Video of young boy movieked up and fucked gay A Cum Load All Over His

Video of young boy movieked up and fucked gay A Cum Load All Over His
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My name is Trevor, I'm 22 and from Alberta. I've been swimming competitively since I was 8 and when you're in the world of professional sports and you spend nearly all of your time with your teammates, coming out is not the easiest thing to do. Its especially tough to deal with when your constantly surrounded by nearly-naked, dripping wet, athletic boys. One of whom is the love of your life and the rest who you'd drop the soap for any day. His name is Dustin. We've been best friends since our first swimming lesson at the community pool.

Ive been with him as we each grew into fit, handsome and most of all horny, teenagers. He's one of the bigger guys on the team. 6'5'' blonde, thick, and ripped. He's also got one of the bigger dicks on the team, something one cant help but notice during many early morning showers after practice.

His blue eyes are so deep you could fall into them, and his butt is as round as a volleyball.

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I'm a bit more on the lean side. 5'9'' green eyes, light brown hair. My story takes place last year in Sydney, one of the longer trips for swim competitions. It was normal for 4 of us to share a room with two beds, which added not only to my lust for Dustin's dick, we usually shared a bed, but also to my fear of making any sort of pass on him, the other guys would definitely know.

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But this night was different, for some reason once I turned 18 I had even more of a desire to get with a guy, my youth was passing me by! So that night, Dustin, Corey, Sylvan and I were sharing a hotel room.

While the three of them watched tv and chilled, I took a long shower including trimming and cleaning extra well… just in case.

By the time I climbed into bed they were all on their way to sleep. Dustin was wearing new red AussieBum trunks, which I got a glance of as I lifted the covers and laid down next to him and turned off the lamp. He was laying chest down, his bum looked amazing, with those little dimples on his lower back. He smelled amazing, having just showered after a work out. I laid there for at least an hour, imagining the moves I would make and touching my hard dick and bumhole.

Finally I worked up the nerve, he had turned over to be on his back, I reached over and tugged at the waistband of his trunks. To my surprise his head popped out and he was rock hard!

Must have been having a good dream!


I touched his head with one finger and awaited a startled awakening and subsequent freak out. But it didn't happen. He actually reached down and adjusted his undies so that more of his dick was out!

I gently put my hand around it and slowly stroked him. He stirred a little.

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I soon began stroking his shaft with longer and firmer tugs. I didn't think it was possible but his dick actually grew even bigger!

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It has to be at least 8 inches. I was so horny. Suddenly in his sleep he reach down to his cock and his hand brushed mine as I pulled it away and turned to face away.


He stirred and I could tell he woke up a bit. I pretended to be asleep. He whispered "Trev, wha-was that you?" Shit. I was caught. My life was over. Fuck. I held my breathe for what felt like an hour.

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But the next thing I felt wasn't the cover being thrown off and the light turning on. It was him, shifting closer to me and putting his strong hand on my bicep. "Hey, its ok" he whispered in my ear. And he pressed his hips against my butt.

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I turned by head to face him and I was met with a gentle kiss. This was amazing. I had so many questions but knew that they could wait. I turned the rest of my body to face him and was pleasantly surprised to find his undies were off.

We started gently making out and I took a firm grip of his massive rock-hard dick. He felt down my chest and abs as we kissed and found himself tugging lightly at the waistband of my smaller AussieBums. I yanked them off and he immediately gripped by naked bum and lifted me onto him.

I grinded my nice clean shaved butt on his huge dick as we kissed more deeply. His strong arms kept his hands firmly gripping my butt cheeks. After a few minutes he quietly pulled my hips toward his face, grabbed by junk and kissed the head of my dick before gently licking and sucking the first few inches of my dick. I leaned back and put my hands on his shins, thrusting my hips toward. His mouth felt amazing, he made sure to lick with lots of slobber and make my dick slippery.

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That's when I remembered Corey and Sylvan were asleep in the other bed, not 4 feet from us, I looked over and it seemed like they were fast asleep. When Dustin finished with my dick I slid back down his body and continued to kiss him. I was eager to return the favor and kissed from his neck, down his broad, firm chest and abs and lingered for a minute below his belly-button, with his big hard cock rubbing against my face.

I first kissed and licked his shaft before wrapping my mouth around as much of his thick man meat as I could fit. I bobbed up and down leaving plenty of slobber behind to jerk him off with. I spent some time focusing on his head and then licked down his shaft to tickle his balls with the tip of my tongue. His dick was miraculous, straight, long, thick and smooth with just the right amount of dirty-blonde pubes promised by his sexy treasure trail.

I had just begun making my way back up his chiseled abs, when I heard the lamp click on…