Footworshiped beauty gets her toes jizzed on

Footworshiped beauty gets her toes jizzed on
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Chapter 13: Ellen Duffy's Demise Less than 50 miles away from where Hannah was suffering, inside a tavern also owned by the Outlaws, another whore was having a miserable night of her own.

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Ellen Duffy, the incredibly hot redhead and Miss Washington contestant, was on her back with her legs spread while a fat, greasy Mexican fucked her pussy raw. He was the fourth Mexican in the past 20 minutes to fuck the young redhead, and he was in a state of euphoria as he pounded into Ellen like a savage. "So boys, we got a deal?" Heath, one of the longest tenured Outlaws, asked a trio of dirty wetbacks, while their friend pumped his cock in and out of Ellen's abused pussy.

"You say fifty grand?" One of the men asked back in thick Hispanic accent. "That's right, $50K," Heath replied. "And she's all yours. You can take her with you once your buddy finishes his business." "Okay, deal chico," the Mexican agreed after a little bit of thought. "Wonderful, you won't regret it, that bitch was Miss Washington last year," Heath stated, partially lying since Ellen had actually been 2nd runner up.

"Hector, bantha aki!" The Mexican called out to his fat friend who was raping Ellen. "No!!! Noooooooooooo!!" The redhead shrieked, flailing her legs as the ugly slob sank his cock deep into her vagina and began dumping his sperm inside her. Carlos, the Mexican who'd been negotiating with the Outlaw, motioned one of his dirty friends over.

The man came and produced a large duffle bag full of money. He pulled out several fat stacks of cash and handed them over to the biker.

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The man on top of Ellen, meanwhile, was running his tongue all over her face while he milked every last drop of his cum inside her pussy. "Okay boys you're good to go!" The Outlaw proclaimed, rising to his feet after he finished counting the cash. "A real pleasure doing business with you." "You too ese," Carlos replied, shaking the biker's hand. "Maybe we be back soon, if you guys wanna sell some more American bitches." "Absolutely, I'll let ya'll know if we do," the Outlaw agreed.

"We're always snatching up whores. We got an Asian one kinda recently, but she's not for sale. We've been having a lot of fun with her." "No problem chico," the Mexican said.

"We see you soon, hopefully." "Good news whore," the Outlaw stated, as he stood over Ellen and smiled down at her. "You get to finally leave this place. You belong to these guys now. I'm sure you'll they'll take real good care of you. I don't think your duties will change much, I'm guessing they're gonna keep you on a bed 24/7 in some brothel, while you rake in that cash for them.

Make sure you behave down there, I don't think they're too kind to American whores." "No!!! Please!! Don't—don't do this!!

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Please just let me go home!!!" The redhead cried, squirming around in denial as the fat wetback slowly pulled his cock out of her. Two of the four Mexicans instantly grabbed Ellen's arms and pulled her to her feet. They then hauled the kicking and screaming girl out of the Outlaws' tavern. Ellen continued to resist as she was forced into the back cabin of an old pickup truck. It was very spacious and there was a grimy mattress lying inside it.

Once the men holding her climbed in also, the other pair slammed the trunk closed and hopped inside the front seats.

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"Noooooooo!! Leave me alone!!!" The redhead screamed, as the disgusting Mexicans pinned her on her back atop the mattress. Both of the men had already raped her within the past half hour, yet they were already ready for another round with the American slut.

Ellen continued to screech and resist as one of the men pinned her hands down while the other stripped his pants and forced himself between her legs. Within seconds he had his cock buried inside her snatch and began fucking the squealing redhead brutally. The ride lasted for about an hour, and the gang of spics all fucked Miss Washington once or twice.

After about 30 minutes, the two in the front pulled the truck over and switched places with their friends so that they could have their fun with the girl. Ellen fought and resisted the entire time as one Mexican after another drained his seed inside her asshole or vagina. When they finally arrived at their destination, the redhead was totally despondent as she felt the trails of disgusting sperm oozing out of her holes. "Please, where am I? Please just let me go!" Ellen begged, as the four ugly Mexicans pulled her out of the truck.

It was very early in the morning and still dark outside. The air was hot and dry and Ellen immediately knew she was in a very shanty town by the offensive smell of trash and other filth. She was in the parking lot of what appeared to be a large housing complex. She tried to take in her surroundings but the men quickly pulled her into the building. They passed through a couple of hallways and sets of stairs, walking by numerous rooms on the way. Every once in awhile Ellen heard the sounds of weeping or screaming from behind the closed doors, and she shuddered as she realized she was in a brothel.

Finally, the men stopped at one of the empty units and opened the door. "No!! Let me go!! Leave me alone!!!" Ellen shrieked, struggling in fear as the men dragged her toward a small, grimy bed.

There were a pair of handcuffs attached to the upper bedposts and the men quickly locked Ellen's wrists into them. Next they pulled her thighs wide apart until they were perpendicular to her body before tying them to the steel bed-frame. Ellen could feel her cheeks growing warm as the four men all stared and commented in Spanish on her defenseless vagina. She felt even more nervous for some reason as her kidnappers then exited the room.

After a couple of hours of waiting, the redhead finally fell asleep from total exhaustion. She instantly awoke when she heard the door rattle open a few hours later. Ellen whined in fear as a lanky Mexican with many tattoos entered the room. His eyes were full of lust as he stared back and forth between the redhead's helpless vagina and her abused tits.

"No, please," Ellen begged, as the man rapidly removed his shorts and underwear. Ellen wriggled around on the mattress as the john said something in Spanish before he climbed on top of her and rammed his dick into her pussy. The young redhead squealed in pain and revulsion as the dirty wetback started fucking her hard. Fortunately, it only took him a couple of minutes to climax, at which point he gladly dumped his load inside Ellen's snatch. Unfortunately for the redhead, once he was gone, another filthy Mexican immediately took his place and was grinding his own cock inside the 21-year-old.

As the hours passed by, Ellen began growing more and more insane as a never-ending line of disgusting Mexicans came and fucked her. It wasn't that she was unaccustomed to having a train ran through her.

Having been a slave to the Devil's Outlaws for more than half a year, she'd spent many nights pleasuring dozens and dozens of men. In fact, less than a week ago, after having failed to make her quota of $5,000 and getting a horrendous beating, she'd spent the next day at McHale's. Like the place which Hannah was confined, McHale's was a tavern. However, it was situated next to several mining plants and industrial/construction factories, and every single day hundreds of nearby workers stopped by the bar during and after their shifts.

The bikers had left Ellen at McHale's for three whole days, and she'd been fucked by close to 200 johns each day. They'd kept the redhead in a small, windowless room and constantly sent in 3-4 men to gangbang her.

She'd gotten less than 10 total hours of sleep during her stay at McHale's, and had spent literally almost 20 hours per day getting raped. It was truly a miracle that Ellen had survived one day at the tavern, let alone all three. As terrible as her time at McHale's had been, being tied down to a mattress in some Mexican brothel and getting raped by repugnant spics was worse.

Perhaps it was because Ellen realized how bleak her nightmare was now. Although her time with the bikers was awful, there was something about being in the United States that gave her a glimmer of hope. Here, however, she knew that there was no chance for her now.


She was just another one of the thousands of girls who got caught in the net of sex trafficking every year in Mexico, and she was going to die here with her family and friends completely unaware of it. After about five hours, but what felt like much longer for Ellen, she was finally granted a break from the rapes. It was almost noon, and she'd been fucked by over 40 Mexicans since morning.

Her rapists had been a mixture of johns as well as members of the gang that had purchased her. Each customer had paid the equivalent of just $10 to use her, which was actually quite a bit of money for the citizens of the rundown town she was in.

"Please stop this! I'm—I can't take anymore!! Please no more men!!" Ellen cried, as another evil Mexican came into the room and grinned down at the redhead. "Calm down puta," the man replied, as he walked over to a cabinet and pulled a jar of lubricant from it. "You relax now little bit. I get you ready for show." Ellen recognized the man as one of the beaners who'd bought her from the Outlaws.

He was the one who'd negotiated her sale. She trembled as the man smeared the jelly all over his right hand while he approached her. After coating all of his fingers with the slick substance, he brutally jammed every one of his fingers except for the thumb into Miss Washington's aching vagina.

"Ooooowwwww!! Stop!!!" Ellen wailed, squirming around uncomfortably as the ugly spic probed his fingers around inside her pussy and coated the orifice with lube. "No!! What're you doing?! No!!! Don't!!!" The redhead shrieked, thrashing around in dismay as the Mexican closed his hand into a fist before slowly cramming it into her cunt.

"AAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!" Ellen screamed, as her vagina was forced open wider than ever before. "Oh yes bitch! You like, yeah???" The ruthless spic laughed, as he plunged his entire fist into the redhead's pussy. "PLEASE IT HURTS!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!" Ellen screamed, yanking at her bonds as the Mexican began pumping his fist in and out of her battered sex. Ellen thought she would die as the man viciously fisted her pussy for several minutes. He clearly seemed to enjoy it, too, as he mocked her in English and Spanish the entire time.

Finally, when he no longer had the arm-strength to continue, he yanked his hand from the redhead's horribly gaping vagina. Ellen was sobbing in agony as the wetback rubbed a mixture of lube and her blood and cunt juice onto her thigh. He then left the room only to return a few minutes later with two other men, who together untied Ellen from the mattress and dragged the crying redhead out of the room.

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Ellen was groaning in pain and exhaustion as the strong Mexicans practically carried her through the hallway. They went down a couple of sets of stairs until they reached the ground level of the building, at which point the beautiful redhead was led through another long and winding corridor. Eventually it led to a set of doors, and when she passed through them Ellen was taken aback by the sudden eruption of cheers.

She was now inside a huge garage, which had probably been a car repair shop once, but now was nearly empty. Ellen looked around and the first thing she noticed was the vast number of Mexican men inside the area. There were easily 100 or more of them, and they were all packed together around an area in the middle of the garage.

Ellen felt the bumps of fear on her skin as the two Mexicans beside her pulled her toward the center of the room. All of the other dirty men were staring at her in stunned disbelief, as if they had never seen an American girl before. Ellen could not even stand to look them in the eyes, although she was almost certain some of them had fucked her just hours earlier.

As the circle of rowdy Mexicans parted to allow the guards through, Ellen felt her heart skip as she saw what was in the middle of the room. There was a wooden stockade very similar to the one the Outlaws had forced Hannah into the day she'd fucked every member of the gang, except this one also had an adjustable bench beside it which could be used to raise or lower the ass of whomever was going inside the cruel device.

The two pieces of furniture were set in the middle of a small field of hay that was fenced off. The two men holding Ellen marched her through the fence doors and proceeded to bend her over the bench before clamping her neck and wrists into the small holes of the stocks.

"No!! Please no!! Please!!" The redhead pleaded, resisting feebly as she was secured in place. Ellen was already starting to cry again as she closed her eyes and waited for the first man to enter the enclosure and rape her. She felt so helpless, with her head and hands locked down and her ass propped up for anyone to use.

She was puzzled as a couple of minutes passed and nobody came forward to fuck her. Then she heard a noise that nearly gave her a heart attack—the grunting of a donkey and the smacking of its hooves against the cold cement floor. "Oh my God," Ellen whispered, as she began shaking in fear. "No, please no, please God." The raucous cheering of the spectators, however, pretty much confirmed what Ellen was afraid of.

The redhead's expression was blank, as if she refused to comprehend what was about to happen to her. As she heard the donkey's steps grow louder and louder behind her, the former beauty pageant contestant began weeping as she shook her head side to side. "Noooooooooooooo!!!" Ellen shouted, wriggling around inside the wooden machine once she heard the fence door open and the donkey and two Mexican men enter through it.

Ellen looked up and saw the excitement written all over the many men's faces standing in front of her. She screamed in terror as one of the wetbacks behind her adjusted the bench underneath her waist to an appropriate level. The donkey behind her, although she could not see it, was fairly large. It stood about 6-feet tall and weighed close to 700 lbs. Its penis—which the other Mexican was stroking—was not even fully erect yet already more than a foot long.

By the time the man was finished, the shaft was more than 18" long and about 3" thick. The Mexican attached a plastic ring about halfway down around the massive organ, so that it would only be able to bury about 10" of its cock inside the American whore.

"Uuuuuaaaaagggghhhh!! Noooooooooo!!!" Ellen screamed, kicking her legs back as soon as she felt the giant head of the donkey's penis against her sex. One of the men quickly snared the redhead's ankles and held them firmly against the bench. The other Mexican, meanwhile, held the zealous donkey's cock still and guided it into Ellen's open cunt. Ellen screamed in pain and disgust as she felt the beast's penis slowly stretch her pussy wide while it penetrated into her. The animal was growling in pleasure as it rammed forward and sank a good 6" of its dick into the Miss Washington wannabe.

"AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!" Ellen screeched, nearly ripping her hands free from the stocks as the donkey began bucking forward and quickly buried as much of its cock inside her twat as the ring allowed. Ellen's eyes were bulging in shock and she momentarily forgot to breathe. No words could describe the revolting and excruciating feeling she had at the moment. Her pussy was stretched wider than it had ever been before, with the exception of when she'd gotten fisted just moments earlier.

However, with roughly 10" of the donkey's rod buried inside her, the redhead literally felt like her cunt was about to rip permanently in half.

Even having Big Joe's mammoth dick stuffed inside her pussy was not comparable to this. She felt like her intestines, stomach, liver, and other organs had all been shoved to the side in order to make room for the donkey's penis.

"NOOOOOOOO!!! AAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!" Ellen wailed, as the beast let out a roar and began pumping its cock back and forth inside her vagina.

Ellen's mind was so overwhelmed with pain that she could not even hear the hundred plus men all around her screaming in delight. The size of the donkey's cock coupled with how fast it was fucking her resulted in the most searing pain she'd ever felt in her life.

Even with the copious amount of lube the Mexican had spread all around and inside her pussy, her sex still burned so terribly each time the awful beast rammed into her. In addition to the excruciating pain, Ellen could feel how hot her cheeks were as she thought about the fact that a donkey was actually fucking her. "PLEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSE!!!" The redhead squealed, tears cascading down her freckled cheeks as the friction of the animal's cock against her pussy became unbearable.

The beast fucked Ellen wildly for over five minutes, bellowing in delight the entire time. Ellen, meanwhile, continued to trash around as much as she could, despite the fact that it got her nowhere. Finally, the donkey yelled in triumph as a massive stream of cum exploded from its cock and quickly began flooding the redhead's womb. Ellen screamed in absolute horror and disbelief as she felt the warm, disgusting juice gushing deep inside her pussy. "Nooooooooooo!!

Get it out of me!! Please!!!" Miss Washington begged. After the donkey had calmed down and it was clear it had emptied its considerable load of jizz inside the devastated redhead, the two handlers led it back out of the mating area.

Ellen was sobbing uncontrollably as she tried to recover—both physically and emotionally—from what had just happened. The men in front of her all moved around toward the girl's rear to inspect the damage done to her vagina. Ellen could hear many of them laughing and gasping as they commented in Spanish about her horrendously gaping pussy.

The orifice was stretched nearly 2" wide and was twitching as it struggled to contract. Meanwhile, the donkey's jism was already starting to flow from it like a waterfall. Ellen was still crying as one of the wetbacks entered the fenced off area and began shouting something to the packed crowd. She had no idea what he was saying, but as the men all around her erupted into cheers, Ellen knew she was in for more torture.

She felt the fear in her heart as more than 20 of the Mexicans quickly formed a jagged line in front of her. Meanwhile, she could also hear many more of them fussing with one another as they gathered around behind her. "No!!" The redhead cried, as one of her captors signaled the first man in line forward.

He was an old man, probably in his 50s or 60s, and his clothes looked like they hadn't been washed ever. Nevertheless, the man reached into his pocket and pulled out 25 pesos (or about $2) before handing the cash to the guard, who in turn allowed him to continue forward.

Ellen screamed in fear as the john quickly unzipped his pants and pulled his stiffening cock out. She expected him to put the head of it against her mouth, and was consequently shocked when he aimed it forward and unleashed a heavy stream of urine right on her face.

"Ahhhhh si," the chubby spic groaned, smiling proudly while he emptied his bladder all over the young American's face. Ellen was too busy closing her eyes and holding her breath to notice the john behind her grab hold of her hips. He'd paid the other guard 150 pesos (~$12) for the privilege to stick his cock up Miss Washington's beautiful round ass. His pants and underwear were around his ankles as he slapped Ellen's ass several times before lining his dirty cock up against her anus.

"Noooooooooo!!!" Ellen wailed, shaking her hips as the man drove his dick deep into her sphincter. The cheers of the horny men all around the redhead were deafening, and Ellen could barely hear herself crying.

Her asshole burned so badly as the wetback behind her slammed into it as hard as he could. Ever since the Devil's Outlaws had taken her roughly six months ago, she'd been anally raped literally over a thousand times. Big Joe himself had fucked her ass almost 100 times, and had permanently stretched her anus out badly. "Siguiente!" The guard next to Ellen's head shouted, motioning the next customer forward once the first was finished urinating all over the redhead's face. "Nooooooo!" Ellen sobbed, as the man paid his 25 pesos and anxiously pulled out his cock.

"Abra la broca puta!" The ugly spic commanded, giving Ellen a rough smack. "He say open your mouth bitch!" The foreman shouted, smiling at the 21-year-old redhead while he counted the cash in his hand. "No!!" Ellen responded in defiance, grimacing in pain as the john behind her continued to batter her asshole. The big wetback repeated his order while giving Ellen another ferocious slap across her cheek. Ellen stared down at the hay on the floor and began crying in total misery, while also grunting from the rough anal rape.

She heard the Mexican in front of her command her once more to open her mouth, yet she could not bring herself to do it. Finally, after two more vicious, burning slaps, the redhead gave in.

"Okay!! Please stop hitting me!!" Ellen cried, lifting her head up and spreading her jaws wide for the man. The john quickly grabbed Ellen's hair with one hand and held her head still while he used his other hand to aim his penis at the redhead's face.

Ellen shut her eyes and frowned in disgust as the man immediately unleashed a powerful river of piss directly into her mouth. As he proceeded to relieve himself, meanwhile the huge crowd of lustful spectators bellowed in delight as the other man sank his entire cock inside Miss Washington's ass and began ejaculating into her bowels. It took the john in front of Ellen about 20 more seconds until he was finished, after which he gave the American one more slap before walking away with a laugh.

He was immediately replaced by another foul Mexican. "Pleeeeaaaaaassssssee!!!" Ellen screamed, as she felt another pair of hands on her waist only seconds after the first wetback had pulled out of her ass.

The redhead was crying so hard now as two more Mexicans used her for the most degrading purposes. It was amazing to think that just a year ago, Ellen was living a wonderfully splendid life for a 21-year-old.

She'd been attending a nice college, competing in pageants, doing modeling work, living in a fancy lakeside home, and spending so many evenings and weekends pampering herself with massages, manicures, and expensive shopping trips with her friends. Now here she was, completely naked and bent over with her hands and neck locked inside a wooden stockade while two filthy Mexicans pissed on her face and fucked her in the ass. Even Ellen's mother and father, who by now were starting to come to terms with the idea that their daughter was gone forever, would be utterly shocked if they saw what had truly become of their little princess.

Ellen's ordeal did not stop until every single Mexican inside the garage fucked her ass or pissed on her beautiful face. Those with enough money to spare, which was only about a dozen of the 110 or so men, chose to do both.

By the time Ellen's new owners finally untied her from the stocks the redhead had been sodomized over 70 times and pissed on nearly the same amount. She was weeping miserably and was so exhausted that she had to be held up by two men once she was out of her bonds. The entire nightmare had lasted nearly four hours, although it felt like far longer for Miss Washington. "Please, please let me go," Ellen implored her captors, as they dragged her back into her room and tied her to the bed.

They left the redhead alone for a couple of hours. During that time Ellen was wide awake as she lay bound to the stinky mattress inside the humid room.

She cried softly practically the entire time, constantly pulling at the ropes around her wrists and ankles to test them. Eventually she heard the door unlock and immediately was filled with fear.


"Here, this comida for you," said Diego, the man who'd bargained with the Outlaws for the redhead. Diego motioned for two of his friends to unlock Ellen after which he gave her a tray with two slices of bread and a glass of water. Despite her empty stomach and parched throat, Ellen was in no mood to accept any offerings from the men. However, after countless beatings she'd received at the hands of the Outlaws when she'd refused to take their food, she was wary of rejecting the meal.

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She grabbed the tray and took a couple of bites from the bread along with some gulps of water. "Okay chica, let's go, more fun time for you," Diego declared, as soon as Ellen had finished the small meal. "What? No, wait, please," Ellen stammered, struggling as the two other Mexicans took hold of her arms. "No!! Please stop!! Please!!" Despite her resistance, the strong men hauled Ellen to her feet and out of her room.

She screamed and begged the entire way as the guards lugged her back to the ground floor and into the garage where she'd been horrendously abused just hours earlier.

Ellen could not believe it as she was met with the same wild greeting the instant she entered the area. It truly was a feeling of awful déjà vu, as the huge lot was once again filled with countless anxious, disgusting Mexicans.

This time, however, there seemed to be at least twice the number there had been earlier in the day. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Ellen screeched, thrashing about frantically as soon as the Mexicans holding her began dragging her toward the wooden stocks.

It took the muscular men a moment to bend the American over the bench and get her neck and wrists locked into the medieval device. When they did, Ellen emitted a squeal of absolute terror. She could not stand the idea of another 4-hour anal and golden shower session. She assumed she would at least be spared from getting used by another donkey, as she could not imagine these men would put her through something like that again. Thus, when she heard the unmistakable grunting of the farm animal, Ellen's heart nearly exploded in horror.

"Oh my God!!! Are you fucking kidding me?!" The redhead shrieked, twisting around in horror as she heard the donkey approaching closer. "No please!!! Don't do—don't do this to me!! Pleeeeeaaaaaassssse!!!" Ellen begged, kicking her leg back as she heard the animal right behind her. "Noooooooo!! Let go of me you fucking bastard!!!" Miss Washington screamed, as a pair of hands held her feet still while another Mexican began smearing lubricant around her loose vagina.

In less than a minute Ellen gasped in fear as she felt the tip of the donkey's penis rub forcefully against her pussy. She could not see it, but the beast was even larger than the one who'd fucked her earlier in the day.

It was also much more spirited, and one of the Mexicans was barely able to fit the ring around its shaft. Once again the man attached it around the middle, so that no more than 9-10" of the donkey's cock would be able to squeeze inside Ellen's twat. "Owww!! No!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" The redhead wailed, as the beast suddenly lurched forward and slammed nearly half its dick into her.

Ellen screamed in despair and terror at the completely sickening sensation of the donkey's penis inside her. Her head was spinning and hurt from the deafening cheer of the countless spectators around her. As she felt the animal's huge penis throbbing inside of her the redhead finally lost it and vomited all over the floor beneath her. She heaved and sobbed and screamed in misery as the donkey continued bulldozing her sloppy pussy with its cock.

About five minutes passed by as the wild beast happily battered Miss Washington's once-treasured vagina. After squealing and weeping for the first couple of minutes, the redhead eventually succumbed to the donkey's lust. She was in a state of shock as the animal thoroughly and brutally plowed her vagina. By the time it shouted in pleasure and blew its load inside of her, Ellen barely even reacted.

The crowd of men, however, exploded in euphoria as they watched the crazed donkey spasm in ecstasy. "God get it out of me!!!" Ellen screamed, finally showing some emotion again as the creature emptied its balls inside her cunt.

Her captors simply laughed as they watched the American squirming around in disgust. Once the donkey had finally settled down, a few of the men helped ease its cock out of the redhead before guiding it back to its stable. Ellen's pussy once again was as wide open as a chasm, and looked like someone had spent hours fisting it. Meanwhile, the leader of the gang was already shouting at the crowd to come forward and form a line in front of and behind the bound 21-year-old.

Ellen was gripped with fear as a swarm of disgusting wetbacks bunched around in front of her. She could hear one of her owners explaining something to them, while another one did the same behind her. "Hey!" The muscular man shouted, slapping Ellen's face hard.

"You suck dick good, yeah? You behave, suck dick good, or mucho pain for you." The despicable Mexican then turned to the first john in line and motioned him forward. Ellen gasped as the customer paid his fee and quickly stepped in front of her and pushed his shorts and underwear to the floor.

He grabbed the girl's long red hair and jabbed his prick against her lips. Despite the man's orders, Ellen kept her mouth closed and refused to service him. "AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!" The redhead suddenly shrieked, as an absolutely horrendous pain ripped through her entire body.

Ellen felt her heart seize and every fiber of her being felt like it was on fire. As one of the Mexican gang members stepped in front of her she immediately knew why. The sadistic beaner was grinning as he held a very menacing cattle prod in his hand.

He pressed the trigger and the instrument buzzed terrifyingly to life, a blue sparkle of electricity at the end of it. "You suck dick now?!" The man asked, bringing the prod to within inches of Ellen's face.

"Yes!! Yes I will!!!" Miss Washington shouted back instantly. The Mexican smiled and lowered the torture device, then motioned for his fellow countryman to continue. This time when he jabbed forward with his cock the 21-year-old American had her mouth wide open and waiting.

Ellen whimpered as the filthy john stabbed all 6" of his cock inside her mouth and throat, then grabbed her head with his hands and began bashing her face with his dick. "Aaauuuggghhhhhh!!" The redhead squealed, wriggling around in her bonds as she felt a second cock plunge into her asshole. The throng of Mexicans surrounding Ellen once again began roaring in excitement as they watched the former beauty pageant contestant get brutally double penetrated.

Ellen moaned in pain as the two grimy laborers brutally raped her. The one in front of her jerked her head very hard against his cock for about a minute then turned and said something to the man with the cattle prod. "AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!" Ellen screamed once more, as another high current voltage of electricity coursed through her sweaty body.

"Please stop that!!! Wh—why did you do that?!" Miss Washington demanded through her tears. "You no suck dick is why!!" Ellen's boss shouted back, before pressing the tip of the device against her hanging breast and pushing the trigger again.

"AAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!" The redhead screeched, thrashing about so violently that the wooden stocks holding her trembled and shook. "PLEEEAAAASSSSE!!! PLEASE JUST STOP!! I'LL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT I SWEAR!!!" Ellen begged. "You suck dick good!! Okay puta?!?" The ugly spic commanded, grabbing a handful of Ellen's hair and bringing his face to within an inch of the American's.

"Yes okay!!! I'll suck it good I promise!!" Miss Washington blubbered back, seemingly oblivious to the guy fucking her ass behind her.

The john in front of her once again grabbed her head and drove his dick inside her mouth. Ellen immediately wrapped her lips around the nasty cock and pumped her mouth up and down it. She skillfully used her tongue to caress and massage the Mexican penis while she continued to suck it like a veteran hooker.

She could tell how much the man appreciated her efforts, as he began groaning in complete joy. In less than two minutes his groans grew more animated, followed shortly by a sudden burst of cum inside the redhead's mouth. "Mmmmgggghhhhh!!" Ellen moaned, her eyes closed and a look of hatred on her face as the john kept her lips around his cock and drained his load between her jaws.

When he was finished the wetback stepped back and raised his arms in the air valiantly, causing the hundreds of other male spectators to bellow their approval. Ellen immediately spewed the man's sperm onto the floor, and the crowd cheered even louder as they watched the sticky lines of cum hanging from the American's lips.

"Nooooooo," the redhead sobbed, shaking her head as another Mexican stood before her with his erect cock pointed straight at her face. Ellen saw her owner holding the cattle prod from the corner of her eye, and the sight of the instrument quickly stamped out any stubbornness she had. As soon as the customer sank his dick into her mouth she began sucking it with the same passion and expertise as she did the previous one. Meanwhile, the john fucking her ass gave one final thrust into her anus before he started emptying his load of sperm inside Miss Washington.

"Aaaauuuggghhhhh!!" Ellen wailed, stopping her blowjob for a second as another stiff penis rammed into her asshole just seconds after the first one was removed. Ellen continued to wail in pain as this new john was much rougher and bigger than the other. He was growling like an ogre as he held the redhead's round hips in his hands and pounded her sphincter. Fortunately for Ellen she'd had many hours of training on how to properly suck dick even while getting her asshole reamed, and she continued to bob her head back and forth against the cock in front of her.

About two hours and 35 blowjobs later, however, the 21-year-old was finally starting to wilt. Her head felt terribly dizzy and her neck was insanely sore from the constant up-and-down motions.

Unlike many of the Outlaws who preferred smashing her face against their oversized cocks, these dirty Mexicans preferred having her do most of the work. "Please I'm so tired!! Just give me a second! Please let me rest for a second!!" Ellen begged, looking toward her boss after her latest customer had just spewed his load all over her face. "No rest!!

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Suck!!" The muscular beaner ordered, holding up the cattle prod. "Please just give me a break!!!" Miss Washington screamed back, grunting in pain as some teenaged spic raped her ass from behind.

"AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!! AAAAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!" Ellen shrieked, squirming around in absolute torture as the Mexican thug administered another electric shock to her lovely tits. Once again the redhead began behaving, eagerly taking another penis in her mouth and servicing it like a good American whore.

Even though over two hours had elapsed since she'd begun taking customers, there was still a massive crowd of men waiting to use her. With her neck and wrists inside the wooden stocks Ellen could not see them, but their constant cheering and laughing was thunderous.

She wondered how many more men she was going to have to suck off. Her neck felt like it was about to fall off and her hair and face were both soaked with cum.

Her asshole, meanwhile, felt like it was fucked to shreds. As the hours passed by throughout the night, Ellen slowly pleasured just about every single Mexican inside the large storeroom. She sucked one dick after another without a single break or interruption. Every once in awhile when she would either stop to beg or not give enough effort the spic with the prod would give her a jolt of electricity to her breast, causing Ellen to scream in horror but also giving her the energy and motivation to continue sucking dicks for another hour or two.

Ellen was bobbing her head up and down yet another Mexican penis when suddenly the man it belonged to pulled out of her mouth and blasted her face with semen. At nearly the exact same time the wetback behind her drilled his entire cock inside her ass and began ejaculating inside her rectum.

Miss Washington closed her eyes and wept as she felt the heavy jets of warm, sticky cum peppering her face. Once the john inside her asshole was finished he slowly removed his dick from the nasty orifice. "Eeeeeuuuuuuggggghhhhh!! Noooooooooooo!!" The redhead cried in disdain, wiggling her hips as she felt another penis burrowing into her anus.

It went on and on like clockwork, as the horde of Mexicans all eventually had their turn with the 21-year-old American. Once the final two had finished using Ellen's mouth and ass almost ten hours had passed by since the very first customer had begun the proceedings.

There were still many dozens of men remaining inside the garage, all of whom had had their turn with the redhead and now happily watched her suffering. They rejoiced in delight as the man with the cattle prod shouted that the festivities were over for the night.

Ellen looked nearly unrecognizable with her hair and face coated with the sperm of over 100 wetbacks. Lines of cum were also oozing out of her asshole and down her thighs. Three of Ellen's captors came forward and began unlocking the girl from her bonds.

The one with the prod, meanwhile, continued to address the crowd. He thanked them for coming and encouraged them to drop by again—tomorrow. Ellen, of course, had no idea what he was saying, and even if she understood Spanish she was far too dazed to comprehend his words. She was so tired that the trio of Mexicans had to carry her back into the building.

They took her straight back to her room and tied her spread-eagle on the mattress inside it. In a short moment they were joined by their friend who'd shocked Ellen at least a dozen times during the night. "Please sir," the redhead begged softly, looking up at the grinning man. "Help me. I just—I just wanna go home. Please let me go.

My family has money, a lot of money. They will pay you anything, just please let me go." "You make us more money puta," the Mexican replied, holding up a baggie full of cash. "You make us so much money you see. You do this every day now.

You fuck donkey every day and make lot of money for us." "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Ellen screamed, pulling at her restraints while the four hideous wetbacks all began laughing hysterically.

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