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Catch Me if You Cunnilingus
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The Knight and the Acolyte Book Seven: Illusory Passion Chapter Four: The Shaman's Threesome By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this. Thrak The Golden Hunger, The Nimborgoth "You don't need her," Thyrna purred into my ear, her naked body drapped against mine.

Round breasts and hard nipples, the right pierced by a magic nullifying ring which perplexed Faoril. Hot cunt ground on my muscular thigh. We lay on her bed in her dim cabin aboard the Golden Hunger. "She's so weak." The "she" was Faoril, my lover, sleeping on my other side, her flushed body cradled in my arm. She looked so beautiful sleeping, an errant curl of brown hair spilled across her cheek. "She's not weak." Thyrna snorted. "I dominated her easily." "It looked like she was fighting when I entered." I glanced at the rakshasa's dark-brown face, a hungry glint in her eyes and curling her lips.

She was dangerous, a tigress shapeshifter who feasted on sentient flesh. Tamed, for now. It was an act, the next ploy in her bid to own me. Her hand stroked down my stomach to my groin, fingernails stroking slightly, just enough pressure to remind me she had claws. She could transform and try to rip my guts open. Maybe she would succeed. "Does she know how to worship this cock?" She seized it, stroking, teasing, trying to drive me wild. "Can this little human truly take your passion." "Yes." The words came out in a growling rumble.

Thyrna laughed, cold. Her fingernail circled the throbbing tip of my dick. I groaned at the sensation coursing down my shaft. Her nail was sharp, rasping, scratching. It almost hurt. Almost. Her tongue licked my earlobe. She bit. Chewed, teased. It was wild. I groaned at this stimulation.

Her thumb rubbed across my cock's crown, pressing harder before she stroked up and down my shaft. "Has she really seen your passion unleashed? Your orc fury, berserker?" "I have ravished her. I have taken her when my blood boiled." "Impaled her on this magnificent cock?" Disbelief sneered her words. "And you didn't rip her in twain? I can take it. You don't have to hold back your darkness with me.

You don't have to be afraid of breaking me. You're like me." "What does that mean?" "We are predators. We embrace our darkness. Revel in it. She has muzzled you. Turned you into her lapdog." "And I turned you into my pussycat." She hissed, her pupils narrowing into feline slits.

She changed, orange fur, striped black, sprang from her skin, her face transforming feline. A tiger's face. Claws sprouted from her fingers gripping my cock. Razor sharp. She could rip my cock off.

I didn't flinch as she leaned in, her whiskers brushing my lips. I couldn't afford to show a moment's fear, or she would devour me and kill Faoril. Feline lips nuzzled at mine, a rough tongue licked. Her naked breasts, still smooth skin, rubbed against my chest. She purred, stroking my cock faster. "This is my true form. Show me yours. I can see it hiding in your eyes.

Slip from her leash and rage. Take me while your blood burns red hot." "You cannot survive me. I would rip your head off and then tear your entire crew into bloody pieces. The ship would run red." "Yes," she purred, rubbing her hot cunt against me. "Yes, yes, yes. Do it. Free your beast and fuck me!" She did not understand what she asked.

My rages were beyond darkness. No mercy. No remorse. Only the most base emotions of fury and lust. I would kill anyone, even Faoril. I would rip, tear, cleave, devastate. Only death, exhaustion, or the satiating of my lust for sex would end the mad, berserker rage. And she wanted me to unleash it? The bitch had no concept what she asked. It lurked in the back of my mind, always there, ready to take over.

The anger and lust stirred by her clawed hand stroking my dick. It swelled, howling to take over. It would destroy everything. "Yes, let it out," she purred between licks of my face. "Free it. Let me see the real you." Her tongue licked up my cheek, so hot and rough. Whiskers brushed my face. My dick throbbed in her hand. This damned rakshasa thought she could control me. Thought I wanted to be hers. To unleash my rage. A snarl escaped my lips.

"Yes," she hissed. "Free it." My arm, wrapped about the slumbering Faoril, lunged, jostling my lover. She groaned as I seized Thyrna's furred neck. Her pussy humped wet against my thigh. Her eyes blazed. She had wanted this. I squeezed her throat and heaved the rakshasa's onto her back.

Breast jiggled. Her hand squeezed my dick. "Fuck me," she moaned as Faoril grunted, "Thrak?" I mounted the pirate captain, her greedy hands guiding my cock to her sopping cunt.

She swabbed the pierced tip up and down, the bone ring twisting, adding more pleasure. I snarled and rammed my dick into her. "Fuck her," Faoril moaned. "Ram your dick into her whore-cunt." I thrust into Thyrna's snatch. Hot, silky flesh engulfed me. Ecstasy shot up my body as my balls smacked into her taint. Her thighs locked around me, her hips bucking to match my thrusts. Hungry purrs rumbled from her throat, spurring me to fuck her hard. To pound the whore's cunt. The bed creaked, groaned, protesting the force of my strokes.

I slammed my dick hard and deep into her hot, wet flesh. She purred and howled, loving the violence of my thrusts. Her mouth opened, snarling with feminine passion. Her claws raked my back.

The burning pain scratching down my back only fanned my passion. I thrust harder and harder, grunting as I hammered her into the bed. My balls thwaked over and over into her.

The pressure built in their depths, ready to explode. "Yes, yes, show me the true you. Fuck me with your darkness. So good. Gods, yes." Only animalistic growls escaped my lips. Our flesh slapped together. Her breasts jiggled, hard nipples brushed my chest. She heaved and howled, they tight grip of her cunt massaged my cock, bliss bleeding through my body.

"Fuck the whore," Faoril moaned, her fingers plunging into her pussy, frigging her cunt hard. Her back arched. "Take the pussycat's cunt!" I stared down at the rakshasa's tiger face, mouth open, fangs flashing, as she howled and snarled her bliss. Whiskers twitched. The possessive lust in her slitted eyes swelled my anger. I hate fucked her, friction burning bliss down my cock. "Cum," I growled. "Yes," she mewled. Her fingernails dug deep into my back. Hot blood flowed across my back.

Her cunt spasmed abounding my cock, milking me. I rammed my dick into her spasming depths and unloaded. Cum boiled out of my balls. It spurted out of my cock, shooting rapture through me. Every muscle in my body convulsed. Ecstasy fuzzed my vision and stabbed into the depths of my mind. I think embraced them, the satiated lust throwing back my rage, keeping it at bay. Then I collapsed on her. Thyrna nuzzled at my neck, fur tickling, tongue licking.

She changed back to human, her fur retreating, soft lips kissing. She moved to my ear and whispered, "See, you don't have to be afraid of the darkness. I can take it." Faoril, gasping in orgasmic delight beside us, was too caught in her pleasure to hear as I answered, "That wasn't my darkness." Before she could answer, a sailor pounded on her door and grunted, "We're approaching Hargone." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela The Free City of Hargone A day-and-a-half was enough time spent on a boat.

Even with Sophia and her creamy, healing breast milk, I felt the ships rocking shifting the contents of my stomach. Twisting, heaving, spinning in ways not intended. So I was glad when the sailors spotted Hargone. Glad to get off this ship. No more rocking. No more rolling. I was done with the Golden Hunger. Until we recovered the next piece of the sword from the Mirage Garden and had to sail to Grahata.

But we still had to find the Garden. To gain entrance, a sacrifice had to be made—an offering of nubile, female flesh to be added to the efreet's demeaning harem. I would be the offering. He could take me, allowing the rest of my party entrance, and then we would overpower him and liberate his women.

I could not ask the sacrifice of anyone else. Sophia and I worked it out between bouts of seasickness. She was eager to comfort those women kept as sex slaves for centuries. The Golden Hunger slowed as it turned to dock on the west side of the wide Elpa River. Hargone spanned both sides, the rich to the east, magnificent estates.

Gardens with lush trees and exotic plants painted green between white limestone buildings. The poorer half lived on the west bank, in mud-brick buildings built tight, creating a warren of streets. "We stick together," I said. "Bounty hunters may have already reached Hargone ahead of us." Xandra swallowed, her fingers playing with her skirt.

Fear twinkled in her sapphire eyes. Chaun gave her a comforting smile. Behind them, Thrak grunted. His back was a bloody mess, oozing scratches left by the pirate captain. My eyes fell on Minx. "That includes you." She gave me a huge grin. A suspicious grin. "Of course, Angela." "Xera, keep an eye on her." The elf nodded, the gold flecks in the four-leaf clover, tucked behind her ear, glinted as her ears twitched.

"She won't leave my sight." "I love being in your sight," grinned Minx, her slim hips shaking, metallic-red eyebrows arching. Captain Thyrna sauntered over, eyes hungry. "I expect more treasure, Madam Knight, to keep ferrying on your quest," the woman purred. "Or there are other ways for me to reap my reward." My eyes narrowed as Thrak growled, a low, warning. I arched an eyebrow, not intimidated by the woman, and said, "I think staying in our employee would serve you and your ship better." "Perhaps." Her smile was all hungry teeth.

"Safe travel in the desert." Then she turned and ran her hand across Thrak's belly as she passed him. Faoril bristled. Her muttered words did not reach my ears. I studied the pirate captain. Could she be trusted? No. But who else could be? The bounty on our heads staggered me. So much gold. After we slew Dominari, what was in store for our futures? A life as fugitives? There would be no glory or full knighthood for me, no returning to the cloistered life of her temple for Sophia.

Faoril had lost her chance to wear the black robes of a master mage. Thrak and Xera could return to their homelands, and Minx could vanish into any city's populace. Chaun and Xandra would forever be moving, never stopping to build a life for themselves. All because an Oracle's prophecy entwined their fates with mine. How could I ever repay them? I dwelled on those thoughts as the Golden Hunger maneuvered to the piers jutting into the river.

Sailors cursed as they grunted while Captain Thyrna snarled her orders. Thick cables, made of several ropes braided together, were thrown to the dock where ebony-skinned, bare-chested dockworkers caught them and tied them to the pier's piling.

The gangplank ran out. I felt Thyrna's greedy eyes on me as I crossed the deck, my pack slung over my shoulders. I tightened the grip on my shield. Thyrna would have to be dealt with. But she was a problem for another day. Today, we had to find a caravan to guide us through the desert sands to where we could enter the Mirage Gardens.

I took the lead as we descended the gangplank, stepping into the pier. Nice, solid, unmoving ground. The sun's heat beat down on me as we headed forward into the cacophony of the docks.

Strange spices perfumed the air. The farther from the river, the hotter it grew. Minx asked questions, seizing workers and barking at them, getting confusing answers back. But she understood and led us into Hargone.

We navigated the streets. The buildings all looked the same, beige mud bricks. There were no doors, at least none made of wood.

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Heavy blankets, each woven with colorful patterns, hung in the door frames or were thrown back, held by hooks, to keep them open. The caravan owner's estate was surrounded by a wall made of the same mud brick as the other buildings, but had a gate made of wood with a door inset in it.

I knocked hard.

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Twice. Finally, a servant opened it, a doe-eyed Halanian girl, wearing transparent silks, her dark flesh bleeding through the lavender fabric, that brought an appreciative murmur from Thrak and Chaun. And Sophia. She informed us her master was already in the desert. And so was the second and third caravan owner we tried. The merchants wanted to make money, and they did not do that by staying in town no matter how much it inconvenienced us.

The day wore on, growing hotter and hotter. "This is going to take all day," Sophia groaned, her face flushed.

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She waved a hand before her face. "Slata's cunt, it stinks." "It does," Xandra nodded, her face wilted by the heat. "Esh-Esh," Xera said, the elf standing straight. The elements never affected her. "You cast that spell to find Faoril." "Right," groaned Sophia. "I forgot." "Divination is the purview of the divine," Faoril commented. "You sound envious," Sophia said as she loosened her robes. Faoril shrugged. "Look away, boys." Sophia fixed Chaun a hard stare.

"I've seen it all before." "Chaun, don't be rude," Xandra said, giving her husband a pointed look. "But you can look," winked Sophia at Xandra as her naked, pale body came into view, breasts small and firm, nipples hard, begging to be played with. I wanted to suck them. Sophia slid the fingers of both her hands down her fleshy stomach to her shaved pubic mound. She let out a purring moan while Thrak and Chaun, prodded by his wife, turned away.

Xera's cock hardened as she watched Sophia spread her thighs apart, exposing a plump, wet vulva, clit peeking out. Her fingers found the pink nub, circling it. A soft, husky moan escaped her lips.

Her eyes rolled back into her head. Her breasts rose and fell. She moaned again, circling her clit faster. Her tart juices perfumed the air, mixing with the spicy aroma. "Saphique, yes," she moaned, "thank you for this gift." Minx, letting out a hungry moan, fell to her knees, opened her mouth, and engulfed the tip of Xera's cock.

She sucked hard, cheeks hollowing as her small hands stroked the big dick. Xera's large breasts heaved, and her ears twitched. "Las's cock, that's a sight," groaned Chaun. "Don't look," Xandra moaned, her voice thick with passion, eyes locked onto Minx's sucking mouth.

I understood. A juicy warmth suffused my pussy. Cream trickled down my thighs. I watched Sophia masturbate, my eyes flicking between her fingers stroking her clit and her hard, pink nipples. "Oh, yes," she groaned, thrusting a pair of fingers deep into her cunt. Her back arched.

Those nipples waved. I leaned down and latched on. My chainmail plainclothes clicked as I sucked on her nub. She gasped louder as my tongue circled her areola between sucks.

My free hand stroked up her side and cupped her other breast, squeezing the firm mound. "My Queen," she sighed as I nibbled on her lush nub. "Mmm, there's a nipple free for you, Xandra." "No, thank you," squeaked the younger avian. "Your loss." Sophia said it with such a promising sigh that made me suck harder on her nub.

I pinched and pulled on her other nipple, my fingers rolling it. So hard between my digits. She gasped, her fingers making such obscene, juicy noises as she frigged herself harder. Behind me, Xera gasped while Minx purred as she sucked on the elf's cock. A crowd grew, men making obscene comments. They watched my slave, desiring her. "Look at the priestess. So lush." "I would love to hear her gasping on my cock." "Yours is too small.

She would scream in ecstasy on my monster." My pussy clenched at the words they said about my woman. I pinched and rolled her nipple as my tongue licked up her breast to her neck. Sophia sighed, arching her neck, giving me access to her profile. I flicked my tongue up to her ear, nibbled on it as she groaned again. "Do you hear their lusts, slut?" I hissed. "Yes, my Queen," she moaned, frigging herself even faster. The wet sounds of her fingers working in and out of her cunt excited me.

"I own you." I squeezed her breast hard, my fingers digging into her flesh. "Don't I, slut?" "Yes! I'm your concubine." Sophia shuddered and trembled. I could smell her tart juices flooding out of her cunt as she fingered herself.

"And if I told you to go and pleasure those men—if I sold your body to them—you would obey me." "I-I." She trembled, her fingers pumping faster and faster. My pussy was on fire. This was so hot. I rubbed my chainmail loincloth into her thigh, grinding my clit and pussy lips against the metal links. "Oh, my Queen, I would. I would. I love my Goddess, but you own me." Sophia gasped.

Her back arched as she sucked in a sharp breath. Her pleasure bubbled through her. An orgasm exploded in her depths even as her face twisted. The shame of her desire, to submit to me so thoroughly that she would allow her body to be used, humiliated, by men sent her plunging over the edge into bliss. It was so hot. She was mine. I loved her so much. I never would make her break her vows to Saphique, but I knew I could.

It was such a heady rush. My clit throbbed. My pussy clenched. And then the pleasure exploded inside of me. I gasped as my juices flooded out of my cunt, staining my chainmail loincloth trapped between my thighs. I shuddered, the bliss shooting to my mind.

I moaned into her ear, trembling against the woman I loved. I squeezed her breast as the ecstasy bathed my mind. "Saphique, I pray that you find what I seek," gasped Sophia, her body tingling with the divine power of her goddess.

She ripped two fingers from her pussy. They were stained with her juices. She rubbed them on the nipple I had pinched, staining the pink nub. "Guide me with your loving wisdom." Breast milk beaded her nipple as she rubbed it.

Sophia convulsed a second time, another orgasm bursting through her as she smeared the creamy droplets onto her pussy-stained fingers. She gasped and moaned, her hand suddenly leaping away, fingers pointing.

Guiding. "That way," she moaned as we both trembled in ecstasy. Behind me, Xera moaned, "Matar's cock, yes," as she flooded Minx's mouth with her elf cum.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chaun It was a relief to be inside the inn's common room. The inn's namesake, the splashing fountain in the center of the room, provided a modicum of cool air to fight the desert heat trying to pour in. The walls were open, allowing the breeze from the river to flow in as we knelt on pillows at the low tables. Sophia's spell had pointed true. She led us past four other merchant warehouses that we would have wasted our time on. At the fifth, belonging to Aswunt, we found a caravan departing in the morning.

The merchant agreed to take us into the desert in exchange for providing his caravan with protection from desert tribesmen who found banditry cheaper than commence. A willowy, black-skinned girl walked to our table wearing transparent, purple silks, her breasts bouncing. A lush, promising smile on her lips.

I favored her with a bold grin, the form of the man she had a crush on dancing through her thoughts. I could slip into his appearance and enjoy the girl. Xandra nudged my ribs. "Do not look at the shamefully dressed girl, my husband." "But she wants me to look," I said, turning my grin to my wife. "That's why she's dressed like that. You can look, too." Xandra blushed and looked down at the table we sat around.

The rest of the party, save for Minx, ringed the table. I blinked, looking around the room for the halfling. More serving girls, dressed just as lovely as the first, moved through the room. Other patrons, mostly ebony-skinned Halanians, sat at similar tables, reclining on tasseled pillows, many smoking from hookahs, water pipes filled with tobacco, traded from the 'Zakon Jungle across the Halani Desert. "Where's the halfling?" I asked. Angela scowled as she looked around. "Xera?" "She is speaking with the local thieves to find out if any bounty hunters are in town," the elf answered, reclined back on her pillows, the tip of her hard dick pointing over the table.

Minx was gone. I smiled. She wasn't around to monopolize Xera's cock. It was the last night the elf would have it. Tomorrow, it would be gone until next month. I glanced at my wife as she knelt on a purple pillow, picturing her lithe form writhing against the busty elf. It was far hotter than bedding the Halanian serving girl. I was patient, sipping my chilled wine—a dark, fruity vintage—and eating the dates, stuffed figs, and goat cheese that made up our supper.

Xandra giggled at the cheese as she nibbled on it, delight in her eyes. When Xera stood up to use the necessities, I followed and caught up with her in the side corridor. "Yes, Chaun?" she said, pausing outside the washroom.


Hargone had invented plumbing a millennia ago. "What do you want?" "For you to come to my room tonight," I grinned, leaning against the wall. "My wife is most keen to enjoy your cock. I would love to share her with you." "Xandra?" Xera arched her eyebrows. "And aren't Avians committed to the sanctity of marriage? I know I would never violate my people's martial customs." "You sleep with every woman you can stick your dick in." "But they are not hermaphrodites.

I cannot impregnate them, so it is not cheating." Xera smiled. "The duel-sexed races have such.quaint marriage customs. Like the Avians." "You're not a man. You only have a cock. She's already been with Sophia." I grinned. "She enjoyed it. And she cannot stop looking at your dick. Haven't you noticed?" Xera's ears twitched, her four-leaf clover glittering.

"I have. Everyone looks though." "Show up, and we shall have a passionate night." "And she's okay with it?" "Absolutely." My grin was perfect.

No hint of my lie. Xandra would be burning with lust when the elf arrived. "I'll be there," the elf promised, stroking her hard cock. It was such a hot sight, seeing that dick thrust from the folds of her pussy. My gaze drew up to her busty breasts. A beautiful creature. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xandra I giggled as Chaun carried me up the stairs of the inn, my feet kicking as my legs draped over his right arm.

I had my own arms around his neck so I could kiss him in between my giggles. He was such a wonderful husband to sweep me off my feet and carry me to bed. "Mmm, I'm going to devour you," Chaun said. "I'm going to make that juicy pussy explode on my mouth." "Oh, yes," I moaned. "Mmm, you always know just what to say to make me so excited." He kissed me again, pausing at the top of the landing.

My fingers tightened in his silvery hair. My body squirmed in his arms. Beneath my skirt, my pussy grew hotter and hotter. Our tongues met, caressing, loving while his hand squeezed my ass.

I ran my fingers through his hair as my heart beat faster and faster beneath my breasts. My nipples ached against my top. I brushed his pointed ears, so like the elf's. For a moment, I pictured Xera kissing me, her green-tinted skin, her dark-verdant hair. But she had such big breasts that would press against me as we kissed, not Chaun's flat chest. I broke the kiss, breathless.

"Please, please, lick my pussy. I'm so horny." "I bet. Someone was staring at Xera's cock all through dinner." My cheeks burned. "Well, you were ogling those hussy serving girls and their scandalous clothing." "I bet you would look so scandalous in those silks." "Chaun," I groaned, a pleased flutter shooting through me as his violet eyes stared at me. "You are disgusting. I'm a married woman. I can't wear that.

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In public." "But alone? For me?" I licked my lips. "Yes." He kissed me again as he carried me to our room. The door had a round top instead of square like the ones in Baraconia. He pressed it open into a room, the beds lower, the mattress almost lying directly on the floor. The colorful tiles made mosaic pictures of half-naked, black-skinned women lounging in a pleasure garden kissing or sharing fruits with each other.

It was so perverse, but I hardly cared as Chaun set me down on the bed. The window was open, a cool breeze blowing in, rustling the silk curtains. The scent of the river washed over us. I breathed it in as Chaun stood over me stripping naked. "Mmm, yes," I purred, feeling bold. "You like seeing your husband naked?" he asked as he pulled off his shirt, exposing his midnight-black skin, muscles rippling beneath.

I nodded my head in approval, my pussy growing juicier. He peeled off his soft, leather shoes then his codpiece and hose. His cock popped out so hard, thrusting at me. It was the size of Xera's, maybe a little thicker. I licked my lips as it bobbed, my hands kneading my breasts through my top, my small nipples aching. Chaun knelt on the bed between my spread legs.

His hands stroked me, pushing up my skirt down my thighs. His touch sent ripples shooting up my pussy. I moaned and squirmed. My heart thudded in my chest.

My nipples ached so badly. He leaned in, capturing my lips with his. I kissed him hard, arching my back, pressing into his chest. My nipples were so hard. I wanted to take off my top so I could feel his skin directly upon them. My husband read my mind and moved his hands from my thighs to the hem of my top. He pulled it up and broke the kiss. I smiled, lifting my arms up so he could take off the cloth and throw it to the floor.

My small breasts were exposed to his hungry gaze. Dark hands cupped them, thumbs brushing my nipples. "Chaun," I moaned as he leaned over and suckled on one. He pushed me down onto my back as he sucked and nibble. I squirmed in delight, the pleasure coursing through my body. He sucked my entire areola into his mouth, everything tingling wonderfully, making me spasm on the silk sheets. My arms reached over my head, brushing the wall as I squirmed. He kissed over to my other breast, his black hands stroking my pale flesh.

He caressed my sides and stomach as he nuzzled up my tit to my red nipple. He sucked hard on it and stretched my tit. My nipple popped out of his mouth with a wet plop. Over and over he sucked on it as his fingers ran around my body, making me tremble in delight, my pussy growing wetter and wetter.

He was so sexy. My hands caressed his shoulders, my fingers tightening I loved him playing with my nipples, but my cunt was on fire. I pressed on him. His violet eyes flashed up to mine as he nibbled on my nipple. He grinned around the nub and popped his mouth off. "You want me to go lower?" I nodded my head. "Say it." My cheeks warmed.


"Chaun.lick my pussy. I need it so badly. You're so sexy and you make me so wet." "Me and Xera's cock?" "Chaun," I groaned, the elf's dick flashing through my mind. She was so sexy. With those big breasts. She was so feminine and yet had that cock.

The impossible contradiction was so hot. "Say it," he said then circled my nipple with his tongue. "Yes, her cock made me wet," I moaned, frustration mounting. "Now lick my pussy. I need my husband to make me cum. You." "My lady love is a wanton slut," Chaun grinned. "Her pussy's wet and flush, her body's hot and lush." He kissed down my belly, calling out ribald verses about how wanton I was. "Her pussy tastes so sweet, what a succulent treat." I groaned and squirmed, my snatch growing hotter with every kiss across my stomach.

He teased me, making me moan, my thighs rubbing together beneath my skirt. "Her pussy so fair, adorned with silky hair." He pulled off my skirt. I lifted my ass as he did, exposing the soft-blue pubic hair covering my pussy. He leaned down, nuzzling at my pubic mound, kissing and rubbing his lips into my silky bush before moving lower and lower. "There's her sweet snatch," he whispered before licking his tongue through my folds.

I gasped and squirmed, my eyes rolling back into my head as he soothed the ache in my pussy with his tongue. He caressed my folds, gathering my sweet musk.

I squirmed and groaned, humping into his wonderful mouth. He licked and nuzzled, pressing his tongue deep into my sheath, swirling it around, giving me a preview of the bliss his cock would churn. He moaned, his violet eyes flashing up at me. I reached down, stroking his pointed ears rising out of his silvery hair. I humped into him, loving his tongue and lips as he pleasured me.

My small tits bounced and jiggled. "Chaun, his tongue so sleek, burying into my pussy deep," I sang. It was hard to think of rhymes as he reamed me.

"Yes, yes, so deep." He fucked his tongue in and out of my cunt, my words turning into a wordless song. He flicked his tongue up to my clit, swirling around it, making me gasp and quiver. Pleasure raced through my body, tingling previews of my building orgasm. "My sweet songbird," he groaned between licks of my clit.

"She sings sweet song, eager for hard dong." "Chaun," I groaned, humping. "Yes, yes. Your dong. Make me cum and fuck me. Your dick's so fine, your prick so hard." He nibbled on my clit, driving me wild.

My head tossed on the pillows. My fingers stroked his ears faster. Her groaned about my clit as he sucked it into his mouth. The sensations made me wild.

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My body quivered. The door opened as my orgasm exploded through me. I gasped and sang my joy as Xera entered, naked and hard.

My eyes locked onto that huge cock bouncing before the sexy elf as she sauntered to the bed. I moaned, my climax overwhelming my shock. "Xera," I gasped, struggling to speak over the rapture churned by Chaun's sucking mouth.

"What.I." Xera smiled at me, her ears twitching. She stroked that dick. Her breasts bounced over me as she knelt beside my head and offered me her dick. I gasped, my eyes widening as the tip, beading with precum, drew nearer and nearer to my mouth.

I shouldn't want to suck it. I shouldn't. But it was so hard to resist. The shame of being such a whorish wife only inflamed my lusts. Another orgasm boiled through me as I leaned my head over, my mouth opening.

"Yes," Xera moaned as I swallowed the tip of her cock and violated my marriage vows. It was so wrong but felt so right. Chaun's tongue caressed my aching clit as I sucked hard on Xera's cock.

My tongue swirled around the tip, gathering the salty precum as my body trembled. Rapture flooded my body. I sucked again and again, humping into my husband's mouth. I felt his eyes on me. His hands squeezed my ass. He wanted this. He had arranged this. It excited him to see me with Xera. And she was an elf. A woman that just happened to have a cock. That made it alright. I wasn't breaking my vows to Luben. But the guilt twisted deep inside of me.

Why did that make this hotter? Why did the guilt make me suck harder? I humped against my husband's mouth. His tongue went exploring, diving back into my pussy, fucking me as I moaned about Xera's wonderful cock. "That's it, Xandra," the elf moaned, her tits heaving over my head. She stroked my sky-blue hair. "That's it. Suck my big elf-cock. I know you've wanted it. You've been staring at it since Baraconia. Don't worry. You'll get to feel it inside of you. Stretching you out.

Doesn't that sound amazing?" My toes curled. I moaned a yes about her cock. I wanted to feel her in me. I remembered the thrill of Chaun becoming Thrak and letting me experience his dick vicariously.

Now I could enjoy Xera's for real. To share this with my husband. I shouldn't feel any guilt at all. But I did. I ignored it, bobbing my head. Xera's fingers tightened in my hair. She fucked her hips forward, sliding her dick in and out of my mouth. I trembled, my eyes fluttering as I sucked. My tongue caressed her shaft as her tip brushed the back of her throat. "That's it, songbird," Chaun groaned. "Worship the elf's cock. That's so hot. Mmm, yes. Suck it. Play with her pussy and worship her cock." Her pussy.

She had both. My hand stroked up the elf's thigh and found her hot, shaved sex. I stroked her pussy, exploring her lips. She had more folds than I did. I gasped about her dick as I played with them. Her juices, smelling like flowers, filled my nose. I shuddered against my husband's licking tongue and shoved two fingers into Xera's cunt. "Yes," groaned the elf, quivering, her pussy clenching on my fingers.

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"Oh, you are a hot one. Mmm, yes. Suck on it it, little bird. Oh, yes. I.I." "Cum in her mouth," Chaun moaned. "Flood her mouth with cum. Let her taste it." I wanted that. I fingered the elf faster and sucked so hard.


I quivered, a third orgasm building inside of me. Chaun's tongue plunged into my pussy, fucking in and out of me while his fingers kneaded my ass. I squirmed and groaned. Xera's back arched. Her lovely tits bounced. She thrust her cock deep into my mouth, brushing the back of my throat.

Her body trembled. Her pussy spasmed on my fingers. She cried out in musical Elvish as her cum flooded my mouth. Another person's jizz, not my husband's, filled my mouth. Thick and salty. It tasted different. No avian female should experience another person's cum than her husband's. And yet I had. My body bucked. My pussy convulsed as my orgasm exploded in my depths.

I gulped down Xera's cum as my pussy juices flooded my husband's mouth. My thighs tightened about his head as I thrashed on the bed. The creamy treat flowed down my throat. I squeezed my eyes shut and thrust my fingers deep into Xera's cunt, spasming as the ecstasy flooded through me. It peaked. I shuddered. Xera's dick fired its last blast of cum into my mouth. I held it, savoring it, swirling it around my mouth as her cock popped free of my lips.

The elf leaned down, lips hungry, and kissed me hard. Her arms wrapped about me as we swapped her salty jizz back and forth as we kissed. She lay on her back and pulled me atop her. My small tits pressed into her pillowy mounds. I moaned and squirmed on the elf, her hard cock pressing into my pussy. "Las's cock, that is a beautiful sight," my husband said.

I broke the kiss and looked over my shoulder. He knelt behind us, body gleaming with his sweat, outlining his muscles. He was so sexy as he stroked his hard cock. I squirmed on Xera, grinding on her dick, lust shooting through me.

"You're both going to fuck me," I gasped in realization, my asshole clenching. "Double penetration," he grinned. "You'll love it," Xera moaned, her hands sliding between us and grasping her cock. She guided it to my pussy. "Just slide your cunt down my cock and enjoy." "Yes," I moaned, not caring how wrong this was.

I violated my vows to Luben as I shoved my pussy down her cock. My eyes widened as the elf's girl-cock entered my cunt. She stretched my walls apart, the friction sending pleasure rippling through me.

"Chaun, her dick's in me." "I know," he groaned as he stroked himself. "Las's cock, that's hot. Your pussy is stretched around her dick." "And you love that?" "So much." He moved to me, draping his cock over my ass. Precum dripped out of his dick. So much. It splattered on my sphincter as he spread my asscheeks apart. "We're going to love you so hard, songbird." I shuddered at his pet name for me, my pussy clenching on Xera's cock. I squirmed as he moved his dick to my asshole, my nipples brushing Xera's.

I turned and kissed the elf again, her hand stroking me as Chaun slammed his cock into the depths of my asshole. Two cocks were in me. Two separate dicks. I moaned into the kiss, my body quivering as Chaun bottomed out in my bowels. I was stuffed so full. My back arched, and my bowels and pussy clamped down on both their shafts. It was amazing. And then they fucked me. Xera thrust up into my cunt as Chaun thrust down into my asshole.

Our flesh slapped together. His groin smacked my ass. The weight of him pressed me into Xera's embrace. I loved the feel of her breasts almost as much as her cock in my cunt. Our tongues dueled as my hips moved, finding a rhythm with my lover and my husband.

"Oh, yes," Chaun groaned. "Do you love it, songbird? Do you love two cocks in you at the same time?" I broke the kiss. "Luben's sacred vows, yes. I'm such a wicked wife for loving this, husband. So wicked. It's so good. Oh, gods, yes." The friction was intense. The bliss of being fucked doubled. Two dicks stimulated me.

The fiery pleasure radiated from my asshole and joined the bliss churned in my pussy.

My head tossed back. I gasped and groaned as the pleasure built and built inside of me. I rubbed my clit into Xera's pubic bone. The pleasure sparked hot through me. It made me quiver in delight. I gasped, my eyes rolling in my head as I ground my sensitive nub over and over. My body trembled, the pleasure building. "So good," I moaned. "Sing for us," Chaun groaned as he fucked faster and faster into my asshole.

"Yes, yes, yes," the elf groaned, her ears twitching. "Let me hear that beautiful song as you cum on our cocks." It was so easy to sing.

My voice trilled out my passion. My song rang with my pleasure. My body undulated. My nipples ached as they rubbed over and over into Xera's hard nubs.

Their skin pressed against me, Xera's body soft while Chaun's was hard. I loved the opposite feel of my lovers. Chaun's hands stroked my sides as he grunted. His strokes were so hard. His balls slapped into my taint. His passion swelled. I knew my husband. I undulated and clenched my holes down on their cocks as my orgasm built in me. "Oh, yes," I gasped, my eyes rolling back in my head.

"Oh, yes. Thank you, Las, for making changelings and giving me such a wonderful husband. Oh, yes. Gods!" I came. My pussy and asshole writhed about their dicks.

I thrashed between them, gasping and singing. My nipples pressed hard into Xera's soft tits. Chaun's groin smacked into my ass as he fucked me harder. Their dicks reamed in and out of me. The friction sent gusting winds howling through my body, carrying my pleasure straight to my mind. Stars danced in my vision. I gasped and moaned. My eyes rolled back into my head. It was so good. I thrashed between them, my holes milking their shafts.

I wanted their cum to flood me.

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Especially Xera's. It would be so wrong. "Cum in me," I moaned, staring into the elf's violet eyes. "Flood me with your jizz." "Yes," Chaun grunted. He thought I meant him. "Let's flood my slutty songbird's holes." Xera groaned, thrusting her hips up hard, slamming her cock into my depths. Her ears twitched and fluttered.

And then her cum exploded into my depths. My eyes widened at the hot jizz splashing into my cunt. Cum that wasn't my husband's. "Luben's vows," I moaned, mocking the god of marriage as my orgasm exploded through me. "Yes, yes, yes, flood my pussy. Oh, yes. So good." "Las's cock," my husband grunted and slammed into my spasming ass. Hot jizz filled my ass. I groaned, spasming, the pleasure inundating my mind as I lay between my two lovers. I had broken my marriage vows partially.

Xera was a female, but she had a cock and she came in me. Guilt tinged the edges of my pleasure as I thrashed between the two. "My songbird," Chaun groaned. He hugged me and rolled the pair of us onto our sides, my arms about Xera. I rested my head on her tits, the world spinning. I just fucked another cock. What was wrong with me? Why did I cum so hard? Why would I mock gentle Luben? I was becoming a whore for my husband, and I didn't know if that was a good thing. "You are wonderful," he whispered into my ear.

"My songbird. Love you." "Love you," I whispered, my body drained, cum dribbling out of both my holes. Sleep pulled me down into troubled dreams. In them, I fucked every man I could. I let them use my body and violate my marriage vows over and over. I was their whore. Their slutty songbird. Their cum dripped out of me, making me filthy. Disgusting. Something to be used and discarded.

All while Chaun watched, reveling in my defilement. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia My cock was gone. Minx was disappointed when she saw me coming downstairs from Chaun and Xandra's room in the morning. The halfling raced to me and planted a hungry kiss right on my clit, sucking on it. She was short enough she didn't have to bend over to do it.

"Sorry," I told her, groaning and undulating my hips. "It's gone for the month." Minx lifted her face, bronze chin smeared with my pussy juices. "It's okay, I still have plenty of the alchemical cream." I smiled, remembering how intense the cream was. It made me have a cock that would cum over and over. it was far more intense than my natural cock. "Good," I said. "I'm looking forward to fucking you." The way she smiled made my heart beat a little faster.

It was a radiant smile, so hungry and full of life. I stroked her metallic red hair, wishing she had pointed ears. I always loved stroking my wife's hair and brushing her ears. I blinked. I hadn't thought of Atharilesia in a while.

She would have given birth to our daughter by now. It had been three months since I left Khalesithan with Sophia and Angela, caught up in their quest. It would be months more before I saw my wife and child. My heart ached as I sat down. Then Minx hopped into my lap, bouncing. "Guess what I found out, Xera." "What?" I asked, smiling at her childish zeal.

"There are no bounty hunters in Hargone. Word of the bounty only reached here last night. And none of the thieves even think we're in town yet. Great, huh?" I smiled at her and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. They tasted sweet. We broke our fast on dates and figs.

The food in Hargone was the best, no meat served at all, though they didn't have to cook the figs. They would be better raw. But it was an improvement since most human communities served meat with their meals. Our breakfast over, and the bill settled, we headed to Aswunt's warehouse to join the caravan. Xandra walked beside her husband, quiet after last night. She stared down at her hands. I hoped she wasn't having regrets. I thoroughly enjoyed myself last night.

It was hot sharing a woman with a man. I had shared Faoril with Thrak before and hoped to enjoy Xandra again in a month. "Ah, there is the Lady Knight," Aswunt said when we arrived. His white beard was oiled into a point. Gems and gold glittered on the rings covering each of his fingers. "And your companions. Yes, yes, the tribesmen would be foolish to attack such a well-guarded caravan." "They would," a man said, his voice deep.

He stood by the long line of camels, each loaded with packs piled about their double humps. The man wore black-lacquered armor, his skin swarthy and his hair gathered into a topknot.

Kneeling beside him was a naked lamia, a collar about her neck, a chain leading to the man's hand. "Shizhuthian warleader?" frowned Faoril. "You're far from home." "A disagreement with the naga," the man said, his hand reaching down to pet the lamia's tawny hair. Her cat-like ears twitched and she let out a pleased purr. "They tried to take what was mine." The catgirl rubbed her cheek against his armored leg.

"The name is Farson, Lady Knight." He gave a small bow. "It seems we shall be traveling together." "Yes, yes," Aswunt said, clapping his hands together. "The good knight is on a quest for the Mirage Gardens. Maybe she'll find it and the treasure.

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Either way, it shall be an interesting trip." Farson nodded to Angela. "I expect it will be." "The camels await," Aswunt said. "Mount up. We must depart. The day is already growing so warm." My ears twitched as I stared at Farson. He had a cruel twist to his smile, and his eyes were cold. I shivered despite the heat. To be continued.