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Celia jones porno
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Late night with young boys This story is true and is out of the norm for the first two that I have shared with you all, but I really wanted to tell you about what happened a few nights ago in my own back yard. I was in a mood for beers and a fire in my new firepit and decided since I was home alone, I would take advantage of the chance to move out to the patio and set up my outdoor TV and watch Nascar and drink some beer and relax with a fire.


It was really great except for the fact that the wrong guy won the damn race. By the time it was over, I was probably into about my 10th beer so I didn't really much care anymore.

It was about midnight when I heard the noise in the street behind me and turned around to see what was going on. To my surprise and pleasure, there were 2 boys walking down the middle of the street having a fairly loud conversation. I got out of my chair and went over to a close in tree on my property to have a closer look without being detected.

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When they got close enough, I hailed them to come over and talk with me for a few minutes. They were willing and we struck up a conversation. Due to the fact we have been having some break-ins in the neighborhood lately I was a little concerned why 2 boys about ages 10 and maybe 12 or 13 would be out this late.

They told me that they were just heading home and lived only a few blocks from me. I asked them if they wanted to join me at the fire for a few minutes and they readily agreed. I felt the hardness in my shorts start as soon as we walked over to the patio.

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They both sat down in my swing and I took a seat in a lawn chair close to the younger of the 2. He was very friendly and most talkative, almost as though he felt a need to let me know that they hadn't done anything wrong that night.

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Interestingly enough, after he had made sure I was aware of their whereabouts earlier that night, he seemed a lot more relaxed. I slid my chair a bit closer and put my hand on his leg, just above the knee. He not only wasn't bothered by that, he opened his legs further as if to invite some exploration.

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I put my other hand on the arm rest of the swing and he laid his hand on top of mine. That was the opening I had hoped for. It was then that I slid my chair around to where I was next to him and close enough that I could put his hand in my lap.

As I did so, he moved over closer to the edge of the swing and allowed me to lay his hand in my crotch exactly on top of my now stiff cock. I hadn't yet taken it out but he didn't move his hand away from my dick so I decided to see if there was anything going on with his not yet developed manhood. I moved my hand up his thigh to his crotch and rubbed what was only a fairly developed cock still concealed within his shorts.


Fortunately, the legs on his shorts were a good bit bigger than his legs and I was able to slide my hand inside of them and fondle him with a certain degree of ease. I knew that he was enjoying this as he moved his body to respond to my touch. He also sped up the pace at which he was rubbing my cock, still thru my shorts.

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I decided that he deserved to have a go at my cock in the flesh and unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down enough to allow my now hard as a rock cock to spring from its hiding place. When the boy saw this, he turned to his friend and said, "Look at the size of this guys cock!" The other boy, a bit older, looked over and immediately had a smile on his face.

He got up from his side of the swing and came over to where he was in front of my chair and knelt down and took my cock in his hand, sharing it with his buddy. It goes without saying that I was totally aroused by these two and wanted to see just how much they would allow. I stood up and took my clothes off right there in front of both of them which prompted the 10 yr old to follow suit. I nearly came right then just watching him. It seemed the older boy wasn't as eager to get into the naked scene, but he was the first to get busy with my cock.

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He took it into his mouth and quickly had it very lubed up and was deep throating me almost from the start. I was really getting turned on and had the younger of the 2 stand up in the swing so I could get his 4" member in my mouth.

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He tasted very good and I was all the more excited by the fact that he had no pubic hair yet and his cock was smooth as could be. It didn't take long for him to cum even though there was no ejaculation. I tasted what was something that he emitted from his yet to develop dick and it was as sweet as anyting I had ever consumed.

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All this time the 12 yr old was giving my cock quite a work out. I decided I should pay more attention to him and took hold of his head and proceeded to fuck his mouth, working my cock in and out at an ever increasing pace. He seemed to be taking it all in when I gave him the reward I felt he deserved. He never even tried to pull away from my cock and allowed me to cum in his mouth, swallowing as much as he could.

I was totally surprised by the ability of this young boy.


He definitely has a future as a cock sucker. I offered to take care of the older of the 2 but he said that they had to go home. I told them since they lived only a few blocks away that they could come back anytime they wanted to.

They happily agreed and with that the young one put on his clothes and they went home. I was a little disappointed that they left so soon but I'm sure that I will see more and much more of the 2 boys in the not too distant future. Needless to say, if and when I do, you all will certainly get the chance to share in the fun!!