Teen jerks off hard penis

Teen jerks off hard penis
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Jen and I didn't get an opportunity like that again for a long time. I'd watched her roam the house naked and had free access to touch her pussy for an entire day, while she'd jerked me off.

jeez, I don't know how many times.


A lot. More than usual, anyway, and as a fifteen-year-old boy, I of course jerked off at every chance I was given. I just couldn't get enough of my sister. She was so outrageously sexy to me, and she seemed to be enjoying our time together just as much as I was.

Anyway, like I said, Mom and Dad didn't leave us alone for that long again for a while. Not that they didn't trust us, because we were mostly good kids (aside from the whole naked-and-mutual-masturbation-and-sometimes-oral-sex thing, which of course they didn't know about), but they'd started to suspect that something might be up between us.

They didn't do anything really bad, like sit us down and make us talk about it, just, you know, vaguely hinted that they were our parents, and they loved us very much, and that if we needed to we could talk to them about anything. Yeah, right! I could just see how that conversation would go. "Well, now that you mention it, Dad. I mean, you and Mom have been married for a while now, right? You have sex pretty often?

Well, reason I ask is because sometimes I go down on my sister, and when I make her come it's like she's trying to squeeze my head off with her thighs. Is there any way you can keep a girl from doing that? It kind of hurts." If I said it just right, I might - might have enough time to make it to the front door before Dad caught me in a flying tackle and Mom strangled me to death.

In a. just a pure, pure genius move, Jen fended them off by dropping a hint that we had spent their flea market day doing something for their Christmas present, since it wasn't that far away. It solved that little problem, but then simultaneously left us with, well, what they hell were we going to get them for Christmas?

For that matter, what were we going to get each other? We were kind of sort of sleeping together, except not really because we weren't having sex (just everything but), but we were brother and sister but at the same time we were sort of boyfriend and girlfriend - right?

What the hell were we? What do you get for a person like that? Normally she'd get me a book or game I'd been lusting after, and I'd get her a book on photography or a big coffee table collection of landscape photos, or something like that.

Were we going to have to get each other different things now that we were. whatever we were? Like before, I decided that the direct approach was the best. Coming home from school one day, I just straight-up asked her as soon as the front door was locked behind us. "Jen - what are we?" She looked at me blankly. "The walrus?

Coo-coo-ka-choo? What do you mean?" I rubbed my face, trying to find the words. I'd been thinking about this all day, but still hadn't come up with a good way to put it. "I mean, us. Our, uh, 'adventures,' the ones we have when Mom and Dad aren't around." She nodded, getting it.

"What does that make us? I mean, we're brother and sister." "And as far as I'm concerned, that's what we still are," she said. "Not that I don't. I mean. We sort of are, but." Her face scrunched up in a frown. "You're right, this is hard. Okay, okay, okay," she said, holding up her hands to stop me from saying anything.

"Let me put it this way. A brother and sister can't date or get married or whatever; I mean, I'm not stupid, I know that someday you're going to find someone you want to be your girlfriend." "You're okay with that?" I hadn't even thought about this; apparently Jen had been doing some thinking on this as well.

"Of course, you dope.


You're the world's most excellent brother, I can't keep you all to myself. Just don't. you know. don't forget about me, okay?" Her brown eyes were suddenly big and sad as she said that last part. I was stunned. "Of course I'm not going to forget about you. Why would you say that?" She rolled her eyes and made a helpless gesture, flinging her hand up and around in circles.

"I don't know. Mrs. Pearson was talking about college the other day, and it made me think that we're probably not going to go to the same one, and it's going to be really weird not having you around all the time, and that made me think about the future and after college and." She trailed off and sniffed, and I realized that she was abruptly on the verge of tears.

"You've just always been there for me, whatever I needed, my whole life, and I don't know what I'm going to do without you." "Hey, hey, hey," I said, drawing her into a hug as a sob escaped her throat. "Shh, it's okay, no need for that. Listen to me." I held her at arm's length, making sure she was looking in my eyes. "No matter what happens, you'll always be my sister.

Okay? I'm never going to 'forget' about you; that's stupid. You've always been with me my whole life too, you know? I may be older, but you've always been around as far as I'm concerned.

I could never 'forget' you. Not in a million years." I couldn't suppress a smirk. "Especially not after what we've been doing lately." It worked; she laughed, blushing and pulling me into another hug, a long, tight one.

I felt her tears soaking through my shirt on my shoulder. "That's not why you do it, right?" I said facetiously. "No, Shawn, you ass." She punched me lightly in the stomach. "I do it because you're freaking hot, and I like making you feel good." "You think I'm hot?" No one had ever called me that before.

She lifted her head up and favored me with a pitying look. "Shawn, do you honestly think I would suck your dick if I thought you were ugly?" I laughed. "I guess not." "Then you're hot," she said conclusively, burying her face again.

"I'm the luckiest sister alive to have you as her brother. Clothes on and off. And I know that's probably weird, but I can't help it. You make me feel so good and safe when we're hanging out together, and I didn't think it would but it really turns me on to know you're looking at me when I'm naked." "So you weren't trying to seduce me from the beginning." She laughed, her face still pressed against me.

"Sure seems that way, doesn't it? No. I thought your 'solution' was really weird, but I wasn't going to back down once you took your clothes off. But it really did help. And the more comfortable it became, the more I liked seeing you naked, and being naked around you. And, you know. one thing led to another." I couldn't think of anything to say to that, so we just stood there, hugging for a while.

Eventually she gave me a final squeeze, indicating that she wanted to be let go, and we separated. She wiped tears off her face with the back of her hand (even though I'm sure they were all on my shirt now), and we gathered up our backpacks where they had fallen and I followed her upstairs. "You've been doing a lot of thinking about this," I commented. "You could say that," she said, sniffing. I recognized her trying to get a hold of herself.

Our parents weren't due back for a while, but if they saw she'd been crying there could be awkward questions. "You're really okay with me having a girlfriend someday? After all we've done?" "Let me put it this way." She went into her room to change, but left the door open so we could still talk. I did the same; I needed a new shirt. "Would it bother you if I were to get a boyfriend?" I paused in the middle of taking my shirt off.

"I. no?" I said. "You don't sound so sure." "No, it's just, I hadn't thought about it before." I really hadn't, until then, and it sort of surprised me that, after everything that had happened, the thought really didn't bother me that much. "And?" She poked her head around the side of my door, now dressed in baggy khakis and a flannel shirt.

"Yeah, I. really am okay with it. Is it weird that I don't think that's weird?" I didn't. I even pictured her meeting another guy at school, dating him, and fucking his brains out. I felt like the thought should have made me jealous, but really it didn't bother me at all.

"Nope. That's how I feel about you." I pulled on a fresh shirt. "Huh." Then, quickly I added, "That doesn't mean I don't want to-" "Of course not." "Because I still-" "Me, too." "I mean, feel free to-" "I haven't found anyone I like, yet, but it might happen, you never know.

And, of course, you can feel free to do the same." "So. what happens when we do? Do we, you know, tell them, or.?" Jen raised her hands in front of her and turned her face.

"That's between you and her, okay? If you want to tell her and you think she'll be okay with it, you can tell her. Otherwise we'll keep it between us like we always have, agreed?" She stuck out her hand, and I shook it with a smile. "Agreed." The conversation turned towards more mundane topics after that. We plotted about Christmas presents, because now, we had to make ours to our parents all the better, because we were having to pretend we'd spent the whole flea market day working on it.

If Mom or Dad noticed the signs that Jen had been crying, they never said anything.

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Weeks came and went. With the heavier snowfalls, upcoming midterms at school, doctor's visits, and holiday plans, Jen and I didn't get very much time to spend alone together. Thanksgiving rolled around, and we spent that weekend with Grandma and Uncle Charlie at her house a few hours away. December was worse, trying to finish up class projects, consulting other students on research papers, and find time to study for our tests in between all the shopping and gift-planning.

Jen and I were pretty much limited to the occasional stolen kiss after the parents had gone to bed and a quick self-administered release now and again. Finally, it was over. All miderms completed, all work turned in. Jen and I were off from school for two weeks, from a few days before Christmas until after New Year's. Winter vacation! Sad to say, but after all that, Jen and I were mostly just tired, and we spent practically that whole first day catching up on sleep.

When we were awake, we stared blankly at the TV as it played a constant stream of Christmas movies. ("You'll shoot your eye out!" Classic.)At one point I jokingly asked Jen what she was getting me for Christmas.

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She smiled for the first time that day, and just said that I would have to wait. I, on the other hand, had conspired with Mom and Dad on her present this year.

She missed out on a photography class in the fall semester, but she had pounced on it the moment registration opened up for the spring. I didn't want her to have to get into a class like that only using her cell phone camera, or the simple point-and-shoot she made do with most of the time, so we all pitched in and got her a decent, if not top-of-the-line, digital SLR. I couldn't wait to give it to her. For Mom and Dad, Jen and I scraped up almost all of our savings and spent an entire evening on the phone and on our laptops in order to secure them two passes to some kind of restaurant and day spa thing that promised to "cleanse them inside and out," or whatever.

Mom loved this kind of stuff, and while mud masks and cucumber slices over his eyes wasn't exactly Dad's thing, he did like being pampered and trying new food (his own in-home kitchen experiments varied widely between wonderful, and standing on chairs to wave frantically at the smoke alarms). Anyway. Christmas was awesome, as it always is. Like Thanksgiving, we spent the holiday at Grandma's house with Uncle Charlie. He got us some gift cards and cash, and Grandma knitted us some wool hats (mine was blue, Jens' purple).

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Jen almost cried when she opened her new camera, and when Mom said it had been my idea she hugged me so tight I thought she was going to break a shoulder bone. My gift from her was the new handheld game system that had come out earlier that year. I'd been trying to convince myself I didn't need it, but Jen was good at picking up on stuff like that. Later, though, amidst the cleanup chaos, when Jen and I were trying to stuff armloads of wrapping paper into Grandma's ridiculously tiny trash can, she leaned over and whispered in my ear.

"That's not all I got you," she said. I started to ask about it, but Uncle Charlie came in with a bigger trash bag and she clammed up. Oh, I thought. That kind of present. She was gonna do something sexy for me! That had to be what she meant. I tried not to let my excitement show, but Jen kept looking at me in a way that told me she knew exactly what I was thinking. Trouble was, I was thinking an awful lot. What could she be planning?

What could she do for me that she hadn't already? And since she'd said she wasn't ready yet, actual sex was probably out of the question. I wondered if it was sexy underwear, and man, would that be awesome. Just imagining it was getting me going downstairs. So you can imagine how much torture spending that night at Grandma's was, with Jen sleeping in Grandma's room and me bunking with Uncle Charlie.

He was a cool guy and all, but he snored, and he certainly wasn't my sister in sexy underwear. This is skipping ahead a little, but it wasn't sexy underwear.

It was much better. But I won't spoil it. We drove back home the next day, and we spent the rest of it just relaxing and playing with our new toys, so to speak. Mom got on the phone immediately with the spa, asking about details and setting up a reservation.

I went out and bought a new game with my Christmas money to go with my present, and had lots of fun with that. I don't think Jen set her new camera down for even a second; she spent the entire day with the display practically plastered to her face as she navigated the menus, tried out all the options, and snapped test photos.

In fact, that night, just as I was about to shut down my computer and go to bed, I got an e-mail from her with a picture attached. The message read, "Thinking about you. Hope you do the same when you see this.

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PS: delete it when you're done." Curious (of course), I opened the attachment. Jen had taken a photo of herself at arm's length, and she was naked. Her face wasn't visible, but I knew it was her. (I mean, come on, I'd seen her naked way often enough to know by now, wouldn't you say?

) She was on her bed, propped up on her pillow, naked breasts sporting hard, perky nipples. Her legs were open, but I unfortunately couldn't exactly see between them, because her free hand was over it, and her middle and ring fingers were buried inside. Holy shit! Jen sent me a picture of her masturbating! She was probably still doing it right now!

I popped. I couldn't help it. I jacked off right then, hard. I thought that just maybe, if I was really, really quiet, I could just barely hear the wet sounds of her fingers going in and out of her, that maybe I could detect just a bit of the smell of her pussy in the air.

But I was probably being delusional. Either way, I came pretty damn fast, so fast I had to catch my breath for a second afterwards. As per her request, I made sure the e-mail and picture were gone before I typed out a reply. "Wow." A few minutes passed before she responded with a winking smiley face, and "That's not your present, by the way.

I'll give that to you tomorrow. Love you. G'night." I smirked. We were still on winter vacation, but Mom and Dad had to go to work tomorrow. I wondered what she had up her sleeve. Well, I guess to be fair, she probably wouldn't have any sleeves. But it looked like I was going to have to wait to find out. I smiled the next morning when Jen came to wake me up, but became immediately disappointed when I saw she still had her pajamas on.

"C'mon, get up," she said. "You want some breakfast?" I mumbled something, fell out of bed, threw something on and followed her downstairs.

She and I ate cereal mostly in silence. At first I was just groggy; after a few minutes, I was just wary. We'd been alone for a whole twenty minutes and we still had clothes on. What the hell was she planning? Jen just sat there with a smug expression on her face, only making small talk. Finished, she gathered up our dishes and rinsed them off. I watched her as she finished and approached me, just the barest hint of a smile on her face. To my surprise, she sat in my lap, wrapped her arms around my neck, and kissed me.

Finally! I thought. My hands found her hips and I kissed back, but she pulled away before we got too into it. "I think you need a shower," she said, her eyes sparkling. "Excuse me?" I'd just taken one yesterday. Where the fuck had that come from? I was actually kind of insulted, but before I got really upset, Jen caught my eye, and said it again. "I think. You need. A shower." I peered at her, even more suspicious than ever. She'd said to too slowly, too deliberately.

"All right." I said, slowly. She hopped up, allowing me to stand, and followed me upstairs, still with that same expression on her face.

What the hell? I kept thinking, even as she shooed me into the bathroom with little hand-wavey motions.

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So I'm just totally bewildered at this point, right? I mean, she was obviously planning something, but for the life of me I just could not figure out what. But I did as she asked. I stripped down, cranked up the water, and got in the shower.

Right about the time I was starting to lather up, I hear the bathroom door open, and then close again. "Hello?" Jen was the only one here, right? I hadn't heard or felt the early warning system. Had Mom or Dad come home for something? They must have come through the front door. Had something happened? I started to get really concerned in the span of about a second and a half, so I was understandably confused when my naked sister opened up the shower curtain and stepped into the tub with me.

"Jen?" She just grinned and pressed herself against me, and it was all over. I'm ashamed to admit that I actually don't remember a lot of that. I just remember it being a lot of fun. It's all this big haze of steam, slippery skin, roaming hands, and heavy breathing. At one point, I had her pressed against one wall (where the towel was hanging - even through all that I knew that pushing her against the tile would have been incredibly cold and probably put a halt to everything pronto).

Her left leg was wrapped around me. One hand had my dick, the other was clutching at my back for balance.

My right arm was wrapped around her leg, partially to hold it up, and partially so that I could reach her pussy. Each rub of her clit earned me a wonderful moan from her. She put her head close to my ear. "My room. Now." I didn't have to be told twice. I shut off the water and we left the bathroom - and instantly regretted it.

We hadn't really bothered to dry off, and the cold air was very, very, very cold on our wet skin. We both made sounds like, "Hoooaaaaaagh!" and dashed to her room, diving under the covers of her bed. So. yeah. That's a thing that happened.

Rookie move. Live and learn, I guess, right? We lay there for I don't know how long, huddled together and shivering. Dimly I hoped that her sheets would dry before our parents got home, but most of my brain was occupied with how we would explain to them our dual cases of hypothermia.

If we lost limbs to the frostbite I was pretty sure our little secret would get out, somehow. Eventually, though (once the shivering stopped), we started making out again. It was always gratifying to feel how her nipples hardened under my hands, to listen to her breathing quicken.

I ducked my mouth under her chin and went for her neck while one hand meandered its way down her side, over her hip, and between her legs. She let out one long, urgent, openmouthed moan, but then pushed me away.

"Lie just like that," she said, "I want to try something." She rolled and swung her legs off the bed, but then swung them right back up on the other side. Turning, she was now lying down opposite me. I playfully nipped at her stomach, causing her to squeal and flail her hands at me, but I stopped laughing when she put her hand on my dick and guided it into her mouth.

She kissed and sucked and licked it all over, and then it got even better when she put it in. I groaned, helpless, as she drew more and more of me in. I watched in amazement as my sister's mouth inched closer and closer to me, and eventually touched. "Oh, wow," I breathed. I didn't know if it was the angle we were at, or what, but she'd taken my entire cock down her throat.

And it felt amazing. She drew back, sucking as she went until I came out of her with a wet "pop." She grinned down (up?) at me. "Did you like that?" "Hell, yeah, I did!" I looked up at her body. Why, what a coincidence!

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"Almost as much as you're going to like this." I lifted her leg up above my head, reached around to help spread her lips, and stretched my tongue out towards her waiting pussy. The cry she gave was muffled halfway through by her shoving my cock into her mouth again, and that sensation felt great, too.

I kept causing her to make it. We worked on each other like that for a long while. Jen gave me one of the hardest blowjobs she'd ever given me; either she was really worked up by all this or she was trying to "win" by making me come first, I don't know. Either way, it was incredible. Eventually, though, I won, and she shuddered and screamed, but she was a very, very close second (truth be told we almost tied).

She didn't even turn her head the way she'd done before - when I came, she swallowed all of it, from beginning to end. We rolled away from each other, onto our backs, panting. We didn't move or say anything to each other for maybe ten minutes.

"So," she finally said. "Ready to open your Christmas present?" I laughed. "That wasn't it?" She giggled, and then got up and went to her dresser. From the top drawer, she fished out a small box, maybe about the size of a larger smartphone.

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It was incredibly light when she put it in my hands, so at first I thought she was playing a joke on me, or giving me sex coupons or something like that, but inside I could hear very faint rattles. Puzzled, I started unwrapping it as she lay down next to me (the right way this time).

Inside was a blister pack of pills, maybe about twenty-five or thirty of them. The first row and a half were gone.

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I was about to ask what the heck I was supposed to do with these, when it hit me: there weren't twenty-five to thirty pills in this pack. There were exactly twenty-eight, weren't there?

I counted, just to make sure. I turned to her, and Jen had this smoldering look in her eyes. "Are these what I think they are?" "Depends. What do you think they are?" "They look like birth control pills." "That's good, because that's what they're supposed to be." "How long have you-" "That's my first month," she nodded towards the pack.

"I had to do a little creative storytelling, but I was able to convince Mom it was to help stabilize my cycle." I snorted. "She bought that?" Jen gave me a wry look. "Probably not.


But she didn't say anything about it." "So. why are you giving me these?" Jen rolled her eyes. "I'm not giving you the pills, genius. I'm giving you what they represent. The doctor told me I shouldn't have intercourse until I'd been on the pill for at least two weeks. I want to be extra safe, and wait a little longer. Just to make sure they don't give me any side effects or whatever." "So does this mean.?" Jen grinned, and draped her arm across me, and leaned in close.

"That's right, brother-of-mine. In three or four weeks, my Christmas present to you." she kissed me, ".will be myself."