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Rossane bom e Pamela vogue Pega ccedil_ao
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It's Jeffs Turn Sitting in his office at the back of his house, Jeff scratched his stubbly chin in thought, desperately trying to find a way to make the numbers work. His boss had been on his back to balance the company accounts but they just seemed to be losing money no matter what he tried.

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Sighing he stood up and walked into the kitchen to find something to eat, maybe a break was what he needed. As he leaned into the fridge he heard the front door open, followed by the unmistakable laughter of his 19 year old daughter Danielle. Looking up from the fridge he watched her walk into the kitchen, her hand locked with her boyfriend Garth, a quite boy, but she was happy and he treated her right so who was Jeff to complain, though he occasionally felt a pang of jealousy seeing them together, she was still his little girl in his eyes.


"Hi daddy" The young brunette said happily, Garth standing silently and shyly behind her "Hello princess" Jeff replied "Hi Garth" "Hello Mr Parsons" Came the meek reply. Jeff grinned to himself at how after so many months the boy still felt intimidated "Garth, please, I told you before, call me Jeff" "Daddy can we borrow some money to go bowling?" Danielle said before Garth could open his mouth "You know I would normally princess but this month has been really difficult.

How about we all go out bowling after my next payday" "OK daddy, that sounds fun" She said, jumping up to wrap her arms around Jeffs neck "Thank you" And with that she grabbed Garths hand and ran out of the kitchen, up the stairs and into her bedroom, half dragging the poor boy behind her.


He knew there was nothing he could really do about Danielle sleeping with Garth, but the parent in him wanted to walk into her bedroom and pull his arms off, quickly pushing the thoughts aside he returned to making his sandwich.

Before long he could hear the bed banging against the wall and the muffled screams of his only child. He thoughts this time turned to Danielle, her tanned legs looked so good in that short skirt and the way her teenage breasts strained at her top.

Jeff stared blankly at the wall, taking a bite from his sandwich as he realized what he was thinking. "Damn it old man, you know you can't do that" He whispered to himself Since his wife had left 2 years ago it had just been Jeff and Danielle in the house, he hadn't dated at all and as far as he knew Garth was the only guy in Danielles life, he was happy for her, but he wanted to protect her, and occasionally over the years he had caught glimpses of her he really shouldn't have, a brief flash of underwear when she bent over, bumping into her in the hallway as she walked out of the bathroom wrapped in only a towel, and one time he had accidentally wandered into the bathroom while she was in the shower.

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She had asked him politely but firmly to leave, knowing he couldn't really see much through the frosted glass. The memories of that day came rushing back and Jeff found himself craving more, part of his brain saying "Go, go, get some more" And a slightly more rational part say "What are you thinking, she's your daughter" Finishing his lunch Jeff put his plate in the sink and returned to his office to get back to working out how to get the company making money again.

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His job was on the line but he couldn't focus, rubbing the palms of his hands against his eyes he sighed dejectedly and clicked on a link to one of his favourite porn sites, reaching over to lock the door while the page loaded.

Searching through the videos he came across a girl that looked a bit like Danielle, he felt his cock twitch and before he knew it he had clicked on the video.

A couple of minutes in he realized it was a dad/daughter incest role play scene and this fact grabbed his attention, pulling his cock out from it's confines he proceeded to jack off to the video. The foreplay was over fairly quickly and his cock was throbbing as he watched the 'dad' on screen slowly pushing his shaft into the teen, closing his eyes Jeff thought of his daughter upstairs being pounded by Garth, wishing it was him instead.

An idea formed in his mind as he felt his climax approaching, looking back at the screen the girl was now riding the older man furiously, she screamed "Oh daddy I'm cumming" and those words pushed Jeff over the edge and he shot his cum under the desk, spraying the underside of the wood with his sperm Sitting back in his chair panting slightly he picked up the wet wipes nearby and started to clean up, first himself, then his desk, throwing the used wipes in the bin as he leaned back and ran his plan through his mind.

Searching through the drawers in his desk he quickly found what he was looking for, a small remote webcam he'd gotten as a promotional item, he'd never been interested in using it, but couldn't seem to bring himself to throw it away, a fact he was now glad of as he put his plan into action "Dani can you come downstairs for a minute" Jeff shouted from the living room, using the name she preferred, kids these days, never enough spare time to say full words anymore it seems "Down in a second dad" Came the reply from the other side of her closed door.

Jeff heard bed springs creaking and the unmistakable sound of 2 horny teenagers rushing around trying to find their clothes, grinning to himself he walked into the kitchen as he heard Danielle skipping down the stairs "What is it daddy?" She asked oh so innocently "I felt bad about not having money for bowling so why don't you go out and get some ice cream" He answered, handing her what little cash he had left "Thank you daddy" She said happily, kissing his cheek as she ran over to Garth coming down the stairs.

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She told him what was happening and without another word dragged him half running out of the house and into her car "No princess, thank you" Jeff muttered quietly to himself as he heard them pull out of the driveway Wasting no time he ran up to his daughters bedroom and opened the door.

A typical teenage girls bedroom greeted him, she may be 19 but she was refusing to let go of her childhood, the walls were pink, the furniture was pink, the bedsheets, all pink, and a pile of stuffed toys in the corner of the room, also mostly pink. He scanned the room looking for the best spot to plant his new favourite toy, somewhere obscure but with a good view, somewhere that wasn't frequently visited.

Eventually he found a spot on the shelf above the door, more stuffed toys of various shapes, but also fairly dusty, showing lack of interest in the location on his daughters part. Angling the camera towards the bed he could tell the view would be perfect, side on to her bed.

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Jeff slipped out of the room and into his own across the hallway, turning on his laptop and loading the program for the camera "Oh hell yes" He said to himself, rubbing his hands in anticipation as he realized just how good his view was going to be. He closed the laptop and went back to his office to work, the days events so far helping him relax a little and the thought of what he might see later on allowed him to concentrate on his job for the first time today.

An hour or so later he heard a familiar engine pulling up the driveway, the slam of a car door and then the living room door creaking open "Hi kids" He shouted from the office "It's only me dad, I dropped Garth off at home" Jeffs heart sank a little as he realized he wouldn't get a chance to watch his daughter get fucked later that night "Oh well" he thought to himself "There's no rush" "I'm gonna put a movie on" Came Danielles voice from behind him as she poked her head through the office door "Take a break and come watch it with me" With that she took his hand and pulled him out of the chair and into the kitchen Settling down on the couch Danielle snuggled up to Jeff as the movie started, some teen chick flick, he was never interested but he loved the time spent with the only woman in his life.

About 20 minutes into the movie Danielle sat up and stretched, pausing the film "I'm a little chilly, I'm gonna grab a blanket, be right back daddy, don't go anywhere" And she hopped up and quickly ran up the stairs, Jeff watched her short skirt flapping around and revealing her white panties as she ran, his cock starting to grow.

A couple of minutes later she reappeared holding a blanket and had changed into her pyjamas, a pink strappy top and pants combo, she flopped down next to him on the couch, pulled the blanket over them both as she snuggled up to her dad and resumed the film.

Jeff shifted slightly so she wouldn't feel his bulge straining to be released Another 20 minutes rolled by and his cock was still hard, pointing towards the teenager as if hinting at his secret desires, he let out a small groan at the thought, quickly trying to cover it up before Danielle noticed, but he wasn't quite fast enough "What's up daddy?" She asked, looking up at him with her sparkling green eyes "Nothing princess, I guess I just miss your mother now and then" "Me too daddy" She said, snuggling in closer as he put his arm around her shoulder "I know you do honey, but she left us, we have to deal with that" "We don't need her anyway, we have each other" Danielle reached up and kissed her dad innocently on the cheek and then rested her head back on his chest The movie finished and Danielle asked if Jeff wanted to watch another one, he nodded though he wasn't really watching the TV, he was lost in his thoughts, thoughts of his own daughter, the beautiful teenager who was snuggled up to him for the night, the one he was sharing a warm blanket with, the one girl he knew was off limits "Mmmm that feels nice daddy" He heard a voice say, bringing him back into reality and he realized he was rubbing his hand up and down her arm.

Not wanting to seem distracted or to alarm her he continued, enjoying the feeling of her soft skin against his hand, he kissed the top of her head tenderly "I love you daddy" She said happily "I love you too princess" He replied "I think I'm going to go to bed after this movie" Danielle announced "OK honey, well I'm going to head up now, don't stay up too long" She sat up to let him stand and he kissed her cheek, her arms going around his neck for a quick hug "Goodnight daddy" "Goodnight princess" Jeff lay in his bed, unable to sleep with the thoughts of Danielle running through his head, he was slowly stroking his manhood, not interested in pleasure so much, just gently stroking to the image of his daughter behind his closed eyelids.

He had heard you go into her room a while ago, losing track of time he had no idea how long it had been, so he decided to open up his laptop and check the camera. The room was dark so he turned on the night vision mode, the room suddenly lighting up in different shades of gray, the sight that was waiting for him made his jaw drop and his cock almost burst. Danielle was lying on top of her blanket, naked but for a pair of gym socks, one hand squeezing her firm breast and the other hand between her legs, slowly pushing a dildo in and out of her tight hole Not believing his luck Jeff remembered there was a microphone function on the camera, reaching for the volume controls before he stopped himself, too risky to put the sound on in case she heard, he reached into his bedside table and pulled out his iPod, taking the headphones and plugging them into the laptop.

Her quiet moans instantly made him even more aroused and he turned the volume on the headphones up while he loaded a recording program.

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He heard her shuffling around in the background while he got the program running, linking it to the webcam the image came up on screen again and he smiled, pressing the record button and wrapping a hand around his rock hard cock Danielle was up on her knees, a pillow between her legs, evidently the dildo was still inside her, the pillow offering resistance as she pushed down against the toy, both hands on her breasts, squeezing and pinching the nipples, her moans becoming more rapid, more urgent, more lust driven.

Jeff was pumping his cock in his fist getting closer and closer to climax, determined to orgasm at the same time as his daughter on the screen, then she said 4 words that would change his life forever "Cum in me daddy" she said, not so loud to be heard outside her room, but with pure lust and passion and sexual desire. Jeff sat there stunned, his mouth open in shock, barely even noticing the cum flying out of his cock and splattering the screen.

He blinked twice and regained his composure, cursing under his breath at the mess he made he quickly wiped the screen clean and watched her put her pyjamas back on and crawl under the blanket, quickly falling asleep, a smile clearly plastered across her beautiful face Jeff sat in bed for a while replaying the video over and over again, listening to her say those magic words again and again, pinching himself to make sure it wasn't a dream.

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Eventually closing the laptop he lay back and tried to sleep again, but just as before he was plagued with thoughts of his sweet daughter, only now with more depth and desire.

Looking over at the clock he could clearly see the bright blue readout say 2:17am.

Thoughts and idea racing through his head he decided it was now or never "It's Jeffs turn" he said to himself as he stripped himself naked and crept quietly out of his room and into his daughters, closing the door as quietly as possible behind him he waited for a moment for his eyes to accustom to the darkness He could see her clearly against the pink bed sheets now and he silently crept over to her, tapping her on the shoulder once, twice, no response, he knew she had always been a heavy sleeper.

Pulling the blanket back he could see her nipples poking against her top while she lay on her back, gently lifting her top up from her tummy and over her breasts, exposing them to his lustful gaze. Tentatively he reached out and took one breast in his hand, his cock achingly hard as he gently squeezed the firm yet supple flesh, rubbing his thumb across the nipple, making it stand up firm, like a pencil eraser Growing a little bolder he took a breast in each hand, squeezing, kneading, rubbing, Danielle let out a quiet moan and Jeff froze, pulling his hands back slowly he moved closer to her face, looking into her eyes for signs of movement.nothing, phew she's still fast asleep.

He gently pressed his lips against hers, feeling the softness and struggling with all his willpower not to rush himself and scare her Reluctantly breaking the kiss he made his way down her body, kissing and licking her firm nipples before kissing his way down her tummy, circling her belly button with his tongue and continuing further down until he reached the waistband of her pyjama pants, taking a deep breath he hooked his fingers into the elastic and slowly pulled down, lifting her ass ever so slightly to allow the fabric to pass under unobstructed he let out his breath slowly as he easily slipped the garment off her legs, throwing it to the floor He stood there for a while admiring his 19 year old daughters perfect body, firm round breasts, a smooth flat stomach and a pussy covered in short dark hair.

While he liked girls to be shaven or trimmed there was nothing sexier than the fur covered pussy in front of him right now. He licked his lips as he slowly lifted her knees and spread her legs, exposing her moist pussy to him completely.

Heart racing he leaned forward and sniffed her womanly scent, inhaling her musk, the sweet smell of her juices mixed with her perfume and a hint of shower gel. Sticking his tongue out he ran it tenderly from her hole up towards her clit, she moaned slightly and shivered, but he was too far gone to care now. Danielles pussy was soaking wet, practically dripping, he had come this far there was no point turning back now.

Positioning himself above her Jeff lined his cock up at her soaking wet hole and slowly pushed against her, feeling a little resistance he increased his pressure "Damn this pussy is tight" He thought to himself, pushing himself in another inch before he stopped and looked down, he was in her, he was really in her, his cock was actually inside his own daughters pussy, it took all the control he had not to cum right there.

He looked back up at her sleeping face and saw her eyes were still closed, not even a flicker as he pushed in further. Another gently push and he felt his head slip in completely, the inner lips of her pussy spreading around his cock, now free to push in his entire length.

He took another deep breath and pushed, not too hard, until his entire cock was buried to the balls in Danielles teenage pussy. She gasped at the feeling and her eyes shot open, looking up into a blurry face she tied to focus, she was sure she had dropped Garth at home, and this somehow felt different, she was more full than usual, it felt amazing and she whimpered as the feeling withdrew, before entering her again, she was sure she was awake, but she was also sure it was not Garth, and that left only one possibility in her mind "Daddy?" She asked quietly "Yes princess it's me" Came the reply "But you're.I mean we." "I know honey, I heard what you said earlier, and I love you so very much" "Oh daddy I love you too, I've wanted this for so long, please make love to me daddy, make love to your little girl" She practically begged With an invitation like that how could he refuse, wrapping his arms around her back Jeff rolled them both over so Danielle was on top, she leaned forward to kiss him, pushing her tongue into his mouth where he gratefully accepted and they played their tongues together as she ground her pussy onto his throbbing cock "Oh daddy it feels so good" She said as she sat up, her hand reaching down and finding her clit, rubbing it faster and faster as she sped up her bouncing on her dads rock hard tool, his hands reaching up to play with her magnificent breasts "I'm getting so close daddy" "Say those 4 magic words for me princess" "Ooooooh cum in me daddy" She squealed "Oh god those are the words, those are the right words" He grunted through gritted teeth as he fired spurt after spurt deep inside her tight pussy Danielle squealed, moaned and screamed her orgasm as she frantically bucked back and forth on her dads cock, the most intense orgasm she had ever had threatened to render her unconscious, collapsing onto her dads chest, body still spasming in the aftershocks of her climax, each jerk making her pussy move on his cock sending more jolts of pleasure through her small body "That was amazing daddy" She said breathlessly "You're amazing princess" He said, kissing her lips lovingly "Lets get cleaned up" Slowly the young brunette climbed off of her dads deflated cock and she sat on the edge of the bed, Jeff sat up behind her and put his arms around his daughter "I love you honey, you're not mad at me waking you up like that are you?" "Mad?

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How can I be mad? That was perfect, I love you more than anything, can I sleep in your bed from now on daddy, please?" "Of course you can princess, nothing would make me happier, now lets get cleaned up and get some rest, I got a feeling we're gonna have a busy day tomorrow" They jumped in the shower together and started to wash each other tenderly, lovingly, Jeff smiled at his daughter, the future was looking very bright indeed