My first video ever of my huge tits

My first video ever of my huge tits
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Amy gets turned Back in the late 90's my then girlfriend Amy and I decided to walk around a large reservoir in Kent. It was a hot day and we had got about half way around the 18 mile lake when we stopped for our picnic in a secluded inlet.

Amy was 22yrs old 5'102 blonde, 34DD narrow waist and big round ass. She had a good tan but with white bikini marks which I have always found a turn on. I was 23 and slim. Amy was very adventurous sexually. Amy was wearing a t-shirt and tight jean shorts with knee high boots.

After our lunch Amy decides to sun bath topless, there was no one about so why not. We had been laying in the sun about 10 mins when we heard a disturbance in the water and to our horror a boat containing 4 middle-aged fishermen had sneeked up to the waters edge and where getting a good eyefull.

Amy sat up and hurriedly put her t-shirt back on.

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There were lots of comments from the men. "come on darling don't be shy, we seen what you got now " "yeah wiggle those tities for us your givin me a boner" "I got something for ya honey" To that I told them to "fuck off" and told Amy to lie down and ignore them and they will go away and we laid back down closed our eyes to enjoy the sunshine.

The next thing I knew they had quietly run the boat ashore and two of the guys jumped me and punched me in the stomach, Amy got up and ran to the woods about 5m back from the beach with the other two men in pursuit.

"hey cute ass don't run we just want to give ya somthin" The guys on top of me tied my hands and put gaffer tape across my mouth then dragged me up to the edge of the wood " we're gonna give your girl a fuck she ain't gonna forget boy" I could hear a commotion in the woods of cracking branches and Amy's panicked screams. "we got her, come on honey show us those titties again" All four men were in the wood by this point and I could see Amy putting up a frantic struggle "tape her mouth&hellip.we can have that later" "mmmmmm…mmmmmm" was the only sound Amy could make.

"ok get her tits out!" There was the sound of ripping as the garment gave way. "wooohoo getta feel of these babies, I ain't felt tits like these for years" The men pushed Amy from one to anothereach feeling her tits.

I struggled against the ties to no avail. "hold her arms and bend her over that log"."ooohhhoo that ass could fuck for England&hellip.get those shorts off boys lets see the main event" The men roughly yanked Amy's shorts down her legs and tossed them in the air "hey ……her panties are real nice boy" they called in my direction, "come on lets see whats inside" Another voice said " I want them as a trophy for my wall" "mmmmmm&hellip.nnnnmmmmm" Amy's gagged sounds again.

Her panties were slowly peeled down her plump cheeks. "wow man she's a true blonde…nicely trimmed too" The fat one said "I've gotta fuck her now or I'm gonna explode .out the way" "no wait .we gotta tame her first, get the end of you fishin rod " With that the fat one runs past me grinning and got the swishy section of his rod off the boat. "we gonna make her ass red boy " " ok give her 6 of the best by way of encouragement" "mmmmm thwack!.mmmmmmm thwack!

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Mmmm" " look at those cheeks giggle Bob" "hey Paul her tits are swinging like jelly on springs" "now honey if you are gonna flaunt yourself in public like that you gotta expect to get fucked …and fucked you are gonna be." "Ok Bobgive it to her" "mmmmmm&hellip.mmmm" At this point I had managed to wriggle myself into a position to see what was goin on. Amy was on all fours over a tree trunk with one man each side of her holding her arms, the fat one had his cock in his hand trying to guide it into Amy but she was still struggling and wiggling her butt about "mmm&hellip.mmmnnnnn" "give her another taste of that cane" Thwack!


"mmmm…mmmmmmnnn" "now keep that ass still bitch while Bob has his way" Amy stopped struggling realising it was futile. Bob grabbed her round the waist and fed his cock into her up to the hilt. "ride'em cowboy&hellip.hahahaha go on nail the bitch " The men were all laughing and cheering Bob on.

"oh man she's tight, that wuss over there ain't even broke her in properly&hellip.hahahha" Bob continued to pump Amy's pussy for 5 mins until he shot his load into her " aahhhhh…ahhhh on god what a sweet pussy" and he gave her ass a slap as he withdrew/ "Next!" Two others had their share in similar fashion, making leud remarks throughout.

Then it was Paul's turn. Bob bent down to Amy's face and said " we saved the best till last honey, he's big, your gonna enjoy this" "hey wuss ?" Paul shouted across "this is a real cock" and he waved his 9" thick shaft in my direction. "ok turn her overI wana see her face when this goes in" The men lifted her up and flipped her over not missing the opportunity to feel Amy's tits again while they held her at waist height. Her legs were pulled apart and her knees lifted slightly.

"ok darling here it comes" Paul slide his massive cock into her and started thrusting the full length in and out, her tits swaying with the rythmn and getting felt by various hands at regular intervals. I could see the mans balls hitting Amy's ass cheeks as he thrust hard forward. After about 5 mins of relentless pumping Amy started to to make a rhythmic sound though muffled "mmm…mmm.mmmm".

" hey she's fuckin enjoyin it, she's fuckin enjoyin it". Paul's cock was much bigger than she had had before and obviously with so much cockmeat around it had taken its toll. Her body started twitching and jerking uncontrolledly. "hey she's gonna cum&hellip.take the tape off " Amy gasped for air "hhhuuurrr &hellip.hhuurrr I'm sorry …&hellip.but it feels sooo good, sooo big &hellip.aaahhhha.ahhhhhh&hellip.oh godd!!! Aaahhhhh" Her body tensed, her tits jiggling wildly she came like I have never seen before.

Paul tensed up and thrust long and hard as he came inside her. He then withdrewcum still squirting out of his twitching cock all over Amy's sated thighs. Cum visible dribbling out of her pussy. Another guy took his place, Amy's legs were no longer fighting she was surrendering her pussy with her feet pointed limply at the sky.

After they had all had a turn they put Amy down on her knees. I could see the spunk glistening on her body together with beads of sweat. "Lets see if you suck as good as you fuck" said one of the men and with that they gather in a circle around Amy and the fat one grabbed her by the hair and slapped her face with his semi hard cock.

"come on bitch open wide and get to work on this dick". Amy has always been an expert cock sucker and usually did so at every opportunity, after a little encouragement with the cane on her ass I could see this was not going to be an exception as she hungrily took the hardening cock in her mouth.

I was now feeling a tightening feeling in my crotch, I was actually getting turned on by Amy getting fucked by 4 ugly strangers. She worked her way around the circle making sure everyone got serviced whilst wanking two other cocks at the same time. The men passed her around by holding her hair. "I think we ain't enough for her boys" said Paul as he pulled out a mobile phone and dialled a number.

"hey Colin ? you on the lake today?" "well we got us a randy bitch whose being mighty obliging over at the woods behind Bolees Cove, yeah? Oh well bring them over too she is one wild fuck and bring her boyfriend with you he's trussed up just on the edge of the wood I can't be bothered to get him while I'm enjoyin his bird. He may as well have a grandstand seat seeing as his lady's being so friendly hahahaha" The circle suck continued with the men sitting on the log with Amy on her knees and her head bobbing up and down in their laps making slurping sounds for about 10 mins when I heard the second boat pull up.

I felt myself lifted and carried into the clearing where I was dumped down against a tree. " well look what we have here, the small dicked boy, well she's being broken in proper now and as you can see loving every minute." The second boat contained 5 men who all took their place in a larger circle.

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There was lots of whooping, laughter and cheering punctuated with leud remarks about Amy. A couple of the new group took no time in slapping her ass and groping her tits and pussy.

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" she is one hot cock suckerwell here's some more honey and the men flopped their dicks out of the flies and stood expectantly. Amy crawled across to the fresh meat and took the biggest one deep throat.

"wow she's hungry".


"anyone want a beer?" Colin threw some cans on the floor. The men sat around getting sucked and wanked and chatted for about 20 mins.


Amy's hair was still used as a handle to be passed from lap to lap. Her hair was now damp with pre-cum and sweat. "bout time she had another fucking" " yeah lets spit roast her" and with that they got her on hands and knees and proceeded to fuck her while she sucked another who was opposite in the circle. She was rotated around the circle so the men could take advantage of either end. Her ass was bright pink from the slaps it was receiving.

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Over the next 2 hours Amy must have fucked and sucked everyone half a dozen times with the occasional man cumming but usually they withdrew before the crucial moment to prolong the experience.

Amy was now totally exhausted having cum herself numerous times and could barely hold herself up. One of the men had been taking pictures all the way through, showing me the camera he said " just some little momento's for the boys and to show at the fishing club cos they ain't gonna believe that you let us fuck your bird&hellip.ehehhehe" Finally as Amy lay on the ground motionless they each signed their names on her ass with a indelible marker which would take weeks to wash off.

"that's so you's don't forget us boy, every time you fuck her you'll see whose been there too. If she gets a little bored with you just send her down the club house and we'll keep her entertained " Things weren't the same after that, although it did turn me on I could no longer satisy Amy.