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Both Naci and I landed with a hard thud; I had turned us as we were going back in time. For a few moments I could hardly breathe as I had caught Naci's full weight on my chest.

Then I found that I was in pain as she had also landed partly between my legs. Withering, I tried not to let on as Naci moved off me. "Toman, husband," she asked with a look of concern when I was wincing as I tried to make my feet. "You should rest a bit husband before we move again." "No Naci did you happen to see who that was? The one I hit with several bolts when I took you over my shoulder?" I asked as I finally made my feet.

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Damn it I was sore ALL over! "No," she replied. "I was watching you as you were flying toward me though, now that you mention it, the voice seemed familiar." I nodded at her as I shuddered to tell her what I had found. Sighing I nodded she deserved to know, "I've been pulling all the information that I could.

It is obvious that we are dealing with more than a powerful mage. From all that I have gleaned from those I drain, I've discerned that his name is really Ukobach, Not Triallas Terrabon, the head of the mage council.

"Wait," Naci said shaken. "Ukobach? The Ukobach??! The same demon who stokes the fires of hell!!?" I was nodding to Naci who now had a hand to her mouth. "It seems that he assumed the leadership of the council long ago.

From what I have been able to piece together he has been trying to eliminate all the powerful families for decades. Mine was at the beginning of his campaign." Here I turned to Naci whose wide eyes now had tears in them. "He had the entire council butcher my family while he laughed about it." I spit out in disgust.

"Toman, husband, this is a demonic force you are talking about! I know that the both of us are powerful, this is a power far beyond us!" Here Naci grabbed my arm to stop me, and then grabbed me with both arms holding me tight to her. I could feel her shaking with fear. I gently pulled her face up to look at me, "I made a promise to Pops and mother that I'd end him.

I intend to carry through with that.


If you are that scared then I will send you back to the village. I have already hurt him; yeah I know he's mad as can be now. Armed with all I have learned I feel closer to ending him than he is to ending me." Naci's eyes went large then a determined look came over her face. "I don't suggest you try to get rid of me. You might find that I am far stronger than you think!

I am your wife, your partner; if you were to die while I was there safe, than I would die also. Whether or not you realize it Toman, I love you with all my heart. NEVER suggest even in jest, that I leave your side!" Here she looked into my eyes as she whispered, "Besides, you might not like the outcome of such a move." I backed away as soon as Naci released me.

Waving a hand in front of me I made another portal open. "We need to get away now, I'm sure he's already alerted all the hunters.

This place is about to get crowed." I pulled a bag from the air throwing several handfuls of seeds in several directions. With that I took Naci's hand with a shock then stepped into the portal. Turning, I was collapsing the portal all the way behind us right on our heels.

Smiling, I thought let the ass follow us now! Emerging this time we both were gently walking out of the portal. The thing is as much as I wanted to I couldn't seem to make myself let go of Naci's hand. Looking over at her smiling face it appeared she wasn't opposed to holding it longer.

Mother, Merlin and Pops appeared a moment later, each powered up with a look of death in their eyes. Each sighed in relief as they saw it was us. A half hour later we were sitting with all four of them, (I guess mother had convinced them) "I found out after this raid just who I am dealing with." I told them. "It appears that Ukobach has gained control of the council in the last few decades." Merlin and Mordaf were nodding as they listened.

Pops was shaking his head as well as Mother. "How could a demon take control of the council?" Pops asked. "It appears that he had placed others to kill the real mages and assume their identities.

Then he and the others killed the real Triallas Terrabon. This allowed him to assume control of the council." Here I looked at Merlin, "for a time you were the only one that they truly feared with your influence with all the families. That's when they started to destroy the powerful members of several families.

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It seems he was also involved in the corruption of Morgan La Fey. Though," here I smiled. "He has no idea that you are now at your full power." Merlin's eyes sparkled a moment as he nodded a small smile easing across his lips. Then he was in thought a moment, nodding as I could see an idea forming. "I might have an idea though it might take a few hundred years." He said with a smile.

As Merlin began to outline the idea he had, my eyes went wide then he nodded it was a perfect plan. ________________________________________________________________________________ Ukobach aka Triallas Terrabon was raging in the council chambers throwing not only furniture but several of those there.

"Heal me damn it! I know you have the power to!" "I've been trying to tell you lord," said the next most powerful one after Triallas. "The power that injured you is beyond my own. I dare say it is as strong as yours!" "What!? You worthless piece of human garbage!" Slinging his right arm Triallas smashed the mage against the wall with a loud crack. "How dare you say such a thing to your Master? Remember you and your family have been granted riches because you are loyal!" Turning to the rest of them he snarled.

"That can be easily remedied! I'm sure that your wives and daughters would earn an honest wage in the low brothels! Your sons begging in the street after I break all of their legs! Don't make me have to remind ANY of you again! I might do it anyway as an example to the others!" Triallas snarled out. "We have a new member starting on the council today. He is not like you; therefore I do not want him to feel welcome.

I need the members I appoint, so this one is not welcome by me. Though he is a full member of the council he is at the bottom remember that." Triallas said changing tactics suddenly. The new member walked in a few minutes later a look of shock on his face. Triallas saw this wondering if the mage had guessed his identity.

"Pikon?" Several of the others said recognizing the new mage council member. "What has you so shocked? "You haven't heard the news?" The mage said the shock still on his face. "News what news?" Triallas asked moving to the front of those around the mage. "I just heard it myself, I can't believe it after all these centuries!" The mage was saying more to his self than those assembled there.

Sighing in exasperation Triallas was about to reach back and slap the mage when he blurted out.


"It's Merlin! He was discovered dead! There was no sign of a struggle it appears that he finally ended his journey. I never thought I'd see the day Merlin was gone!" Triallas turned to sit at the table.

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A sad look on his face though inside he was happier than he'd been in a long time. It took a supreme effort on his part not to yell out in joy! If the old bastard really was dead then the last of the registered wild magic users was dead.

Narrowing his eyes he had to make sure. Snapping his fingers he appeared outside of old home of the Wilbeys. Such a disgusting place where the wild magic users had lived.

Walking past the inspectors he looked at the body. Nodding it appeared to be Merlin. Stretching his hand out he did a quick probe, again nodding he could feel the rapidly fading wild magic. Flipping his hand over and back a small sliver of flesh appeared in his hand. Reaching all the way to the cell level he saw that yes it was Merlin!

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Hiding a smile he nodded to the inspector that it was Merlin. Hiding his smile Triallas appeared near a broken beaten down building. "Rigal!" Triallas shouted. "Get your ass out here!" A thumping sound came from inside what was left of the building. "What do you want, you bastard!" Rigal Shouted back at his father. "Hmph! You're one to talk!

As I see it you are just a half demon bastard. You're not even worthy of my name let alone what power you have!" Triallas growled. "Yeah don't remind me! What do you want? I'm still trying to heal to full power. That abomination did a number on me. I intend to kill him next time. Especially with the new killing machines I have built." Rigal sneered out at Triallas. "Don't try me boy!" Triallas growled. "I could easily kill you!" "Oh really?

You really want to go right now? I am almost back to my full power; you are pathetic at half yours. Remember the last time it took decades for you heal after our fight." Here Rigal smirked. "I might kill you right now anyway after what you did to mother." "I need you to heal me. Remember, if I am dead so are you. I am the only one standing between you and the masses.

The many atrocities you have committed." Triallas said a sly smile on his face. "Like I fucking care! Living like this? Living as if I am the lowest form of life? No, I'm done working for you; I'm done working for the council, most of all I am fucking done with you! You piece of demon garbage!" Seeing that Triallas was getting extremely mad Rigal pushed further. "Come on, I know you were exiled from hell what's the life of an offspring of yours?" Here Rigal's eyes glowed red as his voice grew very deep.

"Come on father, what's wrong? Mom cut off your balls?" With a smile Rigal saw that he'd finally incited his father to a rage. Changing, Triallas now Ukobach screamed at Rigal sending out a huge fireball. Yawning Rigal bounced it back at Ukobach. "I will kill you today! You pitiful excuse of a son of mine.

Weak like your mother!" "No," Rigal said with a smile, "weak like you!" With that Rigal rushed Ukobach ramming his head as hard as he could into the demon's stomach. Hitting the ground hard Ukobach started to vomit up several green puddles of green liquid. Standing with a smile wiping his mouth Ukobach nodded toward Rigal.

"Not often am I proud to call you son. This is one of them!" Ukobach flexed his left arm. It wasn't a hundred percent but at least now he could use it. "Ah! Much better!" Waving his small arm over Rigal his body snapped and popped as it started to right its self.

"There a reward!" "Why? You've never did anything for me before why start now?" Rigal said as he stood straight again flexing his hands. "Son or not you are a spawn of mine. The power you carry is one of the few that can start the healing process on me.

Your job has been made easier. I have seen Merlin's lifeless body. He was the last that stood in my way. Soon this entire dimension and that of the humans will be ours!" Rigal smirked he'd heard this before though the fact that Merlin was dead did make things simpler.

Rigal sided up to Ukobach, "Oh I will kill him father make no mistake about that; though I do it for me and not you.

Know this also, when he is dead? I'm coming for you, you piece of demon filth. Nothing will stop me from killing you!" "Ah! Finally you are starting to show your demon heritage. After you try, you will be honored beside me as a servant of the master." Ukobach said with a wicked smile. "Ha!" Rigal laughed out.

"There will be no trying. I will have your broken carcass beneath my feet. Then I can spit on you like the trash that you are. "I will take your life that is a guarantee! Ukobach smiled even larger a wicked twisted look on his face.

"I welcome that day boy!" With a whirling swoosh the demon disappeared. Flexing his arm then his shoulder Rigal smiled as he started to gather his things. 'Such a braggart his father; that was alright,' Rigal thought.

He was still going to crush the pathetic life from him. First though he had to take care of the abomination. _______________________________________________________________________________ Both Naci and I exited the portal sitting in the meadow grass then I made a mage's eye. Looking in it we both saw where we had just left from. I concentrated as I felt several portals start to open. Looking in the globe I nodded as five then ten hunters appeared at the last stop Naci and I had been.

Suddenly there were numerous screams as vines and tree trunks shot out of the ground, impaling all that were there. Nodding as I felt the last one fall. Smiling I thought I should get a few more before it would be ineffective. Well, that is if they ALL aren't stupid. Naci watched for a bit then kissed me nearly knocking him out of the chair I was now in. What the hell? Watching her walk away as her behind swayed gently back and forth was causing an uncomfortable growth in my pants.

Shaking my head I had to get a handle on this or it was going to get me killed if this kept up! Turning back when I heard several more screams, I saw that they were there.

At least another ten, and then shaking my head I saw every one of them was dead as I watched the last fall. Good I thought twenty less idiots to bother the both of us. Snapping my fingers I had another idea. Quickly opening a portal I sent anther bag plus a few animal figures. Like always, I collapsed the portal even as the figures left my hand.

Sitting back I decided to enjoy the show. Shaking my head I thought they weren't ALL that stupid were they? It was almost half an hour later when I felt more portals appearing where the last twenty hunters were laying dead. Then I felt even more smiling I thought come on idiots. Again I thought they were hunters they were supposed to be smarter than this, right?

Again the first ten died almost before they took two or three steps. How I was beginning to wonder had these whatever they were managed to kill wild magic users. The second set was right on their heels though only five went down the other five a lot smarter. The leader of the last five waved a strange stick over the area killing all my plant friends.

Sighing I said a prayer of thanks to all of them. Another of the five had a strange device that he was waving at the clearing with all the bodies. Looking at the other I heard him whisper he was detecting portal energy.

I nodded as I watched them creep closer. Suddenly the ground was shaking as several twelve foot high wooden men stepped out crushing three of the hunters. The other two were bringing out their own figures when one of the wooden men fell on top of the fourth man.

The last was trying to open a portal as the figures he'd thrown were engaged with mine. When two of mine went down I thought he might get away. Well I thought he was 'til I saw one of my large wooden men smash its hand on top of the last.

Laughing I was getting up to show Naci when I saw another figure out of the range of my traps. Turning toward one of the men I saw it was Rigal. Damn it! Somehow he'd managed to heal almost all his wounds. "Nice work you freak!" Rigal shouted. Decimating almost all of the hunter corps. It's ok really as they weren't all that good at their job. Like you said they had their toys not much else. Hell most of them had so little magic they might as well be human." Looking around he shook his head.

"Don't think this makes me mad I could care less, besides with Merlin dead you're mine." "What do you mean Merlin's dead? He was far too powerful to be killed!" I shouted back at him through the orb. I also saw Rigal was trying to track down where my mage eye sight was. "Ha! Guess you were wrong I saw the body. Appears to have been dead a while too. Hey got an idea. Why don't we meet, I kill you then that piece of ass that you are obviously too afraid to use will be mine.

I know she's a wild magic user also. Pity I ought to get at least a few good hours out of her before I kill her also. So what do you say?" I smiled at his tactic, doing his best to get me raging mad revealing my position. Laughing I opened another portal sending a second mages eyes through.

Powering up I sent as big a fireball through after the mages eye. Collapsing the portal I watched as a fireball shot out of the air towards him. Even as he was pulling something from his pack I was changing the fireball.

When his eyes went large seeing thousands of long needles suddenly flying toward him I saw him dive to the ground as a few hundred riddled his right arm, leg, and side but just barely missed his neck. Damn it I thought! So close.

"You bastard! What? You afraid to face me? Come out and face ME!" I heard him shout smiling I was about to disconnect when I decided to tell him just what I thought of him. "Afraid of a weakling like you? I think not.

I am sure you saw your father how injured he was. I did that! So if you really are that anxious to die please, come after us. I am far stronger than you think, and your.


children's toys are really nothing to me. Oh! Also I hope you enjoy my gift!" Turning my hands over I pushed and turned all the needles hearing him scream out.

Finally disconnecting I laughed hoping that was the last I saw of him. Shaking my head, no I knew better.

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Looking back at the camp I called Naci. "You did extremely well last time. Your defenses are higher. This is what I was hoping would happen, though I want them to be higher. We both have to remember what Pops, your father and Merlin showed us. Please remember to only depend on the strength of your shields." At her look of confusion I asked her to pull her strongest shields up. "There, Toman husband." She told me as I felt them around her.

Keeping my power at the same level as her levels I pushed against her feeling her power increase, good I thought she did listen. Finally I felt her almost three fourths of what my power was.

Good! I then pushed hard feeling her power flare then drop a moment. Then I did it again as I slipped inside standing in front of her. Her gasp was enough to let me know she was surprised. I then painstakingly showed her how to keep her power constant not allowing it to flare. Nodding to her I then reached in feeling her defense strands as I started to add to them.

As I felt them grow thicker I felt Naci shudder then I felt her body slightly convulse. Then I swear I could hear Naci whispering thank you.

Again what the hell was going on?