Jugendlich Russische Orgy rdl

Jugendlich Russische Orgy  rdl
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She knew that her followers would enjoy the show today, she was desperate to earn some money, her rent was do and just taking her clothes off on camera wasn't enough anymore. She had been losing followers for a few weeks now.

She headed for the back corner of the public library, the part that housed the technical manuals that nobody ever really looked at. Luckily the library was pretty empty today, she knew if she got caught she would be in a lot of trouble, but the risk was part of what turned the followers on.

She set up her laptop and put her username and password into the login screen. She had been hyping her followers up for today's show for the last few weeks. As she signed into the chat program she could see that there were several dozen of her followers logged in already. She positioned the camera so that her torso and legs were visible and started streaming.

She pulled the top of her dress down to expose her pert young breasts and revealed the fact that she was not wearing a bra.

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She was well enough endowed to gain most men's interest but now so well endowed that her breasts had started to sag yet. She was flush in the prime of her youth. Her nipples immediately hardened in the chill air conditioned library.

She pulled up the bottom of her dress to reveal that she was not wearing any panties either. She was already wet with anticipation of the upcoming show and she could feel the moisture from her pussy seeping down onto the hard wooden chair that she was sitting on.

Several dozen more followers started to sign on as word spread that her show had started.


She saw that several of them had made paypal donations, but not enough for her to be done yet. She reached into the backpack that she had brought with her and pulled out a flesh colored dildo with a suction cup attached to one end.

Attaching it firmly to the chair that she was sitting on she lifted her hips just enough to take the tip of the dildo inside her already sopping wet pussy before sliding down the length of its synthetic shaft.

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She groaned quietly as it penetrated her pussy, spearing into her tender flesh. She started to rock back and forth, grinding against the chair. She adjusted the camera to make sure that both her exposed breasts and what was visible of the dildo were in the camera's frame as she rocked back and forth.


Her first orgasm happened quickly, her body rocking and quivering as her pussy exploded in pleasure. She did what she could to muffle her cries, worried that she might attract someone's attention despite the relatively abandoned nature of the library.

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People continued to sign into her chat program and she noticed that a few more donations had been made. She started to find herself even more aroused, the thought of all of those strangers watching her get off in the public library spurred her on. She continued to grind on the chair, one hand cupping her breast, playing with the swollen nipple while her other hand drifted lower. She found her clit with one hand and started to play with herself.

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The stimulation from both the dildo and her hands quickly spurred her into her second orgasm. She noticed that she had squirted when she had cum, the colorless liquid pooling on the chair beneath her. She had only been able to squirt a few times in her life, when she was most aroused, and realized that perhaps being in public was turning her on more than she had thought that it would.

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She quickened her pace, her hips rocking furiously against the chair, her pussy making a wet smacking sound as she slammed her hips against the hard wooden chair, desperate to have the synthetic flesh violate her pussy.

Her body rocked and shook as her third orgasm exploded within her.

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Try as she might a passionate cry escaped her lips, filling the quiet library with the sounds of her pleasure. She bit her lip frightfully when she realized how loud she had been and looked around. Fortunately it appeared that no one had responded to her cries, or perhaps the rows of books had muffled her sounds. She thought she saw someone duck back behind one of the rows out of sight when she turned around, but she realized that as paranoid as she was it could easily all be in her head as well.

She continued with her show, rocking and contorting her body, as though dancing to music that only she could hear. She took a break at one point to respond to some of the comments from her followers, and to take some requests.

Some simply involved her playing with her pussy some more, something she was both willing and eager to do, and some were a bit more depraved (one particular follower offered her an obscene amount of money if she would shove a book up her ass, something she was not sure was actually physically possible) Nearing the end of her show she decided to change positions and give her followers a view of her semi famous ass, something she was quite proud of. She lifted her hips, sighing as the tip of the dildo left her pussy's embrace, before turning around and sliding it back inside of her.

She thrilled at the feeling of the massive plastic cock stretching out her insides. She lifted and dropped on the hard wooden chair, making a dangerous amount of noise as her bare ass slapped against the chair. She shook again as her final orgasm exploded inside of her, adding more of the colorless fluid to the chair beneath her. She shook and convulsed, her legs going weak momentarily.

She was grateful for the chair beneath her as she would likely have otherwise fallen on her ass when her legs gave out. She looked up just in time to see someone duck into another aisle as she looked around. She was nervous at first, before realizing that if it was someone who wanted to get her in trouble they likely would not be hiding now.

She thrilled a little at the thought of a naughty voyeur watching her perform for her fans. She checked the chat program and realized that she had hit the limit she needed to pay her rent about halfway through the show, she even had enough to buy some new underwear or maybe some new toys to show off later.

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