Riding mother in law unfaithful she have a big ass

Riding mother in law unfaithful she have a big ass
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I look at the mirror again. There is something just not right with the new suit. The new color? I am Elastigirl! I wanted people when they see me, they see hope! They see happiness! Not some brooding dark superhero.

I sighed. My silver suit have tiny sparkles around it, not too much but it still sparks under the light. What a contra. The black gloves and thigh high boots just makes the suit look paler. Eventhough my EG emblem on my chest are keep with the same color as my old suit, the new designer still add some dark shades on them.

I sighed as I look at my curvy body. My rounded bubbly breasts are perfectly cupped by the suit. It feels thin. Thinner than Edna's suit. But it does the same trick. It can withstand fire blast, bullets, and radiations. I look down at my thighs, I have thin stocking like materials that a bit see through, where people can see the shades of my skin under the stockings. I sighed realizing how thicker my thighs are since the last time I suit up as an old school Elastigirl.

"Helen!! Quick!" Bob shouted from downstairs. "Coming!!" I answered back as I grab my mask and put it on. I walk out of my room and get downstairs. "There! There's a robbery in the bank! Hostages and stuff. Do you need back up?" He said showing at the live news on the TV with Jack Jack in his arms.

Chuckling as he seems amused with the news. "No, it's only 5 of them. Fought twice of them." I said confidently before I leans up and kiss Bob on the lips and Jack Jack on the cheeks. I quickly rushed through the kitchen to the garage. I ride the bike and cruise off the housing area through a secret passage.

Leaving Bob with Jack Jack and the kids. The new gadgets given from the DevTech does help a lot. That EGBike goes very fast and even have that sonic mode! But for now I don't have the necessary to use it. I pulls the throttle to the maximum as I cruise through the traffic, following the lead in the map on the bike. And within a few minutes I parked myself a few blocks from the bank.

Easily, I slides between the small spaces like a cat and found myself in the corner of the vault. 2 guys are loading the money into the bags. 1 guy with a gun is guarding the hostages. While the other 2 is keeping on the lookout.

I use my agility and punch the 2 guys in the vault out of their conscious. I drag them inside of the vault and close the door and lock it. "Are they done already??" A voice said from the lobby, hearing that loud bang of the door. "I'll go check it out." Another voice said. Must be one from the look out. I hide behind the lobby door, using my elastic ability to flat myself on the walls as I hear his steps. I am about to attack when suddenly, something on the panties of the suit vibrates.

"Ahhh!" I moans in shocked as I revolted back to my original form. "What the???" The robber aim to me and shoots. Luckily I managed to punch his gun off but still the fire goes off.

Alarming the other robbers. The vibrator still vibrates directly on my clit making I lose focus a bit as I tightens my thick thighs. I quickly wrap my body coiling around his body and tangles his neck until he passed out. "Keep your eye on the hostages!" Another voice said as he come and start to shoot blindly towards me. I know the suit is bullet proof but I still have doubts as I quickly jumped and hide behind the walls.

I pressed my vibrating pussy as I bite my lips. "W… what is going on??" I asked myself as I feels the vibrator pace is increased. "Ummphh… ahhhh…" I moans softly as I keep my eyes on the reflection of the coming robber. I bite my lips as I tightens my legs. The pressure from the vibrator in the suit is getting more intense. Hitting directly on my hard clit. "Ummphh&hellip." I moans as the robber jumped and shoots my way. I quickly reach a vase from across the room as he shoots my suit.

It felt like someone is hitting you with a finger. "Ahhhhhh!!!" He groans as he keep shooting. A loud bang silenced him up as he and his gun falls on the floor with the broken vace. "Ahhh.

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ummpphh… ummphh!! Fuckk. Am I… Cumming.?? Ummphh!!" I moans as I pulls my hand back. I look at the reflection if the last guy will come as I start to rub my own pussy with the vibrator. "Ahhh ahhh ummphh ummphh!" I don't know what is going. But I can't help it. It feels so good as it touches all at the right spots.

I need to cum now to wrap this up. As like a que, the vibrator goes max. My body arched as I sit there with my hands between my legs, pressing and rubbing my own pussy in the middle of the bank as my pussy explodes in orgasm. "Ahhhh ahhhhhhhhh!!!" I moans loud as my body jerked and jerked from such an orgasm. I bite my lips as I let the orgasm subside. My breath is still heavy from the orgasm as I feels the vibrations slowed down and stopped.

I push myself up as I feels under my suit is now soaking wet with my own pussy juice. I take a deep breath and sneak up. Wanting to finish this up before I could figure out what is happening with the suit. "Guys?? Guys???" The last guy keep shouting in panic. His guns aiming all over the hostages. "Shit, I know we better steal the Devil's Key from the Museum!" He groans under his breath before he feels a hard bang on his head.

His body falls down as behind him, I'm standing with a steel trash can in my hand. My face still blushed red from the previous orgasm. "It's all right now, you guys are safe." I said as they stands up, thanked me and went out. Some of them recognized me from the Syndrome giant robot incident and some remembers me from my prime time as Elastigirl.

"We glad you're back" They said. Then before the police come in, I already gone. For now, superheroes are still illegal. I leans myself on the wall as I rub my pussy, trying to look for some kind of devices.

But there's nothing there. Unless, was it installed in the suit? I need to find the explanation on this. I tap my earpiece, calling Bob. "Hello!" He answered almost in a ring. I can hear my son's voice Jack Jack on the background. "Hi, sweetie. So sorry. I handled the robbers. But… I need to go settle up something. I might be late." I said as I jump on my bike. "Oh, that's okay. I'll order us some pizza then. Jack Jack!


No more cookies!!" He shouted in the phone. I chuckles a bit before the phone goes off. I set up the destination, before I rise up the bike's cane and I pulls the throttle, heading to the DevTech. ************** Being The Elastigirl, I have access to the offices and lab in DevTech.

And I lead myself to the R&D Department. Finding the designer of this super suit. Alexander Galbaki. A rival designer for Edna Mode.

I personally prefer Edna's elegance design always. But being in contract with DevTech to lift up superheroes reputation again, one of the requirement is to accept the new suit designed by Galbaki. I bet Edna won't be happy about it. I didn't bother to knock on the door as the automatic door swift open. I walk in to see a very high tech lab. With prototype supersuits all over the place in the making.

Some of them is on the modern sculptured mannequin of a typical superheroes body type while some of them laid on the tables. I look around to see a Queen Sized bed positioned at the middle of the lab. "What a bed doing here?" I asked myself a bit loud. "For us, of course." Galbaki said as he stepped down from the second floor. I didn't realized there's a second floor.

And the stairs is hidden by a mannequin with a S symbol on the chest. One of his designs. I noticed the similarities now. All the super suits are dark and brooding in color.

So depressing. I thought. "What do you mean, for us?" I asked as I see his figure steps down. This is the first time I see him. He have a typical athletic shaped body. Not as muscular as Bob but you can see the shape of his leans body. He is wearing a turtleneck long sleeved sweat shirt with a pair of jeans. Simple and casual for a designer. His hair is short and combed backwards. And he have that wide, sweet yet wicked smile. "I know why you are here, Elastigirl.

Did you have your fun? At the bank…? Your orgasm look… intense…" He replied. Ignoring my question as he sits on the edge of the white sheeted bed. He crossed his legs as I can feel his eyes all over my married MILF body.

I blushed a bit hearing his commentary and his attention. "Did you…? Did you put that in my suit?? I need it to be taken off!" I said fiercely. He chuckles. "I'm sorry Elastigirl. But it's already in the contract. Page 52, Clause 42 Sub Clause 3. It clearly stated that no further alteration should be made unless… the designer said so…" he said smiling devilishly.

I wanted to punch his face off across the room but I know he is protected by law. And anything that I do that displease him, will affect our effort to legalize the superheroes again. "Then…" I said as I crossed my arms. Trying to hold my rage. My privacy had been invaded. I look into his eyes.

"I will ask you nicely, please, take out that stuff of my suit. It could compromise my missions." I said trying to be as calm as I could. He laughs. "Don't worry Elastigirl, I won't activate the vibrator unless I know you can handle the situation." He said as he take out a small remote. It have a flip button of on and off.

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With a small dial. My eyes widens. "Is that…?" He nodded without even me finished the sentences. "The controller of the vibrator." He said as he flipped the switch on. Then as expected. I can feel the vibrations on my pussy again.

Right on my clit. "Ahhhhh!!" I moans as I tightens my legs and I cover my pussy with both of my hands. "S… stop it! You… Perv!" I said. Feeling my clit being stimulated so good. I bite my lips trying my best not to fall as my legs are getting weaker. He just grins. He stand up as he walk towards me. I can see his thumb switch up the dial to 2 out of 5.

The vibrations is getting louder, faster and harder. "Ummphh!! S… Stopp!!" I begged. He ignores as he walk circling me.

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"You know, Elastigirl. You are my super crush. Do you know how much I masturbated just by fantasizing you? Your white and red outfits.

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Fuck…" He continues. I blushed more as I start to breathe heavily. I can feel my pussy starts to throbs from the pleasure. More juices is leaking through my pussy lips. Making my suit soaking wet. "Ummphh. I… I'm married now. Ahhhh. stop! Pl… please!" I begged more. I can't do this to Bob! Exposing my horny faces and let out such a lewd moans. This is wrong!

"I know you are married now… And may I say, your body has gotten so much thicker… I mean, look at that ass." He grins. Ignoring my plead, he continues as I can feel his eyes is groping my ass as he stopped on my back. "And I can't just let this opportunity go now can I?

I have to build in a smart vibrator. That can detect your clit. And give the right pressure on it… To give you the pleasure that I always dream of giving…" He said grinning before I can feel the vibrator is going faster. This time my feet trembles and I fall on my knees. My hands and thigh are tightens on my pussy as I moans.

"Ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhhhhhhh. Pleasssseeee! I… Ahhhhh!" I moans louder as he know standing infront of me.

And infront of my face, there he is. His 9" thick fat cock erecting still. Out of his jeans. He smiles. "I figured you know what to do…?" He said. I look up at him with such a disgust face. "You… Ummphhh!!. You'll get this back…" I said as I look at his cock again. I blushed as I realized how huge he is. Bob is only 6" but he is strong.

But this? I bite my lips as my body jerked a bit from the vibrations on my clit. I gasped for air as I feels close. Fuck! "Open your mouth Elastigirl." He said dominantly. I look up at him before I slowly open my lips. And without any warning, he shove his cock into my mouth deep.

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And with my stretch ability, he shove into my throat easily. "Fuckkk! You're stretchy Elastigirl but you're still tight!" He groans as he grab my head. I moans on his cock as my tongue swirls around his cock and I instinctively start to suck his cock. I take my left hand off my pussy as I wrap my fingers around his base. I start to move my head back and forth, bobbing my married head on his perv fat cock.

I suck his cock hard, feeling how hard, how heavy, and how thick he is in my mouth. I look up at him as he moans. "Good… Ahh. Now here's the reward." He said as he switch the dial up another one.

Now on 4. My eyes widens as I suck his cock a bit harder than I intended. The vibrator on the suit vibrates furiously. Making my pussy clenches and my thighs tightens. Fuck! I groans. And with that my body jerks in another wave of orgasm from the vibrator today. I breathe heavily on his cock as he keep his cock in my mouth. He smiles. "How's that feel, Elastigirl?" He smile naughtily as he turn down the dial into 1 again. I blushed deep as I start to suck his cock harder, I move my head back and forth, faster and harder as I make sure my throat and my mouth clenches around his cock as tight as I could so I can end this quick.

"Fuckkkk. This is how it feels getting a blowjob from Elastigirl! Ahhhh!" He groans. With his fantasy finally being a reality. While for me, a nightmare. Sort of… And that moment I realized I am enjoying this. He grab my brunette hair and hold my head in place before he start to furiously fuck my mouth.

My head bobbed a bit everytime he thrusted his cock in me. His groans is getting louder as I feels his thick fat cock is throbbing! Yes, he is cumming!


Let's finish this and I'll be home to Bob. Maybe I can discuss this with him?? I lost in thought when he suddenly slams his fat cock into my throat harder, making my eyes widens before his cock shoots loads and loads of his thick creamy cum into my throat. Filling my mouth up. He grab my head hard and keep pushing his cock making sure I get all of his seeds in my mouth.

"Ohh fuckkk!! Yess. That's ittt!! Ahhhh Ahhhh!" He groans as some of his cum drooled on my chin, spilled from my lips. I swallowed as much as I can before he pulls his cock out. He look down at me as he smiled. "Fuck, that feels better than I expected" He said as he walk to the bed. He sits on the edge of the bed. I can still feel the vibrators vibrating on my pussy. I blushed as my body jerked a bit reacting from the pleasure. I lick his cum on my lips before I look up at him.

"S… stop this… Take off this… ahh. ummphh. vibrator. I… I did what you want…" I said. He smiles. "We didn't make any deal, Elastigirl. Plus, we barely started" He said as he start to stroke his cock. I realized that his cock is still rock hard. Even after cuming that much. A wave of impressed feelings washed over my body.

But I shove it away. I am married! And a mother! I told myself that. He keep stroking his cock. "Come on up here, Elastigirl. Let me show you another feature of your super suit that I build in." He said grinning. I bite my lips as I don't have any other choices. I push myself up as my pussy still being stimulated by the vibrators. I moans and gasped in lust as I take my steps. When I am infront of him, he pulls my hands and shove me on the bed.

Making me laying all on my four, with my face down on the pillow. I look back at him as my bubbly rounded thick ass now up high. "Fuck, Elastigirl. I always love your ass!

And thigh." He said as he runs his hands all over my plump ass. I can feel his fingers digging on my ass cheeks, squeezing my ass, down to my thighs. He takes his time as he keep squeezing and massaging my ass, while my pussy throbs and keep drooling her naughty juices from the vibrator. "Y… you perv… Ahh… S… stop…" I said.

Not wanting this. Though a part of myself starts to enjoy this. Bob never really do this kind of things to me. Not anymore. He grins as I feels something thick and heavy rested on my ass. He squeeze his cock between my ass cheeks and start to grinds on them.

Then at the same time I can feel he turn on the vibrator back to 2 or 3. I don't know. But I know my clit is reacting happily with it. "Ummphhhh!!! Ahhhhhh!!!" I moans as I grab the pillow tight. He smiles as he grab my ass cheeks. Both of them as he start to dry hump my suit wrapped ass.

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He grinds roughly as I feels his fat cock slides back and forth between my spandex covered ass cheeks. "Ohh fuckkk yess Elastigirl! Ahhh ahhhh fuck your ass feels good! Ahhhhh!" He moans as myself moans on the pillow. My body jerked and humped from his motion as my own body jerks by itself from the vibrator. My hand slides down to my pussy as I start to rub my pussy lips. Adding to the pleasure.

"Ummphhh!! Ahhhhh…" I moans more. He groans as he start to pound himself between my ass faster and harder. As I feels his cock buried between my ass cheeks, fucking my plump juicy ass fast and hard.

"Ohhh fuckkk I'm close!" he groans. I feel myself close too as I fasten my rub on my pussy lips outside of my suit as the vibrator keep vibrating fast and hard on my hard sensitive clit. My body shivers a bit closing too. "Ahhhh yess yesss fuckk!" He groans as squeeze my ass hard and I can feel his cock throbs and shoots loads and loads of his cum all over my ass and my back. I gasped as I feels his cum spurted all over my back and ass and at the same time my body shivers again, jerked as myself explodes in another hard orgasm.

And I didn't get fucked yet!? He pulls his cock back. I bite my lips as I pant.

Usually at this time Bob will be snoring after cummed that much. But something tells me that he is not done just yet. And I am right. He turned my body around now I'm lying on my back. He smiles wide and I can see a small trickles of sweat around his face. "Ohh Elastigirl… Do you want my cock in you?" He asked as he spread my legs wide.

His hands roaming all over my stockings covered thighs and boots. His eyes feasting on my thick thighs and my wet soaked pussy. Still vibrating. "N… no.! Ahhh. I… I'm married…! You can't do this!" I moans as he rested his cock on my vibrating pussy.

Giving more pleasure. Making me gasped a bit. He chuckles. He takes the remote and switch it up to 5. My eyes widens, my mouth gaped, and my body arched in pleasure. "Ahhhhhhh!!" I moans loud. He pinned my hands on top of my head as he now on top of me. His legs pushing mine up, spreading with only his cock grinding on my vibrating pussy. I need to touch my pussy!! The fact that he is holding me up and spread my legs tortures me. I needed to be filled. Fuck! I groans as I look into his eyes.

His wicked lustful eyes. "Wrong answer, Elastigirl. I know you want this. I know you need… this." He smiles as he grinds his cock harder.

Fuck, he is still rock hard?? I bite my lips as I look into his eyes. I'm sorry Bob… I'm sorry Violet… I'm sorry Dash… I'm sorry Jack Jack… "Fuck me… Galbaki… Fuck me please&hellip.!" I said as I move my body, grinding my vibrating suit wrapped pussy on his hard thick cock. Aching, desperately needs his cock. He grins. "That's it…" He said as move his hands down between my legs. He rubs my pussy mount a bit before he switch something.

And just with that I feels the suit on my pussy mount spreads by itself, revealing my wet pink tight married pussy lips for the first time. I look down, and the hole created by the suit is just on my pussy lips, while my clit is still covered and still vibrated by the suit.

I moans. He his hand still holding mine as he grab his cock, he aims it between my pussy lips as he start to push his cock into me. His eyes widens. "Fuck Elastigirl! I never thought you will be this tight!!" He groans. "Ahhhhh Fuckkk Youre huge.!" I moans.

Even with my elastic ability, his cock still managed to spread my pussy wide and keep sliding in inch by inch. Filling my pussy up with his thick fat 9 inch cock. My body jerked and arched a bit as his tip touched my womb. My eyes widens. "Ahhhhhh~~~" I moans loud. He let go off my hands as he leans back. He grab my waist as he start to move his hips, back and forth, back and forth.

Slowly, but faster in pace. I bite my lips as I grab my pillow hard. I feels his spreading big cock keep fucking me deeper in every thrust. He moans loud as he lifted my leg up on his shoulder. He lick my boot covered legs as he start to pound my pussy. With the sensation from the vibrators just makes me out of my mind!

"Ohh fuck Elastigirl. You are better than I imagined!" He groans as he start to pound me harder and faster. My body jerked and bounced as he keep fucking my married pussy. Fuck! I'm someone's mom!! I shouldn't behave like this! I'm a superhero!! Ahhhhh!! My pussy squeeze his cock tighter, as my pussy juices drools from my pussy onto my suit wrapped ass onto his bed.

The bed rocks as the moans and the wet slapping fucking noises is echoing inside of his lab. Then without warning he lifted me up and turn me around. Again I'm on all my four as spank my bubbly ass hard.

My ass jiggles underneath the silver suit as he start to pound me hard from behind. I move my body against his cock, taking his cock deeper and deeper into me.

I grab the pillow tight as I look over my shoulder. "Ohhh fuckkk Galbaki. Yess Yesss. Ahhhhh!" I moans, completely indulged in lust from his cock and the vibrators. We keep fucking wildly like two wild animals for a while, enjoying his cock pounding my womb in every fuck. The very womb that give birth to 3 of my kids.

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"Ahhhh Fuck ahhhh. I'm such a bad wife… ahhhh I'm such a bad mother!!" I moans. He grab my hair, jerked my head back a bit as he kisses my neck lustfully as his cock didn't stop fucking me. "Ohh yes you are Elastigirl… Yes you are.!" he groans as he spank my ass again.

Making a crack noise echoing inside the lab. "I know&hellip. How about. Ahhh. I fill you up with my seeds… Ummphh! And see if you can give me my own… Super baby??" He said in lust, injecting the idea of having a baby other than Bob. My eyes widens hearing that. "I… I can't!! Pleasee!! Not that!! Not inside!!" I said but my body and my lust betrays me. My pussy squeeze his cock tighter as I slams my ass harder on his cock, taking his cock deep hitting my womb hard.

Aching for his cum. As myself is pushed more and more to the egde, again. "Ummphh. Your mouth says that but your body says otherwise Elastigirl… Ahhh." He groans as he grab both of my waist firmly and starts pounding his cock into me as hard as his can. I can feel his cock throbs hard, getting close. I bite my lips as I try to talk some sense into myself and him. "Ahhhh p… pleaseee nooo!! Anything but not inside!!" I moans again but he ignores it. It seems like my plead is turning him on more.

"Ohh fuckk here I come Elastigirl!!" He groans loud as he slammed his cock deep into me and shoots his strings after strings of his cum into me. Flooding my pussy and womb as my pussy squeeze his cock. Milking his cock hard, wanting every drop of his cum as the vibrations on my clit pushed me down to another hard orgasm. "Ahhhh Noooo!!" I moans hopelessly satisfied as my pussy explodes in such orgasm that for the first time in my life, I squirted.

I squirted more and more on his cock and his bed sheets as my body trembles and jerks in each orgasm. He grins as he finishes himself in me. He pulls his cock out to see some of his cum, his prize drooled from my pussy lips.

He pants as he sits next to me. His cock is softer now. I look at him while I'm still on four as he turn off the vibrator. I moans as I squeeze my pussy a bit, wanting to push his cum out but he knows what I'm doing.

He flipped another switch that makes my suit covers back the hole on my pussy. It tightens on my pussy lips, making sure none of his cum will leak out anymore.

I pant as I lie down. Feeling ashamed of what I did. But satisfied. A really good satisfaction and pleasure. Fuck, I'm a bad wife and mom. Galbaki smiles as he pushes himself off the bed. "Now, if there nothing else, you can go now.

I have work to do." He said as he climbed his stairs back. It seems like he have such a super human stamina. Is he a super too? "What about the vibrator…?" I asked weakly. He stopped. "What about it?" He smile devilishly before disappear into his second floor's office. Knowing this won't be my last time in here, ended up like this. I push myself up as I head back to the garage when Bob called. I tap my ear piece. "Hello sweety." I said. "Hello, the kids are all asleep. Wanna… you know, fuck…?

When you got back?" He asked in his naughty voice. I blushed as I feel guilty. "Urm, sorry Bob… I'm feeling a bit tired today. Maybe tomorrow?" I said through the earpiece as I keep walking. "Oh, urm… Okey then. See you." The the vibrator in me vibrates a bit. "Ahhhh!" I moans shocked.

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"What?? Are you allright??" He asked. I look up at the second floor, seeing Galbaki grinned. "Yeah, I… I'm allright. See you back at home. Bye honey." I said as I tap the earpiece. Turning off the call. Our eyes meet lustfully before I turn around, swaying my bubbly plump ass for him before the electronic door closed swiftly behind me. As I leave him with his cum pooling in me.