Kinky lesbians fill up their enormous butts with milk and burst it out

Kinky lesbians fill up their enormous butts with milk and burst it out
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Prior The Rapper and the Sportscaster Karin could feel Half-dollar shooting his load inside her. Dats what it is, Dere, now U got whats coming to you. U got da seed, dats fo sho.


Mabe U have a little Oreo. Gots my shit deeps inside U. The gangsta fucking her white bitch face held her hair, pumping her throat with his cock.

Karin felt the cum from the gangsta deep in her throat. AGGHHHHH. She threw up again. Fuckin Pig, her head snapped back with double slaps. No No, not my face. Please Don't. Bitch U not gonna be on TV again fo while when we dowidt U. U gonna need some Gangsta time off.

U gotts sum more brothers to take care of.

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First Man lets get sumptin to eat. Ya, lets get sum KFC. KFC, Jack and a White Bitch down low. Karin lay on the floor curled up. The stupid sportscaster bitch thought they would let her lay there. She was on the floor in the middle of the limo, curled up. On either side were three black thugs, talking shit, eat KFC and drinking Jack.

Tomorrow she thought she would be at the big game now………&hellip. Karin was a pathetic looking piece of white meat, naked, used, abused.

Bitch git up. U just another smart ass stupid bitch newsbitch. U only git Ure job cause Ure tits and ass. Othar den dat U another worthless cunt. U livin of da Balck Man. I says - Git yo lazy white ass up. She tried to lay there, crying, sobbing. THUD. Karin took a kick.

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She only cried, begged. No more, please, please. THUD. No Please. Git up o we stomp yo ass. Please, let me go. I don't deserve this. Yo shoulda thought bout dat fore U disrespected ME. One of the thugs pulled her up by the hair. U hear da ManBitch. Spitting in her face, Fucking White Garbage. He pushed her off to another thug who grabbed her by the face. Growling, leering he yelled at her. WHITE BITCH.

He pinched her face with his hand. He spit on her face and laughed passing her on to another. Karin was passed around, spit on, humiliated. Two thugs held her head while the others drooled in her mouth. Worthless spit whore. They made her swallow the mess.

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When her face was dripping with spit her head was pushed down on a hard black cock. Dats it, speer dat fuckin mouth on dat cock. Fuck dat cock wit her head. Ram it in der. She was going to be mouth gang raped. Mouth fucked by the six guys.

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AGHHHHHHHH. Karin was gagging on the dick.

He head was shoved up and down. Then her head was pulled to another cock. Suck on dis. She was pushed up and down on a second big rod. Her head was jerked from one dick to another. The violence fed on itself as she was subject to a brutal skull fucking. They crowded around her. Surrounded she was subject to complete cock abuse. Her head riding one cock all the way down to the balls The semen poured down her throat.

Gagging she puked up the mix of cum and spit she had swallowed before. It was hard to breath as the vile mix was in her mouth and coming out her nose. She could barely get her breath and her head was force down on another dick. The guys were laughing and joking. They tried to outdo each other in heir brutality.


Suck it Bitch. Take it ALL. Bury YO head in it. Gasping Karin tried to get away. SLAPPP. Karin took a hand to the head. Big heavy hands slapped her white bitch head. Dizzy, almost ready to pass out her head was impaled again. Dats it, pass around da KFC, da jack and da White Bitch. Cum dripped from her face after everyone had their way with her mouth.

U don't look so smart now. Fucin cum faced bitch. Four fingers coated with chicken remnants was pushed in her Mouth, fucking her mouth with big greasy hands.

His hand was deep inside, twisting pushing, gagging her. The big black hand worked over the pouty sportscaster mouth. He pulled his hand out. Get ready fo some ass fuckin from a brotha. He held by the hair to see her expression. Karin felt two hand on her ass. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO She felt a probing finger in her ass. Half-dollar was ready for his sweet revenge. Dats it now, fucking use my greasy fingers in you ass. NNOOOOOOO Please not that.

OHHHH The finger dug deeper. Then two fingers pushing probing. Karin was screaming. Yo gonna scream YO bitch head off when U get my fat cock in YO ass. AHHHHHH Karin was terrified of the Black Cock starting to push in her ass. The big hands grabbed her ass and pulled her close to him. Take it up YO ass Bitch yelled the thug holding her hair.

Dats it. Dere it is. The black dong was completely in, up her ass. Yeha Mfer, fuck dat bitch Ass. Karin was taking the black dick up her ass, being jolted with every thrust.

AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH The rap music was all the way up. The Gangstas were yelling, shouting, laughing. Karin's ass was pounded mercilessly. Her ass was purple from the ASS GRABBING. SLAP SLAP SLAP Karin's ass was raw red. Half-doolar was riding the white bitch ass sportscaster who had disrespected him.

I LIKES DA CHICKED WELL COOKED AND I LIKES MY BITCH RAW Half-dollar creamed her ass. He laughed as the cum oozed out. Now dats how to treat dat white ass.

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Dats da whey Brother. Karin found herself naked laying on the ground.

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The men got out of the Limo and stood around her laughing and joking. One after another they aimed a steady stream of piss on her. It was cold and Karin was shivering. Naked she was unable to move. The Limo drove off slowly down the alley. It was cold and she was wet covered in piss, unable to move. Lying there what seemed forever she heard men walking down the alley. Please help me.

Help me. They stopped to look. Oh thank you, Thank you. Wait. What are you doing to me. Karin passed out as she was picked up and tossed into a shopping cart. She was in and out of consciousness as the cart banged down the alley. Man U don't know what kinda trash U gonna find nowadays.

Boys gonna like this. Yea goona keep entertained tonite, dat fo sho. Ain't had no white pussy for sum time. Coming to she felt the heat of the fire. Looking aroundshe cold see crates and boxes and men sitting around the fire.

She felt the cock inside her. She felt pain all over. Looking down she saw her hands were tied to crate with old rusted wire. She looked to see an old men, shaggy, unkempt looking at her, smiling with few teeth.

The man had a glowing metal bar in the fire. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh. She felt the hot metal bar pressing against her tit. Smoke and the smell of burning flesh. Don't fuckin kill her till I get my turn. Looky, see she come to again. Wait till we all done, I'll be shoving it up her ass. Then You'll be hearing some screaming. She could see the smiling faces around her. Men in old clothes and rags.

She felt the cock inside her as she was shoved up against the crate. The bar was back in the fire. The wire bit into her wrists. The men sitting around were laughing, drinking, watching waiting their turn. She could feel the cock inside her pounding away. The men sitting around were laughing, drinking, watching waiting their turn.


She could feel the cock inside her pounding away. The men sitting around were laughing, drinking, watching waiting their turn. She could feel the cock inside her pounding away. The End