she hugged him close to her. And then it all went weird. He shook her a little roughly and said in a rather motherly voice; 'Fisayo, wake up, you'll be late for school'.

*** 'Fisayo, you forgot your textbook', her mother called from the door.

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'Oh mummy, bro. James is waiting for me now'. She hurried back to her mother, a mother who couldn't stop beaming smiles at her daughter who was beginning a new chapter of her life; her little baby now a secondary school student. She kissed her daughter on the head, 'be careful out there, ok?' 'Yes mum', she replied hugging her mother briefly before hurrying to the Toyota corolla circa 2005 that had within its bowels her classmate Andrew and his elder brother, the man of her dreams, James.