Police women Pale Cutie Banging on the Border

Police women Pale Cutie Banging on the Border
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I roll over out of my bed and look at my alarm clock, 6 o'clock. Damn i thought, i should probably get up and get ready for school.

It was our first day back after our wild summer. I showered and made myself presentable and made sure i smelled nice. I put my stuff in my back-pack and walked out to get on the bus. As soon as i stepped on my head started pounding. I dont mind children but being in a enclosed area with over 20 of them screaming and crying all at once gives u a headache.

I decided to sit all the way in the last seat. I was about to doze off when the bus stopped at a house it never stopped at before. Of course i was curious to see who it was and looked. I was glad i did. A new student who i later found out was from Texas walked onto the bus.

His chocolate brown skin made my cock twitch in my pants as he made his way to the back of the bus. Scared he'd see my erection i put my bag on my lap and tried to look away. I found that i counldnt take my eyes off of this sexy stud. As he sat in the seat next to me i felt my bulge get bigger.

"Sup" he said as he looked over at me. He must of known something was up when he watched me toss alittle in the seat. I tried to act all cool as i answered back. "Nothin' just chillen." As the words rolled off my tongue i thought idiot, oh my good ur such a dumbass for saying that. He sorta giggled and looked away. Great a thought now he thinks you're a loser. We didnt talk for the rest of the bus ride but i looked over at him a lot. I swear i saw him eye me back through the corner of his eye but i wasnt completely sure.

Pretty soon more and more people were getting on the bus and finally my friend Amber got on the bus. "Hey there hot stuff" she said to me and looked over at this sexy stud as well. Her eyes got huge and she muttered out "And who is this sexy ass boy we got here?" I about died laughing.

It was hard but you could definitely tell he was blushing.

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"My name is Terell" he said. "Well Terell i'd sit with you but my hot stuff and me need to gossip" said Amber and with that she plopped herself in my seat. I looked over at him quick and said "I forgot to introduce myself, Im Danny." He looked at me. "Nice to finally get ur name hot stuff" he said laughing and Amber joined him. I turned so red i can feel my ears starting to burn. But another thing i noticed was my cock was acting up again and i tossed in the seat again. Amber knew what was going on.

She has been my best frined for years and knows that hot guys like this sexy stud next to us always gets me rock hard.

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"You have to learn to control yourself" she whispered in my ear. "Im trying to" I whispered back. Finally we got to school and i hurried off the bus. For the last half and hour i heard nothing but Amber tell me about all these dick pics she got from guys from our school.

Mostly the jocks because she's one of those preppy ass chicks. How we're friends i dont remember because i hate preppy people but i guess she's an exception. But anyways my dick was so hard and she knew it and just kept going and going just to torture me. Terell only moved his heard and looked at us a few times.

I dont know if it was because he didnt believe some of the sizes of some of these dicks or because he was wondering why she was telling me all this. I mean i guess he knew by now what i was and if not when he walked through the halls he would.

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Everyone hated me because i was gay. If the insults weren't enough the getting slammed up against the lockers, and having food thrown at me would get to me. Luckily i made it halfway through the day with nothing happening to me. Unfortunately i found out Terell was in most of my morning classes so all through the morning i had a hard on. During my 4th period i felt like raising my hand and asking the teacher if i could go to the bathroom.

I didnt. I thought it over in my head and realized trying to cum in school would be the end of me, especially on the first day. Lunch was a terrible. I walked in and all the food that was being served was nasty.

A decided to go with the mac and cheese because it looked like it was the only thing that wouldnt poison me. I was so thirsty that i decided to open up my milk (little did i know i would soon regret it).

As i was walking out from getting my food a foot shot out and tripped me. I was helpless because it caught me off guard and i didnt see Terell was infront of me so my mac and cheese and milk went all over him. As soon as i hit the floor i thought of shit im in for it now.

Oddly there was no kicks, no punches, no nothing except a hand in front of me offering to pick me up. I looked up and started blushing. It was Terell's hand. As he helped me up i heard a guy scream "Stupid faggot maybe you should watch where you step." I dont know what it was that made me do it but i started crying. Never before have i ever cried after being called a faggot.

I went to the bathroom to go and wipe my face and as i was in there Terell walked in. Since i had basically creamed his shirt all he was wearing were his nice pants and a white beater. I was sad he got that on him but also turned on because the milk had soaked through and i could see white beater stick to his sexy abs. "You ok" he asked as he walked towards me.

"Yeah" my voice was still shaky, "im fine." He walked to the sink next to me and now i had a better look at his sexy abs and i was starting to get hard.

"If you still want some mac and cheese, im sure i got enough left on my shirt for you to have" he said. We both laughed. It was nice to see he was trying to cheer me up buy why i wondered. Next thing i knew he was looking at me and checking me over. "You know you're kinda cute" he said. Oh my god i thought!

Did he really just call me cute? Am i hearing things? I guess we was being serious because he started coming closer. "Thanks" i said and then accidently blerted out "You're sexy as hell." This made him smile and as he walked closer and he whispered in my ear "How sexy?" Feeling his hot breath hit my ear made me hornier and i sorta half said and half moaned "So sexy i havent been able to keep my eyes off of you." I felt a hand on my back and he pulled me close to him.

Before i could say anything he had his lips pressed to mine and was kissing me. Oh my god i thought to myself, this sexy stud is kissing me. I immediately started kissing back. He started moving his hand up my shirt and i felt my cock get harder and harder.


Between kisses he told me ever since he heard me and Amber, mostly Amber, talking about the dick pics she has gotten, he has wanted me. He started kissing on my neck sending chills throughout my body. "Why?" I asked in a moan voice realizing probably now wasnt the best time to ask but i just wanted to know why me. "Your sexy as fuck hot stuff" he said and then started biting my neck. There was the name again that sent chills through my body and i moan out as he bit me.

I reached down and was surprised. I know most black guys are big but now that i had one right in front of me i just couldnt believe it. He moved back up and started kissing me, this time with more passion and he added some tongue.

I really just wanted to rip his clothes off and just go to town but i didnt. He broke away from me quick to take off some more clothes and when he did i saw a huge bruise on my neck. OH MY GOD i thought he just gave me this huge hickey and we still have half the school day left. My attention was brought back to him when i felt his hand start undoing my pants. My god was he making me horny. At that point i didnt care how big he was, all i knew was i wanted his cock in me.

As he pulled my pants down he saw how hard i was and giggled. "I guess you have been wanting me havent you?" I blushed again and he came back up and started nibbling on my ear. He pushed his bulge against me and whispered in my ear again "Thats ok i've wanted you all day too." Hear that from him made me get harder.

He started tugging at my boxers and then pulled them down. My manhood sprang up and hit me in my stomach with a loud thump. I thought he was going to suck on my dick but instead went straight for my nipples.

I just about lost it. My nipples were my weak spot and they were soooooo sensitive. He smiled a devilish smiled and kept going. I moaned louder and louder and then i screamed out as he bit down on my right one. He covered my mouth and said "dont be so loud.

Do you want someone coming in here and finding us like this." I immediately remembered we were in a school bathroom and not home. I quickly forgot about that when i felt something hot and wet around my dick. I looked down to see he was sucking my cock. I knew i wasnt as big as he was but 7.5 inches was a pretty decent size in my opinion.

I found that to be wrong when he had no trouble taking me all the way down without gagging. In the past whenever anyone sucked my dick they always gagged on its size but he had no trouble. His tongue swirled around it and he kept sucking. He started going faster and faster.

I felt the urge to put my hands on the back of his head so i did. He took his hand away and allowed me to do what i always love doing to guys.

I started face fucking him fast and i thought heard him gag a little bit but it could have been a moan.


I started moaning out. He quickly pushed back and stood up alittle out of breath. "Not yet Dan" he said. I didnt think he remembered my name but was happy he did. " Now its your turn" he said with a big smile. To be honest i was scared. So many thoughts ran through my head.

He's super sexy and has probably had a lot of blowjobs. I thought that mine wouldnt be good enough or he would hate it.

I decided i might as well try my best. I got down on my knees and he started pulling his boxers down. I didnt even realize it at first what had slapped me but as he pulled his boxers down his cock had smacked me right in the face. It was big and i stared at it in awe. He started stroking it right in front of my face. "Amber said she got a pic where the guy was 10 inches. Well how about she tries 11.5 inches" he said.

I felt my ass twitch and my mouth fly open. This sexy ass stud was packing a dick that big and right now it was all mine. I immediately started sucking and found out his sensitive spot was the gigantic mushroom head of his 11.5 inch dick.

"ohhhhhh fuck yeah, suck me baby. You know how i like it" he moaned. I was happy i was giving him a good blowjob and just to make him happy i tried deepthroating it. "Ohhhhhhhh fuck" he moaned. I didnt get it all maybe 8 inches of it but he made sure i got all of it because before i knew it he had his hands on the back of my head and was shoving it into my mouth.

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Every dick i ever sucked was not very long, or thick like him. The little 6.5 and 7 inch dicks i sucked were nothing compared to this.

I found out that day that i do have a gag reflex and as he kept fucking away i kept gagging. "Oh fuck yeah baby i love the way you gag on my cock" he said, "You want more dont you?" I moaned in approval and he started fucking faster.

What the fuck was i doing???? I thought I can hardly take it all and here i am begging him to shove more down my expanding throat. "Oh fuck yeah. Imma bout to cum baby" he moan out loud. I tried to get away. I'd never swallowed before but he shoved me down onto his dick. His thick black pubes filled my nose and i inhaled his sexy scent. I felt his dick pulse and then immediately afterwards the cum started flowing out of his dick and down my throat.

I started gagging more and some came out of the sides of my mouth. He shot at least 6 times into my mouth and his cum was so thick and yummy. As he pulled his dick out of my mouth i noticed he was still hard. "How come u got to cum and i didnt" I asked? "Because your not fucking me" At that moment i felt my ass twitch again. He picked me up and moved our clothes into one of the stalls.

"My god you're strong" i said. He laughed and bent me over. I was scared yet craving him to fuck me. I felt something touch my hole and i immediately closed my eyes.

He shoved his tongue into my hole and i started moaning out grabed onto my shirt that was laying infront of me. I thought he was gonna fuck me with his dick but right now he was fucking me with his tongue.

I never felt this before so i was in complete ectasy and was craving more. Once his tongue torture was over he licked the outside of my hole and spit onto it. I usually hate when guys spit but i was so turned on that i didnt care. Before i knew what was happening i felt his fingers enter me. I moaned out and winced. It wasnt just one finger but on the fisrt go he shoved three of his fingers into me. He finger fucked me hard and rough and i loved it all.

I couldnt help but cum and he knew it was cumming. Just as the first spurt of cum came out he had his mouth over my cock and was sucking every last drop. His mouth intesified my orgasim and i started shooting more cum out and moaned out loud.

"Fuck man, i've never made a white boy shoot out such a big load" he said. I ignored what he said and kept moaning because he still had his three fingers in me and was sawing away. He pulled them out of me and i heard a loud *plop*. "Damn your ass is tight. Are you sure you want me to.", he didnt get to finish because i screamed out "YES, YES, PLEASE FUCK ME BABY. I NEED IT." He didnt argue he spit onto my hole again and without warning me he shoved into me.

I started screaming out and pulling away because he didnt wait for me to adjust he just started going to town. He pulled me back onto it and fucked me harder.

"Ohhhhhhh fuck, please stop it hurts." i begged him. He ignored me. I guess i shouldn't have said i wanted it so bad i thought. Thank god all that pain turned to pleasure and i was begging for me.

God i couldnt get enough oh this smoking hot stud. Every time he thrusted in his balls would slap mine and send waves of pleasure through me. It wasnt enough for him though, he wanted me from me. He sat on the toilet, lifting me up with him, and hastily started fucking away.

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I moaned out louder and louder again feeling him hit places i never knew existed inside of me. I was so in the moment i hadnt noticed his hands had made there way back to my nipples. He started pinching them and made me goin insane. He pinched and rubben them inbetween his thumb and forefinger.

God he made me feel good and he knew it. He eventually got me on my back and started fucking me missonary and he watched my face as it twisted inbetween looks of pain and pleasure. I started feeling this burning sensation in my groin and looked down to see my dick looked huge.

I was so horned up and was gonna cum again.

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Before i could think twice i started cumming and was moaning out in ectasy. Terell didnt let up, instead he started fucking me faster and harder. As i bounced off of him feeling his balls slap against my ass i could feel him brush my prostate and i'd cum more and more. He didnt even stop going after i came.

I was amazed by his stamina and let him go to town. He fucked me so hard that i every time his balls slapped against it stung. I assumed my ass was probably beat red.

I felt bad though because he hadnt changed positions yet and i almost dozed off. If it wasnt for him turning me over onto all fours i think i would've fell asleep. Once again he started pounding away but oddly he started hitting my g-spot.

I moaned and clawed at the tiled floor of the bathroom. My dick had now harden back up and i felt another orgasim coming. Before i knew it again i started shooting.

My cum hit the bathroom floor so hard that it some of it splashed back up and landed on me. Terell started moaning out and fucked me faster. "Oh shit baby your about to get your reward" he moaned out.

With that i felt him shoot his second load and was amazed to feel it shoot so far up inside of me. He landed on me and was breathing heavily. "You're the best fuck i've ever got to stick my dick into" he said.

I turned around with his dick still in me but i felt it start softening up. "You're the hottest guy i've ever had fuck me" I told him. It was the truth too. Oddly we cuddled there for a few minutes and i got to lay in his arms. He kissed me and i kissed him back. We got dressed and i went over and washed my hands and face. Just as i was about to walk out i heard him say, "So what are your plans for after school hot stuff?"