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Raw biker drill innocent young babe in public
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A kind of romance story between twin brother and twin sister. The Nightmare Part 1 I wake in a daze, the fear fresh, waking from a nightmare, of memories of the past or perhaps the distant echo of a future soon to come. As I stir slowly from my bed, turning off the alarm before it goes off I catch a glimpse of my reflection in my tall length mirror my nude skin looking so soft and pale today.

I do a half turn admiring the round quality and firmness of my behind, turning to face the mirror I check my chest for any new growth upset and not surprised when I hold in my small hands only small nubs holding them together and up hard trying to make them appear more full. The nightmare all but forgotten even the vaguest details lost to my conscious mind now and in the shower as I caress and lather up my delicate skin, the water flowing over me cascading down around me, feeling refreshed like the terror just waiting for me does not exist only a scum that can be washed off.

A knock at the upstairs bathroom door and Leo my twin brother's voice rings through, "Hey I really need to go, hurry up." "Just a minute Leo." I do not bother to wrap a towel around myself, stepping nude and wet out into the steam filled air I unlock the door and step back under the refreshing spray of the shower.

Leo steps in, I can hear him going about his business, with him only feet away I begin to sing as softly as I can, singing a song I know Leo likes and I hear Leo give a little laugh.

I do not think much of it as I exit the shower, my naked ass facing my brother, one leg and then the other as I step out and begin drying my short red hair. Leo stares at me and casts his gaze away each time I look over thinking I am not noticing the way he is looking.

After he is done with the bathroom he passes me by as I apply some makeup around my brown eyes, I feel the back of his hand graze my still nude butt as he makes his way out of the bathroom almost in a hurry. I look at him as he leaves his nice body, nice ass and the back of his bleached hair, maybe someone would call him a punk, but if I found out I would give them a piece of my mind, I like to feel like I look out for my twin brother Leo. Makeup on, I put a couple beautiful butterfly hair clips on either side of my hair, walking back into my room I begin to dress, putting on my white training bra I feel it's too tight, that is how I like it, I can barely get my super tight white panties on the material riding up deep into my almost bald pussy mound.

Next to be put on is my school uniform; a white button up shirt with a blue neckerchief, a plain blue skirt, long white stockings, and black shoes. Then after a breakfast I go to school, the last day of classes before summer break and not just any summer break this year it will just be Leo and me. I feel so grown up and responsible already. In mister Jacobson's class, an advanced English class I notice it again, as I think about a guy I think is hot, my pussy begins to dampen, it's always so embarrassing for me when this happens.

I feel as the warm fluids moisten and then soak my panties, this happens too much these days, it's kind of unnerving, it happens in public and in private and I cannot stop it, the juices just keep coming back, so much of it considering I never touch down there sexually. In the front row of the class clearly visible before my teacher's line of sight I wonder if anyone can smell my pussy scent because I can the subtle aroma pleasant to my senses, but I have found that sometimes people are disapproving of my body's natural odors.

Looking around the class room I make sure none are looking at me, reaching so slowly under my school desk with my left arm I slowly inch my skirt up my thighs and my middle finger makes soft contact with my covered labia.

I intend to just try to make the leaking stop I pinch hard my labia lips together around my soaking wet panties. With a start I look up at mister Jacobson who is staring at my open thighs, or rather at me touching my vagina in class, I am so dead. Surprisingly as I slowly remove my hand and reposition my blue skirt back down mister Jacobson just goes back to his teaching acting like he did not just get a good look at 14-year-old wet pussy, the pussy visible through the soaked white material, he saw everything.

Only my freshmen year at the prestigious Hellemonte Center for Gifted Females and already I am making a total fool of myself in front of everyone. I am sure the entire class saw my flushed red embarrassed expression I am so humiliated. I do not think of myself as being gifted, I have a good body, a good mind, still I wonder why I was allowed to attend such a prestigious school, I know a couple things about computers and different random things but surely I am not gifted enough to explain my enrolment here.

My dampness problem persists through the day of classes, the worst of which being gym class where I soak through so much pussy juice that it looks like I wet my gym shorts the coach takes me aside, an older woman, very well built and not much to look at she takes me to her office ad proceeds to come onto me, really where do they find these teachers, I know the prestige that comes with attending or working here, the joke is that my parents had to sell my soul to get me into this place and I do not remember signing anything in my own blood.

"If you just cooperate, come on give me some good oral and masturbate for me right now." Coach Summers continues her creepy offer, "Be a good girl and I'll give you something you can't refuse, a herbal enhancement, see all the other girls here are taking it and sports teams are doing amazing. I understand you are now on the track team and you could use my help." So I answer her calmly, "I refuse, respectfully Coach Summers you are my teacher, I'm not old enough to be making this decision, I won't do it and I won't take any of your drugs.

And also if I ever so much as hear that you are still drugging or molesting of the students I will tell the principle." I leave her with a fairly stunned look and the rest of the day is pretty much a blur until I get home that evening after jogging home from school.

The excitement is palpable as I enter the front room as Leo is saying his goodbyes to our parents. "Good there is my little angel, your mother and I will be back before you know it, you are in charge since you are the oldest, our contact numbers and the emergency numbers are on the refrigerator door and enough money in en envelope to last you, if you need to buy food and also plenty more in case you both decide to go see a movie.

Good bye love, sorry again about this business trip your mother and I are needing to go on, I'm counting on you both to be responsible and take care of each other until we get back." I say my goodbyes to mom and dad, hugging them and kissing their faces.

They are soon gone and there is a brief comfortable silence between Leo and myself. Leo's big dog an Alaskan Husky named Kuru walks over, his claws making a clicking sound as he draws near, his nose finds a way under my skirt a I try to bat him away and he sniffs nudging my still wet panty covered vagina hard smelling my girly scent excitedly.

"Why are you in charge sis?" Leo speaks clearly, "Forget it some guys at school invited me and when I said I had a sister invited you to a party, but we have to go right now if we are going to make it." "Our first real party." I talk with Leo as I halfheartedly fight with Kuru Leo's adorable and also sometimes a handful dog, "Okay as the 4 minute older twin I say it's alright if we go as long as you don't do anything to wild okay Leo?" "Sure thing sis let's go." Leo says evenly calling me by his pet name for me.

When we finally get to the party it is in full swing, loud music, not too bad music though, we are greeted by one of the guys Leo said invited us and he hands us both cups of beer.

"Drink up and enjoy yourselves this is a party." Boasts the not bad looking guy jovially. Peer pressure overcoming us both, I find myself looking over at Leo as he drink the drink and I follow suit what a mistake. By the end of the cup I feel something overwhelm me, such great feeling as the drug ecstasy floods my mind, I can feel every inch of my skin light up, the clothes against my skin so erotic and I rub up and down my hands amazed by the sensation.

Not long into the drug induced arousal I find myself kissing, kissing lips, looking into the eyes of Leo, our tongues and lips mashing together in mad sloppy kisses. I hardly notice people are pointing and laughing at the spectacle as Leo and I mouth fuck each other. By the next day Leo and I awake to find us holding each other in bed still with all our clothes on.

We did not speak except when we had to with each other for a few days after that. I find a good night to take a little revenge taking a warm bowel of water into Leo's room, putting his closest hand into the water I listen and hear him begin to urinate in his sleep. I quickly leave his room with the bowel of water thinking the score had been settled. Without warning the next night as I sleep Leo comes into my room with a camera, unconscious asleep I am unable to stop him from pulling the bed sheets down my body revealing my completely naked body to his young horny teenage eyes.

Leo boldly snaps pictures capturing every inch before he leaves me still asleep. The next morning I wake up and see the sheets were all pulled down and wonder if Leo was in my room I hear Leo groaning from his room almost pained sounding.

Without thinking about my nudeness I rush to see if Leo is okay, how could I be so foolish I am supposed to be taking care of my brother. Bursting into his room I see what he is doing, "Big brother." And his cock is a good size for his age, looks big in his hand even as he strokes it still, pictures of my body printed out and covering his bed, globs of cum on different pictures of my different body parts.

I am surprised he does not relent nor say anything, I look through his pictures of me, is so strange the most cum covered picture is the picture of my vagina. "Leo I think you forgot to take pictures of a couple places." I giggle and blush. "Help me sis I can't stop, I was going to blackmail you with the pictures to get back at you for the peeing in my bed, but then I got back here and I couldn't stop touching my penis looking at the pictures of you.

You can't know how beautiful and cute you are sis." "Remember we used to share a crib, that one time when we were little and played doctor, or the times we took bathes together growing up.

I think my point is Leo that we have always been close and I want us to be comfortable with each other we're going to be alone together for the whole summer vacation." I spread my legs and pussy lips with my fingers, "Take a picture of this Leo." I watch as Leo picks up his camera and takes pictures of my spread pink pussy and next I open my mouth, he takes pictures of my mouth also.

"You are so fucking hot sis, I'm going to cum again." Leo groans as he cum several spurts flying up into the air, one landing on my left tit and a strand landing on my lower belly and over my pussy. A little flustered and embarrassed I go take a shower breaking the almost hypnotic spell that I felt like I was under with my twin brother. A few days later I sneak into Leo's room while he sleeps, crawling under the covers, I suck and lick his cock until he cums filling my mouth, it is so hot that I swallow the cum load and sneak back to my room.

In the daytime everything seems normal, just a couple well-behaved teenagers enjoying their day together, playing games, enjoying their time together. That night as I sleep my unconscious body vulnerable to Leo's attacks, he sneaks into my room and proceeds to lick at my labia feeling and tasting every little bit. Leo is rewarded with a steady stream of pussy nectar, Leo thinking he was making me orgasm in my sleep drinks up what he had stolen and leaves. A few days later and Leo is back in my room while I sleep soundly, he wears clothes this time and takes his time to undress.

Leo pulls the covers away revealing my nude unconscious body, knowing that if he was really quiet and went slow he could do whatever he pleases to my helpless body.

First he rubs his hands over my body barely grazing the skin, flips my ass over, ass up now my hands are bound together with Leo's belt an improvised bondage. Leo must wonder how far he can go, how deep the sleep is, Leo presses his thumb into my mouth, still not waking me up Leo grabs a pair of my wet panties and shoves them into my mouth slowly. I sleep unconscious to the fact my brother Leo is experimenting on me his own sister.

Leo licks my ass, spreading my ass cheeks apart and licking all over the hole and even licking up to my pussy tasting and savoring the unique and erotic flavor. Leo takes pictures of me with my ass up in the air, bound and mouth stuffed with a pair of my panties.


Next Leo's cock is rubbed between my ass cheeks, he masturbates, stroking his cock slowly for about a half hour before he presses his body against mine, lying on top of me humping his cock against my limp body.

Leo feels as a powerful orgasm hits him and he sprays his cum all over my butt and back. Leo takes pictures of my cum-glazed butt and back for fun. Sweating hard and concerned he will get caught Leo removes the belt from around my wrists, pulls the panties out and wipes up the cum mess with them. Leo collects his belongings as well as the pair of my panties to later be used for jacking off with. On the following night I run into Leo in the hallway between our two rooms, bumping my naked body against his.

"Um, this is awkward." I say with a cute giggle. "Let's call a truce between us big brother." "Okay sis, but why you calling me big brother?" "Because big brother, your cock is big and you're my brother." Leo laughs at this and grabs my hips firmly pulling me to him, "I'm so lucky to have a sister like you." I feel as our lips meet, he kisses me, such passion in the kiss rekindling my lust for him it goes on for what seems like an eternity.

"I think this is going to be a fun family reunion." Jokes Leo. "How about we try the union bit first big brother?" "Okay." Is all he could get out before I kiss him and jump up wrapping my legs around Leo's waist tightly squishing his cock hard against my pussy and lower belly. "Wow could that whole cock fit up inside me, it feels like it would go far." I say incredulously as I rub my moist pussy against my brother's big hard cock. "Only one real way to find out sis." With that Leo spanks my left then right as cheeks before grabbing my ass hard.

I Moan softly as I feel him rubbing the tip of his cock against my tiny tight hole. Pinning me against the wall he begins prodding into me roughly getting more of my pussy juice on his cock head.

It starts to hurt a little and I tell Leo so, "It hurts a little Leo, please be gentle, go slow." So he lowers me softly onto his cock getting more and more into me stretching my hymen to the limit before pounding himself all the way up to rub my cervix.

I cannot help crying a few tears at the beauty of the moment, he goes slow for a while letting me get used to being stuffed full, it begins to feel good and I moan loudly. I draw to something, something welling up inside my belly before I can find out what I is all about Leo pulls out letting me slide down into a sitting position, he slaps my face a couple times with his cock to get me out of my daze and gain my attention.

"Sis I almost came, suck me off okay?" I smile and lick his cock from top to bottom, looking up into his eyes the whole time, snaking my tongue around before engulfing the tip in my mouth, I takes only a little sucking and licking before Leo pushes his hips forward forcing his cock too deep as he pumps out stream after stream of his cum.

Most of his cum is pumped down my neck, but some leaks out the corner of my mouth and out my nose. Later that night we sleep in our parent's bed holding each other. The next couple days are amazing we get along so well in the day, even going out to see a movie to pretending we are boyfriend and girlfriend. Leo fucks my pussy at night and lets me either get the cumshot in my mouth or on my face. I find myself later moaning around my brother's prick as he rails me from behind in our parent's bed, orgasms over flowing through my body.

"Your pussy feels incredible sis, I'm going to cum sis." "Oh oh oh Leo don't cum inside my vagina, I'm on my period, but I might still get pregnant." "I can't hold it sis!" "Noooooooo, don't cum inside my pussy Leo, don't cum big brother pull out!" "Here it comes!

Fuck!" "Leo, not inside. Leo!" I feel Leo cum deep inside my contracting pussy.


"Sorry sis." I squirt and orgasm more intensely than every before collapsing and arching my body at the same time as Leo slowly pulls out his wad left inside and it soon begins to seep out making for a great creampie shot that Leo quickly takes pictures of. "Oh that's so hot Leo, I think I like it when you cum inside me." I blush at the admittance. I did not get pregnant from that night so we make a habit out of him cumming inside my pussy when I am least likely to get pregnant, we keep fucking even though we get nicknames in school and our school mates tease us with jeers such as, "Does the slut like making out with her own twin brother, eww gross." And, "What you going to do marry him and have incest kids?" We ignore it all, our relationship only growing stronger and deeper with time, the almost constant sex leaving me with a sore pussy daily.

I even let him shave my pussy and shower with me, we are closer than ever, the summer over, the dead of winter now surrounding the area with layers of snow and ice making it all the more fun to cuddle up naked in bed with Leo feeling the warmth of his bare skin against mine, on a certain night Leo suggests I wear my school uniform that it will add a kind of foreplay to the cold winter night's events. I retreat to my room, slip on the white stockings and then over them black fishnet leggings, my tightest pair of pink panties, next the plain blue skirt, a pink bra over my bare breasts, white shirt, I tie the blue neckerchief around the collar of my shirt, put in some ornate hair clips in my hair and lastly put on a pair of black shoes.

I look myself over in the mirror straightening my skirt out, it is strange for me wearing cloths in the house I have gotten used to be naked around Leo a lot and I cannot help but picture Leo naked waiting for me, thinking about him I rub my crotch and wish there was not so much clothing in the way of my attempts at pussy petting.

Quickly I skip back into Leo's room, he sits on his bed naked staring at me his eyes wanting to rip my clothes off with sheer will power alone. With a cute giggle I approach the bed, in the light of the room I do some belly rolls, then pops my chest some, my hips join in rotating and popping about making the skirt flail around.

Leo takes pictures as I move my body around as sexy as I can do, dancing and removing clothes while he photographs. I dance dirty for Leo, slowly stripping out of the school uniform, and then Leo grabs my hips, pulling me close as he finishes undressing me leaving the skirt on me. I then give Leo a lap dance before I take the tip of his cock into my tight little vagina squeezing it back out as I lift up and off.

"What do you want, you want me to ride your cock Leo." "Yeah damn right I do, it feels so good to fuck your pussy sis." I keep on teasing my pussy with only the tip of Leo's cock, riding only the tip. After a while Leo grows impatient and tries to pull my hips to his, I resist. "What's wrong sis? Also do you think I could finally fuck your sweet ass?" "How do you want it Leo?" "Take it all the way, fucking ride my cock hard!" "Since you asked so nicely." I giggle and drop my weight down suddenly impaling myself on Leo's cock feeling it hit my cervix hard feeling like an internal punch.

Moaning loudly I bounce up and down on Leo's cock rapidly, the wet fucking sounds increasing in volume, rotating, grinding and humping until I am about to orgasm. I lift off and with Leo's cock lubricated with a lot of my pussy juice I align Leo's throbbing cock with my asshole. Slowly I take Leo's cock, it is not much fun for me, a few more grinds and humps and Leo cum inside my ass. I feel for him to be done and lift up and off moving into sixty-nine position sucking and licking his cock into my mouth.

After I deepthroat Leo's cock hard his cock is back to full hardness, I feel Leo's tongue and fingers going to work on my pussy and recently fucked ass. Leo becomes more aggressive flipping me over onto my back, moving around and pounding his cock like a wild animal in and out of my fuck hole, I feel his hand move down my legs grabbing them and pulling them up by my head.

I feel as Leo teases both my holes, fucking my pussy until I am about to orgasm the switching to my ass confusing me. I feel as Leo moves me into a doggy-style position ramming his cock into my pussy from behind making me moan loudly and orgasm on his cock.

He keeps fucking me until he cannot hold back his own climax any longer, by that point the orgasms get intense. I feel Leo pull out and cum on my butt, I quickly spin around to catch some with my mouth getting a blast of it in my right eye, Leo takes a quick picture. I wipe it up and lick my hand clean, I lick Leo's cock clean, and I cuddle up with Leo in bed and fall asleep until the next day.

After school I find Leo fiddling with his scrapbook a photo album with all the pictures he took of me with little notations giving some information like the date and stuff we did almost a kind of diary I share with Leo.

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I look at him and then at the album, flipping though it with Leo thinking that these really could have made for good blackmail material. I see a couple few pictures of me while asleep I had not really seen before, they look really hot so I comment to Leo, "I do not remember you taking these pictures of me asleep, but they look like really hot pictures of me." I set the naughty photo album down on Leo's bed and take Leo's right hand in mine.

"Come on big bother Leo." I say as I go into the bathroom with Leo, we shower together and have a passionate novel quickie ending with me having cum in my butt to wash out. Last words we exchange leave me feeling kind of like a jerk I say, "I don't think I'm ready for something like that yet and I don't think I ever will be Leo." Leo keeps at me with his insistent pleading, "Come on Sis, please let me tie you up and have Kuru fuck you, knotting in you is a must and of course I would be taking pictures the whole time." "The answer is still no Leo, I'm too young to be thinking about bondage and sex with your dog." Story # A kind of romance story between twin brother and twin sister.

The Nightmare Part 2 The following night asleep in my bed I for some reason sleep through Leo pulling me out of bed, carrying me outside deep into the snow covered surrounding woods, a chilly light breeze whipping through the trees moving some of the snow about and even while be binds me with ropes he had left at the sight specially for this event. Groggily and rapidly I come out of the unconsciousness of my sleep just as Leo had finished binding me and had started to attach extremely tightly biting toothy plastic clothespins to my sensitive bits.

By the time I am wake enough to think of something to say Leo had already gagged me with a pair of panties I had thought I had lost now crusty with Leo's cum. He ties my neckerchief around my mouth tying it in the back and leaves me naked bound, gagged with clothespins hurting really bad in the freezing cold winter night air and slight wind.

I take a moment to figure out my state as my body shivers, moving I try to get free from the bindings, it is a rather tight and good restraints nothing I can escape from, my arms tied together at the wrists and above the elbows above my head to a sturdy branch.

Trying to rise I find I cannot move my legs much, they are bound each leg is bound bent at the knees I struggle around finding I can move from facing the tree to facing away from the tree without too much difficulty.

I notice Leo had at some point fastened one of Kuru's old dog collars around my neck. I taste the old cum mixing with my saliva giving me some interesting flavors to enjoy while I try to scream for help. Who would hear me this late at night, the pain from the plastic clothespins subsides a little, all but the one on my clit, I hurts like nothing I had ever experienced before, like searing pain, movement makes them more around and sweating and near tears I settle my back to the tree in a few inches of snow.

After a few minutes the pain from the eight clothespins on my outer labia lips and two on my rock hard nipples has lessoned, but the clit one is almost unbearable to have on any longer and my body is shaking.

The snow is so cold under me sitting, kind of lying in the snow it feels like I will freeze my butt. I hear a large animal coming towards me, my mind flashes images of different wild animals that could attack me, and up sprints a large canine. A bright lamp lights up above me, I had not noticed it was there I squint for a few minutes from the brightness as a large long wet tongue begins licking my face all over.

I open my eyes to see Kuru my brother's big Alaskan Husky staring me right back his breathing making a kind of mist and so is my own breathing a white mist as the moisture freezes, I notice his cock growing out, he whines looking concerned about the clothespins covering my pussy.

Even though this is like nothing I have experienced before in my short life I cannot help being highly aroused, my pussy leaking pussy juices that turn to ice while dripping while I try to think of a way to get Kuru to help me. I whine back at him, I try screaming into my gag, lastly I shake my body back and forth trying to shake some clothespins loose they stay firmly in place and my nipples, labia lips and clit feeling like they are burning all anew.

Very agitated and in need of a bitch Kuru rubs his big nose in my crotch hard the initial impact causing several of the labia clothespins to be painfully dislodged. Screaming into the gag and shaking hard I feel as Kuru licks my shaved vagina harder and harder, licking his tongue into my tight hole, then the one lower, over and over driving me closer and closer to a forced climax.

Kuru stops licking, I whine at him to remove the few remaining clothespins on my pussy try to at least and he suddenly starts to mount me. Screaming into the gag, I move around in a futile attempt to escape, to face away from Kuru towards the tree, nowhere to run, Kuru rams his cock into my asshole fucking me deep for a while.

I manage to move my lower body enough twisting away from him on one of his backstrokes his cock slips out of my ass and I struggle as he holds me under his weight, he is a big dog and I am a little girl after all. I feel the coldness rubbing my lower body raw while I feel his warm fur brushing my back and butt. Kuru holds me in position, his front legs holding me tight, he lunges forward again this time missing my ass and I feel his cock slip deep into my vagina pounding at the back, pounding my cervix.

With great speed and force Kuru pummel fucks my pussy from behind, his cock grinding and pounding against my cervix, he stays deep. I climax, the freezing cold winter night air, the light breeze, the restraints, clothespins and all lost in several minutes of bliss.

Kuru is pounding me so hard forcing me hard against the tree hurting my nipples while he fucks me in a doggy style position. I see a large ball or something inflating more than the rest of his cock so big and I feel it being thrust inside over and over it begins to hurt more and more. Summoning the last of my strength I manage to struggle enough to get on my back lying back in the snow, Kuru unrelenting pounds his dog cock knot and all into my pussy his weight now on top of me.

Then it happens, Kuru's knot in his cock gets so big that removal would be impossible, I cry and climax the hardest in my life. Through this whole thing Kuru had not stopped his deep thrusts and without anywhere else to go Kuru's cock gets longer as it swells penetrating my cervix. Kuru pounds his cock inside my uterus feeling like he is punching me on the inside, the very real danger comes to me, if his hard dog cock gets any bigger he could cause serious internal injury.

I feel him bruising the inside of my womb pounding harder and harder and then such heat. It feels like my belly is filed up with spurts of hot liquid, it is somehow warming and arousing causing me to squirt in orgasm around the dog cock that cannot even move inside my fuck hole.

I could swear I feel the Kuru's little sperms moving, swimming around inside my womb and pussy. Kuru whines and tries to rip his cock out only hurting me and himself, I move around back into a kind of hands and knees position Kuru facing away from me still very much stuck inside my vagina. I look down at my belly in a kind of foggy daze and it looks like my belly has gotten bigger.

Kuru after agonizing minutes, too many minutes Kuru rips his cock out and begins licking himself near me. Almost broken I pant and cry my tears freezing to my face as I move onto my back watching huge gushes of dog semen flow out like a river into the snow melting some of it and mostly freezing. My pussy twitching, where clothespins all numb my body shaking and my loud moaning into the gag. This is when Leo steps into the light cast from the bright lamp overhead, he holds his camera in his right hand and rubs his cock with the other.

I cannot believe Leo is taking pictures even as the flow of dog cum slows to a dribble. "Sis." Begins Leo stoically, "You had a chance to do what I said, I gave you a chance, now you are gong to be a good girl now and do exactly as I say." I see the lust in his eyes and I nod my head indicating I understand. "I bet you need those clothespins off now, first get onto your hands and knees I saw the whole thing." With more difficulty than I remember I flip over onto my knees the snow now beginning to be painful still tied to the tree, I wiggle my butt a little looking over my shoulder at Leo.

Leo positions his erect cock at my rear he rams his cock into my ass and begins a steady ass fucking as he does he being shoving icicles into my pussy it's so cold, but the heat of my pussy melts the ice pretty fast.

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I hump my ass back against him as he fucks my butt, grinding and rolling my hips and he begins beating my ass hard with the palm of his hand. "You like that don't you bitch, sure you do." Says Leo while he spanks my ass harder and fucks my ass. I keep grinding and humping my ass back against Leo whimpering into the gag.

I grunt and moan like an animal as he spanks my ass a beet red color. Leo grabs my right leg forcing it to his chest, pounding my ass now at a different angle, he reaches and tugs the clothespins off my body each one slowly I shake and scream in horrible pain.

Leo pulls out he is cumming spraying half his load on my right side of breast and on my face as I look up at him pleadingly. Leo takes several more pictures of me mostly close ups of my red and battered leaking vagina.

I feel as Leo finally unties me, he leaves the gag, attaches one of Kuru's old leashes to the dog collar around my neck. "Now you were a good bitch, a good little girl, my good sister, you won't tell anyone about this and let go back to the house.

Walk on your hands and knees Sis." Orders Leo as he rams a thick long icicle into my ass he continues, "Hold that in you asshole the whole way back Sis." Leo tugs on the leash choking me a little while he throws snowballs at me, hitting me like little needles all over he picks up some snow and rubs into my breasts, belly, butt and pussy roughly while saying, "Remember these?

Remember how we used to throw these at one another? It was fun back then, and still is. You usually had on some winter clothes though I can imagine you feel like you are going to freeze. Sorry Sis bitches don't need clothes. Hey maybe next year when it's warmer we can try this again, we can see if this spot has changed, tie you up and see how many times me and Kuru can cum while using your tight young body Sis.

Doesn't that sound nice?" I obey my brother Leo walking on hands and knees back to the house through the few inches thick snow cover lead by Leo and kept in line by Kuru.

The house feeling nice getting out of that stifling freezing cold breezy night air, home the icicle melted Leo lets me have a few hours of rest. Of course I never tattle on my brother, a good girl always does as she is told right? A few weeks pass by without anything too different happening, Leo and I fucking nightly with some now added bondage and light torture added to our relationship. Walking to my next class hoping to be early, walking through the empty halls Leo grabs me and pulls me into one of the storage closets.

"Leo I have to get to class." I plead, "What are you doing here?" Leo holds me close to him by my arms and says, "I'm so horny and I just couldn't wait until you were home to be back inside you Sis. Now be quiet." Leo holds a hand over my mouth. I feel him groping my breast under my white button up shirt, his hard cock already out and rubbing against the back of my skirt getting some of his precum on my plain blue skirt. I pull Leo's hand away long enough to say, "No not here Leo what if we're caught?" "Yeah does the thought of someone seeing us together scare you Sis?

Does it make you wet?" Leo asks as he reaches under my skirt, then pulling my moist panties aside and fingers my pussy hard. Leo's hand moving back and forth from covering my mouth to playing with my breasts while his other hand rubs and fingers my pussy. I am wet and I feel myself getting more damp feeling the familiar now feeling of his pawing and grabbing at my body.

I am about to scream as Leo twists my nipples under my white training bra so Leo pulls my pink panties down my legs off me and stuffs them into my mouth forcing me to taste my own pussy juices. Leo lies on his back pulling my pussy to his face he licks and fingers my pussy and ass. I decide to suck his cock I take my pink panties out of my mouth holding them in my hand I begin to lick and suck on Leo's cock.

Tasting his cock in my mouth I suck at an angle making my cheek stick out and I go back to lifting head up and down on his cock.

I rubs his balls gently and suck half his cock Leo places his hand on top of my head and forces me, fucking my throat hard making my eyes tear and I still lick in slow circles and suck as best I can. I feel as I draw close to an orgasm, Leo pulls me off him, stuffs my wadded up panties back into my mouth to gag me and moves me over facing away from him still fingering my vagina roughly. Roughly Leo pushes me over a stack of crates, he lifts my skirt up over my hips revealing what must look like the sexist ass in the world to my brother, he spreads my legs apart, I am bent over the crates at an extreme angle holding myself partially up holding my hands against the wall.

With a few more whimpers from me Leo pulls his fingers out of my leaking pussy and rubs his cock head against my pussy and ass alternating pressure on both.

"Here it comes Sis." Leo says as he slaps my ass cheeks with his cock hard filling the room with the wet slapping sounds. I feel as Leo slips his cock into my asshole, he fucks my ass hard for several minutes, pulls out and instantly drives his cock deep into my vagina.

I moan loudly muffled by the panties in my mouth as I orgasm, my pussy muscles contracting and gripping my brother's cock as if in a vise. Leo spanks my ass hard as I feel my orgasm flooding my senses he spanks my ass harder and harder leaving red handprints while he fucks my ass and pussy for what seems like an eternity. I feel him pull out and move me against the wall of the storage closet he puts me on my belly and slowly pulls my legs open and against the wall.

With my legs spread wide and pinned against the wall along with my belly pressed to the wall Leo goes back to fucking both my holes harder than before, more strokes into my soaking vagina and I orgasm again this time squirting. In this difficult position I feel Leo alternating between fucking my ass and pussy every few strokes trading off to another hole. "I'm going to cum Sis." I beg him not to empty his balls in my pussy by trying to say no while moaning, "Nnnnnnngh." With Leo's cock in my ass he begins to cum, he pulls out while cumming stuffing his cock into my pussy cumming in there also and then he pulls out and a strand of his cum lands on my body from my ass up my back and in my hair.

Leo lets me up and I quickly put my soaked with saliva pink panties back on while saying to Leo, "You got to get out of here and don't let anyone see you." I giggle, "Big brother." Watching me straighten my clothes Leo smiles looking satisfied and tells me, "Leave my cum in you, don't get cleaned up Sis, you are so sexy with my cum leaking out of you.

Did you like the creampie?" "I can't believe you came inside my pussy I was trying to tell you not to, anyways see you at home Leo bye." "Not so fast bitch." Leo begins as he lifts my skirt up pulling my panties aside, "You are going to follow these orders, there will be no complaining or resistance." Leo pulls four pencils; a black sharpie and a familiar looking pink plastic clothespin out of his pocket and continues telling me what I must do, "Keep these on and in you all day and I will remove them when you get home you better do this for me.

Stop just thinking about yourself for a change." I pout while Leo holds me down, he covers my mouth I look down and watch him while he puts the clothespin on my clit with a loud snap. The pain is so bad I shake hard and Leo tells me, "Hold still Sis you're not ready to go to class yet." I watch and feel as Leo sticks three of the pencils up my asshole, then he shoves the marker up twitching pussy, lastly I feel the pain of him forcing a pencil up my urethra filling the hole I pee from painfully.

Straightening my too tight pink panties and my plain blue skirt Leo gives my butt a hard swat saying, "That's sexy Sis, remember you can't remove any of that today, you understand?" "Yes big brother I will be good and I won't take anything off.

But what if-" Leo cuts me off with a hard passionate kiss that sends my head spinning, we tangle tongues and all too soon we break the kiss. "Go Sis you said you had to get to class earlier, so go and have a nice day sweetie." Leo says and slaps my butt hard again making the objects in me move around painfully.

Leo watches me leave the storage closet not mentioning he also left some cum on the back of my shirt and in my red hair. Walking in the halls between classes is the worst, it hurts so bad I walk literally like I have a stick up my butt, so slow and carefully, but it still hurt, my face flushed red, so embarrassing.

Some girls laugh at me and other giggle giving me funny looks most likely because of the unusually slow way I am walking. The tight panties constantly rubbing against the clothespin on my clit makes it so the little bundle of nerves never stops feeling like it is being seared off. Before I ever make it to a class I can feel Leo's cum leaking out and collecting in my panties and even some leaking through and down my thighs.

Finally in class, scolded for being late, I finally sit down in my chair and it hurts. While sitting there in such a public space I get so aroused and even though it hurts I like the good feelings and without meaning to while feeling more of Leo's cum pouring out of my pussy I shudder and orgasm covering my mouth.

I have a few more orgasms in different classes before the day is through grinding in the chairs and humping against the invasive objects in full view of many of the other students and the faculty. Could they tell I wonder? As soon as I am back in the front door at home Leo grabs my arms and walks quickly pulling me along up into his room. "It all still hurts really bad Leo." I whimper to Leo, "Please remove the stuff from my holes and the clothespin." "First you will swear to me you will do everything I tell you, you will be my bitch, my twin sister still but also so much more now.

You swear to belong to me and only me?" "Yes big brother I swear I will do anything you want, just the clothespin and stuff take it off." Leo gets out the dog collar he had me wear that time Kuru fucked me, I get a sinking feeling as he draws close to me, I look over and see Kuru nearby looking at me smelling my strong pussy odor.

I see there is a tag on the collar now and a leash already attached on the tag it reads- Lucy- Property of Leo I cannot see the tag anymore while Leo puts it snuggly around my neck, Leo sits on his bed and looks over at me picking up and readying his camera. "Come on now bitch dance and strip dirty for me, just ignore the discomfort and think about pleasing me." Leo takes pictures while I dance for him, I sway this way and that I belly dance a little soon I am just grinding on him.

While Leo takes pictures I strip for him, taking off all my clothes. Leo lets me grind my ass on his crotch for a while before he takes the clothespin off my suddenly he does this while also muffling me with is hand and then my soaking cum stained pink panties filling my mouth up.

Leo puts me on my back on the bedspreads my legs open wide at my sides and begins inspecting my pussy, be rubs, twists pinches my abused and bruised clit. After making me squirm Leo begins sticking his fingers into my ass and pussy pulling out the markers and pencils there that had been there all day inside me. "We have a problem Sis." "What happened Leo?" "Sis the pencil, I can't reach it, it went too far up your peehole." I feel Leo scrapping around at my urethra opening, I squeeze and try to pee Leo manages to get the pencil out and then a stream of built up pee squirts out and Leo latches his mouth down on my crotch catching the piss in is mouth.

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Next Leo pulls the panties out of my mouth, kisses me and forces the pee into my mouth and he tells me, "Swallow it all." I swallow the foul tasting pee, almost having to gag it down. "Nice, very nice Sis just like that, now put clothespins on your nipples, labia and clit my bitch." Leo orders as he stuffs the panties back into my mouth and drops thirteen plastic clothespins next to me.

I start picking up clothespins and attaching them to my most sensitive bits, I place one on each nipple left to right, then five on each side of my outer labia lips effectively spreading my pussy open wide. I hesitate with the last clothespin looking down at my already very abused painful clit. Leo flips me over his knee and begins spanking me as hard as he can it hurts a lot.

After he stops I put the clothespin on my clit it hurts worse than ever. "Now masturbate for me bitch, I want to take pictures of you while you pleasure yourself." I relax as much as I can and finger my pussy while Leo takes pictures of me fingering my clothespin-covered twat.

I whine and moan twisting my finger around inside my pussy, rubbing my G spot as much as I can stand within minutes I orgasm hard and pussy juices leak from my pussy. Leo lays back his cock springing up into the air; he pulls my leash puling my face to his cock. I spit the panties out of my mouth knowing what he wants, I lick and suck on his balls, strokes his cock, licks up and down the underside of his cock before going right into deepthroating his cock intensely.

Leo's hands push my head down making me take it deep all the way down my throat, he fucks my face so hard I almost begin to choke on his cock. Leo pulls me off his cock, puts my panties back in my mouth he pulls my leash and makes me straddle his cock between my thighs, he forces me to ride his cock while he pulls on my leash.

The clothespins hurt; I grind, hump and rotate my hips feeling Leo's cock stroking inside me, my tits bouncing up and down the clothespins tugging on my nipples. As I climax so does Leo cumming inside my pussy deep. I shake and shudder even as Leo pulls me off him. "That was fun Sis, get on your knees, legs spread and hold your had behind your head stay like that until I get back from dinner, I'll tell mom and dad you weren't feeling well." Leo says as I get into position, thighs spread open wide and hands behind head.

Leo kisses my forehead and puts a towel under me. I watch as my brother takes Kuru with him out of the room. It proves to be very difficult and after about the hour it takes Leo and kuru to finally come walking back through the door my body is shaking so hard.

"Good girl you stayed like I told you, now open your mouth bitch." Order's Leo as he slaps my face with his once again erected cock. I open my mouth and Leo takes the panties out replacing them with his cock he begin to pee, he pees and I drink it down.

Leo takes some more pictures and has Kuru come up onto the bed. "Now dirty bitch I want to see you Kuru's cock in your mouth, give him a good blowjob." I lick Kuru's cock to hardness and then start sucking on his cock even deepthroating. While I am blowing Leo's dog Leo comes up behind and he starts fucking my pussy, it hurt and feels good all at once.

Leo alternates fucking my pussy and fucking my ass while I blow Kuru I moan around Kuru's cock while I orgasm. Leo pulls out and moves around replacing Kuru's cock wit his own in my sucking mouth. "Ah yeah that's it Sis, suck my cock and get Kuru to fuck you, I want to see him knot in you again that looks so sexy when he does that." Not knowing how to get Kuru to fuck me I lift my ass up high and begin wiggling my ass without stopping hoping Kuru gets the hint.

Kuru moves around to sniff me from behind, he whines, he doesn't like the clothespins, Kuru nips at my thighs hard. Leo uses my mouth, forcing me to deepthroat his cock. Kuru licks deeply into me finally licking his huge long tongue past the clothespins, knocking some of them from my labia nearing another orgasm Kuru must have sensed because he mounts me suddenly and drives his cock into my pussy, thrusting a few times deep before pulling out and penetrating my ass with his big red almost fully knotted dog cock.

Kuru fucks my ass deep his knot swells inside me locking me to him and he cum it feels as if belly will burst three long big loads of his cum. Leo takes come more pictures and cums directly down my throat, he pulls out and I like his cock clean. After Kuru pulls out Leo removes the clothespins on me causing me to kind of yelp in pain and lets me go to bed after a quick shower.

In the middle of the night Leo sneaks into my room with Kuru, put the collar and leash back around my neck, he tugs at the leash and spanks my ass hard until I wake up in shock. "Come my bitch we are going for a walk." I look up and see Leo smiling back at me wearing winter clothes a shiver runs up my spine, not the outdoors again, in the winter, is Leo trying to kill me.

Leo stuffs my mouth full of my pink panties, the exact same pair that had been in my mouth many times trough the day. Leo leads me on hands and knees alongside a leashed up Kuru to the door leading out into the horrible pain of freezing winter instantly making me shiver.

At the door on hands and knee, Leo opens it and the cold air blasts me from a light breeze, I hold onto the doorframe. "Lucy come, let's go Sis, it won't be too bad bitch." Leo says as he drags me out totally nude into the blistering cold winter night air. Leo leads me on hands and knees through the thick snow the snow coming up to brush against my tits.

Finally after too long we reach the spot in the woods that Leo had first tied me up and used me. Leo ties my arms to the tree as before and this time leaves more slack he then binds my legs bent at the knees and also spread open wide in the snow.

The ice is colder than I remembered, it hurts more, Leo us upon me squeezing and fondling my chest Leo puts clothespins on my nipples, on my clit and on my labia lips. Leo puts Kuru on his back his cock by my head while he takes pictures and fucks my pussy and ass one after the other while still fully clothed. "Lick and suck his cock bitch." Orders Leo while he continues to play musical chairs with my ass and pussy fucking my already sore holes hard.

I let the panties fall from my open mouth and rub my mouth all over Kuru's cock; licking and kissing him back to hardness. Leo lights a candle and begins dripping hot candle wax all over my chest and belly.

The pain is horrible the hot wax in stark contrast to the freezing weather. Next while I still suck Kuru Leo pours the hot candle wax into and on my pussy while he fucks my ass I scream the pain especially to my tortured clit the most painful thing to ever happen to me in my life. Leo flips me over into a kind of hands and knees position at the same Kuru begins thrusting his hard cock roughly down the back of my throat hurting me.

Sandwiched between Kuru and Leo I feel more burning sensations as wax is poured hot from the candle onto my back and butt.

Before either Leo or I realize Kuru's cock had lodged down my throat so deep I could swear he had the tip in my stomach, his knot swelled inside my mouth looking him in and I try in vain to dislodge pulling only managing to hurt Kuru a little. I know enough to not panic, trying to keep drawing air through my nose Kuru's cock swells bigger forcing my mouth open wider and hurting my neck making it hard to breathe.

Just as I am about to pass out Kuru dumps a huge load down into my stomach as Leo cums in my pussy deep pulling out and cumming the rest into and on my ass. "There you go bitch, Sis are you okay?" I manage a, "Mmmmhmmm." Barely feeling the dog cock already going down It starts snowing and it feels so special in this place that I am sure will be where we do all the most naughty dirty things.

As soon as Kuru is able to gets his cock out Leo unties me while I lick Kuru's cock affectionately feeling a newfound respect for Kuru. Picking up the frozen panties Leo shoves them into my mouth and leads Kuru and I side by side through the start of a snowstorm back into the house. Only once back in the house does Leo let me take off the clothespins and get cleaned up and rested.

A couple days later my brother Leo and I have a weekend to ourselves, just him and me for a few days no interruptions. Right after school the start of twin brother sister time together I by now am so enthralled and submissive to Leo that I don't bother to ask any questions when Leo puts the collar around my neck with the tags on it and also now a jingly bell attached to the collar.

I don't even question when Leo undresses me, rams a butt plug with a tail into my ass dry, it hurts and while I adjust to the tight fit Leo puts kinky fetish cat ears on my head.

"Big-" Leo cuts me off going right into his orders, "Little pussy you will be my pet cat, a kitten really, you will act like my pet for the weekend, here are the rules you can't talk except to say mew that's all, you are to only walk around on your hands and knees, you will only eat what I give you in your pet bowl, you can't take the tail out except to use the bathroom, you may only groom yourself by licking and you have to sleep curled up on top of the covers at my feet.

Do a good job being my pet little pussy." Leo leaves and comes back with a saucer of milk I drink it up wiggling my butt back and forth while I do.

Leo treats me less like a human and more like his pet pretty much ignoring me most the day which makes my vagina just get more wet and by the second day as I wake up at Leo's feet and I lick my body giving myself a tongue bath I can smell my vagina has gotten ever more strong smelling. After my saucer of milk for breakfast Leo drags me up onto the bed by my collar choking me a little I exclaim, "Mew." "Now little pussy play with yourself pet make yourself squirt." Orders Leo sternly.

I get on my back spreading my legs wide, I mew as I pull my vagina open with my fingers, I stroke and rub my slit. I finger my vagina with a couple fingers lifting up towards my clit over and over grinding and humping my hips. In a flash I pull my fingers out orgasm and squirt pussy juices my back arched, sweating hard and I shake for several minutes after. "Good little pussy." Says Leo as he strokes my head and hair down my back and down the tail attached to the butt plug in my ass.

My pussy scent filling Leo's senses, he picks up pens and pencils stretching my twitching vagina, stuffing me and poking into my urethra hurting me. All I can say is, "Mew." I lick the back of my right hand and paw the side of my face cute as can be while my brother plays with and explores my every inch of my pussy with different objects and his fingers. I feel him masturbating me to orgasm and now and then he twists or pinches one of my nipples.

Later at night he pets and fondles me before we go to sleep, I silently hope he likes how I am doing being his pet for the weekend.

The next morning Leo wakes me up rubbing hips cock against my lips. "Lick it little pussy." Orders Leo and I lick his cock.

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I lick it all over while he pets my head and hair. After a time I get him to cum just from my licking skills he cums in my mouth and on my face. I lick and wipe the cum up into my mouth, gargle it and swallow it before I lick Leo's cock clean. By this time I am used to having a butt plug in my ass all the time and the short times I do not have it in feels almost unnatural by now. Also my skin feels kind of odd from not taking a shower or anything for a couple days. Almost feeling annoyed like a bad hair day and I still act my part fully into being Leo's pet by now, walking around on hands and knees my little bell jingling around whenever I move.

A few saucers of milk and lots petting later Leo brings his dog Kuru into the room horny and almost crazed from not fucking me in a while. Sometimes I think Kuru has gotten more addicted to fucking me than Leo has. I giggle and mew at the thought. Kuru runs right up to me sniffing my crotch, I get on hands and knees on the bed, giving cute pouty looks and making mewling sounds. Kuru wastes no time mounting me and driving his cock hard into my vagina that is not fully lubricated so it causes lots of uncomfortable friction.

"Mew, mew, mew, mew, mew!" I exclaim loudly while Leo takes pictures of Kuru pummel fucking me from behind brutishly. Not long I find myself on the brink of orgasm while I feel Kuru's starting to knot cock moving fully in and out of me moaning loudly. Kuru knots inside my vagina expanding my insides to the maximum and beyond. Not once do I stop acting like Leo's pet and I hear him say through the chaos of the sloppy fucking sounds and my moaning, "That's a good girl, good little pussy take that dog knot my pet." I orgasm wildly as I feel Kuru's cock grow penetrating too deeply hurting my womb with his incessant humping.

As I am in throes of intense climax I moan, "Mew!" Kuru lasts a little bit longer before he erupts such a huge load of dog sperm that it begins leaking out almost instantly.

I orgasm again moaning uncontrollably my back arching shaking, sweating hard, my heart racing, Kuru turns around to face away from me trying to pull from too soon. It hurts but with persistence Kuru rips his cock out of my still pretty tight vagina and I lick his deflating cock clean for him. "Now it's my turn little pussy." Says Leo as he grabs my legs flinging me onto m back, is cock pressing against my clit.

"Mew." I moan softy feeling Leo rubbing his shaft against my slit, up and down over and over "Show me how much you want it little pussy and also get in the position you like the most." I slowly lean forward, stretching much as a kitty would, moving up into a hands and knees position.

I reach back and spread my holes open for Leo. Leo rips the tail out of my ass spits into my asshole gape and shoves his cock into my ass fucking my butt for several long minutes. "You are still so damn tight Sis." Leo pulls out, reinserts the tail and has me lick his cock clean before he moves back around and slides his cock into my vagina all the way. "This feels so good little pussy being inside you, it feels like you are going to suck me in deeper." I feel him stroking his big hard cock in and out of me the orgasm building up inside me.

Leo right as he cum inside my pussy he grabs the tail pulling it to the side hurting my ass and I orgasm as I feel his cum spraying my insides. I lick his cock clean and curl up at his feet the creampie he left me feeling nice and warm. I sleep soundly on this night curled up at Leo's feet. Later on this next day watching television we sit, I sit on my sore ass still sore from recent spanking from Leo on the couch next to Leo as close as we can sit together without anyone suspecting what we do at night.

In the television room still with Leo I suddenly get the sense to change the channel to the news, I never watch the news, it is a news story about another missing girl, "The missing girl a 14-year-old freshmen at the prestigious Hellemonte Center for Gifted Females named Kimberly Anne Stokes was last seen walking to a friend's house." I look at the picture of the girl recognizing her, "Leo that's Kimberly from my class, she sat right behind me in class.

What do you think happened to her?" "I'm sure she'll turn up. Oh, that reminds me. Come here Sis I've got a present for you." Leo pulls out something new he shows me a new addition to my wardrobe at first I am confused as for the purpose of the unusual looking thing. "What's that Leo?" I ask shyly.

"It's a chastity belt I got for you, put it on Sis." Leo tosses the metal chastity belt before me I undress, put on the collar and as I sit naked with the collar around my neck Leo says, "I want to make sure you don't let anyone besides me inside that sweet sexy ass of yours Sis." I put the cold metal chastity belt on the first part, it feels like a tight pair on panties it digs into my skin and almost hurts.

This first part of the device has a slot and I wonder what good it will do to keep cocks out of my pussy, also I wonder why Leo thinks I have any time to even think about having someone else besides him fuck me. "Mmmm yeah that looks good on you Sis." Leo says as he rubs his fingers up and down my slit. Leo pulls out the last part of the cruel device he attaches and locks it over the slot locking the belt to me, the new piece leaves only a tiny hole in the front for pee to get out and a bigger hole in the back that wouldn't fit a cock.

"From now on you will war this under your clothes all the time. You will wear it for like about a year before I will trust you without it." Leo has me give him a blowjob, I swallow his cum after, lick his cock clean and he retires to his own room. My first night wearing the contraption is very uncomfortable and I hardly get any sleep at all. Leo wakes me up in the morning, unlocks and removes the front part of the chastity belt. Before Leo will let me go to school he puts a pencil in my urethra, several in my ass and a marker in my pussy, clothespins on my nipples and on my clit before he locks the chastity belt back up.

"Be a good girl at school and don't take those clothespins of your nipples." I hug and kiss Leo before my school day.

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The pain and discomfort is unbearable all day and once back home Leo removes everything and leaves me in the chastity belt. So it is for months, he does not let me finger and only fucks my ass, I am so desperate for orgasmic release, everyday Leo puts more and more into my holes and puts the clothespins on my nipples and clit. I wear it all under my clothes and I stand it all to please Leo my brother, my fraternal twin. More time passes and I get used to the tight chastity belt being on al the time, the clothespins and the objects always stuffing me.

I am sure Leo will let me stop wearing the chastity belt soon and I can go back to just wearing my uniform to school.