Amazing cock engulfing homosexual special with two hot males

Amazing cock engulfing homosexual special with two hot males
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The Chauffeur (#27) Getting Back to Work By: PABLO DIABLO Copyright 2019 CHAPTER 1 As everyone was sated with Sammy and Bobby's wonderful cooking, the chefs seemed to find their way to be around Melanie, Both of them were clearly flirting with her and she was loving every minute of it. It certainly was nice to see her smile. I pulled out my laptop and using a pair of earbuds that Dakota gave me, I plugged in and put on some music.

Logging into my work email, there was another 350 emails. I scanned through them. First one that I stopped on was from the trucking company manger. He was asking for another order of tires.

He said that he now has a waiting list since we have priced them down so far that many independent truckers have begun to ask to be put on a list and to let them know when more tires will be in-stock. I sat back in my chair.

Maybe we stumbled onto something. I sent a follow-up email to that manager telling him that I would order another batch of the greatly increased order from BF Goodrich. I also asked if we should be expanding the tire distribution to other centers since we have a standing waiting list.

I followed up that email with another one to the BF Goodrich tire guy. However, this time I sent him an additional list of 15 additional locations that I want tires sent. I also inquired about the retread plant in Texas. I saw multiple emails from various news organizations. I read a couple, but the one that caught my attention was one from Jim Cramer and the Mad Money producer. She invited me to hold an interview with Jim via phone, via video, or their hope, in person in New York City.

I replied to them saying that I needed a couple of weeks to transition but would be willing to come to New York for the in-person interview. In my email rested one from FedEx.

They referred to several packages from a R. Jaxson that will be delivered to our house today or tomorrow. Further scanning brought me to one from the chef at Melanie's home. He asked if he could inquire what the job might be that I referred to, what would be the hours, would it be full time as he didn't think that his services with Melanie would be needed much longer.

He also attached a resume for me to look at to verify his qualifications and education. I made note to chat with Melanie about this guy. I began to read the 'read only' emails, disposing them after. I was listening to some old blues music when I felt a pair of lips on the back of my neck.

I stared straight ahead thinking to myself 'who belongs to these soft lips'? A single finger began playing with my ear all the while the lips kept kissing the back of my neck with an occasional tongue lick.

Then, a gentle whisper in my ear as one earbud was removed, "Daddy is it?" Before I turned around, I closed my laptop thinking that I had done enough work for now. Slowly, I turned around. It was Melanie.

She was standing there naked. My cock sprang to life. Again, just something about her made me want her. I stood up from the table, removing my other earbud. I pulled her in tightly. She slipped a finger from each hand into the waistband of my shorts and pushed them down. "David, thank you for bringing me here.

This is just what an old gal needs," she says to me. "Did you have something wicked in mind, my dear?" I ask. "Will you and Jill play with me?" She asked. "Absolutely! You don't need to ask here Mel just pick someone and begin licking, sucking, fucking whatever you have in mind.

My group is friendly. There may be some age differences but no one that I'm aware of has an issue with any of that," I tell her. I take her by the hand and lead her to our bedroom. When I open the door, we see John and Marcus having their way with Jill.

She is the middle of a spit-roast. Melanie blushes and tries to turn around and walk away. I put my arm around her waist and pull her into the bedroom. "David, she's busy. Don't bother her," Melanie directs. "Jill, honey, Melanie would like to take your place. Care to switch?" I say loudly. Jill responds by waving Melanie over to the bed.

I push Mel towards the threesome. Jill stops sucking Marcus' cock and unplugs herself from John's massive tool. She pulls Melanie onto the bed. "Gentlemen be nice to her," is all that Jill says before getting out of the play bed. John leans his face down and puts it between Melanie's legs as Marcus positions her to be on all fours.

Greedily, she begins to lick and suck Marcus' still hard cock. It is twitching with excitement. Jill and I walk over to the play bed.

Jill starts playing with John's cock from behind him and I begin stroking Melanie's back gently. I whisper in her ear as I hear her slurp on Marcus, "Do you have any idea how sexy you look with a hard-young cock in your mouth and John getting you wet enough for his horse cock to invade your wonderful pussy?" Melanie moans and reaches out with one hand to stroke my cock. I see John lift his cock up and slide it into Melanie, whose eyes just roll to the back of her head.

John began slowly and gently fucking her. He put his hands on her hips to control her movements. As time wore on, he began to increase his rhythm.

Marcus tells Melanie that he's about to cum. She keeps up her efforts of licking and sucking him. He erupts into her mouth. A small bit dribbles out the side of her mouth running down to the bottom of her cheek before finally dropping off her face and onto the bed. Marcus leans into her thanking her and kissing her on her forehead before rolling off the play bed. Jill directs me to get up on the bed where Marcus was moments ago.

She decided that she wants some attention from both me and Melanie. She strokes my cock making sure it is hard. She points to my cock and gently pushes Melanie's head towards my manhood. John is now really fucking her hard and fast. I see the glazed over look in Melanie's eyes as she is trying hard to stay on task of giving me a blowjob. Once I'm sufficiently wet, Jill climbs aboard and straddles my cock into her ass.

She has her back to me and her coochie facing Melanie. She takes Melanie by the ears and directs her towards her twat.

"Lick me, Darling," she directs to Melanie. Melanie pauses for just a moment inhaling Jill's intoxicatingly wonderful womanhood before snaking her tongue through her woman-folds. Jill leans back onto me, squirming her beautiful ass. I wasn't sure which got her going more, being the center of Melanie and I's sex sandwich or maybe my hard cock into her ass or Melanie's tongue exploring Jill's sex. It really didn't matter, two guys, two ladies, lots of fun.

John finally hit his orgasmic peak, "OH FUCK ME. THIS IS SO FUCKING GREAT, FUCK MEEEEEEE," he announces to the room in general. Feeling John's cock erupting into Melanie, made her lose place licking Jill for just a couple of moments. Jill giggled and said to me, "Guess John had to work off all that food somehow," I laughed. After John was finished cumming into Melanie, he did something that I didn't expect him to do.

He came around to Melanie, thanked her, and leaned down to kiss her. After they broke from the kiss, John took a couple of licks on Jill's pussy and even jokingly poked her protruded clit. Jill moaned a thank you. John kissed Jill and turned to leave the room. Melanie stopped licking Jill and said to John, "Will I get to fuck you again? Your cock is the biggest that I've ever had, and I would like more, if you're willing," she says to him in a serious manner. John turns on his heels and comes back to the bed saying, "Ma'am, you can have me anytime you want.

That is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me," before he leaned into her again, kissing her, although this time much more passionately. When they broke, he kissed her nose and then the top of her forehead before getting back up off the bed and heading out.

Jill said to me, "John really is beginning to take on your qualities. He's basically a mini you. He's now fucking with a bit of a flair not just slamming that huge cock into someone," Jill says in a low tone as Melanie has gone back to licking and sucking on Jill as my cock is still buried into Jill's anal cavity.

I can feel Jill's body give her away as small orgasms are rolling through her. "Jill my dear, Melanie asked to play with you. I think over the next bit you and her need to do things together, shop, fuck, more shopping, and lots more fucking," I say smiling as I feel her wiggle her ass sideways from Melanie's tongue. Melanie's body also begins to spasm. I see her eyes roll back in her skull and her oral assault on Jill slow down dramatically. Jill reaches out and pulls her face into her pussy further.

Melanie tries to stick her tongue into Jill like a spear, but alas, she was cumming too hard to make that work. Watching Melanie and feel Jill ride my cock made me feel that wonderful twinge of the inevitable. Jill who was now just leaning on my chest came first, "OH FUCK ME, MELANIE YOU DO SUCH A WONDERFUL JOB WITH THAT TONGUE OF YOURS," as I feel her body tense up as a huge orgasm pounds my Jill's body. I kiss Jill' neck as I begin to erupt into her ass. As I shoot my load into her, I feel it leaking out of her ass and onto my balls.

Melanie leans in a bit further and licks the cum off my balls. Melanie stops licking and rolls onto her back exhausted and almost breathless. I untangle myself from Jill's ass as my cock begins to deflate. I get up from the bed and head into the bathroom to clean myself up. While I was in there, I heard conversation between Jill and Melanie.

Couldn't quite hear the words, but I heard the voices clear enough. After stepping out of the shower and drying off, I heard summoning of God Almighty. This time it was Melanie once again.

She was hitting her orgasmic peak on all cylinders. I peeked my head out of the bathroom just in time to see Jill's face buried into Melanie. Mel's whole body shook as one orgasm after another rolled through her body. Jill was relentless. She didn't let up as Melanie orgasmed over and over. "OH GAWD JILL, YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM SOOOOOOOOOOO&hellip." Her voice trailed off as another huge orgasm ravaged her body. After several minutes of Jill laying waste to Melanie's pussy, Mel begged for Jill to stop, she didn't think she had any more left to give.

Jill moved up and kissed her face before wrapping her arms around Mel. They both were satisfied. They stayed tangled up and slowly tried to fight off the monster known as sleep. I smiled and stepped back into the bathroom to toss my towel into the hamper. My laptop was calling, in my head at least.

As I moved through the hallway, I realized how tired I was. I turned around and headed back to my bedroom. Once inside, I shed my shorts, kissed both Jill and Melanie and climbed into our sleep bed.

It didn't take long for sleep to overtake me. CHAPTER 2 When I woke it was Monday and I needed to get back to work. The weekend was different to say the least, a big party, followed by a trip to Bob Jaxson's funeral, then back home bringing Melanie Jaxson with us.

Jill was sleeping peacefully next to me in bed. Melanie wasn't in the room any longer. I quickly showered, put on some dress shorts and a white tee shirt and headed towards the kitchen. I opened the laptop, put in the earbuds and logged into my work email.

In less than 18 hours, my work email went from the less than 200 I had left it at to over 450. Really? 450? So, I began the process of scanning through looking for ones that were not read-only. First one that I found was from Roger. He explained what had happened at the Pinetree in New Orleans. Seems that a couple of fraternity guys were holding a party, put the location on social media. The party grew exponentially and soon there were so many drunk college kids that one of them tried diving into the pool from the second-floor roof.

He didn't make the jump successfully. To try and hide the screwup, several of them set fire to the room, thus causing an evacuation of the entire hotel. Although, he didn't ask for a reply, I sent him one thanking him for the update. After Roger's email, there was one from the BF Goodrich guy. He sent another extended tire order, however he did some math and sent additional tires to the 15 new locations, at BF Goodrich's cost as a thank you for being such a good customer.

He also said that the first 5 tractor trailers of old tires had arrived at the retread location and will be made new and sent back. I found myself going back to Melanie's chef email. I responded to him that I have a need to help several of our restaurant locations to organize and make the worker's lives much easier.

I asked him how much he made working for Melanie. I also told him that this position would require him to travel via commercial airlines. I told him that I would have a discussion with Melanie about him and sent the email. The guy that Roger had selected to handle firearms training was confirming our class Tuesday at 10am at the local pistol range. He said that those who don't own a firearm, he would have several with him. I thanked him and confirmed the date/time. I saw an email from Jennifer's phone reminding me that I wanted her to check out other big office buildings.

She had plans for a visit to Atlanta mid-week, just a quick round trip. She was booked on Delta each way. However, she was asking if she should take Diane with her to take her away from her crazy mom, Nikki. I replied that if she felt it to be the right thing to do, then do it. However, be sure to fly first class, no need to fly coach. Then a thought came to me, do we need a travel agent on board as part of the HR group?

Outside of the two private jets, there is a large amount of traveling. Maybe having an experienced travel agent might help defray some costs and eliminate multiple stops. To help eliminate some of the mass emails, I looked for ones that had the same lead-in and thus being replied 'to all'.

I figured out that I only needed to read the most recent one, thus giving me access to all the comments and still getting the information being passed along.

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Sharon had also sent one from her phone, asking about picking out a new car that I had promised when she was hired. I replied she should bring me pamphlets of the two she most liked and we'll go from there. I already bought Dakota and Tina each a BMW, what would Sharon bring me? My head guessed SUV, but my heart thought Mercedes.

I sent Jill an email asking for 500 shares of Jaxson Inc. stock for each of the CG boys. They defended the castle. I wanted to make sure they knew how much I appreciated their efforts. As I was listening to music from the 80's a pair of arms wrapped around my neck. One of the hands removed an earbud. I felt lips kissing my ear. Whom could it be? In a barely audible whisper I heard, "Daddy, can I have your baby too?" I was sure at this point it was Jill having some fun with me.

I turned around and was shocked to see, Melanie. She giggled at my shock. She explained that she knew that Jill and I were trying to conceive our own child and thought she would make light of it. I stood up and put my arms around her, pulling her into me. I could feel my cock beginning to rise. She obviously felt it as well, putting her hand down my shorts and taking hold of my now hard cock.

She gently stroked it. For some reason, I just wanted to brush everything off the table and lay her down putting my cock into her. She undid my shorts and boxers letting the fall to the floor. I reached down and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around me as I positioned her wet pussy over my manhood. I lowered her down gently. "Oh David, you have no idea how much I have missed being touched, being loved, being used for the sexual being I am.

I can't thank you enough for insisting that I come here with you," she said to me with a look of love in her eyes. "Mel, you don't need to rush home, let's call this place your West Coast home," I say to her trying to make her feel more at ease.

"Darling, I need to ask you about your chef at the Hamptons home. Is he available? I have a good full-time position for him in the restaurant group, will he be available anytime soon? And, if so, how much do you pay him?" I ask as we are rocking back and forth making each other feel wonderful. "David, if you want him, he's yours. I've been worrying about what to do with most of the staff. Godfrey has already been spoken for by an uppity British couple a mile or so down the road.

I pay my chef $36,000 a year plus an annual bonus of $1500. Why? Is that too much?" she asks as we try to extend out our pleasure. "OH, MY GAWD, DAVID&hellip. I'M CUUUUUMMMMMMIIINNNNNGGGG," she said breathlessly. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She put her head on my shoulder and began to just purr. I just caressed her back while still thrusting myself into her womanly folds. I took a step forward pushing her up against one of the bar stools.

She leaned backwards and put her arms straight out balancing herself against the bar. I kept my gentle and rhythmic fucking. Her breathing stayed shallow and the focus of her eyes clearly was glazed over.

As she regained her composure, she asked me, "David, do you ever go into the office?" She asked while trying to refocus her senses.

"Not usually, why do you ask?" "Well, it seems to me that if you're supposed to be the face of the company, shouldn't you actually show your face?" she asked. "When it is necessary, I do show my face. However, I get more accomplished if the employees don't see me coming.

I want a truthful peek at exactly what our customers see. If I announce my arrival, then I get a fancied-up visit and do not get an actual taste of what our customers are usually experiencing. Look at the top 100 companies in the US more than 90% of their senior management only want to visit the 'best' their company has to offer.

I take a different approach; how can I fix it if I don't know what's broken? Does any of this make sense?" I say to her. "Do you remember when you told Bob to fuck off and that you quit?

I told you that he threw his phone across the room and broke it into several pieces. Do you vaguely remember that?" she asks. "Vaguely? It feels more like it was last week," I reply. "I never fixed that phone. I still have it. It means a lot to me. Until that phone call, I was sure that I was the only one who could elicit that type of anger out of Bob. He was used to steam-rolling people and getting his way all the time.

You told him off and before he could argue with you or scold you or even take you out to the woodshed for an attitude change, you set him on his heels by quitting and hanging up. That was the exact moment that I knew you were the perfect person to run the company. Bob couldn't have his way with you, yet he respected you because you took responsibility for your actions and your business decisions. Heck, the night we met you, if you remember, our usual driver Denise was in some sort of accident.

You and Jill came and got us, you made the decision not to charge us and Jill offered to stop and get me anything that I needed from Walgreen's." Melanie tells me. "Thank you. That means a lot to me," I say to her. Over Melanie's shoulder I see my gorgeous wife, wearing one of my white tee shirts come around the corner into the kitchen.

She stops and kisses Mel quite passionately. "How are you doing Mom?" Jill asks. "MOM??" I ask. "Yeah, I figure that since most of the ladies here call you Daddy, maybe I should call Melanie Mom. Any problems with that 'Daddy'?" Jill says to me all the while smiling her beautiful smile.

"Nope, none at all," I say knowing there are bigger things to make an issue about. I kiss Jill. "Aren't you done fucking Mom yet?

She might just be tired of your always wanting sex," Jill says to me giggling. "Sounds to me like you're jealous or envious," I reply to her smiling. "Jilly, you have no idea how much I'm enjoying this. He can fuck me anytime he wants to. Oh, and that boy, the mini-David fucked me silly yesterday. That boy can fuck!" She says with my dick still in her.

"Mom, do you forget we were right there? Yes, John can fuck. He wasn't always that way, he has been a willing student," Jill explains as she reaches out and twists one of my nipples.

"Well, if he's willing, I want to try him again," Mel says to Jill. "Jilly? I like that name for you my darling. Mom, that's two things you've come up with that's wonderful," I say to her as I thrust a bit harder. "Two? What was the first?" Jill asks. "To stop calling this place the Commune, start calling it the Chateau," I keep up the increased thrusting pace.

"Jilly, how does he do this, he just keeps making me cum and cum and cuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm," she says splashing my cock yet again with her woman juice. As I watched Mom reach a peak yet again, Penny came around the corner, wearing her copper colored collar. I smiled. This was the first time she has openly wore the collar since asking me to be her Master full time. "Come over here and introduce yourself to Mom," I direct Penny.

Jill watches with amazement. Looking down at the floor, Penny moves over next to me and sheepishly says, "Hello Mom. I'm Penny. This is my Master. I'm here to serve," she says in a submissive tone. She kneels next to me looking down at the floor. "David! You are a Dom as well as being Daddy? That's so cool, we need to talk later," Melanie says. Jill is just smiling. "Penny, I don't think your Master has cum yet," Jill says without giving any specific direction. I withdraw my cock from Melanie and turn my torso towards Penny.

She willingly opens her mouth and begins licking and sucking all of Melanie's woman juice off my cock and balls. Jill puts her hand behind Penny's head and pushes her face farther towards my pelvis causing her to gag a bit. She swallows hard moving my cock into her throat.

I thrust a couple of times before I feel that delightful twinge. Without any warning to my submissive I unload the contents of my balls into her belly.

Even though this feels wonderful, I look at Melanie's eyes get large. Is she amazed or excited about Penny? As I finish shooting my entire load into Penny, it dawns on me that Jill won't get pregnant if I keep dumping all my loads into others without putting any in Jill.

Penny begins to lick and suck my cock to clean me up. Melanie leans into my ear and whispers, "That's the most erotic thing that I've ever seen.

You know what this means don't you?" she says as she is gently running a single finger through the hair on my chest. My mind went into overdrive, Melanie my submissive? Holy Fuck! THAT would be wonderful, this high society woman of class being completely submissive to someone else.

However, I felt that I needed to pick out an appropriate collar and think of a classy name for her. Princess came to mind, but I need to think some more on this. "Is anyone hungry? I'm starved. I think the chefs went home yesterday, unless 'Mom' drug them into her bedroom," I say laughing. "NO! I didn't, I wanted to, but they kissed me and left saying that they would be back in a day or two.

They were cute. I don't know which one I like more," Melanie says to us. "Did you get a chance to play with Fred? He can rock your world as well," Jill says to Melanie. "Penny, will you go around and wake everyone. It's time to start getting ready for a day of work," I direct Penny.

"Yes, Master." She says getting up from her position next to me. Jill reaches into the fridge and pours me a glass of my pineapple juice. She kisses me and tells me she's going to change and head up to the office to do some work. I let her know that I made another order of tires and to please make sure the other bill from BF Goodrich was paid.

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She said she would take care of it and headed off towards our bedroom. Melanie took a paper towel and wiped up our mess off the barstool.

Giving herself a quick wipe as well before throwing the paper towel into the trash. "David, how do you do it? You seem to go, go, go all the time.

Is there a secret that I'm not aware of?" Mel asks me. "No secret. I love sex, it really charges me up. I drink my pineapple juice. I eat regularly and most of all, I don't allow stress to take hold of me all that often.

You've met many of the wonderful people that I call my play group. They help keep me balanced and not all wired up. Trust me, if John keeps playing with you, you'll understand what I'm talking about. Next to eating, sex is his main goal in life," I explain to Mel. Melanie gets up and gives me a kiss before she heads back to her room, Tina's former room. I sat there thinking about Tina, hoping she is doing OK. I made a note to text her today and maybe have Amy call her. As others came into the kitchen, I asked Amy if she would scramble me a couple of eggs and make me a couple slices of toast.

She kissed me and began to pull out the necessary stuff to make my request. John and Diane came into the kitchen. John immediately said, "Oh wonderful, Amy's making breakfast," with a big smile on his face. "This is for Daddy, maybe if you ASK, I'll make you something as well," Amy says smiling and giggling.

"Amy, my darling, would you please cook something for Diane and myself?" He says in a cheeky sarcastic manner. Both Diane and I laughed at his routine. This made even Amy chuckle a bit. Amy reaches into the fridge again pulling out more food. Dakota finally makes an appearance. I kiss her good morning. She looks over at the coffee pot and sees it not making coffee yet. Diane gets up and starts making it for her. She smiles and kisses Diane on the cheek.

Dakota comes over to me and sits down on my lap, kissing me and telling me 'good morning'. "Dakota let's take Melanie to the Hawk. I want to see how the project ended up. I also want to see Sharon, make sure she is OK with our weekend play party.

I think she really took to us quite well. Oh, and everyone, just so you all know, please start calling Melanie MOM. I think she really likes feeling that she is part of our family. Jill and I owe her everything, if it wasn't for her and Bob, none of this would have been possible, so please keep doing what you've already been doing, just now, call her Mom," I explain to everyone who is nodding their heads.

Dakota gets up off my lap and heads to get her phone to arrange for a limo to take us to the Hawk. Since I still had a couple of minutes before breakfast would be ready, I headed down the hallway to dress for work. After getting dressed for work, I went back to the kitchen and ate breakfast. John had already gobbled up plate number one and was filling his plate for serving number two. Diane sat quietly eating. Amy had a plate on the counter next to where she was cooking. "Amy, keep an eye out for some boxes being delivered by FedEx.

Text me when they arrive," I tell her. I kiss her as Dakota and Melanie both arrive at the kitchen. Mom pours herself a cup of coffee as does Dakota. There's a knock on the front door, the car and Fred had arrived.

I grab my laptop and back pack. Dakota has her assistants' book and we head out to the car. CHAPTER 3 The ride to the Hawk was a lot quicker than I had anticipated. When we arrived, Fred dropped us off at the front door.

I told Fred that we wouldn't need him until about lunch time and maybe his Italian restaurant would be a good choice. He said he would be back about 11:30. I thanked him, putting another tip in his pocket. I said hello to the security guard and the three of us rode up to the top floor.

I felt Mom teasingly squeeze my ass until the elevator stopped to let some people on. She just smiled at me. Dakota moved a bit closer to me, still have no idea what it is about Dakota that makes me thankful that she came into my life.

When we reached the top floor, we stepped off. I headed over to Sharon's desk. She had her back to me working on her computer. I saw several car flyers. I was right on both accounts. She had one SUV a Lincoln Navigator and a Mercedes E-class sedan. It was the third flyer that surprised me: A Ford F-150 pickup truck.

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I picked up the flyer and looked at it. It just didn't seem like her. "That one is my backup pick if the other two are too expensive," Sharon says to me. "You don't need a backup choice. Which one do you really want?" I asked. "Um, if you don't really mind, the Mercedes. Always wanted something nice and classy," She says. "No worries, when would you like to go pick it out?" "Whenever it is convenient to you sir," she replies. I give her a wink and ask where do we have me set up. She pauses and says, "We don't have anything set up for you.

I thought you worked from home." "Well, Melanie thinks I should have an office, at least, here to make as my 'home base'. What do you think?" I ask. "Um, I'm not sure that would be a good idea after this past weekend," she says to me with a wink. I just smile, trying hard not to take her by the hand in front of everyone and scurry off to an empty office. Dakota takes Mom's hand and walks her around the top floor so she could see the amazing view. I leave my stuff at Sharon's desk and hustle off to catch up with Dakota and Mom.

As we walk through the office, several people stand and introduce themselves and explain what they do for the company. I introduce both Dakota and Melanie. Each time I introduce Melanie the eyes get large in amazement. Apparently, they had never had people this high up in the company just casually walk around the floor.

By the time we had made a full circle, Sharon had set me up in one of the conference rooms that had a nice view of the city. I asked her to join us for an update on what was going on inside the building. I also had Dakota call the locksmith guy and get him over here at his convenience to start the lock changing on unoccupied offices in the whole building.

As she was making the call, Sharon asked about the event for the FBI agents and their families. Melanie interrupted and asked if she could help with that. I gave her the information and told her one thing that I wanted was for it to occur at the Chateau and for it to be family friendly, pool, BBQ and lots of music and fun.

Sharon led Melanie back to her desk and set her up at a nearby desk to make calls.

I opened my laptop and asked Dakota to find out where the information that the Kraft people brought us. I wanted to see how the work played out. She went out to Sharon, got the information and led me to one floor down.

When the elevator opened, we went looking around for the offices that had boxes in them. We came to a large conference room with about 8 or 9 boxes that were still waiting to be processed. We went further down and found tape on several doors notating which building that the boxes inside belonged to.

One door was the Flamingo, which someone had printed off a color picture and taped it to the door. This was for the Tampa building. The next one was an Eagle, obviously for Washington DC. The third one was a Snowy Owl for the Madison, Wisconsin building. The fourth one had a picture of a Blue Jay for the Toronto building, our only international building.

And of course, that final one was the Hawk, the building we were in. I started with the Hawk, opening boxes and looking through the files. All seemed to be in a nice order with each box labeled maintenance, taxes, building plans, and other assorted ways to indicate what each box held. I had Dakota make notes that I wanted all these boxes to be under lock and key in a couple of closets. I did want the most recent file of taxes and any legal notices in a file cabinet by Sharon, for ease of access.

After the Hawk, we went back to the Blue Jay. This building intrigued me. It was our only international building, but more importantly, it was the tallest building at 75 stories with an attached 12 level parking garage.

I made notes about getting all these boxes to them, but I wanted to find out whom might be Sharon's equal over there. Dakota suggested that we find out this information for all the buildings. She also reminded me that I was going to announce the closing of the Montana auditing center. I smiled, thanking her as I had totally forgotten.

I dialed up our HR and told them to make the announcement internally, but more importantly for anyone who wanted to transfer to LA, we would offer assistance. I gave HR Mark Newberg's name and contact phone, remembering that we had hired him, but I didn't know where he was working from.

HR said they would track him down. After about three hours, Sharon came looking for us. She said that Fred was downstairs whenever we were ready. I invited Sharon to join us for lunch. She willingly accepted. Sharon took us back up to Melanie, where we all headed out to lunch. I was looking forward to Fred's Italian restaurant.

On the ride down to Fred, I asked Sharon about a couple of things. First, are we prepared to send these file boxes to their corresponding building. Second, which Mercedes did she really want. "Sir, I believe that most of the boxes are ready. I expect that you will probably spend most of the day reviewing the boxes, but your team worked hard getting all those boxes ready for you," she explained.

"And what about your choice in car?" I inquired. "Um, if I'm allowed, I would like the Mercedes E class. I've never owned such a luxurious car in my entire life. I've always had the old reliable car that was held together with duct tape and Elmer's glue." She said in a serious manner.

Dakota was already texting Fred. Mom was peering over her shoulder smiling. "Let's go eat, I'm starving," I said to no one in particular. When the elevator stopped at the bottom floor, the security guard waved me over saying, "Sir, I'm sure you don't remember me, but you tried to invite me and my wife one Sunday morning to join you and your family for breakfast.

Well, my wife wants me to extend an offer to you to join us for dinner one evening," he says to me. "That would be wonderful. Probably in the next couple of weeks, I'll be having a shindig at my home, pool, BBQ, music lots of fun, very family friendly.

We would love it if you and your entire family would join us. Here's my card, let me put my home address on the back along with my personal cell phone number. Call me!" I hand him my business card. We shake hands and my group heads out to Fred and the waiting car. "What's the good word Fred?" I ask. "È una giornata meravigliosa per la pasta" he says to me in his best Italian accent. "What does that mean?" I ask. "It means that it's a great day for pasta," he says smiling at me.

"Let's go, I'm hungry," I say getting into the car. The drive to the restaurant didn't take that long. Sharon asked why we weren't going to our own restaurant brand. I explained that this restaurant that Fred introduced us to was delightful. She shrugged and just accepted my reasoning. On the way there I reminded Dakota about the firearm training tomorrow at the Police pistol range.

Both Sharon and Mom asked if they could join as well. I told them, "The more the merrier," smiling the whole way. "Dakota, later, when you have some time, please call Tina. I want to make sure she made it to her Mom's OK," I said to her.

When Fred pulled the limo into the parking lot, I made sure that Fred was invited to join us for lunch. He accepted with his usual politeness. He pulled the car up to the front door, scurried around and opened the door for the four of us to exit.

He then pulled the limo to the far end of the parking lot to try and not take up any prime parking spaces. As he walked towards the restaurant, I could see the bulge that his shoulder holstered firearm made in his jacket. When he got to the door, I held the door open for him. He tried to be polite, but I just playfully pushed him inside. He was immediately greeted by his friend, the owner. Mom commented about how delicious the whole place smelled.

"Bob didn't like Italian, said it was too messy and not something civilized people eat," she said to us all. The owner sat us at a nice table that held 6. The gregarious owner kissed on the cheek each of the ladies, with a bit of a flirt to Mom. "The usual," Fred said. The owner brought over 5 wine glasses and a big bottle of Chianti. He began to pour for everyone, but I politely declined asking for glass of juice. He offered me grape juice, orange juice and apple juice.

I chose the apple juice. "Um, David, you don't drink?" Mom asked. "No, not really.


I prefer to be clear headed not in some wine induced haze," I answered. "But, isn't that a bit hypocritical? You're telling Sharon that she can drink, but you refuse to. That seems counterintuitive," she says to me. "No one is making anyone drink. If anyone doesn't want to or feels they would rather have something else, then that's up to them to speak up," I reply. Mom shrugs her shoulders and begins chatting with Sharon.

As the server brings my apple juice, she also brings a big basket of garlic toast. "This is Yummy, Mom!" Dakota exclaims as she is reaching into the basket before anyone else.

As we are all enjoying the garlic bread, the plates of spaghetti with meat sauce arrive. They also bring a large shaker of grated Parmesan-Romano cheese. Everyone takes turns shaking it onto their lunch. We are all laughing, eating, and enjoying lunch. No work, no drama, no stress. "Hey, I know you, you're David Greene. I saw you on the telly," this British guy says from two tables away.

"David, that's Billy Idol!" Mom says to me all excited. Billy gets up and comes over to our table, pulling a chair up next to me, but not actually at the table, just in the aisleway. "Am I remembering right or was I in a drunken stupor, did you drive me one night in a limo?" He asks rather loudly. "Yes, I did. It was my first night. I was learning to become a chauffeur working with a company that I now own.

I remember you were a client. Have you gotten one of our new clients only cards?" I ask. "Absolutely, Mate. That card is wicked. I don't have to carry cash any longer, plus I can use the card anywhere just like a Mastercard," He says. I see Fred being very interested in the revelation about me learning to be a chauffeur. "Billy, will you please join us for lunch?" Mom asks. "Sorry luv, my girlfriend Daisy and I just got our meal," He replies. Fred leans back and asks that their meals be moved over to our table and an additional chair be added to accommodate.

The server goes and collects the plates bringing them and Daisy over to the table. Mom pushes me over to make room for Billy and his girlfriend. I just smile and scooch my chair over. Dakota is smiling now from ear to ear. I ask Dakota if she had a card for Mike Booker, our record label guy.

She reached into her book and produced one for me. "Billy, here's my recording studio executive's card. He's willing to offer you 6 FREE hours of studio time," I tell him as I am handing him Mike's card. "SIX hours you say chap? Man, that's a whole lot of time. Are you sure you want an old bugger like me to take up six hours of recording studio time?" He says.

"Do you want the time or not? We would love to have you come and work on new stuff," I say. Mom is now watching and listening to the work conversation. She asks for a pair of wine glasses for Billy and Daisy. When the server returns with them, she has the server put some Chianti into the glasses. Mom takes them and gives them to Billy and Daisy, who graciously accept them. Listening to Mom and Billy chat, I look around the room.

Virtually everyone in the restaurant is watching and listening to their conversation. Billy regales us with tales of being on the road and some of the 'really, really stupid things that he used to do while on tour'. People were whispering and trying to point subtly at Billy. Billy leans over to me and says quietly, "Get used to it mate, you're a celebrity now," he says smiling and going back to his conversation with Mom. I feel a hand caressing my thigh underneath the table.

It's Sharon. I look at her and smile giving her a wink. As the first bottle of Chianti is emptied, Billy offers to buy us another one. Fred and I decline but the three ladies say yes.

We're all finished with our meals; the owner comes by and thanks us for our patronage. He asks if he can take a picture of Billy, he obliges.

Fred pokes his imaginary watch silently. I ask for our bill, our new friend Billy tries to pay for the meal, but I won't allow it. He's our guest and thus we pay for our guests. Dakota hands him my business card, on the back she has written our address and tells Billy and Daisy that if they're in town this weekend, to stop by. He says he will check his schedule, but don't be surprised if they do stop by.

I take a harder look at Daisy, she's about Dakota's age with a slightly bigger frame and boobs. I'm guessing she's a big C or maybe a small D cup. As I pay for the meal, Mom practically leaps into Billy's chest asking Dakota to take a picture of him and her together. Just before the phone camera flashes, Mom turns and plants a big kiss on Billy's lips. The flash goes off at exactly the right moment. Mom squeals with delight. Daisy walks around the commotion and comes over to me.

She kisses me, not on the lips but on the cheek whispering in my ear, "if we come to your house, I get you first," I kiss her back, but on the lips. She squeezes my ass and all of us say our goodbyes. As we are walking through the restaurant, Fred ends up next to me asking, "You were a chauffeur?" "Yep, that's how Jill and I met.

She was my trainer. At the time she was the most requested chauffeur in the company," I say about Jill. Fred offers to go get the limo and bring it to the front, I tell him that the walk will do all of us good, including our three ladies who drank most of two bottles of Chianti. Fred and I just laughed about that one. "Sharon, call the office, tell them I'm kidnapping you and you won't be back until tomorrow," I say to her. She gladly calls work telling them just what I instructed her.

"All done boss, time to go home and play?" she asks with a twinkle in her eyes. "Absolutely!" "Fred, to the office let me get my laptop and then we're heading home," I tell him. He complies without hesitation. Melanie and Dakota are sitting next to each other chatting away about their favorite Billy Idol songs.

Mom loves 'Rebel Yell' while Dakota likes 'White Wedding'. I pipe in with 'Mony, Mony'. Sharon, on the other hand, lays her head in my lap, stroking my cock through my trousers. Dakota giggles. Fred announces we are at the Hawk as he pulls the limo up to the front door. I get out and hurry into the elevator. The ride is slow as people get on and get off stopping at several floors.

When I arrive at the top floor, I step off the elevator to see our friend the locksmith. I go over to him, cover what I want to happen. He says it will take at least a week, maybe a bit longer if he gets lots of emergency calls as he just was approved for AAA service. I told him, no rush, work at your own pace don't compromise your other clients.

He thanks me for the business and goes back to his work. I get my laptop, my backpack and head back down to the car. I stop at Sharon's desk and grab her purse and shut off her computer. Thankfully, the ride down was much faster than going up as we only had to stop once to pick people up, but they were heading to the bottom floor as well.

I got into the limo and we headed back to the Chateau. Sharon wasted no time in unzipping my pants and fishing for my cock. She wrapped her lips around the bulbous head and began sucking me, licking me, and trying to swallow my entire manhood. This made Dakota chuckle. Watching us, Mom began playing with herself. Dakota slid over next to her and began playing with Mom allowing her to just sit back and become a voyeur to Sharon and me.

As I was enjoying Sharon's oral expertise, I see Dakota move down in front of Mom, pulling her pants and panties down and snake her tongue into Mom's wet pussy. Mom lets out a big moan, gently grasping Dakota's head pulling it into her deeper. Dakota inserts two fingers into Mom rubbing them firmly on her G-spot, which made her cum almost instantly. Dakota kept licking as the limo hurried towards the house. Fred announced that we were about two minutes from the house.

The ladies all began to reassess themselves. Sharon, a bit disappointed, stuffed my cock back into my pants and zipped me up. As Fred held the door open for everyone, I told him to park the car over in the corner and join us inside, he politely accepted. I could see he was very enamored with Mom.

CHAPTER 4 I waited by the front door for Fred. He parked the limo and called Paula letting her know that the limo is parked at the Chateau. She replies and he hangs up. Once we're inside, I am met by a horny Sharon. She takes me by the hand and leads me to my bedroom. Mom takes Fred's hand and leads him to her bedroom. Dakota follows Sharon and me. Inside my bedroom, Sharon is undressing quickly. She unbuckles my belt, unzips my pants, and pushes my boxers down to my ankles.

I step out of them all and remove my shirt. I'm now as naked as she is. Dakota only takes a couple of seconds to get naked as well. She knows that I always love having her join in with me and whomever else I'm playing with. Sharon pushes my naked body onto one of the play beds. Dakota gets in on the other side of me. Sharon begins to lick and suck my manhood into her mouth in a ravenous manner. Dakota pushes me back and puts her sweet wet pussy over my waiting tongue.

Dakota was riding my face, and Sharon was using her oral skills on my hard cock. I could hear her gag a bit as she tried to swallow my entire cock, but it kept touching her uvula causing her to gag copious amounts of spittle. I'm really enjoying this adventure with Sharon and Dakota. I think to myself just how sweet Dakota's pussy juice tastes. I thrust my tongue into her harder and deeper. I tilt my head a bit to begin nibbling on her clit.

This makes her yelp just a bit since I didn't give her any warning. The oral activities stopped. It only stopped for a couple of moments as I felt a warm, tight pussy impale on my hard-wet cock. The whole bed is rocking as Sharon is moving her hips back and forth and Dakota was matching the hip movements. Dakota came first. She stayed completely silent, yet I felt her knees clamp hard on my head as a huge orgasm rolled through her.

Her pussy expelled a large amount of woman juice, which I lapped up with enthusiasm even if my own breathing was being obstructed quite a bit. Sharon was not silent at all.

When she hit her orgasmic peak, she just yelled out, "YOU ARE THE BEST BOSS IN THE WHOLE WORLD, GAWD DAMN THIS FEELS SO GREAT. I'M CUUUUUUMMMMMIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGG," she says as her body shakes with an orgasmic spasm. I feel her wetness splash my cock and balls. Sharon collapses on my chest.

Dakota gets off my face as her senses return to her and her breathing returns to normal. Dakota kisses me declaring her love for me yet again. She gets off the bed and walks a bit wobbly-legged towards the bathroom. I hear the shower begin. In my head, I was thinking how much fun it is to be with her in the shower. It doesn't take very long before I hear Sharon lightly snoring as her head rests on my chest.

In the distance, I could hear Mom reaching her peak with Fred, or at least I believed it to be Fred. I gently work my way out from underneath Sharon, leaving her quietly sleeping on the play bed.

I step into the bathroom, but not in time as Dakota was done with her shower and almost completely dried off. I put my arms around her from behind. I whispered in her ear, "Darling, I am so happy that you came into my life," I say as romantically as possible to her. She twists her body around putting her arms around my neck and kisses me hard and passionately.

"Daddy, it's me whose lucky. You have given me the one thing in life that I've always wanted but never trusted anyone enough to allow happen. You've given me a baby.

OUR baby," she says looking me straight in the eyes before our lips meet yet again. "I just knew I smelled orgasms," Jill says giggling a bit seeing Dakota and me in the bathroom. I kiss Jill. "I see you laid waste to our new gal, Sharon. She's on the play bed snoring. Jeeze David, it's fun to play with them, but do you really have to fuck them into oblivion?" She says to me in a laughing manner.

"Is Mom still at it in her bedroom?" I ask. "Yes, she is. Who's in there with her, one of the chefs?" Jill asks. "No, Fred," I say to her. Jill's eyes grew big and she begins to laugh. "Really? Damn, she's quite the slut, isn't she?" Jill says. Dakota starts laughing and says, "Aren't we all?" That comment made all three of us laugh. I jump in the shower and Dakota leaves the bathroom. In just a couple of moments, Jill is naked and in the shower with me.

"Got anything left for me?" Jill asks with a smile. "EVERYTHING I have is for you," I say as I lean into her and kiss her. She puts her arms around me. We just stand underneath the hot water making out like a couple of teenagers. I'm not sure how long we stood there kissing, but it felt like quite a while.

We chose to just shower and get cleaned up. Jill turned off the water and we stepped out and began drying each other. When we were dry, Jill began brushing her hair. I offered to help her, which she accepted. I took her by the hand and led her to our bed.

I sat on the bed with my legs spread in a V shape so Jill could sit with her back close to me. I began brushing her hair. She began moaning and telling me how much she loves being petted. Little things such as brushing her hair she truly enjoys. I lean forward and kiss the back of her neck. I keep kissing the back of her neck.

"Let's make a baby," she says to me. I turn her around and begin kissing her lips just like we were doing in the shower. We just kept kissing and stroking each other. It might have been one of the most erotic things we have done in quite a while. She pulls me on top of her and our bodies merge as one. I thrust gently. She wiggles her body underneath me. I push deep into her. She responds by thrusting back on my manhood.

She digs her heels into the mattress and raising her hips to meet my thrusts. We push ourselves towards a mutual peak. When it arrives, we orgasm virtually simultaneously. Something in my head tells me that we have achieved our goal. A Baby! I don't know how to explain it, but I know just as sure as I know that Jill loves me.

After we both reach an orgasm together, we just lay there still coupled and hold each other whispering our declarations of love for one another. At some point during our love-making, Sharon woke up and went to the bathroom to shower. She put one of the large robes on and left our room.

Jill and I just laid in each other's arms for quite a while. In my head, I was celebrating. We had made a baby! Of course, facts would have to be checked to make sure we achieved what we set out to accomplish, but in my heart and in my head, I knew it was mission accomplished. I wanted to leap out of bed, run through out the halls yelling "we made a baby!" But I thought better of it and just laid in bed with the love of my life. We both must have dozed off.

When I woke, I moved myself from being all tangled up with Jill. My bladder was my master, now. I head into the bathroom and do my business. After washing my hands and brushing my teeth I head out and put on another pair of basketball shorts and a white tee shirt. Quietly, I head out of the bedroom, looking over my shoulder at my beautiful sleeping wife. I close the door once I was in the hallway.

I hear a door open behind me. I turn to see Fred just leaving Mom's room. Nice! I think to myself. I walk to the kitchen. Something smells delicious. Amy tells me that she is making a very large pot of beef stroganoff. She tells me that she uses ground chuck instead of cubed beef.

It makes the dish go farther, which with John living with us we certainly need. I take a spoon and fill it. I blow on it then take the bite, it was delicious. I started to take another bite but was playfully chastised by Amy not to double-dip. I rolled my eyes telling her that if I can suck the woman juice out of her, I think I can have another spoonful.

She laughs and hands me another clean spoon. I head over to the front door and pick up my laptop. I plug in and log into my work email once again. Lots of emails, but none of any real importance. I begin trudging through the read-only ones, deleting them after they're read. Amy comes over and sits down.


She has kind of a melancholy look on her face. "Daddy, why did Tina leave us?" She says to me. "Her Mom really needs her now that her Father has passed on. Tina just wants to step out on her own, become her own woman. She knows she is loved by everyone here and I made sure she knew she is always welcome here. I know it hurts," I say to her in a heartfelt manner.

"But it was such a surprise. I thought that maybe I had done something wrong," she says "You didn't do anything wrong. I know how you feel. I miss her too. Did you call her or hear from her? Did she get to her Mom's safely?" I ask. "Yeah, I got a text message that she made it to her Mom's OK," Amy tells me. "Well, at least we know she made the trip safely," I say to her in a serious manner.

I put my arms around her and just give her a nice gentle hug. Fred comes into the kitchen. He stands over the pot of stroganoff staring into it. Amy breaks from the hug to walk over and hand Fred a clean spoon. He fills the spoon, blows on it to cool it off a bit then put the whole spoonful in his mouth. He moans in approval and stands there looking at the pot silently debating about also double-dipping.

Amy hands him another clean spoon and mockingly says, "Men." I chuckle to myself. Fred asks after his second mouthful of food if he could just sit and talk with me a bit. "Take a seat Fred," I tell him. "Um, sir how is it you ended up becoming a chauffeur, meeting Jill, marrying her and more importantly ended up owning that car service company?" Fred asked. "Well, it started with me applying for a part time job to supplement my salary as a restaurant manager after my divorce. I came across an ad that said, 'driver needed'.

When I called, that's how I met Tina, she was the manager's personal assistant. I interviewed, which was quite possibly the most bizarre interview on the face of this planet.

I got hired, but somehow, I had impressed well enough that they wanted me to go full time. They offered me much more than I made at the restaurant. I quit my restaurant job and rolled the dice taking the chauffeur job. My first night on the road, I was paired with Jill. She was so unbelievably gorgeous, I fell in love with her the moment we met.

However, I was dating Tina which at first caused some friction. It was by sheer luck that I met Bob and Melanie Jaxson. Their normal driver was in a horrible car accident earlier that evening and the car dispatcher begged Jill to go pick the Jaxson's up. Jill let me handle them, but she would watch me carefully and step in if I get in over my head with them." I explain to Fred, however now Amy was listening "So how did you get from trainee to where you are now?" Fred inquires.

Amy had turned the food to low to let the flavors marry and took a seat at the table. "That's when David and Jill showed their true colors," Melanie said as she walked into the kitchen. She leans in and kissed Fred on the lips and sits down next to him. I let Melanie continue with the story.

"David came to the bottom of the stairs of our plane. He took our luggage and put it in the trunk, he held the door open for us and got into the front. He already knew the hotel we were scheduled to stay at.

I had a headache and complained to Jill that I must look horrible because I was so sick from the hard flight through lots of bad weather," Melanie tells all of us. She continues on saying, "Jill offered to stop at Walgreen's to get me whatever I wanted, which at that moment was to just get to the hotel and take a long soak in a hot bath. David waited a couple of moments and turned around apologizing over and over about having the wrong car, not being the usual driver.

He really impressed Bob with his directness and his show of respect towards us. He even told us that our trip was free that night since it was with the wrong car and not our usual driver. Bob was absolutely impressed and offered David a job as we got to the hotel." Melanie continues.

"So, you became a top driver as well?" Fred asked. "Actually, no. Jill showed me the ins and outs of our job. The difference between a customer and a client. I met Donna through Jill, she was the night manager at the McCall." I said.

"Oh yeah, I know that place, real nice. They just redid the whole place a few years back and now it is gorgeous. Just like you," Fred says looking at Melanie. Mel blushes a bit playfully slapping him on the shoulder. They both smile at one another. In my head, they make a cute couple. I go back to telling the story, "I worked a couple of shifts with Jill. Tina got madder and madder at me because she was so jealous of Jill.

Then the unthinkable happened. Jill and I played a bit afterwork in the Humvee limo. We had a wonderful time. After we ended the play, we went our separate ways. I just get home and my phone was ringing silly. It was Jill. She was in a bad accident on the way home. She called our boss. She called Tina. Finally, out of desperation she called me. I got in my stupid car and drove like a bat out of hell to get to her. It took me just 11 minutes to go from my apartment to City Hospital.

I ran every yellow light and maybe a red light or two. When I got the hospital, I raced in finding the exam room where she was. When I stepped into the exam room, I saw just how beautiful and how fragile she was. That's the exact moment I knew I was going to ask her to marry me," I said to everyone.

"Hey, are we close to being ready to eat? I'm starving," I say before going on further. "You all better get a plateful before John gets home from work," Amy tells us. I glance at the clock and realize that it's only 5:30 everyone is probably still in traffic coming home.

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Amy scoops out a huge amount onto a plate and hands it to me along with a glass of ice-cold milk. Fred stands up and makes a plate for Melanie, then himself. Amy puts some on a smaller plate. "WOW, this is delicious Amy. Thank you for making this," I tell her. She smiles her beautiful smile and pulls her cute body up onto the counter holding her plate and eating. Dakota and Jill finally make it out to the kitchen. "Oh, look everyone, the dead has arisen," I say chuckling. Dakota just ignores me and makes herself a plate.

Jill playfully slaps the back of my head causing everyone to giggle. "Um, where was I?" I ask filling my face full of delicious stroganoff. "You were telling us about Jill in the hospital emergency room," Amy said.

"Oh, gawd David, you're not boring everyone with that old story," Jill says in a mocking tone. "Pipe down you," Mom says to Jill. I giggle, this is the first time I've seen Mom act like a normal person just enjoying life. I know it's been such a short time, but maybe allowing yourself to go back to enjoying life helps heal whatever ails you. "Go on David," Mom directs. "Well, there's not much to say.

Jill was all silly with me, hopped up one all the pain meds that they gave her. I'm not sure she even remembers much about that night. It was the very first time she told me she loved me, of course it was mostly due to her drug induced haze," I say laughing. Now, everyone is giggling at Jill's expense, she just smiles knowing it's all in fun.

I continued on with the story, "Jill was in the hospital a couple of days. When she was being released, I went out to get my car from the parking lot. Tina called me and broke up with me right there in the hospital parking lot over the phone," I say to everyone. "That Bitch!" Amy says. "No, no. It was our boss, she controlled everything and everyone. She made Tina break up with me as she had me on speakerphone. I sat in my car a couple of minutes, I made a couple of quick phone calls and drove my car around and picked Jill up at the front door.

Jill knew immediately that something had happened," I say. Jill steps in at this point, "David told me that Tina just broke up with him. He wanted to make one stop before taking me home. When I saw him pulling the car into a jewelry store parking lot, I got mad. Really mad at him. I fussed at him," Jill explains to everyone. "Um, darling, you did a whole lot more than fuss at me. You yelled at me, telling me that I was being stupid. That buying her a piece of jewelry wouldn't fix things.

You called me damn near every mean hateful thing you could think of," I say to her. "So, what happened then?" Mom asks. "David takes me into the jewelry store and has me look at engagement/wedding sets telling me to pick out one that I liked.

I kept at him telling him that proposing to her wouldn't get her back, but David persisted ignoring my fussing.

I pick out a truly beautiful set. He buys the set and asks that the engagement ring be put in a separate box. The salesman does just that and goes to hand the box to David, who like a klutz drops the box. He bends down on one knee to pick it up and opens the box and just stays there on one knee not saying a word. Just holding the box open.

I was speechless. Here this whole time I thought he was going to propose to Tina and in fact he proposed to me." Jill said. I watched as both Amy and Mom's eyes were tearing up. Fred just smirked and nodded his head in a manner that gave me his approval. Dakota piped in, "WOW, I never knew all of that. What a great love story. No wonder why all of us ladies love you," say it in such a sincere manner. "OK, everyone, we now all know the Jill and David story.

Take it easy tonight, we have the firearm training tomorrow morning. Dakota, I'm going to put you in charge of reminding everyone and making a list so I can let the instructor know how many will be attending. Please be sure to call Donna, Jennifer and Paula. I want to include them as well. I know that John and I think Diane want to go. Sharon said she wants to go. Of course, I want Fred there. Do what you usually do and get a head count and order enough cars for us all. Fred's car is in the courtyard." I direct Dakota to take care of for me.

"Sir, I probably should get the car back to the office so it can be prepped for another customer," Fred says to me.

"No, you don't need to do that now. You're welcome to stay the night, that is if Mom would like you to do so," I say looking at Mom. "Absolutely, I just don't know if he wants to spend the night with this old gal?" Mom says with a bit of flirt in her voice. "Mom, why do you keep calling yourself an old gal. You are beautiful, get over this 'old gal' routine. You're the only one that thinks you're old. Please stop being so hard on yourself," I say to her. Jill adds, "Mom, no one here cares about your age.

You're family. Our family," looking at Melanie. Fred puts his hand on her leg causing Melanie to lean her head on his shoulder. I really couldn't explain it but she seemed to be at peace with what we had said to her. "David has anyone told you that you need a real formal dining room? All of us in this kitchen is nice, but in this monster of a house, you need some top end furniture. If I could have some assistance, I would love to help furnish your home," Mom says to me.

"Mom, I would be honored if you were willing to help decorate this place. We've been distracted since we acquired the Chateau," I tell her.

Jill asks, "Mom, whom would you like to help you shop for furniture?" Clearly Dakota wants no part of this as she keeps her head down and looking at her food.

"Can I borrow John's girlfriend? She strikes me as the shopping type," Mom asks. "Absolutely!" Dakota was happy. She wasn't put in that awkward place of having to serve two masters. Just as I was about to ask where the rest of the gang was John, Diane, Paula, Donna, Jennifer, and Sharon all piled into the kitchen.

Lots of hello's were spoken, but just as Mom predicted, we were all cramped together. Dakota hops off the counter and heads towards her bedroom to get her assistant's book and make some phone calls.

Not surprising at all, John makes a direct line for the stroganoff. "Hey, make your girlfriend a plate first you oaf," Amy says to John giggling as she does so. "Um, that's exactly what I was going to do if you'll just give me a gall-darn minute," John playfully barks back.

CHAPTER 5 John does indeed make Diane a plate. Then he does something else that shocked virtually everyone else, he fixes plates for Paula, Donna, Jennifer, and Sharon.

No one said anything, but the look of amazement was seen by all the ladies. "Excuse me John, I want to steal your girlfriend away for a bit. I need help picking out furniture for this house. David said it would be OK," Mom says to John. "It's fine with me, she loves shopping, but you got to ask her boss," John says pointing to Jennifer.

"Don't look at me, if David OK'd it then it's already settled," Jennifer says. Diane smiles.


She's very happy she gets to stop worrying about Nikki and go shopping with Melanie. "Mom, I would like one of the CG boys to escort you, for you own safety," I tell her. Fred pulls out his cell phone and begins texting "Melanie, what time do you want to leave tomorrow for shopping?" Fred asks.

"Don't we have that gun thing in the morning?" Melanie asks. "Yes, you do. How about one of the boys will escort you and Diane from the shooting range to your shopping?" Fred asks. Melanie leans over and gives him a smooch. I see her mouth the words 'thank you' to him. I glance at Jill who is smiling ear to ear seeing Fred and Melanie get along so well. Looking around the room, I notice that Allison isn't here.

"Has anyone seen Penny?" I ask. Amy speaks up, "She's over at the studio. All three of the girls are there working. Allison said to tell you that she needs to put in time working to pay the first installment of her rent and her part of the business," Amy explains. In my head, I really didn't want to have to explain to Melanie about the studio or the three girls. Thankfully, she didn't ask. "OH yeah, I'm supposed to tell you that Mike Booker called.

He wanted to know how you landed Billy Idol to come to the studio. He said to tell you thank you," Amy tells me. "Billy Idol? No fucking way," John said getting everyone to giggle. There's the John we all know and love, using his favorite word. "David, you remember I'm heading to Atlanta on Wednesday, right?" Jennifer asks me. "Yes, I do, but now you don't need to worry about Diane, she's going to be with Mom," I tell her.

We sit around eating and enjoying each other's company. Before long I realize that a few hours have passed. I look at the microwave clock thinking that I had ordered clocks for each room, but the microwave clock read 10:02. I got up wished everyone sweet dreams, took Jill by the hand and headed off to bed.

On the way there, Sharon stops us. "Boss, this has been a great day. You fed us lunch, we met Billy Idol and his girlfriend, you fucked my brains out and I only worked a half a day.

Thank you," Sharon says to me. She leans in and kisses me on the lips. "Um, we have the firearm instruction tomorrow but after than we have an errand to run," I tell her. "Yes, boss. Did I mention that you are a great boss?

I've had more fun with you in this short time than all the time I worked for the Kraft people. They only believed in work, never any fun.

Heck, they stopped having Christmas parties a couple of years ago because someone was 'offended'." Sharon said in a serious manner. "Well, if I may paraphrase Ozzy, you're on the 'Crazy Train' now." I tell her. She kisses me as Jill tugs at my hand to lead me to our bedroom. Once inside, we close the door. Jill reaches around me and locks it, keeping everyone out. We begin making out once again. Jill is such a magnificent kisser.

I just love the feel of her soft tender lips on mine, her tongue wrestling with mine, her teeth lightly biting on my bottom lip. All in a very sensuous manner. Pulling her in tight, she wraps her arms around me and whispers in my ear, "Darling, I love you," in such a heartfelt manner I just pull her tightly to my body. We slowly and erotically begin to remove each other's clothes. They stay where they fall off our bodies. As we both end up naked, Jill takes my hand and leads me into the bathroom.

I follow her into the shower. She turns the water on, hot, very hot. The steam immediately begins to roll through the bathroom. Jill and I embrace yet again. We begin to kiss once again like high school teenagers.

In my head, there is no way I'm not making a baby with this gorgeous, wonderful, smart woman that I call my wife. As the hot water cascades over our bodies, the heat relaxes both of us.

We stand entangled in each other kissing and caressing. My manhood is pointed towards the ceiling. I lean down and begin to lick and suck on Jill's endowed chest. For whatever reason, my mind made the comparison to Belinda. She is clearly bigger and more endowed than Jill, but it's Jill that has my heart. I feel Jill's hand caressing and stroking my cock. I pick her up by her waist and gently feel her wrap her legs around my torso. She entangles her ankles behind my back.

I hold her underneath her thighs allowing her womanhood to line up with my cock. Slowly I lower her down onto me. She must wiggle her ass just a bit to line me up with her love hole. Once we are positioned, I let gravity do the work as she slides down onto me. We begin our slow rhythmic love making in the shower. I feel her lady juice coating my cock and balls as we continue to thrust together in unison.

I step forward putting her back against the shower wall. I thrust a bit harder into her. I hear her moaning into my ear. I continue to thrust all the while kissing her and her neck. She continues to moan in complete acceptance of my efforts to make love to my darling wife. It really didn't take that long as we both once again orgasmed together. I felt my body shoot all I had into my lovely Jill.

She responded by splashing my cock, balls, and thighs with her woman juice. We kept rocking back and forth continuing to orgasm. Other than saying 'I Love You' no other words were spoken. As we finished reaching our simultaneous peak, we pulled each other underneath the still hot water, rinsing the sex off us. After we felt we were clean, Jill turned off the shower and we stepped out together. We took our time drying each other off, slowly, gently, and erotically. Once we were dry, we walked hand in hand into our bedroom, climbed into bed and entangled our bodies once again.

We kissed for how long, I'm not sure but after quite a while, we both began to feel our eyes get heavy and we drifted off to sleep, together, sated and happy. I thought to myself about how wonderful my life has been since I took that job as a chauffeur. I found it nice to retell to Fred and the gang how Jill and I got together because of that job. Yes, without a doubt, being a chauffeur changed my life for the better.


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