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Black moster cock fucking black ebony pussy
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I kept my eyes trained on my father's form as he sauntered towards my bed. I was starting to relax as I played out my idea in my head. All I had to do was allow him to do whatever he wanted except enter my pussy.

But even just thinking about my father touching me made me get soaking wet. He obviously noticed because he chuckled as he stood at the edge of my bed. He motioned with his head towards me and my brother got up to pull me back into a laying position. I had been wondering why my brother hadn't tied my legs down but then I realized why. When he let go of me, I stayed lying down and just stared at my father.

He climbed onto the bed and picked up my foot, licking my toes. I couldn't help but giggle and try to pull my foot away. "Stop it that tickles!" This only made him start sucking on my big toe while his free hand lightly started to trace up and down my leg.

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I knew what he was doing. He was trying to get me to relax and just let him do as he wished. I, of course, wont let him do that. While he started up my leg, kneading all my muscles my brother started on my other foot. Just from having my muscles massaged made me become completely relaxed. My father knew that I was now relaxed and I could tell that he wanted to use it to his advantage but my brother wouldn't let him. "No, let her beg for it.

That way, you wont have to worry about feeling guilty later," my brother said to my father. They were both up to my thighs now and were both working hard to massage me right near my crotch. This only made my juices flow even more. As I watched them, I could feel myself actually starting to get tired. If they kept up with their massages, I would definitely fall asleep. But I wasn't going to tell them that.

Though when my breath started to even out, they could obviously tell and stopped what they were doing. I pouted down at them. "Hey, don't stop.

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I like being massaged…" My brother only chuckled and moved to untie my hands. Once they were untied, I sat up and started rubbing my slightly raw wrists.

I must have been pulling harder than I had anticipated earlier. I looked at my brother and smiled as he handed me some lotion.

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I quickly put it on then looked back at my father. He was now standing on the bed, his erection a few inches above my face. He wasn't touching it but there was definitely a bit of pre-cum on the tip. "Get on your knees," he said to me. I obeyed and sat on my knees to my face was directly in front of his dick. "Now lick." I blushed bright at his demand but gripped his shaft in my hand.

I had done it before. An old boyfriend had showed me how. I had just never imagined giving head to my father. I closed my eyes and let that night play out in my head.

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First, get it so there is pre-cum, he had said. Well that's already taken care of. Next, tease the tip by just touching it with the tip of your toung while you lick. So I did.


I stuck my toung out and lightly licked the tip of him, slowly moving my hand back and forth on his long shaft. Then when he starts to groan, tilt it up and lick up the side; again with the very tip of your toung.

I looked up at my father as he groaned before moving his dick slightly to lick up the side of it. I could hear my brothers breathing starting to get heavy as he watched me. I had seen pictures of me doing this exact thing to my ex plastered up on my brothers' bedroom walls.

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But he had used photoshop to make it look like him instead of my ex. Now for the best part, the actual sucking. Take the tip, and only the tip, into your mouth and suck. I wanted badly to just take his entire member into my mouth right then but knew better and just took his tip.

I continued to slide my hand up and down his shaft as I suck and licked at the tip.

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I could feel that he was getting close to cumming. Had I taken too long on other parts? He shouldn't have been this close this quickly. I was supposed to wait a little longer before taking him completely into my mouth but I couldn't help it.

I opened my mouth wide and took his entire member into my mouth. The tip hit the back of my throat and I gagged. I had never had a very good gag reflex and I bet my father was glad for that now. My toung swirled expertly around his shaft as I moved back and forth.

Every now and then I could gently bite him, making him groan in pleasure. During this entire time, my hand had slipped down to my pussy and I had been playing with myself. My juices were dripping down my legs and my hand was soaked. Had I made myself cum but was too occupied to notice? No, I couldn't have. It wasn't long till my father called out, "Ugh, I'm gonna cum.!" My eyes widened at that. My ex had told me to ALWAYS swallow all the cum.

I wasn't quite sure how I felt about swallowing my fathers' cum. But when it came to it, I decided that I wouldn't. As his cum shot into my mouth, I slowly pulled off. I started spitting it out before my father yelled, "Drink it!" I flinched but drank all of what was left in my mouth.

After I had swallowed it, my eyes widened and a broad smile swept across my lips. It was so yummy. I got down on my hands and knees and started lapping up all the cum that had fallen out of my mouth. I hadn't realized that I had positioned my backside to the edge of my bed until I felt a face press against my pussy. I cried out in pleasure and surprise. I had been so consumed with drinking his cum that I hadn't noticed my father move to lick my pussy. In fact, I hadn't felt the bed move at all.

I looked up and saw my father. I looked down underneath myself and gasped at seeing my brother eating my pussy. As I looked between my fathers' still hard dick and my brother licking my pussy, I whimpered. I wanted my brother to eat me out but I also wanted more of my fathers' cum. My father smiled at seeing how much I wanted his cum while still wanting to be licked.

He motioned for my brother to get on the bed at the head of the bed. He obeyed and sat there, waiting. Father then motioned for me stand on all fours facing my brother and my backside towards himself.

I frowned but obeyed. My father gripped my hips and started to rub his dick against my pussy. I looked back at him and whimpered. He just slapped my bottom and told me to suck my brother. I flinched but nodded and started the process all over again on my brother. But this time, I had only gotten to sucking on his tip before he came into my mouth. Instead of letting it drip out, I swallowed all of it with no complaint. "Son, why don't we switch places?

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I know your sister would much rather you to take her then myself. And that way, I can let my cum slave have more of my delicious cum." I smiled brightly at the and first nodded to my father before nodding to my brother. My brother nodded and stood, moving to stand behind me while my father lay in front of me. He put his legs underneath me and had his dick right below my face.

I smiled at him before starting the process on my father yet again. While I was still putting focus on my sucking my father, most of my focus was on my brother.

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He was being so very gentle as he slowly slid his dick inside of me. I then cried out in a mix of pain and pleasure as he decided to force the rest of his member into my virgin pussy making me bite down on my fathers' dick.

Which made his cum slightly into my mouth. I smiled at that and swallowed greedily at the cum that entering my mouth. My brother then slowly started to move himself in and out of my pussy. After a few minutes of this, I started to press myself back into him as he would thrust into me.

Taking the hint, he gripped my hips and started to thrust harder and faster. He was pounding me hard and fast for about ten minutes before he groaned and said, "I'm about to cum." My father smiled at this and replied, "Good son. Cum inside her. Make her dream of having you cum inside her come true." And with that, he came hard into my mouth.

I swallowed each drop, smiling.


My smile faltered, however, when I spotted that my brother had slowed down. "Is that true, sister? Have you been dreaming of having me cum inside you?" he asked, staring into my eyes. This only made me blush and nod. "Well I'm glad." And with that he started going faster and harder than he had before.

After another minute or so, he thrusted himself as far as he could inside of me and came right into my womb. I cried out in pleasure as he did and fell forward onto my bed. He fell with me, making sure not to crush me as he did.

My father had moved out from under me after he had cum into my mouth and I watched him leave the room. My brother pulled me onto my side to spoon me with his dick still inside me. "Thank you, oni-chan, for cumming inside me…" He smiled and stroked my hair. "You're welcome, my sister.

And don't worry, we'll have lots more fun. Starting tomorrow." I smiled brightly as well and snuggled back into him, closing my eyes.


I was about to fall asleep when I realized that I hadn't cum with my brother. I reached down and flicked my clit. That sent me right over the top. I arched my back and cried out as I came hard against my brother dick, my body shaking. After my shaking had subsided, I sighed and let myself fall into a deep sleep.