Luscious chick annika eve gets impaled by bf

Luscious chick annika eve gets impaled by bf
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Prologue She wanted to remember. The hookah was a beautiful piece.

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It stood at 4 ½ feet. Dark red… it always was her favorite color. This hookah was her personal prize. It only had one hose, one smoker.

She pulled the airtight box from its hiding place and opened the lid. Once released, the heady aroma drifted, tickling her nose. The new batch of bud was a dark green, but the crystals were so thick it turned everything pastel. Breaking it apart just enough to smoke easy, she arranged the weed in the hookah's bowl. Covering everything and arranging the freshly lit charcoals, she lifted the velvet covered hose and took her first drag.

Smoke filled her mouth, then wafted up in a French inhale and down into her lungs in a long, easy inhale. Smooth. Dank. Then she reached for her favorite vibrator, teasing her pussy through her panties as she drifted. She wanted to remember. 5 years earlier… Sarah was 18 when she met him.

She had just started college, in fact. In a gym full of scantily clad coeds, he had seen her. He seemed to recognize her, somehow.

She was, in generous terms, voluptuous. She had dark red hair, black, rectangle librarian glasses, a pert mouth and abundant, double D breasts. Tony was older, probably by at least 8 years. He was an alumnus of the school, and was still a frequent visitor. He stood at 6 feet to her 5'6". Hispanic, with the perfect sculpted body, he was a runner, not a body builder. His dimples and smile turned heads, and his flippant charm seemed to drive women crazy in all the worst ways possible.

The first time Sarah and Tony talked, she called him a relentless man whore and he called her a busty bitch. And so, their friendship was born. Throughout 2 girlfriends they remained antagonistic friends. Then came the night at the bonfire… Tony and Sarah loved to go drinking together, and tonight it was no different. Together they stumbled through the dunes, sharing a bottle of Jose Cuervo, just like any good college story starts.

At least four frats had set up trucks with kegs, but they staggered with a purpose, searching out their targets. In the corners, shadowed from the bonfire, huddled the stoners, protecting their lit lighters from the gusting wind.

As they joined them, the bowl was passed and Sarah took the first drag, cornering a green hit and holding it as she passed it on to Tony, who did the same. As the THC went to work, they relaxed, leaning against each other and watched the antics around them. "So you know that shirt is popping a seam, right?" Tony started, looking to irritate her.

"It is not. And if it really was, you wouldn't warn me that it was happening." She rolled her eyes at him.

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Tony had been after her to see her tits since pretty much day 1, with little success. She just never took him seriously, which suited them both. "That's true. But it is a delightful view. A tease, but delightful nonetheless." He raised his hand to trail his fingers up her stomach, to trace her cleavage.

Sarah smacked his hand, and then moved to get up, bending over a bit unnecessarily as she offered him a hand up. "Now what?" he asked, as she headed off. "Let's go dancing!" she replied, with mischief in her eyes. The trip to their favorite club went quick, and in no time, they were taking one last swig from the bottle in the parking lot before heading for the front door.

Club Seven was 21 and up, but as soon as the bouncer saw Sarah coming, she put down the scanner and gave her a hug. Clarice was a drag queen, and Sarah and Tony were well known at the club.

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As they walked in, the dance floor was just hitting critical mass. Sarah headed for the bar, but Tony led her to the floor, pulling her hard against him as they fell into the beat.

Caught in the flow, Sarah wiggled and shimmied against him, moving into the dance. The music pounded, and Tony's hands moved up and down her body, teasing and caressing. This was the way they had always connected, through dancing and grinding on the dance floor.

They both always said no one else could keep up with them. As the songs changed, Sarah twisted, turning in Tony's arms and swaying in time. His mouth came down, breathing hot and hard against her ear, sending shivers down her spine, then quickly nipped her neck.

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Sarah retaliated by bending over and touching the floor, then working her way up, sliding her ass along the already hard cock twitching under his jeans. "I'm really glad you didn't wear jeans this time," he muttered against her ear before he squeezed her ass under the short denim skirt and spun her around.

"Oh I bet…" she remarked with a saucy smirk, but was interrupted when the song shifted to a salsa beat. After that they quit talking and continued to tease and dance till they were both hot and slicked with sweat. Deciding to escape the packed floor and get some air, they headed outside. Couples, both gay and straight, were all in various states of undress along the couches as they ordered drinks at the outdoor bar. Between the dancing and the liquor, Tony and Sarah were both flushed.

They sat down on a couch and Sarah plopped next to him, handed him a beer, and draped her legs over his lap. Tony lightly stroked her legs while she sipped a gin and tonic. Sarah teased him with hints of thong while they chatted, bickered, and people watched.

"You ready to go back on the floor?" Sarah asked. "Definitely," Tony replied, putting their empty glasses on a nearby table. As they headed back inside, the only open space was on the stage behind the floor, so they headed up and joined the 2 other brave couples dancing over the crowd. This time, neither of them teased, and both of them grinded and rubbed hard against each other. Suddenly, Tony spun Sarah fast and pushed her hard against the wall of the stage, behind a velvet curtain.

His hard body pressed against her, overwhelming her and making her heart race. With one hand on the wall behind her head, and the other cupping her face in his hand, he made her look up at him. The next second, he dipped his head and captured her mouth, suckling her lower lip and lightly tracing her mouth with his tongue. With a desperate strength, Sarah moaned and pulled his hips closer to her, opening her mouth to his tongue. Tony's hands left her face and ran down her body, pulling her skirt up, grabbing her ass, and lifted her against him, all games forgotten.

By the time she heard the queens hooting and whistling, Sarah had one leg wrapped around his waist and both hands up his shirt.


Neither of them had ever gone this far before. They disengaged, and continued to dance until last call. Tony drove her home, and neither one of them mentioned their first kiss. They got to her apartment and they went inside to watch something forgettable on the TV. In her room they moved to a bottle of red wine and the night was a blur until Tony put the bottle on the table. Sarah turned her attention to him, and at the look in his eyes, became instantly moist.

Without saying a word, he pulled her onto his lap until she was straddling him.

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She had never realized before tonight how great a kisser he was. He drew her tongue into his mouth and suckled, then moved to such a tender spot at the base of the neck. As he started to move lower, Sarah decided that tonight was definitely the night to taste this cocky, arrogant, funny man. As he pulled her tank top off, he took time to rub his cheek against her cleavage, then released the clasps of her bra. Sarah sighed in relief as the constriction eased, then gasped as his mouth closed over an already erect nipple.

His tongue and teeth laved each nipple while he made short work of the belt and skirt. The black satin thong was next to go. Still fully clothed, Tony moved further down, running his tongue past a narrow landing strip of dark, curly hair, to discover the dainty barbell pierced through her clitoral hood.

Slowly, he ran his tongue along the barbell, until it glistened with saliva and something more. By now, Sarah was writhing and moaning, desperate for more.


Tony's tongue danced over her clit as he undid his jeans and released his cock. Turning around, he continued to torment her pussy while she began discovering his cock with her mouth. While most guys have a bit of curve to their dicks, Tony's was something special. Exactly the right arch to allow it to just slide down her throat, Sarah was able to take the entire 8 inches as he kneeled over her.

Together they licked and sucked and drove each other mad with lust.

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Finally, Sarah could take no more. Turning around, she got onto her hands and knees, wiggling her ass in the air, ever so slightly. Tony took the hint, grasped her hips, and slowly pushed his cock into her hot, clinging pussy. Sarah gasped as she discovered that the curve in his dick also caused it to press directly into her G-spot as he moved in and out.

And just as on the dance floor, here, they moved together, each pushing the other closer and closer to the edge. Just as he was about lose control, Sarah moved again, this time flipping Tony onto his back. She straddled him again, and began rocking her hips, riding him hard. Her tits bounced faster and faster as Tony bucked against her, driving her further and further to the edge.

Suddenly, Tony's thumb brushed against her clit and Sarah's climax finally broke and spiraled through her body, causing her to shake and gasp for breath with each hard thrust. She started to slow down, but Tony wasn't done with her yet. Laying her on her back at the edge of the bed, he pulled her legs up his body and hooked her knees over his shoulders. He pushed back into her, and began fucking her hard and fast, pounding her into the bed and she started moaning and screaming loud enough for the whole apartment complex to hear.

He put his hand over her mouth and continued to fuck her hard and rough. Sarah screamed yet another orgasm into his hand just before he felt himself start to cum. He pulled out, and Sarah sat up and kneeled in front of him. Her hand went firmly around the base of his cock and she began suckling at his head while twirling her tongue. Tony's mind went blank as her hands and mouth worked him to the edge, then, Sarah slid his entire cock down his throat and swallowed.

The feel of her throat closing around him was all it took and he shouted as his cock surged and shot hot, salty cum deep in her mouth. As he finished, they both collapsed on the bed, and were smart enough to pass out, and sleep deep. Epilogue She takes another deep drag of the hookah, and feels herself start to cum against the vibrator.

She rocks and contorts, tormenting and prolonging her orgasm until she can no longer breathe, and then she cums.


The cell phone beeps a text message at her. It's Tony. "I'm coming into town today. Want to meet up?" She smiles.