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Black Guys Are Always Ready
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By Blueheatt &hellip.I'd had a secret fantasy about being the girl in some of these gangbang films. I don't 'think'…I would ever do that…but if&hellip.I ever got the right set up, I just might…would…maybe…(fanning myself).oh well. I was talking to Randy about this girl at work, Dana, who said when she was about 15, when she agreed to be the girl in a 'multi-sex-partner' film…or 'gangbang' as it's called. We both wondered what it was like to be the girl with many men cuming on you, fucking you and you having them cum in your mouth.

This girl said quietly, that it was (the most exciting sex she'd ever had!) I wanted to get all the details from her. I found a copy of the film on video.


I ask her to come over and watch it with my boyfriend Randy and I and tell us everything she felt and went on during the filming. She smiled and said 'sure!' ----------- Randy wondered&hellip.hmmmm (I ask Jan what the girl looked like. She said she was about 20 now, and was a hottie. Big tits, long blond hair and built real hot. Well,&hellip. I'm all for this! A first hand account of what the girl felt like as she was being gangbanged.

I set up a hidden camera in our front room to record all this. I couldn't wait till Friday night for the girl to come over.) ----------- Jan&hellip. I was real excited waiting for Dana, to come over.

Now I could get a live actual girl who had been gangbanged to tell me in detail, all about it. I could tell Randy was too, and we both knew after words we would have ourselves a hot fuck fest of our own.

The fantasy dept. in my head was going crazy. I fantasized that I would be her, and feel what she felt to have all these men desiring me and all wanting to fuck me, cum on me and wanting to cum in my mouth. Thinking about this was making me hot! ---- I had a burning hot dream that night. I was the girl laying down on a soft huge pad on the floor.

All these many handsome men came over stroking all their big dicks. They all first kissed me and rubbed my naked body. I felt hands all over me feeling my tits and pussy. Then they all stood over me except three. Two knelt beside my face.

Then another one with a big dick, began to put it in my pussy. Soon the two both put their dicks in my mouth, and I jacked and sucked on them both till they shot huge loads of hot cum in my mouth as we all moaned in pleasure. I swallow all I could, but a lot ran out the sides of my mouth and down my cheeks. Then I felt all this hot splattering of cum showering my body all over, as well as a huge load shooting in my pussy over and over and running down between my legs.

---- I woke up gasping in a sweat!, my pussy was dripping and begging for me to rub it… I tried putting it off, but I had to masturbate while Randy slept beside me. I shook the bed hard climaxing,…oh my god&hellip.

it was pure beautiful&hellip. but he didn't wake up. I kept massaging my pussy as I finally drifted back to sleep,&hellip.content and smiling. ----- Friday night got here, and a knock at the door. In walked Dana.

Randy gulped. She had on a white leather jacket, white leather pants and white leather hi top boots. We talked a bit and then I put in video disk. She sat down in the middle of the couch between us. She gave us a basic run down of the filming process, then they had her go in this blue room.

There were about 12 handsome men and she had a robe on. They had the whole room with pad on the floor. The plot of the story was she was a girl that wanted to be in a gangbang and was rich and paid big money to pick out the guys she wanted. (I was getting so wet and it hadn't even started yet.) She walked around in the film and looked the guys over and held their dicks and then slowly took of her robe and laid in the center of the floor.

She clapped her hands and the guys started coming over to her, stroking their dicks. She pointed at one and pointed at her pussy. Dana narrated&hellip. "They had me do all this pre-planed out. I really was in heaven, because I had a fantasy about being the girl in a gangbang. The film producer was a lady, she pick out the guys, way better that I had fantasized about. I never spoke, but she wanted to record me moaning during the bang. I didn't have to act, I was a moaner in real life. I acted like a rich-bitch and ordered the first guy to fuck me.

While he did,…(whew! He was big!) Behind the camera she had the next guy come over and lay next to me and put his dick next to my mouth as he stroked it. I reached out…as you see&hellip.(pointing to the screen)…that guy was the hardest and would cum first. When he would cum, this would stimulate the others and then they all would gather to do what they were told. I sucked him first, while being fucked by the first guy. This was new to me and I loved it.

One dick in me, and another to suck on. They had me then demand a pillow and the next guy brought a big one and placed it behind my head and shoulders.

Now the guy I was sucking got on his knees&hellip.see&hellip.and another guy got on my other side. They said 'cut' and placed them close to me and moved the camera. 'Action' and they had me alternate sucking on both of them.

They guy fucking me groaned and shot a big load of cum in me.

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I moaned and squirmed my hips. The guy on my right came in my mouth as I let it drool out, then the other guy had me open my mouth and he shot a big load in my open mouth.

Dana stopped the video. She talked some more and looked at Randy's hand over his big boner and smiled. I had my hand under my full skirt rubbing my pussy and she smiled at me too. She started taking off her jacket, she had no bra on under it! We both gulped! She had big beautiful tits, all natural, then off came her boots and then her skirt.

She had a white thong on. She was not bashful and said: "My favorite frame is coming up and it always make's me hot.


She started the video with the remote. More guys walked over stroking them selves. She was sucking on two, there was still a lot of cum on her face, chin and neck, then another guy started fucking her. She held the remote ready to stop it&hellip.and freeze frame! It showed one guy cuming in her mouth, cum running out and down her lips, the other guy cuming all over her face, three guys cuming on her tits and tummy all at once and the guy fucking her pulled out and was shooting his big cum load on her pussy, in big streams.

She said: "There!…I felt hot cum filling and overflowing in my mouth, cum splattering on my face, hot cum landing on my tits and tummy and hot cum on my pussy&hellip.Oh my god, it doesn't get any better than that." We all stared at the screen. She said: "You guys didn't call me over here to just waste a hardon and wet pussy did you?&hellip.of course not.

Let's get a blanket for the rug and Jan and I will entertain you Randy.


You stand over us and give us that big cum you've got just waiting to shoot…ok?" -------- I ran to the closet and grabbed a big blanket we had. Dana and I spread it out, and she proceeded to undress me. I'd never had a woman undress me before. My heart raced as her fingers touched my body. My pussy trembled and started to drip. Her hands were warm as she unbuttoned my blouse.

She had on some kind of perfume that made me a little dizzy. A strange stimulating aroma. Next was my skirt. She spun me around and undid my skirt from the back and her warm hands slipped it down slowly. I shivered as I felt her warm breath on my neck. She ran her hands down my legs as she let the skirt drop to the floor. I got warm chills all through my body. She unhooked my bra and slowly dropped the shoulder straps.

Her fingers gave me an electric shook feeling and she moved close to me from behind and reached around to removed my bra, letting her arms squeeze the sides of my tits. Her thumbs brushed down over my now hard nipples. I shivered again. Now for my panties. She whispered quietly in my ear: (".(giggle).watch Randy"). Randy was sitting back in his chair with a smiling shock on his face. He'd never seen a live show of one woman stripping down another woman.

He sat naked with a huge hardon. It looked so to hot to me, adding to the constant tingles I already had. Dana got on her knees behind me and slipped her thumbs in the sides of my small pink panties. Randy could already see the huge wet spot at my crouch. I felt her breath at the top of my butt crack as she started to inch my panties slowly down. She moved to the side so she could watch Randy too. She quietly moaned as my panties started down.

She stopped when the panties were even with my pussy. She reached around and slowly slipped her hand over my pussy and down between my legs. I could smell my own sex, strong. She started moving the backs of her fingers and slowly lowered the front of my panties down, inch by inch. As I faced Randy I watched him squirm. His hardon looked so full, like it was going to burst. She went back to the sides of my panties and continued inching the down some.

They were now stuck in my pussy. Dana came around to my side and bit my panties with her teeth and pulled them down some more. I almost orgasmed and shivered more.

She did the same to my other side, just a few inches at a time. My legs quivered, and Randy was in a daze watching.

My panties were still stuck in my pussy. She came around in front and took my panties again in her teeth at my pussy. Oh god her warm breath on my pussy was driving me crazy. She proceeded to pull my panties down with her teeth, the crouch stuck a little, then snapped down as the wetness let go.

She smelled the wet spot and licked it, and then removed them. Randy was not taking his eyes off us. I thought about the hidden camera and my pussy tingled a big one. Knowing I could watch all this on video over and over.

Dana slipped off her thong. We laid down in the 69 position. Randy stood up with the biggest hardon I'd ever seen on him and held it in his hand. I'd never licked a pussy in my life, but I was sure was going to now!

The excitement was making me so hot as I was looking forward to feeling Randy's hot cum splatter all over me. I felt wonderfully dizzy as I looked at Dana's pussy, it was as wet as mine felt. She started first licking me up and down my pubic hair, going deeper with each lick.

Well, I did as she did, and started licking her up and down her pubic hair. She and I weren't shaved and I did it deeper till I felt her wet pussy lips on my tongue.

I almost orgasmed Randy stepped closer, stroked his dick slowly.

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Dana lifted her leg way up for me to get in deeper to her pussy, so I did the same for her. OH Damn!…she sucked right on my clit. I jumped and moaned.

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I squirmed as she danced her tongue around my clit. I just had to feel her pussy. I held her warm ass with one hand, and put two fingers in her hot wet pussy and went for her G spot. She moaned and started humping my fingers.

She had a good sized clit and I sucked it in between my lips. She yelled and shook and squeezed my tits. Randy was now standing over my face, and started stroking faster.

Dana started licking my clit as her fingers went in me and right to my G spot. I started hyperventilating as I felt a huge climax building in me. Randy was on his knees over us now. The more I licked Dana the hotter I got. She was squirming now and moaning louder.

I started to climax but tried to hold off because I love the feeling so much&hellip.but no way. My pussy bucked, shooked and I yelled out something like 'oh my god Randy!…YES!! My climax and hers came together big!…as we heard Randy moan loud… and then we felt it. Hot cum splattering down on us. My face, tits, her pussy and hot cum shot right in my open mouth.

I shuddered big and climaxed again! I saw more of Randy's cum shooting in Dana's open mouth as he stood over us shooting more hot cum on our body's.

I couldn't stop trembling. There was cum in her pubic hair and I just had to lick it over and over. Randy's cum tasted so good, my head was pounding with excitement. Dana licked me and some of the cum on me.

We licked every drop off of us and then just licked some more. Randy just stood over us, eyes closed and still stroking out the last drop from his dick. He finally had to sit down and collapsed. Dana and I just kept licking slowly and It felt and tasted wonderful.

I licked her tummy and she licked my tits for the last drops of cum. I woke up a little as Randy covered my little content smiling faced body, and let me sleep right where I was.

--------- We showed Dana the next week, our little video of our wonderful evening. We gave her a copy. She was thrilled!…she got me off the side and whispered: (&hellip."what do think about maybe several 'good' friends of mine, plus Randy who might like to&hellip.a& know……a two girl gangbang&hellip.thing?) She smiled and reached down the inside of my panties and fingered my wet clit…I trembled inside and gasp for breath, I wanted to feel her pussy and taste it, bad.

Randy came over and joined in feeling both of us. We whispered, giggled, and got on our knees. We both took out Randy's dick and both started sucking him. Dana looked up at Randy and smiled, she said: "We want you to cum on us right now, a private 'mini gang bang'!" We lifted up our tops, exposing our bra-less tits, and let Randy jack himself. Randy was smiling big and his dick was rock hard. I had never seen quite this turned on.

We scooted close and put our faces together and opened our mouths. We watched Randy start to jack faster inches from our open mouths. The head of his dick was so full and bulging right in front of us, my pussy was dripping in my panties. We both put our hands in each others panties, and felt all the wetness of each others wet pussy's. Randy's eyes were wide looking at us and jacked super fast, as the first blast of cum hit us both in the face, he kept jacking as more streams of cum sprayed us both in our open mouths.

We moaned and both climaxed right then, our fingers rubbing each other clits as fast as we could. Dana and I flooded our fingers with our hot juices. Oh god that felt so good!!!, I shook and tasted Randy's cum.

Dana lips were covered with it. I turned and just licked her lips. We shared his cum& we licked and tasted our faces and mouths. Randy kept pumping all he had on our tits and necks.

We just kept licking and tasting his cum. I had to hold his leg to steady my self as I didn't want to take the time to breath. Dana took her finger and wiped cum into my mouth, then kissed me as we tasted it, over and over as our tongues savored it before we swallowed it all. I shook inside my body everywhere. We both held Randy's dick and sucked every last drop he had together. I tasted my wet fingers, tasting Dana's juices…oh my god …they made me almost squirt as I shuddered with delight.

Dana put her fingers in her mouth, and then mine so I could taste my own exotic juices. I orgasmed right then, and shivered, having never done this before.

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I put my fingers in her mouth as she moaned and shuddered as she sucked on them. We both rubbed the cum Randy had shot on our tits, neck and everywhere, all over us. Dana and I licked each others body's,&hellip. hands, fingers and faces with moaning delight. We all gasp for air, then ended up sleeping right on the floor…so spent, just enjoying our private mini gangbang &hellip.beyond our wildest dreams. ----------- The next night Randy and I lay in bed naked. I cuddled up to him and asked him his thoughts about our 'mini-gang bang'.

"Well,…whew… when Dana wanted to do a 'mini-gang bang'…my mind went crazy with the idea. I felt a rush in my dick like never before. It went so rock hard, I felt dizzy.

When you guys pulled your tops up and I saw 4 beautiful tits before me, and two open mouths waiting for me to cum in them&hellip.I actually felt faint for a second. It was like a rocket ship inside my dick rushing to unload it's payload. I just stared and your beautiful open mouths and my hands did the rest on the fullest hardon I can ever remember.

I went into a kind of trance as I felt my overfull balls start to unload. I felt every shot of cum as it blasted out and hit it's target of your open mouths. It just kept shooting and shooting as I watched you guys in your pleasure take it in. I had no control.

My dick was in high speed cuming and it just took over pumping until I got every drop out and on you guys. That's when I had to sit down, or fall down, and collapsed in the chair. Then I got watch you guys lick my cum over and over and shiver and shake with your climaxes running crazy in you. I sat in a daze as you kept licking and shivering, moaning a licking some more.

" By now we were both panting from his telling his thoughts. He turned me over and put his leg over my tummy and sat with his rock hard dick pointed right at my mouth.

He reached back and rubbed my clit, as I put three fingers in my pussy and started massaging my G spot. I opened my mouth wide and waited, watching the head of his huge dick expanded so full. I stared right at the tip as I felt his balls move up tight…My heart was racing with the anticipation of what was about to happen&hellip.

&hellip.then I felt what I was waiting for&hellip. Hot cum shooting…hitting the back of my throat, over and over. I leaned forward and put my lips over the tip of his head so I could feel the cum shooting.

I couldn't swallow that much cum fast enough, and I felt it run out the sides of my mouth and down. It was so warm on me I shivered and climaxed. My body bucked and squirmed out of my control. I flooded my fingers with my pussy juices, as his cum just kept overfilling my mouth. I held him tight to me to keeping his dick deep in me, until every last drop was in my mouth. I swallowed&hellip. -------------- &hellip.I closed my eyes, as I heard us continuing to softly moan over and over&hellip.

&hellip. we both slowly drifted out of this world…somewhere&hellip. ----------------- I continued to have hot dreams about many men desiring me and cuming on me. I looked forward to going to bed and having more dreams. I told Randy and he loved it, and said to wake him and he would finger me and cum on me anytime.

Our nights were heavenly. I would wake up in a hot sweat, shake him, and he was always ready to splatter me with his hot cum. I would climax so beautiful with my and his fingers, always rubbing my pussy. Sometimes I wanted him to fill my mouth with his cum, sometimes he would fuck me and then pull out and cum big on me. Shooting streams of cum clear up to my face. He was always willing.

In the back of my mind though&hellip.I wanted many men to cum on me. I called Dana and she understood the feeling, she said: "Let's make it happen". With those words, my heart stopped&hellip.and I felt my pussy wetness &hellip.

&hellip.start slowly trickling down my leg……