Cleaning the house naked feels so good

Cleaning the house naked feels so good
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The next day at the bus stop, Layesha came up to me. "Hey Joey.

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You want to come over to my house after school today?" she asked me "Uhh…sure. What for?" I asked "Nothing. I just want to…you know…hang out." She said I could not believe that Layesha had actually invited me over to her house.

I had a huge crush on her and couldn't believe that this was happening.


The entire day took forever as I waited for school to end so I could go to Layesha's place. Gym class was normal today, no gay orgys or any of that weird stuff which I was happy about. School finally ended and I got on my bus and rode it home. When I got off I waited for Layesha to get off and we walked to her house. She said no one was home and we would have the whole house to ourselves for two hours.

I didn't know what I was getting myself into but I didn't care because I was hanging out with Layesha.

We got inside and sat down on the couch. "So, Joey. You know why I invited you over, right?" "Uhh…not really." I replied "I want to see that huge cock of yours.

Duh." Then she progressed to reach for my button and zipper and undid them. I took the hint and stood up and removed my pants and boxers revealing my 7 inch flaccid penis.

"Holy fuck. You really weren't lying. Shit, that's one huge fucking cock." She grabbed it and began to slowly stroke it. It didn't take much work for me to get hard because this was my fantasy girl stroking my cock.

Soon enough my cock was fully erect at 11 inches and Layesha was now using both hands to stroke me. "Fuck! You got one huge cock for a white guy. Hell for any guy." Then she took my dick in her mouth and tried to get as much of it in her mouth as she could.

She only got about 4 inches in her mouth as she rose for air. She continued to suck me off until she was ready for more.

She pushed me down to the couch and I was now sitting bare ass on her couch ready for a show. She removed her shirt and I got to see her huge tits trying to pop out of her bra. She unbuttoned and removed her skin tight pants revealing an extremely sexy pair of pink panties. Then she reached back behind her and undid her bra strap and allowed her bra to drop off her enormous breasts to the floor. Her boobs were amazing. Two huge black breasts with perfect black nipples that were clearly erect from the previous events.

Next she turned around and bent over with her ass facing me. She slowly peeled down her panties revealing her sexy bare black ass, as well as her pussy from behind. "I'm gonna fuck your brains out white boy." She said Then she walked up and straddled my 11 inch cock. She had to stand up in order to line my cock up with her vagina.

She slowly let my dick slide into her pussy and took about 7 inches of it before she lifted up again.

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She began to get a rhythm and started to ride my cock. She wasn't going all the way down so I decided to give her some help. I placed my hands on her black ass cheeks and forced her lower on my dick. Soon enough, she was taking all 11 inches in her pussy. "HOLY FUCK! YESS! Fuck me with that monster cock, cracker!" She shouted I didn't respond and I think she felt as if she offended me because she stopped riding my cock.

"I didn't really mean that. I was just talking dirty." She said "It's ok. I liked it." I said "I want you to talk dirty to me." "What am I supposed to say?" I asked "Say a bunch of racist shit. Call me nigger, stuff like that. That really gets me going." So she proceeded to ride my cock once again and my hands were still on her ass.


I spanked her a whole bunch which caused her to scream out in enjoyment. "Oh yeah! Fuck me master!

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I've been bad. Fuck me hard!" she screamed "Shut the fuck up you sexy nigger. I'm gonna fuck the shit out of your nigger pussy. You'll never run away again with my monster cock around." She kept bouncing up and down on my dick and I decided to move my hands from her ass to her great tits.

I squeezed them and rubbed my finger all around her nipples. This seemed to arouse her even more as she had her first orgasm as her black pussy tightened up around my dick so much, neither of us could move. I took this moment to take my mouth to her tits. I licked and sucked on Layesha's sensitive nipples for a long time as I continued to fuck her. Her tits in my mouth was too much for me to handle and I began to cum inside her pussy.

My orgasm sent Layesha into a second orgasm as her pussy squeezed my cock again and drained it of cum. Layesha didn't get off my dick, she just wrapped her arms around me and collapsed from exhaustion. We were both breathing heavily and sweating a lot. Layesha was hugging me with my cock still inside her and her enormous breasts pushed up against my chest.

Then she leaned back and stared into my eyes and brought her mouth to mine. We began to wrestle tongues and this got me hard once again. Layesha could feel my dick getting hard inside of her and she stood up allowing my cock to come out of her pussy.

It was soaked it her pussy juices and my semen. "How about this time you cum on my tits?" she asked me "Hell yeah. That sounds fucking awesome." I replied She proceeded to lie on the ground on her back.

I sat on her abs and placed my cock in between her huge black breasts.

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She squeezed them together and I began to thrust my penis between them. The tip of my cock would hit her nose and then I would back up and thrust again. After a while I was ready to blast my load again, but I didn't tell Layesha. She wanted me to cum on her tits, but I wanted to cum all over her beautiful ebony face. I began to cum and my first stream of cum went all the way from Layesha's hair to her tits and then I launched the rest all over her face.

Her gorgeous face was covered with my semen and I couldn't have been more attracted to her. She was smiling and I knew she didn't mind me blowing my load on her face. All I wanted to do was make out with her while my semen was covering her face. So that's what I did.

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I laid on top of her and could feel her huge breasts squished against my chest and I began to kiss her passionately. We made out for a long time and I could taste my semen but I loved it because it was all over her lips.

After a while of kissing, we both got up and cleaned ourselves off. She told me that her parents were going to be home in ten minutes so I left her house and headed home. It was the greatest thing that had ever happened to me in my life. My unusually large cock had helped me not only get laid for the first time, but get to do it with my fantasy girl.