Hot adorable babe wants to sell her weapons ends up riding shawn

Hot adorable babe wants to sell her weapons ends up riding shawn
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I get so hard looking at porn with animals it's almost sick, but you know what, I don't give a damn.Growing up the only pet that I had outside of gerbils, which die pretty damn quickly, was a dog by the name of Alex. Alex was a combination of german sheppard and collie. He had the dark color of a sheppard and the longhair of a collie.

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He was tempermental but very protective. I thought he was gay since he would always hump my leg and hump boy dogs in the neighborhood. I was 11 at that time, boy talk about being embarrassed talking to the younger kids on the block.

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I started watching zoo porn and reading stories about human's and dog's as well as humans with other animals not that long ago. My cock gets incredibly hard when I see or read about a woman sucking or fucking a horse, or getting fucked or sucking off a dog.


Tho I have seen a guy fuck a chicken and laughed my ass off. I remember thinking, how small is his dick that he could fuck a hen. So like I said, I recently started watching zooporn and liking it.

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I don't know how many load's of cum I have shot of while reading or watching it. But until recently I wouldn't think about fucking an animal.

What pushed me over the edge and wanting to fuck an animal was when my landlords cat's( I know twisted), started laying on my lap, more specifically I started getting hard whenever they were on my lap.

Well, the real kicker was when my landlord got a dog. A rhodesian ridgeback. This may not mean much, but I figure you should know I and Sandy the dog look like.

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I'm 6ft, with light brown hair, almost shoulder length, I weigh around 175 lbs, not muscular but I'm fit thanks to riding a mountain bike 15 miles a day.

Sandy is a 2 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, that has short red, wheaten hair. She stands about 20 inches tall and she's a cut dog. A few days ago and what he didn't know was that she was in heat.

He left the day after he got Sandy and that was when she was cornfied.

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For those people that don't know, that means that she is ready to breed. Sandy kept lifting her tail to the side and humping me. So one day while my landlord was still out of town, I was stroking my cock and watching a woman take on a horse on my computer.

She must've smelt the sex in the air. Sandy came over, lifted her tail and backed up to the chair that I was in. So I decided to fulfill a longtime fantasy of mine. I slid down onto the floor and pushed down my pants the rest of the way. I rubbed my cock against her vulva and she whined. I reached down, grabbed my cock and put my head inside of her pussy.

I never felt anything so warm before in my life, even with my human mates. I slide my seven inch cock all the way up into her and slowly started pumping in and out. It felt so damn good, I knew then that I wanted to keep fucking her on a regular basis. After a few minutes I picked up the pace and worked my cock in and out faster. Her pussy felt so fucking good. Faster and harder I fucked that bitch. I grabbed her and started fucking her faster and faster. My hips flying, my cock enjoying her wet hot cunt and way too soon I came in her with a loud grunt.

My cum spitting out of me. I've never cum so hard in my life, but I loved it. I pulled out after catching my breath and she walked over to the living room rug and started licking her pussy.


At that point I wanted to lick her out. However, I don't like the taste of my cum. So I let her enjoy herself for a few minutes. She came back over and cleaned off my dick, like she's done it before. I liked that a lot.

Later that night when I went to bed, Sandy ended up whining at my door wanting in. I opened up the door completely naked and let her in.

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I got into my bed and lay down. She circled around and put her head next to my cock and started licking it through the sheet. I laughed and told her, "don't start what you can't stop sweetie.

I've had your pussy once and I don't know if I can hold back and not fuck you again." I reached down and stratched her back. She started licking even more of my sheet covered cock. My cock started responding by getting harder. Soon it was completely hard. I wanted to fuck her again, but it looked like she didn't want any of that. She licked the full length of my meat and i loved it. Her tongue felt good against my dick.

I just watched her and her magical tongue doing their work with a big smile on my face. If anyone has seen "Batman" with Jack Nicholson and the smile he had as the Joker, that was the stupid smile that I had on my face. I briefly thought, " oh shit what if she bites my cock off, that will be hard to explain to the ambulance drivers." Plus, it'd land me in jail, which I don't want to do.

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Prison is a place that I don't ever, ever, EVER want to experience. I think you can tell that I don't wanna go to prison. After a few minutes I grabbed my sheets and came all over them. I remembered her licking the cum off of me earlier, so I pulled down the sheet and she cleaned me and the sheet of my spunk.

It was at that moment when I decided to do some recon on the breeder that gave my landlord this sexy ass be continued, if i hear some feedback.

hopefully more good than bad.